Mitch and Carroll 2


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This story includes the characters Cory Dickson and Chrisy Dickerson as they drive TRAVELER on their tour over America's highways for their rite of passage in the current chapters of Road Trip II.
We hope that you enjoy these stories as Carl pounds his keyboard day and night for your friction.

          I had not really planned to write anymore about me and Mitch but something happened last week that makes me want to throw up. I wanted to tell you guys because it involves my old boy friend, Cameron. I mean you think you know a dude but I know now that I never knew Cam at all. This has been a strain on my relationship with Mitch because he thinks that now I don't trust him anymore; frankly I have had some nightmares about our relationship.
          I love Mitch so much and I have to trust him. He has never been anything but completely honest with me. His mother even held me in her arms as I cried and told her my fears. She had no idea that Mitch was gay until Mr. Evans came out of the locker room yelling that Mitchell Evans was a cock sucking, take it up the ass queer.
          She confirmed a lot of things that Mitch had told me but when she held me and told me that if Mitch had to be gay she was glad that I found him. She looked me in the eye and told me that she knew that neither one of us chose to be homosexual and she knew that. She said that nobody knows why some people prefer their own sex over another but from what she was reading it my have something to do with her genes, or even Mitch's dad. She laughed at that as she told me that he was such a bastard that she would love to prove that he gave Mitch bad genes. I like Mitch's genes and what he has inside his jeans too.
          So you want to know what happened that made me write to you, nosy. It has been two years, well almost three actually since the last part of the story ended. Like I told you then my dad said that they were going to try and have the new highschool finished by Christmas time of 2006. The contractors worked their rumps off and the school was ready for classes at the beginning of the school year in September. Sure, there was some work to do in parts of the school but most of the classrooms were finished as well as the cafeteria and the gymnasium so Mitch and I started our senior year there.
          Cam was also in our senior class and his boyfriend, Justin, was a junior. I had an encounter with Justin last year at our old school and I just flat don't like that dude. I didn't know about him then and I wish that I had told somebody what had happened because he hurt somebody else that I have just met this week. Justin thinks that his shit doesn't stink. He is cute but looks aren't the only thing that I judge a dude by. Justin pushes; he has to be the top banana and his banana is no big thing. I saw him force a freshman to suck his dick and he made the kid drink his piss.
          Okay, so once in a great while me and Mitch might get into a little water sport but we want to do it, Justin was forcing this kid and he was crying. I wanted to kill him. I knocked him away from the little kid and helped the freshman to get up and out of the restroom. Justin came after me and I hit him so hard that he fell down on the nasty restroom floor. He was soaked in his own piss because when I pushed him back he couldn't stop the flow in time and he wet his own pants, which I thought was good for him. I walked away and never told anybody about what happened. I didn't speak to Justin for the rest of the year and then he moved away, good riddance, was all I could say.
          This year we started at Sea Breeze Highschool and all was going well. Mitch was made designated kicker for our first football team and he scored a lot of extra points. I never saw him run a play like he did that night in Tucson but he did make a few good carries during the games; he can really pull that ball out of the air and hold on to it. He made a thirty six yard carry on an interception during one game then came back to kick the extra point; I had to give him an extra point when we got home as I spread my goal posts wide for him to aim between; damn that boy is fine.
          One game Mitch got benched for mouthing off to the team captain so we were milling about. We went down to the restroom where we ran into Cam and Justy; they were with an old friend of Justin's by the name of Joel. Joel had his boyfriend with him and he showed his ass as he outed Darryl in a loud voice for everybody to hear. He told us that Darryl was his boyfriend and that he had a sweet ass. He said that Justin and Cameron were boyfriends and that Cameron used to be my boyfriend. I have no idea where he got his information unless Justin told him. The thing of it was that the shitter was full of dudes that didn't need to be hearing his garbage mouth and it was going to be hell for all of us.
          Well, it backfired on his faggot ass; after Thanksgiving weekend Joel was going to SBH, his parents bought a new house in the addition that was being built on my land across the highway from our new house at the bait shop. Oh yeah, dad had this great big house built for us where the old boat barns had been. It is thirty six hundred square feet but it has two neat living areas. Sharon has a nice set of rooms that face the motel units. Dad had a kitchen and living room built for her and the rental office for the boats and the motel open from her living room. There is a door into the office from mom and dad's hallway and they all work the office.
          The old rental units were upgraded to current code but we decided to keep the old time look of a fifties style motor court. We built twenty five new units to give us a total of forty one room rentals and they are always full. Dad worked with the architect and built ten three room units with a kitchen for people who wanted to stay a week or more while they spent their vacation fishing on the lake. We also built a big hotel out on the point with two hundred rooms and a grand view from each.
          Mitch and I got the best of the whole lot, we had our own bungalow; dad had the little guest house that he and mom shared with Sharon remodeled and made into a sweet suite for me and Mitch. We have our own kitchen and everything and both of us are learning to cook; our mothers said that we must be doing okay because neither of us has died yet but we did get diarrhea one time. I don't think it was from our food though, it was after an away game where we pigged out on all kinds of junk.
          So now Joel was attending our school and I saw him in the lunch room acting all touchy and stuff with Justy and Cam. I walked over to him and asked him how he was doing without his boyfriend, or was he looking for a new one. Some of the school bad asses heard me and turned to look at him, he started to say something and Cam hissed at him that if he outed any of us he would go home without his balls after school that day.
