My Bed Is Made
chapter II


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     My bed is made but I sure as hell didn't make it. The damn thing was huge. I had to use a little stool to step up on so that I could get my scrawny ass on it. I lay my precious bundle of baby boy down to the sound from hell. I dropped to my knees to look at the monstrosity that filled the entire room, leaving precious little space to move along the sides.
     The bed frame was an ancient, really super old, iron conglomeration of welded convoluted pieces of ancient iron works. The welds were rusting through. In times past someone had dabbed bits of assorted colored paints(that's coloured paint for my British readers that don't like American spelling) over the reddish brown spots. The connecting rails had worked themselves loose over time and made a racket that would awaken the dead over in the next county. Naked springs, at least a foot thick, sat directly on these rails and added their timbre to the cacophony of soniferous reverberations. Okay, so like I have spent the last five months locked in my room, except to go to the bathroom. I have had no school, no friends, no phone, no TV. My only diversion came from reading my father's extensive library. Extensive my derriére. Extensive volumes of religious studies and Bible commentaries. The one book I really liked, and which I read most often, was a tome on building an extensive vocabulary. It worked.
     Over the top of this assorted scrap metal heap was a mattress of questionable origin. It was about six inches thick. I could feel layers of material inside the old grey and black stripped ticking that I more associated to old pillows. The entire mattress was tied together with bits of yarn run down through it then back up and tied in a tight knot in rows and columns spaced approximately four inches apart. The mattress had old, yellowed water? stains on it. Covering the stains and acting as a bottom sheet was some sort of heavy linen concoction. It was rough and smelled of moth balls. Have you ever smelled moth balls? I wonder how to get their little legs apart to get your nose down there. I'm bored with my life.
     The final covering for the bed was a stack of three handmade quilts. Four fluffy pillows lay against the head of the bed. I checked them out. They were feather pillows and very soft. The sounds that the bed made assured me that my favorite toy and I could not play together. I would miss that as I had come to enjoy my little friend five or six times everyday. He was the only one that cared enough to make me feel good. I had learned how to get my legs under my arms and kiss and caress my mighty friend and drink deeply of the warm milk he so willingly gave up. I have become a total cum junky and crave the slimy elixir constantly. I really hope that I can find a boyfriend in this heaven forsaken wilderness.
     Little Eric began to cry. Yeah, nobody knows what I named him except the hospital people. They told me that my dad or nobody else had the right to see the birth certificate. I have a true copy that I will hang on the wall. Name: Eric Thomas Donald. Mother: Sheila Ann Carter; age: 14. Father: Mark Allen Donald; age 15. I giggle to myself that I should call my son E.T. I mean he did appear to the world in kind of a strange way. Hehehe I changed Eric's little wet diaper and found a bottle of formula that the hospital had packed for me. I would have to go downstairs and make more formula from the can of mix that I had.
     Whoever the hag downstairs was, she was caterwauling at me to come down for lunch. I gathered up my bouncing bundle of love along with his bottle and the can of formula. I realized that I was quite hungry myself. I was not prepared for what I saw at the table. A really buff looking boy of about my age sat smiling at me. A cast iron kettle, about ten inches wide, sat on a hot pad in the middle of the table. The boy smiled wide as I lay Eric in a makeshift bassinet sitting next to a chair on the long backside of the table. He stuck out his hand, "Clay. You're Mark?" I nodded and shook his hand. It was warm and he seemed to linger. I didn't want to let go. Our eyes locked on each other and we spoke to each other's souls.
     We heard the old lady move in the kitchen and pulled apart. Clay served up a large bowl of thick beefy stew with small chunks of vegetables cut up in it. I sat it before me and inhaled deeply. I was hungrier than I had thought. Clay handed me a shallow pan covered with a tea towel. I raised the towel to see thick, hot cornbread. At the center of the table was a bowl of fresh butter and a small plate with thick cut chunks of sweet white onions. A Mason™ jar of those little super hot pickled peppers drew my eye to it. I know I am going to like it here as far as the food goes. This is the kind of food Mrs. Thomas feeds me when I stay at Eric's.
     I was stuffing my face when I heard a screen door slam. "Where you been, boy? I called you to lunch ten minutes ago. The other two boys are already eating so there may not be much left for you."
