Mitch and Carroll 3


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This long ovredue chapter will be the last of this series. Mitch Evans and Carroll Templeton have moved to Tucson to attend the University there. They are now members of the famous family of happy fairies that you have read about and loved in the, now two hundred and twenty one chapters, of Traveler Series in the Frames Verion. You may pick up their story beginning in chapter 117 and moving on. The couple has become a part of the family and are referred to often. You will want to read about them in chapter 180. For an easier reading format you may want to send for your own copy of the Frames Verion which contains this story as well as all of the supporting stories of the main saga.

    Boy did I leave you hanging. It is not all my fault. Things really went crazy when we arrived in Tucson…what do you mean, 'they don't want to hear about that?' Oh yeah, I guess that you want to know what happened to us at home first. Okay here are the facts as I know them to be.

    None of us were allowed to go with Cam and Darryl when they went to the arraignment, but they were safe with the FI guys. They were taken in separate armored SUVs and whisked away before daylight. Cory fired up his laptop so that we could watch the return trip. About two we saw all of these red dots leaving the courthouse. There were nine SUVs for the return trip and they kept crossing each other's path so that no one would be able to tell who was in which vehicle. Let me tell you, we were all tense as we watched the little dots moving around. Cory said that he wished that either of those guys had that homing device that all of the rest of them have under their balls. Derrick lifted his balls to show us where a needle had been inserted to inject a tiny transmitter so that their dad would know where they are at all times.
    As it was we had to watch the signals from the FI vehicles. Andy it the head of FI Security and he gave their dad the code for the homing thingy for the two agents. Chrisy told us that those two agents are well known to the boys in the family because of their work in the past. That made me feel better. Just knowing that we were in the hands professionals was comforting, but being in the hands of someone that they knew made it seem a lot better.
    All of us were on edge as every one of the dots on the screen stopped in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or Malibu. There was only one other dot that was moving, but it was a long way off and going the wrong direction. At five thirty Derrick yelled at us to come and see. The dot that had gone up I-5 had swung across state highway 166 to Santa Maria and then doubled back to the south. At Los Olivos it left highway 101 for highway 154 and was heading straight for us. We were all standing outside waiting when a stretch limo pulled in. The guys jumped out then we stampeded them and engulfed them in hugs and kisses.
    There had been a lot of trouble at the court house and they had changed vehicles three times. They said that the whole courthouse complex was surrounded by bikers that followed every vehicle that left the underground garage. The police tried to stop as many as they could find a reason to stop, but still they had four bikers following them. Their driver pulled into a tunnel where another vehicle was waiting with its doors open. The boys jumped over into it while theirs was still rolling. That scared me, but they told us that they had been told exactly what to do.
    The new SUV was white so the people following didn't notice it and continued to follow the other one. They drove to a mall and changed into the limo that had the two FI agents that had left with us in the morning. We learned that it was their dots that we had been watching as the limo took them on the freeway north then doubled back.
    Cory asked them why they had to do all of that and we found out that there was one other biker at the party, but he was a friend of Sparky's, Darryl's dad. He is more than likely the one who identified all of those who hurt Darryl, now everyone of them is dead. Justin lasted almost three days, but he was cut up so bad that he didn't make it when his bladder leaked back into his body. Ughhh.

    Darryl was now free to leave because he didn't know any of the other molesters, all he could tell the police was that they were at the party, but he did not see them actually do any kids. Cam knew the other six guys from other parties so he would be called back when their trials began, but he could leave the state if he wanted to. Chris wanted him to.
    Darryl turned eighteen the tenth of August and Cam turned eighteen the first week of August. Cam was more than a week past his birthday and he could cross the state line legally. Cory, Mitch, Chrisy, Derrick and I had to get to Tucson so we could get everything we needed for the beginning of the semester so Cory called dad to see if he could bring everybody home with him.
    Chris told dad that with everything going on he was not comfortable with anyone being in a car. He wanted all of us inside of Traveler©. He sent a truck to load both Derrick's and my cars for transport. He had one SUV follow us as we were told to follow the truck. That frosted Cory because he wanted to go a hundred miles an hour.
    Mitch and I said goodbye to our mothers and my dad. It was the first time that I would be leaving home for any period longer than one or two weeks. I was a tearful time for us. I looked at the other five boys and felt silly. I had my mother to return home too, they didn't. I was being a baby. Cory read my thoughts and stepped up to me. "Don't even go there, dude. Yes, you have a family that loves you and that is the most wonderful thing that I can think of. Love them and honor them with your actions and your deeds.
    "They will be here when you return for a visit. I visit my mother from time to time. She is burned out from all of the drugs that she used, but I can still visit with her."
    "My mother…well she was my mother. I have my grandmother now and she is always there for me, so I know some of how you must feel. Your parents love both of you and they want to see you move on. College is a good thing for you, you won't regret moving in with the family.
    That did it. I really do want to be a part of that family. I will never forget my own, but to take part in some of the adventures that I have heard about for the past two weeks sounds awesome.

