My Bed Is Made


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     Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday you faggot..
     Again the tears filled my eyes. On the table before me were the remains of a birthday party. Not for me, for my son. This was his birthday too. Three plates of uneaten, gaily decorated sheet cake, with a scoop of melting ice cream at the side. Glasses with melted ice, an unopened soda, the rest of the cake and a torn envelope were my memories.
     He was twenty one today. I love him more than life itself. I wanted something really cute for a gift for him. I took a piece of card stock and folded it length ways. I had printed on the front of the card, "Ah, 21. What you need is cash and a stripper for a hot evening." As the card opened one side had a crisp new one hundred dollar bill. On the other side of the card was a brand new piece of sandpaper labeled, "Stripper, don't wear her out to quickly." The money was gone. He was gone and so was his ever present side kick, Sean..
     I looked at the clock on the wall. Seventeen minutes, My heart felt like lead. Twenty one years and seventeen minutes ago I stood before my father, the Right Reverend Paul. My father stood at attention just at the edge of my right eye's peripheral vision. His six foot four inch slim body commanding respect with his black suit and parson's shirt. His little white collar all sparkling and bright. If the world could only see the man under that collar that I have seen every day of my life. The ever present bruises on my butt should be some sort of testimony to the sanctimonious, self righteous pomposity of the biggest bigot in five counties.
     Before me were the Carters. Mrs. Carter sat on the front edge of the thick chocolate brown vinyl cushion of one of the chrome chairs that surrounded the room. Her ankles were crossed, one shoe half off of her foot. Her hat askance on the top of her head, and heaven forbid, her hair was askew. Her cotton suit was wrinkled. Her fluffy blouse had no fluff to it but lay flat against her breast. In her hands she fidgeted with a thin flowered hanky, wet with her hours of incessant crying.
     Mr. Carter stood with his hand on the right shoulder of his sobbing wife. His suit, wrinkled from a hard day at work. The knot of his tie was hanging at about mid-chest. His shirt tail flopped over his expanding waist line as the donlop covered his belt. (DONLOP as in his belly was so fucking big it done lopped over the top of his pants.) His ever present cigar was getting a serious workout as he chewed the end causing long streaks of staining tobacco juice to run down his pock marked chin. His dark, ruddy complexion, marred by hundreds of pock marks left from a serious case of acne when he was a teenager. He had looked better with a beard but the tobacco stains and smell got to be too much for Mrs. Carter. The cold, even stare of his gray eyes as he glared down on me made my young knees feel like jelly.
     The door from the delivery room burst open and an exuberant nurse bounced in to bubbly announce the birth of a baby boy. All eyes in the room turned to me as Mr. Carter said, "Tell him. He's the instigator of the faggot bastard's birth. Get my daughter ready. I'll take her home. He can have the issue." With that he helped his wife to her feet and headed for the door.
     Mrs. Carter looked at me and spat on me. I mean this cultured woman hocked one up and planted it right in the middle of my chest. "I hope you rot in hell. Homosexuals have a place reserved from the beginning of time for them." I stood in total humiliation as my heart jumped inside my tiny fifteen year old body. It was my birthday and I just gotten a son for a birthday present, her grandson. I dared not let my elation even be sensed by my father, but I so much wanted to jump up and down. I wanted to shout it to the world, "The fag boy has a son. Look at me, I'm a queer daddy. FUCK YOU ALL VERY MUCH." But only in my mind could I celebrate.
     The sixth morning after his birth I sat in the back seat of my father's large touring car. The back seat of that thing was big enough for a party. I held my son, my boy, my baby...I held him in my arms and watched his tiny hand make a fist as he looked up at me. He was making cute noises. The nurse had lain him in my arms just moments ago at the hospital. She had shown me how to support his tiny head. My dad had scowled some gibberish causing her to back out of the car and shut the door.
