Never Too Far Away

Written By: Jaden

Edited By:  Greg

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully someone will enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission. Thanks.  This is my first story so try not to crucify me to bad. Copyright Jaden 2002



It's Over Now

"Mr. Stevens!  Mr. Kimbal!  I would be obliged, if you two would at least attempt to pay attention in this class!  I don't care about any hockey game that is going on tonight.  This is English and that is what will be learned.  Now, if I have to halt my teachings one more time, I will split the two of you up.  Is that clear?"

"Crystal!"  Kai and myself replied in unison.  I guess Mr. Shatan has finally grown a set and decided to tell us to shut our mouths during class.  Oh well, that'll last for about 15 minutes.  We were studying poetry, what fun.  I've never been able to write it and I don't plan on it anytime soon.  Of course the school feels it's something we just need to know.  I swear, whoever picks out the curriculum needs their head examined.  If I can't talk, I might as well day dream.  The big game is tonight and everyone's going to be there.  I'm nervous, but excited at the same time.  I can't wait to get out on the ice and show everyone what we can do.  Then, if those jitters aren't enough, I have my first official date with a guy after the game.  Jordan came as kind of a surprise to me.  I didn't even take a second look at him, when I met him at the concert try outs.  I think that was because my mind was so focused on avoiding Kai and Tyler, that I didn't pay much attention to anything else.  He has a beauty that not many can match, inside and out, but I'm not sure if I should really be dating him right now.  I'm just really confused.  More like the whole problem is Tyler.  No matter how much I tell myself he's unavailable, I can't just let it lie.  I just feel so alive when I'm around him.  This morning was just so intense... a real soul bearing conversation if there ever was one.  I guess I have to figure things out before I end up doing anything.  There's consequences no matter what happens.  That's for later though and I will have a good time with Jordan tonight, no matter what.  He deserves it, and it can't hurt for me to get out and have some fun, without worrying about every little thing either.

The bell rang and Kai and I headed off to our next class.  We pretty much talked until the math teacher threatened to throw us out as well.  That trend pretty much went on all morning, and the teachers never actually threw us out or split us up.  Kai had to stop at his locker before lunch, so I decided to go with him.  "

"I just have to grab my sketchbook for art, next period."

"It's no problem, I'm not in any hurry."  We got to his locker and he rummaged through it for a few minutes, before he found what he was looking for.  When he pulled it out, a piece of paper flew out and landed on the floor.  He looked at it strangely, then picked it up.  It was a note, written in red ink.  "What's that, Kai?"

"I don't know, I've never seen it before.  It says: I'll see you at the game, KK."  He smiled when he read that.  "Tyler must've stuck it in my locker and somehow it got stuck in my sketchbook when I threw it in here yesterday."

"Isn't Tyler going to be at lunch with us?"

"Yeah... I guess, now that I think about it, it doesn't really make sense why he would write a note saying he'll see me at the game.  Oh well, Tyler gets weird like that sometimes.  It's cute though."

"Yeah, cute.  Excuse me while I lose my breakfast."

He playfully shoved me.  "At least, you'll have more room for lunch!"  I couldn't help, but laugh at him.  I'm so glad things between us have started to get back to normal.  Kai, closed his locker and we started off to the cafeteria.  On the way, we saw Eric standing with Matt, over by his locker....with Carla and Anna talking to them.  It looked like they were flirting with them and judging by the bright red color on my bro's face, I'd say it was working.  That's something you don't see everyday-- a couple of senior girls, chatting up a couple of sophomores.  Kai and I started to turn back, to be on our way to lunch, when we heard something slam against a locker.  I spun around and saw some guy holding Eric by the shirt, up against his locker.  Sigh-- things just never get dull around here.  I made my way over as quickly as possible, with Kai one step behind me.  I grabbed a hold of the guy's right arm and I guess Kai was looking for some action as well, as he got a hold of the guy's left arm and we threw him up against the locker, beside Eric's.  We caught him off guard, as he screamed out.  "WHAT THE FUCK!"  When he saw who had a hold of him he shut up, quickly.  Kai started in on him.

"You kiss your mother with that mouth?  What's your problem?"

Nodding his head at Eric, "That little bitch, was trying to put the moves on my girl."

"From what I saw, Carla was the one flirting with Eric, not the other way around."  So this guy was Carla's boyfriend.  I decided to throw my two cents worth in.

"What's your name kid?"


"Vinny, do you value your legs?"

He looked at me with a puzzled look.  "What?  Of course I do."

"Well, I suggest you keep your hands off of my brother, or else you won't be using them much.  Keep your bitch in check and you won't have a problem."  He looked like he was ready to piss his pants.  Kai must've noticed this too.