    We didn't see the lead SUV in front of the transport truck until we were almost through Redlands when the radio crackled on. "Escort one to Standing Bear. See that you have your lights up, turn them on and tighten your seat belts. Papa says for everyone to stay seated and buckled in for this ride."
    "YAHOO!! Cory shouted as Chrisy rushed to the right front seat. They put shoulder harnesses on while the rest of us strapped in to the four seats around the table behind them. Cameron was sitting sideways on a soft sofa. Chrisy looked over his shoulder and got up to twist the seats for the small table toward the front then snapped them into place. He reached under the seats and pulled up shoulder harnesses that were attached to the floor of the RV and told us to strap in. He manhandled an easy chair around then we heard it snap in place on the floor. Again he lifted the skirt of the chair and pulled out a shoulder harness for Cameron to sit in the softest seat in the RV. It was great, we could all see out of the front window as the road zoomed by.
    We could feel the speed increase and we heard a siren. Cory moved to the center lane as the other traffic moved off to the right. We were flat ass hauling. I could see the speedometer from my seat and my eyes popped when I saw that it said that we were doing one hundred miles an hour. Cory corrected me, that is what it looked like from my angle, but we were really doing one hundred and eleven. He told us that we would get a move on when we got away all of the traffic.
    We all saw his wink at Chrisy as he nodded to a computer fixed to the dashboard. Chrisy looked at him. "17, 11, 26, 45, and 49. That should move a few ass holes. Chrisy pressed enter and the horns on the roof began to play military marches very loudly. We were inside, but we could hear. Chrisy opened his window for a moment then quickly closed it again. The music from the horns was loud. Cory told us that the overall decibel range was ninety to one hundred and nine with some notes going as high as one hundred and fourteen. That was loud. I know that ear damage can occur at one hundred and three decibels I was thankful for the insulation in Traveler©.
    I have never gone so fast in all of my life. I reached over and held Mitch's hand, he squeezed mine. "Don't worry babe, I don't think we can go airborne until we reach about one hundred and fifty." Everyone laughed. I told them that I had never gone this fast.
    They asked, "Even in an airplane?" I told them that I had never been on an airplane. Chrisy told me to just wait, dad always has some place for us to go.

    We arrived in Tucson before we left California, at least that is the way it seemed to me. We were flying past traffic so fast that all of the cars seemed to be a blur. I did see hundreds of Police cars along the road in the Phoenix area, they were directing traffic to the right hand side of the road while leaving two lanes to the left open for us. There was this one radar trailer set up that said your speed is. Lights were flashing all over that trailer.
    Chrisy had a good look at the display and he said that it read one hundred and forty one miles per hour. Now that is fast. I didn't know that an RV could go so fast, but what about that truck with the cars on it. I didn't want to see my car fly off into the wild blue yonder. Mitch told me what my mom always says, "Quit being such a worry wort."
    We slowed down as we came into Tucson. A few police cars, I think those were Sheriff's cars, were keeping traffic to the right. They rolled their windows down and waved at us. The radio crackled and that voice said, "Escort one to Standing Bear, everybody's drawers dry back there?" We all rolled with laughter. I don't know if it was the question or the relief that we were back down to fifty miles per hour.
    "Standing Bear to escort one, I can assure you that mine are. Maybe you would like to make a personal inspection."
    "I would, young prince, but Papa would have me skinned, spitted, and roasted. Maybe another time."
    "Why does he call you Standing Bear. Is that some sort of code word?"
    "No, it is my Indian name, actually the English translation of that name. I am Cherokee Indian, as is dad and a whole bunch of my brothers. You will learn all of that once you have been around the family awhile." Man, life just gets more and more interesting. I had no idea that this Chris guy was an Indian. Cory doesn't really look like an Indian either.
    We drove up a steep hill along the edge of huge mountain. I had no idea that there are mountains in Tucson. Derrick told me that there is a pine forest on top of the mountains and that the tallest one had ski slopes on it. He said that when the winter snows come some of the boys go up to play in the fluffy stuff. That sounds like a lot of fun. I have skied at Big Bear before, but I told Cory that I never saw hm standing there. Cory had parked in front of this house. The house didn't look big enough to house as many boys as I had been hearing about. I wonder. He turned and looked at me funny then stepped outside.
    I had my eyes fixed on the transport truck that was off loading my car against the curb on the opposite side of the street. Mitch grabbed my ass and told me to get a move on.
    When I stepped down from the RV this tall dude confronted me, "We scalp a paleface that makes fun of us. My name is Owl, you got something to say?" I was speechless.
    Cory came back, "These are my brothers, Mike and Steven. The three of us have been adopted by Chris. We are only teasing you, you will never be in any danger from anyone in the family. However the family does not like teasing, and playing about with one's name can get rather personal."
    "Listen to you now, rather personal? You been hanging around dad too much." A very cute kid of about sixteen told Cory. I was introduced to Jimmy and I was told that he is dad's scribe. I was easing my way to the front of Traveler© so that I could see my car. Jimmy looked where I was looking and took my hand, he led me over to the truck.
    Derrick was already there and getting into his ride. "Hey, follow me, dude, and I'll show you where to park." I jumped into my baby and ran my hands over her dash board. She may not be much, but she is all mine, free and clear. We parked in a wide parking spot with several other cars along the side of the house.
    Derrick led me back around the house to the front door where I stopped dead in my tracks, everybody was naked. I was told that this was the uniform of the house, but if we were ashamed of our booty we could wear shorts or something else to cover us up. I looked about at the perfection of the naked boys, I have never seen bodies like theirs, even in a locker room full of hot bodied jocks. Some of those dude had more muscles than that movie star that plays Conan. Mitch and I were shown to this large room with a bathroom and a jacuzzi in it. The room was as large as our bungalow at home. We were told to get into uniform and to come down to dinner.
    Cory was coming out of an office as Mitch and I came down the stairs. We could tell that he had been crying. "That silly, stupid, wonderful man…" Cory told us that he argued with dad when he was told to follow the transport truck to Arizona. He said that if he had known then what he knows now then he would not have argued with him. He said that dad had enough to worry about.
    He told us that today's telephones are marvelous and no one really knows where the person they are talking to is at the time. "It is even harder with dad and Andy because of the satellite link up, dad was in Romania when he was telling me to be careful. I guess that if I had known where he was or what he was doing I would have been a basket case, but I am going to tell you right now, I am never going on a trip without him again and I am never going to let him go on a trip without me." We all laughed at him, but he told us that he was deadly serious.

