More Than Love?

Part 1 - Matt Meets Max (Online)

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Here are the characters; Matt was 15, he came from Yorkshire and had a `strawberry-blonde' coloured hair, it wasn't a bright, fiery ginger but it was dulling out with a blonde tint. He was 5'8 and rather slim, apart from his pubic region and his armpits he was almost hairless. He wasn't a muscular, but if the light was at the right angle then it looked like he had a nice stomach. His cock was a rough 6 and a half inches when hard, going straight up and rock hard but his foreskin was tight as a drum.

Max was 5'5, he'd just turned sweet 16 and had the sexiest body you'll ever see with one of the most perfect cock's you'll ever see. He had long blonde hair, like the Prince Charming in your dreams. Perfection.

Matt was 15, he wasn't particularly enjoying life. School was getting him down, all the pressure and coursework was driving him insane. His home wasn't exactly Buckingham Palace, it was so dirty and grim it depressed him. Life wasn't exactly great for him. He spent much of his spare time on the Internet, mostly just chatting or playing games.

He knew he was gay but he wasn't out, no-one he knew could be trusted, life would simply get worse. But online, nobody really knows you, they're not locally based so you can tell them your deepest, darkest, most embarrassing secrets and they can't tell any people you know (in theory anyway). But once in a while you can find some special people online. Someone who is more than just someone to `c2c' with or `cyber'. Love.

It was an unusually warm October night, the clock was passing 10pm and Matt was bored, he logged onto WinMX and opened one of his favourite chat rooms, a Boylove room. He wasn't really into the older type but he always went in hope of finding a teenager of his type in Yorkshire. To this day he hasn't found one. But location is not everything.

He did his usual thing, asked around for Yorkshire lads and attracted nothing but people wanting to `c2c' or old people, both repel him. One person answered his cry, Max his name was. He wasn't from Yorkshire but Matt was so desperate he'd talk to anyone his age. It turns out Max had just turned 16 and was into a lot of the same things as Matt. They got chatting and eventually the word "webcam" came up, Mat jumped at the chance to see someone on webcam, even if Max wasn't doing anything sexual. For the first few hours it was nothing particularly exciting, Matt and Max both played pointless games on the Internet and chatted about random things, debating about orange juice and orange squash and which was better; original Polo's or spearmint Polo's. Random things really...

It got to around 2am; Matt was tired of talking and growing hornier by the minute, shows how much of a teenager he was... Max had taken his shirt off earlier due to being hot and this pushed Matt over the edge:

"Can I see Max Jr?" Matt typed, blushing and holding his head in his hands. He was starting to like Max and he'd probably blown any chance at anything by moving miles too fast. Max smiled.

"BRB" Max went out of shot; Matt was left pondering what he was doing. Moments later Max returned and said: "So you want to see Max Jr?"

"Yeah" was Matt's reply, followed by an embarrassed emoticon.

The webcam panned down slowly, Matt's heart was racing. All of a sudden a small teddy bear appeared on screen.

"There's Max Jr!" joked Max, Matt was in hysterics, he was really starting to like Max, they were so much alike. "So you want to see my cock?"

Matt's jaw dropped, "erm... yeah..."

The next few minutes changed Matt's life for good. Maybe Max's too. This was the beginning of one incredible relationship for Matt.

Max slowly pulled down his trousers and boxers, he began slowly stroking his perfectly formed 6" cock, using his left hand to caress his balls and rim over his tight, virgin hole. He gradually increased the speed of his actions; Matt was watching in awe, copying Max's every move until they came to an almost simultaneous climax, Max shot over his chest, not the largest amount, him being a "cam-whore" and having done it 3 times that day already. Matt shot all over his chest, the second spurt dribbling down his 6 and a half inch cock, over his fiery pubic hair and down onto the chair. He sat back and breathed heavily.

"Wow!" Matt was gob smacked and exhausted. He was in ecstasy, he was falling in love. It was passing 4am and Matt was growing tired, before going the boys exchanged phone numbers and said their goodbyes.

"FUCK!!!!!" shouted Matt, his computer had broken again, the same symptoms as last time, just two weeks previous his computer's motherboard had broken and the computer failed to work. He got out his mobile and called his dad, nothing but anger was in that phone call, depression had set into him again. Just a few months ago he was considering suicide but came to his senses. This time his deterrent was Max. He was falling head over heels in love, it was like something out of a fairy tale, but not one you'd read to children at night. Later that night he spent hours on the phone to Max, talking about random things, the Polo conversation arose again amongst other things. 3am came around and Matt was running low on free minutes on his phone;

"I'd better go"

"Okay... I love you you know" Matt's jaw dropped, he almost let go of his phone he was so shocked, he'd never heard those words before, never directed at him apart from when his mum calls.

"I love you too" his voice gradually went higher pitched, trailing off into a slight giggle. He didn't want to hang up, he wanted to cherish this moment forever. It was bliss!

They hung up.

End of chapter one. There's much more to come, webcams, romance, sex and love.

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