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Morning Shifts

Man, summer vacation. So many things to do outside and so many reruns on TV. Sigh...I'd rather watch TV. If there were a contest for laziness, I would be the winner. I never liked sports for one thing. All the sweating and pain; nope, don't want my life to go through that. Of course, I would play, only if you really don't have to run that much and NO KEEPING SCORE. No offence to people who have an obesity problem, but if you think I am one of those fat boys walking the street and eating whatever's edible, well think wrong. I am not overweight in fact I'm only 125 pounds and 5'8. Not bad for a 15 year old guy whose life depends on the black magic box. But of course, that's not what I always do. I also work. Yep, in this small cafe. Not a pleasant job but the money's good.

I totally forgot to introduce myself. I'm Josh. I'm 15 years old, short brown hair with gray eyes. Actually they are really pale blue, but since they're so pale and dull, they look gray. Girls always think that my eyes are, quote, 'To die for'. They're just eyes girls. But....gray? Sigh... they're one of a kind I guess. I haven't seen anyone else in my school that has gray eyes. I'm reasonably cute. Not hottie cute, but just old simple cute. Nothing more nothing less. I've gone out with quite a few girls, but none really my type. I only went out with them to protect my secret 'identity'. I like boys all right, as much as I like girls. But right now, I'm kinda hanging in the pure gay section lacking any interest on girls. Took me awhile, but I finally accepted that I'm one of the outcasts. I haven't told anyone this secret of mine yet. Hell, if I decide to tell anyone, they freak out 'cause I never acted gay before.

I had to leave for work soon, but I still had 30 minutes to kill without falling back to sleep. I tried flipping through the channels to find something to watch on TV. What a waste, nothing was on. There wasn't any reason to leave now, it's not even sunrise! Besides, no one would even show up for hours. Hell, even if my shift started at noon, I wouldn't go there early. None of my friends work there and the only people that do work there are bunch of snobby assholes. They would force me to do their own work if I came early. Damn bastards! Of course, when my boss found out last month who was working and who was just slacking off, he doubled up my salary. Heheh, they really got pissed off and half of 'em quit.

When the alarm went off at five o'clock, I turned off the TV and quietly tip toed out of the house without waking my mom or dad. Going there was frustrating, my eyes kept on shutting off from sleepiness and there wasn't any sunlight or any lights at all to show me the way as I rode my bike. I felt so sleepy as I unlocked and entered the empty cafe. I knew the boss wouldn't be coming until around noon. As usual, I put down the tables and chairs, warmed up all the bagels and coffee, and set up the doughnuts, yada-yada-yada. Everything was set up and ready for business. It didn't take long for the customers to arrive. Soon, half of the empty seats were filled with gloomy people drinking their caffeinated, sugarless coffee. Yuck! I could tell that most of the customers had good jobs at big companies since all of them were wearing business suits. Man, was I ever bored. I wished I just had someone to work with me that I could talk to. Since half of the workers left, I was put in charge to make sure we would open up on time. What made work ven more boring was that no cute guys ever stepped in here. This place was really meant for older people I guess.

I didn't know it yet, but today was definitely going to be different! As I worked my butt off waiting for the end of my shift in thirty minutes, a cute guy came in the door. You know cute like, when you let out a deep long breath, you'd actually feel that you're in heaven. I started pretending I was cleaning the counter, trying not to stare. I looked up to discover he was looking right at me! He gave a wicked smile at me and my heart melted instantly. Then he walked up to the counter. It took a few seconds before I finally came back to reality.

"H-hi! Can I help you?" I asked trying not to sound too nervous.

"Yeah, actually, I saw that small 'help wanted' sign on your door and I was hoping I could possibly get a job here?" he said as he leaned on the counter.

"Well, uh.... my boss is coming in thirty minutes. Can you wait that long?" I asked him, trying not to hyperventilate. I can't believe he wants to work in this crappy place!

He smiled, "Yeah sure! Then if you don't mind, can I buy a coffee? Decaf with a lot of sugar, and a pink swirl doughnut please?" I quickly gave it to him. He paid for the bill and sat down at one of the tables nearest to me. I noticed I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I mean, he looked like he was a bit older than me, like maybe a year or two, but he was so damn gorgeous. He had blue eyes and blond hair, which was combed back and shaved on the sides. Sigh...everything about his looks seemed perfect. I tried to shield my eyes with the newspaper but then, it's like I could actually see through the paper and see him eating the pink doughnut slowly.

