This is a fictional story about two teenaged guys, both who are passionate about Drama and the Performing Arts and they fall in love for the first time, and that to eachother. This is their rollercoaster ride of emotions following their first meeting.

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Just to recap so far:

James O'Neil and Rowan Bresciano are both students at the Tritanium School of the Performing Arts. Rowan was the so-called outcast of the class, after irritating everyone around him. James couldn't handle this and after confronting Genevieve North, after she contributed to Rowan attempting suicide, he slowly but surely fell inlove with Rowan. Rowan did not want to accept this fact and still believed that no one liked him and he left the school. James convinced Rowan of his friendship and love and from there on there was no stopping them. But Genevieve, without James or Rowan knowing, made a video of them cuddling in James's backyard. She began to blackmail James, making him do favours for her, including asking him to steal a test paper. This whole matter made James think that leaving Rowan would spare him unnessasary pain, and decided to end their relationship. Just as it dawned on him just what he had lost, his father came storming into his room, demanding that James explain himself, all while holding...a video tape in his hand! What now??


James sat up in his bed, determined to come up with some kind of explanation. His dad was holding a video tape in his hand, which probably meant that any moment now; Max O'Neil was going to throw him out of the house for being gay. He was going to be an outcast, just like his precious Rowan had once been.


"Well? Im waiting for an answer, James! Why did you do this?"

James braced himself by taking in a deep breath. He stood up out of the bed and wiped his eyes once more. "Dad, im sorry. I should have told you about this a long time ago. I know it must come as quite a shock, but I didn't know what else to do. I didn't ask to be this way. At first I didn't want to be this way. I hated it, dad. I tried so hard to forget these feelings and to leave things as they were, but...i couldn't. Please try and understand, dad. I..."

"James, my boy, what on Earth are you talking about? Im talking about this video tape I made of the 2006 FIFA World Cup Final, Why did you tape over the first part?"

"Why did I...What?" James asked with confusion in his eyes. Then it was like a gigantic curtain was being lifted infront of his eyes. He almost blew it. His father was talking about...well yeah.

"Oh! Sorry, I was sorry about that. Please excuse me; I have to go to Rowan immediately."

"Hey, it's seven in the morning, why do you need to go over there for now?" Max asked.

James turned around and looked his father in the eye.

"To do what I should have done a long time ago."


Rowan was brushing his teeth, getting ready to go class and trying to figure out what the hell he was going to do with this situation that was suddenly created with James. He was hurt, more that he ever was, but he wasn't going to give up. Never. He loved James to much for that. He got his bag and made for the door when the doorbell rang.

It was Genevieve North.

What the hell could she want? Rowan really needed to get to James before school started and decided to get rid of her as quick as he could.

"Genevieve. What do you want?"

Before Rowan could do or say anything futher, he was pushed back into the house and pinned against the wall. He pushed Genevieve back but retaliated when he saw the gun that she was pointing at him. He looked at her, and saw a mad woman. She had the look of a pcychopath in her eyes, which was bloodshot and dark. She held the gun infront of her with no hesitation of pointing it where his heart was now furiously beating against his chest. He held his hands infront of him.

"Where is he?" she shouted.

"Where's who?"

"Don't underestimate my fucking intelligence, you faggot, where is James? Tell me now, or you die with your boyfriend today."

"You're totaly mad! Put that gun down! I don't know where James is."

When Rowan heard the gunshot, he thought he was dead. He opened his eyes. The glass frame next to his face was shattered into a million pieces. Genevieve was clearly not into playing games.

"Come here!" she ordered.

He slowly obeyed and gasped when she grabbed him and shoved him down. She put the gun down and tied him to a chair. The whole time he watched the gun. The gun, he had to grab the gun! Oh God, don't let me die without saying goodbye to James!



James walked up to Rowan's house in determined fashion. He wanted to make sure that Rowan knew how much he loved him. He wanted to take him in his arms, smother him with kisses and tell him that he, James, will never leave him again. Just as he was about to knock, he heard a sound that shocked him to his core. A gunshot. He was paralyzed for a moment and then the different options began running through his head. Please God, Rowan cannot have shot himself! Tears began to form in his eyes. Then he realised that he had been standing on the same place for about 2 minutes and then he rushed up the stairs.

"Rowan! Rowan! Baby, please open the door! It's James! Please baby, open the door, please don't leave me! Rowan!"

When the door opened, he started to run inside, but he as he did he was promptly stopped. He took a few seconds to sum up the situation, Genevieve North standing between him and the livingroom, pointing a gun at him, and Rowan, who was tied to a chair. James's brain worked overtime as the tried to come up with some kind of solution.

"Well, well, well! The prodical son returns! We've been expecting you. Come in, your boyfriend was telling me the truth all this time, silly me!"

James ran over to Rowan and held his face in his hands.

"Baby, you okay?"

"James, I love you. More than I loved anything before. Im so glad I got the chance to tell you..." Rowan was crying. The tears on his eyes hurt James's heart and the love he felt for this boy. He turned around, facing Genevieve.

"Look bitch, I don't know what's going on in that sick head of yours, but let us go. You can't shoot us both, you won't."

"James, look what she did to that frame, if her aim wasn't so bad, I wouldn't be here right now." Rowan looked at Genevieve with great defiance. "And you couldn't hurt me more than you have enough already."

James turned around. "What did she do to you?"

Rowan started to shake. He moved his gaze from the boy he loved to the girl that he hated.

<Give it to me! Give it to me! Yes, you sex slave, give me what I want! Harder, fuck me harder!>   


"You motherfucking bitch! You took my manhood away from me! You seduced me and made me fuck you! You..."

