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Mount Storm

Part 3

Jesse and Josh left the dorm and walked to the dining hall. As they walked down a corridor they passed a set of double doors, behind which Steven Hollings and his senior staff were having dinner. Hollings looked to Sam Jenkins, his newbie coordinator, and asked about the new boys.

"Well, Steven, it looks good so far, except for Jackson. He's still withdrawn and far too quiet to suit me. He has a brilliant mind; his tests tell us he may be the most intelligent young man we've ever seen here. He's a rebel, of course; he plots his own course and hates being controlled in any way. The fact is that the boy needs to be controlled for his own good at this point in his life. If we fail him now, he'll be a very unhappy man, and my guess is that he could also be dangerous, given his brilliant mind. You should think about bending the rules a bit and seeing him alone in your study. He may open up to you. I sure hope so--that boy needs us and the program more than most."

"Thanks a lot, buddy. Nice of you not to put any pressure on me." Hollings looked at Jenkins with a smile; they all knew that Hollings would move heaven and earth to help Jackson. "I need to call an old friend of mine and talk it over with him first. We go 'way back, and he's helped me before in understanding black kids. His insight is astounding. I'll call him tonight; I don't think this can wait."

Hollings looked next to Lonnie Schroeder, his chief steward, and the man responsible for all the food and supplies Mount Storm and others needed. He was also the boss of food service. "Anything new with Elder Becker? Any problems with the Saturday afternoon meeting with him and the families?

"No boss, smooth as silk, and the new milk processing equipment works like a charm. The boys say it tastes better than ever, but they say they're going on strike to get ice cream more than once a week." The room was full of smiles; sweets of any kind were rare at Mount Storm, The food was kept as pure and unprocessed as possible. The boys all ate with gusto and glowed with good health, but they all missed the junk food so common in the outside world. Over time they would naturally reject any junk food, but at first, lots of grumbling would be heard.

Hollings stood up and said, "Gentlemen, if you have nothing else to discuss, I have some work to finish and a phone call to make." The nightly dinner meeting broke up and the men left the room.

In the dining hall, dinner was almost over as well. The room was set with large, round tables that seated six boys. The tables were numbered, and each boy had an assigned seat. The assignments would be changed monthly to make sure each boy had a chance to meet the others at the school and get to know them in a relaxed setting.

At one table sat four boys who had been here almost a year, and two new boys. The new boys were somewhat in awe of the others and unsure of themselves in such company. Mark and David, twins, sat together at the table. It was rare for them to do so, given what the boys called "musical chairs". They were 17, 18 in two months, and had already been accepted at a small college that was famous in knowledgeable circles for the demanding courses taught and the quality of the faculty. Graduates had their pick of schools all over the world for their advanced degrees. The other "old timers" were Tim and Charlie, the mentors of the two newbies, Adrian and Lenny. Adrian was very tall; at almost 17 he was six foot eight and still growing. He was very thin but with broad shoulders, and would grow into a very powerful and handsome man. Lenny was the exact opposite; at 15 he was short and fat, his face full of pimples, and the boy was painfully shy. And on top of that, his arm was in a cast from having been broken in a beating. Charlie knew he had his work cut out for him, helping this boy fit into the program. He also knew he was one of the best mentors at the school and was paired with Lenny for that reason. The talk at the table had mostly been about some changes in the fitness and athletic programs; they had been made even tougher for the guys who had been here a while.

Mark and David tended to speak as one. Lenny was taken aback at first to hear them finish each other's sentences. David started, "Man, they're breaking my balls. I thought I was in great shape--" and Mark finished, "but after the first few days on that new machine I'm sore all over."

Charlie watched Lenny's head go back and forth as the twins spoke and laughed to himself. "Lenny, don't let the twins get to you. They may be as useless as a cock on a watermelon, but they're great guys." They all laughed as he went on. "I do the same thing all the time with my best friend Kenny. It's almost like we read each other's minds."

Tim spoke, "I think it's because of the mental exercise programs we have. I notice how the new guys don't have the same awareness and insight as to what's going on. My senses pick up stuff that goes right over their heads. I don't think it's mind-reading, unless it happens when you're not in the same room."