    Man! have you ever eaten dinner with eighty naked boys. I mean all boys from fourteen to twenty. All of those dude were so hung…I had a hard time keeping my eyes on my food. This one dude that everyone calls Mommie looked at me.
    "It okay to stare here, nobody will think that you are gay." Laughter went around the large table. "These guys like to be stared at. They're all gay and they know it and they all like to show it, here, within this house. Most of us are not ready for the world to know that we don't march the way that they do. That is their loss. We kiss and tell, each other.
    "You have been told the NO rule. We live by it, but there are many here that are perving on your booty as much as you are perving on theirs. We all respect your relationships with each other and we will never compromise that. If you want to play a little there are plenty here that will play all night long."
    I blushed. "Thank you, mommie. for those wonderful words of welcome. This last two weeks has been spectacular for Mitch and me, but I believe that for tonight I would really like to get in the middle of that jacuzzi up there with my man then just he and I crawl into that soft looking bed and do the dirty with each other until the sun shines in our eyes tomorrow morning."
    "Sleep long, fuck long, and have a good time. The windows in that room all face the west so the sun won't shine in until around five o'clock or so." The boys were stamping their bare feet on the carpet as they laughed at what Cory had said.

    Cory and Chrisy left around eleven the next morning and didn't return until after dark. They wore very sad looks on their faces. many of the boys were crying. Derrick finally came to tell us that a kid by the name of Isaac Rayburn had been swept over seven falls in a flash flood and that he was dead. I didn't know the kid, but I was sad all the same. The whole day was spent in mourning. No one wanted to watch TV or even have sex in the public areas of the house. Mitch and I went to bed and just held each other tight as we both searched our own hearts. We had both been around so much death and loss over the past few days that we wanted to go home and be little boys all over again.

    The next day Cory and Chrisy were gone when we awakened. There were a few more boys missing, but I didn't know them or their names. I know one small boy's name was Kenny, he was thirteen. I inquired after them from the old man that cooks for the family and he told me that Master Cory and the boys had gone to meet Master Chris then he returned to his stove. I let it drop.
    Later that day we met that man named Andy. He is much younger than I had thought that he would be, and he was pretty cute to boot. He called for Darryl and two other dudes that I didn't know to join us in Chris's office. A man with a strange looking gun thingy with a large needle on the end was in there with him. Andy explained that for our safety on overseas trips Chris required each of us to have a small homing capsule inserted deep under the skin. He said that it would be in the fifth layer of skin so that normal growth would not push it out, but that it would be shallow enough not to get into the bloodstream and get lost somewhere in the body. He grinned as he told us that it would hurt like hell to piss it out.
    I volunteered to go first. I was apprehensive of the large needle, but I really froze when the man took a razor to my pubic hair. Mitch told me that he only shaved a small patch and when my balls were back down that it wouldn't show. The needle didn't hurt much at all. It was sort of a harsh pressure type of thing and then I was done.
    I stood up and asked Andy if we were going over seas. He told me that me and the other boys were and he handed me my very own passport with my picture in it and all kinds of legal stamps and everything. He told me that I could look at it, but that he had to have it back. He grinned at me and told me that if it got lost then I would not be able to return to America. I quickly looked at it and shared it with Mitch then we returned them.
    Two days later we boarded two charter buses and headed to an air field called Marana. There we climbed aboard a large black airplane with the name fŗĩęñďş Çłųß painted in large white letters on it. I felt safe I remembered my dad talking about the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß. We landed three times. Two times we were not allowed to get off of the plane we were told that we were simply taking on fuel for the next leg of our flight.
    The third time that we landed this kid named Cullen started singing, 'Rue Britannia' and several of the other boys joined with him. I learned that he was Chris's nephew and that his home is in England. They told me that that was where we were going to stay for a fortnight. I looked at Mitch and asked what a fortnight was, he didn't know either.

