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by Sam Lakes

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Chapter Nine

Arbor and Ruth returned after an hour.

“I think we should call the police” Ruth said to Keith.

“Not necessary. I know where he is and he’s quite safe and fast asleep too.”
“Where is he?” asked Arbor.

“He’s safe, and that’s all I’m saying for right now. I don’t know what went on between the two of you, but he’s very, very upset with you. I really don’t know if he will ever want to come back here to live. I am not very happy with what you did. I never tried to steal my best friend’s girl nor did he ever do that to me. I think you need to think about what you’ve done because that action alone may just cost you your best friend. He’s like a brother to you. He has always adored you and looked up to you and trusted you. I just can’t believe you. Do you really hate him this much? Have I been such a poor father that I have never taught you the value of friendship and trust? I guess so.” Keith turned and walked out of the room.

“Your Dad is right. He and Paul may have had their differences, but they never betrayed one another’s trust.” Ruth followed her husband leaving Arbor to ‘think things over’.

When they were alone Keith said “Colt’s next door. He was asleep with the mouse still in his hand. He must be exhausted. I left him a note telling him to call and hang up two times in a row and that I wouldn’t tell Arbor where he is until after we talked. You, being the best at handling this romance stuff, should probably be the one to talk to him. My male instincts tell me to tell him to go punch Arbor in the nose; which I’m sure is not the answer. Do you think I was too rough on Arbor? I just want to get through to him to think about his actions, and what the consequences could be before he goes off and does something stupid like this?” Keith asked.

“I really didn’t realize Alex was so fickle , I thought he was quite ‘in love’ with Colt. I’m sure I will cry if he starts sobbing. I just don’t understand how he could do this to the two of them. Alex is the one that should be punched out! No. I don’t think you were too rough on him. I gave him the cold shoulder, all way to Alan’s and back.”

“You know, the same thing happened to John Bell and me when we were in the sixth grade. My father said nearly the same thing to me and I’m glad that he did. I learned a lesson well, and after that, John I were great friends, until he died a year later. Paul had had a similar experience so when we met in junior high that was one pact with made with each other and neither of us have ever broken that pact. We were always honest with each other and have never betrayed each others trust.”

She smiled “You did fine, honey, and I’ve heard the story at least one hundred times and that was in high school.” She embraced her husband and gave him a long and passionate kiss.

The phone rang and Ruth picked up “Hello, Maine residence” Arbor said.

“Hi, Arbor. Did you speak with Colt yet?”

“No. I should never have let this go this far. I never really wanted a boyfriend type relationship with you I just wanted to be friends because I thought you really liked Colt. I don’t want it to be any more than that.”

“I thought you said you loved me. I thought you cared about me.”

“I did. I liked you and I still do like you, but I was jealous that Colt had a boyfriend who was so cute. It was wrong of me and I feel terrible because I led you on and worst of all I betrayed my friend, my very best friend ever. I knew I was doing wrong and I just didn’t let myself be honest. I made you believe he thought more of his work than he did you and that’s not true. So I betrayed you.”

The line went silent.

“It’s not all your fault. It was mine too. I felt embarrassed, that I’m fifteen and he’s only thirteen. When you asked me how old I was it really bothered me. It’s sort of a button. I called you up to tell you that I felt really bad. I really like you too, Arbor, but I really like Colt too, even if he is younger than me. It’s silly, but when you kiss me it’s just a kiss. When Colt kisses me it’s so gentle and it seems so special.”
Ruth hung up the phone and started crying.

“Mom? Darn, s omeone just hung up a phone . I think my mom was listening in. So, you’re not mad at me?”

“No. I mad at myself and I feel horrible. I betrayed his trust too. I don’t know what to do next. I know, Colt knew what was happening. It was obvious. And I know it hurt him. I guess I’m not as grown up, and mature as I thought I was.” Alex began to cry.

“I’m going to talk to my Mom. She’s good at stuff like this. I’ll call you back or maybe you should come over here and we could both talk to her.”

“I’ll be right over” he said and hung up.

“Honey, why are you crying? What’s wrong?” asked Keith.

“Nothing,” Ruth said, half laughing at her sentimentality, “They both realize they goofed up and Alex doesn’t really love Arbor, he likes Colt…” She cried a few more tears, still sort of half laughing.

The phone rang once, then nothing. It rang again and stopped. The door bell rang and Arbor rushed to the front door as Ruth left via the kitchen door.

She made her way over next door and unlocked the door and went in and walked back to Colt’s room.

“Colt?” she called, but then she heard the shower running. She went to his bathroom door and called his name.

