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My Angel Sean

Chapter 3 - Where Life & Love begins

As Sean and I walked out of the coffee shop, I began to burst into fits of laughter. "Dude!" I controlled myself, "My mum will be expecting us home for dinner," imitating him. Immediately, Sean laughed himself. The sight of this boy laughing was amazing. He was beautiful to me...and one word to describe him would be boyish. Plain and simple. Then again...cute, adorable, sexy...and the list goes on. "What was I supposed to say?!" he asked me arms out, like he wanted to hug me. How I wish he would hug me! "You could've come up with something better." I began to laugh again, and he gave me a playful punch on the shoulder, sending shivers up and down my spine. Boy, even a punch from him made me shiver from head to toe. "Ow!" I said, faking the pain, while having a grin on my face. "Race ya!" he shouted as he bolted away and started running. With a slight delayed reaction, cuz I was staring at his cute ass as he ran, I went after him.

He kept looking back to see if I was still there or something. As we neared his house, he ran up the driveway. I must've thought he was still running, cuz I ran right into him, and we both fell onto the grass. It wasn't a hard crash, but enough to leave us a bit stunned. Sean got up, brushed himself off. "Are you okay?" he asked, snickering at me. "I'm okay, give me a hand up," I said as I held my hand out. When he took my hand, I pulled him back down. I was intending on pulling him onto the grass, but he fell on top of me instead. "That's for laughing at me!" I said as we were face to face. Sensory overload! Of all my emotions that were running through me, the ones that stood out the most were fear and excitement. Excitement, cuz I had the most beautiful boy on top of me, fear because he might not be gay at all, and I might've made the wrong move. For what seemed like an eternity, he sat up, directly on my groin. He smiled...and oh...he looked like an angel. He really did. He then began to tickle me. Well, my fear was definitely gone now. I tried to get away from under him, but he had me good. But I actually enjoyed it. I laughed, as I tried to stop his hands from tickling my stomach. "Sean! Please! Stop!" I begged, but he unmercifully tickled me, secretly enjoying every moment of this God on top of me. "Give up?" "Yes...(laugh)...I give up!" He picked himself off me, and I thanked God, that he didn't notice I had such a hard-on that it hurt. "Now you've done it," I said to Sean, as I lay there on the grass breathing hard. "What?" he asked innocently. "You've made me laugh so much my stomach hurts." "By the looks of it, that's gotta hurt too," he said as he motioned his head toward my crotch, which was clearly showing the signs of a hard-on. I quickly scrambled to my feet, and made somewhat of an effort to cover up, by putting my hand in my pockets. Feeling embarassed, I was looking at my feet. "Sorry...I didn't mean to embarass you," Sean said, as stumbled around looking for his house keys, avoiding eye contact. "Uh...yeah...it's okay," was all I could manage to say.

I picked up my backpack and Sean's, as he opened his front door and went in. I followed, closed the door behind me, and put our bags down. "Come on up." I followed Sean up the stairs, and into his room. It looked a lot cleaner than the other day. "Whew! What - a - day," he said as he threw himself onto his queen-size bed, lying on his back. "What? Was it really that hard?" I questioned him, as I looked at a couple of his CD's. "Kinda." I looked at him, and he was just staring at the ceiling, hands behind his head. I put one of his CD's in, and lay down next to him on the bed, as Ronan Keating's 'When You Say Nothing At All' came on. Sean turned his head an looked at me. "I didn't know you were into this kind of music...always thought you were into hard rock or something." "Nah, I like soft music...easier on the ears," I replied, "I didn't know you were into this kind of music." "He's a good singer..." he replied as his voice trailed off. Sensing that he was feeling a little uncomfortable, "Yeah, he is," I added. "Wanna have a few games on the Playstation?" I asked him. "Yeah, sure!" We settled ourselves at the foot of the bed on the floor and turned the PS on, and started playing some game...fighting. I wasn't paying much attention once again. I decided to try and get the conversation started...maybe find out a bit more about him.

"Hey Sean..."

"Yeah?" his eyes not moving away from the television screen. He was like a little child, lost in the world of the game. Never taking his eyes away from what was in front of him.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Um...no...do you?"

"No...why don't you have one?" I asked him, as I put down the control pad, letting the computer take my spot. With my knees up to my chest, I wrapped my arms around my legs, and rested my chin on my knee.

"I dunno...I guess I haven't met anyone yet," he replied.

"How about Sarah? I think she likes you," I told him. He smiled and blushed, shyly turning his head in the other direction, before looking down at his control pad, silent...and OH MY GOD!! He was even cuter when he was blushing. I couldn't help but smile myself at his reaction. "Ah...so you've got the hots for her too eh?"

He quickly looked up at me, "No...I mean...she's nice and all, but she's not the one for me."

"Oh? Do you already have someone in mind?" I asked him.

"Yeah, kinda..."

"Who is it?" I asked, genuinely wanting to know. Maybe I could find her, and tell her to keep away or something.

"Nah, I can't say right now...not yet," he replied. We were both now just sitting there, letting the demo play.

"You don't know if this other person likes you or not right?" I asked softly.