    Two men in very fancy suits sat before a table and examined each boy's passport when Andy or Pete handed it to him. They had real top hats sitting on the edge of the table and a large ink pad with a rubber stamp. They looked closely at us then back at the passport then opened a page and made a big show of stamping the page with a loud thump. They looked up and said, "Welcome to England. I hope that you enjoy your stay with us." The passports were passed across to the boys whom in turn returned them to Andy to be placed in his attaché case.
    As each boy passed his passport to Andy or Pete he ran to a waiting blond man standing beside the open door of a limousine. I knew with a certainty that the man was their dad, Chris. Suddenly a loud shout rang out from the table behind us. "Your Majesty, welcome home sire."
    Andy was talking quickly, "He was not with us on the plane. He just came over to see his friends. See, there are his mother and father with the commanding General of this base. Cullen why don't you wait with your parents until all of the boys have had their passports stamped." I guess that the geezers bought it because the simply bowed to Cullen and returned to stamping passports.
    Cullen actually skipped over to Chris and gave him such a kiss as I had never seen, and all in front of his mother. This is a weird family. I squatted down and stared at Chris. Other boys went around me and stood before him. He moved them to the side as his eyes locked on mine. He squatted down and continued to stare at me. I became nervous. He was duck walking toward me without ever breaking eye contact.
    He got two feet away and said, "Hello Carroll. You might not remember me, but you came into the fŗĩęñďş Çłųß with Cameron after school a few times. You always liked the cheeseburgers and chocolate malts. I have missed seeing you. I am so glad that you have moved to Tucson to go to school, I will see you quite often now. Is this your boyfriend Mitch Evans? Come here and let me say hi to you too."
    "Don't I get a kiss?" I blurted out of nowhere.
    "You may always get a kiss from me." He held forth his arms and I fell into them. He pulled both of us up to a standing position and held me up because my legs were buckling under me. That man can kiss. I think that I popped a load in my pants, but I didn't care right then I was being kissed by the master. When at last I moved away I could barely stand. Chris and Mitch stabilized me then Mitch moved in for his welcoming kiss. If that was just a welcoming kiss I can't wait to get into bed with him and get one of his 'I love you' kisses.
    That Cullen kid skipped back over to where Chris stood. He is such a fruit, I am surprised that Chris calls him his nephew. He came up and turned to wave at the two men checking passports then he waved at his parents in their big black car as it drove away. He let out a bit of breath, "Did I do okay, uncy. I fucking hate acting the dandy, I am a fucking King."
    Chris turned and pulled the boy into a tight hug and then kissed him. "I completely understand. It was a necessary ruse to prevent your enemies from getting a lead on your location. You know that every boy here would be in mortal danger should it be confirmed that you are living in my house. You know what happened last spring? That was scary enough." I turned away wondering what was going on.
    Cory placed an arm around my shoulder and led me over to a nice piece of grassy lawn where Mitch and I took a seat next to him. "Cullen is the Crown Prince of a country that will remain nameless right now for his security. He is hiding out with dad so that those that want to kill him won't know where he is. Carroll, this is serious. There is a three quarter of a million pound price on his head, that's almost a million and a half dollars. So far there have been three attempts on his life since he has been with us. Dad will go to any means to protect the boy. We all love Cullen, we call him our Queeing, sometimes he is His Royal Hinney. That boy can really show his ass at times.
    "He plays the part of a dandy quite well, don't you think?" He nodded at the boy who was sitting on the ground next to Chris as he continued to greet every boy from our plane. At last the final boy stepped up as Andy passed across his passport. When the passport was stamped the two men stood and placed their tall top hats on their heads. They made a wave into the distance then turned to get into a shiny silver car that had the hood thing of a Rolls Royce.
    From behind us I heard the engines of large vehicles. Cory turned to see two buses coming down the runway from the direction that Cullen's parents had been waiting. "Transports here, get your lazy butts up and get on board." Cory seems to have a lot of authority in the family. I am glad to know him.
    Cory called all of the boys to gather around Chris. I had no idea that those two were a couple. I learned that Cory is Chris's Core man and he means the world to Chris. I think that is great. Chris is married and has this neat son and I found out that he also has a baby boy with his wife. Yet here he is sleeping with his boyfriend every night. Life just can't be any better than that.
    Cory stood next to Chris, who had tears running down his face. He read a letter from some lawyer. The letter said that the dead kid did not want to be returned to his birth family for burial. He wanted to be buried in Tucson with his real family. By the time that Cory finished reading the letter Mitch and I had tears in our eyes too.
    Chris wanted all of us to get back on the plane and return to bury that kid, but the other boys argued with him until he relented to stay in England for a big birthday party for a kid from my favorite band, The Wild Boys. Cory lined all of us up and told us to get on the buses, only the door was on the wrong side. Then I noticed that the driver was on the wrong side of the bus too. I never knew that in England the cars and buses drive on the other side of the street.
    As we merged into traffic I kept getting frightened when I saw a large truck coming toward us on the wrong side of the road. Jimmy just turned my head and told me not to look at the traffic, but to sit back and enjoy the ride. I turned to talk to Jimmy, "How did you become a part of this family?"
    "Dad was walking into this truck stop in Mobile, Alabama and he heard me crying as I sat on all of my clothes in the shadow of a building. He knelt down and lifted my chin up. It was like magic, I felt this electricity shoot through my body and everything was okay. He had me put my clothes into Traveler© then he put his strong arm around me and led me inside to the biggest meal I had eaten in days.
    "I fell in love with him right then. I gave up my body to him and I have never regretted one moment of our joining. That man is a master lover from whom all men should take lessons. He makes love to men, boys, and even women with a touch that leaves his lover feeling special about themselves."
    "How old were you, Jimmy?"
    "I was fourteen. My stepmother caught me with things in hand, if you know what I mean. She hated me anyway. She wanted everything that my dad had left me when he was murdered. She had remarried this creep that kept touching me and leering at me, she asked him what they should do with a little fag bastard that was just an extra expense on them. He told her to leave the queer behind. She threw all of my clothes out of the door of my dad's old RV and then they drove away. I gathered my things and sat down to cry."
    "Oh, Jimmy, that sounds awful."
    "I thought so at the time, then dad with his big blue stallion came into my life and changed it forever."
    "Did you have no other family to go to?"
    "That is mainly why I was crying. I had no idea how to get in touch with my grandmother that lived in Pensacola. Chris called her and asked her if he could take me to Disney World with Jerry and Tim. Jerry was a bus boy at that truck stop and he was being beaten everyday by his father. You will have to get them to tell you their story, it is so kewl. Oh, look, there's a real English village. I gotta take pictures." He moved to a seat on the other side of the bus and stuck his camera up to the window.
