My Mate Jesse

By Angyl

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This place is so strange to me. I am absolutely gobsmacked by everything I have seen. It is totally a different way of life here. I am having troubles adjusting to the way things are here.

      My name is Jason Charles Alexander Matthew Winslow. I know it is such a long name. I usually go by Jay though. My family and I just moved here from England. I am so lost right now. My father got a job work for some bloke here in Canada. Therefore, as fortune would have it we all had to move. I knew I would hate it. Mother absolutely abhorred the idea of moving. She gave in though, as father made it look and sound so good.

      Well I guess a bit about me would be called for. Well of course, you know my name now. I am 16 years old. I was in Upper School in England, but I am in Grade 12 here in Canada. I am your typical teenage bloke. Well I think I am. Styles are so different over here. I am about 5'10. I have reddish blonde hair, and blue eyes. My weight is in pounds about 145. I am slim. I do a lot of running and such to keep me in shape. I dress rather conservatively. Usually for school a nice pair of slacks, and a shirt. Out of school, I switch from slacks to my denim. Oh I so need to change things up. Well that is it. I am also an only child....which is wicked. I get most of what I want. Oh well there is the part about I am queer.

      I miss my mates back home. God the time we had. Me mates and I were always up to something fun. On occasion some of the blokes and I would sneak off and muck about. A good blowjob from one of me mates was always so grand. Well that is gone now. All me mates are back in England, and I am stuck here in Canada.

      I am still adjusting to the way people talk and do things here. OMG...the first day of school was hell for me. Well I mean god, we call it a rubber, and everyone here calls it and eraser. How was I to know? They had laughed at me for it. I was embarrassed. The only reason I got through it, was one of the blokes in my class, whispered to me what I was saying. I felt stupid. I did not know that over here a rubber was a condom. Well I managed somehow to get through the first day in school.

      Okay the other thing was, I smoke, like a chimney. A bad habit I know but I do. Well imagine how I felt when I asked a guy for a fag, and he punched me in the face. I thought me nose was busted. Well the kid from my class who rescued me before, came to me aid again. He explained the difference to me yet again. I felt like such a twit. I really wanted to cry. My nose was bleeding, and I am sure I will have a black eye in the morning. How am I going to explain that to my parents?

      The bloke from my school noticed the shape I was in.

      "Ya know if I am going to keep rescuing you I should introduce myself....the names Jesse Franz." He said.

      "Umm...thanks again...I am Jay Winslow." I replied.

      I must have been a sight. Jesse helped my clean up as best we could. He offered to help me home, in case something happened. I was a might dizzy right now. It was a slow walk home. Me nose was bleeding by the time we got to my parents flat. Our house was not ready yet. Mother was in a fit of hysterics when she saw me. My father sat calmly at the table. I knew he was pissed, probably thought I got in a fight.

      "Mother calm down I am okay." I said, then looking at my father, I added, "And for the record, no I did not get into a fight."

      Jesse stood and watched everything. Then he finally explained what had happened. Mother and father burst out laughing. When I realized the levity of the situation, I could not help but laugh too. God it hurt though. Mother invited Jesse to stay for tea, once we had calmed down. Jesse graciously accepted the invitation. First, however we had to take care of me nose. Thankfully, the doctor was just down the street. Jesse walked with me and waited. It did not take long. I am thankful that it was not broken. Once back home, we sat and had tea. Jesse stayed for a few hours. The he politely excused himself. I walked him to the door.

      "See ya in class tomorrow." He said.

      "Yeah mate I will see you then." I replied.

      I watched him walk down the sidewalk, and down the street.

      OMG I am prattling on like some old woman. I suppose I should tell you some about Jesse. He is quite the looker. He is a bit taller than I am. His hair I think is an auburn or brown. I am not really sure I kept looking into his hazel eyes. He wore baggy denim and a white t-shirt when I first met him. It looked good on him. I thought to myself, I would look good in his clothes. Well I thought to he would look good out of his clothes. I was having sexual thoughts about someone I did not even know. Oh well me mates back home would probably get a laugh out of it.

