Never Regret Yesterday


This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between two male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There will be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme.

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Hey peeps! My name is Sam Lake. I'm now eighteen years old an a Senior in high school. I have blond hair and blue eyes, 5'9", weight about 150. I'm not particularly well defined physically, but I think my bod looks pretty good and so does Jordan and like I don't really care what others think about my bod as long as Jordan is happy. I like listening to music and fooling around with audio programs. My likes in music are dependent on my mood. I'm really getting into programming games and multimedia stuff like Director and Flash. Sports: not into team sports; I like racquetball, handball, swimming and most of all biking. One of my goals is to bike cross-country from Grand Junction, Co. to the ultimate mountain bike place Moab, UT with Jordan. Like Jordan I want to be independently wealthy so that I don't have to 'work for money'. Even though the rents want me to go to college I sort of doubt that I will unless I can major in wealth.

Booya! Now that Sam has made his preamble it is my turn. I'm Jordan Jacobson. I'm a month younger than Sam, which makes me 17. Right Sam? He's nodding his head 'yes'. I'm 2 inches short of 6', which is my goal. I've been into computers since I was seven. I program in everything just about. For real dude, but despite all my computing talents I'll probably only use these talents to make money for some of my wildass, and I think awesome business ideas. Yes, I want to be independently wealthy so I am free to have fun helping people, spending quality time with Sam and my family. Like Sam I'm not into team sports, I enjoy beating Sam's ass in racquetball. Ha-ha. He's pathetic! Ow! Knock it off, dude!

Anyway, this is our story. Be kind - it's our first. Sort of like our child. Hopefully it will grow and mature into a novelette or better into a 'R' rated movie!

Come what may we will write our story and we will watch it grow. Well, as it says above there probably won't be much sex stuff for two reasons. One, I'm still seventeen and it's probably illegal for me to read stuff like that - what a joke! Two, and probably the main reason, is it's our sex life and very personal and it sort of makes us feel weird to think that somebody is wanking-off while reading about our sex life.

Whether we continue to publish our love story for your reading pleasure after this chapter depends on what kind of response we get from you the readers. Encouraging comments are welcome, 'constructive criticism' hesitantly accept and will probably be ignored (Hey! we're teenagers, we think we know it all), flames will be extinguished by our e-extinguisher.

Peace and go with love!

Sam & Jordan    


Chapter 1 - It all began a two years or so ago...

"Later, Dude. Peace out!" I typed.

I'd been up since 3am, only getting about 2 hours of sleep because this friend of mine in England needed some help with a program. I do a lot of that, fixing and debugging programs for people all over the world. God, I love the Internet! I practically live in cyberspace.

Why? Well, because I'm sort of real shy and I just don't like non-cyber relationships. It's sort of like on the net you can be whatever you want to be without people judging you. I hate labels! Most people I help and chat with have no idea that I'm nearly sixteen.

The rents hate that I spend all my time on the computer, but they stopped complaining when I pointed out to them that I earned plenty of money from my endeavors and I wasn't into drugs and stuff like most of my peers in school.

Anyway, I became aware that I was sitting there in my boxers and had five minutes to get to school. "Shit! I'm gonna get creamedby Brooker!" I said.

I jumped up put on my jeans and grabbed a shirt off a hanger.

For a split second I thought about just cutting class but then I knew Washburn would call the rents. I grabbed my old huffy off the bike hooks and rode as fast as I could. I think I got to school in record time. Down the hall I ran to my homeroom class. Out of breath and dripping with sweat I tried to surreptitiously enter the classroom.

"Well, Good afternoon, Jacobson" growled Mr. Brooker, "Principal's Office."

"Yes sir," I said then I mumble "Pansy-ass fagot."

"Excuse me, you said something, Jacobson?"

"I said yes sir," I repeated and edged toward the door to leave.

"No, Jacobson, what did you mumble!"

"Nothing important, sir."

"Jacobson! I didn't ask you the importance of what you said. I asked you WHAT DID YOU SAY!" he said.

