Written By: Angyl


WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. Also note that my characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL.


ALL MY CHARACTERS, PLACES AND SITUATIONS ARE FICTIONAL AND THE EVENTS PORTRAYED TAKE PLACE ON PLANET CUTTER. ANY RESEMBLENCE TO REAL PEOPLE, PLACES, ETC, IS TOTALLY COINCIDENTAL. The author recommends 'safe' sex in real life. You must be above the Age of Consent in your particular area to read this sort of stuff and you should NEVER allow minors access but you knew that.


Everyone, you and me included, has a defining point sometime in their life. One should never become too complacent about it though. For better or worse it is there, and there is not one damn thing you can do about it. I had my defining moment during my fourteenth year.

Well my name is Mykjal*, and this is my story. No one else can give this story, only me. I am not sure what type of story will come of it, but I will give it a go. It may be or may not be my coming out. OMG you are thinking, another boring coming out story. Well as I said it may or may not be that. This is however my story so either you listen or you don't. I am giving my story and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

My story begins when I was all of fourteen years or perhaps even thirteen. No definitely 14. I made many exciting, and wondrous changes in my life, and my love. The first thing I realized, even though I kind of knew was that I was a queer. It became quite apparent during my fourteenth year. Yes I am gay and very proud of the fact too.

Firstly I should give a little about me. At the time of this story I am all of a tender 14. I was about 5 feet 8 inches in height. Looking at pictures, I guess I was kind of a skinny thing. Well I guess not skinny, but I sure wasn't built like I am now, but that is a different story. I had long black hair back then, and I was constantly wearing black, sort of the grunge punk look. I didn't have any piercings though. So I guess I was good looking, but I have never thought so myself. My most pronounced feature, even at such a young age, was my cock. Apparently having a large cock so young is a trait in my family. Mine was already 8 inches when hard, by then.

So I have still not decided what kind of story this is going to be, but I will just write and see where it takes me I guess.

I knew I was different, but it never occurred to me when I was young just what it was. My whole life began to change when I entered junior high. Well actually grade nine, was when I started noticing things. Gym was where I actually noticed most things. Shower after class was amazing to me. I was intrigued to see the different size and shape of the other kid's cocks. More to the point, a lot of the kids were very intrigued buy the size of mine. It actually became a game to get hard, and compare cock sizes. Then I started to notice that I was getting turned on by the practices. I would go home and imagine all those cocks. I would be instantly hard. Thankfully I learned how to jerk off, so I was able to relieve the pressure built up in my cock.

So there was the cock comparing game, but that was not the clincher to the whole thing. What finally got me realizing I was gay was something that happened after school one day. They had brought in some students from the high school to talk to us about what high school was like. I was intrigued by one of the guys on stage. His name was Alexis. He was 16 years old at the time. Blond hair covered his face, but when he flipped it out of his eyes it was a beautiful sight to behold. He had green eyes, and a pouty lip smile. Just like Angelina Jolie. I call those cocksucker lips. He also had a hot bode. He was a jock in every sense of the word.

Anyway after school I was wandering around as I do, I usually used to gym to run after school. On this occasion as I was getting ready, I heard a noise coming from the showers. I snuck in to take a peak. There he was, Alexis naked in all his glory. I was drawn instantly to his cock. It was about the same size as mine maybe even bigger. I was hidden so I watched as he slowly stroked it. I was so turned on that I released my own cock from its confines. I stroked, and watched the hot guy in the shower. They from some unknown reason, or stupidity, I quietly walked over to him. Alexis had his eyes closed so he didn't see me come in. Without thinking, I reached out and took his cock in my hand, and began stroking it. Alexis opened his eyes and smiled.

"Well I was wondering if you were ever gonna come help or just stand there and stroke your meat." He said.

"You knew I was there?"

Alexis just smiled as he reached down and slowly began stroking my cock.

"Wow you have a big cock for a young boi." He commented as he looked down.

I blushed, and smiled at him. I had not stopped stroking him during this little exchange. I got a good look at his body. He was muscular and smooth. That did not help my situation, if you know what I mean. His cock was a slight bit bigger than mine, and he had a light dusting of pubes down there too. I felt so close to climax.

"Shit I think I am gonna bust man." I informed.

Without a word Alexis was on his knees and taking my cock in his mouth.

