The Moon In Your Eyes

By FreeThinker

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The Moon In Your Eyes

Chapter Thirteen

The standoff in Chad's basement was growing frightening. My sweet Jeff had had too much of Chad's Super Punch and maybe some of the pot that was going around the basement. He was hard and horny and ready to do anything, just as Chad and the older guys wanted. Randy and Kelly were equally messed up and getting into some seriously heavy petting with Kevin's two friends. The entire demeanor of the party had suddenly changed.

Chad was looking at me with fury. Dave reached down and picked up the joint I had knocked out of his hands and ostentatiously put it to his lips and sucked. Jeff looked at me with confusion.

"Scotty, cool down. We're just gonna have some fun. Come on. Its gonna be real fun."

"Yeah," said Chad darkly. "Chill out or leave."

"I'm leaving," I said. "But, not without Jeff and Randy and Kelly and Sean!"

"Oh, yeah? We'll maybe they don't want to go! Maybe they want to stay and have a good time! Maybe they want you to quit pissing on the party! Now, get out and let us enjoy the party!"

Eric stepped up to my side and put his right arm around my shoulder. Jeff was still looking at me as if I were an idiot. Patrick stood fearfully to Eric's left.

"Chad, you're letting these kids get too messed up and then you and your friends are going to take advantage of them. They're not ready for this. This should be a nice fun party where we all get to dance and be ourselves. Its not supposed to be something where the younger guys get raped by the older guys."

"Fuck you!" Chad spat. This was weird. This was not the Chad we were used to. Or was it?

"You get the fuck outa here, too, Penfield! Get the fuck outa my house! NOW!"

Jeff backed up against me, a look of genuine fear on his face as he saw the crazed anger on Chad's. I saw Kelly and Randy watching with fear as the two seniors tried to work them toward the corner.

"Cool it, Chad!"

We all turned toward the stairs. There stood Chad's brother, Kevin, a firm look on his face.

"Fuck you, Kevin! This is my party. Stay outa this."

"No Chad. You're losing it. Calm down and let the kids go."

"Fuck you! I run The Freaks and I run this party. Its mine! We're all gonna stay here and have fun!"

Eric started to slowly move Jeff and me toward Kevin, pulling Patrick along.

"Chad, cool down. Now."

"Fuck you! You're not the boss of me! You've always been number one! Head boy at St. Steve's, star of the lacrosse team, Mom and Dad's golden boy! They never knew you were fucking your little brother up the ass every night, did they? Well, maybe they should know!"

Someone had turned the radio off and now we were all frozen, watching the look of pain and shame on Kevin's face and the hideous look of triumph on Chad's. After a moment, Kevin turned to Eric and nodded. We started moving to the stairs again.

"Come on Randy, Kelly," I said softly as the two boys pulled away from the two seniors. They both looked at Chad with expressions of crushing disillusionment.

"OK. Fuckin' leave! All of you! But, you're OUTA The Freaks! Hear me? OUT. The next time Baldwin or Spenser or one of the others gives you shit, forget about calling The Freaks! Fuck you! We'll just stand by and watch you get the shit beat of you! You hear me? You hear me? I RUN THE FREAKS!"

Some of Chad's older friends were now looking at him as if he were crazy. Some were even shaking their heads as they glanced at each other in amazement.

"Come on," Eric said softly as he gently pushed us to the stairs. Kelly and Randy joined us, though not before Kelly grabbed something from the table and stuff it into his shirt pocket. As we passed Kevin, Eric said, "Thanks."

Kevin winked at him and, then, looking at me, said softly, "See? I told you I'd look out for you."

I smiled at him and held Jeff's and Randy's hands as we made our way up the stairs, Chad's irrational screaming fading behind us.

When the six of us had reached the kitchen, we paused as Eric looked at us with concern. I wasn't as messed up as the others. I had just had three cups of Super Punch. But, the others clearly had more and probably some pot, too. Suddenly, the idea that I was at a pot party hit me. I felt panic grow inside me. I had never seen or smelled marijuana before and I was scared to death. What if the police came? We'd all go to jail and it would be awful! My mother and my grandparents would never speak to me again!

Eric saw my look and understood. "Look you guys can't go home looking like this." He paused and thought and then smiled. He walked over to the telephone on the wall and dialed a number. It seemed to take the dial forever to turn back to the starting place after he dialed in each number. After an agonizing number of seconds, someone answered.


