The Moon in Your Eyes

By FreeThinker

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The Moon in Your Eyes

Chapter 14

When I opened my eyes Sunday morning, the first sight to greet me was of Jeff's penis hanging limply just inches from my face. I had slept hours with my head resting on his thigh. It was a pretty nice way to awaken.

The sky outside was just starting to brighten as my eyes roamed up and down. I heard Jeff snort in his sleep, (it was so, OK, cute), and as he did, I felt a puff of warm air on my own penis which, itself, was hanging limply just inches from his face. All it took was that one little puff of warm air, (and the sight of the most beautiful boy penis in the world hanging just inches from my own face), to ignite my libido once again. I felt a surge deep within and my dick start to swell. In seconds, I was rigidly hard and my penis was standing up rigidly in Jeff's sleeping face.

Fascinated, I watched as his penis moved about. I never realized that one's penis moved about during sleep. His balls, even though he wasn't hard and horny, were still moving about in their sac, though not held as tightly as when we had been loving each other before. But, it was his penis that fascinated me. It would swell just slightly and move to the side and then shrink again and fall back against his tummy.

An idea occurred to me as I watched. Slowly, so as not to awaken him, I opened my mouth and breathed on his dick. It had the same magical effect on him his breath had on me. Almost immediately, the tip of his creamy white penis jumped. It began to lengthen as it hung downward from the silky hair at the base. I watched as the base began to swell as did the red cone-shaped head. Slowly, it grew longer and thicker, the head pushing downward toward his hip. Then it started moving upward toward his tummy and outward toward me. Slowly, inexorably, pulsingly, it grew longer, thicker, harder, until it reached it's full long, throbbing hardness. And, as his penis grew into a full and complete erection, his sweet balls tightened in their sac, as well. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful it was.

I don't know how long I stared at the amazing sight, watching his balls churn and his stiff penis bob with his heartbeat, but, eventually, I heard sounds from somewhere within the house indicating someone had awakened. It was Sunday morning and there were three services at St. Steve's at which Dr. Penfield would be playing the organ. The earliest service was at 8:00. Afraid of being seen in an embarrassing state, I reluctantly crawled upward and pulled the sheet over our naked bodied. Jeff awoke only enough to smile sleepily at me and then to turn around so we could spoon together. I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed his warm body next to mine. He moaned and went back to sleep.

The noises from upstairs continued, but I drifted into that in between state, neither asleep nor awake. But, when I heard the back door open in the kitchen, I felt Jeff stir in my arms. I kissed his neck and he moaned.

Through the window, I could see Dr. Penfield strolling across the patio in a white dress shirt and sipping a cup of coffee. He paused by the picnic table and looked down.

Suddenly, my heart froze. He was looking at something and then picked it up. I knew exactly what he was looking at.

Quickly, I rolled to my right.

"Eric!" I whispered urgently as I shook his shoulder. "Wake up! Eric!"

He rolled over and fought the sleep away.

"Wha.. What is it?"

"You're Dad!"

"So? He doesn't care."

I looked out the window and could see Dr. Penfield walking with purpose toward the backdoor. Eric started to roll back over, but I persisted.

"The joints! He saw the joints in the ashtray!"

That got his attention.

"Oh, no! I forgot!"

He was sitting straight up with a look of horror on his face. Jeff was awake by now and whispered, "Scott! What are we gonna do?"

However, before I could answer, we heard a gentle knock on the door.


It was Dr. Penfield's soft voice.

"Eric, my I come in?"

Eric closed his eyes in resignation and took a deep breath.

"Yeah, Dad," he replied. "Come on in."

Kelly, Randy, and Sean were awake by now and pulling the sheet up to cover themselves as Dr. Penfield opened the door and stepped in. He closed it behind him and sat in a chair at the far end of the room. He was holding the ashtray.

"I can see from the look on your face, Eric, that you know what I have here."

Eric looked down at the floor, as did Jeff and I.

"Yes, sir," he replied softly.

I heard his father sigh. Eric looked up.

"Its my fault, Dad. I'm sorry."

"Oh, Eric. You know I try to be open-minded and tolerant. I knew you and your friends were probably going to be a little... frisky and I understand these things. But, you know how I feel about drugs. I have never had a reason not to trust you Eric and..."