     I had paid no attention to the time or where we were. I had just changed my first, of so many to come, diaper. I was not really prepared for the thick, black shit that almost needed a jack hammer to remove it from my boy's tender butt cheeks. I had spent several hours with the nurses changing diapers on dolls. I had been allowed to feed my son every meal since he had been born. The hospital wanted us to bond. My dad was dead set on me keeping my obligations and raising my son myself. There was no question of giving him up for adoption. But this was my first dirty diaper. I really didn't mind the wet ones but the smell...Of course I heard it from the old man as he berated me over and over again.
     The car was stopped and I had not noticed. My dad was telling me to set the suitcases out first then I could get out and remove the baby. I opened the door with a quick glance around. An old wooden house sat on a barren hill in the middle of nowhere. I could not see any kind of structure in any direction. I hurried to do my father's bidding as I withdrew the two large suitcases that contained everything that I owned plus a few things for the baby. My father never shut his mouth the entire time as he berated me for my lax attitude. I was too slow. I was without direction. I was just plain worthless. I was about to be away from him is what I was.
     With my baby safely in my arms and the car door shut, I watched as my father proceeded on down the road in the same direction as we had been traveling until he was but a speck in the emptiness of nowhere. In every direction miles and miles of dry, dead grass. Or I thought it was grass, what do I know? I'm a city boy, hum hum, 'scuse me, city fag. A dust cloud hovered over the position that I figured my father must now occupy but that too slowly disappeared from my view.
     I stood in the mid-day sun and played over and over in my fifteen year old head the events that had led to this end, or is it a beginning? I had told my best friend, Sheila Carter, that I was gay. I had just had sex with Eric the weekend before and I was on top of the world. Eric had let me do everything that I had ever wanted to do in my wildest fantasies. I had sucked him at least three times before he finally took my dick to his lips.
     Eric is a frail little guy. He is the most loyal friend a boy could ever have and we had known each other since the first day of kindergarten. He lived just down the street from me and his folks attended my father's church. Eric and I were together almost all of the time. We had many, many sleep overs through the years. We had seen each other's bodies changing but unlike Eric, I had a morbid curiosity about the change.
     My cock was nearly always hard and it really, really, I mean really liked for me to stroke him and rub on him and make him feel loved. He returned all of my touching with such deep feelings inside my body. He left me light headed and alive with special sensations.
     I had talked to Eric about these feelings I had but Eric told me time and time again that it was against the Will of God that I should touch myself. He was as bad as my father when he would start preaching to me about the fact that Paul says in the Bible that there would be no place found in heaven for people like me. That is until he fell asleep and I took his hard cock out through the fly of his underwear and put the hard piece of boi meat into my mouth. I began to suck and hump on that four and a half inch fuck pole and I was so happy tears filled my eyes.
     Cum filled my mouth and Eric awakened with a start. He pulled away from me and called for the Lord to come down and curse me Himself. It took me nearly ten minutes to get him to lay down and let me do him again. The boy has no resolve and I know it. He really liked it when he was awake. He told me that we were going to hell. I told him I would suck his cock everyday throughout eternity.
     We slept for awhile and at one thirty in the morning Eric woke me up and asked me if I would suck him again. I wanted a trade off. Without argument I got Eric into a sixty nine position and we made the best times we had ever shared appear as nothing. Eric took to cock sucking as quickly as I had. My next step was even easier.
     I had convinced Eric that no one ever came into my room in all of the years that he had slept over so we had nothing to fear by leaving our underwear off. I told him that I really loved him and I wanted to feel his precious body next to mine. He ate it up and I spooned in behind him. He fell asleep almost at once. I was so keyed up that it took me awhile. I did drift in and out of sleep but each time I awakened my cock was a little harder and a little further into the crack of Eric's ass. I knew where it was going to be before sunrise.
     I awakened to Eric shifting his body closer to mine. I had his very hard cock in my hand and I realized that my cock was entirely up his ass. "That feels so nice in there. I didn't know it would feel so nice." Eric pushed back against me and went back to sleep.