"Doughnuts good! Who made it?" he asked. I got so nervous. I didn't know if he was talking to me. I dropped the newspaper on the counter.

"Are you talking to me?" I asked.

"Who else?" I started blushing uncontrollably.

"The company I guess, it doesn't matter really as long as it's good, right?"

"Yeah!" He stood up and ordered another one. Instead of going back to his table, he ate on the counter, right there in front of me.

"So, is this job boring?"

"Well, kinda, I don't have anyone to talk to."

"Don't worry, if I ever get the job we'll be talking like friends!"

"I wish!" we both giggled.

"I haven't properly introduced myself, my name's John! Yours?" he gave a sweet grin and offered his hand waiting for a handshake. With no resistance in my head, I took his hand, shaking it. It made my heart skip a beat as he shook it slowly. I finally had the guts to introduce myself too. "Hey, cool! We have the same first initials, I'm Josh!" Just as his mouth opened ready for another conversation, my boss came in the cafe and looked at me oddly. I wasn't allowed to talk to any customers and here I was shaking someone's hand. I immediately let go of John's hand as my boss went by, straight to his office in the back of the store.

"Oh, my boss is here! I'll go see if he ain't busy! I'll be back!" I went to the back and found my boss sitting at his desk doing his usual paperwork. I told him about John wanting to get a job here. Then, he asked me to get John and have him come back to talk with him. I went back up behind the counter and saw John sitting down sipping his coffee. He looked up at me and gave another smile.

"Ummm... John, he wants to interview you right now."

"N-now?? Don't I need a resume or something?"

"I don't think you need one. Quick, before he changes his mind," I said to him. He stood up quickly and checked his face for any crumbs, combed his hair back with his fingers then fixed his shirt to look natural. He walked past me nervously. As he walked past me I noticed that he was only an inch or two taller than I was. He also wasn't one of those beefy men, but he did have muscles stuffed nicely in his arms.

"Wish me luck!" he said to me smiling, as he slipped inside the door. I thought he was going to be in there forever. It was already the end of my shift and the next worker had already come in to take my place. I was about to leave when I saw John coming out the room. He said to me, "Hey wait up!" I turned around and saw him running to catch up with me. I held the door for him as we went outside to leave. "Oh hey John. I thought you'd never leave that place. How did it go?" I asked him.

"Wait 'till you hear this! I got the job! It took awhile 'cause he had to call my mom at my house and checked my school to see if I actually told the truth about my grades and stuff. Oh, and I'm working tomorrow early morning!"

"Hey cool! Then, you're gonna have the same shift as me!" I said to him excitedly.

"Yeah I know! Guess you won't have to be lonely tomorrow then?" he said even more excited. He smiled at me and I gave my sweetest smile back. "Yeah, then I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning then?"

"Yeah, I'll see ya, don't be late, you have to teach me all this crap!" He waved at me as I drove my bike home. I felt so happy...but scared That I met him. I've only known him for what, thirty minutes? But it feels like I've known him for years, I didn't want to wreck things up. I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to be one of his closest friends, or even his best friend. I wanted him to know I liked him. Of course, I wouldn't tell him until the time was right, but if he knew, everything might start to fall apart. He'll make my life a living torture, he'll tell every person he knows. God knows what he'll do to me. But of course, there's a good chance that he'll accept me for who I am. But how many people in this world could accept me like I'm nothing to be scared of?

The rest of the day was a complete blank for me. I sat down on my couch and tried to watch TV, but my mind kept wondering off. I couldn't get the vision of John's smile out of my head. No one had ever had this effect on me before. I couldn't concentrate on anything other than John's image. It was like the world stood still the moment he smiled at me.

Dinner with my parents was a disaster. I was still under John's spell and after several attempts to involve me in conversation, my parents decided instead to make fun of me. My mom kept saying that the music I listen to had finally turned my brain into jello and my father actually asked me if I was experimenting with drugs! That one really made me mad and I slammed my fist down and left the table and went back to my bedroom. Once I was alone again, the memory of John's voice and his beautiful image, calmed me down and put me back into my trance.