      I spent most of the evening in me room thinking about everything that had gone on today. Me mind kept wandering back to Jesse. Was he like me? Did he have a big cock? I was seriously getting a wood with these thoughts. I needed to get some relief. I took my shorts down, and slowly began stroking my cock. I imagined it was Jesse stroking me to orgasm. I made a bloody mess when I shot. My spunk was everywhere. I cleaned up the mess. Then I really attempted to get sleep.

      I woke in the morning even more tired than I was when I went to bed. My god was it possible to fall in love so quickly. I did not even know if Jesse was gay, or bisexual. I wish to god I could find out.

      I skipped breakfast, telling mom I would grab a bite on the way. I opened the door just as Jesse was walking up to it.

      "G'mornin mate." I said.

      "Good morning." He replied, and added, "Thought you could use company for the walk to school."

     "Thanks." I said smiling.

     We head down the sidewalk, and towards the school. Honestly today, I did not want to go to school. After all the embarrassment, I did not want to face that again. Jesse seemed lost in thought.

     "Hey Jesse are you here?" I asked.

     "Oh dude I'm sorry."

     "You look lost."

     "Naw, I was just thinking of skipping classes today."

     "Yeah I guess I am not really up to going in today either."

     "Well then let's book from here; we can go to my place."

     We took off in the opposite direction of school. His place was not that far from my flat. Thankfully, it was in a direction that mother and father would not see me. I could not believe I was actually ditching school. Mother would have a fit. I have not a clue what father would do.

    So we got to Jesse's place. It was not a flat but an actual home. (God I wanted to be in our old home.) His home was amazing. A large parlor just as you walked in. The kitchen was great too. It was large; larger than we even had. The room I was most interested in was Jesse's bedroom. (Oh, god I was doing it again. Think about him. Well what could I do...I was hot for him. For me I got my dream.) The next place we headed was his room. I could not believe his room. He was loaded with gizmos and gadgets, for lack of a better expression. I was somewhat lost in thought.

    "Jason...hey dude." Jesse said, poking me in the side.

    "Sorry mate, I just thinking." I replied.

    "No worries you were off in space."

    I think I blushed. What else could I do? I am not usually embarrassed. I was absolutely in awe with his room, but I could not get him out of my thoughts.  He was every girls dream, and every bloke's nightmare. (Seriously, this bloke was a looker as I said.) Fuck, I here I go getting all horned up yet again. I quickly adjusted so as he would not see my hardness. I looked over where Jesse was. He was on the bed leaning against the headboard with his legs up. He had switched into shorts. The way he was sitting, I could see right up them. I quickly turned to look at something else. It was hard for me. Jesse was so damn fine. I began looking at the art he had on the wall, nothing too spectacular. I almost fell out of my chair when I turned back. Jesse stood before me his wang right in my face. My jaw dropped open.

"Is that better?" He asked.

I was gobsmacked. I did not even know what to say.


"Do you like it?"

I nodded. I wanted that wang in my mouth more than anything. I leaned over and took it in my hand. Judging for how it fit, I say the boi was about 8 inches. A Nice size wang if I ever saw it. I slowly began to work his wang. It felt so good. I had not had a wang since my family moved here. Jesse took my hand and lead me to his bed. He sat on the edge and I got on my knees between his. I began working that hot wang again. I slowly began stroking Jesse, as I took his wang in my mouth. Fuck it tasted like heaven. I slowly began working his cock deep into my throat. I almost gagged on his monster as I took him deep in my throat, and then slowly released him from my mouth to the tip, and then back down again. I managed to take him to the hilt, the second time down. Jesse was moaning in delight of my work.

"Oh fuck bud that is so awesome." He moaned.

Jesse arched his back as I licked the pre-cum off the tip. He was leaking nectar in a fair amount. I knew he was close to sharing his nectar with me. I took his cock back to the hilt, and using the suction from my mouth, I slowly let him out to the tip, and then back down. It took a couple more times, before he let out a loud moan.

"Here it comes stud!"

I felt his nectar fill my mouth. He thrust in as his load emptied from him. I swallowed every drop he gave me. I continued sucking until I knew I had drained him. It was definitely worth it. He tasted so good. I admit my jaw was a little sore, but in the end it was worth it.

