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Sam Lakes

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M.a.i.n.e. Frame PC



by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Twenty-Four

They arrived at their gate, just as the boarding began. Mark had arranged first class for them, and coach for Kevin.

Colt noticed a slightly disgruntled Captain as he was talking to another man in the cockpit. He asked the Flight Attendant if he could see the cockpit. She introduced him to the Captain.

"I'm sorry, I really can't shake hands because I got them injured" Colt said to the Captain, who then introduced Colt to the second officer. Colt said hello to the second officer, and then to the third man who said he was an FAA inspector. Colt asked them a few questions. Then asked the FAA Inspector a question and returned to his seat.

"So, what's up?" Paul asked, perceiving Colt concerned looking expression.

"The third man in the cockpit said he was an FAA Inspector, on a routine flight check. He seemed a little nervous and he side stepped a simple question I asked him about the FAA. Why is Kevin in coach?"


"Do you dislike me or hate me?" asked Colt.

"No. Colt, I know I have a lot to make up for the years I've neglected you. I as I said earlier I always thought you were happier with Arbor, Keith and Ruth, and I just sort of got caught up in my work. That doesn't mean I didn't like, or love you." answered Paul.

"I was happy with them, but I missed you. I never wanted to seem like a sissy when you'd leave so I would make any excuse to go to the CSL building and I'd go up on the roof, and cry. I felt you really didn't want me around, and that I was just a burden." Colt leaned his head against Paul.

"Arbor thinks I got my programming skills from Ruth. And I guess I did, in the beginning, for me at that time, it was an escape from your not being there. Later, when I really got into it, I realized that the reason I had such a drive was because of the thrill of creating something new, and unusual. That's why I love working on Mother, the thrill of creating! Does that sound weird to you?" Colt asked.

"No." said Paul.

"I think I'm a lot like you in a way, cause when I get into my work it's like so intense, and so…" Colt yawned "So… intense nothing else matters…"

Paul started to answer, but then noticed Colt was asleep.

About an hour after they had taken off the Captain made an announcement. That they were going to be making an emergency landing at Roanoke Airport. There was a computer failure which dictated this procedure.

Colt was instantly awake and began working with Mother first running diagnostics on all systems owend by the plane's main systems then all other systems not connected to the main computer. All systems verified operational reported Mother.

Paul observed he was working with Mother.

"Tell Arbor to get out his computer. Dad, there is nothing at all wrong with this plane or it's computer systems."

Paul observed the screen on Arb's computer. It showed all systems were fine.
"Dad, I need the comm link from the Flight Attendant to the Captain only activated - Call the Captain over the intercom. Don't say anything."

Colt watched the commlink window image being projected on to his retinas. He saw the activation and pressed capture and control - green light. As he typed the Captain heard Arbor's voice "Captain this is Phoenix Starr, I have a super sophisticated computer. You know and I know that there is nothing wrong. Therefore, I believe you are being forced to land. If this is the case turn the seat belt sign off then on again."

The seat belt sign went off then on again.

Colt continued "Captain, I am taking control of the plane and will drop the plane 5000 feet at maximum speed that the plane can take. Fasten your seat belt. Have 2nd Officer do the same. Pass your headset to the highjacker."

"Yes" appeared on the screen in the commlink window.

"Okay asshole give it up now! Crawl out of the cockpit on your stomach. I have control of the plane and my computer which you are after has been programmed to self destruct and it doesn't care that you and the rest of these people are on board. If you're willing to die just let this plane drop 10,000 feet. You have one minute before the plane is dropped 5000 feet."

"Dad, activate the intercom for making announcements to the passengers."

Again he waited for the activation and green light. ‘Ladies and gentlemen this plane is about to take a very steep dive. Please fasten your seat belts and hold on securely to any children traveling in your lap. Flight Attendants verify and then please secure yourselves!"

"Dad is everyone secure?" asked Colt.


"Hold on!" Colt said as he took the plane into a 5000 feet drop.

There were screams from most of the passengers. After a drop of 5000 feet the plane corrected to level flight.

