MR. Black Sings

A Sad Song 2

Chapter One

I love you, I love you not.



The man watched the boys from where he parked. He knew both of them. He'd had both of them. They looked even better now than when they were younger and he could barely resist. He was sure he had left them both to die. Yet now there they were alive and kicking and it gave him a rush.

He waited until they got back into the car and followed them, driving a few car lengths behind. He couldn't believe his luck when the boys finally stopped he saw his in when they entered the Shaw school. The boys entered the building and he followed close behind. He knew the building well, being a teacher at the school in it's first year. This was certainly getting interesting.

The man noticed his old boss, "Angel Steve," the man yelled loudly across the main floor of the school.

"Joseph," Steve yelled back walking towards the man. The two boys followed. Steve grabbed Joseph's hand and put his arm around the man. "Wow it must have been ages."

"A few years yes," the man said. "How have you been? I was driving by the school and I dropped in to see if you still ran this place."

"Guys this is Joseph Bean. He was a friend of mine that helped me build this school. He was also one of our finest teachers. That is until he got the higher education itch."

"And these might be some of your finest students I suspect," Joseph said looking at the boys.

"I wouldn't go as far as saying finest but they are the most interesting," Steve said gaining dirty looks from both of the boys. "This Raven haired young man is my nephew Brian he's one of our proud graduates and this handsome young man is my soon to be adoptive son Brady."

Joseph shook both of the boys hands a little taken aback as Steve had mentioned his relation to the boys. This would make it a lot harder. "I never knew you had a nephew he must be Pastor Shaw's son but I thought his name was Tyler."

"No Brian is my sisters son. We've recently reconciled," Steve said taking the man into his office. Brian watched the man as they walked away.


The cold was all we could think of in cold nights. I remember Brady and I used to squeeze together in the hallways of buildings until someone would kick us out. These days we don't have to be cold anymore.

"Do you remember where we stayed that first snowfall?" I asked.

"Yeah we stayed in the hallway to that apartment building on North," he answered when I pulled up in front of the same building. "Wow it still looks the same. I remember how angry that man was that we had snuck in."

Every year before Christmas we drove past that neighborhood together. We looked at the building for a few minutes and I drove away. We had shared a lot together and that made us better friends these day.

It's been over a year since officer Grant found me and my world was turned upside down. I had good friends and an even greater family that would always be there for me. I'm grateful for all of it and now the one thing that I was missing was finally coming home to me.

"Are you nervous?" Brady asked as we pulled up to my house.

"Nervous is an understatement," I said as Tim and Lisa piled into my car.

"We have one more person to pick up so you guys are going to have to squeeze in," I said as I tore away from the house.

Tim had just finished his first semester at the university and he was home from break. Lisa and I had become closer in the last year. She had gallery show after gallery show lined up and was getting ready to apply for art schools across the country. I didn't think she needed it but my parents had insisted so she was going to try them out. Uncle George and Aunt Christine had their first child, Georgie and they were expecting their second.

Brady and I were like best friends now. He had gotten to know the band especially Jason his now current boyfriend and he couldn't be happier. He was also getting into broadcasting and Steve had gotten him a job at the local television station. As for my band mates well we were getting bigger and bigger. We played at every local venue we could. We also played every function that Maybury high school allowed us.

Then there was Steve. I finally understood one part of Steve's life. The part that had me confused for a long time. I wanted to know what drove him to do everything he did. But then I realized he was like me just older. He had accomplished a lot and would accomplish a lot more. Something inside told him to do it. Then there was the other thing I noticed, his relationship to Pastor Shaw. I always saw them as brothers but something told me that there was something more or there should be. I suspect Pastor Shaw's being a pastor had something to do with it. I just hope they don't wait till it's too late.

"Who are we picking up," Tim asked. "We only have ten minutes to get to the stadium."

"It's on the way and we have twenty minutes," I said as we pulled out of Lakeside.

That night we were playing at the battle of the bands. My friend Drew and his band the Mikes were playing and they had asked us to join. First prize was a record deal with a local independent label. Ten minutes later we pulled into the driveway of a small house. This is where drew lived. He quickly walked out and jumped into the car.

"Hey guys I thought you would never come," Drew said.

"Yeah were sorry about that, but ever since his accident last year my brother drives like an old lady," said Lisa and we all laughed.