    "I guess that all of these boys have a story to tell us, babe. We are so lucky, but I still love you," Mitch said.
    "You have a pretty sad story of your own to tell. I am the poor little rich kid with the silver spoon shoved up my ass. My grandfather left me a lot of money and I only have seven more years to father a son and it is all mine."
    "See, you have a tragic tale to tell. Think about how all of these boys will react when you tell them that you have to stick that pretty dick of yours into a girl's twat and have a kid with her. Ewwww." I slugged his arm.
    Some of the boys were talking and pointing out of the windows, "This isn't the way to his sister's house. I have been there before."
    "I know, we should have left the highway a long time ago."
    "We are on some kind of freeway, we never came this way before."
    All of us were looking out of the windows and this guy named Joey tapped on Pete's—the one they call mommie—shoulder and asked him where we were going. Pete stood up and looked back at us, "I know as much as you do, but I also know that I trust Chris to protect us and do what is right." Just after he said that the bus slowed down and turned off of the freeway and drove through the town eventually stopping at the end of a pier where a huge yacht was docked.
    A long line of boys was walking down the gangplank from the yacht and getting onto a bus like ours. Somebody said, "Hey, there's Toby and Harry too. Hey there's Cullen's mom and dad, how did they get here so fast. A man ran down the gangplank and rushed onto the bus with Chris and Cory on it then another man ran down the gangplank and got into Cullen's dad's car.
    Chris was standing next to Cullen's dad when he scooped up the skinniest blond kid that I ever saw and carried him aboard his own bus then it pulled away. We followed and the other bus followed us. Before we got back on the street Cullen's dad's car passed us and took the lead. We followed him through town and then into the countryside. In about an hour we drove into this massive country estate that overlooked the ocean. Our buses drove down to a long building where the doors opened and we all got off.
    The boys from our two buses ran back to the third bus as boys from there started to get off. I never saw any boys so skinny and so frightened in all of my life. Those kids looked like they needed a friend and a good meal, or twelve. I joined the other boys in walking up and holding my hand out to the new boys. This skinny kid of about sixteen took my hand and studied my face. I said, "Welcome."
    "I too welcome to you. My name is Hasad and I am sixteen years." He spoke with a very heavy accent as he looked around. The fear in his eyes was making me want to hold him close to me.
    "May I hug you?"
    "I do not know that word." I held my arms wide and he moved into me. I tightened my arms around him as he tightened his around me. I rubbed his back as I held him tight. "There is nothing to be afraid of here. You are safe and amongst our family that loves you.
    "I too love. You don't eat boys here?" The way he said it startled me. I wanted to come back with a quick glib retort, but he didn't need to hear that. He was asking a real question and I had to wonder where he had come from and what he had seen.
    "No, we don't eat boys…"
    Chris called all of us to gather around. "I would like for all of you to welcome your newest brothers. They have come from circumstances the like of which you can never imagine and will find hard to believe when you hear of it. My young friend beside me is named Salman, we call him Sal for short. I found him near death. He was chained to a wall in a pitch black dungeon cell as his own father waited for him to die. Sal looks like football player compared to what he looked like last week.
    "I am going to let you take these boys in and help them find a bed as they tell you their own story. Some of them speak no English. These boys are mostly Arabic and some Turkish. There are eight boys from France and six from England here that were not in the castle, there are also three boys from Cullen's kingdom. All of these boys have been forced into sexual slavery and have been chained to their beds at night."
    A kid from the family rushed forward and embraced one of the new boys as both boys cried. "Praise God that you are alive. They kissed each other then returned to holding each other. Chris moved toward the large house with Sal in his arms. Cullen was talking to the boy as Cory walked beside them. Chris's sister and her husband led the way. I took Hasad by the hand and led him inside the dormitory to find us a bed. Mitch didn't have a boy with him so he followed us.
    A guy named Cas dropped my suitcase on my bed, "You're new here, but expect bellman service in the future." He laughed as Tyler tossed Mitch's suitcase on his bed.
    "They're married, you know. Cas and Tyler. They stood before a judge and they have a license and everything," Turner told me. "Tyler's my brother and I love Cas so much. Lew over there…that's Cas's little brother, he's a drop dead wet dream and I love to make it with him." Turner moved over to Lew's bed and they kissed for awhile.
    Toby and Harry—now there is a hunk of a man—were walking through talking to all of the new boys as they passed out new shoes and socks along with shorts and tee shirts. They also had towels with a bar of soap and a toothbrush with toothpaste for them. Some of the new boys asked them a question and they would respond with an English word. The boy would turn back to his new friend and say that word. I guess that they were stuck and didn't know the right word to use.
    The smell of food coming from the far end of the dormitory was making tummies growl. When someone yelled that we should, "Come and get it." The whole room cheered as everybody moved down to the food. I never saw so much food in one place at one time in my life.
    I filled my plate with lots of salad and piled it high with cheery tomatoes, diced purple onions, diced mushrooms, chopped jicama, cauliflower, broccoli, sliced radishes, chopped greens of onions—chives?—, shredded chddar cheese and croutons. I topped it off with a spicy Italian dressing then took two large ears of fresh corn. Chrisy was behind the line and he offered to fill my bowl with thick homemade vegetable soup or a homemade chicken noodle soup. I choose the chicken noodle, I was glad that I did. It was the best soup that I had ever eaten.
    I turned to the last item on the line were the family chef, Çhé Ģerâld, placed two fluffy dinner rolls on my tray. I took two cartons of milk and two cans of V8 before I remembered to get a scoop of butter for my rolls and one for my corn. I looked behind me and Hasad had the identical items on his tray. I don't know if he knew what he had or if he just followed my lead. I hope that he likes the food.
    Hasad picked at his food. He recognized the salad, but was unsure of the dressing. He tasted it and pursed up his lips. He said something that I did not understand, Cullen leaned down and said, "Vinegar. What is that, Italian dressing?" I nodded yes. He spoke to Hasad then he retrieved the bottle of dressing. He pointed to the bottle and told him, "Vinegar. Vin-e-gar, oil, salt pepper." Hasad was repeating his words, both in his native tongue and in English. He was eating the salad and smiling at me.
    He pointed to the soup. Cullen used Hasad's fork to lift up a noodle. He explained in Hasad's language before he scooped up a small piece of chicken. I noticed that several of the boys around us had a piece of the chicken on their forks as they listened to Cullen. Cullen grinned at me, "It isn't real chicken you know. Ģer& blends chopped tofu with shredded chicken pieces and a little chicken stock. He pours that onto a tray then cuts it into these little pieces. The broth is from chicken parts that he boils all day and the noodles he makes by hand with a large pasta machine that his grandmother bought for him. It is quite good though." I told him that it was delicious.

