This is a fictional story about two teenaged guys, both who are passionate about Drama and the Performing Arts and they fall in love for the first time, and that to eachother. This is their rollercoaster ride of emotions following their first meeting.

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Rowan looked directly into James's eyes as he woke. His bright blue eyes staring into James's brown. No expression on his face at all. The two looked at each other for about a minute when utter confusion was spread over Rowan's face.

"James? What...where did you come from?"

It would have been funny if it wasn't so misplaced. His voice croaked again as he spoke.

"I...I came to see you before you were discharged, you know, to see if you were okay...and stuff. You need anything?"

Rowan sat up and took a sip from the glass of water next to his bed. Then he climbed out of the bed and started gathering his toiletries. James didn't know what he expected from Rowan, they weren't exactly friends, but he didn't expect this silent treatment.

"Can I help packing or getting anything?"

Rowan looked up.

"Look, I don't need you or anyone to help me with anything okay, so just leave me alone."

Rowan, come on I was just..."

"Don't stand there and try to tell me that you want to help me now. Now, all of a sudden? You have never noticed me before! Everyone in class thinks im a freak, you think im a charity case now and my parents would rather forget that I exist! There you have it! You told me you're such a great listener, so clear out your ears and just go! I want to forget that I ever met you, the other lot or that I ever heard of Tritanium High! Just go...please."

Rowan slumped to his feet and started crying softly. James felt so heart broken, having heard a fraction of Rowan's life. He desperately wanted to comfort the boy, but he thought it better not to. A nurse came in the room to check on Rowan and James and after James told her about the outburst, he quietly left.

The Drama lecturer told them the following day that Rowan Bresciano had quit drama and wasn't coming back. At lunch, James sat with Dylan and Franco again, but there wasn't much of a conversation, as quite frankly, there was nothing to talk about. Dylan later stood up and walked out. Nobody wanted to be accociated with James anymore.

About three weeks after the incident James decided to go to Rowan's house. Max drove James and promised to pick him up again in about two hours. He knocked on the door. James was shaking. He was actually shaking. As the door opened that piercing blue eyes looked into his once more. And once more he felt like melting. Unfortunately those eyes at that moment displayed sadness.

"Hey Rowan. Can I come in?"

Rowan didn't say anything, but he stood aside a bit as to let James in. There was an uncomfortible silence between them as they stood around looking in particular. Finally Rowan turned around and looked at James.

"You can come up to my room if you want."

James followed Rowan up the stairs feeling a little uneasy as he thought of the possibilities that surrounded two boys in a single room. He tried to force the thought out of his head, but fuck, he couldn't. He wanted to touch Rowan so bad, feel his hair, glide his hands over his shoulders and kiss him on his beautiful neck.

They entered the room and Rowan sat down on his bed. His walls were plastered with posters of actors and actresses aswell as certain films that James himself had enjoyed. He sat down across Rowan on a chair.

"Dude, why did you quit drama?"

Rowan looked out of the window and smirked.

"Come on, James. As if you don't know. Oh just think how wonderful your life must be without the irritating, boring and worthless Rowan Bresciano! Maybe..."

"Rowan, please! That is not true! Ever since you left, the class is in a state of...i don't know...For heaven sake Rowan, I miss you! There! I said it! I really, really miss you, okay?"

Rowan looked at James as if in a daze. Then he stood up and walked quietly to the back of the room. James's body stiffened as he heard Rowan breathing heavily. Just as he thought that Rowan was having some kind of anxiety attack, he saw flames in the other boy's eyes. if in a mad kind of rage, he literally jumped on James.

"What the fuck are you trying to do? Tell me! I told you im not some kind of charity case, you bastard, why don't you go back to that classy fuck-faced friends of yours and laugh about how you pulled a fast one on the OUTCAST!"

James pulled Rowan closer to him and tried to hold him, but Rowan pulled away.

"Get away from me! Let me go!"

"Rowan, no one is gonna laugh at you, I promise! Please, just keep still!"

"No! Just let me go...let me...go"

Rowan finally melted in James's arms as he broke into a string of sobbs. He held onto James as if he was about die. James stroked his back repeatedly and rocked him back and forth as meaningful as he could. He wanted to display his feelings for the boy to somehow show Rowan these emotions without words, but not here, not like this. As he kept stroking Rowan's back, his hands traveled over to his face, wiping the tears off Rowan's face gently. Rowan turned around and looked at James, who was wiping the tears off his face. Slowly, as if unsure, perhaps even shy, he reached out to James, and with his fingers, slighty touched the other boy's face aswell. After a while, they were both sitting on the floor with their hands on eachother's face. Ever so slightly they moved to eachother. James looked at Rowan with a enormous smile. Suddenly every single barrier between Rowan and James was finally broken, shattered forever. They hugged eachother very tightly with their heads on eachothers shoulders. James felt something wet rolling down his cheeks...shit, he was crying. He suddenly realised something. This is what he had wanted ever since he had met Rowan. Whether it was unsubconciously or not, he knew now what he felt. He loved Rowan with his whole heart.

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