Never Too Far Away

Written By: Jaden

Edited By My Handsome, Charming, Kind Hearted, LiL' Bro, Chris

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully someone will enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission. Thanks.  This is my first story so try not to crucify me to bad. Copyright Jaden 2002

Songs Used In This Chapter:

Note: For the hockey game, I imagined Godsmack's Awake being played at the entrance and Prodigy's Baby's Got A Temper during the third period.

Nsync - Girlfriend
Nsync - That Girl Will Never Be Mine
Eric Clapton - Tears In Heaven
Richard Marx - Until I Find You Again
Brian Mcknight - Still
Mariah Carey - Never Too Far

Chapter 15


Everyone stood still as a dead silence swept over the auditorium.  Anything anyone had been doing had stopped, and they had turned their attention to the scene that was playing out.  Kai had a nervous look on his face, his hand slightly shaking as he held what we all knew now was an engagement ring, out in front of him.  Jordan looked taken aback by the whole thing, obviously not expecting it.  Tears rolled down his cheeks as he leaned forward to speak.

"You overwhelm me Kai Kimbal.  M-my heart belongs to you and only you, and I love you more than life.  So.. with that said... Yes."

Kai shook his head trying to make sure he had heard Jordan right, "Y-you said yes?"  Jordan smiled widely and nodded at him.  Kai nearly jumped out of his own shoes as he yelled out in joy.  He started planting kisses all over Jordan's face, like a puppy would lap at their master.  I looked over at Tyler who was smiling, happy for his friends.  I looked at Marcus, who was watching them intently.  A small smile was on his face, but he seemed to be lost in thought.  I tore my gaze away from him to watch the two lovebirds once again.  Kai pulled the ring from the box, then took hold of Jordan's hand once again.  He slid the ring over Jordan's ring finger, then placed a sweet kiss on his hand.

Mr. Trollis and the rest of the students started walking over to them and congratulating them.  I was in awe that everyone was being so accepting of what just transpired.  Two of my best friends.. are engaged.  Wow.  I walked down the side stairs and over to them, while Tyler followed.  Jordan gave me the biggest grin as I approached and I couldn't help, but smile back at him.

"Congratulations."  I said as I leaned over and gave him a hug, "You deserve this, Jordan.  You and Kai both.. you're perfect for each other.  No one deserves to be happy more than you two do."

"Thanks, Blade.  Hehe, want to see my engagement ring?"  He beamed.  He held his hand out so I could look at the ring.  It was a diamond cut silver band with one small diamond on either side of the center piece.. a decent sized diamond.  It was absolutely beautiful.

"Wow.. look at that thing.  Hehe, you're not going to be able to lift your hand that rock is so big!"  Jordan giggled as I teased him.  "Hehe, the future Mrs. Kai."  His jaw dropped and he swatted at me with his crutch.  I dodged out of the way and just about ran into Tyler.  He was congratulating Kai, along with Marcus.  Tyler hugged Kai, a tear falling from his eye as well.

Their history with each other obviously had an impact on them.  They've been through a lot and had I not moved here maybe that would have been Tyler with an engagement ring from Kai on his finger.  I frowned to myself, feeling like I had somehow ruined what they had between them.  They broke apart, then Marcus took his turn at congratulating Kai.  Tyler looked over at me and saw the look on my face.  Before I knew that he had seen it, he had already motioned for me to meet him in the music room.  I sighed then went over to Kai.  I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tight.

"I can't believe this, dude.  Hehe, why didn't you tell me?"  I asked.

"I wasn't sure if I was gonna have the balls to go through with it.  Hehe, I thought I was gonna have a heart attack while I waited for him to answer."

"Well, I don't know if you have the balls or not..."  I teased.

"Hehe, yeah yeah.  I know you do,"  He winked at me.  I blushed as I remembered his antics while I was in the hospital recovering.  "Hey, at least you got to find out what a hot kisser I am before I became a future husband."  The smile on his face was so incredibly happy and goofy, I couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Well, that doesn't mean I'll never find out ya know.  I mean we still have that whole three way thing to do."  His eyes sparkled as he snickered at me.

"Hehe, why Blade.. you want a piece of me before I become a married man don't you?"  He teased.

"Nah.. I want the whole thing!"  We both busted out laughing.  "For real though, congratulations.  You two will make the perfect bride and groom.  We all know Jordan will be wearing the dress to the altar."  I ducked as a crutch came swinging at me.  I snickered as I backed away even more.  Tyler caught my eye as he walked back on stage and towards the music room.  "Well, I have to go talk to someone, so I'll talk to you in a little bit."

"Hey, Blade?"  Kai whispered to me, as he hugged me once more.


"Thanks.  For being a great friend to me.  I can only hope that one day you'll think of me like you did Joey."  I gave him a sad smile, realizing that Kai and I's relationship has not been what it once was lately.

"I do Kai…I do."  I kissed him on the cheek then headed towards the music room.  Out of nowhere Marcus stepped in front of me.  "DUDE!  Don't do that!"

"Sorry.  I uh, just wanted to tell you there's no hard feelings about the other night."

"Thanks.. I was kind of in a blind rage and I'm sorry for hitting you."  The tension between us was evident, neither of knowing what to say next.  "Uh, is there anything else?"

"I consider you a friend, but I won't just stand by and watch as you try to get Tyler back.  I love him too, and I'm not giving up without a fight."

"Marcus, don't challenge me.  If you're so secure in what you and him have then you have nothing to worry about, right?  Obviously you're not as confident of Tyler's feelings for you as you seem.  But, I'm not going to back down from you or anyone else.  Tyler is 'the one', I know that now."

"We'll see."  A gleam in his eyes showed me this was gonna be one hell of a ride.

I nodded at him, "If you'll excuse me."  I walked past him and went through the door to the music room.

What I walked into was like deja vu.  Tyler was sitting at the same desk as he had when we broke up.  His eyes met mine, and a silent exchange was made between us.  We both knew what the other was thinking.  Tyler patted the seat next to him, making me wonder if I had hit my head and was just having flashbacks.  I sat down in the seat next to him, then he reached over and took my hand in his.

"Tell me what you were thinking out there.. and what you're thinking right now."

I hesitated, then decided to just be upfront with him.  "Well, I was thinking that if I hadn't moved here, that may have been you getting proposed to by Kai."

"Blade.. Kai and I aren't meant to be.  If we were then we'd be together."

I looked down at our interlocked hands, then back at his face, "If that's your logic, then that means you and I aren't meant to be together either."

He sighed, "No.  Look, I know that you are ready to be with me now.  You proved that you are ready to be yourself and not afraid of being seen as a 'fag'.  When we were at the lawyer's office I couldn't have been happier by your sudden boldness."

"But.."  I said.

"But, I'm seeing someone.  You know that."  He looked away as he said that.

"Yeah, I do.  Is he worth it?"

"Worth what?"

"Worth giving up on what we had.. what we could have."

"B-Blade.. you know I love you.  I always have loved you, and always will love you.  I just can't put Marcus through the rejection."

"I see.  So that's it, huh?"  I could feel the lump forming in my throat as I spoke.

"I don't want to lose you again either."  He squeezed my hand, trying to grab my attention.  Our eyes met once again, and I saw that he was on the verge of tears.

"I-I guess you just need to follow your heart.  Be happy, Tyler.  Choose what makes you happy.. I'll wish you well either way."  I stood up from the desk, but he didn't let go of my hand.  He stood up as well, then brought himself into me.  He quietly cried in my arms, as he held on to me tight.  He put his forehead against mine and brought our noses together.  His eyes bored into mine as he spoke.

"Give me some time, okay?  I need you in my life, Blade.. no matter what."  His lips quickly placed a swift kiss on mine, then he slowly backed away.  I still stood there, my eyes half closed, savoring that short kiss.  "I'll see you tomorrow at the competition."  I watched as he walked out of the room.  I went to the doorway and saw Marcus greet Tyler with a hug and a kiss on the forehead.  Marcus glanced back at the doorway at me, a look of worry on his face.  They left the auditorium together as I walked back towards where Jordan was sitting.  Kai was sitting next to him holding his hand, both of them wearing dopey grins on their faces.

I smiled at them, then decided against interrupting their moment.  I grabbed my book bag and made my way out of the auditorium.  I made it about half way to my car when my cell phone started ringing.  I looked at the caller ID, but it said unavailable.  I decided I better answer it anyways.


"Hi, Blade!!!!"  I young voice screeched into the phone.  I had to pull the phone away from my ear to keep from losing my hearing.

"Who's this?"  I asked.

A silence fell over the other end of the line, "Y-you don't remember me?"  The young male voice quivered as it came through the phone.  Then it dawned on me.


"YEAH!!!  You didn't forget me!"

"Hehe, of course not bud.  What are you up to?  Staying out of trouble right?"  I wonder how he got this number..

"Yep.  I'm a good boy.  Well, at least that's what my mom says, she says I'm her little angel.  Isn't that gay?"  He paused for about half a second, not allowing me to get a word in edge wise.  "Hehe, that's okay though, she doesn't know that I broke her necklace and flushed it down the toilet."  I laughed at his unfazed attitude.  "I got this number from someone named Eric.  He said you're his brother, but I don't know.. he doesn't sound like you.  I had to interrogate him to be sure."  I can only imagine what Eric was thinking talking to this hyper active kid.

"Davey.. remember what I said about breathing between sentences?"  I snickered.

"Oh yeah!"  He stopped talking and took a long, deep breath. "There, was that okay?"  This kid is a trip.

"Yeah, bud.  So, did you just call to chat or was there something you need?"

"I wanted to talk to you.  Remember?  You were supposed to talk to me everyday since you left NY!  You haven't called once."  He sounded dejected.

"I'm sorry, Davey.  I didn't mean to ignore you.  You're still my little buddy."

"I know.  Who else would be?"  I busted out laughing at the ego he didn't even realize he had.  I heard some heated voices before Davey started talking again.  "Mark wants to talk to you.  Can you tell him to go away?"

"Hehe, why don't you let me talk to him for a few minutes, okay?  We can talk in a little while."

"Awwwww... do I have to?"  He whined.  I heard Mark in the background tell him yes you do.  "Do I?"  Obviously he wasn't going to listen to his brother.

"Just for a little while, squirt.  Don't worry, we'll talk again soon."

"Oh, alright.  Bye, Blade!  You're still the coolest guy ever!"  I heard a clunk after that.. I think he pretty much dropped the phone on the floor, not bothering to give it to Mark.


"Hey, Mark.  What's up?"

"Not much.  Just wanted to talk to you for a little while. It's been too long."

"Yeah, it has.  Things have been extremely hectic around here."

"Don't worry about it.  Well, I wanted to ask you if you would like to come visit in a couple weeks, since school is ending and all.  Bring Joey along too."  I stayed silent for a few moments after he made his request.  "Blade?"

"S-sorry.  Uh, Mark.. I don't know how I forgot to contact you, but uh.. shit."

"What's wrong?"

"Mark.. Joey died in a car accident a few weeks ago.."

"H-he what?  How.. no..."

"I know bro.  It's been so hard.. I miss him so much.  I'm sorry for not calling you... it's just my head has been a mess since it happened and I don't know whether I'm coming of going ninety percent of the time."  The tears were falling from my eyes at this point, and Mark was sniffling as well.

"I'm sorry for your loss, Blade.  Joey was an awesome guy, I wish I had the chance to know him better."  Talking to Mark made me remember when he, Chris, Joey and I went to the Sound Factory in NY.  The first night that Joey and I had been out as friends in over a year.  I sighed, then was brought out of my reverie by Mark's voice.  "Are you okay?"

