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Mr. Black Sings

A Sad Song 2

Chapter Two

I want it now, I want it fast.

I didn’t know what I felt. I don’t know what I could feel. Tyler had done far worse to me than I had done to him, and I refused to feel bad anymore. I dropped Jenny off and I drove straight to the last person I should have, and that person was Drew.

I knocked loudly on his door.

One second,” Drew said from his side of the door.

I waited impatiently for a minute, then I knocked again. “You couldn’t wait a minute?” Drew asked, still in his pajamas.

No,” I said, and I threw my arms around him.

Wait Brian, are you sure? Look I’m sorry for last . . .,” he tried to say, but my mouth interrupted him. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him close, unbuttoning his shirt. “Wait, Brian. Look, I’m flattered, but I don’t want to be your rebound guy. Shit, I like you Brian, but you don’t know what you feel for me yet, alright? Let’s take this slow,” Drew said, pushing me away.

I gave him a look. “I know what I want and right now, and that is you,” I said.

But, what about later, Brian? What do you want from me later? You can’t answer that can you?” He had me there. “I’m sorry I kissed you. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

I knew what I wanted, right then and there, and it was revenge. I wanted to outdo Tyler. “I’m sorry Drew. You’re right I, I just wanted to get back at Tyler.” I said.

What happened?” Drew asked, grabbing my hand as he guided me to the couch. I told him about Tyler and how he seemed to have forgotten me, and I now knew why. I told him how I felt my heart break, and then put itself back together when my anger overtook my guilt. He held my hands as I poured my heart out, and I felt silly. I never needed anyone before they found me except for Brady.

Together we were independent, with nothing to fear but the cold. Now, as Drew held my hand, I wanted more. I needed more, and I knew he was willing to give it to me, but not like this. I knew the feelings were there. I had just ignored them for a long time. I knew I liked him ever since we met, but I my feelings for Tyler were always stronger. Now my feelings for Drew felt stronger than ever before, and I wanted to know how he felt.

Drew can I ask you a question?”

Sure,” he said.

What do you want?” I asked, facing him. “I mean, what do you want from me?”

I don’t think this is the time to talk about that,” he said, moving away from the couch. I watched as he disappeared into the kitchen. I followed him.

I want to know what you want from me.” I said. “Tell me, please.”

Drew looked at me for a long time. Then he spoke. “I know I haven’t felt this way about someone in a long time.” He walked closer to me. “I like you. I told you that, and maybe in the future you and I could take that further. I made a mistake kissing you. Right now, jumping into another relationship is something you don’t need.”

I kissed you too, Drew. I don’t see why we should wait,” I said.

He shook his head. “Look, take some time and, later on if you still feel the same, we can do this right,” Drew said. “Come on, I’ll make you lunch.’


Tyler kept calling me and, quite frankly, it was annoying me so I finally answered just to yell at him. “What do you want Tyler?”

Brian, can we talk?”

Not if you don’t want me to chop your head off,” I said. “Stop calling me and stay away from me. I never want to see you again, but we both know that I will see you again. Keep your distance. I have nothing to say to you ever again, alright? Have a great life.” I hung up and threw my cell phone across the room.

Bit harsh,” said Lisa, walking into my room.

Don’t you knock?” I asked, as she sat next to me.

No, and don’t expect that I ever will. I’m your big sis. I own you. So now, can you tell me what’s going on?” she asked.

I filled her in on the bad news . “Do you want me to beat him up?’ she asked, jokingly. I scowled at her and she laughed. “Look at the bright side; now you can finally seduce Drew. I know you want him. I can read it in your face,” she said.

I already tried and he said no,” I told her, and she raised an eyebrow.

My little bro is turning into a little slut,” she teased, messing my hair up. “Look, maybe he’s right; you can’t just jump from relationship to relationship. Just take it slow with him. I know he likes you. Now, I’m off to track down that bastard, Tyler. I need to give him a piece of my mind,” she said, leaving me alone.

I wondered if she was joking, but I was too mad to care. The next person to walk in was Brady. “Hey man, I heard,” he said, sitting on my desk chair. “It’s not going to help you to sit here all day. Why don’t we go out and do something. We could call the guys and go to Jimmie’s or the mall.”