          Joel did get beat up twice that week but then he was close friends with one of the biggest dudes in school who said that Joel had the whitest teeth he had ever cum across. He was a nice guy from then on. A few weeks later Justy disappeared and Cam was a basket case; Can spent the Christmas holidays moping around our place but we only had him spend one night at the beginning of the vacation time with us.
          We learned that Justin had only moved down to Malibu and he brought that kid Darryl up a few times to visit on weekends then school let out for the summer. Mitch and I have both been accepted at the University of Arizona for the fall term and we wanted to take some time to just be alone and do nothing for a week or two.
          In July Mitch and I went down to the beach town of Surf and rented this cottage for two weeks. The second afternoon that we were there this huge RV pulled into the yard and I could hardly believe my eyes, a kid that I knew from Tucson got out and Darryl was with him. I had known Will when I was in the tenth grade, before I met Mitch. He and Cam were friends and I had heard that he had a big cock, Cam told me that he was about the best fuck around so me and Cam let him do us both one time. I have always thought that we had been reckless but Chrisy, as he is called now, was a nice guy.
          There was another guy that I knew from Tucson by the name of Cory, he and Will, er Chrisy, had come over to the house one time but he was a year older than I was so he was in another grade. I never knew until then that he and Chrisy were brothers. Chrisy, we called him Will then, started in my tenth grade class at the beginning of the second semester in January of 2005 and we got to know one another one day.
          Cameron was kind of a slut that loved to be fucked and he had somehow gotten into Will, or Will had gotten in him actually. Anyway he wouldn't shut up until the three of us got it on and I have to admit that Will is tops with me. I love Mitch and I am not ready to leave him but I will always remember Will and that afternoon. I know that over the summer and then the next fall that Cam spent a lot of time with Chrisy and Cory but I kind of stayed away for some reason.
          When Cam left then Mitch showed up I never thought anymore about Will then just before Thanksgiving of 2005 dad packed Mitch and me along with our moms and now we live in California. I never expected to see Will again but here he was. Then out of the door stepped Darryl's old boyfriend. Derrick was also with them and it was his car that was on a tow bar behind this big old RV called Traveler. I had never met him but he is a nice guy that I enjoyed meeting.
          We ended up spending the whole week with the four of them and I learned a lot. Cory was adopted by this man who found him naked in a laundromat when he was sixteen. That same man found Chrisy standing in the middle of a Kansas farm road during a blizzard after his mother made him get out of her car because he was queer.
          I learned the story about Chrisy's name changes. Chrisy's real name is Christopher William Dickerson but he had always been known as Chrisy to his friends and family. The man that found him is also named Christopher and goes by the shorter name of Chris. Chris thought that Chrisy was kind of a baby's name but he thought it would be too confusing to have two Chrises around so he called Chrisy Will because of his middle name.
          Chrisy tried it for awhile but he didn't like the name and he told Chris that he wanted to be called by his real name. Everybody called him Christopher for awhile but now that he is through highschool he said he could choose his own name and if anybody thought that Chrisy was a baby name he would lay them over and shove his baby dick up their ass and make them call him daddy. I remember that dick and I might arrange to call him daddy before he has to leave; maybe Mitch would like to see what daddy can do then we'll be butt brothers.
          I cried then I found out that Derrick's step mother killed his dad. I really didn't know him but his story was so sad. I learned that the same man that found Cory and Chrisy took Derrick into his house to live and go to school. I would like to meet this man sometime. Darryl was going to go live with all of them after he testified in court about Justin.
          Damn, I knew I didn't like Justin a whole lot but what I learned about him and about Cam made me sick to my stomach. Dad told me and Mitch about Cam's dad, Mr. Lang, being a boy lover but I never thought that he would actually rape a kid; then Darryl told me that Cam held him down while his dad raped him in the ass. Justin raped Darryl and several other men at some man boy love party raped him also. Mitch and I both cried.
          I know that Darryl was trying to get over what had happened to him and for us to be getting upset didn't help a lot. The next morning we got up early and Cory bought all six of us wet suits and surf boards. I love to surf and am not too bad at it but my board was not right for me so Cory had a board sized to me by a professional board maker, my board is so cool. By the end of the following day all of us were doing some pretty good surfing and we had a total blast.
          We met this one dude that had gone to our highschool and he was a champion surfer who gave us a lot of tips and pointers. After about a week into our vacation he knocked on our door and wanted to ask us a question. He told us that he had seen Darryl and Derrick kiss each other more than once and he wondered if they might be gay or something. I wasn't going to out my friends but then he looked kinda sad and told us that he was gay but he never had a boyfriend.
          He heard some rumors about me and Mitch at a ball game last fall. Mitch and I looked at him and waited for the punch line. Chaz wanted someone to love but he was scared. I talked to Chrisy and asked him what to do and he told me that he and Cory knew how to talk to the guy. The next morning Chaz was a lot happier than he had been the previous two days. Chrisy walked the beach with me and told me that they had met this other surfer dude who tried to put the make on Cory, well I could understand that, Cory and Chrisy are both drop dead cute. Anyway they had made a connection between Chaz and the other dude.