    We all took showers as everybody checked everybody else out. The new boys figured that the Americans had all of the same parts, but their eyes got wide when they saw a few of us. Mine got big too when I saw these two brothers named Jeff and Jay Jay, they were super hung. Then Mark and Chad came into the shower, both of them hard already.
    This tiny little kid that I learned was only eight years old took Mark's cock all the way into his throat and sucked him off. He backed away with cum dripping down his chin when he saw this one dude by the name of Kyle standing there with a super hard fourteen inch cock. The kid lip locked on it and swallowed it to the hair line. Kyle said that he was getting the best head of his life.
    Bedtime was kinda funny. The new boys wanted to watch the Americans make love. Many of us were not too comfortable with that, but a few guys offered to let them join. Before long we had a full blown orgy going on. The beds were all pushed together and all inhibitions went awry.

    Mommie walked around beds shaking people loose, "Breakfast time, boys. I know it is early, but we are in England and the sun has been up for two hours. Dad has already been down with his cup of coffee so you know it's late." That made everybody stir and head for the toilets and the showers. Once we cleaned up we were told to slip on shorts, that there were ladies in the cafeteria.
    "Good morning, Lads," this lady in a cooks outfit said. "We brought you some right nice porridge for your breakfast, and me thinks that Ģerâld has some fluffy cakes for you."
    "She means cream of wheat and biscuits. She is a dear, been with me mum for ages, you know." Cullen told us. "Hey lot, give us an ear. This 'ere's me uncle Del. He just got out of stir for doing the nasty in the loos, but 'e's a right sort 'o guy anyway. You all know Cecil…" Wolf whistles and cat calls cut him off.
    Cullen's mother came in with Chris. "Cullen is correct, though he didn't quite state his introductions with eloquence," she glared at Cullen who just grinned at her. "Delbert is the son of my late stepfather. He has been in lock up for two years, but he has paid his price to society." She turned to look at Chris.
    He stood up and looked across the room at all of us. "No comment, no discussion, there will be a family council at noon. I want you to meet and talk to Del. Get to know him and learn about him. You will decide if he returns to Tucson with us. On that note, Cecil has proven himself. Again, it is your choice whether or not her returns to the family. You are the ones that he placed in danger with his actions, you decide his future with us."

    We heard something like a large tractor motor so many of us filled outside to see a backhoe digging a shallow pit. I heard some of the boys that were already out tell us that it was a mud wrestling pit. Jimmy had his arms loaded with cameras and tripods as he waited for the man to finish with the digging. I had to laugh at him, he is full of energy.