"Guys this is Drew," I said and they all responded.

I drove as quickly as I could to the stadium getting there with a minute to spare. My band was already here. I knew Tommy was already freaking out while Jason and Kevin just stared wondering what his tantrum was all about I always made it in time. I didn't know it back then but this would our first big break. There were many people there that would help us later on.

As I expected the first thing out Tommy's mouth was, `Where have you been?"

"I had to pick up Brady, Lisa, Tim and Drew," I said. "Don't worry guys we have plenty of time were on second to last," I said.

"Oh were not worried," Said Jason. "We knew you'd make it with one minute to spare. Oh and just so you know we've been bumped up were on second now. I guess some big exec wants to see us and he cant stay for the whole show so please, please give them your best."

Now I was panicking. I grabbed a bottle of water and was bout to drink it when Tommy replaced the bottle with a cup of tea and then dropped honey into the cup. "Better for you," he said and went to practice.

"He thinks of everything doesn't he?" Brady said as he passed me by, heading towards his boyfriend.

"I think he needs a boy friend,' I yelled.

I was in a particular good mood those days. I could count the days before Tyler came back home on one hand. I hadn't been able to visit him in that year he was away. His grandmother thought it best for him and her to be alone. I hated her for that but I didn't want to impose on the little time they had either besides Pastor Shaw and Steve didn't visit either. I got phone calls every few days and he sent us pictures of himself but now he was coming home and I could finally physically hold him.



There were three stadiums setup in the auditorium. Every time a band would finish a second one was ready to pick up where the previous one left off. We had the second stage and we were ready to play. The first band wasn't that good and they were quickly booed by the crowd. I think I heard Tim booing them. As soon as they were done the spotlight shone on us . Tommy was already beating the drums before they did and I started to sing.

I thought we might have done something wrong because there was no reaction from the crowd but when they cheered us as we got off I knew we had done good. They cheered so loud that they had to delay the next band.

"Dude that was awesome," Drew said as we stepped of the stage. Everyone else cheered us as we made it back stage. Tommy didn't seem happy as he pulled me aside.

"We could have done better," he said.

"Dude your freaking for no reason, We were awesome," I said.

"I'd say you guys were phenomenal," a man said extending his hand. "My name is Arthur and I'm an agent. I would like to represent you guys. Here is my card talk it over with your families and call me after the holidays," he said, shaking our hands.

I watched the man walk away. As soon as he did we found ourselves looking at each other in disbelief. We would have jumped but another man joined us. "Hi I'm Roger I was wondering If you guys were interested in a development deal," He said.

Ten minutes later we had three offers to join different labels and Drew told us that we should really be interested in having Arthur as our agent. Apparently Arthur was the agent of a writer friend he knew. My mother was crying and my father invited everyone out to The Olivero, my uncle George's restaurant.

"Let's toast these guys," Steve said raising his cup.

"Let's toast to a great year,'' added my mother.

"To a great family, good friends and a great son," my father said, looking at me.

"To everyone, Including little Georgie," I said raising my own cup and everyone cheered.

After dinner I had the band over. We were going to spend the night watching cheesy horror movies. Jason had persuaded Brady to join us and Lisa invited herself. I made sure Drew knew he was also invited and he decided he would come. Tim had other plans with Connor.

"Which one should we watch first? Bloodsucking wives or Bloodsucking aliens from mars?" Brady asked.

"Which one looks the most disgusting?" I asked.

"Bloodsucking wives!" Every body but Lisa said. Lisa looked a little annoyed by that.

So Brady put the movie in as Tim and Connor walked into the living room with two big buckets of popcorn. "We went to the movies there was nothing we wanted to see so we decided to join you guys," said Tim.

"Who said you were invited," I said, earning myself the pillow that hit me of the side of my head. "This is why we don't invite animals inside," I added, catching the second pillow and making everybody laugh when Tim looked startled.

Every body was dozing off by the second movie. I decided that everyone should stay here so I brought pillows and blankets down. Tommy had gone up to my room and had fallen asleep on my bed. Jason and Brady had snuggled up on the floor underneath Lisa who was snoring like a cow and Kevin looked at Lisa like she was a god. I gave him a dirty look.

"Dude you think you could give me a ride home," Drew asked me.