Charlie said nothing, but his body stiffened and his eyes opened wider. Lenny and Adrian missed it, but the others at the table did not. It was like some door had opened for them, and they became very quiet.

Charlie was the first to speak. "Lenny, after we eat, the others will relax in the main lounge area, but you and I will go back to the intake lounge. We'll relax and let dinner digest a bit, and then you guys will get the grand tour of the place. Mr. Jenkins, the intake coordinator, will give the tour, but the mentors will be with you as well. Keep your eyes open and learn as much as you can, and don't be afraid to ask questions. The only stupid question is the one you don't ask."

Lenny nodded his head, but he still had not spoken a word. He looked at the other guys and the great bodies they had, and wanted to crawl under the table to hide his own. His fat and out-of-shape body haunted him, and to walk around naked made him want to die on the spot. The food he had eaten was good, and there was enough that he was full, but it was not what he was used to at home. The small piece of lamb had no fat on it, and his plate had been loaded with vegetables; they were okay, but they had no butter on them, and he was used to lots of butter on his food. The one slice of bread he was given also had nothing on it, and the bread tasted very different from what he was used to. It was whole wheat and had a clean, nutty, sweet taste, and he thought it was the best he had ever tasted--even without all the butter. The twins had been given a dish of what he figured was dessert, and it looked like some kind of pudding. He knew then that he was on some kind of diet. Charlie had not got the pudding either, so he assumed he was on a diet as well. What he did not know was that everyone was on a diet. Everyone's meals at Mount Storm were designed by a nutrition group, and great care was given to the job. He did not know (because he did not need to know) that the food served at Mount Storm fed them better than 99.9% of the people on Earth. It was as pure and wholesome as money, knowledge, and ingenuity could provide.

All of the food he had eaten had been grown or raised on six Amish farms close to the school. The farms were 100 acres each, and were run and owned by an Amish family under the watchful eye of Elder Becker, who was a world-class expert on pure, organically-produced food. Before the school had been built, the land had been given to the Amish, and help had been given to build the homes and farm buildings strictly to the time-honoured Amish design. There was no charity involved, for no Amish would accept any charity; they provided the school and others with food, and it was a win-win deal for all involved.

Everyone had finished eating, then took the dishes to the scullery and walked off to the lounges. Charlie and Lenny joined the others headed to the intake lounge.

"Well, Lenny, did you like your first meal at Mount Storm?"

"It was okay. Not what I'm used to, but okay. Am I on a diet? I would love to look like the other guys here. I have always been fat and I hate it."

"We all are, but not what the outside would call a diet. The goal is to get and keep us in the best health possible, not just to lose weight or gain weight. Oh, you'll lose weight, that's for sure, and you'll get in shape just like the other guys you see that have been here long enough. Each person here is different, and the food and fitness programs are different for each person, except maybe the twins--and even there, I bet something is unique to each of them. David teases his brother and says his dick is bigger."

Lenny blushed. Talk of sex of any kind was forbidden in his home, and his parents even refused to let him take sex education in school. In his family, the subject did not exist. Oh, he heard the other boys talk about sex, but he was far too shy to ask any questions. He was at Mount Storm because he had been caught staring at other boys in the locker room, and they had beaten him and broken his arm. The police had been called, and when his parents found out why he had been beaten they threw all his clothes out the door. The social service people had been called, and his parents refused to let him in the house and signed papers giving the state custody of Lenny. After a few weeks of hell in a crowded state-run home, a judge who knew of Mount Storm had called Hollings. Lenny was a mental and physical basket case, but Hollings jumped at the chance to help the boy. Lenny did not know it yet, but he had been given a chance at a new life.

David and Mark entered the main lounge and dropped onto an empty sofa. Mark looked at David and asked, "We going to work on our projects, or head to the gym and play around and then go for a swim? Mark knew his brother would be happy with either one, but he knew giving him a say in the matter was another way to show his love for his brother.