Am I this infatuated and desperate?...well...yeah I guess I am! But who cares? There nothing wrong with there? Oh well, it's better than telling him I'm in love with him and suffer all the consequences for saying that. As usual, I went to bed early in order to wake up at four AM. Unlike normal people, I always take cold showers in the morning. Yep, cold. I like how it gives my brain a shock in the morning making my sleepiness disappear. But of course, my balls hide away inside of me. It hurts, but I can live it. The only weird thing is that it makes me horny! I've taken many hot showers but only cold ones really get my hormones going.

This is my first time ever going to work early. Well second actually. First day on the job, I had to go to work from noon till evening. I tried to suck up to the manager but apparently, it did no good. Anyway, I rode my bike fast that morning. I couldn't wait to talk to him again. There's something in his sweet voice that wants me to listened to him more and more. When I got there, no one was there. John wasn't there and the cafe was closed. I guess I came too early, thirty minutes early. So, I killed some time setting up the whole place. As soon as my watch beeped telling me that it was six o' clock, I saw John coming and knocking on the window. I opened the door and greeted him.

"Hey! You're right on time!"

"I know! I was about to come late 'cause I thought you might be coming late," he said. I watched him park his bike beside mine as I walked back in the café. He came inside two minutes later. I taught him how to fold the napkins, how to operate the ovens, how to turn on the coffee maker, blah blah blah. Indeed, it was really nice looking at his face again and hearing his voice. What's really cool is that he's one of those people who's used to staring you in the eyes when they talk. This gave me more chance to look and describe him. He certainly ad very piercing blue eyes. When you look at them, it was nearly impossible to look away. And he had this really perfect nose and full lips. His lips stood out very beautifully. And oh god, his hair. He wasn't using any gel but his blonde hair with brown roots was straight long the sides and combed back. I wanted to touch and feel his hair so bad! It shined in the reflection of the lights of the café. A strand of hair hung down on his right side of his face. We talked endlessly throughout our shift. This is what I learned so far, he's a year older than me, he's not going out with anyone right now (Thank God!!!), and he also go to a different public school.

We talked about usual stuff like video games, TV sitcoms, and unfortunately, girls. It was really hard to change the subject; something I would say always reminded him of his old girlfriend doing this and that. What a load of bull. But his sweetness and kindness balanced it out. Like when I was trying to clean one of the tables, he came up to me telling me that he'd do it and just relax and chill for awhile. That's how nice he is. Someday, his lover will say to him, "How lucky I am to have you!" Sure, I wish it would be me, but what chance do I have with this completely gorgeous guy? By the way he acts and talks, he's definitely straight. He'll be marrying some model and they'll both live somewhere in the suburbs with their wealth and their beautiful children, while I'll still be here, cleaning off tables and selling coffee. Ooh, my life will be so romantic! I can't wait to be old and die alone!

We seemed to talk more than we worked. It was noon already and the boss just entered the place. We both looked busy and gave a simple hello to him. He waved at us and went to his usual place in the back. It was already past the end of our shift but since the other worker hadn't arrived, we had to stay in a little a bit longer. It was past one PM already when the next worker came. He was one of the better workers, but barely spoke. He would never speak to you unless it was important.

"God, sorry Josh! I woke up late and..." he stared at John giving a wide grin. "Oh hello! Haven't seen you work around here before! I'm Greg!" He offered his hand for a simple handshake. John greeted him back, told his name and shook his hand quickly.

"Well, I guess I'll see you both tomorrow again! It's nice meeting you John!" He went to change into his work clothes, but not before giving a smile to John. We went out the front and walked to where we had left our bikes.

"You know John, you should be flattered! Greg never says a word to anyone!"

"Hey, I'm the new guy! Besides, it's probably my looks that made him do it!"

"Oh puh-leaz!!" I shouted sarcastically.

"Whoa? You don't think I'm good lookin'?" He stopped and waited for an answer.

"I don't know! I'm a guy here, hello?"

"So what? Even guys have their own perspective on guy's look you know!" He got me right there. "Alright, alright, you're..." I stopped trying to think of an answer that wouldn't sound too gay but at least he would like it.


"You're cute! Happy?" I mumbled feeling my cheeks becoming hot and red.