"Drew you know you're more than welcome to stay," Tim said.

"Yeah I want you to stay," I added.

"I would but I have to go to work early tomorrow. You know how hospitals are and my stuff is at my house," he said. "I don't want to wake you up at five in the morning."

I knew he wasn't telling the truth, he really didn't want to stay for another reason and I couldn't place it. I didn't want to make him do something he didn't want to do so I said, "Alright man let's go."

"So what's the real reason you need to leave," I asked as we walked out of the house.

He looked at me like he had been caught. "No, no reason I really have to work tomorrow," he said.

"Really because I know you're lying," I said. "Do you feel uncomfortable or something?"

He looked defeated and slowed his walk. "I used to have a friend that meant a lot to me. He was a great friend always made sure he was there for me you know? His family was wealthy kind of like yours. They have a big house and everything. I didn't have much and my father used to beat me all of the time. My friend Michael the one I told you used to be the lead singer in our band. Well his parents never wanted me around. They hated me and every time I went to see him they told me he was away."

He looked away for a long time and then he started talking again. "I feel uncomfortable because when I see your family it makes me wonder what I could have had you know. You guys are all so close and I don't even know where my father is today. My only family is dead and I feel like I am imposing on yours," he said.

"You can never impose on my family. You are always welcome in my house. I think of you as a friend," I said taking his hand. "Come let's go back inside we can finish the movie."


The next day was crazy. My parents were in full decorating mode and Grandma made cookies for everyone as uncle George and Grandma Lorraine fought over who was going to make Christmas dinner. Christine and my little sisters played with little Georgie.

Tommy, Jason and Kevin had left with Brady. I was about to give Drew a ride home when My cell phone rang. I looked at it and my heart skipped a beat. It was Tyler. Drew gave me an odd smile and said he'd wait in the kitchen.


"Hi Brian," said a voice on the other line. It didn't belong to Tyler.

"Yes this is he," I said as the woman began speaking.

"Hi I'm calling to tell you that Tyler will be arriving tomorrow at noon," she said as I wondered why Tyler hadn't called himself. "I tried calling Pastor Shaw but I was not able to get a hold of him. Could you please relay this information. I'm sorry to have bothered you." I looked at the cell phone in disbelief.

I dialed Pastor Shaw at his church office. "Hi Brian," he said. "I already know I just don't like talking to that woman. I expect that you will join us tomorrow morning?'

"You can't keep me away," I said.

"But?" he asked me.

"Well why didn't he call and tell us himself?"

"I was wondering that myself," he said. "Believe it or not I haven't spoken to him in a week and it's making me nervous. I don't know what's going on but I will promise you that I will get to the bottom of it. Anyways on another note can I count on you to sing at Christmas mass?"

"Of course you needn't ask," I said.

"Great I'll bring the music by tomorrow," he said. "And Brian I wouldn't worry too much, he's only hours away now."

I said good by and walked towards the kitchen where I found my little sisters Kim and Kelly forcing food into Drew's mouth. "Try this one," Kim said as Kelly brought over a plate of gingerbread cookies.

"Girls leave him alone," Grandma Lorraine said, handing Drew a bag full of the cookies. "Here take these with you."

I smiled and grabbed a sugar cookie from the plate. "Are you ready," I asked.

"Sure," Drew said as I unlocked the doors to my car. To my surprise I found Kevin and Lisa standing really close to each other in the drive way.

"I thought you went home," I said. "Why are you guys hiding when everybody knows?"

Lisa gave me an ugly look and pulled Kevin away as I smiled. I motioned for Drew to follow me to my car. A few minutes later we were pulling out of Lakeside. I looked over at Drew. For some reason even though he was older than me I felt like I needed to protect him. From what he had told me the night before I could see that he hadn't had a lot worth while in his life and now he was coping with the idea of being a part of something.

"That's where my friend used to live," he said pointing at a white house at a dead end street. I looked in that direction and all I saw were perfect sized mansion houses. "Sometimes he used to sneak me in late when my father would hit me," Drew said.

"I'm sorry Drew," I said taking his hand.

"Me too," he said, squeezing my hand.