     "Sorry, grandma, I was up in the loft trying to get a bale of hay down so I can feed the stock tonight. I found all of these eggs up there for you." That voice, Could it be. Naw, just sounds like Eric.
     "So that's where those silly hens got off two. We haven't had many eggs for several days. Now we know why. If you're finished with that soap and water you better scoot to the table." Suddenly he was there. He stopped and stared at me. He looked over his shoulder and quickly put his finger to his lips. He was shaking as he sat at the end of the table to my left.
     "So, you're the new kid, huh?" he said.
     "Yeah, grandma said his name is Mark," Clay told Eric. Eric reached across and shook my hand. He was trembling. I could see tears in his eyes. I wanted to grab him and hold him. He pushed me away and rolled his eyes toward the kitchen. Silently we stared at each other as we ate. Eric made eye motions at Clay. Casually I looked that way. He had his face bent into his bowl as he stuffed his face full of food. I looked back at Eric. He barely shook his head, no. Then looked down at his food.
     The old woman came in and sat down with us. She had a glass and a pitcher, "You boys care for buttermilk?" she asked. We all turned our noses up. I have never tried buttermilk but I don't know if I want to either. She poured some of the thick milk into her glass then took out a piece of cornbread. She crumbled the yellow cake into her glass then filled it to the top with more of the buttermilk. She took a spoon and stirred the concoction and began to eat. "Mark, we have a routine around here. You have extra chores in that you have... What's your baby's name?"
     I would be busted for sure if I told her. "It's E.T. mam."
     "E.T. stands for what?"
     "Well, mam, he's a little alien to my life so I just named him E.T. You know like the movie?" She didn't know.
     "What does his birth certificate say?"
     "E.T. mam." That was the truth, sorta.
     "Oh well, anyway, we have a routine. You boys have to get up and milk the three cows, feed the livestock, gather in the eggs. We have breakfast then we begin our studies. You will have to feed E.T. and do his laundry each morning. I'm not ready for the smell of dirty diapers. I guess we will have to work out feeding and nap times according to how the boy behaves. I want you outside working along side the other boys. You are here to learn how to be strong and educated men. Having the education of raising a child at your age is foreign to me. We will work around it. Any questions?"
     "Well, mam, I just wondered why my father brought me here."
     "Fair question. Clay there is my grand nephew. His folks were killed in a fire at their place of business. They tried to save their stock instead of their lives." Clay was crying. "It's okay boy, it's going to hurt for a long time yet. Clay just came to me Monday. Eric over here is my grandson. He thought he was homosexual and lived in sin against God. He came here to get away from the boy who twisted his young mind and get back in touch with his real worth. Your father was a student of mine. I retired from the school system in your town. I teach math and science. But don't think for a minute that I can't conjugate a verb or quote Shakespeare. You boys will get a thorough education and be ready to face the reality of highschool in two years. We have a very good highschool in this county and you will need to be socialized but you need to learn the discipline of hard work and know what is expected of you before you can go there.
     "Now, as far as E.T. is concerned. He is very young. Does he sleep all night?"
     "I don't know, mam. I only got him from the hospital yesterday. He is only six days old. and I haven't spent the night with him."
     "Can you feed him?"
     "Yes mam, I have a can of formula here that I need to mix and fill some bottles for him. I have a bottle warmer that I can plug in in my room and feed him there."
     "There's no electricity in that room. You'll have to come down here to warm the bottle. You can keep extra bottles in the refrigerator. I'll make you a space. You other two don't go drinking the baby's milk." She smiled as they looked startled then began to laugh. She may not be too bad and with Eric here it might be great. I will have to find out about Clay though. "My students call me Miss Irma but with these two boys here I guess you'll have to call me granny, like they do."
     The other two boys did the dishes while I mixed formula. I put five bottles in the refrigerator and was about to warm one when granny told me that I should bathe E.T. My first time bathing him without a nurse looking over my shoulder. I was excited and scared. Granny took a large dishpan from a cupboard and set it on the cabinet next to the sink. She stood over me as I filled the pan with water at just the right temperature. She handed me a washcloth and a brand new bar of Ivory soap™. I removed E.T.'s diaper. Granny gasped, "You didn't have him circumcised."