          The surfer moved on Sunday, his vacation was over and he had to go back to work. Chaz sat with us and talked; by then he knew that all six of us were gay and involved. He told us that he had fucked the surfer, with protection, but he did not get it. He said that the surfer had a small cock and he was strictly a bottom, he wanted to try it. Darryl started giggling and so Cory made Chrisy tell us his story.
          Chrisy was a master top at the age of twelve years old. He matured early but he was very small. Cory said that when their dad found Chrisy in the middle of the road he was fifteen and still small for his age. Cory told us that the first time he saw Chrisy he only stood four foot seven inches tall and weighed seventy nine pounds, wet. Cory said he thought that Chrisy was a little kid until he pulled out an eight and a half inch cock that was over five and a half inches around.
          Darryl told us that they used to call Chrisy the midget with the mighty widget, then he giggled, "Or phartzalot," he added. That got a pillow thrown at his face as the name was explained, after which we all held our noses. Chrisy told Chaz that he would show him what a good butt fuck felt like and he was instantly accepted. Mitch and I have an extra bed in our room that we had never used so we offered it to the sanctity of the deed while we went out to build a fire on the beach and roast weenies and marshmallows. Chaz was bow legged but happy when he came down to the beach with Chrisy an hour later.
          We sat around the fire until after midnight and came up with a plan. To our relief Chaz couldn't leave but I had a plan for that. Cory and Chrisy wanted to go to San Francisco to and how real queers live. That sounded like an exciting trip so we made plans. We thought that we might need Derrick's car to get around in the city but it would take a lot of gasoline to tow it up there.
          Cory decided to edumacate me. "First of all," he told us, "Traveler doesn't run on gasoline, it has a diesel powered engine." Okay, so like I am supposed to know but then we were shown something like I had never seen. That huge vehicle was a hybrid that ran on an electric motor almost as big as my car, almost being the key word here. They could do forty miles an hour with little or no fuel but and sometimes they could get up to about sixty before the engine kicked in.
          The big engine ran on diesel or french fry grease. Cory plans to study mechanical engineering at the University of Arizona beginning this fall. He designed the storage tanks with a heater in it that keeps used and filtered grease liquid to be burned in the engine for fuel. The RV can carry two hundred gallons of grease and has two one hundred gallon diesel tanks on board. He told us that Traveler can go over eight thousand miles without having to refuel and if they watch their speed the electric engine can take them even further.
          We each got to climb a ladder on the back of the RV to see solar panels on the roof that keep the batteries charged and the engine also recharges them when it kicks on. I asked about weight, that much fuel and all those batteries made the vehicle very heavy but Cory said that their dad hires the best engineers in the country to design and build them three big vehicles, including one bus, and they are all built out of plastic and light weight metals. I could not believe that so we were shown an exposed panel in the belly where there are freezers and extra refrigerators along with tons of storage. I love that RV and I want one. Cory said that it cost almost two million dollars to build, then the interior was all custom built for them.
          So okay, it wasn't going to cost a lot of fuel to make the trip so we broke up into couples and went to bed to think about it. It was decided the following morning when Derrick and Darryl treated all of us to breakfast at a truck stop down the road. We all had plates piled high with tons of food from their buffet when Darryl asked for silence.
          "Guys, I have to thank you for the great time that you have shared with me. I am really looking forward to going up to see the Golden Gate Bridge and all of the great sights of Frisco." That got him booed because only people who have never been there use that name.
          "So anyway I wanted to tell you what me and a Der have decided. Cory, you and Chrisy have planned your coming of age trip for a long time and we have kind of horned in. I have to be in L.A. County week after next and Carroll already told you that he knows for sure that his dad needs him home next week end so here it is. Let's pull Derrick's car behind Traveler then we will have it to drive around for site seeing. I know that it will be cramped for all six of us but it is the best bet that we have. Then next Friday Carroll and Mitch can ride back with Derrick and me and you two can go on with your trip. That will work won't it?"
          "That will work," we all agreed and gave Darryl a big hug. We had to hug Derrick also because it was his car. I called my dad to tell him what we were going to do and he told me that he wanted me to bring my car back to the lake and leave it there. I agreed with that but I saw Chaz sitting on a table nearby and I had an idea. I asked dad if we could use any help around the place and he told me that the man who refueled the boots and worked the docks had quit. We needed a bait man and I think that Chaz might have the bait for my dad.
          Don't tell my dad what I am thinking but I have seen him look at a lot of the boys that come in the store and I think that he needs a cum fix. I just wonder if maybe dad and Chaz....? I got off with Mitch and told him my plan and he agreed that Chaz and my dad would be perfect together, Chaz wants a mature man and dad likes young meat. I asked Chaz if he had a problem with worms. I got a blank stare as I broke up over my own little joke. I told him that our bait man had quit; I described the duties of the job, refueling boats, selling bait and keeping the docks clean. He thought that would be great, he loves to go fishing and he would love to work in such a place.
          Derrick disconnected his car from the car dolly and followed us up to the lake. I introduced dad and Chaz then Mitch and I grabbed clean clothes that we would need to go up the coast, Cory said that we should take a suit and dress shoes also. We said goodbye to our mothers then Derrick took us back to meet up with Cory and Chrisy. They had Traveler aired out and all of the sheets washed and were waiting for us at state highway 101. We put Derrick's car back on the dolly and strapped it down well then drove into Buellton for groceries before we hit the road.
