Never Regret Yesterday


This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between two male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There will be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme.

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Hey Dudes!

J-dude and I talked and cried and talked some more. I hated hanging up and so did he.

Jordan sent me this email after our talk and I wanted to share it with you.

"So here I stand in the vast loneliness I know not what to call it
For I am awake, I see the objects around me, the history of lives long past,
Times of excitement now dead and forgotten except for these remnants.
What's to become of me as I sit in this castle of despair, this fortress of no feeling.
The love I once felt is like a distant star glowing light years away,
I yearn for it but it seems out of grasp so close at times but yet so far.

For I have trapped myself here by my own actions.

How do you spell idiot? J-O-R-D-A-N.

Oh, Sam you are the warmth of my life, the happiness I can't seem to grasp.
In trying to make myself right I have wronged the one thing in life that has life, meaning and happiness.

I know I can exist without you but if what I am experiencing now is just existing then life is really sad and I have lost all that means anything to me.

Tonight we talked and just hearing you voice I began to feel life again.
I know I have my problems but they seem worse without you.
With you with me I know I can handle them. With you with me I know that there is nothing I can't accomplish.

I know this because I know what life is without you, it is hopeless.
And without hope is there really life? I think not there is just bland unmeaningful existence.

Sam, you are the spark, the essence of life that brings happiness to me that makes life fun, exciting and creative! You are what makes me the person you so dearly love.

Please say 'yes'. Please say you'll meet me in Scotland. Please say that we will say that we will commit ourselves to each other's happiness forever!

Love Always and Forever,

Well, I flew to Scotland. We had an incredible reunion. We committed ourselves to each other's happiness and success.

We are now back home. Back in school. Our life is ahead of us and is bright.

Ain't life grand! - Sam

Yeah, it is Sam. I just wanted to add a note…I wanted to thank all of the peeps who emailed me, who poured their hearts and personal lives out to me to help me come to my senses…I love all of you.

We've made lots of friends - real friends and it really makes me think how lucky I am.

Finally, I just wanted to let everyone know that I BEAT SAM's Ass last night at racquetball!!!!!!!!

"Ow! Dude!" He's punching me - "Oh! I'm injured! Watch the coif, Dude don't mess with the hair!" - Jordan

SAM: Beat my Ass? NOT 14-15 and then you cheated by pulling that "Oh look! That guy's naked!" trick on me - DON'T YOU DARE TICKLE ME THERE!!!!! AAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!

Bye! Love ya!

Sam & Jordan