"Yeah.  I'll be fine.  So, what's up with you?"

"Well, guess what?"


"You know Chris right?  Well, umm he and I sort of became boyfriends before he left to go back home to Oregon."

"That's great, Mark.  I'm happy for you."

"Thanks, but that's not the best part.  Since I'm graduating this year, Chris and I have decided to go to the same college together. So, no more thousands of miles between us."

"Wow.  So you guys are getting pretty serious then.  Where are you going to college?"

"Well, we both applied at quite a few colleges and were accepted.  Right now, the top choices are over here at NYU or umm somewhere in Cali.  That's kind of why I wanted to talk to you, I wanted to find out what you were planning to do after high school, in the fall."

"I really haven't thought about it.  I've always planned on college, but there's um, a complication now.  I really don't want to go into it at the moment.  I'll tell you what, I'll send in the applications to colleges in the state, and over at NYU.  Basically, I'll just apply at a bunch of places incase I am able to go."

"Sweet!  That would be so great with all of us living in the same place."

"Yeah, I miss you guys.  Hehe, and Davey too."

"Hehe, yeah.. that kid loves you to death.  He'd ditch our family to go live with you in a heartbeat."

"Hehe, he can come visit anytime.  In fact, I might be needing a younger kid around to help me with something soon."

"What do you mean?"

"Mark, if I tell you something, promise not to freak out.. I need the support."

"I promise."

"Well, Joey had a will, and in it he asked me to....."

After another hour or so, Mark and I said our goodbyes, with a promise to meet up sometime in the summer.  He's such a sweet guy, and I'm glad he's going to stick by me through anything.  I can't wait to see him and Chris again.

I finally made it home after one of the longest days in history in my eyes.  I walked into my room to find Eric and Matt sleeping on my bed. I snickered, wondering what the hell they were doing in my bed, with only boxers on.  I sat at my desk and watched them sleep.  Eric looked so peaceful.. so content with life as his head lay on Matt's chest.  Matt seemed to have a small smile on his face, happy just to be there with Eric.  I'm so happy that they found each other.. they're made to be with one another.  I envy them almost.. what they have.  At 15, they have found the person they want to be with for the long haul, and I don't doubt that they can make it.  I snickered again as both of them seemed to be sporting semis– half poking out of their boxers.  I went to the closet and grabbed a blanket, then put it over them.  They don't need my mother walking in and seeing them like that.  I walked over to my phone to check the answering machine.

"You have 3 new messages."  Came over the speaker in a monotone robotic voice.  "Message one."

"Hey, Blade, it's Ben.  Umm, I just wanted to call and see how you're doing.  I know you've been going through a lot, but don't forget there's people here that care about you and miss you.  I hope you decide to comeback for the championship game on Friday, we need you.  Give me a call sometime.  Lata."  I smiled to myself, wondering why I haven't tried to get to know Ben better.  He's such a nice guy, I'll have to talk to him soon.

"Message two."

"Blade, it's Nikki."  My ears perked up at the sound of her voice, "I-I guess you know now that I'm very sick.  Joey and I talked about some things that were in his will and I know what was asked of you.  I'm calling from New York right now.  My health took a turn for the worse this week, the doctors say it's from the stress.  I'm going to be at the State Hospital, and I'd really appreciate it if you could give me a call as soon as possible.  Thanks, hun."  A tear escaped my eye hearing her words.  Nikki wasn't just some girl that dated my best friend.  We were best friends with each other as well.  Endless nights of talking on the phone, going out and having fun...  we had a lot of great times.  And now, she's dying.  I lost Joey, now I'm going to lose her too.  God.. what kind of sick game are you playing with me?

"Message three."

"Rose are red, violets are blue, I told you it wasn't over, get ready for round two."

Click.  A chill ran up my spine as the words came out of the machine.  The voice was disguised by something, like you would see people use in movies.  I played the message back at least five times before leaning back in my chair with a look of worry on my face.  The first thing that popped into my mind was what had happened months earlier.  Carla had written notes with similar threats on them, of course she was pretty much the delivery person for Sean.  Is he really dumb enough to come after me again, even with a restraining order against him?

I shook the threats and thoughts out of my head, then went to Eric's room.  Obviously I wasn't going to be sleeping on my bed tonight.  I chucked my clothes, then climbed under the covers of Eric's bed.  I've discovered that sleeping in nothing is the only way to go lately.  I rolled over onto my back, trying to get comfortable when something poked me.  I reached under my back to pick up whatever it was.  I picked up a small tube with KY Jelly labeled on it.  My eyes widened, noticing that the tube was half used.  What have my little bro and his boy toy been up to in here?  I'm gonna have to have a talk with him tomorrow, make sure he's being safe.  I slowly drifted off to sleep, mulling over way too many things in my head.

I awoke the next day at about 10, seeing as all the people involved in the music competition are excused from school for the day.  I stretched out across Eric's bed, somehow the covers had gotten thrown off while I slept.  I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and looked down at my morning wood, which was stirring about.  Hehe, I been neglecting my needs lately, but I guess it'll have to wait a little longer.  Snickering came from across the room.  I sat up to see Eric with a camcorder in his hand taping me!  Then a flash, as I looked to the other side of the bed where Matt was snapping pictures of me!

"GUYS!"  I scrambled to find some cover, but it was to no avail.  Eric held up the blanket in one of his hands, taunting me with it.

"Smile, bro."  Eric moved closer to me with his camera.  I snatched my hand out at it, but he jumped to the side.  "Oh, come one, Blade.  Give us a show."  Eric grinned mischievously.

"You wish."  I jumped at him, but he leaned back enough to keep the camera out of reach, but instead I got a hold of something much more valuable to him.

"Ow!  Be careful!"  Eric yelped as I gripped his dick through his boxers.

"Give me the camcorder."

"No way."  I gave his cock a squeeze, though it seemed to give him the opposite reaction I was going for.  He immediately grabbed my mini-Blade, and squeezed as well.

"Eric..."  I tried to keep my cool, but his hand was suddenly took one hard stroke over my shaft.  I inadvertently thrust forward into his hand.  He looked over the camera into my eyes.. there was something wild, animalistic showing in his.  He thrust forward, causing his cock to get the same jerking sensation I had gotten from him.  I heard Matt set the camera down, but I don't know what he's doing.  Eric slowly kept on jerking my dick, watching my eyes for a reaction.  The truth is, I don't know how to act.  He's my brother and well, we shouldn't be doing this, should we?  Eric set the camera down on a stand in front of his bed, not letting go of me.  He kept up a steady jacking motion on my dick, which had me so hot that I was leaking pre cum already.

I hadn't realized it, but I had been jacking him off the whole time as well, and he was leaking all over my hand.  Quickly and suprisingly Eric pushed himself into me, bringing his lips over mine.  My mind went into overdrive, screaming to stop, but my hormones were blazing, and the forbidden pleasure had begun.  I fell backwards onto the bed, finally releasing my grip on Eric's dick.  He freed his hand from mine as well, only to hold my arms over my head as he pushed his tongue into my mouth.  His hips grinded into me, rubbing our dicks against one another.  I thrust up to meet his downward thrusts.  Our kissing was intense, our mouths almost fighting for position over one another.  I opened my eyes to see Eric staring into them.  The lust that was burning in his eyes was so intense you could almost feel the hormones radiating off of him.  He started humping into me faster and faster, causing me to whimper in response.  He let go of my arms, yet never taking his mouth from mine.  I brought my hands down over his body, feeling his taught back, then down to his cute ass.  I squeezed his cheeks, running my hand along his crack.  It was all starting to be too much for me and I started to grind up into him harder and faster.  He too started to do the same then stopped.  He lifted his body off of mine enough so that I was pretty much just thrusting into the air.  He pulled his mouth away from mine, then leaned down and gave me one more sweet kiss.  His eyes stared into mine, then he whispered into my ear.

"Not yet."

I looked at him questioningly, yet lustful.  Eric is so god damn sexy.  Everything about him, his ear length dark hair hanging in his eyes, his pouty lips, his toned body, I felt like I was on fire.  Eric grabbed the tube of KY I had found last night and tossed it to Matt.  For the first time I remembered he was there.. watching his boyfriend mess around with his brother.  My eyes averted to him, and what I saw just made me hotter.  Matt was sitting in a chair naked, jerking his cock watching us.  He caught the KY, then spoke.

"Are you sure?"

Eric smiled, then nodded.  Matt started to apply the lubricant to his own dick as he continued to watch us.  I was brought out of my gaze on him as I felt a sudden warmth over my chest.  I looked back to Eric who was licking my nipples, gently biting down on them.  His tongue traced around my pecs, then down over every ab and oblique.  His eyes looked up at me as he licked down my treasure trail.  He stopped right before my dick, then in one quick motion, brought his mouth down to my balls.  I moaned softly as Eric sucked one ball at a time into his mouth, gently caressing them with his tongue.  My cock was leaking like a faucet, a small puddle had formed above my pubes and on the tip of the head.  Eric licked up my shaft, then stopped at the head.  He made sure he had my full attention, then stuck his tongue out and brought it to the head.  He pulled back his mouth a bit, a string of pre cum attached to his tongue at one end, attached to my dick at the other.  A small smile crept across his face as he sucked it into his mouth, then went back for more.  He licked all around every ridge of my cock head, paying special attention to the slit, lapping up as much pre cum as possible.  Then he bypassed my cock and lapped up the the puddle of pre cum resting just below my belly button.  His mouth engulfed my cock, trying to go all the way down on it, but coming just short.  He pulled off a bit, most likely he had hit his gag reflex.  He bobbed up and down, causing me to writhe around under his mouth.  I could feel that familiar feeling in my groin, and knew that I was going to cum soon.

I put my hand on his head and gently pulled him off.  He looked at me, with mixed emotions.  Almost as if he was scared he had done something wrong.  I gave him an assuring smile, then flipped him over onto his back, straddling him.  I brought my lips down to his and gently sucked on them.  He moaned into my mouth, causing me to start running my hands over his smooth body.  I left his mouth, then traveled to his neck, making sure to leave a small love bite, then went to work on his chest.  For 15, Eric was cut, his nipples standing erect on his tight pecs.  I applied as much suction as possible to them, which gave him the desired effect.  His hips were bucking wildly underneath me, grinding against my cock and balls, and at times over my hole.  I licked every inch of his torso, and into his belly button.  I played with his balls with my hand, and licked around the base of his cock.  Eric's breathing became heavy, moans coming from his mouth frequently.  I gave his dick too quick bobs, then took him all into my mouth.  I'd say he was about the same size as me, around 6.5 inches.  As soon as my nose hit his pubes he almost yelled out.  "Ohh.. god.  Fuck.."  I had to keep myself from laughing at him.  His pre cum oozed out of his dick, and ran through my mouth.  It was an incredible taste, almost sweet, not bitter like I expected.  I worked him for more and more, until I could feel his cock pulsing.  I pulled off of him and went to work on his sack.  The soft pouch was like velvet to the touch, my tongues savoring every bit of them.  The smell of his sex, mixed with that boyish scent drove me wild.