Oh my God! Eric was calling his father! Dr. Penfield! The Head of the Music Department at St. Steve's! The organist at the church! We were dead.

"Yeah. Its Eric. Listen, there's a problem here at the party. No, its OK. But, things got a little out of hand and I bringing some guys over. Is that OK? Five or six. Is that OK? Well, it got kinda scary at first, but everything's OK now. But, they need to spend the night with us. Is it OK if we all crash in the den? Cool! Thanks, Dad, you're the best! I love you! Naw, we'll walk. It's only four blocks. Chad lives at Twenty-seventh and Norfolk. OK. See you in a few minutes."

Eric replaced the receiver and smiled at us.

"We can still have a fun time tonight! Come on. Let's go!"

"Your Dad must be pretty cool," I said as we walked up the hallway to the front door.

"Yeah," Randy and Kelly agreed. Jeff, however was quiet.

Suddenly we heard a boy's high pitched voice cry out.

"Stop it! It hurts! Let me go!"

I looked in horror at Eric.

"Sean!" I shouted.

We heard a muffled scream coming from upstairs.

"Wait here!" Eric commanded. "Come on, Scott!"

Together, the two of us dashed up the stairs and found the bedroom where the two guys I had seen early with Sean were naked. They were on their knees on the bed, their boners, huge and hard, standing out above Sean's naked body as he lay between them. One of the guys was holding Sean's legs up in the air. The other had his hand over Sean's mouth. The only light in the room came through the thin curtains over the windows from the lamps outside the front of the huge house.

"Sean!" Eric cried. "Let him go!" he ordered.

The one holding Sean's legs looked at Eric contemptuously and spat, "Fuck off, Penfield. We're just having some fun."

Before I or anyone else realized it, Eric had shot over to the bed and slugged the first guy in the mouth. He fell over the bed onto the floor. The second senior, looking scared to death, held his hands up in surrender.

I ran over to Sean as he sat up. Tears burst forth and I held the trembling naked boy. Eric came over and put his arms around Sean, as well.

"Come on, little guy. Let's get you dressed and get out of here. We're going over to my place. You're safe now."

As Sean looked up at Eric and me, the pain in his eyes was heartbreaking. This was supposed to have been a fun party. Instead...

"They...they were gonna..."

Eric softly kissed the boy's forehead as he handed him his underwear.

"I know what they were going to do."

The senior on the floor slowly crawled up.

"We thought it was OK. I mean..."

"Shut up!" Eric barked as he helped Sean into his pants. The senior sat back and the one still sitting on the bed, his erection now completely gone, seemed to try to cover himself.

Jeff and Randy and Kelly appeared at the door. They stood in silence as Eric and I finished helping Sean dress. Then, standing in the hallway outside the door to the bedroom, the seven of us hugged until Eric whispered, "Come on. Let's get the hell out of here."

We did just that. As we walked out the front door, I heard the music start again from beneath us. I shook my head. After all that, how could they still party?

As we reached the street, I could feel a cool breeze and I shivered. Jeff did too. Eric led us across the street and toward Twenty-Eighth. I looked around. Crickets and frogs were chirping and singing. We could hear cars on Franklin Avenue and a siren in the distance. I looked around and then my heart stopped. Parked in front of the house next door to Chad's was The Red Cadillac Convertible, except that its white top was pulled over the passenger compartment. I saw the orange, pinpoint glow of a cigarette in the darkness of the car. I started to say something to Eric, but he was busy reassuring the others that everything would be OK once we got to his place. I felt I should keep quite, unless it looked like something else might happen.

As we walked quickly east on Twenty-Eighth Street toward Franklin Avenue, I saw lights turn onto the street at the corner. A car rushed past us and as it went by, I recognized the WPD on the side. It was the Police. Then, as we came to the corner of Twenty-Eighth and Franklin, two more police cars, one from the north and one from the south, turned onto Twenty-Eighth heading west. I looked at Eric and his eyes told me to say nothing.

It took very little time to walk the remaining two blocks to Eric's home after we crossed Franklin. It was a cute little two story, with a neat front yard guarded by a black wrought iron fence. The boys were still kind of staggering and weaving as we walked up. I tugged at Eric's shirt as he was about to reach for the handle of the screen door.