I shook my head, and I walked towards the window. “You know something? I think I always knew. He wasn’t talking to me anymore,” I said. “Not like he used to. You remember that album of pictures he gave me before he left.”

Oh, yeah. Didn’t he have that kid, Chris Dean, take them before he moved away?” Brady asked.

Yeah, those pictures meant so much to me at that moment. Now I wonder if he really meant everything he said before he left, and that makes me angry. I hate doubting that I ever meant anything,” I told him. “That’s what hurt the most; that and the fact that I felt guilty over kissing Drew when he had a new relationship going on in Seattle.”

Brady walked over to me and leaned on my shoulder. “You can always kick his ass,” Brady Joked.

I also have to apologize to you. I am a hypocrite,” I said, turning towards him. “I made it hard on you, and now I did the same thing. I’m sorry.”

No, don’t you ever be sorry. We worked on the streets, but now were better off as friends, as family. Plus, if we hadn’t broken up, how would I have met Jason?" he said, blushing. I smiled and turned back to the window.

Oh, don’t look now but Persona Non Gratis just pulled up,” Brady said, pointing to Tyler’s car.

Quick, we have to make our getaway,” I said, grabbing my coat and heading towards the stairs. “We're going to have to take the back stairs.” Brady followed me down. I heard Tyler speaking to my mother as we passed the kitchen. I also heard somebody call him a bastard. I assumed that to be Lisa.

We quickly got into my car. I opened the garage door using the remote. Then I peeled out of the garage, stopping next to Tyler’s car, and noticed the boy inside. We sized each other up before I peeled out again. “What a piece of shit,” I said as we left the driveway. I was out of Lakeside two minutes later. We laughed all the way to Jimmie’s.


Joseph, please consider it,” Steve said. “The school could really use you.’

I don’t know, Steve; I’m retired now. My teaching days are far behind,” Joseph said, noticing Brady as he entered Steve’s office. Brady handed Steve a cup of coffee.

Brady, you remember Joseph,” Steve said. Brady took the man's hand and smiled. “I’m trying to persuade Joseph to be a teacher here again.”

Joseph had been banned from being a teacher when it was discovered that he had an extensive amount of child pornography in his possession. He had also been involved with one of his students. Yet, his worst secrets had never surfaced. They included the fact that he had forced Brady to give him oral sex, and then almost beat him to death, one cold night a year ago. Brady wasn’t the first and he certainly wasn’t the last.

What do you teach?” Brady asked.

I used to teach history,” Joseph said, letting his eyes linger on the boy. Joseph’s desire was in overdrive, and it was becoming increasingly hard to control. He wanted more of the boy.

Incidentally, Joseph was also the man that had kidnapped Brian three years ago. He had also left Brian for dead, and he wondered if the boy had recognized him the day they met at the school.

Joseph, what if I can keep you on, just as a consultant? You wouldn’t have to actually instruct; you could work with my teachers to develop a better curriculum for our students. Would that be alright?”

That sounds perfect,” Joseph said, smiling.


Do you like him?” I asked Brady.

Do I like who?” asked Brady.

You know, that new teacher Steve hired, Joseph,” I said, as we waited for Steve by my car.

I don’t know; he seems nice,” Brady said.

I don’t know; there’s something about him I can’t place,” I said. “The first time we met him, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had seen him before.”

Please don’t tell me that this is one of your sixth sense sort of things, because every time you get one you seem to be totally right, and it gets us into a lot of trouble.”

I don’t know; it might be,” I said.

Well, keep me out of it,” Brady said. “We already get in enough trouble as it is. And -speaking of trouble, you might want to leave. Here comes some more.”

I looked through the glass walls of Steve’s office, and I noticed that Tyler and his new boyfriend were walking towards us. ”Tell Steve that something came up and I can’t meet with him,” I said, grabbing my bag and slipping out the back way. Unfortunately I ran into Steve before I could leave, he was smoking.

Can I have one?” I asked.

No!’ he quickly answered. “You’re too young to start, and I wish I never had, so I won’t let you make that mistake.”

Alright, but you know I’ll be able to buy my own next year,” I said.

I know, and that scares me,“ he said, dropping the butt on the ground. He stepped on it and then looked at me. “I just saw Tyler pull up.”