    A very large helicopter landed near the house around three o'clock and the Wild Boys themselves ran out to greet everyone. The boys in the band were hugging and kissing many of the family and all of them took the time to kiss and hold on to Chris. I realized that these guys had a history with one another.
    The lead singer and his brother were led to the pit. It was explained that Gary, the older brother, needed to clean his act up. Somebody pointed out some sort of ritual for birthday celebrants in the family so the two brothers lay down opposite of each other as every boy present jacked off and shot his wad across the two boys. Even the other band members, the new boys, and me.
    Then the two were made to get into the mud and fight it out. They were told that the fight had to be real, no staged action. Jimmy had a computer hooked up to his cameras so many of us were looking over his shoulder at the combined shots. He had good angles for his equipment and had some great shots of floppy muddy cocks.
    As darkness began to fall a large fire was built in the mud pit. Hot dogs and sticks were produced for an old fashioned weenie roast. Hasad came to me and barked as he pointed to his frankfurter. I shook my head no when Toby stood up and told the boys that it was simply a commercial name that has stuck to the frank and was widely used in America. The Wild Boys had never been to a weenie roast themselves so it was a time of international discovery.
    I showed Hasad how to build a dog with mustard, chilli, onions, and cheese. He took a bite and grinned from ear to ear. He showed his brothers what he had learned and they built their the same way. After we were so stuffed that there was no room for anything else packages of marshmallows were tossed out. The family showed the others how to roast a marshmallow to a rich golden brown. Everybody went to bed with a belly ache.

    The Wild Boys were in a rush to leave for a concert engagement. The family wanted to go, but Chris told us that we had to get home and find beds for forty seven new boys and get them enrolled in school. The concert was two days away and we just did not have the time. We understood, but we are kids so we pouted awhile.
    It didn't take long for the pouting to cease. The longest line of limousines in the world outside of a Hollywood movie premiere drove through the main gates and down to the dormitory. Quickly behind them was another convoy of vehicles came in.
    Cullen's dad stepped out of the first limousine and looked back. Another door opened and a man in a turbine and robes stepped out. Most of the new boys dropped to the ground before him. Jace, Toby, and Kenny hurried up to the man and bowed. He beckoned all to arise. I learned that the man was their King and the uncle of most of the boys. He is also Jace's uncle as well as an uncle to Toby and little Kenny.
    The men in the second set of vehicles were setting up tables and placing boxes laden with file folders on them. The new boys were being called by their name to a table with a representative of their country. Each boy received his birth certificate as well as paperwork making Chris their legal guardian. Chris was granted the right to adopt many of the boys as his own sons. I envied them. I love my dad and mom, but I envied those boys.
    Cullen seemed to be hiding behind some of the other boys. I looked around and saw a short little man in a penguin suit and wearing a large gold chain around his neck looking at the boys. Suddenly he bowed and in a loud, clear voice he exclaimed, "Your Royal Highness." Everybody at every table stood and bowed to Cullen. Cullen was only wearing a pair of shorts so his blush was quite evident, even his toes turned bright pink.
    A man rushed up to him and placed a blue robe with a collar of Ermine around his neck and fastened it with a small gold clasp. He was led to the front of the tables as everyone bowed deeply before him. He slipped in behind Chris and shook like a leaf. He grabbed his father's arm and tried to hide behind the two men. The short man unrolled a parchment and read in some other language then translated, "The Queen is dead, long live the King. His Royal Highness Crown Prince Cullen Muneday of Munedavia will crowned King on his seventeenth birthday on the fifth of March, in the year of our Lord, 2008." He stepped back and everyone bowed again.
    Chris was wiping Cullen's eyes, "I don't want it, uncy." Chris held him tight then he was called to step forward. Two old men stood before the Prime Minister of England himself. I heard that they were forevermore forgiven all of their crimes against the Commonwealth. A man from France told them the same thing. Then Harry, Timmy, and Chris were told the same thing, then they were told that they were to be knighted.
    Chris argued the Constitution of the United States as he quoted it from memory that no citizen of the United States shall ever shall ever hold a title of nobility from any King, Prince, of Foreign State without an official act of the Congress of the United States.
    Accompanied by the United States Secretary of State a very well known United States Senator stepped forward and he read from a official document granting Christopher Stevens Dickson full and unconditional pardon for any and all crimes, real or unreal, past, present and future. The Bradford Academy of Gay Boys, its board of directors and its shareholders were pardoned of any purported wrong doing and officially recognized as a school for misused and cast off boys, inclusive. No girls allowed.
    The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß and all of its holdings and members are recognized by the Joint Congress of the United States to be a nonprofit organization for the aiding, feeding, and educating of discarded youth. Special land grants and usage have been provided for the building of shelters and schools for needy youth, without regards to race, gender, religion, or orientation.
    Harry, Timmy, and Chris were to appear before the Queen of England to receive a Knighthood. they were to appear in Bucharest, Romania and also in Paris, France on Monday the first of October to receive like honors from those two countries. I can't wait to write home and tell my mother about the excitement of my new college life and I haven't even seen the campus yet.

    Saturday Harry, Timmy, and Chris went to the palace for the Queen to bestow honors on them. On their return all of us mounted the black airplane and home. Home…I always thought that the word would mean wherever my mom and dad were. I can't begin to describe what my home is to me now.

    It was like life in the rinse cycle when we first returned to Tucson. Everything was swished about and it seemed as if few of us knew what to do. The major focus was finding a place for the boys that had joined the family in England.
    There was a couple leaving for a ranch in Texas. That opened up a room at the old house where Chris had grown up, it was near the campus. Mitch and I were offered that room, we took it at once. Hey, close enough to the campus to walk and leave my car parked, that would save a ton of money in parking fees alone. Another plus is that the house is full of college age boys, all part of Chris's family.