"HOLY SHIT!!" I moaned.

Alexis wrapped his lips around the head of my cock and slowly began sucking on it.


I can tell you this I barely got the words out before I busted into his waiting mouth. Taking me to the hilt, he milked my cock until I was empty. Then he went back and sucked on my knob again. Now anytime I shoot the knob gets extra sensitive. It was all I could do not to scream out. Sucking out the last of my juices he let my cock fall from his mouth. I had the put my hand out so I would not topple over onto him. I looked down and watched as he emptied his own cock all over the shower floor. Then he stood. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I could taste my juices as I let his tongue in. I was spent for now. I knew if I kept it up I could go another round with him.

"How about we take this somewhere more private?" He suggested as he broke the kiss.

I was in total agreement. I wanted a go at his cock, but I knew it would have to be elsewhere, but not my place as most likely someone would be at home.

"Sounds good to me, just can't be at my place." I replied.

"Well we can go over to mine; no one will be home til late."

I almost did not even rinse off or anything, I was eager to get back to his cock. He seemed just as eager. After a quick rinse, and fumbling to get dressed we were out the door and on our way. We almost ran to his place. We barely got in the door, when he turned and kissed me again. Yeah by this time I was hard as a rock, and judging from what I felt so was he. He guided me up to his room. It definitely did not take long for us to get out of our clothes again. He pushed me to the bed, and I pulled him to me, rolling over at the same time, so I was now on top.

"Mine turn sexy." I said with a smile.

He spread his legs and I moved down and without hesitation took his cock in my mouth. I had not gotten much in the way of sucking cocks, but after a few tricky starts I was drawn to it naturally. It sure did not take me long to get a rhythm going. Judging from the moans coming from Alexis, I must have been doing a dandy job of it.

"Holy fucking shit...yeah suck my cock!!" He moaned.

I had him to the hilt. I took in a breath and savoured the smell of his pubic area. I began using my tongue running it along the shaft while I had him all in my mouth. I was amazed I was able to get his whole cock in my mouth. I slowly pulled off until I had only his knob in my mouth. I gently and forcefully suck on it, causing him to kind of grunt.

"OH MY FUCK!!" He shouted.

He began to squirm and buck his hips. I took him back to the hilt and used my tongue again. His cock became harder as I did so.


I continued sucking him at the hilt, and I could literally feel his juices rising up his shaft.


I felt the warm liquid hit the back of my throat. I pulled off slightly as I swallowed. I got every drop, and continued to suck him, until his went soft.

"That was awesome!" He exclaimed.

I crawled up on the bed beside him, my cock still hard. He leaned over and kissed me, and took to slowly jerking me. Yeah it did not take too long and I felt the similar sensation of getting ready to bust.

" keep that up mister I am gonna bust again." I said breaking the kiss.

He smiled and in one swift move he had my cock in his mouth for the second time. This time he took me to the hilt, and then back to the knob. He did this maybe three times, and I did not even have time to warn him. I busted in his mouth. He did not miss a beat as he sucked me empty. He waited until I went soft before pulling off and moving next to me. He pulled me to him and I snuggled into him.

"I could get used to this." I whispered in his ear.

"So can I." He whispered back.

"Yeah like boyfriends or something."

"That would be nice."

We lay in bed cuddled together, before I crawled out and went to the can. I looked in the mirror. I was a sight. What make up I had on was gone my hair was dishevelled. Alexis came in as I was looking in the mirror. He suggested a shower to get the sex smell off. We managed to control ourselves as we cleaned up. Then we dress and hung out in his room, before I had to head home. Definitely did not want to get in shit for being late. I gave my new boyfriend a quick kiss before heading out the door.

This was three years ago. A lot has changed since then for me. My appearance for one, I no longer have the gothic/grunge look going on. I still wear my hair long, but is usually tied back. No more make up for me either. Alexis had helped me become the new person I am, no longer hiding behind all that shit. Amazingly over the last two years we came out together. In the beginning it was rough, but as time has moved on our life has really settled down. Even our families are closer. At first mom was a bit freaked, but soon she saw how happy I was. Alexis will be graduating this year, and I will follow next. He is going to take time off after school, and work towards his college tuition. I couldn't be happier.

The End


(*pronounced Michael)

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