I went down further, paying attention to the little space between his balls and his ass.  He seemed to be sensitive in that area, his moans turning into whimpers.. almost whining.  Matt was still jerking, somehow keeping his cool enough to keep from cumming.  I looked at Eric's face for a moment, his eyes were closed, with a small grin adorning it.  He looked so cute.  I mulled over an idea in my mind, then decided what the hell, just go for it.  I lifted his legs up a little and came face to face with an area pretty much brand new to me.  His perky ass stared me in the face, his tight pink pucker contracting.  I ran my finger along it, causing him to shudder.  I tentatively brought my face closer, noticing there was no unpleasantness, just that boyish scent that was Eric.  I leaned in, and ran my tongue over his hole.  Eric gasped, grabbing onto the edge of the bed.  I licked all around it, tracing circles with my tongue.  Then, I went for the gold.  I gently pushed my tongue into his hole, meeting some resistance at first.  I reached up and jerked his cock, distracting him while I got my tongue to enter him.  It's an indescribable sensation, but all I know is Eric was going wild.  Pre cum was everywhere, my hand, his pubes, his stomach, and he was practically shaking from the feelings he was getting.  He suddenly moaned out something.

"Matt...."  I glanced over to Matt, who stood up and walked towards us.  I gave him a knowing look, and took one last lick of Eric's rose bud then pulled away.  Eric shakily repositioned himself, so he was in a doggy style position.  I watched as Matt gently pushed his cock, with a condom I might add, into Eric's ass.  "Uh.. go slow baby.."

"Don't worry babe, your first time is going to be the best."  I'm witnessing Eric's first time.. I'm part of it.  I stayed eye level with Matt's cock, watching as he tried to enter my brother.  Slowly, but surely the head made it past the ring.  Eric gasped, and winced as Matt slowly entered more and more until his, I'd say 7 inch dick was all the way inside.  Matt stopped to give Eric time to adjust to the new feeling.  "Let me know when you're ready."

"Blade, get under me please."  I did as Eric asked.  He motioned for me to lie under him in a 69 position and I obliged.  As soon as I was under him, he dove his mouth back over my cock, pulling off for only a moment to tell Matt he was ready.  The smell of sex was in the air, my head just below both Eric's cock and Matt's balls.  I moved my head up a little and gave Matt a quick lick, tasting his cum makers.  Matt moaned, he was obviously in heaven, his first experience with being inside of his boyfriend.  Eric thrust his dick at my mouth, so I opened up and let him enter.  We were a little out of sync for a few minutes, until our sucking became in rhythm with Matt's thrusting.  Eric was literally trying to inhale the cum from me, and he's about to get it.  Suddenly Eric shudders and thrust violently into my mouth.  He screamed out in pleasure, Matt must've hit his prostate.  "I'm cumming!"  His mouth left my cock only for a moment, then he went back down.  Eric's cock pulsed in my mouth, as I readied myself for the oncoming flood.  And a flood it was.  The first shot of semen hit the back of my throat, causing me to swallow automatically.  I tried to push him off a bit so I could take his load better, but he was too caught up in the moment.  Shot after shot of his cum entered my mouth, giving me a hard time to keep up with it.  After about 8 shots he started to calm down a bit, still gently pushing into my mouth.  I milked his softening cock, not letting a drop of his cum escape.

I felt pressure on my hole suddenly, then before I knew it, Eric had pushed a finger all the way in.  I let out a muffled moan, then let loose my load.  My baby making juice flowed into Eric's mouth, causing his suction to get stronger.  He pulled more of my cock into his mouth, as I could feel his swallowing action over my cock head.  The cum surrounded my cock inside of his mouth, until Eric finished it off.  He continued to swallow all of my cum, and nurse my cock back to a limp state.  I had stopped sucking him, but left his limp cock in my mouth.  Eric did the same, but he let it slip from his mouth as Matt started to ram into his ass harder and more urgently.  Soon, Matt was ready to cum.

"Oh.. uh.. uh.. uh.. god, I love you, Ericccccc.."  Matt stiffened up and I could almost see his balls contracting as his cum let loose inside of my brother's ass.  Matt collapsed on top on Eric, who in turn collapsed on top of me.  His groin was smothered into my face, so I had to push him off.  All it seemed to do was release Matt's cock from his ass, and cause it to land just above my face.  I watched as the condom slipped slowly off of his cock.  I moved my head to dodge it, and almost did, but his cum splattered out onto my face. We separated finally, giving each other some time to recover.  After about 10 minutes, I sat up, as did Eric and Matt.  They kissed each other lovingly, savoring their moment.  I picked up my boxers off of the floor and pulled them on.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?"  Asked Matt.

"Too clean up."

He gave Eric a evil grin, then they both approached me.  I froze, not knowing what was going on.  Matt stood up beside me, then licked my face.  I burst out laughing as Eric did the same.  I licked my lips, all of us getting a taste of Matt's seed.  Matt kissed me, then Eric did.  I smiled at them, then backed away as they sat back down on the bed.

"How was it?"  Asked Eric.

"If that's what Matt's been getting every night, then that boy has stamina and a half."  I teased.  "It was great.. but this is the first and only time this will ever happen."

Eric frowned a bit, "Okay."

"Eric, we are brothers, we shouldn't mess around with each other.  I mean, yeah okay, if we were both single and just helping each other out it'd be different.  But you and Matt are perfect together, and I can't be involved with something that could jeopardize that."

"I know.. hehe, it was just soo good though.  Hehe, u always end up with a creamy complexion after you mess around with someone don't you?"  He teased.

"Shut up, hehe."  I thought back to the night he caught Joey and I in my room.. nosey bastard hehe.  "I need to hit the shower guys, thanks for the relief hehe.  By the way Matt, you better be careful you're gonna get addicted to his taste.  It's unbelievable"  Eric and Matt both blushed and gave each other knowing looks.  "Hehe, lata studs."

I walked to my room to grab some clothes.  A pang of guilt and shame came over me for what just transpired.  I shouldn't have done that, I'm the older one I should've said no.  But god, how do you say know to that?  As long as we got it out of our systems now.. there was a huge amount of sexual tension between us.

I called the local weather information line to make sure it wasn't going to be too hot, then jumped in the shower.  I soaped up, while thinking about the days events.  I hope I don't screw up, this competition is really important, it could be a break for all of us.  Hehe, if only I could dance with Tyler like I did yesterday.. I don't think I'd have a problem with messing up the routine, but maybe not my pants.  Seeing as we have to wear beanies, and warmer clothes, I'm glad it's going to be a little cool out today.  I finished up my shower, making sure to go easy on my cock, I think it's going to be a little sensitive for awhile... hehe Eric's like a vacuum.  I put on the clothes for the competition, and brought a change as well.

'Rinnnngg'  Damn phone.  I checked the caller ID and saw that it was Jordan.  "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Jordan."

"What's up, J?"

"Well, Mr. Trollis called me this morning, and he said that we are being given an extra slot for a performance.  A 7-8 minute slot.  So that's like 2 songs worth."

"Damn, who's filling it?"

"You are going to do one song and Tyler is going to do one."

"Uh.. dude, this is kind of short notice isn't it?  And what about Kai?"

"Kai doesn't want to do it.  He's going to sing with me.  Tyler agreed to do it, just pick any song.. well, within reason.  Do what you were going to originally.  Any genre, we just need to fill the space and it's going to give all of us the opportunity to show off our talent individually."

"Okay.  Thanks for letting me know, J.  I'm leaving for the park in 5, so I'll see you there.  Love ya, bro.  Lata."

"Love ya too, see you there. Bye"

I hung up the phone and immediately started scrambling to find a song to sing.  I dug through lyric sheets and my cd collection and finally came up with one.  Hopefully I'll be able to pull this off with no rehearsal.  I through the lyrics, cds and my extra clothes in a book bag and headed out.  Eric and Matt were standing outside of my car.  They both blushed when we all looked at each other, but there were small smiles on their faces as well.  I had to laugh, both of them still having that afterglow of sex.  "What do you guys want?"

"A ride to the competition.  I'll blow you if you do."  Said Eric.  I swung my book bag at his head, but he ducked and giggled away.

"Why aren't you two in school anyways?  You're not involved in the competition."

"Sure we are, we're helping with the set up.. just we got a little side tracked this morning."  Matt snickered out.

"Argh, you guys are never going to forget this are you?"  They both shook their heads no.  I laughed then hopped in the car.  "Get in, we're running late."

The park isn't that far from the house, so we arrived there in about 15 minutes.  The parking lot was filled to the brink, so it took us another 10 minutes to find a parking space.  Butterflies formed in my stomach, the atmosphere setting in.  This isn't an auditorium full of schoolmates, this is thousands of people from all over the place.  I told Eric and Matt to keep an eye out for Jordan, Kai, Tyler, or anyone from our school's participants.  We scanned the crowd until Eric spotted Kai.  We walked over to where he was and saw the rest of the school's group there as well.  Eric and Matt said their goodbyes, then went to help out with what was left of setting up.  I walked towards Kai, who gave me a big smile.

"Hey, Blade.  Glad you could make it."  He teased.  "Rough morning?"

"Hehe, you don't need to know."

"Ooo, come on tell me what happened."

"No way, dude.  You'll never let me live it down."

He frowned, "Okay then..."

I sighed, "Kai, come here."  I leaned over and whispered into his ear what happened.  His jaw dropped, and his eyes widened.

"Are you fucking with me?"

"Not yet, hehe."

"Oh my god, dude!  That's not right!"  I looked at him with a frown, the guilt coming back, "But god damn that is so hot.  Why wasn't I invited?"  He grinned.

"Hehe, I didn't know you'd be interested."

"Hell yeah, I would've.  As long as Jordan was involved too.  Hehe, dude.. two brothers that look like you and Eric getting it on?  I think I need to go relieve myself..."  I punched him in the arm.

"Not a word to anyone, Kai."

"Now.. would I do that?"  He started backing away.  He spun on his heels and started running away and I gave chase.  He ran past Eric and yelled out to him.  "Hey stud, how bout some brotherly love for KK too!"  I tackled him to the ground, with him laughing his ass off.  I pinned his arms to the ground.

"Kai, now.. are you going to be a good boy?  Or am I gonna have to tape your mouth shut and tie your hands behind your back?"

"Ooo, kinky.  You're a sexy bitch, Blade.  And, I think I like this position."

"You dick."

"You can't have mine, maybe Eri...."  I put a hand over his mouth and started to tickle torture him.  He struggled to free himself, but it was of no use.  He was almost in tears from laughing so hard when someone cleared their throat behind us.  I turned my head to see Tyler standing there with an amused look on his face.  Kai took the opportunity to knock me off of him, sending me sprawling to the ground.  He got up and gave Tyler a high five.  "Tag team back again.."  He started rapping, as he walked off, still snickering to himself.

Tyler offered me his hand and helped me up.  "You two are nuts."

"Well, we actually have four if you count both of ours.."  He slugged me in the arm.  I looked him up and down, wearing his skully hat and outfit.  Can we say fine as hell?  "Where's MarcASS?"  I snickered out.

"Blade..."  I threw up my hands in surrender.  "He's here, just over by the performing area."  He reached into his back pack and pulled out something.  The stuffed animal puppy I left in his locker.  "Thanks for the puppy, he's so cute."

"Well, I had to get something cute to match you."  He blushed, then an announcement rang throughout the park.

'All contestants please report to your respective groups and performing areas.'

"Well, we should go.  We are doing the group video set first."  He put his arm around me and we walked together.  I turned my face towards him and gave him a smile.  He smiled back, with a faint blush on his cheeks.  He led the way to our performance area.  I looked around at all the different sets for the video portion.  It was unreal.  Some of them were exact replicas of the videos they were portraying.  I went to check out ours and was stunned.  The whole "back lot" setting was there, with the cars and everything.  A bunch of people from our school were there to be the extras like in the video.