"Dr. Penfield?"

We all turned to Kelly, who was sitting cross-legged with a pillow over his lap. His blond hair was disheveled and there were tears forming in his eyes.

"Yes, Kelly?"

The boy swallowed.

"Its not Eric's fault. He didn't want us to do it, but he said if we had to, we should go outside."

Dr. Penfield paused and then softly asked, "Did you bring the pot here, Kelly?"

"Yes, sir. I picked the joints up off the table at Chad's party as we were leaving."


"Well, we had been having so much fun and we felt so good and..." He started crying. Randy wrapped his arms around him.

"Are we gonna get expelled," he asked fearfully.

Dr. Penfield smiled sadly.

"No, Randy. You're not going to be expelled. There's no reason for the Headmaster or anyone else to know about this. I would have banned all of you boys from this house, but under the circumstances, I think I understand how and why this happened. I don't think that you boys are drug abusers and I am certain this is an isolated incident."

We all vigorously shook our heads in the affirmative, prompting a chuckle from Dr. Penfield. However, he then turned to Eric and my heart sank.

"I do wish, son, that you have shown better judgment. You were the oldest here. It was your home. It was your responsibility."

Eric lowered his head in shame. I could see that his father's disappointment was a crushing blow to him and that he worshiped his father.

"I will say, however, that I am very proud of how you took responsibility and rescued your friends from that potentially dangerous situation at Chad's. That took courage and because of that, I think, I can overlook a single lapse in judgment."

The collective sigh of relief was met by Dr. Penfield with an amused smile.

"However... don't violate my trust again, any of you. If you are to remain Eric's friends and welcome in our home, you must not violate that trust again. And, Eric, I trust that you will exercise better judgment in the future?"

"Yes sir," Eric answered solemnly.

"Good. Now everyone get dressed. We need to get you boys home so you can change for church."

After Dr. Penfield left the room, we were all falling over ourselves to apologize to Eric. He had saved us from the certain abuse at Chad's party and we had repaid that kindness and courage with irresponsibility. He hugged us all and said that he bore just as must responsibility. We were now seven inseparable friends.

Later that morning, as I climbed into the Robinson's Ford station wagon in front of my house, I found the atmosphere chilly. Mr. Robinson seemed rather ill, while Mrs. Robinson seemed ill at ease. Only Jeff seemed his usual self. I assumed that life in the Robinson house had progressed Saturday night and Sunday morning as it usually did.

Church, however, was a different matter. As we walked up the sidewalk toward the front, I saw one of the upper school boys from the party entering with his parents. His eyes caught mine and he gave me a vicious, murderous look, a bit of an over-reaction, I thought. I was the last to enter our pew and as I genuflected, I looked around and saw another boy from the party in the pew directly across from us. He started when he saw me and then, with the same murderous look, mouthed the words, "You're dead."

I couldn't understand why in the world these two guys would be so upset. OK, we left and deprived them of the chance to rape us. Had they no shame? Were they really that shallow and upset.

The truth however, was revealed later, as I followed Jeff up to the railing for communion. The second upper school boy fell into line behind me and in a soft voice, said,

"You're dead, Forrester."

Terrified of anyone hearing, I whispered, "Why?"

"You know why, you fucking narc!"

Nervously, I looked around to make sure no one could hear us over Dr. Penfield's organ.

"What are you talking about?"

"Because you called the cops, asshole."

My heart stopped. Jeff turned around and it was clear, from the look of fear on his face, that he had heard.

"Those police cars that passed us on Twenty-eighth last night!" I whispered to him. Jeff raised his hand to his mouth.

"Don't pretend you don't know. We heard Eric on the phone in the kitchen."

"He was calling his Dad!" I protested, a bit too loudly. "He was letting him know we were all going over there!"

"Don't lie, you little shit. Chad's in jail. Him and Kevin both got busted and the rest of us had to get picked up by our parents. You guys fucked up big time. You're dead."

Jeff and I both tried to deny it, but one of the ushers tapped me on the shoulder and gave an admonishing look. We both turned around, but I was not in the proper frame of find to receive the sacrament. I turned and went back to the pew and knelt.