"Don't think that we don't have people who can keep an eye on you.  You make a move to hurt Eric, or his friend here and you might as well disappear, because you don't want to know what will happen to you.  Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?"  It took all I had not to bust out laughing at him.  Even when he tries to be serious, he has to act like a clown.  It seemed to work though.  We let Vinny down and he started to walk away.  Carla, who stood there watching the whole thing silently  with Anna, called out to him, but he just waved her off.  She turned and looked at Eric, who was rubbing his shoulder from where that jerk grabbed him.  Anna told Carla they should get to lunch and they started off, but I stopped them.

"Carla, stay away from my brother.  Sink your claws into someone else."

"Fuck you, Blade.  Mr. All High And Mighty.  You may be popular, but you aren't invincible.  I'll talk to who I want, when I want, and you can't stop me."

I gave her a challenging look.  "You've been warned.  I don't know what your problem is, but you need to get over it.  Anna, I suggest you find a new friend because this girl isn't going to do anything, but get you mixed up in trouble."  She just gave me a shy look as usual.  She's not much of a talker.  Carla on the other hand, doesn't know when to shut her mouth.

"Don't tell her who to be friends with.  Just because I don't fall at your feet like everyone else around here, doesn't mean I can't hang out with your friends or your brother, for that matter.  You're nothing, to me.  If the rest of these people would open their eyes, they would realize that's all you are... nothing."

"Well, obviously I'm something enough to get under your skin, now aren't I?  Stay away Carla."  With that I motioned for Kai, Eric and Matt to follow me.  Kai and I escorted them to their next class and explained to their teacher what happened, so they wouldn't get into trouble.  Eric looked at us and thanked us, then went inside and took his seat.  Matt did the same and then we finally set off to lunch.

Tyler, Scott, Tanya, Drew, and Andy were sitting at our table, eating and talking away.  They barely blinked when we arrived.  I don't know what kind of contest they were having, but they were scarfing down food like there was no tomorrow.  I just looked at Tyler and he shrugged.  "They said they want to have a lot of energy for tonight."

"You guys keep eating like that and your energy is going to end up all over the ice tonight."  Scott stopped shoveling, what I think was pudding, into his mouth.  He gave me a sly grin.

"You want in on this?"

"Of course!"  Kai and Tyler had to jump in on this as well and soon enough we were neck and neck, in a pudding eating contest.  It was kind of gross, but hey it was fun!  We continued this until Kai finished first and declared himself the winner.

"Hahahaha....I am the best!"

We heard a voice come from the end of the table.  "Impressive.  I especially like the pudding mustaches.  Very attractive guys."  There was Jordan, snickering at us.  "This something you guys do all the time?"  I looked at him and smiled.  He gave me a warm smile back.

"No, it's apparently a game day ritual.  Our resident genius, Scott here, came up with this great idea.  Ok guys, I think that's good enough... we really don't need to be sick tonight.  I know I want to be in perfect health... I plan on having a good time tonight."  Of course, none of the guys knew that I wasn't only talking about the game, except for Tyler and Jordan.  Jordan had a twinkle in his eyes...almost like they were glowing.  "Care to take a seat Jordan?"  I patted the chair beside me, and he sat down.

We were directly across from Kai and Tyler, which made me think...  maybe this is how it's supposed to be.  Maybe, Kai and Tyler are meant to be together...I don't know, I'm so torn right now.  I noticed the tension between Tyler and Jordan was getting a bit heavy.  They wouldn't even look at each other.  I know they don't hate each other, they just see each other as the competition.  Ugh, first I think I'll never find a boyfriend and now I have two hot guys chasing after me.  I turned my head towards Jordan and he quickly looked away.  I wonder if Ty was right and he really does make googily eyes, when I'm around.  He was looking especially cute today, in his cargo pants and hoodie.  It was pretty breezy out, so everyone got that rare chance to wear some warmer clothes.  Tyler was looking great as well, in his tight fitting, ribbed black shirt and jeans.  Now that I look around, the whole crew is looking mighty fine today.  Geez, what is in the water up here any ways?

"So Blade, what did you do to piss off Carla?"  Tyler must've seen something I didn't.  I inconspicuously glanced over my shoulder, to a far off table, and could see Carla giving me her look of death.  Bitch.

"She has some problem with me.  Me and Kai had to scare off her boyfriend a little while ago because he was messing with Eric.  Either she's permanently PMSing or she's just a plain old bitch.  She isn't worth my time anyway."  With that, the bell rang and we all said our good byes and headed to class.  Art class was pretty uneventful, except somehow Kai and I ended up in a clay war.....don't ask.  After that I went to gym class.  Tyler was sitting on the bench in only his boxers.  What a sight to walk in on.

"I see we aren't Mr. Modest anymore."

He blushed.  "Well, I was really nervous when we had to shower together.  I thought you were like, totally straight and would beat my ass if something decided to pop up."

"Hahaha....but what a sight it would've been.  A guy can dream, can't he?"

"Yeah, but reality is much better sometimes."