"Do we need to get everyone, you know, OK before we go in?"

Eric smiled. "Don't worry. Dad's cool. He understands."

The sound of a Mozart concerto greeted us as Eric opened the door. There was no foyer. The door opened directing into the living room. It was small, about the size of mine. There was a fireplace, unlit, guarded two big bookshelves full of books obviously not intended for decoration. Above an old, but expensive couch, hung three French Impressionist prints, one of which, with its pastel pinks and blues, I recognized as Monet's "The Houses of Parliament."

"Welcome, gentlemen!"

In the two easy chairs flanking the fireplace, I saw two men, one in his forties, a kind face, slightly chubby, with round glasses, wearing slacks, a nice white shirt, and a dark blue unbuttoned sweater vest. He was Eric's father, Dr. Penfield. The other man was in his late twenties or early thirties. He had perfectly combed black hair, a perfect face with a bright smile exposing perfect teeth. His sky blue sweater was perfect, his navy blue slacks were prefect, and his black loafers were perfect. They were both holding tiny glasses of sherry.

We all gathered at the door as Eric closed it.

"Hey, Dad. Hi, William."

Mr. Perfect gave a perfect smile.

"Hi, Eric!"

Dr. Penfield rose and, with a warm smile, said, "Eric, would you and your friends like the den for the night?"

Eric smiled and put his arm around me and Patrick.

"Yeah, that would be fine. Can I talk with you for a minute, Dad?"

As Eric and his father went into the kitchen to talk, Mr. Perfect stood up and guided us to the den. It was not a very large room. In fact, it was smaller than the living room and about the same size as a regular bedroom. On one side was a desk with lots of books on it. There were more bookshelves and on one wall was a stereo. A couch stood against another wall and windows opened up on a garden, the details of which I could only barely make out in the darkness outside.

"You guys relax and make yourselves comfortable," William said with a pretty smile as he turned and left. I saw Kelly and Randy both grinning and Patrick looked at me. Softly, he asked, "You don't think..."

"Yeah!" Randy answered with a giggle. "Him and Dr. Penfield are, you know!" And, with that, he gestured with his index finger sliding it in and out of his other index finger which was in a circle.

"Its he and Dr. Penfield," Eric commented from the doorway. Randy's face turned four shades of red and he looked down at the floor and Eric chuckled.

"And, yes, William is Dad's special friend. And, he knows about me and about all of us and he and I are going to set up some pallets here on the floor. We'll all sleep over here tonight. In the meantime, though, everyone has to call their parents and let them know where you are. You don't have to go into detail. Just let them know you here instead of over at Chad's. We'll be back in a minute."

"Wow!" Kelly whispered. "Dr. Penfield's gay! That is so cool."

"Yeah," Sean agreed. "I never knew a real gay man before. And, he's a teacher even!"

"Yeah," Randy added. "But, if he's gay, how come he has a son?"

I shrugged. "Maybe sometimes, gay guys like women, too."

"Ewww," said Randy with exaggeration. We all laughed.

"It makes sense, though," said Patrick. "I kinda like girls. I like guys more, but I could do it with a girl if I had to."

"Yeah," Kelly added. "I know what you mean. I kinda like to look at titties some times."

Sean giggled. "You ever think about suckin' titties?" he asked lasciviously.

"He sucks on mine," Randy answered.

"Yeah? Well, you suck mine, too!" Kelly responded.

"Yeah, and you love it."

The two started giggling again as Eric and his Dad entered the room carrying sheets and blankets. William followed with pillows.

"Well, what's so funny?" Dr. Penfield asked as he smiled warmly at us.

"We're talking about sucking titties," Sean piped up proudly. Dr. Penfield raised a shocked eyebrow.

"Gentleman! I'm shocked! You attend St. Stephen's!"

We all looked on in embarrassment.

"Gentlemen do not suck titties!" He paused, and then added, "They suck breasts."

We all cracked up at that, except for Jeff, who simply smiled and stood away from the rest of us.

Happily, we all helped set up the pallets and then Dr. Penfield suggested we take our shoes off and get comfortable. I was first at the phone and met no difficult questions from Lurch as I reported home. It was just before ten o'clock when Patrick made the last of the parental notifications and William walked in with two bowls of fresh hot popcorn.