     "No mam. Father teaches that true circumcision is of the heart. Circumcision is a symbol of the coming out of the flesh. It is a private matter between man and God. We need to come out of the flesh and learn to serve God with all of our heart not some ancient ritual which the Apostle Paul taught was of no effect anyway." Eric was grinning. He loves running his long tongue under my longer foreskin as much as I love for him to do it. I like docking with him and making him cum up under my foreskin too.
     I finished bathing my little beauty and dried him off. I powdered his behind. Don't want any old nasty diaper rash on my boy's butt. I cradled him in my arms and fed him his bottle as granny shooed the other two off to do their chores. As soon as E.T. was asleep I placed him back in the basinet for his afternoon nap then I ran out to find Eric.
     Clay was using a pitchfork to clean through a fowl smelling coral next to the barn. Eric was inside the barn. He pointed at the loft so I ran that way without Clay seeing me pass. I climbed up the ladder but didn't see Eric. In a few seconds I heard him hiss at me from behind a stack of hay bales. I climbed over the top and looked down. Eric had him a fort at least four bales below me. I slid down and he pulled me inside. He got on his knees and pulled a bale of hay against the opening so that we were completely hidden. He had a battery operated lantern with flourescent bulbs in it that really lit up an area big enough to stand up when sort of bent over. It was wide enough and long enough to lay down on the blankets he had in there.
     He grabbed me and kissed me. I kissed him back. We had our pants off and were sucking each other in moments. He had his finger up my butt so mine went up his as we instantly filled each other's mouth with that which we had so long done without. We turned and held each other taking time to taste the remainder of our cum on each other's teeth. "I have so missed you." I told him.
     "I love you so much. I thought I would die without you. Your father called several weeks ago and talked to granny about teaching you how to be a man and to meet your obligations to your bastard child."
     "He's not a bastard. I am his father. My name is on his birth certificate."
     "Shhh, baby, I know. That was just what your father said, not me or granny. Anyway, it was all I could do to keep from going ballistic when granny told me that you were coming here. Shr pulled me out of school when she found out that I was writing to you but she never learned your name. My mother never told her your name. I hope that mother and dad don't come up here to see me then we will have hell to pay but until then I love you. Fuck me, please. I need you in me so bad." Who am I to argue?
     We had no lube. He had been untouched for nearly five months. I did the only thing I could think of. Something I had wanted to try before. I licked and sucked at his sweet pucker as we both experienced our first joy from rimming. His ass tasted like him. He had been working all morning and a large amount of his sweat had collected in his crack. Somehow that just turned me on all the more. I licked up and down his crack. I licked the creases between his legs and crotch. I wanted all of his taste. I was suddenly a sweat junky, at least for Eric sweat. I dove into his precious winky hole then back to find more of his juice. I pushed my finger up in him to open him up then pushed my tongue back in him. I used two fingers to pull him open so that I could get more of my tongue in him.
     When his sphincter finally relaxed I lay on my belly with my arms around his thighs. I pulled him close to me as my head was locked between his legs and I fed at the back door of his Y. He thrashed about. He played his hands through my hair. He banged on the floor, which was not a good idea because we were on the wooden floor, not a bale of hay. When he was wet enough and open enough I got to my knees. I pulled my skin back and placed the naked head of my cock at its favorite hole and moved forward. All the way up inside of Eric my cock was yelling out with his joy. "Thank you. Oh thank you. Yes, I am home again. I will be good to you. I will make you happy. Thank you." I was feeling good but Eric was laughing at me. It was not my cock talking but me. I really had to fuck that boy for laughing and he was feeling good in no time at all.
     We lay together for a few minutes then thought that we better get back to work. Clay would come looking for us and so might granny. I pushed the bale of hay away so that we could get out of Eric's fort and Clay sat there smiling at us. "You guys sounded like you were having so much fun. I don't know who does what but I so wish it was me getting it. I haven't been fucked in several weeks and my ass is so hurtin'" Eric and I looked at each other. I grabbed Clay's hand and pulled him into the fort.
     Clay had walked into the barn to put his pitchfork away and could plainly hear Eric and I as we lay on the thin wood of the loft rafters overhead. He had climbed up and found where the bale had been slid across the floor to close up the fort but could hear nothing from up there. He went back down and found himself a seat where he sat to listen and take his own problem in hand. When he knew that we were about to climb out of our love nest he climbed back up to await us.
