This is a fictional story about two teenaged guys, both who are passionate about Drama and the Performing Arts and they fall in love for the first time, and that to eachother. This is their rollercoaster ride of emotions following their first meeting.

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The Drama students of Tritanium High were attending a class on Text Analysis, purely focusing on the content, plot, storyline and exposition of a play or story. All but two of the students were facinated by the lesson. Three guesses who that might be. Two of them won't count.

After that, they had a double lesson of Flim Study. James and Rowan sat at the back of the theatre, waiting for the film to start. Once the lights were switched off and the film started to play, two pairs of hands immediately reached out to eachother and laced together. Once he was sure the other students were taking notes, James put his free hand on Rowan's leg and rubbed it softly. Rowan squeezed James's hand harder in appreciation. With his free hand, Rowan wrote something on the piece of paper in front if him and moved it over to James. James smiled as he read it. "I love you XXX" James was really feeling horny now and he glanced over the class. The movie that was showing was important for their upcoming exams, so nobody payed attention to the two them. James leaned over and kissed Rowan on the neck. Rowan nearly moaned out loud and put his hand around James's slender waist. James turned the paper around and wrote "I love you more" on it before showing it to Rowan. Rowan smiled as he took James's hand into his own and quietly and softly kissed it.

That afternoon in Rowan's bedroom turned the two boys's lives around. Rowan returned to the school at James's demand. Not once since then has a single sly or bad remark about Rowan escaped anyone's lips. Infact, they seemed to accept him at last. Naturally he did not try to impress and hug the girls anymore; he finally had someone who wanted him, just like he was. James had confessed his love to Rowan that night after he had slept over. Rowan didn't know what to say! O.m.w he was stunned! At first James was scared that it might sort of freak Rowan out, but the sheer thought that someone loved him, kept Rowan going. Granted, he too had never before had a single gay thought in his life, but he really loved James, it was like a match made in heaven.

They walked towards Rowan's house after class, resisting the temptation not to hold hands. As they entered, they each got a Coke and sat down to watch TV.

"You are really a shithead, you know that! Kissing me in filmclass, that was classic, baby, real classic," Rowan laughed as he put his arm around James.

"Well, you were asking for it, being so fucking sexy and all! I would have done a lot more if the setting, so to speak, was different. Or if it was right here..."

James softly put his lips on Rowan's and kissed him. It was just a simple, usual, everyday kiss, but it meant so much more. Rowan was in bliss! Never before he felt this sort of love. Never before from anyone. All that he knew all his life was...

"Hey baby, did I do something wrong?" James asked as Rowan pulled away from the kiss.

"Nothing I was just...Im sorry. Maybe we should just do our homework, yeah?"

James watched Rowan closely. It was as clear as daylight that there was something hidden inside Rowan, something that he does not want known to others. James wanted to tell Rowan that he can feel free to talk to him about anything, but somehow it did not seem the right time.

At Tritanium High, the workload was getting out of control. They had to write a monologue, perform a dialogue aswell as do a piece out of a prose/story and a ballad of their choice. For the dialogue, they were once again chosen into pairs of two. Fate, unfortunately, was not on their side this time and Rowan was chosen with a lanky, slim boy called Ash Bader. James nearly had a heartattack when he saw who his partner for the exams was going to be.

Genevieve North.

The one person he hated with his whole life. And now he was forced to work with her! Nevertheless, he made arrangements to meet Genevieve at her house to discuss and rehearse the dialogue.

"Are you okay?" Rowan asked James as they were relaxing by the pool at James's house. "Yeah, it's just this thing I have to do with Genevieve. I don't know what im gonna do! I hate her so fucking much, oh man!" Rowan placed his hand on James's knee and put the other his shoulder.

"Baby, I forgave her a long time ago. There is no need to feel that way about her. I love you so much, baby, I want you to be happy. And for you to be happy, I know that you want a distinction for Drama. That won't happen unless you work with her! I want you to do this!"

James once thought that he couldn't love Rowan more than he already had, but this... He pulled Rowan towards him, kissed his cheek and then layed down on the soft grass and motioned Rowan to lay down beside him. Rowan did just that and put his head on James's chest. He softly kissed James's nipple, a feeling that was electric for the virginal James. Rowan moved to James's neck, placing soft kisses on his collarbone, while feeling and rubbing his hand across James's chest.

<Give it to me! Give it to me! Yes, you sex slave, give me what I want! Harder, fuck me harder!>

Rowan sat up so quickly that James gasped of shock. Rowan was panting and gulping in air as quick as he could. Something was very, very wrong.

Rowan started to cry and James quickly hugged him. He desperately wanted to know what was behind this sudden...whatever you want to call it...What could possibly be happining to his one true love?

Two days later James and Genevieve were busy planning the dialogue for the upcoming exams. James was really trying to be nice to Genevieve. Before long they were finished for the day and James was getting ready to go. "Hey, why don't you stay for dinner?" Genevieve asked. "Oh, I don't know..." James started to say but then he realised just how hungry he infact was. "Ok, but after that I really have to go."

With Genevieve's mother working night shift and her father working late, as he was a lawyer, they ate alone, and James was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the meal. Then again, he didn't know Genevieve that well. James once more thanked her for a rather nice evening and got up to leave.

"You are inlove with him, aren't you?"

James stopped right in his tracks.

Genevieve quietly got up and stood infront of James. "Don't even try and deny it. Know why? Come with me, I have something I think you might like to see."

As if in a daze, James followed Genevieve to the livingroom. She got a video from the cabinet and put it inside the VCR. "Im so sorry I haven't had time to put it on DVD yet, but I think in would be fine just the same," she said with a smile.

As the video started to play, James's face turned as white as snow.

The video showed him and Rowan kissing! The video was clearly taken when they were kissing at the pool that day and with no doubt by Genevieve herself. The video stopped as Genevieve pressed the STOP button.

"Now, you have a choice. Either you do what I say, without complains...or I will make sure that this video is shown to everyone in Tritanium High. You really should've paid attention in Film class instead of kissing and cuddling with your precious boyfriend! You humiliated me, like never before. Know im going to have you at my mercy, whenever I want, and im going to enjoy every minute of it. Humiliating Genevieve North comes with a heavy pricetag. And you, James O'Neil, are going find out just how costly I can be."

James felt everything falling to pieces around him.

All the plans that he and Rowan had.

The love they shared.

Genevieve had him exactly where she wanted him.

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Frank Carter