The Moon in Your Eyes

by Free Thinker

(a.k.a Coningsby)

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The Moon in Your Eyes

Chapter Ten

Second hour gym. Jack Spenser cornering me in the towel room, spitting in my face and telling me that I should know that no plebe can ever win against the patricians. Coach yelling at me for showing no "gumption" as I ran around the track. Coach sending Jeff to the showers early for standing catatonic in the doorway. Someone popping my ass with a wet towel as I emerged from the shower. Jeff sprawled on the floor of the hallway after being tripped as dozens of kids laughed. My science teacher unable to meet my eye.

I found myself sitting alone at lunch, looking down at my grilled cheese sandwich and cottage cheese, looking back on the last two and a half hours. It was a nightmare. Jeff sat down beside me. He had no tray. It broke my heart to look in his eyes. We said nothing.

Eric Penfield dropped his tray in front of me and sat. He said nothing for a moment until I sighed.

"You know, its not over," he said. "Go talk to Father Parker when you're done here. He'll know what to do."

"How did everyone find out so quick?" I asked incredulously.

Eric snorted derisively.

"Because Baldwin already knew what was going to happen. He already knew that his Dad would buy off or scare Fenster. Fenster's a eunuch. Everyone knows that. Baldwin's Dad runs this place. That means Baldwin runs this place."

In almost complete desolation, I muttered, "I can't go back to Franklin Park. I just can't. I'll kill myself."

At that, Jeff looked up and showed the most emotion he had since sitting down.

"No you won't. You said we'd get through this together. I can't get through it without you. I need you."

Eric looked at Jeff with surprise and then a warm smile grew on his face.

"You two aren't alone," he said forcefully.

"No," a voice said from above. Chad Fielding sat down next to Eric with Randy Hughes and Kelly Morgan following like puppy dogs beside him.

"You're not alone. You have friends and I think its high time all the freaks in this school got together and started taking up for each other against the Baldwins and the Spensers."

I was stunned. Eric and Chad shook hands and Kelly and Randy grinned proudly.

"You know," Eric added, "there are lots of kids in this school who are sick to death of the oligarchy that runs this place. Hell, the day you hit Mike Baldwin, didn't you see how even Jack Spenser gave you a thumbs up in the locker room?"

I didn't know what to say. I merely looked at Jeff and he shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah," said Chad. "A lot of people who follow Baldwin only do it to fit in or be part of the 'ruling class.' They don't like the Baldwins anymore than we do. I bet if all the kids who get bullied around here banded together and started helping each other out, we could make life a lot easier around here."

"Or," Jeff muttered, "a lot more interesting."

"This is great," said Eric. "Let's all become friends and start our own clique, our own group. We'll be The Freaks! Everyone who doesn't fit in! We all know people in different classes who keep getting bullied or put down or shut out. We'll all get together and be friends and help each other out and stick up for each other! The older Freaks can really help out the younger Freaks and they can help each other and... it'll be great! We all stick together!"

I looked at Jeff and saw the first sign of hope in his eyes I had seen that day.

"Yeah," Kelly declared forcefully. "I'm sick of everyone picking on Randy and me. If we all stand up together and fight back, they'll back off! And, we'll be free!"

Chad grinned broadly. "Yeah, Scott. Come on. What do you say?"

Jeff took my hand under the table, a gesture the others could not fail to notice. I smiled at Eric and Chad.

"Sure. It sounds like a great idea."

"Cool!" Eric declared. He then turned to Kelly and Randy.

"You two." Both boys looked up in surprise.

"As soon as your done, go spread the word with your friends and anyone else you know." Turning to Chad, he announced, "We need to have a meeting. We need to figure out when and where."

"Hey," said Chad. "I just live a couple of blocks away. We could have it in my back yard!"

"Cool. When?"

"How about tomorrow after school?"

"Cool. That'll give us time to get the word around. OK. Everybody ready?"

"Maybe Father Parker can help," Jeff suggested.

Eric thought for a moment and then said, "I don't think so. He's probably in hot water all ready. We need to do this ourselves, otherwise people won't respect us. This has to be our project."

We all nodded and for the first time since coming to St. Stephen's, I suddenly felt like I belonged, like I had friends.

As soon as I finished my grilled cheese, Jeff and I went outside and made our way to the chapel.

"This is going to be great!" Jeff enthused as we walked along the pathway. "We'll get everyone whose ever been bullied by the assholes and we'll all take care of each other!"