I hesitated and tried to edge closer to the door, but was blocked by him. I looked briefly into his angry face and coward back. I guess it was the lack of sleep and a pot and a half of coffee, but I flipped out and I yelled "I SAID BUTTHOLE! MEANING I THINK YOU'RE ASS! Are you happy NOW?"

I surprised him and myself. I regretted saying what I said 'cause he was one of my favorite teachers. I think he'd gotten up on the wrong side of the bed too as other students had been just as rude to him before and he usually laughed it off. He wasn't laughing now. He grabbed me by the arm and shoved me out the door escorting me to the Principal's office.

"Ms. Murphy. I wish to see Mr. Anderson," Brooker said still firmly holding on to my arm. I was looking down at the floor.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Brooker, he's at a School Board meeting. Mrs. Washburn is in her office."


As we entered Mrs. Washburn's office Brooker said in an angered tone "Mrs. Washburn, I want this student suspended! He comes into the classroom, all disheveled, and then proceeds to use profanity in front of everyone when I tell him to go to the office."

"Jordan, is this true?" Anna Washburn asked.

Shyly I replied "Yes, ma'am. Sorta." I was gazing at the floor wishing I had stayed home. Getting expelled was far worse than just skipping school for a day. I began to think what my parents would say. Tears just started gushing out of my eyes. I tried to stop them, but I couldn't. "I'm sorry...I-I have no excuse for my obscene behavior, Mr. Brooker. I'm sorry," I sobbed. "Please, don't expel me."

Tom Brooker softened his attitude. "Well, Mrs. Washburn, I expect some disciplinary action, maybe expulsion is a bit severe."

"I think I can handle it. You need to get back to your class. Thank you, Mr. Brooker." Brooker left.

"Sit down Jordan." I took a seat. "Jordan, how long have I known you?"

"About...I don't know...ever since I can remember", I said quietly. My tears had finally stopped.

"Jordan, something has changed with you. I'm worried and so are your parents. I've watched you literally sneak around the school like you're trying to be invisible." She looked at me

I said nothing.

"Jordan, I want you to be totally honest with me. I'm not here to judge you. Right now I'm just a friend wanting to help. Jordan, are you doing drugs?" she asked.

Looking her straight in the eyes I said "No. I tried some weed a few years ago, but I didn't like it. I felt out of control." She looked disappointed with my answer. "Why?" I asked.

"Because I never see you talking with other students or friends. Do you have any friends?"

I knew she meant friends at school and the answer would have been 'zero' but in my feeble defense I said, "Yes. I have lots of friends...that's why I was late...I was helping someone out."

"Jordan, I mean real friends not cyber-friends. How many?"

"They're real friends!" I argued.

"Yes. I'm sure they are. But how do they know you? Do they know you as Jordan Jacobson, a sixteen year old boy or as 'Gigabytes', 'Wrong Arm of the Law', or some other psuedo-name?"

I didn't respond for a moment.

"You're suppose to use nicknames, in case the other person is a pervert or something..." my voice trailed off at the end as I saw it had no effect on her.

Looking rather stern she said, "So, Jordan, I won't expel you, but you are to join our Computer Club."

I just sat there. I didn't want to socialize with these people. I didn't want any friends. I was afraid. I knew I had feelings, feelings I'd been able to pretty well ignore. I didn't want to be the way I was. I knew I was different.

"No! I don't want to join the computer club. I am not a newbie or a geek."

"Okay. Well, wait outside my office. I'll have to have your parents come and pick you up. That will be all."

I just sat there thinking. My life would be over. GPA would drop. Parents upset. I'd have to explain to them why I wouldn't join the computer club and instead yielding for expulsion. If I joined the club I could just sit there and ignore everybody. She didn't say I had to be friends with anybody I just had to join the club.

"No, wait, I join", I said quietly.

"Good, I'll be checking up on you." As I left the room she said "Jordan, make some friends."

I didn't bother to comment.

The day was pretty well ruined for me.

