My Angel


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My angel is my star

  He broke the kiss still lying on me and our eyes met. I could see the seas and the skies in the blue of his eyes, I could see tears starting to fall from his eyes. His breathing changed and he started sobbing.

  "Sorry." he said and then averted his gaze to the floor. "I should go now." he said, standing up and making a motion to leave.

  "No." I said as I got up as well and took him lightly by the arm. He stopped still with his back to me, not daring looking at me. He hesitated with his head bent down, then he turned to face me. His eyes full of tears, his wet cheeks, his serious expression.

  "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't but... when I saw it I was took by the emotions and did something I shouldn't have done, ever." He was saying as more tears were falling from his eyes, silent tears. He continued as he averted his gaze "I wished so much I could kiss ya, but then, I was aware it was only a distant dream, which would never happen and then when I saw you, like this, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it anymore, not even as a dream." he was saying as the silent tears were falling on his cheeks and he wasn't look at me.

  I placed my hands on his shoulders. I was moving my thumbs over it, feeling the fabric of his t-shirt, I was pressing my fingers on his shoulder, I was appreaciating him, I could barely believe I could touch him, like that, he liked me for real. And then, finally, he looked at me as I had my hands on his shoulders.

  "You saved me, Gabriel." I said to him with a smile, a genuine smile, looking in his blue eyes, looking at his features, his cheeks, his hair, even his smooth neck. I was so happy, I felt so warm inside, not empty anymore.

  "Oh, it's not like that, I mean, just a little after leaving I came in again to take the book I forgot on the sofa, then I just came here to tell you so and... well, I just was here at the right time." he said looking at the floor.

  "It isn't what I meant." I said and with this he looked at me with a puzzled expression and big blue eyes. His hair was so shiny. "I guess you like me, and you so don't know how much it means to me." I said as I couldn't manage the tears shedding again. "You saved me from the darkness, from the loneliness, from all that is painful, maybe it wouldn't really matter if I died, maybe I'd be safe from all the pain... just in another way..." I managed to continue with my hands on his shoulders and looking in his eyes.

  "Don't say that, just don't." he said and pulled me forcefully against his chest into a so warm and comforting hug, kissing my neck, lightly. I was feeling his warmth and the smooth fabric of his t-shirt. He was pressing me against him, with his fingers buried on my back. I was mesmerized, caressing his back. I could hardly believe someone really cared for me.

  He didn't hold back anymore and buried his face in my shoulder and started crying helplessly pressing me so hard against him. I was surprised it couldn't ache, all I could feel was the warmth of his closeness. Tears were still shadding from my eyes and I don't know if I was crying or smiling, all I knew is it was all shiny in front of my eyes as I had my chin on his shoulder.

  "I guess we have to talk." Gabriel said after managing his sobs a few minutes later. I just took hold of his hand and kissed him on the cheek as reply. "You know, after all of `this', you were doing something so wrong.. I guess we should talk, please." he said with pleading eyes. If he knew the power that look was having over me, it completely melted me. It made me want even more to deserve all he was offering and doing.

  "Let's go to my room and we can talk." I said taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs. It got a priceless cute smile from him. I was caressing his hand with my thumb.

  We reached my room and as I came in and sat on the bed he remained by the door, looking so sweetly at me. I patted the mattress beside me with beseeching look and smile. He sat beside me, with his elbows on his knees, looking at the floor, somehow embarrassed, like he didn't know what to say.

  I looked at him with big eyes and a smile, making room for him to talk. I had a smile on my face staring at his features, seeing the much his inner beauty could just show in his expressions the much it was.

  "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have had that display. I shouldn't have jumped onto you, kissed you like that..." he started to say. I put my hand on his shoulder across his back.

  "Lie down and talk dear." I said to him. I pulled him and he had his head on my lap. It was so nice to look at him and he looked at me resting his head on my lap.

  "You know, I was looking at you since the first moment in that class." He started to tell me. "I thought to myself in the same instant I didn't have a chance to be friends with ya." he continued "I mean, you looked like so `cool', you know, and I'm so dorky." he said.