     The sky had lightened to a dull gray by the next time I felt Eric move. "Make me cum again. I really need to cum." Uhh, let me see if I can help you out here. I told him to lift his left leg up into the air. As he did I was able to slide more of my dick into his ass. Eric moaned and told me that he loved me.
     Okay, it's on now. I began to fuck that little twat. I started moving my cock in and out of his tight ass while he held on to his leg which was sticking straight up into the air. I was plowing into virgin territory with every ounce of strength that I could find in my body and direct it at the muscles that made me fuck. Eric was moaning like a two dollar whore, or what I have been told they moan like. He was fucking back at me with a burst of energy that almost surpassed my own. I felt his ass tighten up then the muscles up inside began to spasm around my cock. I was still holding his cock, although I just had the head of it held by the tips of my fingers. He filled my hand with his hot cream and squeezed my dick so tight that I thought that it would surely fall off. My cum jettisoned through my body and deep into Eric's pulsating ass.
     Never in my life had I ever expected to experience anything like that. My cock slipped out of Eric's slick hole and it called up to me, "Thank you, I love you. I will never leave you." I was covered in sweat. I rolled away from Eric and onto my back. I was breathing hard.
     Eric moved beside me and he too was on his back. After a moment or so he raised up and looked into my face. "That was so awesome, dude, I want to do it again in a few minutes." He leaned down and kissed me, right on the mouth. His tongue licked at my lips, then he fell away and went to sleep.
     It was only a few minutes after six when Eric shook me awake. No one in my house ever moves before seven then it is pandemonium as everyone shouts at everyone else to hurry up and get ready. We had almost an hour. I wanted to do this right. I got on my knees and made Eric pull his legs back to his chest. I looked at his ass. I probably shouldn't have but I just thought of the rewards and ignored the cum oozing out of his hole and the shit that was smeared around his butt crack. It didn't smell all that whoppie either.
     I pointed my cock at his shitty hole as I tried to keep my hands out of the mess down there. My cock knew where he wanted to be and he moved in like he owned the place. I moved myself closer so he could get up close and personal with Eric. I looked into Eric's eyes as he took on a look that I have never seen before but somehow knew that he was feeling the most amazing sensations of his young life as my skinny five inch cock slid at least a foot and a half deeper inside of him than it had when we were on our sides..
     I had only cum an hour or so ago so I was able to really ride this one out. I did want to be able to get into the bathroom before my father's alarm clock went off so I started my full frontal assault to the rear of my quarry. I took long slow strokes that really sent goose pimples running through my body. I was so happy that I wanted to open up and cry. Eric was moaning and telling me how great this felt. He proclaimed his deep and undying love for me forever. He assured me that he never wanted to be apart from me for the rest of his days.
     I stretched our fuck out for thirty two minutes then I began to pound his ass. I knew about the prostate and I had already hit it and watched as Eric reacted to the stimulation. Now I began a full attack at that forward observation post. I learned that it did more than observe, this was the main headquarters and the flag was in the house and it was ready to be surrendered to me.
     I began to hit that hard nut with short hard strokes, dragging the ridge of my cock head back and forth across it. Eric was humping up into me and pulling me to him to lock our lips and suck my lungs inside out. I loved kissing him while I fucked him. I got so hot that I was sure I would open up my body and dump everything in me into his hungry ass.
     His hungry ass spasmed. He squeezed the very life out of my cock and covered our bellies in gallons of super hot cum. His cum burned as it shot from his cock like torpedoes. As each shot came forth his ass convulsed around my excited cock and I began to return my own sperm missiles deep into the greatest place on earth. I humped and I pumped. I was hitting Eric so hard that his head began to hit the headboard. We had to stop. I was not ready to explain anything until we had a shower. I am not shitting you. Eric did that. The smell filled the room. There was no way that I wanted to look at my dick or his ass.
     I jumped out of bed and grabbed his hand. I pulled him into the bathroom. He charged for the toilet. I jumped in the shower and washed all the evidence away. I climbed out and told Eric to really use a lot of soap and scrub his ass and his thighs. I charged back to my room.