Sean just nodded, staring at the ground. If I could draw a picture of him, sitting like I was, staring at the ground I'm sure everyone would fall in love with this beautiful image. He was so slender, and I wanted to just stroke his cheek. He blew his hair...one of his trademark moves. I've seen him do it so many times, I had fallen in love with this movement.

"Maybe I could help?" I offered. Sean looked at me, and I froze.

"You really want to help?" he asked.

"If you let me...I'd do my best," I nodded.

"Well...just tell me what you think of me. Would anyone like me?" How could he even ask such a stupid question. Of course anyone would like you. Hell! Everyone would like you. "Of couse! Anyone would like you...you're nice, you have a nice personality, and you're..." I paused, not knowing if I should say it. Sean looked at me, "And I'm...?" "Well, as friends...I think you're pretty cute," I managed to say. I began to blush...I know, cuz I could feel the blood rushing to my face. My mind was racing, even though it was blank. My vision became blurred, and I felt as if I was going to faint. Sean's eyes hadn't looked away, and was still staring at me. "Really?" he asked, turning his attention back to he floor. "Yeah...I'm positively sure that any girl would fall for a guy like you." Sean, turned to me with a smile on his cute face. "Thanks...you've helped me a lot." "No problem" I smiled back. "So, how do you feel about this person?" I asked. I might as well try to find out who thhis girl is. "Well, h...she, is very cute. Cuter than anyone I have ever seen. She, is kind, nice, and smart. I fell in love with her since the day I saw him...I mean her. And I know how she feels about me, but I don't know if a relationship between us two would work." 'I know what you mean,' I thought to myself. He looked at me as if looking for some kind of help. This boy had just told me about someone he liked, pouring out his heart and soul, and I was honoured that he could share this with me. I thought hard for a second. "Well, sometimes...I guess...you just gotta take chances. Y'know, be adventurous...do what you think you cannot do. Use the force?" I said and laughed. Sean giggled at my comment. "Take a chance huh?" He nodded his head, "I'll keep that in mind." I really felt that I had helped Sean...when he needed it too. But I'm not too sure if I should have...I mean, now he's going to take my advice and tell this girl the way he feels. And if this girl falls for him (who wouldn't) then all my chances are gone. "What's on your mind?" My mind quickly went back to reality. "Nothing," I answered quickly.

Just as we returned to the game, we heard a car door being slammed shut from outside. Sean paused the game and went over to the window and opened it. "Hi mom!" he shouted down to her. I got up, and squeezed myself next to Sean and shouted, "Hi Mrs. Hamilton!" and waved. "Hi boys! Would you mind coming down and giving me a hand with the groceries?" she asked, while opening the back of the car. We raced down the stairs and through the front door, helping Sean's mom carry the grocery bags into the kitchen. "So Blake, has my son been taking good care of you?" she smiled. "Of course Mrs. Hamilton. He's been a great host!" I smiled at her. "How was your day baby?" she asked Sean as she ruffled his hair. He screwed up one side of his face as he tried to move away. "Pretty good." "That's good to hear. If you boys don't mind, I'll order you guys a pizza. I've had a hard day and I'm a little too tired to cook." I didn't mind having pizza...any junk food was good for me. "Yeah, sure mom," agreed Sean before turning me, "Blake?" "Pizza sounds great!" I replied. "Ok, you boys finish up, and I'll order you guys a pizza."

20 minutes later, I heard the doorbell. Sean and I remained in front of the TV, as his mom opened the door and paid the pizza guy. I could smell it already. It was only now that I realised how hungry I was. We sat in front of the TV watching some program while eating our dinner. Mrs. Hamilton and I made small chat. Sometimes I'd turn to Sean, and he'd be listening to what we were talking about, with this intent look on his face. "I am so tired," exclaimed Mrs. Hamilton, "I think I'm going to turn in for the night." Sean got up off the couch, and walked over to his mom who also had gotten up. "G'night mom," he said as he kissed her cheek. "G'night baby," she said, as she once again ruffled his hair. He looked so cute as he tried to move away from her hand. "Goodnight Blake," she said. "G'night...and thanks for having me," I said. "It's been a pleasure having you here, now you boys don't stay up too late!" she said as she walked up the stairs. She was very good looking if I do say so myself. I knew now where Sean got his good looks from, and his charming personality.

