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My Angel Sean

Chapter 4, Part 1 - Discovering A New Love

When you've been alone for such a long time...feeling like an outcast, you forget what it's like to be accepted. Being gay wasn't one of the best things you could be, but I accepted myself for who I was, and for who I am. I've lived for so long being alone. Not being able to find another like me, and I spent endless nights lying in bed crying ever so softly. I always thought that if I cried enough, God would hear me, thinking that he might feel sorry for me and give me what I wanted...all that I have ever wanted. Love. Or to be loved at least. Never did I think that I would be standing here, hugging the boy of my dreams. The most perfect being on the face of the earth. His head resting on my shoulder as I stroked his back, feeling the soft contours of his back. For almost a whole year, I have dreamed of holding this boy in my arms, and now that it was actually happening...it's all I wanted to do. I could die right now a happy man. If felt as if I had died and gone to heaven...only better. Time seemed to stand still...silent. I could feel his heart beating...and I thought I could almost hear it too. My thoughts were jumbled up before...and now it was clear. It couldn't have been more clear! That empty space in my heart was finally filled with him. Sean. My Angel.

It was like being born again...like the beginning of life. This time I wasn't alone, I had Sean now. It was all so clear, like it was meant to be. I thought, maybe God did hear my prayers all those nights. My guardian angel helped me to find Sean. I gave my heart to Sean and it was now in his hands. I trusted him with my life...with my soul. I was forever his from now on.

The hold we were embraced in slowly faded as we separated, but the love was intent. It burned like a candle, and I could literally feel it in my heart. I looked into his eyes, a little teary, and smiled. He smiled back showing me those perfect white teeth. "Well...look at us, crying like girls," he giggled.

"Not crying," I started, "Opening our hearts to each other..." This was a beautiful moment between us where words just didn't have a say. They didn't need to be said, it was as if we could look into the depths of each others soul, and know exactly what was being said by our hearts.

I leaned in and kissed him again, savouring everything of this boy I could get. I closed my eyes, and let my other senses take over. My hands cradled his face as we kissed ever so gently before rubbing his back up and down. I dared to go further and opened my mouth. Sean responded by doing the same and soon we were french kissing. I loved every moment of it, our tongues touching. Not bad for a first time...we would become more skilled as we had more 'practice.' While still kissing, Sean lead me over to his bed and sat me down. He pulled away and put his hand on my chest, running his fingers lightly down to my somach to the bottom of my t-shirt. He started to take it off, and I put my arms up, accepting his invitation. He straddled my legs, and we were pashing again. Taking control, he layed me down, hands on my chest. My cock was so hard that it hurt, and with Sean leaning on top of me didn't help matters. I could feel his up against mine too. It was so arousing, I thought I would cum straight away. Slowly, he kissed his way down my chest, and I shivered with delight. "Oh...Sean," I moaned his name. "How do you want to do this?" he asked, sittin up on top of my crotch, with a devlish grin on his face. "Well, let's get you in a more...mutual position shall we?" I said, as I leaned up and began to take his shirt off. Soon, his beautiful chest was exposed to me. He had the cutest little belly-button, a beautiful flat chest, so smooth...so boyish! I kissed his chest as he giggled, and licked his light pink nipples making him gasp in delight. "Is this what they call foreplay?" he asked me, "Cuz I like it." I just smiled.

By now, we were both very horny and got down to business. I took off his shorts, then his boxers, revealing the most beautiful and cutest cock I had ever seen. 5 1/2 inches and cut, the head just waiting for me. He had the tiniest amout of hair, which was so light it was hardly noticible, like me. I stroked him a little bit, while cupping his balls in my other hand. "Oh Blake...(gasp)...that feels so good," he said to me. "Tell me how this feels..." and I took his cock into my mouth, licking the head. He moaned, and I took this as a good sign, and kept going. I read stories on how to do this. Just keep your teeth away, and go for it. "Wait!" he said. He layed me down again, and tugged off my pants and boxers all at once. Now my cock was exposed to him. "Let's try this..." he said, before switching around into a 69 position with him on top. He took all of my cock into his moist, wet mouth and began sucking on it. It felt so good that I didn't even notice that his cock was right in front of my face. I remembered my role and licked at the head of his beautiful cock. He groaned and the vibrations tingled as they moved around my sensitive member. I took him into my mouth and swallowed as much of his cock as I could. I placed my hands on his cute little ass cheeks and groped them as I sucked at his testicles, his boner poking me in the throat. I was losing control fast. I was getting so hot with his stiffened cock in my mouth and with him milking my 6 incher for all it was worth. My mind and body went into pleasure overload as I tried to concentrate on both pleasure centers! I couldn't hold out any longer and erupted in his mouth! I twitched with a furious orgasm that sent shivers up and down my spine, so powerful. I never came so much in my life! He grabbed my ass cheeks hard and that only made me cum harder! I didn't think I'd ever stop! But even through my squirming and kicking, I kept sucking his tender meat like there was no tomorrow!