     I thought I had walked into the bathroom after one of my father's thirty minute set twos. The smell from hell assailed my nostrils. I threw my windows open and ran back to the bathroom for some rose scented spray. I used a half a can before I looked at the sheets. Oh fuck. I had literally fucked the shit out of my best friend. I yanked the sheets from the bed and ran to the basement to throw them in the washer. I heard my father's alarm clock. I was naked. There was a pile of clean laundry on the table by the dryer. I grabbed a pair of shorts from my pile then picked up the stack of clothes and hurried up stairs. I opened the bathroom door and tossed a pair of short onto the lavatory for Eric. At that very moment my father's bedroom door opened and he looked down at me.
     "I was just asking Eric if he feels better. He had a serious stomach ache and gas attack." My dad was sniffing the air coming from my room. He pushed past me and looked inside. He looked at the bed without sheets on it.
     "Did he mess the bed?"
     "No sir, it just smelled bad so I went ahead and put the sheets into the wash."
     "Good boy." He turned and went back into his room. I put my laundry away and picked up our clothes. Eric's underwear was behind my door. Whew, I 'm glad that my father hadn't seen those. Eric came back into the room. He shut the door and looked around. He walked over to me and pulled me to him.
     "I will love you forever. That was the best night of my life. If you want me to suck your cock you just say so. As long as you fuck me like that I will do anything you want."

     I had told my best friend, Sheila Carter, that I was gay. She didn't believe me, she never believes me. I didn't tell her that I had actually done it and I would never say anything about Eric. Sheila was sure that I just had an excess of hormones and with their release I would be a normal pussy fucking little boy.
     Well, I don't know about hormones but I sure as hell had a ECB from hell and if I didn't pop a nut, and soon, I was sure to embarrass my self and jump some hunk in the hall and grind against him until I did pop. Sheila had it all arranged. Her parents were going to the church to help prepare for a special service my father had planned. We would be at her house, alone, for three hours or more.
     Father drove me to the Carter house. We approached the door as Mr. Carter opened it. He called to his wife that the reverend was here then he turned to me. He looked down at me with those cold gray eyes of his. The unlit cigar was getting a super workout in his mouth as he chewed on the end of it. The never ending stream of tobacco juice ran down his lower lip and into his beard. "You children play nice now and we'll bring home a treat for you." The condescending bastard patted me on the head and ruffled my hair. I so wanted to say something but I just walked toward Sheila's door.
     I was so mad I was shaking when I got to Sheila's room. She was giggling at me. We both watched my father's long black touring car drive up the street. With a sigh of relief I sat down on her window seat. Sheila shocked the hell out of me. She sat in my lap. She ran her hands around my head. She fucking kissed me. I may be a fag but I aint fucking dead. When she grabbed my goods I sprung wood.
     She did a slinky dance out of my lap and wiggled around in front of me like some hooker dancer in a movie. She lifted the thin dress she had on over her head to reveal a totally naked body beneath. I have to tell you, Eric's body looks better. She was so fucking skinny. She had two little mounds on her chest that she called breasts. I have eaten scoops of ice cream that were larger. These looked more like M&Ms™ laid out there. Her belly had no definition. It was just soft and flat. At least Eric has some muscles showing through.
     I had to do it and I wish that I never had. I let my eyes go down there. What a fucking sight. The grand canyon should be so large as that slit from hell. Even seeing the shit on Eric's ass had turned me on. This did nothing, at all, period. I began to loose my stiffness. Sheila wasn't about to allow that. She went to her knees and untied my shoes. Then she unfastened my pants and let them pool to my ankles. She rubbed my half hard cock through my briefs and brought the monster of the deep up to see what I might have in store for him.
     My briefs disappeared as Sheila began. "Oh it's so big. Does it hurt? I mean it's all hard and stiff and red and everything. That must hurt. The poor thing needs to be loved. When he is loved he will be a happy little fellow." She was talking about my pecker as if he were another guy there with us. Well, I do the same thing but that's different.