“I’m in here” he said apathetically “I thought Keith was coming.”

“He asked me to come. He was afraid his advice would be the wrong kind. He said he was afraid he’d tell you to punch in Abor’s nose” she said through the door.
“Oh, and you on-the-other-hand would rather we kiss and make up” Colt said sarcastically.

“No. I think what they did was very mean and inconsiderate. I was not at all pleased and I chewed his butt out and I rubbed his nose in it and am just letting him stew for a bit, and Keith let him have it with both barrels. Let’s just say that his reality is being seriously adjusted.”

“Can you get me a towel?”

She got him a towel, and handed it to him; opening the door just enough to get it through to him. Colt dried himself off then wrapped the towel around himself, and walked out of the bathroom.

“Well, it was nice of you to come over. I’m fine. Doin’ great! And I’ve got work to do. So, if you’ll excuse me. I’ll say good-bye and goodnight.”


“Ruthie, I don’t need you or Keith to feel sorry for me. What happened, happened. I’ve got a schedule to keep, I don’t need these distractions. I’m fine. I just need to work; I need to finish this stuff before Keith goes on his business trip!”

“Arbor’s sorry.”

“Arbor can go to hell!” he yelled.

“You don’t mean that, now sit down before your towel falls off!” she said sternly.

He sat down on the bed. She sat down next to him.

“I know it hurts when this sort of thing happens,” she said calmly “but it happened and they both regret it! I overheard them talking on the phone. Arbor feels, believe me, three times as bad as you. He realized what he did could end your friendship forever and well, I’ve never seen him so upset with himself. He was jealous that you had someone who was so cute. Alex was crying because he doesn’t like Arbor as much as he likes this very handsome and cute boy sitting next to me. You are fully within your rights to tell them both to go to hell, but I think that would be foolish.”

Colt sat silently thinking for a few moments.
“I know I was angry with Arb, but he’s still my best friend. I’d already resolved that if he really loves Alex and Alex really loves him then that’s just the way it is. If I didn’t have Arb as a best friend then I’d have nothing. I still like Alex. I realized that he’s not the one for me at least not right now. We both need to grow up a bit.

“I was a little upset with Arb until just a while ago.” Colt smiled then continued “I realized that I was trying to make him jealous and trying to put him down. I sort of paraded around like a proud peacock, with the air of I’m better than you, see what a really cute boyfriend I have! I shall never do that again to my friend. Friends don’t try to put each other down, friends should always build each other up. I deserved losing Alex to Arb.” Colt smiled again.

“Tell, them I’m okay, but I really have to work. Ruthie, I feel something terrible will happen and if I stop working now I’ll never get it finished. I tried to explain it to them, but Arbor just thinks I’m only interested in my work. I don’t know what’s going to happen or when. I just know I have to get this done before Keith leaves. You don’t understand this do you?”

“No. Not completely. But I do know that once you’re determined to do something, you don’t let anything stop you, and I guess this is one of those times. Are you sure your okay about Arbor and Alex?”

He smiled “Yes. Just tell Arb that on Wednesday afternoon I’m going to kiss his royal butt - I mean…” he laughed “Kick his royal butt. And just tell Alex, that I still like him.”

Ruth gave him a kiss. “I love you so much, sweetheart.” And she hugged him tight.
Colt kissed her on the cheek then said “I really have to get to work, now.”

She left, and Colt began working. He was much happier, however, the feeling of some imperiling disaster was getting stronger.

Ruth walked into the kitchen. “Where’s Colt? I thought he’d be with you” said Keith.

“He’s fine about them -a little upset at first, but I told him what I overheard on the phone and he cheered up although he said he’d already resolved himself that if they truly loved each other it would be fine. He said if he didn’t have his best friend, Arbor he’d have nothing and he wasn’t ready to give up his best friend. I’m worried though, I’ve never seen him frantic like this about completing some work. I think you need to talk with him. He says he has to complete it before you go on your business trip. I’m worried that he’ll work himself into a complete state of exhaustion. He said he’s fine about the two, but right now he has to finish his work!”

“I’ll go talk to him. You go talk to them and make ‘em sweat.” Keith left for next door.

Ruth went into the family room where Arbor and Alex were sitting quietly some distance apart.

“Hello, Alex. No doubt Arbor has told you how I feel about you two. But in case he hasn’t I will tell you first hand. I think the next time you decide to play with my youngest boy’s emotions you should just take out a knife and cut his heart out! It would be far less painful. I really didn’t expect it from you. And as for you young man if you ever, ever, ever betray his trust in you again, I will disown you. That is not a threat that is a promise. How he can still like either of you is almost beyond my belief! I am so ashamed of you two, I feel like just walking out and letting you suffer for a few days.”