"Heheh, that took a lot out of you, didn't it? That's what I thought you would say." He unlocked his bike and sat there waiting for me. I was beside him trying to unlock my bike but I couldn't concentrate. What did I just do? I told John that I thought he was cute! Now he will think I am gay for sure. When I got on my bike, he asked me, "Hey, listen, you doing anything when you get home today?"

"No why?"

"Well ummm...wanna go to my house? You don't have to if you don't wanna! I just want some company for the rest of the day since my friends are snubbing me lately!"

"Yeah, I'd love to...I mean yeah, yeah, yeah." I said sounding so desperate. God, I acted like dork or something but fortunately he just laughed it off.

"Cool, follow me!" he said. That was easier said, than done. It was really hard to catch up with him. He was riding his bike at full speed. Thank God that his house urned out to be only about five blocks away from mine. It took only five minutes to get there from work but my legs ached from pushing the pedals as fast as I could. When I climbed off my bike, I almost fell down on my knees as I tried to stand up straight. His house was almost identical to mine, almost like a mirror reflection. We went straight inside the house leaving our bikes in his backyard. John led me to the living room to sit down. I was really scared and nervous but he told me no one was home except the two of us, and to chill out and act like it's my house. Okay, is that supposed to make me feel better?

"Look, I'll be in the kitchen. You want any pop? Food?" he asked.

"Just water please."

"Ohhkay! Two Pepsi coming up," he grinned and left for the kitchen. There were a lot of pictures around the room, mostly John and his mom. I looked at each picture. John was really chubby when he was young but awfully cute. As John became older, I noticed that he got taller and thinner. Until finally, there was a small picture where John looked almost the same as now but he had a cast on his right leg and suprisingly, the first picture I saw where his dad was there.

"Looking at my old pictures, aren't you?" he asked. He handed me my soda and stood next to me while I continued to look at his pictures.

"Yeah, what happened here? Why do you have a cast?" I pointed to the latest picture.

He giggled, "That was taken only a few months ago. I was riding my bike so fast that I didn't notice a little girl walking by. I managed to move out of the way but as soon as I moved to the right, I didn't see a car door opening. My right leg and my right arm slammed into the open door. My arm got a few bruises but not as bad as my leg. I broke my kneecap and twisted my joint! I took four months leave from school and had to stay in the hospital with my leg bandaged and hanging from the ceiling. When I got out of the hospital, my right leg was so thin that I could see my skin clinging on my bones. After exercising a bit, a month later, it looked normal again. From that day on, I promised myself never, EVER to ride my bike fast anymore!"

"That's some wild story man! But I hate to tell you this but, you still do ride your bike way fast!"

He took a sip in his soda, "I still do? Oh well! Heheh! I guess I miss living my life on the edge!" We both giggled taking sips on our pop. As we looked at each picture, he would tell me a little story about them. All of them were really interesting. He didn't make me bored at all. Actually I was beginning to get more comfortable in his presence and less nervous. I didn't understand why his dad wasn't in any pictures when he was young. Except for the latest one. Out of curiosity, "John, how come you don't have any pictures when you were young with your dad?"

"I was adopted man," he said. He's adopted? Man, that's got to have a really bad pressure on him, I apologized, "Sorry to hear that man. I didn't mean to go there, I was just curious that's all!"

"That's alright. You can ask more about me if you want," he mumbled as he sat down on couch. I sat down beside him, asking him more questions, "Then, have you ever met your real parents? When did you find out? Were you mad...?"

"Whoa? One question at a time! First of all, my mom adopted me after ecoming my foster mom. At that time, she was single and I was only a year and a half old, so I have no recollection of memories before that time. I didn't have father then because as I said she was single and didn't get married until just last year. She told me I was adopted when I was only twelve years old. I took it really well, but I was really shocked. As for my 'real' parent, my real parent is my mom. My mom told me that she was only 21 when she adopted me. She never meant to have any kids when she was so young, but when she saw me abandoned on the steps of a building naked and crying, she changed her mind. She took me in and has taken care of me ever since. As for my 'blood' parents, the police did track them down a year after but they didn't want me anymore 'cause they had too many kids living in their house already. My mom told me that there were so many kids that she lost count. So basically, I never met my blood parents, or never cared for them. They didn't care for me so why should I care for them?"