  "No, you're not. You're the most beautiful guy I've ever met." I assured him combing his hair gently with my fingers. I saw his eyes filling with tears again.

  "I don't understand, all of this now. Why you are being so amazing... when that's only... me." he said as the tears were falling once more. I pushed him to a sitting position again and got up. I pulled him by the hand to stand in front of me. I hugged him, there, in the middle of my room.

  "Because you're the best person I know." I whispered in his ear caressing his back and helping to stop his sobbing. He started caressing my back as well.

  "Mmm... it feels so good." he said.

  "Yeah." I replied lost in the good feeling.

  "We were supposed to be talking about you, not me." he said with a smile, after letting go of the embrace, holding my hands.

  "Can you hold me while I talk?" I asked bashfully. Yeah, I was being bashful for a change, I guess it had been always there, but I hid it.

  "Of course."

  "You first." I said pointing to the bed. He got the message and lay on the bed, leaving room for me to cuddle. He spooned me with his soft chest against my back, with one elbow on the mattress and with the other hand he took hold of my hands on my tummy and pressed them tight and together. His nose was close to my neck, I could feel his cheek on my hair.

  I was feeling his closeness, that intimate contact of caring, and truly love. I was feeling his breath against my back and he waited patiently until I start talking. He really wanted me to talk and didn't wanna rush things.

  "Gabriel?" I said above a whisper.

  "Yeah?" he whispered in my ear.

  "It's the first time I'm like this with someone." I continued. I got a new feeling, I was bashful around it.

  "Me too." he said.

  "I was feeling so sad, so empty, but now, I have this nice feeling, it's a really good feeling." I said to him.

  "Really? Why?" he asked in my ear.

  "I was feeling like I had to stand all this burden, like I had to face all my problems alone, some of them which I couldn't resolve at all. My parents fighting all the time, not giving a damn to me, then to fill their absence, I guess, they give me a lot of stuff, but can't smile at me, greet me for my grades, even ask me about my day... which by the way always sucks, I mean, I have to see people, I have to be gentle with them all, and they can't even care about how I feel, ya know?"

  "Uhumm." he mumbled with his nose buried in my hair.

  "Then, I was feeling so lonely, so helpless. I hadn't been getting any push, any simple reason to make me go on, nobody to share the burden, getting heavier and heavier." I continued.

  It was so comfy having him like that, behind me, but somehow, arousing as well. I was feeling his heartbeat increasing and his heavier exhaling in my hair.

  "Now I'm here. I know I just met you today, but I want you to know, I feel like I want to share all of it with you, I want to see you happy." he assured me.

  "I know, I feel it too, I just know." I replied.

  I felt his heavy breathing, his warmth, his heart racing. I was also feeling his erection against my back. I also had an erection the arousing the situation was. My body wanted his so much, but my mind needed some rest after all those emotions being dropped, I needed some time, I needed someone who would only listen to me without wanting anything back. And I knew he was trying hard to hold back his feelings concerning to it and it made me so delighted and happy inside.

  I got lost in my thoughts comfy like that, thinking of all the good things I would want to do, thinking of all the moments I would like to spend with Gabriel. I had the wish of making plans once more, after all the loneliness I had been through because I had a reason, the strongest reason I could and this reason was holding me tight while I was thinking of all that. He was doing it with a good heart, not wanting anything back fighting against his own urge. I had such desire as well, but my biggest urge was concerning to feel care, not feel lonely. I just hope I wasn't being selfish.

  "I gotta go now." he said letting me go of the cuddle and getting up. I took him by the hand.

  "Don't you wanna do... something else? I mean, I felt your erection all the time, I also have one." I said feeling my cheeks get warm. His cheeks got pink as well.

  "I don't want you to think we have to. You needed to talk." he answered.

  "And I don't want you to leave just because of that." I said.

  "Oh, ok dear." he said hugging me. "I gotta go now, it's getting dark."

  He was heading to the door and I was following him with my hands on his shoulders, right behind him.