Tears were pouring down Alex’s cheeks. And Arbor was biting his lip to keep from crying.

“I overheard you phone conversation so I know you regret your actions and how you’ll make it up to Colt is your problem.”

“Now Arb, I’ll tell you what he said to me because I think you need to reflect on how good a friend you have in Colt,” she had to look away and take a deep breath to keep herself from balling.

“He said he was angry with you, but you’re still his very best friend.” She stopped to get control of herself again “He said ‘If I didn’t have Arb as a best friend then I’d have nothing’”. A few tears managed to squeeze their way through and trickled down her cheeks.

Arbor could hold back the tears no longer. He burst into tears and sobbed, saying “I’m sorry mom. I’m really sorry.”

She continued almost ignoring Arbor’s sobs “As for you young man he said that he’d already resolved that if Arb really loves Alex and he really loves Arb then that’s just the way it is.”

“But I don’t love Arb, I love Colt.” Alex was sobbing even harder now.

“Well, now, I told him what I overheard and it relieved him a lot. He smiled and said that he’ll talk to both of you Wednesday afternoon when he finishes his work. He is no longer upset with you. He loves both of you” she couldn’t control her own tears as they began to flow “Now look what you three have got me doing!” she half laughed through the tears. She grabbed the Kleenex box and then passed it on to Alex. Arb had managed to get himself under control.

She continued “He asked me to give you a message he said tell Arb when I see him I’m going to kiss his butt, then he laughed and said I mean kick his butt.” Arb smiled.” And just tell Alex - just tell Alex (sniff) that I still like him.” Ruth went over and hugged Alex and the two wept.
Arbor wiped his eyes and left.

Chapter Ten

Keith walked in to Colt’s room. Colt didn’t bother to look up as he said “Hi, Keith. I figured you’d be next. The answer is no. No, I am not going to give up my vigil.” Colt suddenly felt a cold wave of fear. “Please leave I have to finish!” Colt begged.

“Why do you feel you have to do this, it can wait.”

“No!” Colt said as the fear waxed intensely. “Please let me finish! Please!” The fear was so intense he felt any second he would start screaming and go crazy.

“Okay, have it your way.” Keith walked out and the fear waned enough for Colt to begin to work again.

Arbor passed his dad on the way over to see Colt.

“He’s not going to stop working. There’s something really worrying him. I could see it in his eyes. I think you should just leave him alone for right now.”

“Dad, I’m not going to try and get him to stop. I’m going to help him in whatever way I can. I really messed up today and somehow I’ve got to make it up to him.”

Keith looked at his son and smiled. “Yeah, you’ve had a pretty rough couple of days. I’m glad you’re man enough to take the responsibility.” Keith felt slightly melancholy “Arb, I’m really proud of you and even though sometimes I don’t say it. You’re the best son a father could ever hope for and I will always love you.”
Keith hugged his son.

“You’re the best Dad we could ever have and I will always love you too” Arbor said as he embraced his father. He felt like he didn’t want to stop hugging his Dad. He sort of felt like he wanted the moment to last forever, b ut finally, he said, “I’d better go see my brother.”

“Remember this moment” Keith thought to himself as they parted.

Arbor walked into Colt’s room quietly and somewhat timidly. Colt looked up. Arbor smiled and said “If anybody is going to kiss butt - I mean kick butt it’s going to be me.”

Colt smiled back. “Hi. I was really pissed off with you at first , but by the time I got everything set up here, I realized I was on my own and I liked that even less. Then, I looked at things from a logical point of view. I’ve know you all my life. I deserved what I got. I tried to make you jealous and in a way, put you down. A friend should never put a friend down. I’m sorry for my part in this upset, and I promise I will never, ever try to make you feel less able or valuable as a person. You are my best friend, and you’ve always been there for me, as a friend and as a brother.
“I’m only thirteen. I’m inexperienced, and besides you weren’t really successful with romance until last year, so that gives me a year. I don’t mean to be like my Dad. I’m not trying to be like him, but maybe I am. Arb, right now all I know is I have to finish this work before it’s too late.”

“I was being vindictive when I said you were just like your Dad. I’m really sorry, Colt. When you moved out I realized that I’d really fucked up and when Dad said he didn’t know if you’d ever move back, it really hit me. I think for the first time in my life, I understood how you feel, when you say that sometimes you feel so all alone. I felt so empty and I finally realized how much a part of my life you are. I betrayed your trust and I am ashamed for having done so. I swear I will never do it again.”