     She pulled me over to her bed and told me to take her. I wanted to take her out in the back yard and slap her silly. She had no idea what she was doing. She nagged at me until I just shoved my cock in her. She is much smaller than me. I am about average for my age and Sheila is little small but she is a year younger than I. She just started school before I did because of my birthday being past the cut off date, or some shit.
     Her eyes shot wide open and her mouth stopped moving. It was open wide enough to park my father's touring car inside but at least she wasn't talking. This was a good sign so I just fucked her. I didn't let up. I plowed in and out of her pussy as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do. Well it was, if I had been a straight guy. I had to picture Eric beneath me. I tried to block out the sickening sweet smell of her, of her room, of her house. I needed to smell shit to stay hard.
     Suddenly it was over. My cum had snuck up on me and I was shooting every potent drop deep inside the crazy bitch. I was in sexual ecstasy as she began to scream at me again. My ears were blocked by the blood pressure in my head. I could neither see, nor hear, nor even think of anything except that I was having one fantastic orgasm and the cum would not stop. My body was drained of all of my essence and strength. I fell to the bed and rolled to my back to get my breath.
     Sheila was up on the floor. She had her legs spread wide as she jumped up and down. "Get it out. Get it out of me. You were supposed to wear a condom. Get this stuff out of me. My father will kill me if I get pregnant. Get it out of me." She went to the bathroom. I snuck into her parents bath and washed the pussy smell off of my dick. I felt so unclean. I was sick. I puked in her mother's toilet then washed my face.
     I was sitting on the window seat looking out at the street when Sheila came back into the room wearing a bath robe. She stepped inside her closet and came out a moment later with the dress that she had on earlier back in place. She sat down beside me and rubbed my back. "Now wasn't that good? You see, it can be fun with a girl. You don't need to think about boys anymore."
     "I don't think about boys. I have a boy friend and believe me, he fucks a lot better than you do. At least he makes love to me while I fuck him. He doesn't just lay there like a dead log and stare at me with his mouth hanging open." Oops.

     I was sitting on the sofa reading a Mark Twain book when our parents came home. Sheila had been locked in her bedroom for nearly two hours. I have no idea what I read. I just had the book open and read letters on a page. I could not put them together to form words let alone sentences. The grownups looked at me. I got up and headed out to my father's car and got into the back seat where I always rode. I used to pretend that I was a rich kid and he was my chauffeur.
     Sheila shined me for the next month then all hell broke loose. She was late. She went to the school nurse. She drug me to the school nurse. She explained to the school nurse that we were young and that this was our first time ever and she had stood up and shook it all out and that she couldn't be pregnant and that I couldn't be the father because I was a queer assed faggot that liked to fuck boys in the ass and my seed would never work inside a girl...finally the nurse just put her finger to her lips and shushed Sheila.
     Sheila lived in fear for three more months. She became a virtual recluse, not talking to any of her friends. Spending long hours just crying in the corner by herself. Finally the school nurse took her from the class room and we didn't see her at school for the rest of the year.
     Five months after the dirty deed Eric and I were so close. We had done the dirty in every way and every place that we could think of. I had even talked Eric into fucking me. He loved it but did not want to give up his place on the bottom. We did learn how to clean ourselves out so that our lover would feel better about himself and the act afterwards. Life was really good and we were so happy to be boys. We could play all of the time without the worries that Sheila had brought on herself. I did not feel sorry for her. She wanted to change me and she got her just rewards as far as I am concerned.

     One bright sunny morning the clouds rolled in and covered my life in darkness. Sheila came to church wearing a baggy dress. It was not obvious what she was trying to hide and only someone who knew would be able to tell. She walked right past me as if I did not exist. When the time for prayer requests came around my father had a deacon pass the microphone around the room.