"The gym sounds great. I'm still sore, and the steam room and a soak in the whirlpool is just what I need right now. Besides, I'm horny; something might pop up in the gym."

Mark winked at his brother, and both boys headed for the gym annex. The gym had been rebuilt last year, and both the boys and staff loved the changes. The pool had not changed in size, but a new oxygen disinfection system had been installed--no more chlorine smell or redeye. The therapy rooms had also been rebuilt, and this was where they headed first. The gym annex was reached by a glass-enclosed walkway that was kept warm in winter and cool in summer. Enclosed walkways led to other annex buildings all over the school grounds. As they entered the gym, they glanced at the clock to check the time. It was 7:20, and they would have plenty of time before bedtime. They entered the therapy rooms, signed in with the student aid, and told him steam and whirlpool; he told them steam was okay, but there may be a wait for the whirlpool.

"There's lots of sore muscles since the start of the new program. You'll have lots of company in the steam room, but you won't have to wait. Sorry guys, but the massage tables are all booked for the night. I can give you a time for tomorrow if you want."

"That's okay, Denis, steam, whirlpool, and a swim is all we want." Denis nodded, and the twins walked to the steam room. It was crowded, but they soon found a space on the wooden benches and kicked back and relaxed. At the same instant, both boys started the meditation and relaxation techniques they had been taught at the school. The sounds of the friendly banter and conversations in the room faded away as they entered a light trance. They started at their feet and worked slowly up their bodies, relaxing sore muscles and tight tendons. The wet heat in the room soon started a healthy sweat as toxins were flushed from their bodies. To outsiders they looked asleep, but the other boys in the room knew better; they had been trained the same way. The smell of healthy male sweat and the musk of horny teens filled the room. The boys then worked on muscles and tendons that had not responded to the first commands to relax, and after about 15 minutes, the twins started to move again. They stood and stretched, and greeted the boys who had taken the place of those who had been in the room when they entered.

"Dave, that feels better already. Now for a nice hot shower and the whirlpool."

David responded, "Right, Mark. The knot in my calf and my sore shoulder feel a lot better. Last one under the shower sucks the other ones cock!" They took off at a fast walk because running anywhere in the school except the indoor track was forbidden for safety reasons. They hit the button on their showers almost at the same instant. That started a friendly argument as to who won the race.

"Look, Mark, you know I won. Get on your knees, bitch, I got a fresh load of cum that will feel real good pumping down your throat."

"Yeah, right, you horny slut, you know it was a tie. Only way you get sucked tonight is in a 69."

One of the other guys in the room spoke up and said, "Hey guys, what was the bet?" Mark explained the race to the showers and the room bust out into laughter.

Jesse, the guy who asked about the bet, said, "I know a way to settle this. Paul, my bud here, and I are both looking for some action. What about a four-way on the mats?"

David looked at Mark and said, "You got a deal. Let us soap up and rinse off, get dry, and let's do it. My brother is a nasty cocksucker in more ways than one; I could use somebody who knows how it's done." That earned Mark a hard slap on the ass as the room echoed in laughter again.

The boys quickly finished their showers, grabbed towels, and walked to the storage room where the tumbling mats were kept. With four cocks hardening in anticipation, they pulled some mats down on the floor, lay down, and eight hands began exploring the sleek, muscled body closest to them. Moans filled the room as the erotic touching found sensitive spots and explored them, first with fingers, then with lips and tongues. Kissing sounds, moans, and giggles led to first one, then all four finding a hard cock, and the oral lovemaking began.

Then, after an unspoken signal, Mark and David went to work on Jesse. One boy licked his way from balls to asshole, and the other took his cock all the way to the base deep in his hot, tight throat. Paul joined in kissing him and nibbling gently on his nipples; Jesse shivered in pleasure and called out, "oh shit, oh shit," over and over again. Mark felt Jesse's balls draw up towards the base of his cock, and again a silent signal was passed. They moved over and started work to on Paul the same way.