'Will the group from Arrowhead High school please go to your video set."  Tyler glanced at me, then we headed towards our set.  Kai was already there, along with Jordan.  He had a headset mic on as did Jordan.  I guess he's at least going to sing the backup parts.  Kai handed Tyler and I our headsets and we put them on.  I noticed Marcus standing up in the front of the crowd waiting to watch us.  Mr. Trollis walked out onto the set to give us some encouraging words.

"Alright guys, lets show them what we've been working for all year.  You all have the talent and I know you can take this competition.  Good luck, and knock'em dead.  Places everyone."  We all went to our respective spots as the the announcer came on again.

'Let's hear it for our first group from Arrowhead High, Kai Kimbal, Jordan Chambers, Tyler Pierce, and Blade Stevens, doing Nsync's Girlfriend!"

The music cued up, and Tyler started in on his verses...

Would you be my girlfriend?
Would you be my girlfriend?
Would you be my girlfriend?
(I like you baby)
Would you be my girlfriend?

I don't know why you care (why you thinkin' bout him huh?)
He doesn't even know you're there
'Cause he don't love your eyes
And he don't love your smile
Girl you know that ain't fair

The girl Tyler had been paired with was good.  They meshed well together, not missing a beat.

In the middle of the night
Is he gonna be by your side?
Or will he run and hide?
You don't know cause things ain't clear
And baby when you cry
Is he gonna stand by your side?
Does the man even know you're alive?
I got an idea

Won't you be my girlfriend
I'll treat you good (I'll treat you good girl)
I know you hear your friends when they say you should
'Cause if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one to show you where you are
Girl you should be my girlfriend

Tyler sang flawlessly, his dance moves were right on and he looked like a start out there.  The girl he danced with kept pace, making the whole thing look great.  The judges seemed impressed.  Kai stepped up next, sitting on the hood of a car.

Does he know what you feel (know what you feel?)
Are you sure that it's real (are you sure?)
Does he ease your mind
Or does he break your stride?
Did you know that love could be a shield yeah
In the middle of the night
Is he gonna be by your side?
Or will he run and hide?
You don't know cause things ain't clear
And baby when you cry (oh no)
Is he gonna stand by your side? (no no) Does the man even know you're alive?
I got an idea (listen girl)

Jordan covered the background vocals well as Kai, Tyler and I jumped up on three cars and started the most complicated part of the dance routine.  I just kept thinking back to what Kai had told me, just relax and have fun with it.  Go in steps.  I counted out the moves in 8 steps and just went with it.

Won't you be my girlfriend (yeah yeah)
I'll treat you good (I'll treat you good girl)
I know you hear your friends when they say you should
'Cause if you were my girlfriend
I'd be your shining star
The one to show you where you are
Girl you should be my girlfriend

The crowd was hot, and cheered us on after we hopped down from the successful dance routing on the hoods of the cars.  I started in on my verse as the crowd started to sing along.

Ever since I saw your face
Nothing in my life has been the same
I walk around just saying your name
Without you my world would end, yeah
I've searched around this whole damn place
And everything says you were meant to be
My girlfriend... oh
Would you be my.....

The music faded out, then quickly into our surprise.  We had decided to make a split video, one with girlfriend and an unreleased Nsync song.  We all tore off our outfits revealing different outfits underneath.  We each had a see through long sleeve shirt of different color on.  I started in on the edgier song, That Girl Will Never Be Mine.

That girl will never be mine

First time I saw her at the front door
That girl, her face on every billboard
Hands down, you won't believe the way she laid her eyes on me
Six feet, I spot her from the cat walk
So fly, we got into a small talk
Too bad she had to move along
One smile and she was gone

Tyler sang the first half of each line, while I sang the second half.  Our voices meshing, in almost a battle.

Can't explain
I never thought that I was gonna lose my head
Call me insane
There's got to be a way

Kai, Tyler and I worked the crowd with the choreography, making sure to get the girls screaming as we went into the chorus.

How can I get next to her
Now tell me how it's gonna be done
Will I win or lose this one?
(Don't care about the fact that)
She's in a different league
They say it's no use that I try
That girl will never be mine

Kai took the first half of the line this time, while Tyler took the second half.  Kai would take the first half of the chorus as well.  I walked off the set and into the crowd, dancing with random people as we sang.

Next thing, she's livin' in my TV
That girl, stealin' every daydream
Tough luck, she had to be a star when I'm just same old me
But last night, I ran into her briefly
Guess what, she really wanna see me
They said that I was out of line
Who's wrong, who's right this time?

Can't explain
I never thought that I was gonna lose my head
Call me insane
There's got to be a way

How can I get next to her
Now tell me how it's gonna be done
Will I win or lose this one?
(Don't care about the fact that)
She's in a different league
They say it's no use that I try
That girl will never be mine

We did a short step routine to work our way back to the center of the stage while singing the final hook.

That girl is freakin' me out
Don't care about the fact that she's all that
That girl has blown out the doubt
There's no way for me to stop

That girl tearin' up the big screen
That girl stealin' every daydream
Tough luck, she had to be the one for me
She will be mine
No matter what they try to say
There's got to be a way

I wanna get next to her
Now tell me how it's gonna be done
Will I win or lose this one?
(Don't care about the fact that)
She's in a different league
They say it's no use that I try
That girl will never be mine

We froze in place as the crowd erupted into a roar of applause and cheers.  Kai, Tyler, I and Jordan glanced at one another with huge grins on our faces.  The applause didn't seem to want to stop.  Girls were screaming and I saw security having to stop a few from bum rushing the stage.

'Ladies and gentleman, now that is what this competition is all about!!!  Give it up one more time for the Arrowhead High group!'

The crowd erupted one more time before we left the set and they moved on to see the next video competitors.  As soon as we got over to the sitting area people flocked to us.  Asking for autographs, phone numbers, dates and so on.  I think one asked to have my baby hehe.  Mr. Trollis came over and shooed the mob away, giving us some time to recover for our other performances.  "Outstanding guys!  You really blew them away out there!  Jordan, you and Kai should get set up for your performance, you're up first out of our group."

Kai snickered then looked at me, "You're good at blowing people away huh, Blade?"  I glared at him, throwing my bottle of water at his head.  Tyler and Jordan both looked at me confused causing me to blush a deep crimson.  I just shook my head, letting them know not to ask.  "Let's go babe, I need to tune the guitar and set the amp before we can perform."  Kai put his arm around his boyfriend, and walked with him slowly, making sure not to get in the way of Jordan's crutches.

Marcus popped up out of nowhere and sat next to Tyler.  Tyler leaned into him, laying the back of his head against Marcus's chest.  "Nice job, baby."  Marcus hugged onto Tyler as he spoke.  I looked down at the table, so I wouldn't have to see their displays of affection.

"Thanks.  I think we have a shot at winning this.  Blade was awesome, I mean for only a days rehearsal he nailed everything."

"Yeah, including his brother."  My head shot up as the words escaped from Marcus's lips.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing, dude."  Tyler looked at Marcus, then at me.

"What does he mean, Blade?"

I shot daggers at Marcus, wondering how the fuck he found out, "Me, Eric and Matt kind of messed around this morning."  My eyes shot downwards immediately.

"You and Eric had sex?"  He asked.

"Well.. oral..."


"Keeping it in the family eh?"  Marcus shot.

"Fuck you, Marcus."

"Sorry, my last name isn't Stevens."  I stood up ready to lunge over the table at him.

"You're lucky you're his boyfriend, because if you weren't your face would make Trevor's look like a work of art right now."

"Don't think you're invincible, Blade.  You're not."  My eyes burned into his.  The coldness behind his was something I hadn't seen in him before.

"That's enough!  Both of you!  You act like this is some fucking game, I'm not some trophy to be won."  Tyler snapped.  "You both need to grow up."  He got up and stalked off.  Marcus got up and walked over so he was in front of me.

"You will not get him back, Blade.  I guarantee you that.  Go find your brother, he's the only easy fuck you'll be getting anytime soon."  He turned around and started to walk away, when I grabbed his shoulder and spun him around.  He swung his fist wildly at me, but I ducked out of the way, twisting his arm behind his back and putting my other arm around his neck.  I kicked out the back of his legs causing him to fall to his knees.

"That's how easy it would be for me to take you out, Marcus.  Don't fuck with me.  You talk about my brother like that again and I swear to you I will not hesitate to take you apart.  I don't know what your deal is, but you're not the friendly, southern boy that everyone thinks you are.  I'm on to you."  I pushed him to the ground, then walked away myself.

I walked over to where Kai and Jordan were all set up and practicing before they were called on to perform.  Tyler stood off to a side talking to someone.  I looked closer and noticed it was his mother.  She spotted me and waved happily.  I smiled and waved back at her.  She said something to Tyler as she nodded at me.  He blushed a little, but I could tell he was still angry.  The announcer came over and announced Jordan was ready to go.  Everyone quieted down and listened to him sing.

"This song is one of my favorites.  I'm sure most of you know it.. Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton.  It has a special meaning to me now, as I lost a friend very near and dear to me.  I didn't' get to say goodbye due to my own injuries.  Joey, if you can hear me up there, I love you bro, and I miss you so much."  A knot formed  in my stomach, as I had no idea Jordan was going to sing a song for Joey.

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

Kai strummed the guitar like a pro, gliding over the strings like it was second nature to him.  Jordan was fighting back tears, his eyes met mine, both of us trying to convey our sorrow to each other.  His voice went so beautifully with this song it was haunting.

Would you hold my hand
If I saw you in heaven?
Would you help me stand
If I saw you in heaven?

I'll find my way
Through night and day,
'Cause I know I just can't stay
Here in heaven.

Time can bring you down,
Time can bend your knees.
Time can break your heart,
Have you begging please, begging please.

Tears streamed down Jordan's cheeks as he song his heart out, saying goodbye to a friend he loved.

Beyond the door,
There's peace I'm sure,
And I know there'll be no more
Tears in heaven.

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong
And carry on,
'Cause I know I don't belong
Here in heaven.

"We love you, Joey.  I hope I'll see you one day, there in Heaven."  Kai hugged his boyfriend as the crowd, teary eyed, gave Jordan a standing ovation.  Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as well, sadness taking me over once again over Joey.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to find Tyler standing there.  He put his arms around me, holding me tight as I cried on his shoulder.  People were staring, but I didn't care.  It hurt, and it was killing me inside.  Kai and Jordan came over to us and we end up in a group hug.  "He's okay where he is, Blade.  I know it.  He'll always be here," Jordan pointed to our hearts, "J-Joey will always be here in some way or another."  I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, thanking him for being such a good friend to Joey.

Mr. Trollis came over to us, a somber expression on his face.  "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Blade you're up."  Tyler gave me one last hug before I got on stage.

"This goes out to the one I love."  I sad sadly.  Kai had been teaching me guitar for the past couple of months just for this event. I picked up Kai's guitar and strummed it softly, accompanying the background music.

Lately I've been trying
To fill up my days since you're gone.
The speed of love is blinding,
And I didn't know how to hold on.
My mind won't clear.
I'm out of tears.
My heart's got no room left inside.

How many dreams will end?
How long can I pretend?
How many times will love pass me by,
Until I find you again?

I stared right at Tyler as I sung, hoping to get my message across.

Will the arms of hope surround me?
Will time be a fairweather friend?
Should I call out to angels,
Or just drink myself sober again?
I can't hide, it's true.
I still burn for you.
Your memory just won't let me go.

How many dreams will end?
How long can I pretend?
How many times will love pass me by,
Until I find you again?

I'd hold you tighter,
Closer than ever before.
No flame would burn brighter,
If I could touch you once more,
Hold you once more!