I was trembling with fear and rage. The police had busted the party and Chad and Kevin had been arrested. Everyone blamed us for it. Everything was going to go to hell. And, then I realized that if Eric and I had not gotten us out of there when we did, we would have been busted, as well.

I was sick with worry when Jeff and his parents returned. Mr. and Mrs. Robinson looked at me strangely, but Jeff was definitely scared out of wits, though he was bravely trying to hide it.

Social hour after the service was a hellish torture for both of us. While the Robinsons were busy schmoozing, Jeff and I went to a corner with Kelly and Randy. Once I had explained what had happened, Kelly started crying for Chad.

"Sure, he's a jerk, but he didn't deserve to get arrested! What are we gonna do?"

Jeff was clutching his hands nervously.

"He'll be OK. His parents are rich. They'll get him off. What I'm worried about is that everyone thinks we called the police. Everyone's gonna think we're narcs!"

I looked across the room and saw Jack Spenser with his parents chatting with some other people. Spenser looked directly at me and gave a nasty grin and a salute. He knew!

"Look," I said, pointing out the jerk to the others. "He knows! How did he find out? He wasn't at the party."

"Look at him laughing at us," Randy said bitterly. "Man, we're gonna be dead, tomorrow. The Freaks hate us. The Bullies hate us. We're gonna be dead."

Suddenly, as I watched Spenser gloating, things started to fall into place. I turned to the others just as Eric joined us.

"Eric," I asked excitedly. "Who drives that red Cadillac convertible we always see around school?"

"Chip Livingston. He's a senior."

"Does he know Baldwin or Spenser?"

Eric shrugged.

"Well, yeah. He lives next to the Baldwin's in that big stone mansion on Somerset. He and Baldwin's older brother used to deal together last year at school."

Suddenly, Eric looked at me.


"Does Spenser know him?"

"Yeah, his brother was in on the dealing."

I took a deep breath.

"I know what happened."

But, before I could say anything, Father Parker approached us.

"Boys," he said kindly as he put his hands on my and Eric's shoulders. "You look agitated. Is anything wrong?"

Jeff, Kelly, and Randy all seemed about to wet their pants. They looked to Eric and me.

"Father, we need to talk," I said.

Jeff's parents were approaching. I looked at Jeff and said, "I'll talk to Father. You go with your parents. Everything's going to be OK."

Jeff bit his lip, but as I looked him firmly in the eye, he nodded. Kelly and Randy went off in search of their parents, as well, leaving Eric and me. Father whispered something to Mrs. Gordon, who took over the social duties, and we retreated to his office.

"Have a seat gentlemen and tell me what's on your mind. Is it about the fight Friday afternoon?"

Eric looked at me and started to speak, but I took to initiative.

"No, Father, but what I have to say might have something to do with it."

I swallowed and Father rested his elbows on the table and put his fingers together as he contemplated what I had to say.

"Father, Chad had a party last night and invited a bunch of The Freaks to come. Well, things got out of hand and people started smoking pot."

I stopped to judge his reaction. So far, he was just sitting impassively. He didn't seem surprised, though I had no intention of mentioning the fact that everyone there was gay.

"Anyway, I over heard some guys talking and they said that Mike Baldwin had sold the pot to Craig. Well, I told Eric and he and I got Jeff and Kelly and Randy and Sean and Patrick Monahan and we all left. Well, we went over to Eric's and as we were going there, a bunch of police cars went by. Well, this morning, one of the guys at the party told me that the police busted the party and that Chad and Kevin got arrested and that everyone thinks that we called the police when we didn't. PLUS, when we were leaving, I saw this big red Cadillac convertible parked next door to Chad's house."

At this, Father's eyebrows moved upward just a bit.

"Eric says that its owned by Chip Livingston, who used to sell drugs with Mike Baldwin's brother. I think that Baldwin set Chad up. He sold him the pot and then called the police and knew the police wouldn't touch him because of who he is. But, now the Freaks hate us and the bullies hate us and Chad's in jail and Baldwin and Spenser and the others win."

Father sat quietly for a few minutes thinking and, then stood up. As he paced to and fro between the desk and the window, I could see the concentration on his face. Finally, he stopped and turned to us.

"There are some problems with your theory. The Baldwin's may have the police in their pocket, but its too dangerous to sell drugs to someone and then get them arrested. I suspect that Chad and Kevin have already been released and that all that will happen is that Chad gets expelled."

