Angel, Pete, Darren and more Absurdness

Chapter II

(Story is not mean to be serious. Quirky and weird, and strange and stupid. I'd know...I'm a teenager - and so are my characters)






"Oh Derek saw the fall. It was pretty unique." I look up at him. The fucking tart. His brown hair is longer than usual, almost falling like feathers around his rather unique face. His green eyes are laughing at me. Oh how I hated Pete - him and his oh so perfect ness.

"Go eat shit." Yeah that will teach him. The pretty boy whose eyes sparkle at me like I am his own personal source of amusement.

"Only if you eat it with me darling," he coos at me in his usual sultry tone. He sits down next to me placing his bag neatly on the white surface of the table, he slowly takes his books out. Making a neat little pile. I can't help it. I push them off the table and watch as they crash onto the floor.

"Well that was useful," he says sighing. He leans down and picks them up. His tight T-shirt riding up his brown skin. I'm a weirdo. If I wasn't so weird, I'd be cutting on a regular base. But I'm that weird, I even find cutting weird. You know?

"Stop staring at me. You know you make me feel icky," he says grinning at me, and all I want to do is a) either stab him or b) throw him down some sort of shaft.

"You know thinking of ways to kill me won't go down well with your pacifist parents," he muses. Knowing me too well.

"Go away whore. If I make you feel icky, you have no idea what you are making me feel," I say bitterly.

He laughs at me again, his laughter causing the filling classroom look at him in amusement. He has a unique laugh. A sweet sort of laugh. He looks at me again - making me all gooey inside...not because I fancy him or anything, more so because he's my best friend and he makes me very gooey.

He leans in close to me his breath sweet and soft against my ear, "I don't think Darren will like the fact you call me a whore." I actually grin at that. Good old Darren. With his tall stature, his football skills, big brains, and all around gorgeous body and face - falls in love with a boy. How so very odd.

"He's your pimp like," I say giggling. Pete leans back a small tug pulling at his soft looking lips. The door opens again - and will for the last time, as the teacher comes in followed by good old Darren and his posse. I turn around and look at Pete, when he sees Darren he looks so peaceful and so in love - it would make me sick, if it wasn't Pete. He just has this look of pure love and devotion, and it sorta breaks my heart, because if Pete were to loose that he would be devastated. That's why I like Darren - he's not a bully, and he's a good friend, and as much as I choke on my bile to admit this - he's a brilliant boyfriend. He loves Pete more than even Pete loves him - which is bloody well something.

They're not out obviously. God forbid that. Well no actually, it's not bad here at school. You have your usual bullies who like putting people down (I.e. me). But that's just me. See people adore and admire Pete and Darren, in two total different ways. They are all their sexiness. Damn bitches.

Darren doesn't sit anywhere near us. He sits away - like on the other side. Not because of choice because his stupid best friend makes him. I always find it weird how Darren could be such a good guy, and his best pal is flaming lunatic. But Pete doesn't care because Darren loves him and he's peaceful with that. I love Pete and Darren - so pretty together.

"What you thinking about?" asks Pete squinting his glittery green eyes at me.

"You and Darren," I muse quietly, "So beautiful," I murmur.

He gives me the most beautiful smile, like what I said was like me solving all the world's mysterious. And for a moment I wish I could find someone like Pete and Darren. Whose love is so pure and so beautiful that it would make people cry in hope and faith. In in these times I feel normal - I feel so normal that I just want to float away, but I know I can't because things like this happen to me.


My perfect world is broken just like that and I look at my chemistry teacher, who not only laughed at me but humiliated me not a few moments ago.

"Yes?" I ask slowly.

"Can you please answer the question I just asked you," she says; arms folded and her grey eyes piercing into my pale blue ones. I cocked my head at Pete who looks at me with a small smile, knowing exactly what I'm going to do - what I'm going to say,

"You were hurting my head. Sorry I'll try to listen, but it's so hard," Pete's smile widens and I hear faint snorts around the classroom. You can take away my freedom...but you can't take away my sense of humour. Ha!

She looks at me her nose pointing down at me, and she kind of looks like the evil headmistress from `Matilda' only Miss. Armstrong is stick thin. Man I love that movie...

"One more word Derek, and you'll be out of this class so fast," she says kinda going pink round the ears. Her threat is empty though. She can't kick me out anyway, we've been through way too many times for me to even count.

"Sure. I do apologise," I say in my most impressive dismissive tone. She kind of huffs at me for a few seconds, and I kind of want to move away. I mean she could be diseased. She finally does move away and I start to wipe my face with my hands. I can hear Pete chuckle at me, and I ignore him.

"For those of you who were listening," she says looking at me. I kind of want to tell her go `fuck herself' but I can't be bothered.. Mostly because she'll come up to me and start huffing in my face, and a person like her just has to be diseased.