Tyler kept eye contact with me the entire time, his eyes glassy and his composure on the brink.  I approached the edge of the stage and took a seat, right in front of Tyler as I went into the finale.

How many dreams will end?
How long can I pretend?
How many times will love pass me by, until I find you again?
'till I find you again..

I ended the song with a sad smile on my face.  Tyler looked at me, happy yet sad.  He grabbed my hand as the crowd cheered, and gave it a squeeze.  I pulled him up on stage, the crowd not seeming to notice anything.  "I love you, Tyler.  I hope we can get back what we had."  I leaned in and kissed him full on the lips.  Not just a quick peck, but an all out passionate kiss.  Our lips meshed together for a few moments, then we pulled apart.  The crowd seemed to go silent and everyone was just staring at us.  Then one person started to clap.. Eric.  Soon after, Matt, Kai, Jordan, Tyler's mother and more and more people followed.  After a few moments the crowd roared again, seemingly not phased by our display.  I looked at Tyler, who gave me a shy smile.  His eyes averted to a corner of the stage, and his demeanor changed completely.  I looked over to where he was looking to see Marcus standing there looking pissed.  His face was reddened, and if it was possible there would probably be smoke coming out of his ears.  His eyes were holding a sadness though, and I think that's the only thing that held him back from fighting me right then and there.  Tyler pulled away from me and walked over to Marcus.  I didn't take my eyes off of them as they argued.  Marcus was doing most of the arguing, Tyler just taking it.  Finally, Marcus threw up his arms in frustration then walked away.  Tyler walked back to the stage, his eyes a little puffy, obviously from crying, then took a seat behind a piano that was set up.  The announcer introduced him and then he began his song.

Funny when you stop and think
Times goes faster then you blink
Nothings ever like it was
But girl we've got a special thing
All the happiness it brings
Is more than enough

I know its hard to believe
Your still the biggest part of me
All I'm living for
I still think about you
I still dream about you
I still want you
And need you by my side
I'm still mad about you
All I ever wanted was you
You're still the one
You're still the one

Tyler's eyes never opened as he sang.  His focus while singing was incredible, not even letting him open his eyes to look at the piano keys once.

It's hard to breathe when were apart
Your like sunshine in my heart
I keep you here inside
You've been everything to me
You've been and always will be
The apple of my eye

And I know its hard to believe
Your still the biggest part of me
All I'm living for
I still think about you
I still dream about you
I still want you
And need you by my side
I still mad about you
All i ever wanted was you
You're still the one
You're still the one

His eyes finally opened, a few tears blinked their way through.  His eyes met mine, his head nodding at me.

If you love me
Look into my eyes and say you do
I've been waiting all my life
For someone just like you
Baby all that we've been through
Boy im still in love with you
And I want you to know I do, I do

I still think about you
I still dream about you
I still want you
And need you by my side
I'm still mad about you
All I ever wanted was you
You're still the one
You're still the one

The crowd gave him a standing ovation as well.  He smiled widely, then headed down the stairs towards his mother.  She wrapped her arms around him and just rubbed his back.  I could see his body shivering, most likely from crying.  His mother looked at me, a sad smile spread across her face.  She lifted Tyler's face to look at her and then said something to him.  She pointed towards my direction, and he glanced over.  He turned away from his mother, and slowly trudged over to me.

"Blade, can we go somewhere and talk?"  Tyler asked.

"Yeah.  There's got to be somewhere quiet around here."

"There is, come with me."  Tyler turned and headed through the large crowd and I followed.  I heard a few people snicker as we walked by, but we just ignored them.  We came to the edge of the mass of people, when someone put a shoulder into me, causing me to stumble back a bit.  Tyler had made it through and was still walking.  I looked up at the person who hit me to see a familiar and unwelcome face.

"Once a faggot, always a faggot right, Blade?"  The much larger boy in front of me and I aren't exactly strangers.  I looked at his nose that had a slight turn in it, and if you listened closely a you could hear a faint hissing sound when he said some words from his formerly broken jaw.

"Looking for another broken jaw, Mark?  Or maybe this time I'll do you a favor and just crack your head open and see if there really is nothing inside."  His face scrunched up in a scowl.

"You bett--"  I cut him off.

"I'm sick of looking at you.  Now, you have three choices.  Either you take a hike, I beat your ass, or I go get that police officer over there to take you directly to jail.  You do know what a restraining order is right?  It's this thing that says you can't come within 50 yards of me or you will be arrested."  His face turned from anger to concern as the concept set in.  "Good, you may have a brain cell or two left there.  Now, get out of my way."  I pushed past him, leaving him fuming.

"You aren't invincible, Blade."  I stopped in my tracks.  Marcus had said almost the same exact thing earlier.. and then the note...  Tyler had walked back up beside me as I turned to look at Mark.  I went right back up to him and got in his face.

"You tell whoever it is you're being a crony to now, to stop playing games with me.  Whether it be Sean, Carla, or even good ole’ southern boy Marcus... you stay the fuck away from me, my friends and my family."  I stared him down for a few more moments until I felt a tug on my arm.  Tyler gently pulled me away from the scene before it escalated.

Tyler led me by my arm to a quiet place under a big tree.  We sat down next to each other under the shade.  I tried to read what he was thinking by studying his face.  His brow furrowed as he was in deep thought.

"Blade, Marcus and I had a fight as you obviously know.  He got angry when you kissed me on stage.  He does love me.. it's just he's really threatened by you.  He said he doesn't have a reason to go on if I leave him.."

"Where are you going with this, Ty?"

"I told him I need a break.. some time to think.  Now I'm afraid he'll do something stupid and hurt himself."

"Okay.. so he's blackmailing you into staying with him."

"No.. I don't know.  God, when we got together I thought that was it, me and you till the end.  Then when we broke up it was like my whole world shattered.. it was my fault I know.  I think I need to tell you some things about me for you to understand me better."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"I told you about my sister, how much she meant to me.  Well, there is another reason her death hit me so hard.  I'm sure you've at least wondered where my father is."  I nodded at him, "My sister was more than a sister to me.. she was my guardian angel.  My dad used to drink a lot, and he would come home like that.  He uh, started beating me when I was 7 or 8 I think.. I don't really remember.  He'd come to my room after getting hammered then beat on me for what seemed like forever."  His voice became shaky speaking of this.  I got angry, but held it in.  I pulled Tyler close to me and held him against my chest.  "Emily stood up for me.She wouldn't let him touch me when she was there.  Sometimes she would take the beating for me."  He choked up.

"Take your time."  He gave me a small smile.

"Things escalated one night, when I was 10.  He uh, he tried to do stuff to me.  He came into my room and he ran his hands over my body.  He would call me his pretty boy…"  He trailed off.  "When he started to hold me down and put his hands into my pants I knew that I had to do something.  I started to scream as he started to fondle me, but he covered my mouth with his other hand.  I thought I was going do die that night.  He pulled down my pants and flipped me over onto my stomach as he pulled down his own pants.  He uh.. well he was ready to enter me, I mean he was right on top of me when the door flew open and my sister came in.  She had a baseball bat in her hand and she made him get off of me.  He went at her swinging, but he was so drunk he couldn't touch her.  When he got close to hitting her she nailed him with the bat.  He dropped to the ground and didn't wake up until the police got there."

"God Tyler, I didn't have any idea."

"I know.  You're the first person I've told.  Kai knows a little about it, but not everything.  My dad was sent to jail for attempted rape, attempt to have sex with a minor and assault.  They gave him 15 years... he had a good lawyer so he didn't get as long as we hoped.  I guess the whole point of this is to try and explain why I'm being so tolerant to Marcus's threats.  I guess what some people think about me is true.. I'm insecure and needy.  I think my need for love is kind of a side effect from the trauma I suffered from my home life.  You see, my mother tried to help too, but my father threatened to leave her if she told anyone or that he'd kill us all.  I guess I take after my mom.. I'm weak."  The sadness in his voice was overwhelming.  I hugged him tight and kissed him on the cheek.

"Tyler, you're not weak.  For what you've been through, to be as good of a person as you are is amazing."

"No I'm not.  I'm pathetic.  I need people to protect me like I'm a little kid still.  My sister, Kai, you…Why can't I protect myself?"

"You can, baby..errr Ty.  It's just your friends care a lot about you and if anyone tries to hurt you they are going to have to answer to us.  It has nothing to do with you not being able to protect yourself.  And pathetic?  Listen to me okay?"  I turned his face so he was looking at me.  "I love you, Tyler Pierce.  You overwhelm me with love, so much so that I don't know how I've gone a day without you."

"I hurt you a lot, Blade."

"I know, but that's the past.  The hurt can never compare to the love that we had.  I want that back, Tyler.  I want you back... Your song said to look you in the eyes and tell you I love you, so I'm doing just that.  I love you with all my heart and I want to be with you again."

Tyler smiled, then looked down to the ground as he sniffled.  He reached into his pocket and pulled something out.  A glint shined off of the object.  He let it drop from his hand a little bit, revealing it to be the shark tooth necklace.. the same one that he had given to me before.  "Do you remember this?"


"When you took this off that day in the music room, I thought that was the end of any relationship we would ever have.  I want you to have it back now."  I smiled at him widely as he reached around my neck and latched the necklace.

"What does this mean?"

"It means that I love you.  That I'll always love you.  I need to take some time to figure out how I feel about Marcus before I make any decisions okay?"

"Yeah.. but Tyler?  Do what makes you happy.  I want to be with you more than anything in the world right now, but I want you to be happy first and foremost."  Tyler suddenly brought his lips to mine.  He kissed me tenderly, his silky smooth lips working magic on me.  Our tongues twisted, tasting each other for the first time in so long.  I brought my hands to his face, feeling his delicate skin.  We slowly parted from each other with big goofy grins adorning our faces.

"I want you to be happy too, Blade.  I missed that right there so much.  I just need a little time, I promise I won't leave you hanging. Just remember, that necklace means I'm always in your heart and you're always in mine.  Let's head back to the group."  I was pretty much speechless and followed him silently back as he held on to my hand.  I'm not really sure what that meant, the kiss, the necklace, but at least I know he still loves me.

We arrived back to our area where Kai and Jordan were sitting together holding hands, and Eric and Matt were making goo goo eyes at each other.  They all seemed to turn their attention on Tyler and I when we came into view.  I immediately noticed they were looking at our interlocked hands.  Kai shot me a smile and a questioning look.  I blushed and shook my head.  We sat down next to the happy couples.

"Something you two need to tell us?"  Questioned Jordan.

"Not yet.  We're not back together right at the moment."  Tyler said.

"Why the hell not?"  Eric rudely interjected.  "You two are obviously made for each other.I swear sometimes I just want to whack you both upside the head for being so stubborn."  Matt put his hand over Eric's mouth to stop his tirade.  Tyler and I just blushed, when the announcer came on again.

'All of the competitors have performed and the judges are ready to to name the winner.  Please stay at your respective areas.  If you are announced as a winner, the record executive from J Records will come to you.  Now, let's take a look at what it says in this envelope.  We the judges wish to thank all of you for participating in the competition today.  You all are truly talented and never give up on your dreams.  It is now time to announce the winner.. the winners are... the group from Arrowhead High!  Jordan, Kai, Tyler and Blade!  Congratulations guys!'