Then you know I have to go,” I answered, and he smiled, putting his arm around me. “Why? I think you should stay and make the little fuckers squirm. I already hate that rat he’s with.”

I’d rather not, because I can’t be accountable for my fists,” I said. Steve laughed and let me go. “Seriously, every time I see him now, they clench up. I don’t like that.”

Oh, somehow I think you do,“ he said, amusing himself. “Alright Brian, do you want me to send Brady back here?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No, Brady has work tonight. I think I’m going to go take Jenny out for lunch.”

Good. You do that. She needs to get out of the house; she’s driving me crazy,” Steve said, and disappeared back into the building. I smiled for a second before I started to walk again.

I picked up my cell phone and dialed Jenny’s number. She picked up after two rings. “Hey, Brian,” she answered. “What’s up?’

What are you doing right now?” I asked.

Well, I was about to watch some TV. Why? You know of something better to amuse a young girl distressed by boredom?”

Yeah, how about some good food, good conversation and, oh yeah, some good ole Tyler bashing,” I said.

Sounds perfect, dahling. What should I wear?” She asked.

What ever you can put on in three minutes,” I said, turning into her street.


So he says to me, ‘hi, I’m Ryan. I’m dating your brother.’ So I answer, ‘last I knew my brother’s boyfriend was named Brian and he was a much better looking person,’” Jenny said, putting a piece of chicken into her mouth.

So he actually brought this kid with him?” Christine asked.

Yeah, you should have seen Brian. If I hadn’t taken him away, he would have done some serious damage to my brother and his ugly boyfriend,” Jenny said. Christine gave me a sad look, and popped a piece of tomato from my salad into her mouth.

We ended up at the Olivero. It was Jenny’s favorite. The restaurant was closed, but Uncle George was only too happy to oblige as long as we helped Christine fold napkins. Uncle George was in the kitchen with my two grandmothers, who were looking through some mail order catalogue, while George prepared the day’s meals with one of his chefs.

The restaurant was going to expand and take over the building next door. Everyone that came into the restaurant always praised uncle George’s food, and grandma Lorraine always took the credit. Uncle George was going crazy over it; that, and the fact that Christine was pregnant again.

How many months are you now,” I asked Christine.

I’m three and a half,” she said, taking another tomato.

Do you guys know what you’re having?” I asked. She shook her head.

No, we decided not to find out with this one. We’re hoping for a girl so we can name her Lorraine,” she whispered. “It’s a surprise for your nana,”

I smiled and took my plate to the kitchen, leaving Jenny and Christine to catch up. Grandma Lorraine gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. “I heard about your boy,” she said. “What a shame; I liked this Tyler.”

So did I,” I said, as grandma took my plate.

So what about this Drew we keep hearing about?” grandma asked.

Yes, tell us about him,” grandma Lorraine added. “He good to you?”

God, news travels fast, huh?”

Tell them, or they will start asking questions. You should have seen them when I met Christine. I still have nightmares,” uncle George said as he let his Chef taste the sauce he was cooking. “They hounded me until I gave in.”

My grandmothers were looking at me expectantly when my cell phone started to ring. It was Tommy. “Brian, where are you?”

I’m at the Olivero,” I said.

We have a gig tonight at that club downtown. They are paying us, too,” Tommy said, excitedly. “The gig’s at seven, but I was hoping we could practice a little, you know?”

Can we do it later this afternoon? I’m kind of in the middle of something right now, and Jenny’s with me,” I said.

Alright, but no later than four,” he said. “Call me, Brian.”

I looked at my Grandmas and I smiled. “Where do I begin.”


I waited for Tommy to finish his drum solo before I began to sing again. Singing was still my release. Anything bad could happen to me but, as long as I could sing, I knew I’d be alright. Nothing could ever take that away from me.

That was a good set,” Tommy said as we finished.

Wow, he’s actually giving us a compliment,” Kevin joked, and everyone except Tommy laughed.

Can you blame me if I want us to be good?” he asked.

That’s the problem. We are good; you just don’t see it because you want us to be perfect,’ Jason stated.

I think you guys were perfect,” Mary Beth, Tommy’s sister, said, walking in with a pitcher of juice and some cups. Her friends, Trish and Julian, followed behind.