"We will have a young man coming into the class. He's studying chemistry at university, and plans to go to teaching school after he gets his degree. As he's my nephew and I offered him to be come in a few days at a time, and help with the class and get a feel of what its like to be a teacher."

I really feel sorry for this guy. I mean being related to her is bad enough, but to want to become a teacher is worse. Poor guy - I bet she molested him into doing this.

"Okay Angelino come on in."

Oh. My. God. It's the pretty boy who laughed at me when the door attacked me. Wow. he's gorgeous. His black hair falling past his ears - so tall - so tanned - so damn beautiful. His eyes are the ocean like an endless ocean.

"Introduce yourself," she says to him and he smiles lightly at her. She actually looks like she loves him. Her usually dead grey eyes glint in happiness.

"Hey guys you can call me Angel. Well as Miss. Armstrong said I'm her nephew and I plan to teach Chemistry after I'm done with university. I'm just going to be wandering around, and helping you guys as much as I can. I'll be here few days out of the week.

I looked around the class and as predicted saw all the girls look at Angel in lust. Man he was beautiful. Like crazy beautiful. Like he shouldn't even allowed to grace a place we call earth, because he is that beautiful.

"I'm going to actually spend some time with the people who are having a little more difficulty with the course. Hopefully we can work something out...yes?"

I look over and see Lauren put her hand up in the air. He uniform tight enough to look like she stood around in street corners as a bloody hooker. Stupid wench.

"I'm having difficulty with some of the ... um chemistry, " she says blushing. I dunno if that's for sex appeal stroke innocence but what the hell it still makes him smile.

"Well from what I can see you're doing pretty well," he says making Lauren flush in embarrassment, "But don't worry everyone needs help occasionally. Don't be afraid to be smart," I kinda blanch at that. What is this guy a bloody fortune cookie. Fortune cookie I've never had one actually.

"Hey. Have you ever had a fortune cookie?" I ask Pete. My attention span is so small. I put goldfishes to shame. Pete looks at me with a curious expression, his pretty green eyes (again) looking at me with amusement. Man you'd think I the jonsies for the guy. But I don't seriously. That'd be incest, and plus Darren would stab me to death if I tried anything. He's kinda scary.

"Nah. Don't like Chinese food." I nod and turn my attention back to Angel. Such a pretty name. Such a pretty man. I guess the class has started because the cunt of a teacher is writing away on the white board, and Angel is just sitting there watching her - while I sit and watch him. I guess I kind of spazzed out for a bit, and all I see is blue eyes watching me with a smirk.

"Eek," not the most manliest sounds but it's the most I could get out at the moment.

"Derek do you have a problem?" says Miss. Armstrong sighing in annoyance, and for once I don't want to mouth back at her. I just shake my head, and she rolls here eyes at me. I look anywhere but Angel and his pretty, pretty blue eyes.

Class ends as usual. Exactly on the hour, and I want to get up - but I am so damn tired all of a sudden. So I kinda just sit around watching Pete put his things back neatly into his bag.

"You are so anal," I say to him. You know pointing the bloody obvious.

"Good. Darren likes that about me," he says giggling. I giggle alongside with him. But then my attention is brought back to the hottie who is standing talking to the ever whore Lauren.

"Are you going to get up or what," it's more of a statement. I look up at Darren who is standing way to close to Pete. But then again he is his boyfriend. I look to his side, and see his spaz of a best friend has already gone.

"Where's your crazy other half?" I ask him standing up and stretching.

"He's gone to his class. You know like all the normal folk," says Darren irritably at me, but not in a mean way. I look over at Angel again, he's fiddling with his hair. I wish I could play with it.

"You know staring at him is probably freaking him out," says Pete quietly. He starts to put my books into my bag and throws it over my shoulder. I let him push me out of the door, only because I'm scared I might do something stupid.

"Why would it freak him out?" I ask Pete walking alongside him. He smirks at me, "Maybe because it's bad luck you," he says laughing. Darren gives a snort and throws his arm around Pete.

"Tossers," I mumble out.

"Don't bitch," says Pete, "He's a good looking guy, I can see why you were staring at him." Darren gives Pete a sideways glance, but doesn't say anything. He's not really the jealous type.

"Well it's not like I could get him anyway. He's so out of my league," I say glumly. Feeling sorry for myself has never been easier.

"Stop putting yourself down man. I'm sure if you make normal for a day, you could have any guy you wanted," says Darren smiling evilly at me. I'd have said something to him, but my class came. I didn't say bye to them and just walked into my class, ten minutes late.

"Hurry up Darren," says Mr. Burns. I nod my head and make my way to my seat, and sit down like a petulant child. I didn't even know Angel, and I was already acting like a bloody idiot. Man what would happen if I talked to the guy? I gave a small shudder, and decided to forget about everything, and actually concentrate on the French - sadly it was the only subject I actually liked.


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