We all jumped up cheering.. well except Jordan for obvious reasons.  A record exec from J Records came over and congratulated us, and going over some details with us for a couple of hours.  He also let us know that we would all be going into a studio sometime in the near future as part of our prize.  If everything pans out, record deals aren't out of the question.  We were all extremely hyped, but extremely tired.  Everyone said their goodbyes and congratulated each other, then parted ways.  Kai and Jordan went off together, and much to my dismay Marcus popped back up to take Tyler home.  He gave me a nasty look, which I returned back to him.  Eric and Matt looked like they were going to fall asleep leaning against each other, so I had to usher them to the car quickly.  We went straight home, and I had to carry Eric up to his room, while leading Matt by the hand.  I put Eric in bed, removing his shirt and pants, then tucked him in.  Matt undressed himself, mumbled a “thanks” then hit the pillow and went out like a light.  I stripped down myself, happy as I have been in a month, and slept soundly.

The next few days went by in a blur.  Everything seemed to be looking up for once.  Tyler and I had been hanging out more, and sometimes I don't understand where the line is drawn between us being a couple and friends.  I mean, we haven't been doing anything sexual, but kissing here and there and so forth.  I feel like we are already boyfriends again and I couldn't be happier.  Kai and Jordan have been so lovey-dovey that it was almost sickening hehe.  But they are so cute together it doesn't really matter.  Eric and Matt seem to be getting more serious everyday.  Since our little romp the other day, Eric and I have gotten closer as well, the sexual tension has been eliminated pretty much and it seems that we've bonded on every possible level.  The guys from the team have all been taking turns to call me and try to talk me into playing in the championship game friday, which is tonight.  I just can't bring myself to put the equipment back on.. I can't even go into that locker room without the pain and sadness of remember Joey hitting me hard.

I sprayed some cologne on and walked to the door as the door bell rang.  Tyler stood there with a rose in his hand.  He handed it to me then leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.  I smiled at him, then walked out the door and shut it behind me.  He wore a red leather jacket with a black shirt and blue jeans.  His hair was combed down, and he looked sexy as ever.  I wore my tannish/yellowish leather blazer, with a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt.  My hair was pulled back and I was ready to go.  Kai and Jordan sat in Kai's car in the driveway waiting for us.

"Come on love birds, hop in, we're running late."  Kai teased.  I rolled my eyes at him, then hopped in the backseat behind him.  Tyler jumped in the other side and then we were off.  They all agreed to go to the game with me, so I was happy about that.  Even though I'm not playing, I still want to be there to support the team.  We pulled into the parking lot at the Anaheim Pond.  Since this is the state championship it's being played in an NHL arena.  There was plenty of parking, the Pond seats at least 17,000 people, and I would guess there's probably 6,000 or so people here tonight.  We entered the arena, paying our admission, then took a seat right behind the Phantoms bench.  Coach made sure to reserve the seats for me and my friends.  Eric and Matt couldn't make it, Eric was invited to dinner with them.  He was a nervous wreck before I left.  I'm not sure if Matt's parents know of his sexual preference or not, and that's what worried him.  Hehe, he made me get him a cell earlier for emergency use only, I guess if he needs out of there he's going to call me.

The team was on the ice warming up.  They looked good, flying around out there.  I turned my attention to the Bellflower end of the ice.  They too looked like they were ready for one hell of a game.  Sean was out there, along with Mark, giving orders to the other players.  Every time Sean came close to where I was sitting he turned his head away.  I didn't have much time to think about it, as the buzzer sounded signaling the start of the game.  The announcer made his announcements, and then we all stood for the national anthem.  I was amazed that they had recruited Jewel to sing the anthem for this tournament.  She was amazing and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

The crowd was a buzz as the teams lined up to take the opening face off.  Scott took right wing, Ben was at center, Mike at left wing, Andy and Drew on defense.  For Bellflower, Sean was at center, and Mark was on defense.  I'm not sure who the other three players are.  The puck dropped and the game was on.  Sean immediately tied up been with his stick, throwing the puck back to Mark.  They moved into our zone and passed the puck around.  Our guys seemed to be scrambling out there, diving all over the place trying to get a piece of the puck.  Sean took a pass from one of his wingers and rifled it over Tony, our goalie's, shoulder and into the net.  1-0 only 3 minutes into the game.  Five minutes later Bellflower blew by our defense and left Tony out to dry making it 2-0.  I started to fidget in my seat as the game continued to go downward for the Phantoms.  Mark was throwing around our players out there on the ice.  Mike stole the puck from a Bellflower player and sprinted towards their goalie.  He decked him out and slid the puck through the goalies five hole to make it 2-1 with 2 minutes left in the period.  This seemed only to motivate Bellflower more as they came back with a vengeance.  Sean took the face-off from Ben again, and moved the puck up ice.  He made a nice move around Drew, then slid the puck over to a streaking winger who in turn passed it back to Sean for a one timer that flew past Tony and into the net.  The period ended with Bellflower up 3-1.  My team went to the locker room with their heads down.. I hope they can pep back up.  A few rowdy fans started some scuffles in the stands, but that's nothing new at hockey games.

"They look like shit out there, Blade."  Kai stated the obvious.

"I know.  We are just as good as Bellflower if not better, we shouldn't be getting our asses handed to us like this."

"You see, our team was better.  With you and uh.. Joey.."  I looked down at the necklace Tyler gave me at the charm from Joey's necklace.  I combined the two after getting the necklace back.  "I'm sorry, Blade.  I didn't mean.."

"It's okay, Kai."  Tyler grabbed my hand and squeezed it, offering me his support.  An usher came down and tapped me on the shoulder.

"Excuse me sir, are you Blade?"


"I was told to give you this."  The man handed me a white envelope with my name on it.  I opened it up and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Letting you team down because you're too sad.  Boo hoo, Blade.  It's funny if you think about it.  Mr. Hot Shot hockey player, the savior of the Arrowhead Phantoms.  You're pathetic now.  I guess being a fag has truly made you weak.  I guess we'll have to find out how weak you really are, very, very soon."

"Who gave you this?"  I demanded.

"It was passed to me by some kids.  They said someone asked them to have it delivered to you."  I waved him off.

"What is it, Blade?"  Tyler asked.

"Threats.. like before, when Sean, Carla.."

"Not again!"  Kai and Jordan looked around to see if anyone was watching us.  I did as well when my eyes came to rest on an malicious glare.  Across the arena stood Marcus.  He was looking right at me, his eyes never leaving me.  I started to get up when Tyler pulled me back into my seat.

"It's not him, Blade.  Marcus wouldn't do that."

"Maybe you don't know Marcus as well as you think."  I was interrupted by the buzzer and the start of the second period.

It was like a completely different game at the start.  My team was flying out there, making Bellflower run around like crazy.  The passes were crisp and the shots were on net, but Bellflower's goalie wasn't letting anything in.  At about half way through the period Scott picked up the pace.  He stole the puck off of an errant pass and skated into the offensive zone.  He tried to go in on net himself, but was nailed by a check from Mark.  The puck squeezed free into the slot where Ben was waiting.  He faked the shot causing the goalie to fall to his knees then shot the puck over his shoulder into the net making it 3-2.  After the next face off Ben brought the puck into the zone again, but was crushed into the boards by Sean.  Ben started to get back up, but Sean cross checked him down again.  The ref didn't call any penalties.  This continued through out the rest of the period.. my team being manhandled.  With a minute left in the period the puck became tied up in front of the Phantom bench.  Everyone tied up their man until the final buzzer sounded.  The players separated, and started off to their respective locker rooms.  Ben leaned over the bench to grab a water bottle when out of nowhere, Sean came up behind him and hit him from behind, dumping him over the boards and onto the bench.  The refs had already left the ice so they didn't see it.  I shot up out of my seat, glaring at Sean.  For the first time he looked up at me.  He unsnapped his face mask and lifted it up.  He grinned at me, then waved as well.  He made a crying motion over his eyes while laughing at me.  He skated back to his locker room, never taking his gaze from me.

Tyler tugged at my coat for me to sit down, but I was having none of it.  I walked by him and took off up the aisle.  I was steaming as I walked out into the hallway and down into the players area.  A security guard was standing at the stairs and I asked him where the bus loading area was.  He directed me to it, and I ran over to the and grabbed my bag from the bus.  I went into a private locker room and began to put on my equipment.  This ends tonight.

I heard the buzzer signaling that the teams had gotten back on the ice.  I walked up to the doorway after stretching out.  Music was playing throughout the arena as the teams skated around awaiting the start of the 3rd period.  Godsmack's Awake came over the sound system and I decided it was time.  I opened the door and stepped onto the ice.  The music blared, hyping everyone up, and as soon as the fans from my school saw me on the ice they cheered wildly.  I didn't break a smile, not once.  My eyes were burning a whole through Sean.  The look on his face was one of shock.. one of complete and utter fear.  He hid his emotions after a moment, putting a scowl on his face.  Ben skated over to me and practically jumped into my arms.

"Yeah, baby!  Now it's time to whoop some ass!"  I ruffled his hair and headed over to the bench.  Coach smiled at the sight of me being on the ice.

"Great to see you, Blade.  We can use you out there.  Here's your C."  He placed it on my jersey signifying my captaincy.  Scott also wore a C, he muttered something under his breath seeing me with one also.  "Now, new lines people.  First line, Blade at center, Scott at wing, Mike at wing, Drew at D' and Andy at D'.  Ben you will be anchoring the second line for now."

The ref blew his whistle, and we lined up for the face off.  I stared down Sean, my eye burning into him.  I mouthed the words to him, "You're mine."  The ref dropped the puck and I drew it back to the defense.  I skated around Sean and waited for a pass.  Drew through the puck over to Mike who in turn passed it to Scott.  He was crunched against the boards by a Bellflower winger. He kicked the puck out and Sean picked it up.  He skated through center ice where I came from the opposite side and decked him.  He flew up in the air and fell to the ice.  I picked up the puck and skated full speed into the offensive zone.  I went around the back of the net, banked the puck off the outside post and back on to my stick.  I jammed it in between the goalies legs, where slid just past the line tying up the game.  The crowd roared.  The game went into hyper drive at that point.  Everyone went full speed on rushes, hit as hard as possible while checking.. it was like a game in fast forward.  Sean and Mark came down the ice on a two on one rush against me.  The passed the puck to one another trying to make me take the bait.  Sean tried to make me come after him and the puck, but the number one rule on a rush like this is to take the open man out of the play.  Sean faked the shot and threw the puck towards Mark.  As soon as it touched his stick I laid a hip check into him, causing him to flip over my back and land on the ice with a thud.  I picked up the puck along the boards and skated up beside the Bellflower bench.  Sean streaked towards me, hoping to get a good hit on me.  I saw him coming and just as he was about to lay into me, I stopped, and he flew right past me and over the boards onto his bench.  I passed the puck to Ben who had just came off the bench.  He skated into the zone on a breakaway and did a triple deke, confusing the goalie, allowing him to throw the puck into the net for the game winning goal.  The final buzzer sounded 10 seconds later and that was it.  We are the champions!

The team celebrated on the ice, everyone hugging each other, smiles galore.  The crowd went wild, as The Arrowhead Phantoms were named the 2002 California State Champions.  We all took off our helmets and lined up to shake hands with the other team.  When Sean came up in front of me, he tried to skate right by.  I grabbed his arm and pulled him towards me.  "Don't want to shake my hand, Sean?"  I grabbed his hand hand squeezed it hard.

"Let go of my hand fag."

"I will hurt you Sean.  Stop the notes, stop the games.  Got it?"  I said with a sneer.

"I don't know what the fuck you're talking about.  I haven't sent any notes to you or anyone.  Restraining order remember?  I'm not to have any contact with you, meaning no notes, no nothing."  He pulled his hand away, "Thank god this is the last time I have to see your face.  Go suck a dick, that's what you do best right?"