The door to the cockpit opened and the Captain dragged the highjackers body out.
Paul was out of his seat in a flash, and showed the Captain his ID. "Paul Smith. Looks like someone forgot to tell him to buckle up!" said Paul to the Captain.

"That must be some computer you have" said the Captain.

"Phoenix get up and show the Captain your computer!" said Colt.

Arb got up and went forward. "I thought you might like to look at my computer" said Arb.
"Wow! You've got a display for each one of my systems. How do you do that?"

"It's fairly complicated, but it's called proximity linking" said Arbor.

The captain reached over and picked up the intercom handset and said "Ladies and gentle men, I'm sorry for the problems we've had, however, I would like to thank a young man, Phoenix Starr and his incredible PC for saving our lives."

Arbor walked back toward coach. The passengers applauded. One man got up and came forward. When he was five feet from Arbor he said "Gimme the PC, kid and pulled out a gun." Arbor froze. Some lady screamed "He's got a gun!" In seconds Kevin was right behind the man and said "Drop the gun or your brains will be decorating the fuselage." He dropped the gun. Then from behind Kevin another person hit Kevin on the head with the butt of a gun and Kevin folded in the aisle.

"Get the PC!" she said.

The man grabbed the PC from Arbor. Paul stepped in front of Arbor.

"Okay, Captain, depressurize we'd prefer to get out here!" she said with her gun trained on Paul. The Captain complied. The two took turns holding a gun on Paul while they put on parachutes.

"You sit down!" she said to Paul. Paul moved backwards and Arb started to return to his seat when she said "Not you kid. I need a little insurance policy."

Paul turned to object and she slapped him across the face then a kick to the gut and as he folded the butt of the gun came smashing down. Paul collapsed.

"Now come here!"

"No!" screamed Colt "It's me you want! See…" Colt was desperately trying to undo the bandages "That's just a fake PC!"

"Where's the real one?" she questioned.

" Right here, in my backpack!"

"Colt, you idiot!" said Arbor.

She shoved Arbor aside "Sorry, kid maybe next time" and grabbed Colt. "Now, how do I know you're not just trying to save you friend's life?"

"Take the PC out of my backpack and open it up."

She took out the PC and opened it. It had the windows open showing the planes systems.

"Now open the other one" said Colt.

They did. The screen was blank. She put the PC in the backpack and handed it to Colt. "Put it on" she ordered.

"Now go aft. No wait shut down the navigational system!"

"You'll have to open the PC and type in ‘Shutdown Nav Sys' then press enter" Colt instructed.

She followed his instructions then she heard the alarms go off in the cockpit.

"Arb, you can have my comics, they're in the seat pocket." Colt said "Doesn't look li ke I'll be able to read it for a while."

"Hey, what about me?" asked the FAA impostor.

"Oh yeah, your a loose end" she said as she shot him between the eyes.

Colt's face went white with terror as he saw the man's body topple over.

"Move it kid!"

It took all his will power not to start crying. "I-I'm scared!" he said waving his arms about in nervous looking jerks "I'm allergic to heights."

"You'll be dead like him if you don't move it!"

When they got to the rear door which was open she said "Gene, take the kid and don't drop him!"

Gene grabbed Colt around the waist nearly squeezing all the air out of him and then he jumped after the woman leaped. Colt returned the navigation system on line and left a message for Arb on Mother.

The cold air rushed past as they sped downward. It was dark and it felt like minutes had gone by when Colt heard the shute open.

"What a rush I love diving at night!" said Gene "How are you doing, kid?"

"Oh fine! Nothing I like better than being kidnapped. Jumping into total darkness is not my idea of having fun."

Gene roared with laughter and pretended to almost drop Colt who let out a scream.

"Gene, shut the Fuck up!" said the woman who was about a hundred yards away from them.

"Is she on the rag or what?" whispered Colt.

Gene laughed silently.

"Okay, I'm going to drop you when we're almost on the ground. It's important that you just relax, let your legs collapse and just roll with your body".