I was beyond tired and finding classes really hard so at lunchtime I went to my history classroom, which was my first class after lunch. Oh, yeah, and Mr. Tom Brooker was my homeroom and History teacher. He was fairly young as teachers go I guess in his mid to late twenties and a somewhat athletic build and easily 6'1 or 2. I don't know why he always picked on me to read my history assignments. It was almost a daily occurrence. The first time was a disaster but with two months of daily reading my assignments they seemed to get better and better to the point at least that everybody would sit quietly and listen.

I sat down at a desk in the back of the room where I normally sat and the next thing I knew someone was shaking my shoulder and trying to wake me from a deep sleep. I hate being woken from a deep sleep because I can't make sense of anything for at least five minutes. It was Mr. Brooker.

"Jordan, it's almost time for class," he said. I just looked at him in a dazed state. "Are you alright?" he asked. I didn't answer. I was busy trying to analyze what he'd said. He'd called me by my first name. That was weird because he'd never done that before. "Jordan?"

Finally, I managed to say or mumble, "Sorry, Mr.-Mr. Brooker, I can't think...hold on a sec..." I stood up and shook my head and took a couple of deep breaths fighting to get oriented and awake. Finally, after what seemed forever, I was somewhat awake.

"Am I in trouble again?"

He smiled faintly saying, "No. Class will be starting shortly and I wanted to talk to you."

I knew it I was in trouble again and it must have showed on my face. He placed his hands on my shoulders and gave a gentle squeeze.

"Jordan, I'm really sorry about this morning. I guess we were both a little out of sorts. You are one of...No let me be honest you are my most favorite student. Really! You're very smart and I love the way you write about historical events. You sort of bring them alive for the whole class. Please don't think that I'm picking on you when I have you read them to the class. I've even had some students tell me they really enjoy listening to you more than anything else."

I blushed slightly. He smiled.

"Look I know you must be really tired today, so don't worry if you fall asleep just don't snore. I'll let you alone. Okay?"

"Yes sir, thanks."

"Ok. Well, get some sleep tonight and if you ever need someone to talk to I'm willing to just listen."

I nodded and then sat back down. The other students were coming into the classroom. I was asleep in five minutes. I dreamt someone kissed me gently on my cheek. I woke to feel someone running his or her fingers gently through my hair. I opened my eyes and looked up. It was Mr. Brooker. He smiled saying "Hey, class is over and you've got another class to go to." He continued stroking my hair for a moment.

Somehow I made through the day and I found myself in the computer lab for my first computer club meeting. I was early and there were only a couple of other students there. I found a place away from them. I was so tired I folded my arms on the table and laid my head down. In seconds I was out. The next thing I knew was someone was gently shaking my shoulder.

In a daze I looked up to see who had woken me. His face was blurry at first but then as my eyes adjusted I found that I was looking the most beautiful face I'd ever seen. I couldn't say anything.

"You must be Jordan. We're about ready to start," he said with a just a hint of a smile, "Are you okay?"

I just stared and then nodded my head and I mumbled "Yeah, sorry. Just tired."

I could feel myself blushing. I closed my eyes and tried to shake off the image of him. I looked around the room and saw about fifteen other students. Except for this creature of beauty I felt I was attending a meeting of geeks and nerds anonymous.

I was about to lay my head back down when he announce "Okay, everyone we have a new member to our club, Jordan Jacobson."

Everyone dutifully, turned and looked at me. I blushed. Not because everybody was looking at me, but because he was looking at me with the most amazing smile on his face. It seemed like we were both transfixed upon each others stare, lost in a world of our own. I smiled back at him and then becoming aware of staring at him I buried my face back in my arms on the desk. I stayed that way for a few minutes totally absorbed in my own thoughts.

I felt like I had to get out. I picked up my backpack and headed for the exit. As I was leaving the room I noticed he was looking at me - it was either a look of annoyance or regret that I was leaving, I couldn't tell. As I stepped out of the classroom I saw Washburn. This was definitely not my day!

"Going somewhere, Jordan?" she asked.

"Yeah, home."

"See, you in two weeks then."