Just as he said that, a junior whose name I didn't know, came by and tripped Jeff. I turned and saw the malevolent grin on his face. Here was my first test. I was about to give him a swift kick in the nuts when, all of a sudden, an apple hit him in the back of the head. He ducked and cursed.

It was Eric just coming out of the cafeteria.

"Go on, Rooney. Leave 'em alone."

Suddenly, Chad was at Eric's side and the two began to march toward us. Jeff stood and seeing our comrades approach, brushed himself off. In seconds, Rooney found himself surrounded by four very angry and very determined teenage boys.

"Hey, I'm just havin' a little fun. Its nothing. Cool it, dudes."

He then walked away and the four of us, huge grins lighting our faces, shook hands and patted each other on the back.

"This is gonna work!" Eric declared.

Father Parker was just saying good-by to a parishioner, a kind-looking elderly lady who gave us a sweet smile as she passed in the hallway outside his office. He gave us a sad smile and waved us in.

"Are you two OK?" he asked as we sat down in front of his desk.

"Actually," I answered with a confident smile, "we're doing great! We had lunch with Eric Penfield and Chad Fielding and Kelly and Randy and we're all going to start our own club. Its going to be called The Freaks and all the kids in school who get bullied and pushed around are going to be eligible to join and we're all going to look out for each other and take up for each other. We're not going to let the Baldwins and their friends ruin our lives any more. We're going to fight back! We're having an organizing meeting in Chad's backyard tomorrow after school!"

Father Parker was silent as a thoughtful look came over his face. He gazed out the window for a moment and then turned back to us. Jeff had his rebellious look, the one he gave me back when he thought I was snob. It was nice not to see the desolation that had despoiled his face earlier.

"Boys, you certainly have a right to defend yourselves and protect your friends. But, I worry about you organizing into what could be seen as a vigilante group. You know what I mean by 'vigilante?'"

We both nodded.

"We're not taking the law into our own hands," Jeff declared. "But, the school's not going to do anything to protect us and our parents probably won't either. So, its up to us."

Father Parker nodded sadly and looked down at his desk.

"Well, you don't have to worry about the Baldwins for awhile. Their Dad has assured me that they will behave themselves, at least for the time being. And, I think we can believe him. He doesn't want any more trouble for awhile. But..."

I was afraid to ask this, but I had to know.

"You didn't get in trouble for calling the police the other day, did you?"

Father Parker smiled.

"I don't work for the school. I work for the diocese. The board has no authority over me. Though, the bishop and I have had a few conversations.... And, from what I understand, the police and the Baldwin boys are not unacquainted. I think, however, it would be best for you boys to keep a low profile. Try to avoid any unnecessary situations."

This was very confusing. Father Parker was a man of strong convictions, from what I had been able to tell in the days since we had met. After what he had done the day Baldwin and the Neanderthals had attacked us, he didn't seem to be the kind of man who would want to avoid rocking the boat.

I said as much as Jeff and I headed back to school for fourth hour. Jeff, however, was too relieved to listen.

"It doesn't matter," he replied as we entered the side door. "As long as we all stand together, we'll be OK."

And, indeed, the rest of the day remained uneventful. Jeff and I were able to escape to the bus after school with little threat to our lives and as we were walking home up Berkshire, Jeff commented, "See? Even talking about the Freaks scared all the assholes away!"

But, I wasn't convinced. There was something about Father Parker's hesitation that nagged me from the back of my mind.

Word had gotten around the school Wednesday that something was up. Jeff had told several kids in his classes about The Freaks and invited them to Chad's house after school. I didn't know anyone myself, but had my first chance to put our plan into action during Gym class second hour. As everyone was entering or leaving the shower, I noticed Spenser and a couple of other older jerks teasing a seventh-grader who'd gotten a hard-on in the shower. Immediately, I went over to Sean and stood next to him. Over Spenser's shoulder, I saw Jeff just coming into the showers and watching me apprehensively. I saw him swallow and come over just as Spenser barked, "What the fuck you think you're doing, WT?"

Jeff was now standing on Sean's left side, I was on his right. Eric and Chad were suddenly entering the shower and made a bee-line to the confrontation, where they stood in front of us. Then two more boys, ninth graders, though I didn't yet know their names, joined us.

We said nothing as Spenser's gang watched with open-mouthed amazement.