His explanation caused tears to roll down my cheeks. Hey, I couldn't help it! It was so touching. I wiped off the tears away, "John, that must be really hard for you to accept!"

"Actually it it's not that hard for me. Being adopted was the best thing that will ever happen to me in my life. Now I have a mother who wanted me and I will love her forever. Besides, being adopted doesn't make me any different from anyone else. Thanks for listening. You're the first person to know about that!" he handed me the tissue box to dry off the tears. "Well what about you Josh?"

I told him all about me. Unlike other people who didn't care or listen, he listened to every word I said. My life was not nearly as eventful as John's was. Basically, I was very fortunate growing up. My parents were fairly wealthy and I couldn't recall any traumatic events in my childhood. We talked more about our friends and swapped jokes until our tongues felt like sandpaper. I realized that we had been talking for really quite long. I mean, seven hours! Wow! His mom had come home but didn't notice us in the living room. Since John stopped talking, I felt that it was my cue to leave house and go home.

"John, thanks for inviting me in your house. Guess I have to go home." stood up but his long smooth legs resting on the coffee table stopped me.

"Aw, now? Can't you just stay a little bit longer? We can go to my bedroom instead if you want to?" he begged. Oh well, I really don't HAVE to go home now so I agreed. We went straight up to his bedroom. I must say, he has a really good habit of cleaning up his own mess! His bedroom looked like it wasn't even lived in!

"Man, you surprise me every second! Your bedroom's way cleaner than mine! You still have more surprises to show me?"

He smiled, "Heheh, if we get to know each other better I'll give you a real shocker!" I laughed it off but I never really quite understood what he really meant by that. We decided to watch a couple of movies. He was lying down on his bed while I lay down on my stomach on the floor. We kept on laughing as we watched the movie 'Something about Mary' Then, we watched another movie called, 'She's all That'. Oh man, it really gave me a boner at the end seeing Freddie Prinze Jr. naked at the graduation. The only things that covered him were his graduation hat and a beach ball to cover his front. Oh my god! It's twelve AM already! I started freaking out walking back and forth in his bedroom. I can't go home this late! I had my bike, and even though it was only a few blocks to my house, I was afraid to be alone on the streets this late. I hadn't even called home to let my parents know that I was at John's!

"Hey, hey, easy! What's the prob dude?" he asked.

"I-it's twelve AM I can't go home right now!" I explained nervously.

"That's no problem, you can stay here. It will be good because we have to wake up at the same time to go to work, remember?" he smiled again at me sweetly trying to calm me down. Was I hearing right? Me, stay in his house, for the whole...night??? He had no idea what he was doing to me. Could he sense my feelings? Things were going way too fast! I thought he was only joking, but after thirty minutes, he actually convinced me that he wanted me to stay the night.

"So, where do you want to sleep? On the bed with me or on the floor with my sleeping bag?" he asked calmly. I wanted to say, 'Oh the bed please! Then we can have sex all night!!' but I figured he was only joking or being polite. Besides, if he were serious, I still wouldn't sleep beside him. First, I'm not losing my virginity to someone who doesn't even love me. I want to have sex with someone who I have been going out with for a long time and I want to be convince that they're 'worthy' enough for me. Sounds like a woman's oath but that's a fact. Like John would have sex with me! He's god damn straight! And second, I might get a boner at the middle of the night and he'll think I'm gay. I picked the sleeping bag instead.

Well, everything was all ready. I called my parents to let them know I was safe and ask if I could stay. They said okay, and when I got off the phone I found John already in his pajamas fixing the sleeping bag for me. Before he laid down on his bed, he tossed me one of his pillows. I laid down on the sleeping bag, my back aching from the hard floor. Man, I should've picked the bed instead of this back-aching floor I don't care if he was lying or not! He said goodnight to me before turning off the lights. For twenty whole minutes, I tossed and turned trying to find a perfect position, making a swish sound every time I moved around about the sleeping bag.

"Stop moving man! I'm trying to sleep you know!" he whispered. "Well sorry! It's so uncomfortable here on the floor!" He turned the lights back on and sat up Indian style, looking down at me. He massaged his forehead before speaking, "That's why I offered you the option of sleeping with me on the bed beside me! I wasn't joking you know!"