     Sheila stood up and took the mic. She stood on the pew and turned around so that the whole church got a good look at her. She pressed the dress against her lower belly so that the baby growing inside her was obvious. "I have sinned," she started out, "I tried to do God's work. Mark Allen Donald is a homosexual. That's right the son of our most worthy Right Reverend Paul Donald is having unnatural sex with Eric Thomas.
     "I wanted to save Mark's soul so I let him have sex with me so that he would know what God intended for man. I didn't want to see him torn apart by his filth and end up losing, what I thought was, a good friend. Some friend. He got me pregnant and now he won't even talk to me."
     That did it. I couldn't take it any more. I ran over and grabbed the mic and spoke as loud and as clear as I have ever done in my life. "Sheila thinks too much of herself. She supposed that I was doing unnatural things with Eric because we are best of friends and spend a lot of time together. She as good as raped me. She arranged for me to stay at her house. She knew that her parents would be at the church working with my parents and that we would be alone for several hours.
     "As soon as our parents left she took off her clothes. She got down on her knees and removed my clothes and she played with me." I was getting the reaction from the congregation. A few people were telling me to shut up and sit down but I was on a roll. "She made me sick as she touched me in new places. I am a healthy young man and I responded but I did not want to go further. She dragged me by the hand to her bed and...well...
     "Look, I'm not proud of what I did. She got mad at me when it was her that forced it. No, I don't talk to her anymore. She tricked me and...well yeah, you can say that she raped me. I don't want to be around people like that. I'm sorry that there is going to be a baby as a result of this. I will love the baby. It is my child, I admit that. I just don't want anything to do with Sheila. If she could do that to me once what will she do next time. I have known her for seven years. I have seen what she does to people she doesn't like. Remember Edith. You know what she did to you and I should have stood up for you. I am so sorry. There are others too. You know who you are and so does Sheila. She is the one that will have to answer for "trying to do God's work."" I shut up and sat down.
     I know nothing about the rest of that day or the next few weeks as far as that goes. I stayed to myself and only saw Eric at school for a day or two then he disappeared. One Friday evening I came home from school. Eric's parents were sitting with my parents in my living room. Father made me sit down as Eric's dad looked me in the eye.
     "Mark, I'se knowed you ever sincet yous a little kid. Yous been like a brother to my Eric. But brothers don't do to each other what has been done to Eric. Mark we had em up to that doctor man. He looked up Eric's ass and said my boy been getting hiself treated like a woman.
     "Mark, I wanna no ifn twas ya'll that did my boy like that?" I sat silent. I looked him square in the eye.
     "You say you've known me since I was little. Am I like that? What did Eric tell you?"
     "Eric, he don't say much. Ya'll knows that. He just don't go tellin no tales on no one. But who done this thing, Mark? Who did that to my boy. He's never gonna shit right. He done been made a woman to somebody and Sheila says she knows it twas ya'll." Nothing came of the conversation. I know Eric. That boy will let them boil him in hot oil before he will ever give me up. His parents got up and went home.
     Mom handed me a plate of food and a glass of milk. She told me not to come out of my room until they called me, except for the bathroom. That was good of her. I ate in peace and quiet. I did not have to play twenty questions with father. I read a little and decided to do my homework then I went to bed around nine.
     There was a knock at my door early Saturday morning. Mom told me to get a shower and get dressed that we had some things to do. I love shopping with my mother. She can't say no to me, especially with the amount of money she spends. She has everything sent home to her the following week when father is at work so that he does not know how wild she gets with his money. Vow of poverty my ass.
     Our first stop was at the family doctor's office. I let out my breath. They are going to make me get checked out like Eric did. Father was right at the doctor's elbow looking up inside my ass with a magnifying glass and a flashlight. At least that is the picture that I have of it. "Well actually, Reverend Paul, I can't see where he has done anything. He has some stretching but I have treated him for constipation for several years. That would account for all that I see. Now I did examine Eric and I don't want to disclose anything private but the boy is pretty grown up for his age. He would have done more damage here than I see." He took hold of my cock and stroked me to full erection, right in front of my father, "And I don't think that Mark could have done damage to Eric with what I see there. No, I think Eric has an adult friend somewhere and I told his parents that." I began to cum all over the doctor's hand. He smiled at me and kept on stroking. Father turned and walked out of the room. The doctor licked his hand then bent over and sucked the last few drops from my cock before licking my whole crotch clean.