"What's up with you freaks?" he spat.

"That's us," Eric said. He looked back at us and declared, "We're The Freaks!"

And, suddenly, he and Chad started chanting, "Freaks, Freaks, Freaks."

Jeff and I joined the chant and then the two who had joined us and, finally, Sean, his little hard-on finally shrinking, rounded out the chorus.

As Coach came out of his office to check out the commotion, several boys throughout the locker room joined the chant.

"What the hell's going on in here?" he demanded at the door to the shower. "Spenser! What are you doing?"

Spenser opened his hands wide and declared, "ME? We're just standing here and all of a sudden, these freaks start chanting like a bunch of... of freaks!"

Coach's eyes looked our little group, which had now ceased chanting, and focused on Sean, standing nervously in the center. His eyes stopped on Sean's shrinking erection and then at the rest of us standing around him and at the circle of bullies in front of us. He picked up a wet towel from the bin, rolled it up and popped Spenser on the ass before declaring, "Spenser! My office. Now!"

On the way to third hour several boys, boys I had seen everyday but never spoken to before, boys who perfectly fit the profile of a bully's target, stopped Jeff and me and asked about The Freaks. We told them to come to Chad's house after school and they eagerly agreed.

Lunch hour was the same. Eric and Chad joined Jeff and me at our lunch table, followed soon by Kelly and Randy. And, then, mysteriously, others came up and asked to sit. Still more asked details about The Freaks and how they could join. I was stunned. All this just through word of mouth.

None of us could stop grinning.

As Jeff and I were depositing our trays on the conveyor belt, we suddenly heard a commotion outside. We heard a couple of boys' voices chanting "Freaks, Freaks, Freaks!"

Eric and Chad were right behind us. Eric threw his tray down on the conveyor belt and said, "Come on!" We ran out the door and found two eighth graders surrounded by three upperclassmen. The younger boys were chanting "Freaks! Freaks! Freaks!" but the fear in their voices was quite plain for all. Immediately, the four of us picked up the refrain as we ran to join our comrades.

Soon, Kelly and Randy and several others had joined in. In all, more than a dozen of us were standing guard around the two who had started the chanting. The bullies looked at us as if we were... well, freaks, and then walked away muttering.

Word of the gathering at Chad's had successfully made it all over school, for as soon as Jeff and I walked out the Norfolk Avenue door, we saw a long line of blue St. Stephen's blazers heading north to Chad's.

"I can't believe this!" Jeff enthused as we joined the exodus. "This is too cool! Look at this! Everyone is joining! The bastards have lost!"

"Yeah! Fuck Baldwin!" a boy behind us declared and suddenly, the refrain was taken up by others around us.

"Fuck Baldwin! Fuck Baldwin! Fuck Baldwin!"

Dozens of laughing cheering voices chanted "Fuck Baldwin" up Norfolk Avenue. Chad was standing on the corner at Twenty-ninth and started chanting, "Freaks, Freaks, Freaks!"

Almost immediately, the refrain changed to "Freaks!"

"We don't want this to get too personal," he explained to Jeff and me as we walked on. "Its not just Baldwin. Its all the assholes."

Chad's house was a huge three story mansion, red brick with tall white pillars around the front porch. There were rooms on the sides with tall french doors and balcony's above. The back was even more impressive. There was a wide veranda and several concrete walks leading back to gardens and fountains.

"Come on!" Chad shouted waving at everyone. "Back here!"

The crowd followed and soon Chad was standing on a concrete bench on the veranda. There must have been more than a hundred kids in all standing around.

"Welcome to The Freaks!" he screamed and everyone cheered and started chanting, "Freaks! Freaks! Freaks!"

Jeff and I were really getting into the spirit and ecstatically joined in. I was standing on the steps leading up to the veranda and surveyed the crowd as they chanted and my heart stopped when I saw Mr. Gordon and Mr. Ostrander standing in the driveway at the side watching with smiles on their faces.

I poked Jeff and pointed to the teachers, but Mr. Gordon saw me and immediately motioned not to draw attention to them.

"Freaks of St. Stephens!" Chad bellowed and the crowd settled down.

"The time has some for the forgotten kids of our school to have their day!"


"The time has come for the bullies and the jerks and assholes to step aside!"

More cheers.

"For years, some kids at this school have gotten away with murder, making our lives miserable. How many of us have been tripped in the hallways, laughed at in gym class, called names, even been beaten up?"