"But won't that" I asked. Hey! I had a reason to say that. I'm was testing him to see if homosexuality's cool for him.

"Josh, I'm not going to say anything. If you want to stay there, that's cool with me, but if you want to sleep on the bed without any back pains tomorrow then do so. Alright? Good night." he turned the lights back off and laid back down on his bed. I thought for a minute before standing up and crawling beside him. He wasn't joking after all. He did leave enough space for me to lie down. I said to him, "Don't complain if I'm all over you or something GAY!"

He giggled, "Yeah, whatever! Now go to sleep. We have only like 4 hours left to sleep!" I laid with my back to his, but not close enough to touch him. I can't believe I'm actually sleeping with this gorgeous guy beside me. And this is the first day of our friendship. Not bad Josh, not bad at all. I wanted to get closer to him so our backs would touch and I could feel his warmth, but my nervousness and lack of courage glued me on the spot where I laid down. Before my eyes closed, John whispered, "Josh?"


"Good night." he whispered with a sweet tune. I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night and found myself hugging at something so warm and cuddly. I opened my eyes wider and focused at the object. Oh shit! It's John that I was hugging! I didn't dare to move though. I pretended that I was still sleeping. I was scared if I let go I might wake him up and, I was scared if I didn't let go he would think I was gay! I was so nervous that I started to sweat. It just felt so nice to be holding him and touching his chest. Part of me was in heaven and the other part was almost too nervous to enjoy it.


"Beep, Beep, Beep!!" the alarm went off. Crap! Not now! John sat up as I pretended to turn away from him. I don't think he found out that I was that close to him 'cause he immediately lay back down on the bed. He covered his ears with a pillow as I slammed my fist on the alarm clock making it stop beeping. I got up and stretched my arms and legs.

"John, wake up. It's four AM already!" I groaned. He removed the pillow on his face and slowly opened his eyes. Then, he rubbed his eyes with his fingers and got up. He made a weak smile before collapsing back to the bed. I sat there beside him trying to wake him back.

"Let's just go later, I'm so tired!" he whined.

"Fine, you stay there while I tell the manager about you not getting to work on time! Weren't you the one who insisted on coming early anyway?" I protested.

"Alright, alright!" He got up and I followed him downstairs to grab a bite of corn flakes. After a quick bite to eat, I waited in the bedroom flipping through the channels on the TV while he took a shower. You know what's weird? There's a bunch of channels showing people doing exercise at this time of day. Who would ever wake up this early to watch this bunch of crap? After ten minutes he got out of the bathroom only with a small towel covering his pelvic area. I got extremely hard and really horny! Here I am sitting down on his bed looking at his bulge on the towel. I could smell him from where I was sitting. I tell you, it was like heaven.

"Josh if you want to use the shower go ahead."

He went to the closet holding the white towel from dropping down. My eyes couldn't let go. He had a smooth washboard stomach, his chest completely hairless and his two pink nipples were staring at me erected waiting to be fondled. God, I was getting so hot I was almost gasping for breath! Did he have a clue what he was doing to me? He had a small brown bush on his armpits but otherwise, that's all the hair he had on his body. As he grabbed one of the shirts, his muscles contracted creating a beautiful shape to his body.

"Yo, Josh? Are you listening?"

"H-Huh?" I realized he kept on calling my name. I put all my concentration on the fitness show I was watching. He spoke again, "I said if you want to take a shower go ahead." I quickly said yes wanting to get out before I exploded from too much John. He gave me one of his dark blue towels as I went inside the humid washroom. I dared not to take a cold shower or get a relief. I couldn't get any hornier than I already was, and I certainly didn't want to cum in his shower. That would be pretty disrespectful, I mean, what if he found out? I took a quick three-minute shower. I was afraid that if I lingered in the shower I would only get more horny, if that was even possible. In my haste, I accidentally got soap bubbles in my eyes. My eyes were red and irritated so much that I could barely see.

"Knock, Knock!"

"Just a sec..." I grabbed my dirty briefs and started to put them back on, but before my briefs could cover my private front area, John barged in. I yipped and covered my front faster than the eyes could see. He stood there with his hands still holding the doorknob and his head cocked forward. We both blushed as he left and closed the door behind him.