     The three of us set about to rebuild the fort one level higher. We did in just over an hour what Eric had taken a month to build. We had to unstack the stepped roof then set a course of hay bales tight at the floor level. We then moved all of the hay loft about as we built ourselves a three man fuck fort. Our efforts paid dividends as we found a huge black snake and her den full of snakelets. We had the snakes in a burlap bag and had just set the final bale in place as granny stepped into the barn to see what we were up to. She hadn't seen any sign of us in over two hours and wanted to make sure we were not up to any mischief. If she only knew what we were up to and in. Oh yeah, we had to make sure there was room in the new fort and that Clay was as happy as us.
     We showed granny the snakes. She told us that they should be taken down to the nearby creek and let loose. She said that the snakes also helped to keep down the field mice that liked to get into the grain bins. I had to go to the house and take care of E.T. Clay and Eric took the tractor down to the creek to get rid of the snakes. I sat in a chair on the shady front porch and fed my little fellow and kept an eye on my two ass monkeys. Somehow I had a feeling of ownership as I was the super top in the bunch. I like for Eric to scratch me and Clay had a real scratching sized tool but I was greedy. I wanted to be included in any partay and I would decided who did whom.

     We settled into a routine about the place. Granny had old text books and a complete lesson plan laid out for us. I didn't have the heart to tell her that her books were old and out of date. I mean math never changes just the years and ages that it is taught. We were going to study the same old multiplication and division of fractions that I had aced in the seventh grade. I had taken algebra in the eighth grade and was into plane geometry this year. Eric and Clay were both taking algebra two. Eric always was the brainard and was in the advanced math class. We thought that we would play it cool and see if this could work to our advantage.
     When we got into our English books we really had a let down. She was right about conjugation and diagraming, more seventh grade work. I already knew all that her text books had on childish little science projects and really longed for the insightful lectures that I had been getting in Biology. Eric began to giggle as I traced his endocrine system with the lightest tip of my finger all over his body. We decided that if we really wanted out of this place and get on over to the highschool then we needed to clue the old girl in.
     We didn't get the chance immediately. We got the chance to fool around in absolute peace and privacy. Granny left us alone so that she could go into the nearby city and buy groceries and things that she felt that E.T. needed. As the dust from her car settled on the horizon three pairs of jeans settled on the floor and three naked boys lay down in a triangle as we set about our own version of solving triangular problems and various outstanding mid points along the three different sides.
     Clay is one super hot cock sucker and I found him most satisfying in that capacity. I did get a serious beating that day from both of my friends and lovers. They didn't like my way of talking. Eric said he wanted his old friend back with his bad grammar and his constant use of double negatives. He missed me. I love him. I told them what I had been made to endure for the past several months and they softened a bit. Not down there, thankfully, but in their attitude to the way I talk.
     Clay had a fantasy. Eric and I were up to fulfilling it at once. Clay wanted to suck a cock while he got fucked. I wanted to watch Eric fuck Clay from a very personal angle. It turned into the greatest orgy that we could imagine. Clay and I locked lips on each other's cock as Eric knelt above my head and showed the boy everything he knew about fucking a tight piece of ass. I was so hot as I watched my boyfriend's cock pistoning back and forth over my face and having both them slap my face with their balls and whatever juices were forth cuming down onto me.
     Eric and I changed places as I took seconds at Clay's butt. Clay and I nearly busted a gut as we checked out the mess on Eric's forehead and nose. I was fucking into Eric's load causing it to spurt out onto my pubes, balls and anything below, such as Eric's face. Clay and I licked his face clean for him then I took Eric's cock into my mouth and stuck my ass up for Clay to please. Eric took a turn at me but we were too exhausted to get to Eric before we figured on granny returning.
     We barely made it before we heard her pull into the drive. Even with all three of us in the small bathtub shower at the same time. We had decided to come clean with granny. As the groceries were put away I, the chosen spokesman, told granny that the school work that she was giving us was old hat to us. We sat at the table together and showed her our work. She sat and smiled at us but did not look at our papers. That kind of upset us.