I smirked at him, "As much as you wish you could know, it'll never happen Sean.  I know you want me bad, but you'll just have to settle for some ugly guy like Mark."  Mark scowled at me as he skated by.  They both went back to the locker room.

My team celebrated in the locker room, dumping the water cooler over the coaches head.  It was loud, crazy and fun.  Of course there were naked guys running around everywhere, not able to sit still long enough to just take their showers, they had to run around the locker room and back in every two minutes.  I walked over to my locker and stood there realizing my clothes were in the private locker room.  "Shit."

"What's up?"  Ben walked up to me, bare ass naked.  I looked him up and down trying not to be too obvious.  The boy is very attractive.  "Hehe, see anything you like?"

I blushed, "Uh.. well, you're hot dude."  A faint red color came over his cheeks as his dimpled smile came through.  "I left my clothes and equipment bag in the private locker room."

"Let's go get them."

"Uh.. we're naked."

"So?  Hehe, live a little."  He went to the door and motioned for me to follow.  He peaked his head out to make sure the coast was clear.  "WHOOOO!!!" He screamed out.  I have to admit, the view was very nice from where I was running.  We ran all the way down the hallway, past some rare onlookers who's jaws dropped at the site of us.  We made it to the locker room and grabbed my stuff.

"You're crazy, Ben."

He smiled at me, "We're all a little bit crazy sometimes.  Let's get back."  I turned around and started out the door when I felt a pinch on my ass.  I started to turn around then a hard smack came across my ass, and Ben took off sprinting in front of me.  We were both laughing hysterically by the time we reached the locker room.  I pinned him against the wall before he could go into the room.

"Why you after my ass boy?"  I grinned at him.

"I just wanted to tap that ass!"  He reached around me and tapped it. I burst out laughing, then out of nowhere Ben pressed his lips to mine and copped a quick feel of my dick and balls.  He pulled back a smirk still on his face.

"Dude!  You're gay?"

"Hehe, not that I know of.  But, I'll try anything once."  He winked and looked down at his hardening member.  "Wanna give it a go?"  He laughed through his words.  I looked him straight in the eye and took hold of his dick.  I stroked it a few times, then let go.

"You can't handle me."  I snickered and walked back into the locker room to get dressed. I heard Ben yell outside of the door, 'That is so wrong!'  I laughed and got dressed.  I said goodbye to the team and headed out.  What a night.

I walked outside of the arena to see Kai and Jordan waiting for me.  I looked around for Tyler, but didn't see him anywhere.  "Where's Tyler?"

"He uh, went off with Marcus.  He said to tell you he'll see you at graduation tomorrow."  My smile faded completely, my mood going from happy to hurt.  "Come on, Blade.  Let's get going."  We got in the car and headed home.  Kai dropped me off at my house.  "Cheer up, bud.  Tomorrow is one of the biggest days of our lives... we finally get out of high school!"  I tried to give him a smile, but it was of no use. I said goodbye then went inside.

I started to walk up the stairs when my mother called out to me.  "Blade."


"Tyler called, said he was sorry for leaving the game before you got out."

"Okay."  I started to go back up the stairs again.

"Wait.  Nikki called."

"What did she say?"

"More than I knew.  She's dying?  And when were you going to tell me what Joey asked of you?"

"Mom, I don't want to talk about this."

"It's a serious situation, Blade.  You can't avoid it."

"I'll deal with it, okay?  I'm not in the best mood right now, I'll talk to you about it tomorrow.  I have everything covered, I'm going to call Nikki and find out what she wants to do.  Goodnight mom, love you."  She let it go reluctantly and I walked upstairs.  I could hear music coming from Eric's room, but there was also the unmistakable moaning coming from there as well.  Those two are going to be at it like rabbits now.  I hopped in bed and went to sleep.

I woke up the next day bright and early.  I showered, made myself pretty and put on my graduation gown.  A teal color so it's not that bad.  I tied my hair back, not wanting it all in my face for pictures. The phone rang and I answered it.  It was Nikki.  We talked about her health, and situation.  It was a 30 minute call before she let me go.  She sounded terrible.  Something else I need to think about.  I sighed, grabbed my cap and walked down the stairs.  Eric and Matt came stumbling down the stairs looking all disheveled.  I did a double take when I looked at Matt's face.  There was a string of cum sitting on the corner of his mouth.  I heard my mother approaching from her room, so I quickly tried to get his attention.  I made a gesture like wiping his mouth, but he didn't get it.  I ran over to him and wiped Eric's cum from his lips.  I held it up in front of his face and he blushed furiously.  Eric burst out laughing.  I scrambled to find something to wipe it off on, but couldn't find anything.  Eric grabbed my hand and pushed it hard into my mouth.  I almost gagged, not expecting my finger to go half way down my throat.  Eric backed away giggling hysterically.  "Addicted yet?"  I rolled my eyes at him, and licked my lips to make sure it was all out of sight.  My mother walked in and we headed out.  I took my car and my mother took Matt and Eric in hers.

The park had been completely cleaned up and re-setup for the graduation ceremony.  There were parents and relatives of all the students seated everywhere.  A graduating class of 479 people this year.  I approached the stage and was greeted by Kai.  Jordan was already seated in the front row and he waved at me.  I waved back, then turned my attention to Kai.

"Hey, boy."

"Hey, Kai.  Going crazy not being able to sit next to Jordan yet?"

"Hehe, a little bit.  That's okay, we'll have plenty of time together for the rest of our lives.  They let him sit in the front because of his crutches.. so now he'll know what to expect when he graduates next year.  And, Blade…you don't know what you missed out on.. that boy.. damn hehe."

I raised my eyebrows at him, "You guys did it?"

"Well... hehe, we provided oral favors for each other.  He tastes so good..."  Kai got a dreamy, lustful look on his face just thinking about it.

"You hornball, go take your seat.  The ceremony is starting."

I went over to my seat and sat down.  I glanced over to where Tyler should be sitting and sure enough that's where he was..with Marcus sitting next to him for some reason.  I don't think their last names are that close to each other.  I watched in pain as Marcus leaned over and started kissing Tyler passionately.. and he didn't push him away.  I turned my attention back to the stage with pain in my heart.  The principal went up on stage and introduced our guest speaker.  Some guy I never heard of.  He went on and on and on about this and that.  He just babbled about nothing important. I hope they don't pay him to do that.  The principal took the podium again.

"A student of ours would like to read a writing he has prepared.  At this time I will allow him to do so.  Blade, if you will come up please."  I nodded then stood up.  The class cheered as I walked out of my row and up the stage stairs.  I put a piece of paper on the podium then spoke.

"I wanted to recite this poem.  About a month ago I lost someone very close to me, a student here, that a lot of you knew.  Even though he was only here a short time, he touched every person's heart that he came in contact with.  This goes out to Joey, and someone else very special to me."

Look in the picture
At the one who's
Staring back here

Someone happy, and kind
Not knowing the faith the future holds
Something great, something so grand

But now looks full of nothing
What a shame
Now six feet beneath the ground
Underneath today

That smile is gone now, and I'm full of an emptiness
That used to be filled by two special people who I loved beyond anything

Both so wonderful
Full of life
I miss you both greatly, and I want you back
But one is gone forever, and the other
Still holds my heart as broken as ever

It was wrong of me before to treat you both
As I did
Like dolls on strings
That I could make to do my bidding

But now only one of you is still here, and
I don't want to loose another some one so dear

Me and you had something great
But I hope I'm not realizing this too late
Yet I think it is
Because you're already in the arms of someone else

Since I ran into you
Your soul, your heart
Have all been apart
You've given me, and shown me so much
But I can't go
With out your yellow touch to carry me on

I know he's good for you
Yet it's hard for me to handle
When I see you leaving me too

It's good you're happy
And believe me when I say
I wish you both happiness

Since I ran into you
Your soul, your heart
Have all been apart
You've given me, and shown me so much
But I can't go
With out your yellow touch to carry me on

But when I was hurting so bad
You were always there to hold my hand
And comfort me to your best
But now you're leaving too, and your yellow touch is no longer here
To support me when I'm in tears

Since I ran into you
Your soul, your heart
Have all been apart of me
You've given me, and shown me so much
But I can't go on
With out your yellow touch to carry me away

Oh baby I miss you so much, and
I love you with all my heart
I just wanted to say sorry for what I've done
Really I never intended to cause the things I did

The thought of loosing another person
Is something I can't stand
Especially when its you
God you're special to me and it hurts so badly
To know you're leaving me

But I don't know how I'm going to get
Through this hurt with out you
Its gonna be so hard to survive
To keep going on
Without your magical yellow touch by my side

"I miss you Joey, I hope you are happy in heaven.  Tyler.. I love you.. and I wish you well."  Tears started to brim over my eyes as I walked back to my seat.  Most of the class cheered, some muttered faggot and so on under their breath.  I sat back down in my seat and pulled my cap down over my eyes.  The tears flowed, even up until they called my name.  I walked up on stage, shook hands with the principal and received my diploma.  I sat back down and waited for the rest of the class to get their diplomas as well.  Once they did, the principal said a few final words, then our valedictorian went up to the podium.  Tanya began to speak.

"Well, we all made it.  479 graduates this year, I'd say that's something to be proud of.  12 years of schooling are over now.  Our lives as adults now begins.  No matter where everyone goes off to, we'll always have one thing in common.  We are all graduates from Arrowhead High.  This place has been a second home to me and all of you.  There have been good times and bad times, but overall it has all paid off in the end.  So, in the words of generations before us, congratulations class of 2002, we did it!"  Tanya threw her cap into the air and everyone else followed her lead.  A roar of cheering and screaming overtook the crowd.  The joy of being free from school was overwhelming to everyone.  People cried tears of happiness, tears of sadness.. all kinds of tears.  My tears were a mix.  I was happy to be moving on, but sad because of the events of the year.

I lost a best friend, came out, had a great boyfriend and lost him in a different way.  Fights, conspiracies and everything imaginable has hit me one way or another.  I looked over to Tyler who was in a lip lock with Marcus in the middle of a sea of students.  I watched him smile as he kissed him, causing a shot to go through my heart.  I moved away from the crowd and took out my cell phone.  I couldn't get a signal right away, so I decided to look at my diploma for a moment.  I unwrapped it and opened it up.  A note fell out of the inside.

"You think you're better, you think you're bigger, bang bang bang, none of that will matter when I pull the trigger.  If only it really was Sean that was sending you these letters, then you'd be safe.. don't go to far, Blade.  This game isn't quite over."

A wave of fear swept over me as I read the letter.  Someone is truly out to get me…kill me even.  I walked back towards the mass of people and by Tyler.  I heard Marcus tell him he loves him, and then I heard Tyler say the words I dreaded…I love you too.  I snapped and walked over to them.  "I guess you made your choice right Tyler?"

"Yeah, he did."  Marcus said smugly.

"Fuck you, Marcus.  Why an asshole like you deserves him I don't know.  Good luck, Tyler.  Have a nice life."  I walked away quickly and stood at the side of the stage.  I dialed a number and waited for an answer.



"Yeah.  Blade?"

"Yeah.  Can I ask you a favor?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"A place to stay.  I'm coming to NY."

"Whoa! Yeah, sure.  We have a few guest rooms, my mother won't care."

"Thanks, bud.  I'm calling the airline now for a ticket.  I'll call you back."

"Okay, look forward to it.  Bye."

I hung up the phone and called an airline server.  I made the arrangements with the clerk who was on the phone and got a ticket to NY.  Someone tapped me on the shoulder, and I spun around to see Tyler.


