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Sam Lakes

M.a.i.n.e. Frame PC II


Mother II

by Sam Lakes

Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved

Chapter Ten

“Where’s your brother?” asked Kevin.

“He was aft about thirty minutes ago” replied Arbor.

“Better check up on him. I have a feeling,” sighed Kevin.

After thirty minutes of searching they met again. “Any luck?” asked Kevin.

“No. I just heard one of the deck hands getting bawled out because some dingy wasn’t lashed down and appears to have been blown over-the-side! Kev, I think Colt took the dingy.”

“Shit! I don’t think he was alone. One of the people I asked said they saw him talking with some man aft about ten minutes after we left Dover, but hasn’t seen either since then. Look, I need you to follow these instructions.” Kevin gave him a note.

Arbor read the note and nodded.

“You take Nuts. Besides, if anyone is watching us they follow you and not me!” said Kevin and Arbor smiled faintly. “And take care of yourself. Colt would never forgive me if anything happened to you.”

As the boat docked Arb mounted his bike and left for Paris. He was followed by Anton Zonovski in a black Mercedes. Five minutes later he had successfully lost the tail and called Paul.

“Bonjour, c’est moi!” said Arbor.

“The line is secure. I heard you guys screwed up and got ID. Are you okay?” asked Paul.

“I’m alright. I had a tail, but I lost him. Kev’s gone back for Colt. He’s boy crazy and jumped ship, but we’re certain he wasn’t alone. Paul I’m worried about Colt. My instinct is to go find him.”

“I know. For someone so super-smart he does some dumb things. I know you want to go look for him, but Kev is good and as you know they’re looking for you too. You’re safer here with me, and Colt is expecting you to be here. He could even be planning on it. He knows Kev will be following. I want you to stop and call me every even hour on the hour and every odd hour five past the hour.”

“Okay. Tell mom I love her and I’ll see you both in six hours. Sorry to mess up your honeymoon.”

“Hey! We were getting bored! Take care and we love you.” Paul hung up.


After Colt was asleep O’Shea left the room and made is way to the nearest public telephone. “I’ve got the younger boy, Rye-Zen Starr. I spotted him and his brother in Dover and followed them to the ferry. They split up and he was alone so I started talking to him. He was missin’ his boyfriend and I talked him into going back to get revenge against the tabloid and to see his friend. I was about to tell him to get the computer and he jumps down to the lower deck unties a dingy and throws it overboard then follows it into the water. I had no choice, but to follow him.”

“You don’t have the computer?” asked his brother, Patrick O’Shea.

“No. But I will get it, Pat. He’s an amazing lad. You’d like him and he’s smart. When I met him he was Jamie O’Neal. If I hadn’t known better I would have sworn he was from Dublin! And now, he’s Patty O’Toole from Scotland. He switches identity at the drop of a hat! This kid is a real asset. Let me win his confidence and I’m sure he’ll give us the computer and join us!”

“I hope you’re right. Keep me informed! Just don’t get too attached to him because if he doesn’t cooperate, he’ll have to be eliminated.”

“I don’t think we’ll have to, but if we do then I will eliminate him myself!” said O’Shea and he hung up. He was unaware that someone had been listening to his conversation.


Colt woke. His arms were still sore. He looked around and saw David O’Shea rolled up in a blanket sleeping on the floor right next to the door. His only option was to wake David O’Shea. “David, wake up.” Colt shook the man gently. He slept like a stone. He pulled on the blanket and slid O’Shea over out of the way then opened the door and left.

An hour later he boarded a train to London. His hair was red and he was wearing a kilt, a sporran and plaid socks. His shoes had one inch soles which made him look considerably taller. He had persuaded the hairdresser who also worked as a make-up artist to give him a false mustache which looked surprisingly real. As he sat there he saw David O’Shea and another man pass by his compartment. He got up and followed them.

“I don’t care. When we find him I’ll handle the matter. I’ll fuckin’ get that computer if I have to beat the fuckin’ hell out of him and his brother!” said Ferguson. They paused when they saw Colt coming down the passage.

Colt had heard them and would have turned and run, but that would have been a dead give away. He was forced into continuing down the passage way towards them. At the last moment they entered a compartment and he walked on by. They didn’t recognize him. Colt entered the next compartment. Two minutes later they exited the compartment and continued their search of the train.

When Colt arrived in London he caught a Green Line bus to Brighton which went through East Grinstead. He got off on High Street outside of Barclays Bank. He crossed over the street to the public phones and called Darryl.

“Darryl, it’s Jamie.”

“Jamie, what’s going on? I’ve had three different men asking for you. They say you aren’t who you say you are! They say you are a Rye-Zen Starr!” he sounded worried.

“Darryl, I’m being set-up. I need your help. I need you to catch the next 426 bus to Forrest Row just outside the bank in about three minutes. You’ll be followed, so at the last moment get off the bus. Please. I’ll explain everything. I love you,” pleaded Colt.

“Okay. I love you too” he said and hung up.

Colt watched the stop. As Darryl joined the queue two men crossed the street and lined up behind him. Somehow he knew and at the last moment dropped something which caused him to step aside he insisted they get on ahead of him so rather than be obvious they got on. He got on for a split second and then stepped off the bus and the bus pulled away. Colt walked by him gently bumping him. “Go to Fortes” he said and continued walking up the block.

Darryl waited in Fortes for five minute when Colt arrived. He walked over to the table and sat down.

“Excuse me, but I’m expecting someone.”

Colt smiled and despite his disguise Darryl recognized him “Jamie?” Darryl asked quietly.