          Our next stop was Big Sur, now that we were surfer dudes we had to hit the surf beaches. Cory is a nut I learned that his mother was a drug addict that fed her habit as a prostitute. She met Cory's dad and fell in love with him and tried to go straight. She got pregnant and really cleaned up and was doing good. Cory's dad had heard about a job and he set out to learn about it so that he could move his family to a better life but he disappeared. Cory didn't learn about his dad's death until he was sixteen and that man Chris had found him. By that time his mother had started using crack cocaine and it had eaten her body up, he said that she just turned ugly, physically. Nobody would fuck her and she was so strung out that she couldn't work so she started making Cory suck guy's dicks. That almost killed me but then I learned that he was only five years old. That took everybody's breath away; Chrisy had his arms around Cory and was holding him tight as Cory carried on with his story. I could tell that it was hard for him to tell us and I told him to stop but he pulled me to himself and kissed me.
          "I am still a teenaged boy and I like to hear this shit about other people. You want to know but you don't want to upset me by making me tell you. Chrisy knows the whole story as much as I know his but I would still rather that you heard it straight from me and know all of the facts. If it really bothers you to see me upset then you can spend the whole night with me and fuck me and let me fuck you as a way of making it up to me, then tomorrow night I will sleep with your boyfriend." Of course you can read all about both of these guys in the pages of the story Traveler.
          Well, I had let Chrisy fuck me a few years ago and...why not, I like Cory an awful lot. I looked at Mitch and he had a weird gleam in his eye, I had told him about the fuck that Chrisy threw me and he had already told me that he wanted to do him so it was settled. That begin a new kind of close friendship that I think will last us a lifetime. For the rest of our time together we each spent a whole night alone with each other, not getting back with our own boyfriend but every fifth night. All four of those boys can suck your toenails up through your cock head but damn when they fuck you your ass becomes the most wonderful thing in the whole universe.
          Mitch and I both told each other to fuck and learn. By the time our first time together again came along our whole romance technique had changed, for the better. Mitch was the best lover in the world, now he is the greatest lover in the world, and the best part is that he loves me, as I love him.

          We made it up to Half Moon Bay. Derrick had asked to sit up front while and Cory kept looking over at him. He nodded his head at Derrick and Chrisy moved to sit beside him. Cory stopped Traveler and asked directions to the old airport that at one time was a world class drag strip. We were directed to a restaurant that had to have been built about the time that the dinosaurs roamed the area.
          Inside were hundreds of pictures of cars and drivers from years of drag racing. Derrick studied each picture carefully then he fell to the floor bawling out loud. A waitress came over and we pointed to the picture that said "Racer killed in traps", none of us knew much about drag racing but the waitress explained that the traps were nothing more than electric eyes aimed across the roadway to clock the speed of the cars racing through them.
          She took the picture down so we could read the newspaper clipping easier and we knew what was wrong. "Derrick Hardwick, thirty two, of Malibu, California was killed when the clutch flywheel assembly of his engine exploded at the very end of his trophy winning run. Pieces of the red hot steel flywheel penetrated Mr. Hardwick's body causing instant death.
          "Mr. Hardwick leaves behind a wife and six year old son. The spectators added money for the family to the three hundred dollar purse Mr. Hardwick won for class eliminator. It has been learned that legislation is already in the works by the new organization NASCAR to make clutch shields mandatory on all highspeed cars of this nature."
          Darryl was the only one that knew that Derrick was named Derrick Hardwick II. The waitress gave him the news article, frame and all, a small inset picture of his grandfather was in the upper right corner.
          The drag strip is gone now, it closed in 1998. Some of drag racing's biggest names have raced the track, such as the Big Daddy Don Garlits, Don Prudhomme, upset with a seven second run in the quarter mile on January 23, 1966. To those who were there (this author was one, I was racing my 1965 Corvair in the L strictly stock class. I turned an amazing fourteen seconds in the quarter mile run for whopping, mind blowing speed of eighty two miles an hour. I won fifty dollars for class eliminator) it was to witness history in the making. No one had ever made a faster run in the quarter mile. Garlits was the underdog in the race. In fact the trophy had already been engraved with Don Prudhomme's name on it. Garlits was so excited about his win that he drove off without picking up his $5,000 winner's purse.
          We thanked the waitress for the information but we decided that soft drinks were all we wanted and left town. Poor Derrick had known what was there but he wanted to go. We learned that he had only heard stories about his name sake and had never been to the town. He needed to go, he has no family left and has very little knowledge of his heritage since his dad is gone.

          Cory drove into downtown San Francisco while Chrisy watched the GPS system and told him where to turn. We pulled up to this fantastic hotel that I figured we had to be stopping at to ask directions or something. I never imagined that we could stay in a place like that. Can I use the word opulence here? I mean this place was way over the top first class.
          Cory opened the door and stepped out to follow this bellman inside. A few minutes later he came back and told us to give the bellman our luggage, man I didn't have any luggage, all I had was a ratty old suitcase. All of us took what we needed from underneath their RV where there are drawers and racks to store everything. Cory reminded us to get our suits and dress shoes, looking at that hotel I knew why he wanted us to bring nice clothes, I felt like a bum in my shorts and tee shirt as we walked across the grandest looking lobby I have ever been in.
          A man that Chrisy said was the concierge asked if we would like dinner reservations and Cory talked to him for a minute then met us at the elevator. Our room was on the top floor and it had a balcony that looked out over the bay. We had a perfect view of Alcatraz with the Golden Gate bridge off to the west. Cory asked for more chairs for the balcony and the bellman left to return with two more chairs.