This time, it was Mark who deep-throated, and David who worked his lips and tongue over Paul's body as Jesse munched his way up and down his balls and ass. Jesse kissed and licked Paul's clean, sweet-smelling asshole then drove his tongue up it as far as he could go. Paul let out a soft scream in pleasure, and Mark felt Paul's balls quickly draw up, ready to blast a load deep in his throat. He took the throbbing cock out of his mouth and said, "Let him go guys, let him calm down a bit. Next time, we go for the prize."

Mark looked at his brother and said, "Okay, guys, David's turn. The back of his knees is a real hot spot on him. Let's drive him crazy, but don't let him cum." The three boys went to work with gusto and soon had David within seconds of shooting his load. They backed off and went to work on Mark.

David knew Mark's body almost as well as his own; every sensitive spot on his body received a touch, a kiss, and gentle sucking and tongue action. Mark was in heaven and tried his best to hold off his orgasm as long as he could, but Paul's talented mouth, throat and tongue was working magic on his cock. The three guys drove him closer and closer to orgasm. Just at the last second, David pulled them off his brother, who collapsed on the mat, again covered in sweat.

"How was that, little brother? Looked like you enjoyed that a lot," he said with a grin. David was the older twin by five minutes, and he never let Mark forget that fact.

"Man, that was awesome. Paul, you can suck my cock any time you want. You're a lot better than the old man over there." David gave him the finger and giggled.

Jesse then asked, "Okay, who gets to cum first?"

Paul piped up, "You are. This was your idea, and a damn good one too. What say we give him his reward?"

In a flash the boys were on Jesse. He soon lost track of who was doing what on his body; all he knew was intense pleasure. He felt tiny sparks of intense feeling playing up and down his spine. He used every trick he knew to delay his orgasm but soon, Paul felt the cock thicken and harden even more as the first blast rocked down his throat. He came up and held just the head in his mouth, swirling his tongue around and around the head as shot after shot filled his mouth while he quickly swallowed. Jesse's butt was arched up a foot in the air and every muscle on his beautiful body could be clearly seen as the intensity of his orgasm overwhelmed him. Soon, too soon, it was over, and he fell back on the mat, temporarily exhausted. Paul came up and kissed him, and Jesse tasted his own seed in Paul's mouth. The brothers looked on and gave each other a high five, pumped their fists in the air, and yelled, "TOUCHDOWN!"

Paul looked at the brothers with an evil grin, then asked, "Okay, which one of you wants to get sucked and fucked at the same time?"

The brothers said at the same time in perfect sync, "We both do, if Jesse can come back to the living in time."

Jesse replied, "My dick may be out of action for a few, but my mouth still knows what to do with those cocks I see bobbing in the air."

As the boys got ready for the next round in their cum-feast, Hollings looked over the encrypted email his former university roommate had sent him again. Andrew Lafarge was now the dean of psychology at Howard University in Washington, D.C., and a world-renowned expert on African-American youth. Hollings had called him, renewed their long-standing oath of confidentiality, and told him about Leone Jackson, the results of his tests, and his background. They had talked about him for almost half an hour, then exchanged pleasantries and hung up.  When the email Lafarge had promised to send arrived, Hollings read the excerpts, references, and recommendations twice.

He left his desk, walked over to a small mat in his locked office, and assumed the lotus position with surprising ease for such a large and powerful man. He closed his eyes, and was soon deep in a trance. He entered a space of utter peace and tranquility; no thoughts invaded this space, and his mind was completely blank.

After a few moments, a door appeared in his mind. The door opened, and Leone Jackson moved into the space. He focused his mind on Leone and knew instantly what he must do. Leone retreated through the door, and the door was no more. He then resumed his meditation; for how long he did not know, but soon, the trance began to lift. He stood up, stretched, then returned to his desk and began some routine paperwork.

