My Angel


  This is an homosexual content which may contain sex between underaged guys. If you can't stand it don't read it. If reading this content is illegal for some reason in accord with the law of the place you live, don't read it.
  Any similarity is coincidental as it comes all from my imagination.
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  I was lying on Gabriel after our very first intimate body contact. I had felt confused, lost, but with him I felt the comfort of his caring. I was lying on his chest, spent.

  "I didn't know what to do and now I'm so glad I'm here." I said with my cheek on his chest. I got my chin on his chest and he bent his head forward to look at me with a smile.

  I stretched my hand to the floor to get one t-shirt. I kneeled on the bed and I cleaned the load from our torsos. Gabriel had his hands behind his head, staring at me while I cleaned our mess. I finished cleaning up and threw the t-shirt onto the floor again.

  "Can I lay some more on your chest?" I asked.

  He opened his arms widely and had a smile on his face. He melted me with such actions. I just lay on his torso pushing my hands under his shoulders to feel him closely. He rested his hands on my back.

  Feeling his breathing was so comforting, it brought me a peaceful sensation. It didn't belong to that dirty world outside. It was only the two of us and our feelings for each other. I reminded of the world outiside. I started crying.

  "Hey babe, what's wrong?" he asked in a light tone and I could feel the vibration of his voice on his chest. I was crying silent tears, sobbing lightly. I wasn't crying in a rush, I was crying tranquily as Gabriel caressed my back in small circles, making it warmer with his soft hands.

  "I gotta go and face all of them again..." I said calmly, above a whisper, with a blank expression, lying my head on his chest. "I'm gonna have those awful thoughts pestering me while I just beg to myself to make it `turn off' trying to sleep." I continued "I won't be able to be with you. I'll have to go... to get back, dear."

  "I'll be always with you." he said, gently combing my hair with his fingers.

  He made a motion to get up, so that, I got up first, letting him free to do the same. I started getting dressed so did he. We got dressed and he smiled at me.

  "Let's go." he said taking me by the hand leading us downstairs. I realized I didn't greet his parents when I arrived, actually they probably hadn't realized I was there. First of all, it wasn't right going to Gabriel's house crying the way I did, but he had assured me it didn't matter and I trusted him. I trusted him not to be too hard on myself and I did so because I was beside him, he was beside me supporting me no matter what.

  "Mom." he screamed as he was approaching the living room and I was only following him. I turned my head and saw his mom coming from the kitchen.

  We stopped beside a sofa, in the living room. As Gabriel's mom got in the living room his dad turned his attention to us as well as he was sitting on the couch. It seems he was watching tv. As he saw us he turned it off. Gabriel put his arm on my shoulder across my back.

  "Mom, dad... I would like to ask you if my friend, Arthur, can spend the night here." he said. I just realized what he was doing. His parents were paying attention with concerned expressions. "He's having problems with his parents at home... I'd like to be with him tonight." he continued.

  I realized he truly cared for me, I mean, he was worried and it wasn't even his problem. He was asking something like that to his parents only because of me. It wasn't only melting me, it was making my eyes watery. I had realized I got in their house and haven't greeted them, but then, I realized I was standing in their living room with red watery eyes and had my head down.

  "Of course he can, dear." I heard his mom saying. This time I had to look at them in surprise, I mean, it was right to me they would tell him they had to know if my parents would let me stay, then they could allow it or not, as their first excuse, besides, they didn't even know me. His mom just saw me going to school with him that morning. "I'll call your mom to ask her." she continued "Mm, Gabriel, what's the phone number?"

  He said it to her and she just left. I was surprised, I mean, I gave it to him but... he remembered it! It seems I wasn't the only one who looked at the notes from our meeting questions after it ...and got thinking of him a lot lately. I would get jaw-dropped if I didn't have a bigger upcoming surprise.

  "Come here." his dad said to me as he got up. I didn't know what to expect but just went towards him. He hugged me taking me into his arms and burying my face on his chest squeezing me. It wasn't like Gabriel's hug, it was different, the feelings were so the circunstances. It was a dad's hug and it felt like that. He smelled like a dad, the fabric of his clothes felt like dad's clothes and he was stronger and slightly bigger, I assume.

  He met me at that moment and hugged me like a dad does. It got me moved. I didn't remember the last time my dad hugged me... greeting me was unusual to him... to my parents. I just didn't start crying cause I had cried a lot with Gabriel and that's why my eyes were red and watery... well, they were getting more watery.