  "Here, the book." I handed him as we passed by the sofa. He took it and put inside his bag. And we headed to the door.

  "See ya tomorrow then?" he asked.

  "Definitely!" I replied with a grin.

  I sat by the doorsteps to appreaciate him a little more as he was leaving. The sunset was lighting his hair. I was seeing him walking, his beautiful features, his bag on his shoulder. When he was almost out of sight, he turned back to take one more look and waved from far, with the sun behind him, near the horizon. I barely could see his smile, but I knew he was smiling at me. I was smiling at him. With this, he took his way and I got back inside.

  I went to my room to do my homework while I listened to some music... I really love music... Afterwards, I went to the kitchen, as it was dinner time. Mom and dad had arrived by this time. They wouldn't go upstairs to greet me or anything, then I made my way downstairs.

  "Mom, is dinner almost ready?"

  "Why are you in such a hurry? I didn't see you doing anything to help." she replied. Of course I had gone to school, made my homework and everything, but I wouldn't argue, it never worked.

  "Oh, frozen dinner again?" I said somehow disappointed. I mean, I was hungry and I don't really like those frozen things from the colorful boxes.

  "If you want better, do it." she said. I really didn't wanna argue, then I went taking a shower.

  I definitely had to jerk off after all that cuddling with Gabriel, it made me way aroused. As I took off my briefs to get under the spray I realized the precum made a spot in my briefs and my cock was wet. As I saw it and reminded why, it got rock hard.

  I got my hair wet and let the warm water fall all over my body. My cock was throbbing. I took hold of it and was holding it really tight. Thoughts of Gabriel, his warmth, his breathing, made me cum stroking it only a few times. My load was so warm and my balls were tight. I guess I was holding it back really much.

  After showering I had dinner. It was only frozen food but I didn't complain, besides I was hungry. As I finished eating dinner, I went to the living room. Dad was there watching tv.

  "Dad..." I started saying.

  "Shhh, I'm watching the forecast." he replied looking at the screen. I didn't bother saying anything else and made my way to my room. Anyway, I wanted that day to finish soon, this way I'd be able to see Gabriel again sooner, at school.

  That night I didn't take long to drift off. Usually I would think of sad things, even `bad' things but that time I just thought of my angel, how beautiful he was, first of all, the beautiful his feelings were, doing so much to me. And with those happy thoughts I dreamt of him in a peaceful and comforting sleep.

  Next day, I was happy to wake up, to dress cool and go after my angel, in other words, to school. I was with a great disposition, I was hungry, I was contented. As it was warm, I could dress in some shorts and a t-shirt.

  As I got outside I saw Gabriel leaning against a tree, to my surprise. He was so beautiful. He was wearing a red t-shirt along with light blue jeans. He was extremely cute.

  "Good morning Arthur. Let's go?!" he said all cheerful.

  "Hiii. Then, are we going together to school?" I asked. When he said I wouldn't be alone anymore he wasn't kidding! "Cool." I continued with a goofy smile. He couldn't have said anything better to start my day.

  "Mmm... let me see." he said as he opened his bag and was checking something. "Your book is here. I'll give ya at school."

  "Oh, damn!" he said as he kept looking in his bag. "I guess I forgot my pencilcase."

  "Hey, no problem. I can lend ya some pens." I said.

  "But I want mine. We're early, let's get my pencilcase at home." he decided.

  "Where do you live?" I asked.

  "Only a few blocks from here." he said as we were walking. After sometime I decided I should talk.

  "Gabriel, you know, I was thinking of you last night before sleeping." I said bashfully.

  "I was also thinking of you. I mean, everything we did. It's so cool." he said and he was a little bashful as well.

  True to his word, his house was only a few blocks away. As we approached, his mom might have seen us by the window, and Gabriel took the pencilcase with her by the door.

  "Thanks mom, bye." I heard him saying as he was getting back to the sidewalk and with this we could start getting our way to school.

  We were walking and I was staring at Gabriel's features. The wind was brushing gently our hair. And it felt so good walking with him, even silently, it was a feeling completely different from walking alone.