Back in the gym, David was also in another world, a world of total lust. Paul's cock slid in and out of his ass, hitting his prostate on every stroke, Jesse worked his cock like the master cocksucker he was, and Mark was kissing and licking all his special places and playing tongue hockey in his mouth. Mark moved down to the taut skin and muscles covering his hips and gently chewed and sucked the skin. Despite his well-practiced control, that was all he could take. His hips rose up, his body a symphony of tight muscle and sinew, and he blasted load after load into Jesse's greedy mouth. Jesse swallowed as fast as he could, but the volume was enormous and David's sweet, salty, and musky semen leaked from around the large cock in his mouth. David cried out with the intensity of his orgasm as his body shuddered with each blast. Paul had not planned on cumming with David, but his cock was locked in place by David's sphincter, and his orgasmic contractions drove Paul over the edge. Paul's body, also a rare picture of beauty, drove his cock into David as far was it would go and shot load after load deep into his colon. His cries of pleasure joined David's as they made the sweet music of lust consummated.

Mark was last but by no means least--it was now his turn. Paul was playing clean-up man; he licked cum off Jesse's face and the spills on David's body. After a short rest, he then dropped to his knees, took Jesse's cock in his hand, winked at the twins, and said, "Let's see if this horse cock is ready for Mark's ass. I know my mouth is ready for his big dick." David pulled his brother's legs up in the air and Mark locked his hands behind his knees, exposing his hairless anus. David dived into his prize like a man possessed, licking and sucking on the portal to his brother's body.

Mark moaned as the sweet attack on his asshole continued, while Paul had Jesse's cock deep in his throat, preparing it for a mission in Mark's body. With Jesse's youth and vitality aiding him, Paul soon had the nine-inch penis standing tall and proud, ready and more than willing. Paul and Jesse looked over at the brothers as David was now tongue-fucking Mark, making sure the muscles around the hole were loose and ready to receive Jesse's large cock. When he was sure the hole was very wet, loose, and ready he called to Jesse, "Okay, he's ready, but take it easy, man, you got a big dick and I don't want my brother walking funny and looking like more of a slut than he already does."

Mark dropped his hands from around his legs and tried to punch David, but he was laughing too hard to connect. With the sexual tension broken, Jesse took his place between Mark's legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. His cock was slippery with Paul's saliva as he expertly guided it to the hole. He pressed gently, asking for permission to enter; Mark bore down and opened himself, and the head popped into its temporary new home. Mark clamped his teeth tight with the pain he knew would be quickly replaced with intense pleasure.

Jesse watched Mark's face waiting for it to relax, the heat surrounding the head of his penis tempting him to push hard and fast. He knew better, and was waiting till Mark was ready to receive him. Soon, they could all see Mark relax, and a smile replace the grimace. That was the signal Jesse was waiting for and he pushed and stopped, pushed and stopped, his eyes never leaving Mark's. Mark started pushing back, and soon, Jesse's pubic bone was flush with the hole. That was the signal the others were waiting for and they went to work on Mark's body.

His penis had softened with the initial pain of entry, and Paul quickly had the whole thing in his mouth and throat. Jesse started his slow and gentle fucking motions and he made sure that he and Mark were positioned so that his cock was rubbing against Mark's prostate gland. Mark jumped as stars flashed in his closed eyes when the head of Jesse's cock bumped his gland. David was kissing him with a passion that matched his own, and his hands were playing with his nipples. Paul's expert ministrations on his cock soon had it steely-hard again, and he entered a world of sexual bliss that words alone can not describe. Mark was lost in the land of fuck, his mind devoid of anything but the extreme pleasure his brother and his friends eagerly gave him.

Time stood still for all four of the boys as they worked in perfect harmony. The pace picked up as Mark urged them on with words he did not know he spoke: "Oh, God, faster, harder, oh, suck my cock, FUCK ME!" Paul and Jesse worked as a perfect team, fucking and sucking in sync. Faster and faster they went, driven by the love they had for Mark, forged at Mount Storm as they rid themselves and each other of the detritus of a world that tried to destroy them. The intensity of their love making--for that is what it was--could not last forever; no person in human form could endure for long in the world of love and compassion they had made together; and it soon reached its peak. Mark's orgasm was upon him now, and the event was felt by all four young men. The feelings fed them, body, mind, and spirit, made them stronger and better able to meet the challenges that the future held for them. This was why Mount Storm existed, and in this time and place, it was a success.

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