"Gentlemen," Dr. Penfield declared as he stood in the doorway, "don't stay up too late and don't completely wreck the room!" He grinned and we all chuckled. He kissed Eric on the forehead and, as he turned away, he added, "Have fun!"

Eric closed the door. "OK, guys. Now lets have a GOOD party!"

"Alright!" Randy declared as he jumped up and ran over to the stereo. Patrick closed the curtains as Danny the Dawg was announcing "Double Lovin' by The Osmonds, which prompted a debate over who was cuter, with Kelly and Randy declaring their undying love for Christopher Knight, "Peter" on The Brady Bunch, while Sean announced that Donny Osmond was The Prettiest Boy in the World.

Everyone was dancing except for Jeff and me. He was sitting on the couch, watching the festivities with a sad look. I sat down beside him and put my arm around him. He leaned his head on my shoulder and clutched me.

"Jeffy, sweetie. What's the matter?" I asked as I kissed his forehead.

"Chad," he answered softly.

"Its OK. Its over."

"No it isn't. I'm so drunk and high and I wanted to get naked and get sexy with everyone in that party! Especially Chad! And, there you were, my Scott!" He started crying.

"Oh, Scott, I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I love you! I love you so much and I am so bad. Can you forgive me?"

I knew he was messed up and a lot of this was simply the Super Punch and the pot, but I also knew that underneath all that, he really was serious. Jeff had gotten carried away with the situation and now he was embarrassed and ashamed. I squeezed him as hard as I could.

"Jeffy. I love you. There's nothing to forgive you for. I understand. I really do."

Eric had seen us and came over. He sat down on the other side of Jeff and put his arms around the both of us.

"Look, Jeff. We all have to hide being gay and we never get to let our hair down and be who we really are. And, tonight was the first time any of us got to look at another guy in front of other people and not get beat up for it. We got a chance tonight to be free. Its Chad who should be ashamed for letting it get out of hand. You didn't do anything wrong."

"But, its not just that," said Jeff, the pain in his voice breaking my heart. "I tried to deny it to Scott the other day, but Chad was like really taking over and we were all letting him. Its like he wanted to be a dictator and we all wanted him to be one and then when he did start acting like a dictator, we all saw the truth."

Kelly and Randy had come over during this and sat down at our feet.

"Yeah," said Kelly. "Me and Randy thought Chad was the coolest guy in the world. When we would stay over with him, he'd let us smoke pot and then we'd have hot sex all night. It was great. But, he got pretty scary tonight. So did all his friends. This was weird."

Randy nodded. "Yeah. I thought Chad was like this hero guy. But, like those fights at school when The Freaks were fighting back and this deal at the party. It was like he was the Pied Piper."

"Yeah, Jeff. Its OK, little buddy," said Eric, as he leaned over and kissed Jeff's forehead. "We understand."

Jeff gave a sheepish grin.

"Well, if I'm Little Buddy, does that make you Skipper?"

We all laughed and then Patrick said, "I guess then Scott's The Professor."

Kelly jumped up and declared, "Well, then me and Randy get to be Ginger and Maryann!"

We all cracked up on that one and just as our laughter finally subsided, The Dawg came back on the radio.

"Aaallllllll riiiiiight, Westport! At ten thirty-five, it may be sixty-four degrees outside, but its HOT on the Mighty Eight-Ninety and to prove it, here's a Solid Gold Hit from 1969. Waoooooooooooooo! It's the Archies!"

Jeff and I both jumped up and screamed, "Sugar Sugar!" And as those first fun guitar licks started, we were all up and dancing in our bare feet. Jeff had the sweetest grin on his face and despite the Super Punch and whatever else, he was dancing up a storm and making me look like, well... a dork. Kelly and Randy were just as good, throwing their arms in the air and working those sexy butts. I couldn't help starting to get hard again as I watched. They were all so cute.

What really surprised me, though, was Eric and Patrick. I had never seen Eric dance before and he had always struck me as a kind of quiet intellectual, sort of a less dorky and more bookish version of me. But, there he was, with the neatest grin on his face, getting down! Patrick danced liked I did, but, I tried not to hold it against him. He was happy and I could see on his face the joy of a boy who didn't have to hide.