I got up off the floor, and leaned in to kiss Jesse, our saliva and his spunk mixing. I had yet to disrobe, and as we kissed Jesse was massaging my cock through my trousers. I had wished I had taken the time and thought to wear jeans instead. It did not take long for Jesse to get into my trousers, and releasing my trouser snake. Okay I am not as big as Jesse, but he seemed to be impressed by my 7 inches. He took my cock in his hand and began to massage it.

"Oh mate that feels so fucking good." I said.

I looked down at Jesse. He seemed pleased with the response I gave him. I smiled at him. He leaned in and began swirling his tongue around the tip of my cock. I shuddered as he did this. Then he took my cock in his mouth, right to the bush of my pubic hair. Holy fuck I almost came on the spot. He came off my cock, and began sucking my swingers. He took them one at a time in his mouth and sucked gently on them. Wow I had never felt anything like it. None of my mates back home had ever sucked on my swingers.

"Holy shit dude!"

Jesse looked up at my and he worked his tongue around my swingers. God it was hot. He had reached around and was now playing with my fuck hole. He ran his finger over it. He brought his finger back and wet it with his mouth. He brought it back to my pucker and gently pushed it in. All I could do was moan and he sucked my nutters and fingered my hole. If he kept that up I was gonna shoot all over his face. I had to warn him.

"Dude I am gonna shoot!"

Jesse removed my nutters from his mouth, and then took me to the hilt, as he continued playing with my fuck hole. He worked his tongue around my cock, and he quickly came up, and then back down on me. I just let my load blast deep into his throat. As I blasted he shoved his finger deep in my fuck hole. I let out a scream. This was beyond anything I have felt before. Jesse drained my cock before he pulled his finger out. My whole body was shuddering. I had to sit down on the bed to recover from this. Jesse came and sat next to me.

"I have wanted to do that since I figured out you were into me." He said.

"I was that obvious?"

"Yeah you were bud."

I swear, 1 blushed a few shades of crimson. I guess I was kind of obvious about it. I should know better than that. Jesse put his hand on my leg and smiled at me.

"You think that was awesome?"

"Yeah holy fuck it is intense dude."

"I can think of something else we could do."

I did not take a rocket scientist to figure out what he had in mind. He pushed me down on the bed. He lay on top of me, and I could feel his hardness pressing into me. His lips played up and down the back of my neck, and then he pulled away from me. I heard the sounds of the drawer of the bed table opening. I sat up and turned my head only to be greeted by his kiss. He drew me upright onto my knees then shifted himself so he was behind me in the same position. He wrapped his arm closed around my chest. I felt wetness in my hole as he lubed it. I felt his chest pressed against my back, one arm holding me close to him as the other manoeuvred himself into me. I felt the head of his cock press into me as a shock of pain ran through my body, but subsided as the muscles relaxed.

"Oh yeah that is so good." I said.

I closed my eyes and breathed out heavily as he plunged deeper inside of me. I leaned back against his chest, bringing my arms backward to grasp his hips and pull him harder into me. His knees closed around my calves and his arms wrapped around me. Slowly he began to pull back and push in. The slow motion massaged my insides, filling me entirely. His slow movements built into a steady rhythm. He plunged himself deep inside of me over and over again as he ran his hand up and down the length of me. The fires in me burned higher with each stroke of his hand and each thrust of his hips. A geyser welled up inside of me, begging to be released.

"Oh I am gonna blow babe." I told him.

His hand movements grew faster and faster as each thrust came faster. Holding his hips, I pulled him into me harder and harder as he continued to stroke me. His muscles tensed beneath my touch. The geyser in me threatened to let loose. There was no turning back now.

"Here I cum babe."

I released my torrent of liquid all over his headboard, and the wall.

I knew he was close too, as his breaths came heavier and faster. His body tensed up behind me as his breath came hot and heavily against the back of my neck and my mouth was caught in a soundless gasp as the geyser inside me erupted. Although it lasted only a moment it seemed like we were there together for an eternity in that moment of ecstasy. It filled my insides.

Finally, we both fell back together onto the blankets, exhausted. The intensity of that moment lingered forever. Jesse had taken me in a way no other had done before. I so badly wanted to give him the same pleasure, but my body ached and needed rest before I could even consider continuing. I rolled over and looked at Jesse.

"Fuck dude that was intense." I told him.

"Yeah, babe it was the best." He replied with a smile.