Two seconds later he let go and Colt did as he instructed, then got to his feet. He thought of running, but didn't have a clue which way to go and besides he felt Gene's big hand grab his arm.

"Good landing, kid. Come let's go" he said as he pushed Colt ahead of him.

"My name is Colt. I'm not a goooaaattt" Colt said trying to sound like a goat.

Gene laughed "Charnel, you got to admit this kid has a great sense of humor."

"Who gives a fuck. Just do your goddamn job!" she replied "And shut up. Both of you!"


Chapter Twenty-Five

Ruth rushed to Paul, and ordered the flight attendant to see to Kevin. Paul was out.

"Paul come out of it, I need you!"

Paul heard Ruth. His eyes fluttered as he forced himself to consciousness. Blood was trickling down his throat which caused him to cough. He forced himself to sit up. Ruth said nothing.

"Arbor! Where's Arbor?" he asked fearing the worst.

"Arb's up front…" she hesitated and he saw her bottom lip tremble and the tears well in her eyes.

Kevin had come to, and was right behind him. Ruth continued "They took Colt! He held up Mother and told them to take him instead."

Paul felt like someone just ripped out his heart. "Why? Why did he do that?" asked Paul in despair. Paul got up and staggered to the cockpit "Captain, land this damn plane now at the nearest airport!"

"Mister Smith we are cleared to land at Roanoke in five minutes. You'll need to take you seat."

"Captain have the ground call this number "Tell them it's a priority one and I want every available search and rescue plane now I want the full cooperation of every law enforcement agency within two hundred miles of the point they jumped. You do have a location?"

"I'm sorry, they knocked out the navigation system, we have an approximate location. Please take a seat I will notify the ground."

Paul took his seat. Kevin had taken Colt's seat. "We'll find him, Paul. He's one smart kid…"

"Why? Why did he tell them he had the PC? Ruth, Arb, I need you to tell me exactly what happened!"

"They were going to take me and then next I knew Colt pulled Mother out of his backpack and was telling them that he had the real PC and to take him instead. I told him to shut up. Then he showed them Mother and told them to open the other PC and it would be off - they told him to shut down the Navigation System. They shot the other guy."

Paul shook his head. "Did he say anything else?"

Arb shook his head.

"Ruth, can you add anything else?"

"Arb didn't say something to you just before they shot that man?"

"Oh shit!" exclaimed Arb "He did, but it doesn't make sense…"

"What? Tell me exactly what he said" Paul demanded.

"He said I could have his comics. Colt never reads comics."

Paul thought, but was drawing a blank. His head was killing him.

Kevin took out the content of the seat pocket in front of him.

"Bingo! I told you he was one smart kid!" Kevin exclaimed and handed Paul the air carrier's magazine. Crudely at the top of the front cover were the letters MOM and below an arrow pointing upward. Paul got up and opened the overhead compartment and found Mother. He took it out carefully and opened the lid. There was a message "Dad, GIVE THIS TO ARB. Love Colt." Paul handed Mother to Arbor.

Arbor entered his key and another message appeared. It read:

"Here's where we see if Mother's proximity stuff really works. I hope so and I hope it will pick up my signals. I've taken her transmitter and so if you get close enough to me, you should be able to receive my signal. She'll trace my location to the point I go out of range. The program should predict the area I land in.
Well, later dude! - God it's dark! I hope this guy doesn't drop me! Oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"He was typing this as they jumped out!" said Arb.

"He must have balls of steel!' exclaimed Kevin, then realized what he's said, "Sorry"
Arb hit the return key and a 3-D topographical map appeared showing the path Colt had taken and predicting the point of impact with the ground.

As they deplaned Paul was greeted by a local FBI agent. Within fifteen minutes they were in an Air National Guard helicopter heading to the area predicted by Mother.


Chapter Twenty-Six


Colt's eyes had adjusted to the dark. Ahead of him was the Iron Maiden and behind him was big Gene. He thought of faking an injury, but she'd either just shoot him or order Gene to carry him.