    Mitch was sitting in a large Cadillac SUV with Chris when I returned home from another battle with the university's administration office. I could get no information on what my tuition would run without the room and board and parking fees. I had all of that before I left California and I thought that everything would be easy to just subtract those two items. It wasn't turning out easy. I was getting frustrated, classes were to start in two days and I had not paid my fees. A sweet matronly type lady told me that everything would work out for the better. I won't tell you the ways that I wanted to tell her to work everything out as I walked home.
    Mitch rolled his window down and told me that Chris wanted to buy us lunch. I was hot and discouraged, lunch sounded good. I climbed into the back seat and buckled myself in when Chris asked, "Does anyone here like pizza?" Pizza is the main food group in a teenager's diet.
    I thought that we would go to some cheap all-you-can-eat chain establishment, but it is food and it is usually satisfactory. Chris pulled into a place called Leonardo's, a valet rushed up to his door and held it for Chris to step out. Chris came around the vehicle as I shut my door. It made a strange sound, very heavy, as it shut. I was looking at it when Chris placed his arm across my shoulder, "Armor plated." I looked back at the SUV as I let Chris guide us inside. He had his other arm across Mitch's shoulder as well.
    As the waiter approached with a pitcher of water Chris asked us, "What do you like on your pizza?" We both told him that plain cheese was good. He asked us if we liked this long line of vegetables. We all agreed on mushrooms and onions. He asked us for our choice of crusts, Mitch and I like deep dish, extra thick. He smiled at us. Later Jerry told us that he prefers super thin crust, but that he was being nice to us.
    We were drinking our iced tea, Chris a cup of coffee, when the largest pizza I had ever sat before was placed in the center of the table, it was sixteen inches across and loaded with double cheese, lots of mushrooms, and onions. The crust was a full inch thick, but very thin where it was turned up at the sides.
    A large plate of spaghetti covered with a thick tomato sauce was set before me. A second empty plate was set down as well as a small tureen of the sauce. The waiter offered to serve the pizza. I was glad that he did, the cheese melted into long strings from the slice that he moved to my extra plate and thick sauce dripped from it to the plate as well. "Wow, I will need a spoon to eat that with." The waiter grinned and passed me a large spoon.
    From his cart he produced a cheese grater and two large blocks of hard cheese. He offered to grate the cheese for us. I stuck with the old standby Parmesan. That was another first. It tasted better than the green can of grated cheese that mom keeps in the refrigerator and tons better than the glass bottles that sit on the table in most Italian restaurants.
    I have never tasted a more delicious sauce in all of my life. Mitch was smiling and sniffing of his tureen of sauce. "Chianti, a well aged wine. The alcohol is cooked out and the flavor left in. The pizza and the marinara sauces are both made with it," Chris told him.
    There was enough food for everyone in the house that Mitch and I were living in. My mother would make me sit there and eat every bite of it, but I was just too full. The food was great, only the next time that I go there I will order a little less. Yeah, I will be returning, often.

    Chris folded his hands and looked at us. "The fŗĩęñďş Çłųß has granted you a scholarship that will cover all of your education expenses for as long as you maintain a three point five grade average and stay out of trouble. Any run in with the law for anything more than a minor traffic ticket will put you out of the house and out of school. Your grades are the only thing that I am interested in.
    "I do not want you to take on outside jobs. Any free time that you have should be spent with family, here and back home. I expect you to each keep in touch with your mother's." He reached inside his coat and withdrew two cell phones. They were already programmed with our names on the display panel. He then placed two platinum VISA cards next to the telephones, they also had our name on them. "Stop by the house and get Cory off to my office to set up your PIN for cash withdrawals. You may withdraw as much as five thousand dollars each day, but your purchasing knows no limit. I will expect an accounting of cash withdrawals."
    He smiled at us then nodded at the cards and phones, we picked them up and studied them. My home phone number was already programmed into the phone as well as a few numbers that I did not know. Chris said that the first one was a number that he could be reached at any time of the day or night. We looked at him and grinned, "No matter where I am." He smiled back at us.

    Our waiter returned with our check on a small plastic tray. One would think that a place like this could do better than a plastic tray. He also had an empty wine bottle. He knelt beside me and touched my hand as he explained that the woven basket around the bottle is called a fiasco–flask. He explained, "A Chianti may have a picture of a black rooster—known in Italian as a gallo nero—on the neck of the bottle. A fine Chianti is aged 38 months to bring about its superb flavor. If you were of age I could offer you a sample glass full."
    I know when I am being hit on so I simply smiled at him and told him, "Thank you just the same, but I don't drink alcohol, ever." His face fell as he rose and turned to Chris to ask if there would be anything else. Chris placed a one hundred dollar bill on the small ticket tray and patted his hand. We all rose to leave, but I had an empty Chianti bottle to take with us. Mitch loves candles and there is nothing better than a Chianti bottle to build a large flowing candle.

    Darryl knocked on our door as we were placing our candle bottle in just the right spot.
    "Kewl. Can I light the first candle?
    "It's for my dad, may he burn in hell. He's dead you know? Yeah, Chris sat in my room and told me that some unknown biker gang offed him. He said that the CHP rolled up on a long skid mark at a curve and followed it to where there was a large dent in the guard rail. Two FI agents were looking down into a sixty foot ravine at a burning bike. They said that my dad's body was on the rocks twenty feet on down. Poor guy, makes me want to shed a tear."
    He lit a candle then turned around and farted on it. The flames shot out about three feet.

Our hope is that every homosexual youth in this country can find a home and someone to love them as they are.
No one deserves to be discriminated against, no matter what their differences from society's norm