 "Arthur, how are you feeling this morning? Are you better?" Gabriel asked being the sweetheart he is.

  "Yeah, much better" I said with a smile "...because of you." I continued.

  As we kept walking to the school, we were passing by the parents with their kids and all those happy people again, but this time I didn't feel bad. This time they should be jealous of me, cause I had Gabriel!

  "Do you remember when I asked you yesterday what were you looking at so much?" he asked as we were walking.

  "Yes." I answered.

  "You were looking at the people, weren't you?" he asked looking directly at me with his blue eyes.

  "Yeah..." I admitted "I was wondering why I couldn't have what they do." I continued "but now, I guess I have my answer." I said with a big smile. He smiled as well.

  "I have the most beautiful and intelligent and cute and noble and caring guy beside me!" I said all enthusiastic.

  "Gosh! You make me embarrassed." he said and averted his look. He had pure feelings in his heart. He didn't hide his feelings. I assumed, at that moment, I should learn a lot with him about feelings.

  "Which is your class before lunch?" he asked as we were getting in the school.

  "Math and yours?" I replied.

  "Chemistry. Oh, talking about math, your book, take it." he said and handed the the book to me, and we took our ways to our respective classes.

  The first classes passed by quickly and when I realized, it was already lunch time. It passed so fast, I felt so alive. This time I wouldn't be smiling just faking all of it and yearning only to be free, not knowing what to do nor want. This time I'd smile cause I felt contented.

  I approached Gabriel in front of the classroom he was leaving. I really felt eager for the lunch break cause I had a friend who I wanted to spend lunch time with, maybe I had even more than that.

  We headed outside and found a table to have lunch. I felt hungry, I felt like talking to my friend, it was a so good feeling. It was a proper lunch time.

  "Mm.. Arthur, what about your parents? Did you have a hard time with them again?" Gabriel asked as we started eating. It wasn't only the superficial talk. He was really interested about my day, about how things went on.

  "Yesterday... not really. Dad told me not to interrupt him watching the news as I approached him and I argued a little with mom about dinner." I said "you know, the workout doesn't really work if I don't eat properly." I told him and he was paying attention to every word with big blue eyes looking at me.

  "By the way, you could come training with me next time!" I said.

  "Really?!" I said and it lit up his eyes. His smile was priceless.

  "You know, it's not like I'm strong or anything, but I'm trying." I said.

  "To me... you are." he said and averted gaze. I got bashful about it as well. I never imagined I could look like strong to anyone. He was really something. But maybe it worked the same way he looked like perfect to me.

  As we realized, of course, the bell rang and we headed back to our last classes, which to me, passed by quickly as the others, and when I headed the door to leave, Gabriel was there, waiting for me.

  We made our way home together and this time all seemed more beautiful, people seemed even happier to me, but I didn't care, actually I felt like I belonged. I knew I could roll on the grass, play football, laugh out loud, all of this with Gabriel, cause he'd be there with me.

  "Then, see ya tomorrow?" Gabriel asked with a smile as we reached home.

  "Won't you come in? Not even for a juice, a snack...?" I asked. I really wanted him to stay, even if it were only to do homework together.

  "Today I can't. I have to help at home." he answered.

  "Ok then." I said kinda disappointed "But you have to know I'll miss ya." I said smiling at him.

  "I'll miss you too." he said in the most cute maneer and with this made his way home.

  I got some juice and a snack in the kitchen and made my way to my room to do my homework. I love turning the stereo on, while I'm studying. That afternoon, it didn't take me long to finish my homework, besides it was short.

  As I finished my homework I headed to the kitchen to leave there the empty glass and plate. I noticed mom was home and dad arrived early.

  "... you don't do anything for good. I just live with ya `cause it cheaper, ya know?!" I heard mom saying as I approached the kitchen. "I stand you and Arthur just cause there isn't another way!" she was screaming. I could sense she meant it, cause it came from deep down in her voice and her expression.

  "I just stand both of you as well. Don't yell at me." This time dad was yelling. It made me tremble inside. He didn't use to talk really much, but when he yelled it made me scared.