"Huh? Why? I joined! They introduced me..."

"And after less than five minutes you're leaving," she shook her head, "You're not keeping your side of the bargain. Here's your suspension."


In all the years I had known Anna Washburn she had never lost her cool. I had never heard her even raise her voice, even when I knew she was pissed.


I stood the half in shock and half knowing she was right. I had gotten caught. We just stood there for what seemed like forever until she finally said in a calm voice, "Jordan, I know you probably know more than all of those students put together. You would really be an assert to them. They need someone with your talent and knowledge. As much as you may deny it, you need them."

More silence between us.

" So, what's it to be the 'Geek Club' or suspension," she said holding up the suspension notice.

I reached over and grabbed the suspension notice. And noticed a look of surprise. A very slight smile appeared on my face. I tore up the suspension notice and handed the pieces back to her. I turned and went back into the classroom.

One of the nerds was talking "So, Sam, did you get the prototype done?"

His name was Sam. "Good," I thought now I know his name.

"Yeah, I do, Anton. It's right here, Mary's just loading it on to this system. Gather around guys, it's crude but it will give you an idea of what we can do.

Mary, whoever, started the demo program. I watched it and almost burst out laughing. It was one of my old programs that I had written three years ago. The others were wowing the program and congratulating Sam.

I asked, "Did you write this?" Sam looked at me. "God, he has the bluest eyes I have ever seen" I thought and then pushed the thought out of my head.

He hesitated for a moment and then looked down and then back up at me with that killer smile. "No. I got it from someone on the net. He sent me the source code and said I could have it and use it however I wished. It's a good basis we can build from."

"So, what are you going to use it for?" I asked.

"There's a contest for high schools sponsored by several game companies and the winners get national recognition, full scholarships and a bunch of other prizes."

The code was a piece of crap when I'd given it to SamL5, I thought he just wanted a sample of code for some class assignment. I shook my head. This was weird. I'd never met anyone I knew on the net in real life.

"What?" he asked.


"Why are you shaking your head?" Sam asked and everyone was looking at me like I just insulted the Queen.

"The only thing that program will get you is a laugh," I said, which was unusual for me I'd normally just shrug my shoulders and back down, but I knew this code, I was the real author. "It's a piece of crap! You can't build anything on it because it SUCKS!" I added.

Now everyone, especially Sam was angered by what I said.

"What's your problem, man?" asked on of the nerds.

I turned and glared at him. Who was this idiot?.

"What's my problem? What's MY problem?" I could feel my anger mounting. "I don't have a problem, but you will if you try to use that piece of crap code to build a game!"

I turned and started out again. As I neared the door I heard the nerd say "Fucking Asshole, we don't need him. Hey! don't bother to come back 'cuz we don't need your negativity!" I heard some of the others agree. I looked back at them most were angry with me, but Sam had a confused, hurt look on his face. I looked at him. I felt my stomach wrench, I felt like I'd just betrayed my best friend, but I didn't even know him. I felt weird. My bottom lip trembled. I was about to loose it again.

Somehow I managed to say to him "Sam, it's a piece of crap. I've seen the code before a couple of years ago. You got the code from someone called 'Gigabytes'. Why don't you tell him what you really want to use the code for and see what he says?"

I left. I walked down the empty hall towards the office with tears streaming down my face. Just before I got to the office I wiped my face and went in.

"Mrs. Washburn, please."

"I'm sorry she's left for the day. Can I help?"

I mumbled 'no' and walked out. As I was getting on my bike I saw Sam running out of the building. He called out my name but I just ignored him. I didn't want him to see me crying. I rode off as fast as I could. I glanced back and he was walking back into the school.

As I saw it, they didn't want me to be in their club and I didn't want to be there either so why bother. Washburn was sure to suspend me for walking out and my parents to be upset and ground me from my computer. Of course they'd probably send me to a shrink, but I'll just do what I did last time, which was lie to the shrink and feed him a lot of bullcrap and pretend to take their stupid drug. I hate psychiatrists because they just drug you, so you'll shut up and be a good little robot. They're real fuckheads.