Bob Jordan had done a good job of wrapping his hands and he hadn't been able to undo them. He had no choice, but to wait for a lucky break.

"I hate the woods why couldn't we land some place civilized!" complained Colt quietly "And this PC isn't exactly light." A branch slapped him in the face "Owe! Stop hitting me with the branches."

"Why do you want this stupid PC any way? It's no good to you anyway. There's only two people in the world who can operate it. If you don't believe me switch it on."

"Look, I said shut up! In thirty minutes we will be at our destination, and the boss can decide whether we kill you or keep you, and if this is the right PC, or not. If it's not the right PC we'll use you for ransom and if it is the right PC - well it's up to the boss. Right now, you have a choice, keep quiet or get knocked out. Like those two idiots on the plane."

"My Dad's not an idiot you fucking bit…" Colt didn't finish because the butt of the gun came crashing down on his head.

"Carry him."

Gene picked up the boy and threw him over his shoulder. Fifteen minutes later he dumped the kid's body on the floor in a room, closed the door and locked it.

"We've got the PC and a hostage in case of trouble. The PC is password protected. The kid said only two people know it… He's locked up. See you then." And she hung up the phone. "Check on the kid. See if he's come around yet."

Gene unlocked the door and looked in. Colt's body lay on the floor motionless. "He's still out. You hit him pretty hard, Charnel" he said as he closed the door.

Colt waited until he heard the door lock before he moved. Slowly he sat up, wincing in pain. There was a knot on his head, the size of a golf ball. Looking around the room, he saw his escape route, the window. Cautiously, he stood up, and slowly moved to the window. There was no glass in the window only pieces of old plastic sheeting. He crawled through the window, and slowly walked away from the old cabin along a rarely used dirt road. After he was well clear of the cabin, he stopped and started to remove the bandages around his hands. Finally after five minutes of biting through pieces of tape the gauze unraveled and his glove covered hands were free. He started moving again, along the road, taking the glasses, out of his pocket.

"Please Mother be in range" he said quietly. After a few minutes he realized the glasses wouldn't work as he had Mother's transmitter. He took the glasses off, and searched around for the transmitter in his pocket. The flashing LED indicated that it was transmitting.

Colt heard a truck coming down the road. The trees were a hundred yards away. He ran towards the trees, but they had spotted him. He heard a gun fire and a bullet went speeding by him missing his head, by a fraction of an inch. A helicopter suddenly appeared above the trees, speeding to his rescue. The gun fired, again, and it felt like something had kicked him in the back. knocking his body flat to the ground. The helicopter fired on the truck and suddenly it was engulfed in flames. along with the two passengers in the cab.

Paul Smith was the first to hit the ground from the helicopter, closely followed by Arbor. He ran to Colt, whose body was lying face down. "Colt!" said Paul as he turned his son's body over.

"Dad…" Colt said weakly "You look like shit.." and then he smiled. Paul hugged his son saying "You don't look so hot either." Colt returned the hug.

"It felt like somebody kicked me in the back."

"Well, it was a good thing you didn't take off your vest or …" Paul choked up. He hugged his son again.

"I'm okay, Dad. My head just hurts. That woman sure doesn't have much of a sense of humor." Colt looked towards the burning truck. "Maybe I should say didn't."

Colt stood up with his father's help.

"Oh, hi Arb. How's Mother?"

"She's fine. She's in the helicopter and she wants her transmitter back. Here, you can lean on me if you want."

"Thanks, but I think I…" he hesitated "Whoa! I'm a little dizzy!"

Paul picked his son up in his arms, and carried him to the helicopter, and they left.

"You're going to have a bruise on your back, but it looks okay otherwise and that golf ball on your head should be gone in a day. You took quite a whoop on your head. Maybe a slight concussion. Take it easy the next day or so," said the Medic, to Colt.

"You two are free to go. I think your agency has arranged transportation for you and your family to DC."

"Thanks" said Colt.

"Thanks" said Paul.

The limo driver asked "Where to sir?"

"The Willard Hotel, in downtown DC" replied Paul.