More songs came on and we continued to dance. Jeff would rub against me and give me his sweet smile and then spin away and swing his hips in the sexiest way I could imagine. Kelly and Randy seemed to adopt Sean as their partner and the three of them seemed to be in contest to see who should be on American Bandstand. Kelly would purse his lips in a kiss to Randy as he worked his hips around and then Sean would grab both their crotches, eliciting yelps of surprise as they continued to bop around the floor.

I was rigidly hard as The Friends of Distinction came on and sang "I can digidigidigidigidigi, you can digidigidigidig..." Jeff was giving me the nastiest look and stuck his tongue out in a way to made me want to drop right there in front of everyone and totally embarrass myself!

As the Eleven O'Clock News came on, Kelly whispered something in Randy's ear and his boyfriend's face suddenly brightened.


Kelly had a huge grin as he worked his way over to Eric, who had just collapsed on the couch with a beautifully grinning Patrick in his arms. He whispered in his ear with a huge grin on his own face. Eric pointed to the kitchen, but said with a stern look on his face, "In the first drawer. Outside! And, don't get carried away!"

In a flash, Kelly, Randy, and Sean, disappeared.

Suddenly, I realized what those little white things were that Kelly had picked up off the table as we left Chad's party. I looked at Eric, who rolled his eyes before turning to Patrick to wrestle with his new boyfriend's lips. Jeff was watching the three little queer boys disappear with a curious look. He glanced at me and I frowned as he wrapped his arms around me while a commercial for Clearasil came on the Mighty Eight-Ninety.

"I love you," he whispered to me as we stood in the middle of the den, gazing into each other's eyes. "You were so brave and cool, tonight. I want you to know that if there was ever part of me that thought Chad was a hero, that got killed when you stood up for us. Scott, you were so brave. YOU are my hero."

I gazed into those beautiful blue eyes and that amazing smile and was lost. Our lips came together and when I felt those wet, puffy lips touch mine, I thought I would shoot in my pants right there.

We finally broke our lip lock as the News ended and Danny put on another Solid Gold Hit, this one from The Monkees, "I'm Not Your Steppin; Stone." I dropped onto the couch next to Patrick. Jeff, however, remained standing in the middle of the floor. He looked out the window with a slightly wistful look on his face.

"You know, it really is kinda hot in here. I think I'll go outside for a little fresh air."

I knew why he was going outside, but I didn't want to say anything. I shrugged my shoulders and Jeff took that as permission . As fast as greased lightening, he was out the kitchen door.

I looked over at Eric and Patrick who were no longer locked in an intense game of tonsil hockey. The Mighty Eight-Ninety was playing Carol King's "I Feel the Earth Move," which would have been a great song to dance to, if there had been anyone in the room to dance to. Patrick looked at Eric, looked outside the window, and then looked back at Eric.

"You know it really is kinda hot in here."

Eric rolled his eyes and then waved his hand. Patrick was out the door before Eric was able to put his hand down in his lap.

I had had some Super Punch and despite the situation at Chad's, it had made me feel rather nice. I knew everyone else was outside on the patio and they were going to be feeling really good by the time they came back inside.

"So," I commented looking around the empty den, "I hear the Polecats lost to Eureka 62-7."

"Oh, get outa here!"

Before Eric had even finished shaking his head in disgust, I was looking for the back door. By the time I found it and the patio, I found four seventh and eighth graders and one ninth grader standing around the porch rather quietly.

"Oh, wow," said Jeff as he looked up at the moonless sky.

"Oh, Scott... you wanna..." Sean was only barely able to enunciate.

I didn't say anything , but I took hold of the joint and took a hit.

A few seconds later I handed it to Kelly and looked at Jeff.

"Oh, wow," I said. Jeff giggled and leaned against me.

As the remainder of the joint made the rounds, Kelly drew another out of pocket.

"Did you take all of Chad's joints?" I asked.

"Naw," Kelly replied. "Just the one's on the table!"

Sean and Randy started giggling. Jeff wrapped his arm around me.

"I wish the moon was out tonight," he said softly.

I looked down at his beautiful eyes and the most incredible smile that any adolescent boy had ever possessed in the entire history of mankind, and whispered, "After that night in your backyard, I will always see the moon in your eyes."

Jeff looked surprised by my comment and, then, leaned against me, lay his head on my shoulder, and sniffed.

Patrick handed me a new joint and I took a hit off it before giving it to Jeff. By the time Kelly was lighting another joint, Eric had joined us.

"Eric!" Kelly exclaimed.