  We let go of the hug and as I looked at Gabriel's dad he had a smile on his face and wasn't looking at me, actually. I turned and saw Gabriel and his mom staring, with an arm on his shoulder. They had watery eyes staring at us with smiles. I wasn't the only one moved, the three of them also had watery eyes.

  "Well dear, I talked to your mom and you can stay." Gabriel's mom said to me "Borrow from Gabriel whatever you need." she continued "Now, you two, go and take a shower, dinner is almost ready."

  We got to his room to take some clothes and went to the bathroom. He made sure to take clothes to both of us without asking me anything. As he left the clothes near the sink I approached him.

  "Thank you." I said and hugged him.

  "No sweat dear, you would have done the same." he said in my ear.

  "Let's take our shower and relax. It'll help you feel better, k?" he said. He let go of the embrace and we took our clothes off.

  He took me by the hand and led me to the stall with him. He got his face and his hair wet under the spray and then put me under the spray with the hands on my shoulders. With this we were wet and taking our shower.

  He got the soap and started washing my back, then my butt. He changed the side he was and soaped my chest, my tummy, my arms. Then he knelt and washed my legs, my feet. Then he got up again and as he was gonna take the shampoo I stopped him and with a gentle motion traded positions.

  I soaped my hands and got them on his neck and shoulders, then I soaped his chest and tummy, his sides, his arms. I got behind him and washed his back, his butt, then I knelt to wash his legs and feet. As I was kneeling, I washed his cock, its head, the balls and then I got up. He knelt and did the same to me. We didn't have sexual intentions. Feeling his care about me was the best we could be doing.

  With this he took the shampoo, dropped some on his palm and started massaging my hair and even my neck a little, it felt so relaxing.

  "I'll take some conditioner too, ok?" he asked me as I was washing the shampoo. I nodded with my head under the spray.

  He applied some conditioner as well massaging my hair and then as he washed it he was combing my hair with his fingers. Then I took the shampoo and applied some on his hair, massaging it, then he washed it. I massaged his hair with some conditioner as well and combed it under the spray to take it off.

  He took me into an embrace under the warm spray as we finished showering. One morning before I wished I could have that, and I got much more than I could expect.

  We got out of the stall. He took a towel and I took another as he had brought them with the clothes. I started drying his hair and he started drying mine.

  "I guess it isn't working." he said and giggled. I giggled as well.

  I stopped and he started drying my chest, my arms, my tummy, my legs, even my balls. Then he dried my hair and my ears. I took the towel and dried his torso, arms, legs, crotch and then his hair as well. I dried his ears and he gave me the clothes he took to me.

  "Are these ok?" he asked.

  "Of course they are, thanks." I said and I took it.

  We got dressed and I took the clothes from the floor as Gabriel took the towels letting them near the sink to take them with us.

  He combed his hair so did I. Then I took him into a hug. I inhaled on his neck.

  "Mmm, the clothes are soft and you feel so clean." I said in his ear.

  "So do you." he said with his face buried in my neck and his nose was tickling.

  "It tickles." I said and giggled pushing him.

  "Ok, I stopped." he replied.

  "Mmm, and these clothes?" I asked him refering to the ones we were using and the towels.

  He arranged everything and we made our way downstairs. It was smelling good, like dinner. As we got in the dining room the table was set and the food was on the table. There were many things on the table. I wondered if Gabriel's mom had made all of that only cause I was there for dinner or if she made that lot of things for dinner usually. I mean, my mother complained she had to cook, then she wouldn't make so many things. I had to ask Gabriel later.

  "Good, now we can have dinner." his mom said as she looked at us. His dad was approaching the dining room as well, then we started dinner.

  "So, Arthur, are you Gabriel's friend from school?" his dad asked as we were eating.

  "Yeah, we have some classes together." I replied. The fact I knew they cared about me, they were cool and well, he had hugged me, made me feel more comfortable having dinner with them, surely did.

  "Have you already had much work at school?" his dad asked.

  "Oh, not really, these are only the first days of school." I said.

  "Is everything ok boys? Do you have soda? Do you want something else?" his mom asked.

  "Yeah mom, everything is great." Gabriel said.

  "Oh, everything is delicious, thank you." I said.

  "Gabriel, how was your day at school?" his dad asked him.

  He told his dad the classes he had, about the upcoming work he would have to do and about the good grade he got due to his composition about his vacations. Then he told me about his family's last trip as we were eating.