     She closed her eyes and reached for Clay's and my hands. Eric was at the far end of the table where she couldn't reach him. "Thank you boys. Thank you so much. I had a feeling that you were all going to do just fine. You have proven my trust in you and my faith has been rewarded. Now I shall reward you."
     It had all been a test. She knew what the current curriculum was. She had our old school records to show us what we had been doing and where we excelled or fell short of our needs. She wanted to know if our parents had been right when they belittled us and put us down. She gave us seventh grade work to see if we would say anything or if we considered this a milk run to just bide our time until we could leave here. Because of the baby she wanted the three of us to stay home for the rest of this school year. E.T. would be old enough for her to care for by the fall semester. She would use this time to prepare us for better times. She was going to do all she could to help us skip a grade. She was sure that she could teach us all that we would need to learn in our junior year and in the fall we would test out to be admitted as seniors so that we could graduate and move on with our lives without our parents lording it over us.
     She looked me in the eye and told me how sweet she thought little Eric Thomas was. He was almost as sweet as my boyfriend, for whom I had named him. She loved her grandson very much and totally approved of his choice of lovers. She hoped that Clay would be welcomed by us. He had to leave his boyfriend behind and was sure to feel like a fifth wheel. She told us that she had another nephew that lived just past the creek that was gay and lonesome but if he and Clay didn't get along she was sure that there were other boys in the area that he could find a friend amongst. There were no flies within several hundred feet of that table as three boys sat with their mouths gapping open as we stared at the little old hag lady through different eyes.
     After hugs, kisses, and thanks were met out Eric came and sat in my lap. "You named E.T.... The baby's real name... You named your son after me?" I had a big grin on my face as I nodded at him. He wrapped his arms around me and planted one toe jam searching kiss on me. Granny asked one thing of us. No sex and no deep making out in front of her. She wanted to be honest if asked about our behavior. And no, our parents were not aware that they had placed Eric and I together and she would just as soon it remained that we. We wanted to keep it a secret also.
     Clay did get it on with his and Eric's cousin. The boy was a hunk. He had been raised on a farm and had muscles where I didn't know muscles could grow. He and Clay had no problem sharing each other within our circle and Eric and I had a fondness for Clay that spread to include Douglas.
     We worked hard all summer, without a break. We studied every afternoon when it was hot. We worked the farm every morning. We learned to work harvest and pick up spending money for our senior year in highschool. We were model students with perfect grades. Granny took Douglas into our classes and brought him along with us. He was already a sixteen year old junior but he was at the very bottom of his class. The last quarter of his junior year he out shined every other student in his class. He ended with a low B but that was a marked improvement over his first three quarters.
     All four of us walked across that stage to get our diplomas as the top four ranking students in the graduating class. Eric and I had not invited our parents to graduation. We let them live in their self righteous world believing that we were suffering the punishment that they had meted out to us.
     Clay had lots of money from his parents death. He wanted us to stay together at college. E.T. was almost two years old and I had an obligation to him. I went against my better judgement and put E.T. in day care as I took up morning classes and worked in the afternoon. Eric wanted to get away. He had a run in with his parents over the telephone and he did not want to meet the redneck bigots face to face. He took off for another school where he got into drugs. He O.Ded the third month of school. I never have gotten over him. I met a girl who loved my baby boy. We never married but lived together for fifteen years.
     Clay came back into my life and E.T. learned what I really was. He moved out on his eighteenth birthday to leave the two fags to themselves. He moved in with one of his highschool buddies then over time moved in with one buddy after another. Now he is with Sean. Sean is macho, too macho. I see that look in his eye when he looks at E.T. My son blushes sweetly when Sean looks at him. I'm queer. I can pretty much tell when I am around a gay couple. I might miss it with a single dude but when two people love each other anyone can see it.
     I asked Clay to go to a long movie as I tried once again to make friends with my son, my Eric. I love that boy with all of my heart. Now I am sitting at the table alone after another evening gone bust and cry over my failure. Twenty one years ago today a nurse announced that this little fag boy was a daddy. I had most of the eighteen years that he lived with me as the happiest memories of my life and memories that I will carry to my grave with me. I hear a car pulling into the driveway. It is time for Clay to be home. I will love the one I'm with and always remember the others.

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