"Shut up," Eric declared with a warning look. "If anyone says anything about this, I'll cut your nuts off and eat them for breakfast! Now, where's that joint?"

Randy handed him the new joint as Patrick dropped the old one into the ashtray on the table we were standing next to. Eric took a long hit, looked at me, rolled his eyes, and then grinned.

"Listen, guys. This is not gonna be a regular thing, OK?"

I was starting to feel really relaxed and my fear was gone.

"I just really was kinda curious. I mean, at the party, the other guys were like turning into crazy sex fiends, you know and, like, I was wondering, you know, if, like, it might, you know, do the same thing to me. You know?"

The others looked at me and then suddenly burst into hysterical giggles.

"Dude," said Randy. "You are wasted."

I grinned like an idiot, took another hit, and then gazed into the most beautiful face I had ever seen as Jeff took a puff.

"Guys, we can't do this anymore," Eric repeated.

"Yeah, yeah, we know," Kelly answered as he cuddled up to Randy.

I, however, was overwhelmed with gazing into Jeff's face. It was as if I were seeing clearly for the first time. His smooth skin, the faint, almost nonexistent down above his lip, the thin delicate eyebrows, even the two pimples on his chin, all of it came together to make the most perfect, the most angelic face I had ever seen. It was a moment before I realized I had stopped breathing and that we both were gazing at each other in utter amazement.

"I love you, Wim" I whispered, reverting back to my secret nickname for him. Jeff's eyes seemed to roll upward as his lids closed and he fell against me.

"Eek how fan you," he whispered in Dutch.

At that moment, nothing else in the world existed. Nothing else mattered. I was holding the most important person in the world and that was all I cared about.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up. Eric was standing beside me, a warm, understanding smile on his face.

"Let's go back inside."

Kelly and Randy were already in the den and cuddling as we entered. They were kissing passionately as Sean sat down beside them, watching with a smile as he squeezed himself through his pants.

The patio concrete had been chilly on our stocking feet and as Jeff and I claimed a pallet in the center of the room and sat down, I slowly removed his socks and softly caressed his feet, warming them up as best I could. Jeff would occasionally gasp as I ran my hands over a tender spot. I ran the tips of my fingers under the toes on his left foot and he cried softly.

Kelly and Randy had wrapped their arms around Sean and were busy kissing his cheeks as they removed his shirt. Then, they gently pushed him down on the pallet and, removing their own shirts, lay down on either side of the grinning, blond seventh grader.

Jeff was now laying down as my hands and fingers made love to his feet, his gasps and cries more beautiful than any music. I watched as Kelly and Randy began to kiss Sean, first on the lips and then on his throat. The boy cried out and wriggled beneath them as they made love to him. And, then I was stunned. Both boys reached up and began to rub and love Sean's nipples.

He almost screamed.


Jeff turned his head and seemed mesmerized by the sight. Sean was twisting around and bucking like crazy. Randy moved his cute red head down to Sean's chest and began to suck his left nipple. Sean did scream then.

"Shhhhhh," Eric whispered with a grin.

"Oh, oh, I, uh, I, ah, I can't help it. Oh, Gaaaaawwwww!"

Kelly's mouth had found Sean's other nipple and the boy had now lost all rational thought. Both Kelly and Randy were now working to open the boy's pants and free the rampant boner that was obvious to all.

Looking to my left, I saw Eric and Patrick standing beside the remaining pallet. Their arms were around each other and Patrick's head was leaning against Eric's shoulder, his dark curls falling across his face as Eric caressed his cheek.

I looked down at Jeff. He smiled and began to unbutton his shirt. I followed suit and then, with an incredible surge of excitement, stood up and unfastened my jeans. In one movement, I pushed both my jeans and my briefs downward and stepped out of them. I stood over Jeff, completely naked, my erection standing up stiffly in front of everyone. I felt the most incredible surge of lust and freedom as I saw Eric and Patrick looking at me. Sean, writhing beneath the onslaught of Kelly and Randy's mouths, was looking at me through half open eyes as he gasped and moaned.

When my eyes returned to my angel, he had unfastened his jeans and was just pushing them downward, revealing his own throbbing boner. When he kicked the pants away, he stretched out, his slim legs open, his slender arms outstretched, his long thin penis pointing stiffly upward from between his creamy thighs. His golden hair had fallen over his face and his lips were parted.