Thank you,” I said.

You’re welcome. You guys remember Trish and Julian, right?” she asked. We nodded and Julian walked over to me.

I heard what happened,” he said.

Damn, schools not even in session, and everyone knows already?”

Well, you know how schools are,” he said. “So, if you ever need to talk or anything, just give me a call.” I couldn’t believe it; he was hitting on me two days after I broke up with my boyfriend. This kid is the gayest straight guy I know.

I had met him a few months ago and, yeah, I was tempted, but I never let it go any further. He’s very good looking, but I had a boyfriend, and now I don’t want to mess up anything I might have with Drew in the future.

Sure, Julian,” I said politely, and walked over to the mike as the band started to play again.

Ten minutes later Tommy was at it again with his sister. These two loved to fight, and Julian was still trying to wiggle his way into my pants. I pretended that I had to leave, and told the guys I’d meet them at the club. When I got to my car, I sped off as fast as I could out the Stevenson’s driveway.

When I reached my house I noticed that Tyler’s car was parked outside. “Shit!” I cursed to myself. I needed to get to my room to get ready for tonight. I knew he’d be in the kitchen, if anywhere, so I opted for the front entrance.

He was in the kitchen, and I could hear Tim interrogating Ryan. Then I heard the last thing I wanted to hear. “I just heard that they are playing downtown tonight,” my mother said, and I quickly climbed the stairs. “Brian, is that you?” my mother yelled as I reached the second floor.

I locked the door to my room. I also locked Lisa’s door so no one could come in. I dialed Drew’s number; I wanted him to be there. Unfortunately, he had to work and couldn’t make it. Next, I dialed Brady and asked if he needed a ride. He said, no, he was coming in with Jason. I frowned and dialed jenny’s number. She said she would come, and I told her I’d pick her up before six.

Next, I jumped into the shower; it felt so good. I could hear someone banging on my door and I ignored it. I knew it could only be Tyler: my parents have a key, and if it was important they would just open the door. Then it occurred to me that they might just open the door for Tyler. I quickly jumped out of the shower and grabbed my underwear, my shoes and the clothes I had set out for the night, and locked myself in the bathroom.

I dried off and quickly got dressed. I heard the door to my room open so I decided it was time for me to leave. I left through Lisa’s door and headed for the stairs. I could hear them calling my name inside my room. I laughed when I reached the car; it felt like I had pulled the perfect escape, not once, but twice.


I pulled up to Steve’s apartment building. Jenny was already waiting outside, and Brady was with her. I watched as they played rock paper scissors to see who got shotgun. Brady won, and Jenny frowned as they got in.

I thought you were going in with Jason.” I said.

He’s running fashionably late,” Jenny said, and Brady nodded with a smile.

Hey, guess what? I just escaped the bastard at my house again,”

You’re so lucky you can do that,” Jenny said. “I have to have dinner with him tomorrow, before he goes back to Seattle.”

This was news to me. “You mean he’s leaving again? Not that I care or anything.” But I did care. I cared a lot more than I should have, and it was making me angry. That means he lied more than once. He told he’d be back for good.

Yeah, and he wants me to go with him. I said, no way Jose. I have my life here and my family will always be you guys. Besides, I don’t like that woman who’s supposed to be my grandmother; I like ours instead,” Jenny said, flashing her whites.

Brady gave me a frown as I drove. I had to be careful; I drove too fast when I was angry. I slowed down and pulled over. I asked Brady to take the wheel. I couldn’t do it anymore. I don’t know why I even bothered in the first place. He knew he wasn’t coming back for good. Then, suddenly, it all made sense. That’s why he had a new boyfriend; he was going to need one if I wasn’t there. He could have had the decency to break up with me first.

The club was packed. I noticed a lot of people from school, including Julian, Mary Beth and Trish. Tim, Lisa and Conner were sitting at a table with them. Jenny and Brady joined them as I stepped on the stage.

Your late,” Tommy whispered.

I’m sorry,” I whispered back as they introduced us. Tommy started, then Jason and Kevin began. A few seconds later and I gave one of the best performances I ever had, and it was fueled by the anger I felt for Tyler who just happened to walk into the club with his new boyfriend in tow…


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