We were watching the Matrix, which I thought was one of the greatest movies of all time. Even though I had seen it numerous times, I loved the movie. Sean was sitting next to me, and we were talking about little things while still watching the movie. He asked me what kind of things I liked doing in my spare time, and all that stuff. We agreed that school was a major waste of time. I found that I could really relate to him, and after a while, I realised that I really enjoyed just sitting here and talking to him. It was almost theraputic...like something the doctor would perscribe. "You know what you said about taking a chance?" asked Sean. I looked over to him, and saw him waiting for my response. "Yeah? You're gonna tell her right?" I blurted out. Sean looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes. As he opened his mouth I cut him off, "Who is it?" I smiled. "It's Sarah isn't it?" I cut him off again. Sean laughed as he blushed, got up and threw a cushion at me. I put my hands out to block it and laughed as well. "What?!" I asked. "You could've given me some time to answer!" said Sean. I picked up the cushion he had thrown at me, as I dodged another one. "Pillow fight huh?" I said. I threw another one back at him, but he ducked and it missed him. I didn't have any cushions that were within my reach, and Sean decided he wanted to wrestle with me, as we rolled onto the carpeted floor of the living room. Grabbing my wrists and pinning me to the floor, I tried to get up. "Y'know...(pant)...this is the second time today you've had me in this move," I said to hims with a grin on my face. "Well....I didn't know you were counting," he said slyly, his hair messed up from our little tussle. Damn, he even looked cute when his hair was messed up. "Can I get up now?" I asked. I had to get him off me before I cracked a hard-on. "Um...not until I tell you something," he said a bit unsure of himself. "It's Sarah isn't it?" I asked, still trying to ridicule him. "Um...no." I couldn't get up, and just thinking about his hot little ass on my crotch gave me such a hard-on that it hurt. "C'mon Sean...let me up!" I said, afraid that he'd notice. Sean just sat there staring into my eyes. Just staring.

Just when I thought he wouldn't get off me, he got off me. "I'm tired...I'm going to turn in for the night," he said as he left the room. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but there was something in his tone that made me uneasy. "Yeah, it is quite late..." I said as I followed him up the stairs and into his room. He sat on the end of the bed, and I asked him where I was going to sleep. "Here's a sleeping bag and pillows...you don't mind sleeping on the floor do you?" he asked. "Nah, it's fine," I said. But really, I'd rather be sleeping in the same bed with him. I started to get the sleeping bag layed out, when Sean started talking. "Blake, could I ask you something?" I turned to him, waiting for him to continue.

"What is it?" I ask.

He paused, as if looking for the words to say. "Hello?" I asked jokingly.

"There's something I've been meaning to ask you...and I need to know that you won't bail out on me if I tell you," he said almost all in one breath.

"Sure..." I reply.

"You promise?" he asks, looking into my eyes. I sit down on the side of the bed.

"I promise," I answer, looking into his eyes to show that I was serious.

He turns his head and looks away. "I'm gay...and I like you."

"You...you're gay?" I asked surprised.

Sean got up, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told you...just forget it," he says as he goes into the bathroom which was connected to his bedroom. He closes the door, and I hear it lock.

"Sean...wait!" I say, but it's already too late. I go to the door hoping there was still time.

"Just leave me alone..." he says. I could tell that he must be crying, because the words didn't come out too easily.

"Please, open the door...we'll talk."

No reply. I could hear quiet sobbing now. I turn around, and lean my back against the door. "Sean, I don't resent you...I don't care that you're gay."

"No? Then why did you react the way you did?"

"Well, you can hardly blame me...I mean...it was a shock at first," I started. I fall down to the ground, sitting there waiting, back against the door. Waiting for him to open the door. I hear a sob...and another. He was gay...my God. After the initial shock of hearing something like this, I remember I'm gay too. "...and besides...I'm gay too." The sobbing stops from inside. I run my hand through my hair, not believing what I had just said outloud. I had never said these words outloud before, let alone to someone else before. I hear the door behind me unlock, and I turn around to see Sean, tears coming from his eyes...those beautiful eyes. "What did you say?" he asks. I stare at him, and stand. Instinctively, my hand reaches up to Sean's face, and I dry away one of his tears. He pulls away, and I jerk my hand away, afraid that I may have scared him. "Sorry," I say, before going back to sit on his bed. I'm staring at the floor, when Sean seats himself next to me. I don't look away. I'm scared. I feel something warm touch my hand...Sean's hand. I look up to see him put my hand on his face. He closes his eyes, and sobs just once. I stroke his cheek. "I really...really like you Blake...but I didn't know if you felt the same way. This was it. I leant in close him him, and kissed him. I closed my eyes, and felt these electricity-like feelings run through my body, as I enjoyed my first boy-kiss. He wasn't resisting, and he even kissed me back. I pull away, and as I do, I feel his breathing short and almost shivering like, his eyes still closed. My breathing was exactly the same, and I couldn't control it. He opens his eyes, and I'm greeted with his beautiful eyes again. I could see everything in his eyes. His innocence, beauty, personlity...and I could see me in his eyes. "I do feel the same way about you," I admit, "I've felt like this for ages," I whisper.

I run my hand through his hair, and as I do, he turns his head and kisses my hand. I couldn't believe that I finally had what I had always wanted. He was beautiful, and he was now within my grasp. My mind was spinning, and I was feeling so heightened. My senses were overloaded, and Sean's kiss made me want more. I hugged him tight...and he hugged me back, his head on my shoulder...and the sensations were even greater then. I felt his heart beat...and I felt that he needed me just as much as I needed him. I didn't want to let go, and I don't think I ever will. It was just perfect. I closed my eyes and stroked his hear feeling his beautiful body slightly shiver in my grasp. I loved the feeling of his heands on my back, the way they held me close to him as I was doing to him. He starts crying again, "Blake...I love you." Hearing those words made my eyes water as tears began to flow freely from my eyes. I shut my eyes tight, then relax and let the tears come out. I sob. "I love you too Sean...I've loved you forever..."

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