          We had a three bedroom suite with a private bath for each couple. We all took showers and Derrick said that we could stay naked if we wanted to. I have never been able to be naked except in my bed room or in Mitch's and my bungalow so this was way cool. Chrisy had called someone and in a few minutes a waiter in tails, no less, showed up with a cart covered in silver trays with domed lids on them. Chrisy told him to set up on the balcony so we could watch the sunset. Well it was only four o'clock but we did sit there until the sun went down. I have never felt so comfortable in my life.
          The table was covered in all kinds of finger food, like this huge veggie tray and a platter of cold cuts, three kinds of bread and tons of fruit. Cory poured us glasses full of papaya juice with Kiwi fruit in it. Wild!! Darryl was the only one that had coffee in his milk, the rest of us were coffee drinkers, although Derrick did use a little cream in his. I started laughing as Darryl poured a small amount of coffee in his cup then filled it up with milk. He put about a pound of sugar in it and kept turning up his nose. I remember my first taste of coffee and I felt about the same way.
          Darryl's mother did not believe in letting him have any caffeine or other stimulants, he was even restricted to the amount of sugar he had but he had so many zits that I wondered about that one, he sure attacked the sugar packets for his coffee. Cory told us that coffee is an acquired taste but he had been drinking it since he was a baby; after what he told us about his mother I could believe that.
          Cory and Chrisy were drinking their coffee black, without sugar, and so were Mitch and I. I am not a big coffee drinker but somehow it just fit for where we were and what we had.
          "Okay, we need to talk," Cory began, I have already realized that he is more or less in charge. "We did a lot of fucking around this past week and we all had fun but I have kept my eyes and ears open. Mitch, you and Carroll are a couple and I can tell that you are very much in love with each other. Far be it from me to step in where I am not wanted. Darryl and Derrick have a long history and I believe that they are going to make a fine couple because they both care about and respect each other. I live in a house with more than forty couples of boys that range from married couples to young couples that just want sex. I can tell when love is involved and I see love with D and D."
          I was blown away when he said forty couples of boys so for the next three hours the three from Tucson told us three California dudes what life was like in their house. I love Mitch and I love what we have, I might want to visit there but I don't know that I would want to live there. We were told that every boy in the house was a throw away boy that was not wanted by their families. I knew Cory's and Chrisy's story and of course we had heard Darryl's and Derrick's story, I guess that is C and C and D and D, I think that makes us C and M or M and C, we'll see.
          C and C told us about finding a boy on a dog leash having sex so that he could eat for one day. They told us about boys chained to walls, they told us about boys abandoned by their own parents or other relatives. We heard about boys that had been used to make sex movies when they were only five or six years old. Mitch and I held each other and I was so glad that they had that man named Chris that gave each of them a home. I know for sure that I will have to go and visit their house and meet each and everyone of those kids.
          Next Cory told us some good stories, six of the guys in the house are married. Heck yes!! They stood up in front of a judge and said, "I do." And they have a marriage licence to prove it. I looked at Mitch and wondered if we could ever get to do that.
          "So what all of this boils down to is this," Cory continued. "We are going to spend as much time as you guys want to seeing everything that this town has to offer. Tonight I am treating you to the finest meal that I could find on short notice then we are going to go to bed and get some much needed rest and time with our current squeeze.
          "What I mean by that is that Chrisy and I are not a couple. We each have someone that we love very much but we still love each other. You guys are nearly married already, somebody just has to say the words over you. You can each choose whomever you wish to spend the night with but Derrick knows our number one rule, no means no. You can do anything with anybody unless he says no. If you want to be with someone different just ask, just don't get up tight if he says no. You can say no just as well. It is your body and no one can touch it without your permission, period. Dad will throw you clean out of the house if you violate that rule even once.
          "Tomorrow we will get up and start our tour so think about what you want to see. I found all kinds of tourist garbage in the desk in our room and I'll bet the same thing is in your room. We will go see anything you want to see before we leave here."

          Cory was right about the dinner, it was great. All of us chose the king cut prime rib, extra rare, with more side dishes than I could count. We were way too full for desert but Chrisy said that we could have something brought up to the room later if we wanted. I had cream of Mitch for desert then I fell asleep.
          All of us wanted to go see the bridge and drive over it. Chrisy told us that we should drive up to seal rocks because the seals would be there at this time of year and he said that there was a great place to eat where we could watch the seals through the window. I could already tell that we might get fat on this trip because everybody knew of a great place to eat with everything we wanted to do.
          We went down to their RV and unhooked the car then C and C got out some tools and took the car dolly completely apart then placed in a rack underneath the back of the vehicle. They showed us another small trailer under there that they could put together to tow behind these two huge ATV quad runners that they had.
          Derrick has the perfect car for site seeing, for two people. It is a brand new convertible with enough room in the back seat for two pigmy infants. There are only two seats in front and the back seat made damn sure that C and C were as close as Mitch and me. We didn't much care as we put the top down and worked at breaking our necks trying to turn to see everything. Derrick did stop as often as he could so that we could get out and stretch our legs but that made getting anywhere take a long time. Time we had and nobody complained.