"But, Father..."

"I know. Its not fair, but I need to have a talk with some people. Don't worry. And, if you have any problems tomorrow, you both let me know. OK?"

Eric and I nodded and then Father went to the door. He gave both of us reassuring hugs and then closed the door.

Eric and his Dad gave me a ride home. My heart stopped when I saw my grandparents' Lincoln in front of the house. I had forgotten that I was supposed to have dinner with them after church. When I entered the front door, they were sitting uncomfortably on the couch as mother sat uncomfortably in her chair and Lurch sprawled unconcerned in his recliner.

I explained my tardiness and spent ten minutes dodging questions about what I could possibly want to discuss with the rector and why and was there something wrong in my life and why couldn't I just relax and be happy and why couldn't I just be like other boys. By the time the inquisition was over, we were walking across the yard to the car. I saw Jeff standing in his yard. I desperately wanted to run over let him how the conversation with Father Parker had gone, but I didn't want to further irritate my grandparents. I waved and shrugged my shoulders helplessly.

That evening, when I returned home, Mother refused to let me go over to Jeff's, instead sending me up to my room to do my homework, which I had neglected all weekend. I knew from the barely rational look of her eyes that I could make no objection.

It was dark outside as I completed my history assignment. I looked out the window and my heart leapt; Jeff was walking across the yard to the front door. In a minute, I heard him ascending the stairs to my attic.

It seemed as if we hugged forever. I guided him to my bed and we lay down and held each other. Softly, I explained what had transpired in Father Parker's office. Jeff was tense, but he seemed to relax as I spoke.

"So, you see? It's going to be alright. Father Parker will take care of everything. We don't have anything to worry about," I said as I stroked his soft golden hair. Jeff looked up at me with doubt in his sweet eyes.

"No. Its not going to be alright. Everyone is going to think we called the police and there's no way we can convince them that Baldwin or Spenser did it. Randy's right. Everyone is going to hate us- the Freaks and the Bullies. We're dead."

I sighed and kissed my love on his lips.

"Well, whatever happens, Jeff, we have each other and I love you. I will do everything I can to protect you. And Eric and Patrick and Randy and Kelly and Sean are our friends, too. We will all look out for each other. It'll work out."

Jeff sighed and snuggled closer to me. Unfortunately, the voice of The Brat burst forth from the utility room below.

"Scotty! You're boyfriend has to go home now. Mommy said so. NOW!"

Slowly, we climbed off the bed. I hugged Jeff tightly and kissed him.

"I love you, Jeff. It will be OK. I'll see you in the morning."

The was the start of a tear in one eye, but Jeff smiled at me.

"I love you, Scott."

We were both fairly quiet Monday morning as we walked the bus stop. I tried to be cheerful, but it was no use. We were both nervous. The bus ride seemed, paradoxically, to last forever and to be over instantly and as we walked up Thirtieth Street, I almost felt as if I were on my way to the executioner.

Everything had gone without incident until we passed the flagpole in front of the school. One of the older guys from the party was sitting on the bench talking to a couple of other guys and as we passed, he spat, "Narcs"
at us.

I was about to stop and try to rationally explain what had happened when I heard Mike Baldwin's oily voice from behind.

"Hey! Its Pretty Boy and the Plebe! Did you fags have fun at that gay orgy at faggot Fielding's Saturday night?"

I looked at Baldwin and felt such fury as I had never known. He saw my rage and it seemed to encourage him.

"How many of you were naked when the police got there? I heard it was pretty disgusting, everyone fucking and sucking each other. You shouldn't smoke pot, Plebe."

"You bastard!" I yelled. "You sold him the pot!"

"Fuck you!" he replied. "I didn't sell him shit."

"You did! I heard some guys talking. You sold him the pot, then you called the police. I saw you sitting outside the house when we left. You set him up!"

I ripped off my blazer and threw it aside and before I knew it, all the outrage and anger in my heart burst forth and I was pummeling Mike Baldwin about the head and shoulders. He fought back and suddenly we found ourselves on the ground, struggling, punching, spitting, and cursing. I was barely aware of the shouts around us. All I knew was that I was in the fight of my life with Mike Baldwin.

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