“So, we’re friends again?” Colt stated more than inquired.

“The very best of friends!” Arbor assured him, “Now that that’s settled. I’m here ‘til you’re done. If you need coffee, I’ll get it for you. If you get hungry, I’ll make you some food. If you need a back rub, I’ll rub your back. Whatever you need, between now and Wednesday, that I can do, I will do. That means absolutely, ANYTHING! I owe it to you.”

“Coffee sounds good. Black, no sugar, but first I need some clothes” Colt said still wrapped in his towel.

“You got it!” Arbor said as he found Colt some clean clothes then left for the kitchen. Ten minutes later he returned with a pot of coffee and two cups.
Colt looked up, smiled and said, in a Yoda type voice, “Just knowing that I have absolute power over you makes me feel good already young Skywalker.” He laughed.
They both laughed.

“Go ahead and laugh, but don’t forget the dark side of the force is waiting!” Arbor said in an Evil Emperor voice.

“Don’t! Don’t talk about the dark side, Arb” Colt felt the fear wax slightly and Arbor felt it too. They both drank their coffee without saying anything more. Colt started working intensely and Arbor went to the foyer to call home.

“Mom, I’m staying over here with Colt until he’s finished his work. I’m being his gofer.”

“Okay, Arbie. If you guys need anything, just call, I don’t care what time it is. Okay?”

“Okay. Mom…” Arbor thought about telling her about the fear he felt, but then decided it was just his imagination.

“What, Arbie?”

“Oh, its nothing. I love you.”

“I love you too and tell Colt I love him too.”

“How’s Alex?”

“He’s fine. Your Dad took him home.”

“Well, bye.”

“Bye” and she hung up.

For the next two days Arbor kept Colt supplied with coffee, food, and whatever else he needed including being an alarm clock and making sure that he woke up Colt would work for six to eight hours and sleep for one or two hours by Wednesday morning they had completed the work and presented Keith with the designs which Keith took to the chip makers.

Chapter Eleven

“Hi” Alex said.

“Hi” Colt responded.

“I didn’t want to interrupt you or distract you from your work so I waited until today. It’s given me time to think things over. I want to be friends, but I think it too early for me to have a real relationship. It’s not you, it’s me. I like you a lot more than any other boy I’ve known, but I…”

“Hey, I understand. I want to be friends too…And maybe later when we’re both grown up…well who knows, certainly not me. So, will you still help me shop for clothes from time to time?” Colt asked.

“Sure. So we’re just good friends and we’re both free to date others if we chose?” she asked.

“Absolutely.” Colt smiled “I learned that it doesn’t pay to be jealous. I like you an awful lot, but I’m not ready for a serious relationship.”

“Well, I better be going.”

“Yeah, say how about a movie on Saturday?” Colt asked.

“Sure. One o’clock?” he replied.

“Perfect! Bye.”

“Bye” Alex said and they gave each other a little kiss on the cheek.

Colt gazed out the window of their bedroom window. Arbor had moved him back in from Paul’s house. Even though the work had been completed he still sensed that something bad was about to happen, but what and to whom he thought. He knew that it wasn’t Alex or Ruthie. How he knew he didn’t know, but he just knew. That left Alan, Arbor, Keith and himself. “But what and when and who?” he muttered.

“What or when and who, what?” asked Arbor.

Colt flinched having been startled by Arb’s question.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you” said Arbor.

“Probably nothing,” Colt said, but his face still showed concern over something.

“Well, ‘probably nothing’ means ‘possibly something’” Arbor stated and waited for Colt to respond.

Colt sighed “Since the night I started working I’ve have this feeling that something bad was about to happen and since that time I’ve felt this fear like when you came over and mentioned the dark side. It…”

Arbor interrupted “It sort of comes and goes. I felt it too! Colt this is most weird. I felt it that night; but, I thought it was just my imagination. But then, it kept coming and going and I thought I was just picking up your feelings. You were busy and I didn’t want to say anything. This morning, when I was putting away your clothes, it hit me again, but really intense. I mean so hard that I thought I’d start screaming any second which would have been embarrassing because Dad was asking me something.”

“I’ve only felt it that strong once. The night I moved over there. Keith was trying to talk me into not working.”

Arbor’s face went ashen as he said “It’s Dad.”

“Something bad is going to happen and it’s got to do with Keith. Maybe he shouldn’t go on the business trip! Arb, what do we do?” pleaded Colt.

“I don’t know, Mom’s gone to a two day conference in Detroit.”

