This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of an adult and a minor. If this type of content offends you, or if you're under the age of 18, do not read it.

Author's Note:

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Chapter One:

Nate wasn't sure what people saw in him. According to his friends, his blonde hair was just the right length to be considered twinkish, and a slim figure made sure he didn't look too chunky in the things that he wore, but cute ? Nate wasn't sure.

But the biggest issue was with his eyes! They took up half of his cherubic face and were a little larger than an 18 year old's eyes should have been, but they were certainly a conversation starter. During school, the jocks would always be gentle around him, afraid of hurting the boy who looked like he was on the verge of constantly crying. It was actually kind of annoying. Nate didn't even know they cared about him until one guy tried to take it too far.

Gym class was over and every guy stood in the locker room in various forms of undress. Nate, who was too shy to change with everyone else, stood on the other side of the lockers, quickly changing into his school clothes hoping no one would notice that his ass was a little too plump for that of a teenage boy. But someone did notice.

Trevor Jackson, the certified bully of George Miller High School, found poor Nate on the other side of the lockers bent over pulling on his underwear. Unfortunately for Nate, that gave Trevor just enough time to catch a glimpse of the winking pink boy hole nestled in between Nate's round, pillowy cheeks. Trevor, clad in only black mesh gym shorts, checked himself out quickly in the mirror to his right to make sure his muscular 6'3'' frame still looked hot and steamy, and ran a hand over his close-shaven brown hair before walking up to Nate and smacking him on his ass.

A loud yelp was heard from Nate's mouth as well as a solid SMACK! from Trevor's hand as the two made contact. Nate backed into a locker and whipped around to prevent his bottom from further assaults, and groaned (with half fear and half lust) as he gazed upon the bully's intimidating body. Rivulets of sweat still ran down Trevor's abs from the laps Coach made them run in class today, and his eyes bore into Nate's like a tiger would stare down a gazelle. Rumor had it Trevor was bisexual, but no one dared ask him. They valued their life too much.

That's a nice ass you got there, buddy. the larger boy drawled quietly with a Southern twang that was all too common around Nate's small town. Might wanna keep that baby covered up before something happens to it.

Trevor placed two well-muscled arms on either side of Nate's head, effectively cutting off any chance he had of escape, and leaned in close enough for Nate to feel the bully's breath on his lips.

Ya never know what might happen once a big guys like me gets all hot and bothered by an ass like that...

As horny as Nate was, he couldn't speak. He could only look at Trevor with a look of complete lust and helplessness as the bully's hands travelled lower and lower down the lockers until they were at waist-level with Nate...

WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, BRO?! came a voice from the left.

Both Nate and Trevor's heads snapped to the left to find Jack Aldridge, quarterback of the state champion football team, standing in all his towel-covered glory. Not even that flimsy towel could cover his beautifully pumped-up arms and pectoral muscles lightly covered in orange hair. The redhead had a smattering of freckles across his face and upper chest, which only added to his All American Boy Next Door vibe in Nate's mind. To Trevor, however, he was a nuisance. Jack quickly assessed the situation before stepping up to Trevor challengingly.

Let the dude go. he said gruffly.

Or you'll do what? Whip me with a towel? Trevor retorted with a smirk, turning to face Jack challengingly.

A smile crawled up Jack's face and he leaned into Trevor's ear and slowly whispered something out of the hearing range of Nate, who was still petrified standing up against the lockers. The conversation lasted for all of thirty seconds before Trevor took a step back and threw a last look at Nate.

I'll be seeing you later, bro. Keep that ass sweet for me. the boy licked the air with his tongue a little and turned around and stalked back to the other side of the locker room.

By this time, Jack had put his arm around Nate, and the smell of body wash and testosterone was palpable. Nate leaned in slightly to the larger boy's steaming body and felt the ripples of muscle beneath the surface of the skin. Jack let him, under the impression that he was still afraid of Trevor. He then turned to Nate and put a hand on his shoulder.

The dude is such a dick sometimes. I heard him slap your ass from the showers and figured something was up.

Nate remained silent, starstruck by the fiery-haired Adonis.

Jack took his silence for fear, Don't be afraid buddy, I'm not gonna harass you or anything. I'm a pretty good guy. It looks like you're gonna be hiding from Trevor for a while, why don't you stick with me for the rest of the day and we can see about me getting you home safely?

Nate simply nodded dumbly, to which Jack cracked the famous million-watt smile that helped him win over the school.

Great, meet me at my table at lunch and I'll introduce you to the guys.

Jack gave a final pat on Nate's shoulder before turning around and sauntering back to his locker on the other side of the wall. His back muscles were visible as he walked and Nate's heartbeat still wouldn't slow down.

Finally Nate slid down to the floor, gasping for air, and thanked his lucky stars. Not once had Jack looked down and saw the large wet spot on the front of Nate's light pink trunks.


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