          Seal rocks was great but the wind coming up the cliffs from the ocean was cold, we were glad to get inside the restaurant where it was warm. We had waited for a window table and I guess we timed it just right because we did not have to wait long at all. We no sooner got seated when we noticed a long line forming as new comers wanted a table. One old lady kept giving us nasty looks and we hadn't even placed our food order yet.
          Somehow seeing the seals we all thought that seafood was what we wanted and I had the very best sea bass that I had ever eaten. I didn't pay any attention to what anybody else ate, I was too busy treating my taste buds. I did worry about what all of our trip was costing when Chrisy told us another story.
          His mother had left him standing beside the road in Kansas because her new husband didn't want a queer around. Chris found Chrisy and took him to the police and had the new step father arrested. It turned out that the police had been looking for him for several years for an old murder.
          Chris took Chrisy home to Sacramento then Thanksgiving day Chrisy watched as a truck rolled over the top of his mother's car killing her, he was sixteen. Chrisy got a lot of money from the insurance which Chris invested for him. He told us that he was worth almost ten million dollars at last count. Cory said that Chris was investing for him and he had at least that much himself. They told us that they had bank cards that drew against interest only accounts but if they worked hard for a month they couldn't spend all of the money in those accounts and they would still have all of the millions to boot. They were glad to be able to spend their money to have a good time with good friends. Those two boys are more than friends, I was looking at them as family, does that seem weird? I really like those guys and am so glad that we got to know them.
          Cory has balls of steel, he walked up to the concierge just as bold as you please and asked him where we could find some underage gay happenings. He told the man we weren't looking for connections because we were all committed to each other but we wanted to mix and see what other young boys were doing in town.
          The concierge asked Cory if he would like to have an eighteen year old couple serve as guides. He told us that his kid brother and his boyfriend would show us around and he would even let us use his van.
          None of us had ever been around a cross dresser and the little brother showed up in full drag, he did make a pretty good looking woman but damn did he flaunt himself. We drove over to an area that was rife with gay bars, they even had barkers outside trying to get people to come inside. All of us were under twenty one and had no intention of going into a bar but I think that all of us were a bit curious about what might go on in some of them.
          One barker told Cory to ditch the bitch and he would show us some real fun. Janice got up in his face and used his real voice, which shocked us all cause it was so deep. "Listen faggot, this bitch is more man than you'll ever be and more woman than you'll ever get." He grabbed his crotch and humped at the man who stood with his jaw hanging to the ground.
          We only lasted a little over an hour and all of us had more than we wanted to see of how gay life in fag city really was. We left our guides and took the cable car back to our hotel. The next day we took great pains to avoid the concierge.
          We took in the sites of the city. Of course we did Lombard Street and went up Telegraph Hill then had hot dogs from a street vendor in Golden Gate Park. All of us like trains so we had to ride the BART over to Oakland and back. San Francisco has some great places to see and it is a beautiful town but we had seen it all, at least all that we cared to see, with the exception of China Town.
          That was our next stop. We parked the car and rode cable cars for the next three hours, that was a total blast. I had the most fun at the turn arounds; that is where the passengers actually get to push the car on a big turntable built into the street for the return trip back in the direction from which it came.
          About six we wondered down the hill from the cable car and discovered a whole new world, "China Town, San Francisco". It was surreal. I felt as if I had entered another country. We all wished that we had come a little bit earlier so that we could go into all of the shops. I found a great chess set that I just had to buy for my dad and Mitch and I bought silk robes for our mothers.
          We just picked one of the many places to eat and we were not disappointed in the least. We started off with egg flower or hot and sour soup along with crab and cheese puffs. Each of us ordered our favorites so we had huge plates of food. My favorite is bite sized pieces of deep fried chicken in a garlic coating while Mitch likes chicken chow mein. Derrick choose the pepper beef and Darryl had hot and sour pork. Cory got vegetable lo mein and Chrisy choose the moo goo gai pan. We ordered an extra six egg rolls just to be sure. There was a huge bowl of rice and fried noodles to add to our selection as each of us took a small amount of each dish to pile our individual plates to overflowing. By the time we left there we were all overflowing and welcomed the walk back up the steep hill to the cable car.
          Mitch just stared at me when I suggested ice cream before we went back to our hotel. Right across the street from the cable car stop was an ice cream store that featured Spumoni that week. Derrick and Cory had never had the Italian ice cream but when the man told us how he made it fresh the night before they tried it. We each received a four inch square of the frozen treat about an inch and a half thick for only five dollars each. It was so good that it was worth it.
          Sad as it was we sat together and decided that we needed to get on with what we had to do. I have really grown to love Cory and Chrisy and it was so hard to know that we would be saying goodbye the next day. We decided on just one more orgy together and moved all of the furniture to the side then placed three mattresses on the living room floor, side by side. Again we all went up in each other, down on each other and had everybody up in us and down on us. I told Cory and Chrisy that I needed a few more months to decide who was the best fuck so they both did me one more time.
          Mitch was really quiet as we drove away from the hotel but the guys blasted huge air horns on top of Traveler that could be heard for a hundred miles away. My dad has hundreds of hours of old western TV shows on DVDs and I recognized Roy Rogers' and Dale Evans' old theme song, Happy Trails To You. I hope I get to see those two again. I will have to go to Tucson sometime. Then Derrick looked at me with this weird look on his face.