"Man, sorry dude! I thought you were done!" he shouted apologizing. My heart thumped like crazy! My crush actually saw me naked! What's more humiliating than that? I dressed up quickly before telling him that it was alright. Yeah, right! He didn't answer back. When I was done, I could still feel my heartbeat through my white skin beating like hell. I didn't want to leave the bathroom and face him, but any minute now, we would have to leave or we would be late for work. Besides, sooner or later, I had to come out.

When I opened the door, I saw John writing something down on a small black notebook. When he saw me stepping out of the washroom, he quickly closed it and packed it inside his backpack. He stood up blushing again, "Uh, I guess we better go, we're going to be late."

"Yea, we should," I said not looking at his eyes. We went downstairs and outside quietly. As we left the house, the sun was just beginning to illuminate the eastern sky. It was always peaceful at this time of day. We were the only two people on the road. Neither of us spoke a word to each other as we made our way to the café. We even refrained from looking at each other as if seeing will blind us both for eternity. After we started cleaning the tops of the tables, John finally broke the chain of silence, "Sorry about this morning!" he apologized followed by a few quiet giggles. I, then, looked straight in his eyes and smiled, "I told you, it's alright. It's not like you don't have the same equipment as I do."

We both laughed and sighed at the same time. Silence reigned again, but as soon as the sun rose up high above the clouds, our voices filled the room with laughter. Every once in a while, John would tell me really dirty jokes cracking me up and causing me to spill coffee on the floor as I served it to the customers. By the time our shift was over, my stomach ached and I couldn't smile anymore since my face muscles were totally dead. Before we left, my stomach started to grumble again. Next thing I remembered, I was in the washroom for twenty whole minutes flushing the toilet and spraying the air-freshener. John was so nice, he insisted on waiting for me. Why the hell would he wait for me? I mean I'm just a waste of space in this world. I'm not worth waiting for! God, he has beauty inside and out. Who could possibly be closer to perfect other than he was? God? Nah, don't believe in him sorry.

When I left the washroom, I saw John sitting the same table where he sat on the first day I met him. He was writing in the same book that I saw when I came out of the shower this morning. He shoved it back to his bag when he saw me coming closer. He stood up and brushed off the few strands of hair on his face and gave a wicked smile.

"Man, what happened to you? That almost felt like waited an eternity out here!" he asked while grabbing his backpack.

"Explosive diarrhea," I whispered not letting other people know.

We left the café laughing at my temporary disability and walked over to where we had left our bikes. I really hoped that he would invite me in his place again. But he didn't. It was okay though, he told me he wished I could go but since he really hadn't had any quality time with his dad for long time, he said that they had plans to go 'fishing'. He waved at me goodbye before he rode off at full speed. Suddenly, papers flew from his backpack and dropped on the sidewalk. I grabbed all of them including a small black book that looked like the same black book John was writing in. Yep, it was John's. I shouted out his name trying to call him but he couldn't hear me. He was already two blocks away from me.

I tried to resist the temptation to read what he had writen in this book but I wasn't strong enough. I opened it and examined the book thoroughly. It was a diary after all! The first entry was dated last year when his dad got married to his mother. I flipped throughout the book but it was pretty boring. Not that he had a boring life, but he has too many problems. I think half of the stuff he wrote was about problems with girls he went out with. And man, so many girls! I flipped through the book until one entry caught my eyes. It was written on the same day I met him:

August 5 '99

"Journal, I have a confession to make, you know how I said a few months ago that I had this weird feeling about this guy I met at the arcade. I finally know what it is and I'm not proud of it...god I'm not! I'm fuckin' GAY!!!..." He's gay? I kept reading. I started to reathe faster:

"...I tried to ignore it, rite? But like when I met this guy in that cafe I told you where there's a job available. don't know! I was so desperate on trying to meet him. Unlike any girls, he never played hard to get. When I spoke to him, he was like, quiet at first but like, after a few minutes, it was like, we started to talk like friends. I think his name was...Josh. Was it?? Yeah, it is. I don't know. I'm freaking out man. I mean I'm happy and in love at the same time, I'm not proud of that. Me, a heartbreaker is actually a faggot. Man, that's a new one. Wonder how my parents will take it? Adopted faggot. Gotta stop. Maybe I'm not a fag, maybe it's like a 'stage' in puberty or maybe it's like, my raging hormones are in their peak that it's like, I'll like anyone. Nah, can't be that. This is like love in first sight. When he smiled at me when I came in, I just went brain-dead. I don't think I've ever felt this way about anyone before. I'll write more tomorrow. Gotta sleep early 'cause I got the job in that cafe and I have to go early in the morning! Night, night! "