"I don't want to hear it Tyler.  You made your choice."

"You don't understand, Blade..."

"I understand perfectly.  Everything that's happened this week, the kissing, the getting closer.. it was all just a fucking game.. let's play with Blade's heart, give him hope.  I'm done, Tyler.  I can't take this pain anymore."  Tears fell from my eyes as I choked up.  Tyler looked at the ground, sniffling himself.  "I hope he makes you happy.. I hope he is everything I can't be.  I love you, Tyler."

"I love you too.."

"Then why aren't you with me?!?!"

"I can't hurt him like that, Blade."

"But you can hurt me like this?  Tyler, I'm leaving Monday morning."


"I'm going back to NY... for good."

"N-no.. why?  You can't leave.."

"I am.  Give me a reason to say, Tyler.  You have until Monday at 9 am."  I turned away from him and left.  A day of fun and happiness is what graduation is supposed to be.  Just another day of sadness and heartbreak for me.

I spent the rest of the day packing.  I packed all of my clothes and personal items that I would be able to take with me.  The rest of the stuff will have to be shipped out.  My mother cried when I told her that I'm leaving... but she said she understands.. that I need time away and I have a responsibility to take care of.  Now I have to tell Eric.  I knocked on his door, but there was no answer.  I listened closely and could hear the bed squeaking.  I rolled my eyes and went back to my room.  They are nymphos I swear.  I called up Mark and let him know my flight information.  After I hung up with him I laid down on my bed to rest.  Tyler was all that was on my mind.  Not a psycho stalking me, not anything.. just Tyler.  How can someone I love so much, hurt me so bad?  I fell asleep and slept right through the rest of the day.

On Sunday, Kai and Jordan came over.  I prepared myself to be given a talking to about running away.  They don't understand though...

"Blade, come on.. we're still here!  We love you too ya know.  I don't want to lose my best friend."  Kai pleaded.

"I'll always be your best friend, Kai.  Just from afar..."

"This sucks, Blade.  So what, Tyler and Marcus are together.  How long do you honestly think that's going to last?  This isn't f-fair."  Kai started crying as he tried to speak.  "Don't leave, Blade.  I-I need you here.  Jordan needs you here.. everyone needs you here."

"I-I can't deal with this anymore.  I can't keep having my heartbreak everyday over him.  I need to get out of here…get him out of my head."

"What about Eric, Blade?"  Jordan spoke up.  "What about him?  That kid loves you so much.  You are going to break your promise to him, that you'd never leave him over a guy."

"Jordan, you don't understand.."

"What don't I understand, Blade?!?! Tell me so I will!!"

I stormed over to my dresser and pulled out Joey's will.  I handed it to him and let him and Kai read it.  I watched their expressions change from anger to shock.  "That's what you don't understand.  No one understands.  I have to do this for him and me."  I neglected to tell them about the threats on me.. no need to worry them about that.

Jordan got glassy eyed and limped over to me on his crutches.  "Please don't forget me."  He leaned in and kissed me softly on the lips.  "Call me when you get there okay?"  I nodded at him, not being able to speak at the moment.  I looked at Kai, who's eyes were all red and he was crying hard.  He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.  He cried on my shoulder for a good 5 minutes before he pulled back and looked me in the eye.

"Don't you dare think about cutting contact with me.  I will hunt your ass down and bring you back here kicking and screaming if needed.  I love you, Blade.  I've never had a friend like you.. I'm going to miss that."  He too leaned in and kissed me tenderly on the lips.  He started to turn around then stopped.  He reached down and unbuckled his pants.  I looked at him in confusion.  He unzipped them then let them slide down to his knees.  He lifted his shirt up a little bit, then pushed down his boxers.  I realized what he was doing.  "Now you know.. I do have the balls.. and the dick too."  He grinned through his tears.  I just smiled and stared.. who wouldn't?  My first time seeing Kai naked.. yowza!  He pulled his pants back up, then walked over to Jordan and kissed him.  "Don't worry baby, you get to do whatever you want with my stuff.. he only gets to look.. unless.."

"Kai.. no three way hehe."  Jordan giggled.  Kai fained disappointment.  There was a knock at my door and Eric walked in.  Kai and Jordan said their final goodbye to me.. we all started crying again.  I didn't tell anyone what I told Tyler.. that if he gave me a reason.. I'd stay.  It will just add to their disappointment because he isn't going to show.

Eric came over and sat next to me on the bed.  His eyes were puffy and his face was tear streaked.  He looked at me, his face sad, but angry.  "You promised, Blade."

"I know, Eric.."

"You fucking promised!!!"  He screamed out.  "How can you do this to me?!?  You are the only person who understands me.  You make me feel special.  Who am I going to turn to when I have a problem?  I love you god damnit!"  He burst into tears.  I tried to comfort him, but he would have none of it.

"Eric, please calm down.."

"I won't calm down!  Now Matt is all I have left.  What if something happens and we break up?  Then I'm going to be all alone.  You won't be here to pick up the pieces.  Please don't go!! I'll do anything!  You want sex, I'll give you sex.  You want money, I'll give you money.. anything.. none of it fucking matters..."

"I want Tyler.. that's it.  You can't give me that."

I pulled him into me as he cried.  He freed his arms and started hitting my chest, "I hate you, I hate you."  I cried along with him, until we both cried ourselves to sleep.  I awoke sometime during the night.  Eric was still sound asleep, his head laying on my chest.  I kissed him on the forehead and told him I loved him, then got out of bed.  I pulled on my boots and put on a jacket.  I went down the stairs and out to my car.  I drove up to the cemetery one last time.

I got out and walked up to Joey's grave.  I sat next to it and cried.  I cried for Joey, for myself, for Eric, for Kai, for Jordan, for my mother.. for Tyler.  I let out all that had been building up in me.  I brought my fingers to my lips and then pressed them to the headstone.  "I won't let you down, Joey. I love you.. goodbye."  I stood up and drove home.

I put all the suitcases I had packed into my car.  My mother helped me load it up.  She hugged me and gave me a kiss.  "Call me as soon as you land, okay?"

"I will.  Tell Eric I love him.. and I'll miss him, even if he does hate me."

"He loves you, Blade.  You're like his hero... he looks up to you.  I wish he would come out and say goodbye."

"He won't.. he's going to be angry with me for awhile."  I looked at my watch. "Where is Kai?"

As soon as the words escaped my mouth, Kai pulled up.  He parked his car then came up and hugged me.  "Ready?"  I nodded.  I gave my mother one more hug and told her I loved her then got in my car with Kai and headed to the airport.

We rode in silence.  Both of us lost in thought.  I guess neither of knowing what to say.  We got there in about 30 minutes.  Before we got out to unload the luggage I stopped Kai.  "I want you to have this."  I pulled out a silver ring.  "My dad bought this for me the year he died.  I don't wear it much because it reminds me of sad times.  It means a lot to me though, and I want you to have it."

His eyes watered, "Thank you, Blade.  God, I'm going to miss you."  He hugged me tight, then we unloaded the luggage.  After I had everything taken care of, I said goodbye to Kai, and watched as he walked back out to my car to take it back to my house.

I sat in the airport terminal for an hour, checking my watch every 5 minutes.  I started to cry when there was about ten minutes until boarding time.  It finally started to sink in that Tyler wasn't coming.  An old woman asked me what was wrong, but I shooed her off, not wanting to be bothered.

'Last call for flight 246 to NY.'  Came over the loud speaker.  I slowly stood up, trying to wipe the tears from my eyes.  I took out Joey's letter and read it one more time..


Hey boy!  Well, if you're reading this then something has happened to me.  I just want you to know that you meant the world to me, and I'm glad that we found each other again.  You put the light back in my life, through your love and friendship.  I'm sorry that we didn't make it as a couple.  Those days, the moments, everything we shared will always be some of the happiest events in my life to me.  Hopefully you're old and gray now, and I've lived my life through.  If not.. well, then there's some things I need to ask you to take care of for me.  I need you to look after Nikki for me.. if she's still alive at this point.  She's sick, Blade.  I know I should have told you before, but it was her request for it to be kept private.  She's in the advanced stages of Hodgkins disease.  She appears normal, but in reality she's really dying inside.  All I ask is that you make sure she's okay.. until the inevitable happens.  Her family has been very supportive of her and if she decides her modeling is starting to get too strenuous then someone's going to need to step up and be there for her.  See that she gets to her family and that she's comfortable.

There's also another thing.. something very important.  I don't know how to ask you this, but if Nikki passes then you are the only one I can turn to.  Almost four years ago, I did something very irresponsible.  Blade, I'm sorry for asking all of this from you.  Nikki and I messed up and she got pregnant.  I was only 13, Blade.  I got scared.. we both did.  Our parents agreed that putting our child in foster care would be the best thing.  It was so hard to let him go.. but we couldn't take care of him.  He is still not in a permanent home.  His name is Cameron Sebastian.  I guess what I'm asking you to do is to get him out of foster care and be his father.  The foster care agency is in NY, that's where he is.  Take care of him, raise him for me.  I know you'll be a great dad.. and so will whoever you end up with.  That's my final request.. please do this in my name.  I love you, Blade Stevens.. as a friend, as a brother and as a lover.  Forever in my heart.


I boarded the plane solemnly, glancing back one last time.. no Tyler.  I took my seat and immediately put on my headphones.  The door was shut and we were ready for take off.  I cried and cried, wondering if I'll ever find the happiness I'm looking for.  Tyler wasn't the one afterall.

As the plane took off, little did I know that someone had just ran into the airport.  A blonde haired boy, with a frantic, urgent look on his face.  Tyler looked all over the terminal, until he looked up at the flight information.  Next to flight 246 to NY was two flashing words.. Taking Off.  Tyler ran to the window and dropped to his knees, crying and in defeat.  He brought his hand to the glass and whispered, "I love you, Blade... I have your reason.. but it's too late."   Tyler cried as he stood up.  He walked back out to his mothers car and got in.  His mother hugged him tight.  The only sound beyond the crying was that of the radio...

"This one goes out to Blade from Tyler.  He says he loves you, please forgive him."

You're with me
Til the bitter end
What we have transcends
This experience
Too painful to
Talk about
So I'll hold it in
Til my heart can mend
And be brave enough to love again

A place in time
Still belongs to us
Stays preserved in my mind
In the memories there is solace

Never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
Cause I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
Though we can never be
I'll keep you close to me
When I remember

Glittering lights
Incandescent eyes
Still preserved
In my mind
In the memories I'll find solace

Never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
And I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
Though we can never be
I'll keep you close to me
And I'll remember

A place in time
Still belongs to us
Stays preserved in my mind
In the memories there is solace

Never too far away
I won't let time erase
One bit of yesterday
Cause I have learned that
Nobody can take your place
And though we can never be
I'll always think of you and me
Always remember


You're never too far

Blade pulled off his headphones, and shut them off.  Never Too Far... I guess we'll see.


Well, that's it guys.  The end of Never Too Far Away...... Book One.   Hehe, a sequel is in the works, so don't go hunting me down just yet.  There's still questions to answer that will cross over into Book Two, so don't go anywhere yet.  I want to thank everyone for sticking with the story, even though I seem to be evil and torture you with my cliff hangers hehe.  Thanks to Chris for editing all the time, love ya bro.  To the "Posse", y'all are my boys, thanks for always being there.  Baby, I love you more than anything, you light up my life =)  Everyone check out LODDON, and Book Two will come sooner than later.  Take care everyone, let me hear your thoughts on this chapter and story as a whole.
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