He lapped up every drop that I had and still nursed it while it grew soft in his hot mouth. Then I sped up my pace on his cock and I knew that he was ready to explode! I didn't realise it at first, but my cock was beginning to get hard again!

He continued to suck on my cock, the sensation was incredible! I went crazy on him, and I know that I must have grazed him with my teeth a few times because he jumped when it happened. His stomach muscles tightened above me and he began pushing himself into me! Sean was getting close and he moaned loudly as he exploded in my mouth and I gagged on reflex. He kept jamming his hips up into my face as I swallowed as much as I possibly could and the rest dribbled out onto the sheets! His cum was sweet to me, and I couldn't get enough of it. I kept licking at his cock, as he was doing to me driving me insane! After a while, we slowed down and stopped. We were both spent, and our cocks were now soft.

Sean lifted himself off me, and lay next to me on his bed. Exhausted was what we were. I needed to take a piss and so did he. He went first, and I lay back the sheets on the bed, so that we could take some much needed rest. When he came back, I tossed him his boxers. I watched him as he put it on. I finally got a good look at that cute ass. "Stop staring!" he said giggling, "Or you'll explode!" gesturing toward my cock. I went to the toilet, and when I arrived back, Sean was already asleep. I put my boxers on and lay next to him on the bed. As I made myself comfortable, Sean snuggled up to me and placed his head on my chest. That's the last thing I remembered as we both fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter 4, Part 2

After waking up next to my Angel the next morning, we spent the day together with each other. Life simply can't get any better...although I don't think it can. We found it impossible to leave each other's side, especially when it was time for us to go our separarte ways. I couldn't bring myself to leave him, after all, the day had been so perfect. I didn't want to ruin it. The weekend passed, and even though we had hardly left each others side, we were talking to each other over the phone already on Sunday evening. He had only left a couple of hours ago from my house, and already I was missing him. I missed his touch, his beautiful face...and him altogether. I needed him here with me...and without him here, it was like a part of me had died. Yet I felt alive as well. Strange...love does wierd things to a guy.

"Sigh...I miss you already," Sean said on the phone.

Hearing those words made me melt into a puddle. "Awww...I know babe...I miss you too," I replied.

"But I wanna be with you!" he whined into the phone, "Right NOW!" he pouted. I could just imagine his cute face, sticking his bottom lip out.

"Awwww...you make me wanna hold you right now!"

We talked our way into the long hours of the night, almost forgetting that the next day was a school day. At around 11pm, we decided to call it a night ending up with a series of 'You hang up first' remarks. We finally decided to hang up at the same time, and that game lasted 5 minutes, which is pretty long when you think about it. I loved this special child-like quality about Sean. He hadn't been given the chance to open up around the people at our school, but now that I knew him the way I do, I only loved him more and more! It was intoxicating. Almost addictive. Up until this point when I didn't have a boyfriend, I can't even remember what my life was like. It was just a blur, and now that he was in my life...it's like the beginning of something all new and exciting. I've never felt this way about anyone before. The thought of his golden hair, that cute butt, the heart warming smile...sigh. I was getting hard. And it seemed petty to use my hand, after I actually did it last night with another boy!!

I must've fell asleep with a smile on my face because when I woke up the next morning, I had one planted on my face. This energetic energy seemed to flow all throughout my body, making me feel like nothing I've ever felt before. The whole world could go and screw themself for all I cared, I was in love! And I can't think of a better feeling than that. You know how intoxicating it is to have Sean? I forgot all about my morning hard-on...and to get rid of it would be insulting to say the least. I'd never need to use my hand again...instead I can replace that picture with one of my beautiful angel. His smile, his soft hair...those eyes. I couldn't wait to see him again!

I quickly jumped into the shower and washed myself, before brushin my teeth and combing my hair. I never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but I really wanted to look perfect. To look good for Sean. I'd do anything for him. After getting dressed, I proceded down the stairs where my mum was just walking past with a cup of tea in her hands.

"Good morning," she said.

"Good morning mom, wonderful day isn't it?" I asked in a cheery voice.

"Hmm? Yes, I guess it is," she replied with a smile, and that what are you up to look. Before I had to reply, she added, "There's something different about you..."

"Really? What's that?"

"I don't know...something I can't quite put my finger on."

"Okay, when you figure it out, let me know...I gotta get to school," I said, before kissing her on the cheek and grabbing my backpack at the bottom of the stairs.

"Cheery mood in the morning, going to school without some sort of rebuttle...if I didn't know better...I'd say you were in love."

Under different circumstances, I'd have stopped dead in my tracks and somehow gave myself away. Instead I turned around, "Ewww...no way mom!" Smile and walk out the door. She smirked at me, and I headed off to school. I was about half way to school when I heard footsteps running up to catch up to me. I turned around, and there was Andrew wearing baggy jeans and an oversized t-shirt. He was sexy.