"J-Josh? Oh my god, it's me, it's me!! Woohoo!! Oh my god, oh my god! He actually likes me?? Oh man, wow!" I screamed as I sat on a concrete block beside my bike. My heart beat fast and my right leg started to shake uncontrollably. My eyes were still stuck on the scribble on the book. I sat there beside my bike rereading the things he wrote thinking that it might be just my illusions working at it's best. There were more writings but I saved them until later. I got home quickly and read the rest of the writings in my bedroom. He wrote everything that had happened, from that first morning shift he had to the part where I had to take a shit. Where the hell did he get the time to write all of this?

I couldn't sleep that night. The fact that John really likes me made me crazy. That morning, when I went to work, John was acting weird. He arrived at work before I did and he had a very worried look on his face when I walked in the door. I knew that he must have discovered that he lost his book, so I knew I had to say something. I couldn't bare to see him so worried.

"John, don't tell me, your black book?" I asked. He didn't look at me but he managed to say, "Good guess! How'd you know?"

I reached into my bag and pulled out the book carefully. My hand shook as I passed it to him. I explained to him staring straight on the black book instead of his eyes, "You dropped it when you left yesterday. I called your name but you were gone already!"

"Oh god, thank you! You don't know how important this thing really is!" he squirmed. He grabbed the book and tightly hugged it. Then, all of a sudden, he gave me a weird look. He slowly asked, "You...didn't read it? Did you?"

I looked down the floor and made a figure eight with my right foot. My mind quickly thought how answer. If I said no, I would be lying and it could turn out to be the biggest mistake I could make. If I could confess and just say yes and we might hit off, I mean he does like me. But could he trust me? Yes, YES is what I really wanted to say, but I couldn't overcome the fear of rejection. I mean, nothing has ever worked out for me before, remember, I am the guy who is going to die alone.

"," I mumbled. FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!

He smiled sweetly and shoved the book inside his bag. "Good! I trust you, you know!"

Oh man. What have I done? I was completely speechless. He actually trusted me. What am I supposed to do now After only three days of friendship he trusted me completely. And I had lied!

"No, I read it!" I shouted trying to sound sorry. I didn't know what made me say it. I guess it's that he trusted me. I couldn't move so I just stood making figure 8s again on the floor. I kept looking at the floor but a few seconds later I rose up my head and looked at him. He stood there, his eyes wide open and staring at me.

"W-what part?"

"Well....all of 'em," I answered.

He breathed heavily and his eyes started to turn red. He ran to the janitor's closet and locked it. I just stood there trying to get the courage to knock on the door. I knocked quite a few times but all I heard from him was his quiet sobs and a silent, "Go away." I knocked again loudly.

"John, yes I know you're gay and that other thing that you said But please come out, we could work it out...please?" I waited for the door to be unlocked, but he didn't open it. I tried again desperately, "John, it's okay if you like me alright! I don't know why but I was so glad when I found out. It's like, I finally found the right person to give my love away."

"W-what did you say?" he asked choking on the words.

"I-I...I like you too alright?" There, I said it. The one thing I wanted to say to him so badly finally came out. He unlocked the door and opened it. He stood there with a wide grin. His face was wet with tears and his eyes were so red. He wiped off the ball of his tear that was going down his blushed cheeks and sniffed. My hand reached up to him and all I felt was this beautiful surge of love between him and me. He looked me in the eyes and said, "Now what do we do?"

I giggled and glimpsed at his neck and looked back. "Shut up." put my fingers on his chin and turned him towards me. Then I leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. He let out a moan of pleasure and we continued to explore each other's mouths until we were both breathless.

Could it be? Was I really meant to find happiness with the most beautiful creature to walk the earth? I didn't want to question the future now, I had John to enjoy in the present.

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