     "Eric says that you really know how to use this bad boy of yours. I will have to have you come over for a real long exam in the next few days. Keep using that cream I gave you on your ass after you and Eric have sex. I just wished he would have used it all of the time like I told you two." I let the doctor have a long suck on me before I filled him with another load. Hell giving the old man perks like this just saved my ass. I'll cum back.

     All was well until Easter. Eric and I had a friend who received his mail at a rural mailbox. It was too far for his mother to walk so Henry picked up the mail each afternoon when he got off of the school bus. He would take coded letters addressed to him and put them away for me the next time he saw me. Eric had been sent to live with his grandmother. She was not bad to live with but she watched him like a hawk She told him that she didn't abide with this boy/boy thing. She had seen it when she was little and she wouldn't have it in her family. Eric played the good son and got by.
     I lived for his letters but we had not found a way for me to write him back. We finally hit on a plan. He had me write to him on pink paper with cheap perfume on it. I worked real hard to make the address all frilly and everything. I mailed this to a girl that he was now friends with. He told her that I was his old love and he liked to keep in touch so that he would know what was happening at his old school. They really didn't have anything between them. They were just friends. She was happy to do this for him. She knew his grandmother as an old stuffy rag.
     Henry passed me an Easter card in class. The class bully grabbed it up and started teasing me with it. That is until he saw the letter that fell out. He grabbed it up and started reading, out loud. He got to a really steamy sex part and the teacher grabbed the card. The whole class was talking. I went to the office for having pornography on the school grounds. Father was called.. A search of my locker was ordered. Twenty two letters and cards, and each one as sleazy as the next were found and all from Eric.
     Dad took me home. He made me sit on the sofa as he read each letter then handed them to mom. We got in the touring car and went over to the Carter's house. They would not let me inside, which was fine by me. A little later father opened my car door and told me to stand up. The Carter's stood back a little but they could see and hear everything. Sheila looked like she had eaten a pumpkin without chewing. All eyes zeroed in me.
     "Sheila may have done things the wrong way but she tried to save your miserable soul. She has been tarnished and hurt by her desire to help someone she loved. You threw that love back in her face and tromped on her feelings as you hid the truth of what you are.
     "Well, what you are is no son of mine. Sheila is due to have this baby within the next four weeks. You will take your devil inspired spawn and you will be sent away where you can raise him. Yes, it is a boy and if you raise him to be a queer like you I will come and cut your heart out and feed it to you. Now get into the car and keep your mouth shut. I am going to take you back to my house where you used to live. You will pack your clothes. Everything else we will sort through. Most of your books, your computer, stereo, and such will get a new home with a boy who deserves them. I do not want to hear the sound of your voice from now until the day I see you stand before the Lord for judgement. Am I clear?"

     Well there you have it. This is the end result. I turned toward the house. It had not seen paint in umpteen years. >From my vantage point, looking up at the house some twenty feet above me on a small hill top, there was not a tree, anywhere. I was sure that if I climbed up to the house and stood on the porch I would still not see a tree. It was springtime. If these were fields they should be green. Everything around here appeared dead. Then the front door opened and I knew everything was dead.
     What stepped out onto the porch and stared down at me was just barely in the human range. It really didn't belong on this side of the grass. The face on the creature looked as if it had been deformed by pushing up daisies through several feet of dirt. "Don't stand there and dawdle all afternoon Mark. We have lessons to start if you are going to get along with me."
     "Hell lady, I don't know you. I really hadn't planned on getting along with anyone," I thought to myself. As I stepped up onto the porch I took one last long look around. I was right, no trees. No way out either. I am stuck with this hag from hell. What has my father done to me? I guess I will have to sleep in the bed that I have made.

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