"Hey," I greeted him.

"Hey..." he replied sounding less than enthusiastic.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Nothing...why would there be anything wrong?"

"Well, you weren't exactly happy with me staying the night at Sean's the other day."

"So you did stay the night huh?" he asked, looking up from his shoes for once.

"Yeah, of course I did! It was a sleep over," I laughed.

"As long as you didn't sleep with him," he said under his breath. I wasn't sure I heard him right.


"Nothing...look, c'mon! We're gonna be late..." he said. I was still trying to figure out what he meant by what he said, "C'mon, I'll race ya!" And he took off running as fast as he could. "Hey! No fair!" I called after him before taking off myself.

While putting our books away, I was desperately searching for Sean. My eyes were set on getting hold of his golden hair, those gorgeous eyes, and that killer of a smile. I must've strained something when I saw him. He hadn't seen me yet, so I closed my locker and ran over to him. I didn't know exactly what to do. My first instinct would have been to give him a hug and a good morning kiss. But that would't be too good if I did right at that moment. So I just went up to him and said...

"Hey Sean..." I smiled.

"Hey," he replied with a bashful grin on his face. It was sooo cute. What was that smell? It smelled like strawberries. Sean's shampoo...it was so beautiful.

"You smell nice," I told him in a whisper.

Sean seemed a little uncomfortable. He put his things in his locker, and whispered to me, "Come with me..." I followed him down the hallway, walking passed Andrew without even noticing him. Sean made a left turn into the male toilets, and I followed his lead. He checked the stalls, to see if there was anyone there, before taking my hand and pulling me into the furthest cubicle there was. Once inside, he closed the door and locked it, and before anything else could happen, Sean planted his lips on mine and was kissing me passionately. Instinctively, my hands began to roam up and down his back before resting on his soft butt. He moaned into my mouth, and it sent shivers up my spine. He began grinding his crotch into mine, and it drove me crazy. I was hard, and so was he.

"Sean...(kiss)...I missed you..." I said in between kisses.

"I...(kiss)...know...I missed you too babe," he said to me. Hearing him say those words made me melt. I ran my hands through his hair...so soft and smooth. Perfect...just like the rest of him. Just then the bell went.

"Whups! Forgot about the time...we'd better get to class," I told him.

"Awww...you shouldn't start something you're not going to finish..." he said, pointing down at our crotches which were clearly bluging out.

"Don't worry babe...we'll finish after school," I replied, stroking his hair, and giving him one last kiss on the lips.

With that we headed to class, and Andrew was there already waiting at the back of the room. I sat down next to him, and expected Sean to sit next to me. But he sat somewhere else, near the front. Strange...this must have something to do with Andrew. But what? I know that Andrew and Sean had that share of arguments, mainly from Andrew's side. But what could have happened, what could have been said that makes Sean so afraid of Andrew? Sure Andrew's not the type to beat people up...I'd know if he were. Andrew was harmless...a little higher in the what's hot and what's not status of students, but that was nothing to be feared of. But Andrew has known Sean longer than I have...is there something I didn't know?

At lunch time, Sean was no where to be seen. I was a little disheartened, thinking if maybe I had upset him or something. But I didn't really do anything wrong. This love thing was really getting to me. It was like, when Sean wasn't with me, my world would be falling apart. Andrew started to really get annoyed with me.

"Dude, what's wrong with you?" he asked as my head scanned the cafeteria for my angel.

"Nothing...I'm just looking for Sean..." I replied, looking at my lunch in front of me. I had no appetite to eat.

"Why dude?" he asked, coldly.

"Because I thought he'd hang with us..."

"Dude, Sean's not going to hang with us..."

"Why not?" I asked, frowning. He didn't bother to reply.

"Wanna come over to my place after school?" I asked him. It didn't seem like I was going to see Sean again for the rest of the day. And besides, it'd give me and Andrew some time to talk.


The day finished, and Andrew and I walked home together. I told him about Sean being a kewl guy, when he's not shy. Andrew didn't seem to make any comment about him on any level. He tried to avoid the whole situation concerning Sean altogether. I seemed to be doing all the talking. There was something he wasn't telling me...but I had to know. When we arrived at my house, we went inside and into the kitchen where I threw him a coke, and got myself a can too. We went up to my room, and I fired up my PC.

"Andrew...there's something you need to know..." I said nervously.

"What?" he asked, looking over to me.

My heart rate must've been going at 100 kilometres an hour. I didn't know if I should do this, as my mind filled with doubts and uncertainty. Andrew was my friend and I knew I could trust him.

"I'm gay..." I paused.

Andrew's face seemed to light up, looking very surprised.

"And I'm in love with Sean..." I continued.

There was silence between us...and he just stared at me, now with a look of disbelief. He had a kind of frown on his face. I couldn't quite tell what he was thinking.

"That bastard...I told him to keep away from you..." he whispered.

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