"Oh, my God!" Sean gasped. "Suck me! Oh, shit. Suck me!"

And, Randy was, indeed, doing just that. I could see him struggling to get out of his pants while his cute little strawberry blond head bobbed up and down over Sean's crotch. Kelly was wildly ripping off his own pants and then wrapped his arm around Sean. The two began to kiss as Randy moved in between the two, sucking first one stiffy, then the other.

By this time, Jeff was sitting up, his legs outstretched, his penis vertical and rigid. He held his arms open to me. I sat down and as Eric and Patrick slowly and loving undressed themselves to my left and the three hormones to my right writhed and kissed and sucked and moaned, Jeff and I sat front to front, our legs entwined, our rigid penises stiffly pushing against the other, our eyes gazing into each others.

"I love you, Scott. You're my hero."

I was about to kiss him, when I started giggling. He looked at me with confusion and then grinned.

"Mah heeeroooe!" he declared as he brought his sweet lips to mine. We continued to giggle as we kissed, his tongue pushing into my mouth, our breaths pushing into each other's lungs; and, then, our thoughts became as one. All we could do was love each other.

I wrapped my arms around Jeff and he his around me. I marveled at the feel of his tongue as it explored my mouth, as it slid against my own tongue. The texture of his tongue, the roughness, the way it curved and snaked and pushed, made me wild.

I could feel Jeff's rigid boner pressing against my own. It would pulse and surge and press against mine and force mine to do the same. I started squirming, as did he.

We pulled our faces away, panting and gazing in crazed love at each other. Jeff looked over at the hormonal trio to our right and then turned back to me.

"Titties," he whispered.

"Oh, yeah," I replied and almost as one, we both put our thumbs on each others nipples. Lightening! At the same time, our eyes grew wide and we both almost screamed. The feeling was incredible. We both rubbed and pulled and lost control. We writhed against each other, fucked our tongues into each other's mouths, and moaned wildly.

We were oblivious to the sounds of lust around us, so into what was happening with us. But, a cry from my right caught my attention as Sean was apparently cumming in Randy's mouth. Randy was madly beating off as he sucked. I watched as Sean's hips started bucking wildly upward, forcing his little boner deeper into the sucking redhead's mouth. Kelly was muffling Sean's cries by placing his mouth over Sean's as the younger boy twisted and turned beneath his friends.

I heard a muffled moan from the left. Eric and Patrick were under the covers of their pallet, Eric partially on top of the cute ninth-grader, holding his face as he kissed the boy. I could see Eric's hips working up and down on his lover and guessed they were desperately humping against each other. They seemed far more physically subdued than the rest of us, but no less passionate and loving.

My attention was abruptly brought back to my own love as Jeff moved his right hand my left tittie and wrapped around my straining, painful hard-on. I looked in his eyes and saw the lustful hunger as well as the love. I moved both hands down to his boner, wrapping my right hand around his erection, and rubbing and caressing his tight balls with my left. Jeff let out an animalistic groan as I gently squeezed is balls.

As we gazed at each other and continued to pump each other's rigid dicks, movement to my left caught my attention. Sean appeared to be passed out and Sean and Randy were going after each other now to his side. Kelly was laying down beside the apparently sleeping form of the precious Sean. I could see his rigid little cock sticking up stiffly. I couldn't tell if he hadn't grown any hair around his dick yet or if it was just too blond to be visible in the dark. But, Randy was starting to catch my attention. He had climbed over Sean and Kelly and was upside down compared to Kelly. His crotch was in Kelly's face and Kelly's was in his. And, then, I realized what he was doing!

Of course! What a totally brilliant and sexy idea! Randy sat up with Kelly's head between his legs. I could see his little cock, almost as long as Jeff's, but just a bit fatter, standing up stiffly and bobbing above Kelly's face. There was a little patch of red hair at the base, which caught my eye. When I looked up, however, Randy was looking me right in the eye with a nasty grin, which I returned. He then, leaned down and, as his own boner lay against Kelly's face, he began to lick Kelly's dick. Kelly cried out and thrust his hips upward as he started his own licking of Randy's fat little boner.

I looked at Jeff, who had also been watching. I raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, yeah!" he moaned.

"Lay down," I breathed. It almost sounded like a command, but Jeff responded with another, more emphatic, "Oh, yeah!"