  His mom insisted me to eat some more as Gabriel was taking more as well but she didn't tell me about the dessert, not that I would refuse. We had our desserts and she was taking the dishes.

  "Can we help with the dishes?" I asked his mom.

  "Oh, don't sweat it. I do it." she replied.

  "Can't I help doing anything?" I insisted as we got up and Gabriel was already leaving.

  "No way. You boys had a busy day, just go." she said.

  "You heard her." he said and laughed "Let's go!" he said taking me by the hand.

  We got in his room and he closed the door. He took his sneakers and socks off. He sat on the bed speading his legs with his hands on his knees.

  "Won't you join me?" he said patting his thigh.

  I took my sneakers and socks off as well and got comfy between his legs, resting my back on his torso. He got his hands on my chest embracing me.

  "Then, what happened dear?" he whispered in my ear.

  It was really comfy and inviting sharing all of the last unpleasant happenings with him, although I didn't think he deserved hearing all of that, on the other hand I knew he truly cared, he wanted to know and maybe he wouldn't feel like I trusted him enough to tell if I didn't. And I really wanted to share all of it with someone, who would be better?!

  "Don't get in a hurry, we have all the time in the world, you and me, like this." he said and tightened the embrace with his hands on my chest. His regular breathing made me feel calm, safe and confident enough to talk about it and keep my control.

  "Do you remember when I said I'd miss ya this afternoon?" I asked.

  "Of course I do, I missed you as well." he answered and inhaled on my shoulder.

  "Well, I missed having someone to support me..." I started saying as my parents argument flashed on my mind. I felt hurting inside when I reminded them saying they just had to stand my presence.

  "Why, dear?" he asked in my ear holding me.

  "They were arguing and they said they just had to stand me. It's like they hate me no matter what efforts I do." I continued.

  "Oh, you know you're good. You know you're not like that." he said holding me tight "Don't you?"

  "I'm not so sure, dear. They hate me. People at school hate me. Almost everybody hates me or I feel they envy me." I argued.

  "You know dear, people can be bad... but you're good, I know it, I just know it, I feel it, don't you trust me?" he said. He melted me. Talking like that, embracing me like that he could make me go along with almost anything.

  "I trust you, I like you so much." I said and buried my face on his arm, feeling comfy.

  "Mmmm... I love you." he said and kissed my neck.

  I was feeling his cock against my butt in our embrace, I was feeling his breathing getting heavier as he kissed me. I was hard as well.

  I turned to face him and our lips met, our tongues met, in a deep wet kiss and I had to stop or I wouldn't ask what I wanted to anymore.

  "Oh..." I took my breath "Dear..." I managed saying.

  "Mm... What?" he said staring at me with those beautiful eyes, matching with his beautiful features.

  "I want to explore you, to feel all your body. I wanna be able to touch you everywhere I feel like, this way I can convince myself it's all real." I told him.   "Then, I also want to do that." he said as he got up.

  I got up as well and he stopped in front of me. I could hardly believe I was able to do anything I'd like to with his body, to touch him everywhere and he meant so much to me... I caressed his arms feeling the smooth and warm his skin was. I lightly took his t-shirt off. I stopped and he realized he should do the same.

  He caressed my cheek lovely, he smiled at me, looking in my eyes, with this he took my t-shirt off. He let his hands wander on my arms and my chest. I could see the bulge in his shorts. I also had one. He started trembling a little and his skin was so smooth, and his bare chest, just staring at it. I ran my fingers over his arms, making it warmer.

  "Why are you trembling?" I whispered with a smile looking in his eyes.

  "It's just..." his lips started trembling and his eyes started getting watery "... it's just so beautiful, I never thought it could be like that." he said. I hugged him caressing his back and pressing his bare chest against mine.

  "It's being really nice, really." I said holding him tight "You don't have to do anything you don't feel like." I whispered in his ear.

  "I want to do it so much, babe." he whispered in mine letting go of the embrace.

  I took his shorts off and he took mine off as well. We looked at our bulges in our briefs, at the same time, then looked at each other and smiled. He started caressing my sides with his soft hands. I started caressing his back pulling him closer. He started kissing my neck as I was exhaling in his ear. He licked my neck under my ear. It made me shiver holding him as he had his hands on my butt, on my briefs.

  I started walking towards the bed holding him and pulled him lightly onto the bed. I knelt on the mattress. He had his hands on his sides. His chest was raising and falling with his breathing getting heavier with the expectation which could be seen in his eyes. I lightly ruffled his hair and smiled at him.