"SHE DID WHAT?" James screamed furiously.

While she and I were doing that fucking monologue, she made me a promise. She said she would give me popularity, make everyone stop talking behind my back! In return I would have to make her pregnant! There, I said it!"

James had to sit down. This was getting too unreal.

Rowan took a deep breath, God knows his arms were burning from being tied back, but he was determined to see this through.

"I thought about it for a long time. I still can't believe she would do that for me. And I thought if everyone heard I got lucky with Genevieve, let alone made her pregnant, that they would finally accept me. After the...session with her, she suddenly didn't know what I was talking about. That's why I slit my wrists. I couldn't bear any more shit in my life. When I fell inlove with you, James, I thought I could handle anything that life threw me. Even yesterday, when you chased me out, I didn't crack, because my love for you was keeping me going. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, my dear sweet baby. I love you."

Another gunshot thundered into the air, blasting a hole in the ceiling.

"Now that we shared secrets, let me tell you this. No one humilates me! No one ever! Please Rowan, if it wasn't for the fact that everyone thought you were a freak of nature, I wouldn't have thought twice! But in getting a baby, I could force you to pay child support every month! That was all it was about! Money! Who would have believed I seduced you? You, of all people!"

"You bitch! What did Rowan ever do to you? That's why you blackmailed me with that tape! Yes Rowan, she made a tape of you and me kissing the other day and threatned to show it to everyone! She started by asking me to steal a test paper, but I bet on my life it wouldn't have stayed there!"

"Right, enough talking. Get on your knees. Both of you." Genevieve had that look in her eyes again as she pointed the gun directly at James's heart.

"Now Rowan, your boyfriend is about to die a quick and painless death. That's the least I can do for you! You were a great fuck...nonetheless. That's the least I can do for you."

"Genevieve, please! Please, don't do this!"

James grabbed Rowan and held him tight.

"Don't worry, baby. Even if I die, I will never let you go. Even in heaven, I will always love you. I will never let you go!"

"Oh, how touching! See you in hell!"

The gun fired a third shot that morning.

James opened his eyes. Was he dead? He didn't feel dead. He focused his eyes. It was Rowan lying on the floor, his hands still tied behind his back, with a pool of blood running from his chest. A shaking Genevieve stood above them being held by...

His father.

Max O'Neil decided to follow his son to Rowan's house, and if for the fact that he got lost, he would have been there soon.

"James, call the police and the ambulance and make it quick", he said as he still held Genevieve, having dropped the gun after she fired the shot.

The whole time while the ambulance was driving to the ambulance, during the operation, waiting for any news from the doctors, and only one thought played into James's mind over and over. Rowan pushed the chair he was tied to infront of James with his body to protect James getting shot. He offered himself up so that James could live.

When Rowan opened his eyes, he stared into the eyes of his angel James. James was holding his hand and and when he saw Rowan was awake, he lovingly kissed it.

"Welcome back, baby."


"That's okay, baby. I love you to. So much, my love."


One Wednesday afternoon, James and Rowan sitting in James's bedroom, James was holding a condom in his hand, with the other, holding Rowan's face.

"Are you sure, baby?"

Rowan leaned over to James and whispered in his ear, "I want you inside me."

James undressed Rowan slowly. He took Rowan's shirt off and breathed a deep sigh. Rowan's shirtless upperbody was breathtaking. He took his time, running his hands over his shoulders, caressing the strong back muscles as he went along. He kissed Rowan's neck and moved to his collarbone and smothered it with kisses, exciting great moans by Rowan. Finally he kissed his way down Rowan's sixpack, peck by peck, until he got to Rowan's navel. He kissed he flesh he found there while moving his hands up and down Rowan's fantastic body.

"Please James, I can't take it anymore, suck me, baby! Suck me dry!"

James quickly pulled Rowan's pants and boxers down and immediately west sucking up and down on the solid 9 inch cock he found there. It was rock hard and oozed pre cum and along with James's sucking, felt more alive and throbbing than Rowan's hand could ever provide. James kept sucking, cupping Rowan's balls in his hand, he could actually feel the cum building up in those.

"James, I...I can't hold it! Suck me, baby, take my love into your body! Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuck! Shiiiiiiiiit! Ahh!"

Spurt after spurt flowed into James's mouth, goodness knows there was a lot. Rowan kept panting and groaning as his cum was literally drained from his balls. He kissed James with more passion than he ever had done, thanking him for this act of love.

James looked up to Rowan. "You sure you're ready?"

"More than ready."

James undressed and lied on top of Rowan and kissed him once more. Then he quietly stood up and lifted Rowan's legs so that it stayed on his shoulders. His cock was throbbing with anticipation of finally being this close to the boy he loved.

He kissed Rowan as he pushed in. Rowan screamed as his ass was penetrated for the first time, but James was thrusting over and over, determined to show Rowan how much he loved him. Rowan later got used to the fantastic feeling and felt his lover push into him with love. Finally James grunted and unloaded a fountain of cum into Rowan's love channel.

James bent down and they kissed lovingly. Nothing could be better than this.

Since then four years had past. Rowan had completely recovered from the gunshot wound and when they graduated from Tritanium, they both went for an audition for co-hosting a new sports program on TV. To their surprise, they both were accepted, and every now and then, they do a little theatre work aswell. Of course they lived together and after James had proposed to Rowan, lived together as an engaged couple. Max, though at the beginning sceptical about James's sexuality, accepted it in time aswell as accepted Rowan as a son in law. Genevieve was given fifteen years in prison for attempted murder.

Everything was well.

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