When he was flat on the pallet, I crawled around to his head and placed my knees on either side of his sweet face. With my steel-hard penis standing up rigidly over his forehead, I gazed down at The Most Beautiful Face in the World. His eyes were looking up at me with the most incredible love and devotion. At that moment, all I wanted was to make my Jeff feel my love, feel the power of my devotion to him, feel the best he could possibly feel.

I leaned down over him, my rigid hard-on bobbing over his face as I slid down his smooth, slim body. I could feel his hot breath on my boner and my tummy as my face approached his bobbing erection.

It was so beautiful, its long slender shaft so hard so white and clean, the red line of his circumcision perfect in its circumference around the penis, the tuft of silky white-blond hair at the base so inviting. I stuck my tongue out and touched the very tip of his penis. There was a sticky moisture around the sweet little slit. I groaned hungrily as I licked it, hearing intense sounds of love and lust coming from Kelly and Randy as they, too, shared their devotion. My tongue licked all around the firm head of Jeff's dick, causing it to jump wildly against my mouth and eliciting cute groans from my boyfriend, groans made precious by his voice cracking and jumping an octave.

Then, it was my turn to demonstrate my voice was changing. I felt Jeff's hot wet tongue on the sensitive underside of my erection and I thought I would die. He began to lick my boner hungrily, running his tongue wildly up and down my rigid shaft. I did the same to him and his hips started thrusting upward, driving his dick against my face and harder against my tongue.

We continued to lick each other for several more minutes, or it could have been seconds. My perception of time was so altered by the pot and my insane love and lust for Jeff that I could judge nothing. All I knew was that I was experiencing Nirvana and wanted Jeff to as well.

As I licked his penis, his tight barely wrinkled ball sac was just millimeters from my eyes. I could see his cute balls churning tightly against the base of his dick. I could see a couple of almost invisible little hairs emerging. I could not help myself. I moved forward and ran my tongue lovingly over his balls. Jeff cried and squeaked again just as Kelly's and Randy's own moans became suddenly more intense and desperate. I wanted to watch, but I could not divert my attention from my own task. They seemed to compete to see who could moan the loudest and the most plaintively. And, then they suddenly began to quiet down.

But, as Kelly's and Randy's groans declined, Jeff's and mine grew. Jeff was following my lead and now licking my balls. I couldn't believe it. I was out of my mind. I licked all around his balls, all along the area between his balls and his thighs, causing him the thrust upward again, and all over the soft sensitive area between his balls and his butt. That seemed to almost send him over the edge. I stopped because I didn't want his to cum yet. I want to save that. But, when he did it to me, I lost all sense of reality and control. The feeling of his hot wet tongue licking all between my balls and my butt was the wildest feeling ever. I ground my hips downward into his face.

My tongue was wild, licking from the tuft of blond hair above his dick, all around the base and along where his thighs met his penis and balls, back to his balls, and finally, all along the shaft.

Jeff was sucking my right ball. I couldn't stand it anymore. It was enveloped in the most incredible moist heat, his tongue sliding and slipping and loving my ball. I reached back with my right hand and wrapped it around my rigid dick. I had to cum. I couldn't wait. And, as I wildly pumped my boner and as Jeff desperately sucked my right ball, running his hands all over my thighs and butt, I pulled back and plunged down on his cock. His penis turned to granite in my mouth and as I realized we were both screaming, I lost touch with reality. My love was pumping his bitter sweat Jeff cream into my mouth as I felt the world end. Pumping, thrusting, sucking, writhing, twisting, crying, moaning, shooting, swallowing, breathing, loving, praying, collapsing. I fell on top of Jeff as his penis slipped from my mouth. I felt my ejaculate on his chest and tummy between us. I felt his warm gasps for air on my thighs, his hands still holding me around the waist.

"Oh, God, Jeff, oh my God!"

"Scott. Scott. Oh, God, I love you! I love you!"

I rolled to the side and lay my head on his thigh, intending to catch my breath before reversing myself and wrapping my arms around my sweet boy before going to sleep. His thigh was so soft and his penis so beautiful, still rigid in my face, his soft blond pubic hair moist from saliva and cum.

The last thing I remember was the sight of Jeff's cock bobbing in my face to the beat of his heart as I heard soft cries of passion from Eric and Patrick.

Nothing could be more wonderful.

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