He was running his hands over my chest. He would run them down and brush against my flaccid cock and then back up. I knew if he kept that up I would get hard again.

"Keep that up and you are gonna make me hard again." I said laughing.

"Oh sounds like fun." He replied.

He ran his hand back down my chest, and took my cock in hand. It did not take long for me to get hard again. I could tell Jesse was content to just jerk me wang. I definitely had something else in mind now that he had me worked up again.

"Hmm...I think I should fuck you babe." I whispered in his ear.

Jesse needed no time to think about it. He moved and leaned against the wall. He ass was stuck out and gave me good access to it. I decided to go for it and instead of just fucking him; I decided to have a taste of his ass. I leaned down and began kissing and nibbling his ass. I used my hands to spread his checks. I looked at the cute pink pucker. It seemed to be staring right back at me, taunting me. I slowly ran my tongue around the pucker. This caused Jesse to shiver. He let out a moan a few times.

"Yeah babe you eat that ass." He growled.

I did not need that incentive. I drove my tongue deep in his fuck hole. He let out something between a screech and a yelp. I took that as a good thing. I continued to drive my tongue in and out of his hole. I would run my finger on the edge as I was rimming him. He seemed to really like that part.

"Oh babe, stick that finger in me."

I gently pushed my finger in as I ate his hole. He arched his butt so I could work his fuck hole better. As I fingered him, he was working his cock. I decided to work another finger into him. I was careful as I slowly got a second finger in him. I felt the muscles contract and then relax as he got used to having my two fingers inside of him. I work him a bit more and then slowly added a third finger.

"Fuck me that feels so good." He yelped.

I now had three fingers working in and out of him. I reached for the lube, and poured out a small amount on my fingers as I was working his hole. Then I used my free hand to lube up my cock. I needed to get in him. I took my fingers out of him, and slowly pushed my cock in. It slipped in very easily since I had opened him up with my fingers. I felt him tighten his muscles a tiny it. Oh wow I love that feeling he had given when he tightened up a bit.

"Oh shit that is fucking hot." I said.

I reached around, and took over stroking his cock. Turn around was fair play. He had fucked me and worked my cock. I slowly pushed in and then pulled out of his as I stroked him. I developed a pace which seem to please Jesse.. I would push in quickly, and hen I would pull out slowly. I had to brace myself on the wall, as I fucked him good and hard. My breathing began getting heavier. I felt his cock begin to tighten.

"I am cumming." He yelled.

He hit the headboard and the wall in almost the same spot as I did.

I began thrusting in and out of him harder and quicker. He was using the wall as well to support himself. I was right into it. I began thrusting hard into him, as I felt my cock swell with its juices.

"Oh shit here it is babe." I told him.

Jesse tightened his ass muscles as I began to shoot deep into him. It felt fucking awesome to shoot into his ass, as he tightened up. I filled his ass completely. I kept pumping him, until I was completely drained.

I felt light headed as we collapsed on the bed. I felt complete now. Jesse snuggled up to me, and kissed me deep and gently. This felt good. I wanted it more than just this once. I decided bravery was better than cowardice.

"Umm...Jesse you think we could do this more often?" I asked.

"Hell yeah babe; anytime you want it." He replied with a big grin.

I do not know how Jesse felt, but I would love to be more than just a fuck friend with him. I decided to ask him about it.

"Are you seeing anyone?" I asked him.

"Not yet." He replied.

I thought about it for a minute, and then decided to go for it. I knew we had only just met, but I was so sure of what I wanted right now.

"Would you consider being my boyfriend?"

"Fuck yes."

There was no hesitation in his response to me. I wondered if we would be together a long time. I put that to the back of my mind as I cuddled with my new boyfriend. Everything was feeling right with my world. I had come from a place that was so different. I thought I would not fit in with anyone. I found Jesse, and he looked past my awkwardness. I may have had a bad start, but I knew things would only get better for me.

"I think I am in love." I said to him.

"So am I babe; so am I" He responded.

We snuggled up and fell asleep. Our future was going to be good.

The End.


Okay so I have gotten negative feedback as to the endings of my stories, but I really do not care. This is the way I have written my stories. Yes it may be predictable, but I like the way I ended them. I appreciate your feedback as always.


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