When I got home the house was empty, as usual because both my parents worked. I went to my room and collapsed on my bed and was out. At six my mom knocked on my door.

"Jordan, Honey, we're home. Dinner will be ready by 6:30, Okay?"

"Yes, ma'am" I replied.

I was just about to fall asleep again when messenger told me someone wanted to chat. Wearily, I got up and walked over to my computer.

"Hey Gigabytes, you there?" It was SamL5.

"Hey! Whasup?" I replied.

"You know that game code you sent me."


"I was wondering, we have a project in school it's for a contest - I'd like to use your code as a basis to build from - think that would work?"

"Oh, I thought you needed it for a homework assignment."

"Yeah, but I thought maybe it would be good as a basis for a game"

"Do what you will, but its really old code, and besides JO says it's a piece of crap...and it is."

"Who's JO?" he asked.

"A guy I used to work with...I showed him the code a couple of years ago and he thankfully gave me a reality adjustment...he knows his shit!" I replied.

"Could you help us with this project?"

"Love to, but I'm going on vacation. And besides I work for a game company and that would sorta disqualify you", I half-lied, "Gotta go. Later Dude...Peace out!"

I figured I knew what my parents' reaction was going to be to the suspension. I was going to be grounded from using my computer, so I shutdown my computer and disconnected the monitor cable and power cords taking them down with me as my mom had just called me for dinner.

My parents were already seated for dinner as I walked into the dining room. I took my seat. Dad gave me a curious look as I laid the cords on the table.

"Can I skip dinner tonight I only got two hours sleep last night and I'm really tired?" I asked.

"You still should have something to eat, Jordan," Mom said.

"I had a sandwich when I got home," I lied, "I'm really not hungry, Mom."

She looked at my Dad, "Well, I guess so. You do look awfully tired."

"Thanks," I replied. I looked down at my plate and sighed. Now the difficult part, my eyes started to water up and I started taking deep breaths to try and get some control.

"What's up, son?" Dad asked with a concerned look on his face.

"Ooh, here you better keep these," I said pushing the cords over towards him. I couldn't look at them. "I got...I got suspended from school today or rather I will be suspended tomorrow. I cussed out a teacher and Anna said I had to join the computer club or be suspended. I tried to join the club..." the tears were gushing by this time, "but...but I-I-I got into an argument...One of the guys said they didn't need me in their club so I left...Anna doesn't know that I left so, when she finds out, she'll suspend me. They're just a bunch of nerdy geeks and I don't want to be in their stupid geek club anyway!" I turned and walked away from the table.

"Jordan..." Dad started to speak.

"Dad, I'm really, really tired! I NEED TO SLEEP! I'M SORRY I'm SUCH A SHITHEAD!" I continued to my room.

"Jordan! Listen to your father."

Turned to face them and pleaded "Please I'm just so tired, please I want to sleep. I'll talk later. Pleeease!" I cried.

"Okay, go on to bed, we'll talk tomorrow," Dad said.

I collapsed on my bed into a deep sleep but then I had a horrible nightmare and woke in a cold sweat around 3am. I was terrified but I couldn't remember what the dream was about and ten minutes later I was fast asleep again.

At 6:30 there was a knock on my door. "Yeah?" I moaned sleepily.

Dad stuck his head in, "Hey, kiddo, you need to get up. You've got school. I talked with Anna and she's agreed not to suspend you. Oh, yeah, here these are yours," he smiled and then threw me the computer cords.

I blink my eyes and looked around. "I'm not grounded from my computer?"

"Well, no more late nights or early mornings when you've got school the next day...Can you agree to that?"

"Yes. Yes sir, I can," I guess my face showed it, "Thanks, Dad...I love you."

"Jordan, I love you too," he said closing the door, "Now get up and don't be late!"

I actually got to school fifteen minutes early. When I walked in to homeroom I was the only student there. Mr. Brooker looked up at me and I smiled faintly.

"Jordan, you're early," said Mr. Brooker.