  I ran my palms over his shoulders and chest. My hands were wandering on his chest. He closed his eyes due to the feelings. I started running my palms on his sides in circles and looked again at his face, he was looking at me. I ran my fingers to his legs and felt them, soft but strong. I looked at his briefs and the bulge in it. I grabbed his cock through the fabric and he gasped moving his hips. I took hold of his balls and he moaned. I reached his waistband and took his briefs off. I looked at his face, our eyes met.

  I stared at his cock. It was throbbing. I licked his shaft and it was really warm, the skin was soft but his shaft was so firm.

  "Babe, you don't have to, aaahh... to do.. ah..." he was trying to say as I licked his balls, one, then the other. I stopped and looked at him.

  "Oh, that..." he exhaled and then could continue " if you don't want." he said with his head bent forward looking at me.

  "I want to, I need to." I replied and took the head of his cock in my mouth. I haven't ever done that, but it felt good, not because of what I was doing actually, but because my beloved was shivering, moaning... I was giving him something back as he was being so kind to me. He meant everything to me at that moment. He arched his back in response.

  "Aaaah, it feels... aah, good." he said as I took most of it in my mouth.

  "Mmmmmmm" he moaned as I tried to lick its head inside my mouth.

  It was really exciting. I started getting it inside and outside my mouth and started increasing the pace.

  "Oh, babe, stop, stop." he said.

  I took it out of my mouth and looked at him.

  "I'm gonna cum." he said and his cock throbbed as cum dribbled all over it.

  I took hold of it and pressed it. It shotted cum on his chest, on his tummy.

  "Aaaah." he said as I held his balls and pressed his shaft again. It dribbled more cum and he took a deep breath and then exhaled.

  I took one t-shirt on the floor to clean his chest as it was raising and falling and he was looking at what I was doing on his chest. As I threw the t-shirt again on the floor he smiled at me.

  I lay on him to get a deep wet french kiss as he held me with his hands on my back.

  "Did you like it?" I asked with a smile as we broke the kiss.

  "Mmm... very much." he said with another peck on my lips "But now, it's your turn." he said and in one motion he was kneeling on the mattress and I was under him. He bent down and gave me one more peck on the lips.

  He started caressing my shoulder while he was kissing my neck. I moaned. Then he ran his fingers on my torso until reaching my briefs.

  "Mmm... you have a wet spot here." he said with his face really close to my briefs, really close to my bulge.

  "Really? Where?" I assumed he was refering to my precum, but I bent my head forward trying to take a look.

  "Here." he said and kissed the wet spot. I moaned in response. Then he kissed again and kinda sucked the fabric. I arched my back.

  "Then, you like it?" he asked still lying with his head near my crotch.

  "Mmhummm." I replied with my eyes closed, lost with the good feelings.

  He grabbed my cock and pressed it really tight through the briefs.

  "Aaaah." I moaned and moved my hips, pressing my throbbing erection against his palm.

  He took my briefs off in one motion and it sprang to life. He took hold of my balls and I moaned again. Then he started caressing my inner tights lightly. I didn't stand having my hands on my sides. I wanted so bad just stroking my cock. It was dribbling precum. He took it into his mouth and I arched my back, with this he had almost all of it inside his mouth.

  He held my balls and sucked my shaft a few times. It was getting me out of my control. I loved him so much.

  "Mmm... stop, stop, please." I said just one moment before being too late.

  He took it in his hand and stroked it only twice. I shot cum on my chin, on my chest, on the mattress. He pressed my balls tight as they were moving and pressed my cock even tigher. I dribbled some more cum.

  I closed my eyes feeling just really good. Right after that I felt him cleaning my torso and my cock with a t-shirt. I opened my eyes and smiled.

  I saw him kneeling with a smile. He was all the good feelings I knew in person. His hair was so shiny. I could see all my future in his eyes. He had his bare torso in front of me and I was staring at all of it, under him with a so contented and peaceful smile and shiny eyes. He bent down and our lips met.

  "I love you, with all my heart." He said above a whisper as all became quiet, all became peaceful at that blissful moment.

  "I love you." I said, feeling my heartbeat increasing, so alive inside.

  He was looking at me with so shiny eyes as the moonlight from across the window was making him all shiny, his body, his hair... as he was being the angel he is.

  A tear fell from his eye and mixed with one of my own as tears started running freely from my eyes. I had a big grin along with it, so did he. We couldn't be happier.

  I knew I had found my angel and at that very moment I realized we would stick together and we'd be there for each other, always.

The End

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