Colt nodded.

“I love you.” Colt handed him a package then continued “Go change. Then meet me at the cinema.”

Darryl left and went to the restroom.

Colt watched as Darryl left to ensure no one followed. No one did. A minute later a taxi picked them up and they arrived at the train station just in time to catch the train to London.

“Jamie, what’s going on?” Darryl asked as he pulled down the shades.

“It’s a long story. And if at the end of it you hate me then that’s the chance I’m taking. My name is not Jamie O’Neal. Nor is it Rye-Zen Starr or Patty O’Toole. My name is Colt Smith. My brother’s name is Arbor Maine. We’re not blood related, but I’ve know Arb all my life. I’m what is commonly called a genius at least in the field of computers.” Colt confessed his whole story to Darryl.

“I was angry at the tabloids and I still am for the way the do their business and for forcing me to leave you. The people who are after me, really after me are not the press. They are extremely desperate people who could care less about people and life,” Colt paused because he could feel himself losing control of his emotions. Darryl sensed this and took his hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“People who were close to me died… people…people I love. My real Dad was shot and Arbor was almost killed because of this computer… Many times I’ve thought of destroying it, but I know I can do good with it. I know I can change things for the better. I love you Darryl. I wanted you to be part of my life and I wanted to be part of your life, but that can’t be,” the tears were beginning, “it can’t be. I can’t risk your life. Our relationship has to end here.” Colt turned his head away and looked out the window.

Darryl leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. He continued to look out the window.

“Colt Smith” Darryl said quietly “I love that name, but then I also loved the name Jamie O’Neal and Patty O’Toole. I would love any name you go by because I love you. There is something so special about you, which has little to do with your intelligence. I can only describe it as you, your beingness, your kindness and desire to help others and the way you care for others. I’ve watched you. I’ve watched how you talk and communicate with others.”

Darryl reached out and turned Colt’s sad face towards his. “I love you more than life itself and if you think I’m going to just let you go and walk out of my life… Well, I’m not, that’s all, I’m not!”

Darryl gently kissed Colt on the lips.

“I can’t risk your life. You have to understand they will kill you to get to me. Your death would mean nothing to them. Don’t you see! Don’t you under…” Suddenly the door opened and David O’Shea and Sean Ferguson stood there looking at the two.

“Oh, excuse me” said Ferguson.

Colt smiled and said in his Scots accent “That’s quite all right. But we would like our privacy.”

“No problem” said Ferguson as he started to close the door. O’Shea blurted out “Jamie!” and Colt looked at him in surprise. It was the giveaway O’Shea needed.

“Jamie, Jamie, Jamie… You shouldn’t have left me!” said O’Shea “I looked a right twit! And they sent Ferguson here cause they thought I was being to nice to ya. It was your smile. T’was your beautiful smile, lad that gave you away.”

The two walked in and slid the door closed. Ferguson walked over and stood in front of Darryl “So, this is the fuckin’ English boy you’re so hot for! Well, he’s a pretty one, I’ll have to admit. Maybe, I’ll try him out for myself. Show him what a ‘real’ man is!”

“Leave him alone you asshole or by God I’ll destroy you and you potato eating country!” Colt said furiously.

Ferguson started to hit Darryl but in a flash Darryl’s foot came up and smashed into Ferguson’s groin as he bent forward his knee smashed into Ferguson’s face with such force his body flew backward and knocked over O’Shea, who before he could react, received a full force kick in the face knocking him backward into the closed door. Two crumpled bodies lay unconscious on the floor of the compartment as the train came to a stop at Red Hill Station.

Colt was in shock with what he had just witnessed.

Darryl smiled at him and he smiled back.

“Well, this compartment is a little crowded maybe we should get out here” Darryl said.

Colt and Darryl got off the train.

“Colt, the only way you’re going to get rid of me is to tell me that you honestly don’t love me. I love you Colt.”

Colt smiled, then took Darryl in his arms and they embraced each other following that with a gentle and some what passionate kiss.

“I have to call my Dad. He’s probably pissed off with me.” Colt called Paul and after five minutes of Paul bawling him out, he told Colt to meet Kevin at Trafalger Square at nine p.m. Colt thought about telling him that Darryl was with him an about the incident in the train, but decided to wait and get Kevin on their side first.


Kevin stood beneath Nelson’s Column waiting for Colt.

Darryl walked up to him and smiled “Hi, Kevin. Colt’s over at the National Art Gallery.”

With that statement Kevin knew all he had to know which was Colt loved Darryl enough that he had completely confided in him. He smiled and said “You know you’re risking your life hanging out with the likes of him.”

“Yes, I know. We met a couple of Irish chaps on the train coming up here” Darryl said nonchalantly as they walked towards the Gallery.


“Yes, poor fellow. I doubt he’ll be up to having kids anytime in the near future. Of course they both will be obvious to spot for awhile as I do believe each ended up with a broken nose.”

Kevin stopped and gently put his hand on Darryl’s shoulder. Darryl tensed almost imperceptibly, but Darryl was ready to strike if necessary. Kevin smiled “Broken noses? I dare say Hotshot has got himself an ideal companion. Of course, you’ll have to put up with his brother.” Then he roared with laughter.

“You’re really devoted to him, aren’t you?” asked Darryl.

“Yes, he’s something very special… very special. He sometimes pisses me off, like when he disappears off the ship to come back here. But having met you now, I can understand why” Kevin smiled. They continued walking to the National Art Gallery.

Colt came down the steps towards them beaming.