“We’ll have to wait then for Keith to come home. We will have to get him to cancel his business trip.”

They both agreed.

Keith arrived home an hour later.

“Dad! Thank God your home!” exclaimed Arbor “We were worried about you!”

“Keith you’ve got to cancel your business trip!” Colt said emphatically.

“What? Cancel my business trip? You must be joking” he responded.

“No. Listen, please listen” Colt said sounding desperate “I know why I had to finish my work. I had the feeling that something terrible was going to happen.”

“Yes, I know you told me. And you see nothing terrible has happened.”

“No. You’ve got to cancel the business appointment, Keith please. I’m scared something terrible is going to happen to you. Please!” Colt was on the verge of crying.

“Colt, I can’t. It’s been planned for weeks and I can’t miss this opportunity. I think Mother will make us a lot of money. It’s a chance for me to retire wealthy and for you boys to have everything you’ll ever need in life. Colt, nothing is going to happen to me. Really, I’m fine. I’ll be fine tomorrow. I’ll be fine on Friday when I get home. You’ve put yourself under a lot of stress - The designs, Arbor and Alex. This is just your mind being overactive. Come on look at it sanely and logically.”

“But…” Colt began to cry “I’m so scared, Keith. I feel like I’m going to loose you!”

“Dad, I felt it to! Please don’t go!” begged Arbor.

“Boys, listen to me. Nothing bad is going to happen. You both have been under a lot of stress. And what you both need is a good night’s sleep and tomorrow everything will be okay and you’ll feel fine. Colt how much sleep have you have in the last three days?”

“About eight hours,” he whined “but…”

“And you Arb?”

“About ten hours”

“Well, I tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to give you both a sleeping pill so you can get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, if you still feel the same then I consider postponing the trip. Agreed?”

You promise?” asked Arbor.

“I promise. Now a quick dinner and off to bed.”

“No!” cried Colt as he grabbed hold of Keith and buried his head in Keith’s chest.

“Please, Keith!” The fear was so intense all he could do was sob, “Please! Don’t go! I don’t what to loose you, you’re my real dad! Arb, tell him! Tell Keith to cancel the appointment tomorrow. I beg you!” Colt was getting progressively hysterical.

“Okay. Colt. Tomorrow, I’ll cancel the appointment.” Colt held on to him tight as he sobbed. Keith held him close and kissed the top of his head. “I love you, Colt. It will be okay. I promise I will cancel the appointment tomorrow morning.” For several minutes he held Colt close to him quietly and calmly repeating his promise. He dearly loved the boy. Colt began to calm down and Keith said “Come on. Let’s have a quick bite to eat then I want you off to bed - both of you as he pulled his son over and hugged the two boys and they hugged him.

By eight o’clock both boys were sound asleep in bed.

The phone rang and Keith answered.

“Mr. Maine, this is James Barclay, Paul asked me to call. He’s not able to make the meeting tomorrow, but he’s asked me to tell you that the investor Mr. Jordanian is closing a real estate deal and is extremely interested in seeing the PC and talking about it. He was wondering if you could meet Mr. Jordanian at 823 Old Ridge Road. That way you can save yourself a trip to Virginia.”

“Sure, when?” asked Keith.

“About nine o’clock this evening, if it’s not a bother. Otherwise, we could postpone the meeting for a couple of months because Mr. Jordanian’s schedule is extremely tight.”

“No. Nine is fine. I’ll grab my stuff and be on my way. 825 Old Ridge Road?”

“Correct. And thank you very much.” And the man hung up.

“God what luck!” Keith said to himself as he gathered up his materials and his laptop.

“Damn, I can never remember Paul’s number” Keith said to himself. He walked into the study and looked through Ruth’s Rolodex. He found Paul’s home number, but not his work number. He dialed the number. The call was routed to a voice mailbox.

“Hi Paul, it’s Keith. Just wanted to thank you for arranging the meeting. If everything goes well, we will all be sitting pretty. Anyway, old Bud, it’s time you put on your father hat and come see your son. He really needs an extra boost. He’s been under a lot of stress lately. Romance troubles. Yes, you heard right, I said boy trouble, he was madly in love with a boy and the boy ditched him for Arbor, but then he decided he really liked Colt. What a soap opera! You really need to pay a visit and then we’ll show you the new computer. Should be awesome! Take care and call me tomorrow. Bye.”

Keith gathered his things together and went upstairs to check on the boys. Both were sleeping soundly he gave each a kiss on the forehead. Although it was beyond his knowingness it would be the last time he would see the two. A minute later he left for Old High Ridge Road.