          "Dude, you said that you are going to the University of Arizona, that is in Tucson. I am enrolled there this fall and so are Cory and Chrisy. We have a lot of boys in the house that go there. I will bet you that dad offers you a place to live with us, if you want it." Want it? I looked at the stupid grin on Mitch's face, heck yes we want it.

          I was not prepared to see Cam standing beside my dad when Derrick drove into my driveway. Darryl was very upset to see him there. I climbed over the side of the car without waiting for Darryl to let me out of the back seat of the car.
          "I can't believe you would show your fucking face around here you son-of-a-bitch. What gives you the right?"
          "I give him the right," my dad was glaring at me. "I am his godfather and he is here under my protection. You know better than to jump to conclusions and you should know that if Cameron is here, and standing beside me, that there must be a reason." I was fuming but I kept my mouth shut.
          I heard Darryl and I spun around and ran to him. He was shaking with rage as Derrick tried to calm him down. Dad did not know that Darryl was the object of Cam's attack so we needed to sit down and talk. First the four of us needed a pee break and we needed to say hello to our mothers. Dad took Cam along with D and D to our bungalow while Mitch and I went to the office to say hello. We did our duty then kissed our mothers before heading out to see what dad had to say.
          D and D were still in the bathroom when we got there. Dad had turned the A/C on and he and Cam sat at the dinning room table with extra chairs pulled around it. When we were all seated on the other side of the table dad began, "I may not know all of this story so why don't you start and then I will tell you why Cam is here."
          Well dad had already said something about being a godfather so I thought that maybe we did need to hear him out. I did not speak to Cam but looked at dad as I told him that I would let Darryl tell him a story. Darryl told dad all about the party that Justin had taken him too and about how he was raped and how Cam held him down then he raped him also. Dad sat and looked at Cam as if he did not know him.
          "Darryl, I did not know that you were involved and I am so very sorry that this has happened to you. I am going to ask you to give Cameron a chance to tell you what he has told me and I am going to ask you to show him the courtesy of listening to him without saying anything then we will decide what to do next." My dad is still getting smarter day by day.
          Cam was crying when he looked across the table at Darryl and never moved his eyes. "My dad is a total ass hole. He has fucked every friend I ever had, except Carroll. He wants boys for sex and I have tried to do whatever he wants so that he will leave my friends alone.
          "Dad is in love with Justin and when Justin had to move away dad just became nasty to be around. I wanted to run away and I met your dad one day when I cut class. I told him what my dad was doing and he took me to a police officer who wrote everything down. That was the day of the party and I wish that cop had taken me out of my house then, but he didn't and you got hurt.
          "Justin kept telling my dad that he met this really cute young boy that loved to get fucked and that he was doing him everyday. My dad drooled on himself. I never hated him more, that is why I went to the cop. The cop told me to go home while he did some investigating and when I got home dad told me that there was going to be a party that night. I hate those parties, there are a lot of little kids there and they don't like what they have to do but they have to do it or they get beat by their old men.
          "Dad saw you with Tyrell and Mr. McJunkin. He told me that he wanted me to help him get you and I knew that I had to do it or Mr. McJunkin would do me. I saw him kill a kid one time a year ago and I should have told the police then and you wouldn't a gotten hurt but I was scared and didn't say nothing.
          "I was holding your arms and dad kept leering at me and telling me to feed you my cock. I had to do it Darryl, I am so sorry." I was beginning to feel sorry for Cam as he cried so hard he was shaking. "I didn't want to do it, I wanted to run away but dad had locked my clothes in the car so nobody would steal them; yeah, I bet. Dad pulled his cock out of your ass and was yelling at me to fuck you or he would farm me out. I have been gang raped by that bunch once before when my dad was pissed at me and I don't ever want it to happen again. I just got behind you and fucked, I couldn't even cum but I played like I could. Dad always gives me a Viagra™ when we go to those parties and I stay hard for hours but I don't get off after two or three times.
          "When we left there dad was happy and laughing. We stood by the car putting our clothes on when Justin came to us and dad kissed him. He told Justin that you were worth the trip and that he wanted to show his appreciation. Justin went home with us and he and dad fucked each other all night. Justin fucked me cause I didn't get it at the party and I needed it but I just sorta laid there, it just didn't feel good at all.
          "A few days later the cops came and arrested dad and me. I was taken to juvie and I asked to talk to the cop that your dad took me to see. It took a long time for him to come in and everybody else kept trying to ask me questions but I told them that I wanted to talk to that cop. I told him everything and he asked me if I would testify in court, I told him that I would be glad to if he could protect me from my dad. He looked at me weird and told me that dad would never hurt me again.
          "He asked me if I knew anyone that I could stay with, he didn't want me to go to a foster home because I could get hurt there. I told him that Mr. Templeton was my godfather and that he would be happy to have me come to stay with him. I swear that I did not know that you knew Darryl or that he would be here. I am trying to help Darryl and help the cops get all of those rapists into prison, you have to believe me.
          "Carroll your dad came to juvie and grabbed me into his arms. When he began to cry I didn't know what to do then he told me that dad was dead. Your dad had papers that he and my dad had made up years before that made them each godfather of their sons. With my dad dead I am your father's ward until I turn eighteen in three more weeks but the court has ordered me to stay here until the trials are over and I think that I am safer here."
          All of us just sat there in silence after that revelation. I was looking directly at Darryl who had his head down and his eyes closed. I looked over at Cam and he was looking down at the table while the rest of us waited to see who or what would do whatever.
