This is a fictional story about two teenaged guys, both who are passionate about Drama and the Performing Arts and they fall in love for the first time, and that to eachother. This is their rollercoaster ride of emotions following their first meeting.

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James, 15

Rowan, 15


"It's beautiful!"

That was the first thought that went through James Neil's mind as he climbed out of the car and looked at the gigantic building that was the Tritanium High School of the Dramatic Arts. James always wanted to be an actor. He loved being on stage, performing and learning everything there is about communicating from the printed page. As he said goodbye to his father, he felt grown up, like he was an adult. It would be his first time so far away from home. He had never felt that way before.

The classes was excellent, he immediately felt at home. Everyone was really nice, and very talkative, like only drama students can be. James was happy at last. At the end of the day, as his father came to fetch him, he was smiling from ear to ear.

In the following days that had past, James had got to know most of the other kids well, but mostly hung out with two of them, Dylan Marine and Franco Simunchini. Franco was Italian, so he facinated them with his stories from his time living in Palermo, Sicily. They were chatting about a monologue that each of them had to perform the next week, when Dylan suddenly looked down and put a finger to his mouth. "What?" James asked and turned around to look behind him. He saw one of the boys that studied drama with them standing there, looking at them. "Look away, dude. You don't want to do that", Dylan whispered horsely. 

That confused James.

"What the hell do you mean?" he asked. When he looked up again the boy was gone.

"Do you have a problem with him, Dylan?"

"Don't you ever notice that no one ever talks or even tries to get to know him? He simply tries to hard, man. God, he is irritating! He always wants to hug the girls and tries to get everybody to like him. Sorry, if I freaked you out, but I don't want to be seen with him," Dylan said and blew out a sigh of relief when he saw the boy was gone.

That afternoon at home James was thinking about what Dylan had said. It had never really occurred to him that that guy had no friends, and come to think of it, he never really noticed him himself. In studying drama you can't afford to be nasty to your fellow actors, and what Dylan was thinking about this guy was insane. The boy seemed normal, like any other guy...still Dylan was freaking out. This really bothered James, and he went to sleep that night thinking of the boy's face, staring at them...

The next day James was determined to talk to and get to know this guy. He was so happy; he wanted everyone to share in that, even if he wasn't being realistic about this fact. Shit, he didn't even know the guy's name. Luckily, James saw him in the caferteria the morning after, quietly sitting at one of the tables with his head in his hands. He walked over to the boy and sat down.

"Hey man, do you know your words for the monologue yet?"

The boy looked up, staring at James. "Sorry?" he asked, his voice croaking, as if he had used it too much.

"Do you know your words for the monologue yet? It's much harder than I thought, you know. Getting the right emotion and space can be difficult."

"Why are you talking to me?"

James looked at the other boy with a frown.

"Why wouldn't I? What's up?" he asked as if he didn't know the real state of affairs.

A single tear rolled down the boy's face. He stood up and walked out. James felt he would be making a scene if he ran after him, so he just sighed. He didn't even know why this was bothering him. In class he couldn't stop thinking about this guy, and he couldn't get over the fact that he had no friends. Yes, James had to admit, the boy tried too hard to make friends. He was always around everyone, trying to get them into a conversation, or to hug the girls and smile at them. The others found it just plain weird.

A week after that they had to improvise a small scenario around a general theme. They were divided into groups of two. James and Dylan were chosen together. Out of sheer curiocity, or so he thought, James looked over to the loner boy. He was chosen with Genevieve North, the sexiest girl in the class. Lucky dude, James thought. Maybe being with her will give him some popularity. He and Dylan worked their little play out with great excitement, and were really looking forward to performing it infront of the class.

Two days before the play was supposed to be done, James was walking home from school as his father had to work and couldn't pick him up. As he passed around a corner, he could have sworn he had heard something. A it wasn't his imagination, there! He heard it again! He frowned and then walked towards the sound.

"Hey, what the hell...?"

The outcast of the class, if you can call him that, was sitting under a tree and he was sobbing, his blue eyes wet with tears and the front of his shirt was soaking wet. James ran over to him, his heart beating fast.

"Dude, whats's going on? Are you okay?"

The boy tried to get up and run away, but James stopped him, blocking his path by holding him by his shoulders.

"No way, man. You're going to tell me what's going on. You wouldn't have been sitting here flooding yourself if something hadn't upset you. Now I don't know if I can help, but I know I'm a great listener."

The boy sat back on the ground and tried to stop sobbing but it kept coming out.

James sat on the ground with him and looked him in the eye. He sat like that for a few moments. For some reason he wanted to stroke the boy's shoulder. Should he? Was he allowed? James reached out and rubbed the boy's arm rather than his shoulder, a strange senstation casting its shadow over him as he did that.

"You can tell me," he said. Just as he wanted to get up, thinking that he was wasting his time, the boy spoke.

"I...I don't have a partner for this play thing. No one likes me; everybody thinks I'm an idiot. All I wanted to do was make friends and study drama...i can't handle this any more..."

His body shook as he cried. James felt so sorry for the poor lad that he pulled him close to him, but in a matter of seconds, and before James could stop him, he stood up rather quickly and he ran off.

James looked back at him, shaking his head. Then he stood up, turned around and walked home. What was it with the `I want to hug him' feeling that made him do what he did? In the name of all that is pussy, he wasn't gay! Hell no! But a little voice in the back of his mind kept saying over and over: "Then why are you reacting this way towards him? Why is this guy in your thoughts 24/7?"

The day of the play finally arrived. Everybody was excited and nervous at the same time and there was a real buzz in the air. Before class was supposed to start, Genevieve North came running up to James and Dylan. "Guys, haven't you seen Rowan perhaps? He's not here yet! Damn! What am I going to do? I am so not gonna fail bacause of him!" she spat out.


"But I thought he didn't have a partner? That's what he told me like two days ago", James told her. Genevieve rolled her eyes. "Oh, man! Just because I let it slip that I didn't want to be in a group with him...Shit!"

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have said that in the first place, you dumb stupid bitch!" James cried out.

Everyone heard him.

Genevieve looked at this guy that was usually so friendly and nice, now acting like he could kill her.

"Where does Rowan live? Tell me!" James shouted at Genevieve again.

Oh God, luckily it wasn't far from the school and after she told him he decided to rush over there as quick as he could.

All he could think about was Rowan. He had to get there before...before...

After about a ten minute run, he arrived at Rowan's house. After checking that is was indeed the address Genevieve had given him, James ran up the stairs and banged on the door.

"Rowan! Hey Rowan, open up! It's James, man, open up! You're in there?"

It seemed like no one was home, least of all Rowan. James started to look through the windows if he could see him. The first, second and third windows in the front was all covered by curtains.

He raced to the back of the house, climbed over the small gate and peeped through the window that he found there. Nothing. He looked through the second window...noth...wait, what was...?

James thought his heart would stop beating. What he saw made him sick to his soul. He started to vomit; his whole body shaking with shock and disgust. He couldn't get the image out of his head.

The image of Rowan, lying in a pool of blood on his bed.

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