We drove in silence until we reached his house. He smiled and tried to leave the car but I pulled him back into a hug. "I'm your friend alright?" I whispered. We held for a second and started to pull away. I looked into his eyes and he was looking into mine. Something Slowly pulled us closer and closer until our lips locked. I don't know what was going on but something inside of me liked that it was going on. His hands found themselves behind my head. Mine did the same until we pulled away to catch our breaths.

Everything I could ever know about relationships had become irrelevant in the few seconds we kissed. I knew things had to change now and for the first time in that whole year Tyler wasn't in my mind. Drew was in my mind.

I drove as fast as I could to nowhere. I felt sick I did what I never thought I would ever do. I had betrayed a trust. I did what Brady had done to me and I felt worse than dirt. I felt like a hypocrite. Why did I do it? Why did I let these feelings come out now. I had said no to so many people this year and I let these feelings come out now? My cell phone was ringing and for some reason Steve was tapping on my window. I had driven to the Shaw school.

"Brian what's wrong?" "Steve yelled.

"I did something bad Steve. I didn't mean to," I said. He looked at me and tried to take my hand but I pulled it away. "I need to go," I said and I pulled away.

Steve was the last person I wanted to talk to at a moment like this. I knew the only person that would help was Tyler. I quickly dialed his number as I drove. It rang three times until his voice mail alert kicked in. I hung up and a second later my cell phone rang. It was Steve. I threw it aside and I drove home.

"Brian," my mother called as I entered the house. I took the stairs and I headed straight up to my room, dodging several family members and one band member in the process. I locked my door and the door to the bathroom Lisa and I shared.

"Brian are you alright? Steve called," my mother said from her end of the door. My cell phone rang again. I picked it up it was Tyler. I threw the cell phone across the room.

My bed would cradle my guilt for the rest of the day.


My hands were sweaty as I stepped out of my car. You could say I was nervous but that would be too much of an understatement. Inside my stomach was in knots that only a boy scout could make. I felt so guilty about everything I had done. I almost didn't go to the airport.Drew had called that night also. I ignored his call and left my house without talking to any one. I couldn't face my family not with the guilt I carried.

I walked towards one of the shuttle stops and waited for one to show up. It took a few minutes for one to show up and to my surprise I found Pastor Shaw on the bus with Jenny and Steve.

"Hey cousin," Jenny said giving me a huge hug. She also had grown and was getting prettier each day.

"Hey gorgeous," I said spinning her around. We almost lost our balance amusing Steve and Pastor Shaw.

Steve motioned me over. "You feeling better?' he asked me.

"Not really but I can deal with it," I lied to Steve and I was quite sure he could see through my lies.

He leaned in to me and whispered in my ear. "I spoke with Drew last night. He was worried about you. It was only a kiss Brian. Tyler wouldn't hate you for that. Besides you wouldn't be freaking out if you didn't care about Tyler."

"Hey what are you guys whispering about over there," Pastor Shaw said. "It's not like we don't already know."

Now I felt really bad and it must have shown because Jenny gave me a big hug. "In my opinion it's his fault. This is what happens when you ignore your boyfriend," Jenny said earning herself a pat from Pastor Shaw.

"Jenny please," Steve said smiling. "No One can resist Mr. Black over here."

I was so happy to finally be able to put my arms around him. Yet I was so scared to tell him about Drew. It was only a kiss and it had made me doubt everything I had ever known. Jenny held my hand as we waited.

"I'm nervous," Jenny said. "What if he looks different?"

I was about to answer when I noticed Tyler heading our way. He did look different. Different in the fact he looked very happy with the guy who's hand he held. At some point Jenny also noticed because she squeezed my hand and pulled me away from them.

"Guys wait," Steve said but Jenny wasn't having it.

"Where did you park?" she asked. It took everything I knew was a part of me not to go over there and break his face. I must have stopped at some point because Jenny was pulling me with everything she had. "Come on Brian. He's not worth it and we can't stay here," she said, pulling at my arm. When I finally gave way she almost went down.

"Brian!" I heard Tyler yell from somewhere behind me. "Brian wait!"

"No!" I yelled back as my fists clenched. "You stay away from me!"

"And me too!" Jenny added.

I no longer felt guilty...



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There is also a lot of underlying stories that we will get to including the relationship between Pastor Shaw and Steve and the darker underlying story that is just beginning to progress including Brian, Brady and the Man named Joseph.

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