"Yes sir...where is everybody?" I asked. It was weird.

He looked at me in amusement. Then he laughed "Ha! You've never been here on time. Ha-ha! Always late! Ha-ha, Jordan, you don't have to come in until first bell."

"Oh" I felt really stupid and then I blushed.

He went back to what he was working on but just before the first bell he asked "So, how did the computer club go yesterday?"

I just shrugged my shoulders and sighed, "Not too good."

Saved by the first bell as students started coming in. I busied myself in a book and hoping Betty Thompson wouldn't talk to me about the geek club. She didn't.

Sam's POV(Point Of View)

"Hi, Ms. Murphy, how are you today?" I said.

"I'm doing well, Sam. Are you here to see Mrs. Washburn?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. Mrs. Elrich told me she wanted to see me. I hope I'm not in trouble."

"Anyone else maybe but not you, Sam" she said smiling, "Go on in her office."

I walked in to Mrs. Washburn's office. She looked up and smiled.

"Hi, Sam. Thanks for coming by. I have a student who will be joining the computer club."

"Oh, great! Who?" I said.

"His name is Jordan Jacobson. Do you know him?"


"Well, he's quite shy and he really doesn't want to be in the club. I was hoping you'd sort of take him under your wing. He's extremely smart, has one of the highest IQ's in this school and practically lives on the Internet. He needs to make friends."

"No problem, Mrs. Washburn. Hey, maybe he could help us with our game for the contest?"

"Sam, if anybody can believe me Jordan can. To be honest, I've known him since he was a baby. He was always such a happy person not mister popular but had lots of friends. His family move away to Chicago a few years ago and then recently returned. He is just not the same kid I used to know. As I said he spends a lot of time on the net."

" As far as I know he has absolutely no friends here. All his old friends go to Mc Henry High, but none of them have seen or heard from him since he left. Anyway, he's not to happy that I'm making him join the computer club."

"So, he's not joining because he wants to?"

"No. He's joining because I'm making him join or he gets suspended. Do your best. I think he really needs some friends. You'd better get off to class."

"Okay, Mrs. Washburn".

At lunch I meet up with my friends from the computer club Alan, Mark, Betty, Tina and Tim.

"Do any of you know Jordan Jacobson?"

"He's in my homeroom. Or at least he was. He cussed out Mr. Brooker this morning. I've never seen Brooker so mad. Why do you ask?" questioned Betty.

"Well, Washburn is making him join the computer club. What else can you let us about him?" I asked.

"Nothing really. He's always late for class. He's a babe. I mean he is really a babe, but he's like totally shy, I've never seen him talk to anyone. I almost did once but he just said he had to get to his next class. I thought maybe he was gay but Sharon Bruster and I were talking about him once. She had a crush on him so bad. She's in his history class. Tommy Elliot and Jordan had to do a paper together. She asked Tommy what it was like working with him. Tommy said he didn't know because they never worked together. Jordan did all the work in fact the day after the assignments were given out Jordan gave him the completed paper told Tommy to read it over and if he thought it was okay to hand it into Brooker. Brooker gave them an A+. She he's got the sexyists voice. Brooker is always making him read his homework assignments to the class, but other than that he never talks to anyone. "

For Betty to call a guy a babe he had to be a knockout. I wanted to find out more, but I figured I'd be showing too much interest especially after her comment about thinking he might be gay.

Luckily Tina asked, "So, what's he look like?"

"He's got a smile that would put Mel Gibson to shame. Rich milk chocolate hair with golden highlights and the most beautiful brown eyes with long eyelashes. He's about 5' 8" not slim, but ...mmm...sorta the kind of guy you'd love to see in a speedo." she sighed.


I was lying on my bed just thinking about Jordan. I felt so bad.

"Sam, dinner time," called my Mother.

I got up and went down to dinner. Both my parents had already started.

"What's up, Sam, you look rather pensive?" asked my Dad.

"Nothing, really," I responded automatically. Mom gave me a 'yeah, right!' kind of look. Both of them sat there expectantly. I know I'd have to tell them what was bothering me. I love my parents and I really have no secrets from them.