Voices of assent rose from the crowd as heads nodded and even a few tentative hands rose.

"We know the administration won't do shit to help us!"

Angry voices of assent rose.

"And those teachers who want to help us, can't!"


I turned to look at Mr. Gordon and Mr. Ostrander. They were standing behind a giant maple tree, their faces inscrutable.

"So... since we can't expect anyone else to help us... WE HAVE TO DO IT OURSELVES!!"

Wild cheers. I looked at Jeff. He had a worshipful look on his face as he gazed up at Chad. Suddenly, I felt a strange gnawing feeling inside.

"Are you tired of being afraid?!?"


"Are you tired of running away?!?"


"Are you tired of the bastards always getting away with it!"


From somewhere in the back, someone started chanting, "Fuck the bastards! Fuck the bastards! Fuck the bastards!"

I had never used profanity much. It always made me feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable. However, even I found myself caught up in the emotion of the moment and joined the chant as Chad stood on the bench, a confident look of triumph on his face.

"Then its time we stand up for ourselves and take over this school! St. Stephen's is OUR SCHOOL!"

The cheers were becoming more emphatic. I could see that both teachers, watching from the sidelines had worried looks on their faces. I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable, myself. The crowd was really getting worked up. But, what also made me uneasy was the look of rapturous adoration on Jeff's face as he gazed at Chad.

"How are we going to do this???"

The crowd fell silent. Chad masterfully stood silent himself, letting the suspense build, until... in almost quiet voice, causing everyone to lean forward, he replied, "We do it by standing up for each other."

Slowly, his voice rose and pitch and volume. "We do it by being there for each other. We do it through teamwork and brotherhood and standing up for what's right!"


"Whenever you get cornered or whenever something's happening and the assholes are giving you Hell, just start chanting 'Freaks!Freaks!Freaks!' and we will all come! They can't take on ALL of us! Chant it! FREAKS! FREAKS! FREAKS!"

And they did. More than a hundred adolescent voices rose in defiance screaming "FREAKS!" for all the world to hear.

"No one has to be afraid anymore! No one has to be alone anymore! We will be there for you!"


"We'll have parties!"


"We'll have rallies!"


"We'll have FREEDOM!"

The cheering became thunderous. Chad raised his arms in triumph and everyone, including Jeff, cheered wildly. Chad stood on the bench for several minutes as the cheers continued and then, stepped down as dozens of kids crowded around him, including Jeff. I stood off to the side and watched.

"This isn't quite what I was expecting."

I turned to my right. Eric was watching the spectacle with a skeptical expression.


Jeff was speaking enthusiastically with Chad, who had his arm around his shoulder and grinning brightly. I was not smiling. Eric must have noticed for he put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed.

Jeff could hardly contain his enthusiasm as we walked home. He was jumping up and down and walking all around me as we made our way up Norfolk to Twenty-fourth. I tried to be upbeat and positive, but I just couldn't stop thinking that something was wrong.

When we arrived at the corner of Twenty-first and Berkshire, Jeff stood in the middle of the intersection and gave me a nasty grin.

"Well? You want to have some fun?"

Thankful that Jeff's attention was turned back to me, at least momentarily, I nodded and smiled.

"Let me go change and I'll be right over."

It was several minutes, though, before I was able to escape Mother's persistent inquiries about why I was late getting home from school. When I did finally knock on the back door of Jeff's house, he was already naked and proudly displaying a particularly rigid and throbbing boner.

"God, I thought you'd never get here!" he exclaimed impatiently as I followed him down the stairs.

Once inside his basement bedroom, he locked the door and ran to his bed. Once again, the curtains were drawn and the only light in the basement darkness was a candle above his bed. Jeff sat in the golden light of the candle, his legs crossed, his hair shining softly, his penis rising stiffly, a sweet smile on his face. Only then, did I start to feel my own erection starting.

Slowly, I slipped off my sandals, whipped off my T-shirt, and dropped my shorts. My penis was still growing as I walked toward the bed and it waved back and forth until I crawled onto the bed and sat, cross-legged, in front of Jeff.

"I want to make out with you so bad," he said with a husky quality to his voice. "I want to feel you hold me and kiss me and love me so bad."

He turned and propped his pillows up against the headboard, scooted back, spread his slim legs out, and held him arms out to me. If the sight of a slender blond angel inviting one to him doesn't get the hormones flowing, nothing will. Yet, I sat back and looked down at my feet.