  "Get off!" he yelled at me this time as both of them saw me frozen, staring at their argument. I felt my lips were trembling, it was aching inside my chest hearing all of that. Actually what hurt the most was seeing the way my family was. I felt angry. It wasn't my fault, I hoped it wasn't, I didn't know what to think. Tears started falling from my eyes.

  "I hate you!" I screamed and threw the glass and the plate at the wall. I rushed to the door.

  I started running without a direction. The wind was drying the tears on my cheeks as more tears were shedding. My thoughts were in a blur.

  "My parents hate me! My family is tearing apart. I don't have anyone to count on, to help me with my parents. I can't run away, I can't get running like this." I thought to myself and as I stopped I realized I was in front of Gabriel's house. I sat on the grass, taking my breath. After running that much and I didn't have forces to hold back the sobs as tears were falling on my face.

  "Arthur?!" I heard. I turned my face and saw Gabriel approaching and the door opened. He sat beside me.

  "Dear, what happened?" he asked.

  "My parents hate me. Nobody likes me!" I said and started crying helplessly after letting it off of my chest. He gently put a hand on my shoulder across my back.

  "Come on in." he said above a whisper and got up. He stretched a hand to me and I didn't have forces to argue. I just took it.

  He took me to his room. He closed the door and took me by the hand sitting on the bed. I sat as well. No words were spoken, I just hugged him as we were sitting on his bed, buring my fingers in his back and buring my face in his shoulder to cry helplessly.

  He was gently caressing my back in circles as I was crying. Feeling his breathing was helping me to calm down. As I was managing to stop the sobs he started caressing my sides, gently. I let go of the embrace.

  "I'm sorry, I'm so dorky. I mean, I shouldn't come to your house only cause I'm crying... It's shameful!" I said looking at the floor. Gabriel put his fingers lightly under my chin to make me look at him.

  "Everybody needs a hug sometimes." he said and with the other hand started wiping my tears from my cheeks "I'm here for you, ok?" he continued with a tentative smile.

  "I know." I said and managed a small smile despite my watery eyes. I could smile with crying eyes. I didn't have to hide my feelings being with Gabriel. He was the only one who made me feel like showing my feelings, sincerely, not afraid of being hurt. He got up still smiling and took me lightly by the hand. He hugged me warmly.

  "Mmmmm..." He said as he was embracing me "...much better."

  I felt my heartbeat getting faster, its vibration on my chest. My breathing started getting heavier. I started exhaling warmly on his neck. I got my lips tasting his neck. His hands were caressing my back no longer gently. He was pressing his body against mine.

  "I need you." I said huskily close to his ear, exhaling on his neck with my hands on his back. Our erections could no longer be ignored, as they were being rubbed together through our clothes.

  I pushed him onto the bed and my motions were far from gentle. I knelt on the mattress with him under me. I took my t-shirt off throwing it on the floor and helped him getting free of his. I lay on him to take my pants off and my briefs in the same motion feeling his strong heartbeat as our chests touched. I knelt again and took his pants and briefs off and his cock sprang pointing to the ceiling. My cock was hard as well and dribbling precum. We were breathing heavily. I needed him so bad.

  I was kneeling while my hands felt his shoudlers, then his chest. He pulled with his hands on my back, to lie on him. He pressed me onto him with his hands on my back to a deep kiss. Our lips met, then our tongues, as they were dancing together, as we were hungry for each other. I was sucking in his mouth like I wanted to suck his very soul. Our cocks were being rubbed together with the mix of pleasure and precum.

  We found a sync, increasing the pace, hurrying to the yearned release. I bent my head down with my hair falling on his neck as I closed my eyes.

  "Mmmmm" he said.

  "Mmmmm" I echoed.

  We mixed our warm loads on our tummies, moving together with it between us. I felt so contented, so relieved, so alive, I didn't even know what I felt anymore.

  I knew he was the light I could see in the end of my dark way. This light came from my guiding star.

  This serie is dedicated to my best friend, Jon,
  My guiding star who lights up my way.

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