"Well, today Mrs. Washburn told me she had a student who was going to be joining the computer club. His name is Jordan Jacobson." I looked briefly down at my plate of food and sort of poked at it.

"Anyway, she said she was making him join the computer club because he needed to make friends. I think she told him he either joined the club or he'd be suspended. Anyway, I had some code, which I thought would be great basis to start from in the club's game for the School Game Contest. Everyone pretty well was following my lead except for Jordan. He just said he'd seen the code a couple of years ago and it was a piece of crap. Mark Cisson basically told him to piss off and that we really didn't need him or his negative comments. I think everyone sort of agree or at least no one said anything to disagree with Mark." I paused looking back down at my plate of food and poking at it again.

"I saw that it really hurt him and I got the feeling he knew I knew how he felt because just before he left he told me to check with the person who I got the code from and he'd say the same thing. I think he was about to cry because his bottom lip was trembling. I don't know it seemed when I first met him before the argument that there was a kind of connection." I sighed deeply "And now there's none. I feel like I betrayed him and yet I don't even know him. After he left I felt really bad so I took off after him but I was too late. I tried calling to him but he just ignored me and carried on...I think he was crying."

Again I paused and played with my food. "This evening I checked with the guy I got the code from and sure enough the code is a piece of crap. And then I really looked at the code and it is a piece of crap. And I really feel bad." I looked at both of them "I don't know what to do."

"Well, Sam, you could try apologizing to him. Tell him you'd really like him to be a part of the group," Dad said.

"But what if he doesn't really want to be in the computer club," I countered.

"Then, at least tell him you would like to be his friend," said Mom.

"But what if he hates me and doesn't want me to be his friend," I countered again.

"Sam, what if there really was a connection. It sounds to me like there may have been. I mean he stopped to tell you to at least check out what he said. What if, Sammy, what if he really needs a friend," Mom said.

I began to smile. "But what if Washburn, ooh, Mrs. Washburn suspends him because he walked out."

"Well, I guess you'd better get to her before she has a chance to do it. Let her know what happened and ask her to give you all a second chance," answered my Dad.

I think I was beaming. "You guys are great! Thanks." And I started digging into my food.

Mom and Dad were talking about their day to each other. Just as I was drinking some milk Mom asked "Was he cute?"

I swallowed my milk the wrong way and ended up choking. I went red as a beet. I could feel it. Mom and Dad just laughed and that made me go even redder. Dad was in hysterics and Mom too. I began to laugh as well.

After a few moments they calmed down. I was about ready to take another bit of food when Dad said, "Well, was he?" They began giggling again.

"Come on you guys!" I whined, "You're embarrassing me."

After a few moments I finally said "Yes, he cute, he's a fox, he's a babe, he's beautiful! Any when I woke him up he had a really killer smile that could have melted the polar ice caps. But with my luck he's probably as straight as a arrow or totally homophobic..."

"Well, just remember, it all starts out as friendship. Build a solid friendship and whether he's straight or gay or bi it won't matter because he'll know he has a friend and so will you. And if he is homophobic well, I doubt that the friendship will ever grow to the point where that becomes a problem," said Dad.

When I went to bed I thought about Jordan. Just sort of mocking up what to say to him tomorrow. Just playing different scenarios along in my mind. And then I thought about how great it would be if we became really best friends. I fell into a peaceful sleep until about 3am when I woke up in total fear. I had no idea why. Ten minutes later I was asleep again.

The next morning I arrived at school five minutes before first bell. I ran to the office and asked to see Mrs. Washburn. As I walked into her office still a little out of breath from running I said, "Don't suspend Jordan, Mrs. Washburn. It wasn't his fault."

"What wasn't his fault?" she asked.

I explained what happened.

She smiled. "Well, I decided last night not to expel Jordan. I found out from his parents that he'd only had two hours sleep. But thanks for telling me what happened. I think Jordan felt really bad about it. He really needs a friend like you, Sam. You really seem to care."

To be continued...