Jeff's face took on a look of concern.

"What's wrong?"

I said nothing, trying to think of a way to verbalize my feelings. Finally, I looked up at him.

"Something just doesn't feel right."

Fear on his face, Jeff's arms fell to his side.

"Wha... what do you mean?"

I scooted across the mattress until I was next to Jeff. We put our arms around each other and Jeff lay his head on my shoulder.

"It's Chad."

There was no response from Jeff, at first; and, then, he softly asked, "What about Chad?"

I still wasn't sure what I was saying.

"Well, its weird. I didn't think The Freaks were going to be like they are. I mean, I thought we would all like look out for each other and be friends."

"Well, yeah."

"But, when Chad got up there, he was like this politician or minister. He was like getting all this attention and acting like God or something."

Jeff didn't say anything; he simply continued to cuddle with me.

"And, not only that, but..." here I had to be careful, "you were looking up at him like he was God."

"I was not!"

Jeff pulled away from me and looked at me indignantly. I was afraid of making him mad again, but I had to say what I was saying.

I suppose Jeff must have seen the look of fear and reluctance on my face. He sighed and hugged me again.

"Jeff, do you like Chad?"

There was no response from Jeff.

"I know you two used to fool around."

Still silence.

"Jeff, I love you."

He raised his head and planted a tentative kiss on my chin and then wrapped his left hand around my penis. It had started to go down in my anxiety, but his soft, loving touch brought it back to life.

"Chad's different," he said.

"What do you mean? I asked as his hand started to fondle my erection. He wasn't really masturbating me, just feeling me off.

"Chad and I used to fool around last year. But, its weird. I didn't like Chad. He was kind of a jerk. He's like this sex maniac and its like he doesn't have any control. He always wants to do it. Sometimes in the bathroom, he'd come up to me and start talking dirty to me, about what he'd like to do to my dick and how hard I made him and stuff like that. And, it would really gross me out and make me want to run away. But, the way he did it really got to me sometimes. And, like I couldn't help it. It would get me feeling sexy and... and, like, I'd do it then. And, it was real hot and sexy."

I was sick, thinking of my sweet, pretty, angelic Jeff doing something so gross and nasty with Chad. Suddenly, I hated him. Yet...

As Jeff kept feeling my dick, he continued. "And, then, when we were done, I'd feel so, so dirty. But, every time he wanted to fool around, I'd give in and we'd do it. And, it felt so good while we were."

I reached across and started feeling Jeff's dick, which was rigidly erect as his fondling of mine became more insistent.

"What did you do?" I asked.

Jeff paused, and then, his voice husky and sexy, replied, "We'd feel each other off and then, sometimes he'd suck my dick. And..."


"And, sometimes, I'd suck him."

I didn't say anything. By now we were both openly masturbating each other. I was feeling so sexed up, all of a sudden. But, I was also sick to think of them doing it. Was that weird?

"There's just something about Chad," Jeff continued. "He's like got this magic power to make people do what he wants."

I frowned.

"Well except for making you want to have sex with him and his speech today, I don't really see it. I mean, how come everyone teases him, too?"

"Well, I don't know. But, there's just something there. Man, when he starts in, he just gets you so sexed up and hard that you would do it in the middle of the street if you had to."

I was panting as Jeff's hand worked my boner, squeezing and rubbing, faster and faster.

"I don't think sex should be dirty," I panted. "I... think it should... be pure and... beautiful."

"Its always pure and beautiful with you," Jeff whispered. He was panting and moaning now. "But, it can be fun, too. Like when you just want to feel good and have fun."

I was getting close.

"His dick is so fat and hard."

I was moaning.

"He talks so hot and makes you really want to get dirty and sexy."

I was on the verge.

"Oh, God, Jeff, I love you."

"Oh Scott, it feels so good, it feels so fucking good. I wanna do it. I wanna do it all over you. Oh, oh..."

We both cried out and clung desperately to the other. Jeff did, indeed, "do it" all over me, as did I to him. And, after we had gotten our breath, Jeff reached up and grabbed some Puffs to wipe us both off. We then snuggled together under the sheet as Jeff whispered, "I love you." I held him tightly, caressing his skin, kissing his forehead; but strange thoughts were running through my mind, strange and disturbing thoughts that left me uncomfortable and unsettled.

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