          After several minutes, that seemed like forever, Darryl rose from his chair. He kept his head down as he walked around the table to where Cam was seated. He reached out and pulled Cam to his feet and then wrapped his arms around him for a close hug. "You know that I hate your fucking ass. I want to just tear you apart but if you will hold me and kiss me we might get through this."
          I finally took a breath as they kissed each other and let their hands roam around each other's backs. What I was seeing was taking more courage than I ever believed existed. Both of them had so much pain yet they were letting the pain go and hopefully it will turn into trust. I looked at the others around the table and even dad had tears in his eyes
          Suddenly the whole house shook and the windows rattled with the blaring sound of huge air horns. By the time I had gotten my head together and reached the door I realized that the old song "Happy Days Are Here Again" was playing. Outside sat Traveler along side my car. The door opened and I looked into the shining faces of Cory and Chrisy. All four of us charged across to greet them with hugs and kisses.
          Chrisy grabbed Cam and held both of his hands, "I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I want you to know that we, my whole family, is here for you."
          "I can't believe that you are here. How did you know where I was?"
          Derrick said, "Dad is watching over us isn't he?"
          Cory was holding Darryl, "Dad wants us to stay nearby and help to protect you until they can find your father. He won't get away with this. I'm sorry that he is the one but after spending two weeks with you I don't think that this comes as a big surprise, does it?"
          "What does my dad have to do...Oh no! He didn't..., did he?"
          Chrisy asked if the two security men could use a restroom and dad led us inside then showed the two men where to go. Cory went back into Traveler then came into the house with eight cans of Coke™. He handed one to each of the guards who told us that they had to get across the road to report to the two guards who were on duty over there. I just froze as I looked at both Cory and Chrisy.
          Cory asked if he could log onto my computer and in seconds we were looking into an office where this man was seated at a desk. He looked up and I saw the face that I knew had to be their dad. It was strong but somehow his personality seemed to come through my computer and I felt good being there.
          The man's face suddenly filled the whole screen as he began to talk to Cory then Cory sat down and we were introduced to Chris Dickson. Chills ran all through my body and I had the urge to go hug him.
          "Carroll will you stand up for me. Please move a little to your...right, I believe. There, now you are in full view of the camera, please slowly turn around for me. Yes, I remember you, you have grown into a very fine looking young man. You only came to one meeting of the Friend's Club, that was in the very beginning. Cam brought you down.
          "Cam, will you stand up. You have grown up very well yourself. You were a sweet kid and I hope you don't take offense but I think that you deserved a better dad.
          "Hey there Saul, how are you doing?"
          "You want me to stand up? I have grown up too, you know." Dad was laughing at him as he turned in front of the camera. "I could sure stand a night of loving."
          "What can I say," Chris said.
          "Anything and everything. Carroll and Mitch know about us and I am sure that your boys know."
          "They don't know with whom I shared my youth, just that I shared it often. You were always eager for me to share."
          Chris talked to all of us as he told us that Darryl's dad had some of his biker buddies fuck the bastards up that fucked his son.
          Darryl had told us that his dad was a biker and that he ran with a bunch of wild guys who were into all kinds of shit, they were into deep shit. Darryl's old man went off when he learned that one of his own biker buddies had raped his son. He ordered the man killed. Tyrell and Justin were both over eighteen so they were housed in the adult lock up section at county holding during lunch a riot broke out and in the aftermath Mr. Lang, Cam's dad was dead, his throat was slit and his cock was shoved down the open throat. Mr. Mc Junkin had a shiv shoved up between his legs and he almost bled out. Tyrell Mc Junkin was completely emasculated and is dead and Justin was castrated and near death.
          "Saul, my Traveler that the boys are driving will repel a forty five millimeter grenade. It is pretty much bullet proof, at least so far we have not found a round that will penetrate it. My people have learned that Sparky and his gang are heavily armed and there is a maim and kill contract out on Cam and on Darryl. They have no knowledge of where the boys are but they might learn that you have Cam.
          "I have four armed combat veterans watching your place day and night. My security company is monitoring all activity of Sparky and his thugs, if they should come near you I want all of the boys inside Traveler at once. Cory is a good driver but I have not sent him to the defensive driving school. I am confident that he can handle things though. I could send Pete over..."
          "No daddy, let mommie take care of his household. The boys need him there to keep them out of trouble, we'll be okay. Chrisy and I studied your escape plan and we know where to go and Traveler can much faster than a bike can."
          "Don't get to confident there baby, I can't stand the idea of you getting hurt, any of you for that matter, but you know what I mean. A bike is more maneuverable that Traveler and if they get you in a corner there could be trouble."
          "Dad, er um..can we like, you know..."
          "NO! The guns are for a final line of defense only. You leave them in their lockers and you don't get them out unless you are trapped. You don't fire a single round unless they are inside or they have one of you in imminent danger. Do you hear me."
          "Yes, dad."
          Chris told us to always stay together and not go wondering off alone for any reason. He asked Chrisy to move over in front of the computer so he could see him better, "I mean that young man, you get all huffy and go stalking off alone and I am going to have you shackled." Chrisy told us that he does that sometimes but he promised Chris that he would stay close and guard his new brothers.
          A warm fuzzy ran through my whole body when he said new brothers. I wondered if I could be a part of that family.

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