"Why Tyler... do I detect a flirtatious innuendo there?"

"Maybe.  So, um, about tonight...."

"Ty, I really don't want to fight about this anymore...."

"I'm not going to fight with you.  I just wanted to know if you were going to be able to say hi to us after the game, before you and Jordan run off."

"Sure, if you want to wait for me to shower and everything."

"Ok.  I just want to talk to you after the game."

"Sure, just wait for me at the top of the stairs.  You'll see me when I get out.  Well, we're last again, lets get down to the gym.....Oh, and Tyler?"


"Thanks for being cool about tonight.   It means a lot."

"Welcome...just remember what I said this morning, ok?"

"I'll never forget."  We finally joined the rest of the class in a game of floor hockey.  Leave it to Coach to get some form of practice in for his players.  It was fun though.  Tyler actually scored a goal and he was beaming for the rest of the class.  It ended all too quickly.  We went back into the locker room and changed back into our clothes.  There was still some time before the bell rang, so I'm guessing Coach ended class early, so he could prepare for the game.  I sat on the bench next to Tyler, where he was rummaging around through his backpack.

"Blade, um, I want you to have this."  He pulled out a silver necklace from his backpack.  It had a small, what looked like, a sharp tooth on it.  "It's my shark tooth necklace.  It's really important to me and I want you to have it.  My sister gave it to me when I was 13, before she passed away.  She found it on the beach one day and she put it on a necklace.  She would wear it all the time, no matter what.  She was 17 when she gave it to me.  I don't know how she knew to give it to me then, but she died not too long after that.  She was in a car accident... a drunk driver swerved into her lane and hit her head on.  The medics said she died on impact.  That's why I don't drive.."  He looked really sad, talking about his sister.  Hearing him tell me about his sister, made me realize that I know nothing about Tyler's family or home life.  I really have to get to know him better.

"She was so full of life--just a great person in general.  Her name was Emily and I looked up to her so much.  She was there for me, no matter what.  When I told her I thought I might be gay, she was there to comfort me while I cried my eyes out.  I don't know what I would've done without her...and because of some asshole her life got cut short.  Because he just had to have that drink and get in his car.  That bastard lived too.  He's in jail now, on manslaughter charges.  She always dreamed that I would find someone, who would love me, more than anything.  I met Kai, shortly before she died, but as you know, we were just friends then.  She liked him, said he was good for me.  She would've loved you... I just know it.  Every time I would feel sad, I would just hold on to my necklace and I knew she was somewhere, watching out for me."

"I don't know what to say.  Don't you think you should hold on to this?  I mean, I can tell it means a lot to you."

"It does....but I want you to have it.  It's supposed to protect the person that wears it-- that's why my sister gave it to me.  She didn't want anything bad to ever happen to me and I'm giving it to you because I don't want anything, to ever happen to you.  I used to feel like, when she gave the necklace to me, she gave away her protection.... like if I hadn't accepted it she would've been all right.  But I think she just felt something was going to happen.. she was very spiritual... so she passed it along to me.  So, now I want to pass it to you.  You mean so much too me, Blade.  Every time you feel down, then all you have to do is remember the necklace and you'll know that I'm always going to be here."

Wow.  I had no idea that Tyler had been through something as terrible as that.  "Tyler, thank you so much.  This means so much too me.  I'll never take it off.  Could you put it on me, please?  I have trouble clipping necklaces."

"Sure."  He didn't go around behind me like I thought he would to clip it, but instead, put his arms around my neck and fastened it.  I looked him in the eye and could see the pride and love in them.  He tucked it inside my jersey and then brought his hand down over, where the shark tooth hung, right over my heart.  "My sister, will always be in my heart, and now I will always be in yours."  I beamed at him and pulled him into a tight hug.  We got a couple looks from people, but who cares.

"You'll have to tell me more about your sister sometime.  About your whole family.  I want to know all about you."  The bell rang, breaking up our moment.  "I'll see you tonight.  Thank you."  I gave his hand a gentle squeeze, then headed off to finish the day.  It was pretty uneventful.  I walked with Kai to his locker after the final bell and told him I'd see him tonight.  I knew he and Tyler were going to help setup up the stage for tomorrow's concert.  Eric met up with me at the door and we walked out to my car.  There was a piece of paper on the windshield.  I picked it up and read it:   Be Careful What You Wish For B, You Just Might Get It.  It was written in red ink... just like the note in Kai's locker.  There's no way it was Tyler.  This is just great.  Who could've put this here?  It couldn't have been Sean, since he's probably been in class all day at Bellflower, although I can't completely rule it out.  He said something like that yesterday though-- about revenge.  He must have someone in this school acting as a delivery person.

"What's that, Blade?"

"Nothing, Eric.  Some one's idea of a game."  I handed it to him and he read it.  He looked up at me with worry on his face.

"Are you sure this isn't something serious?"

"You don't have to worry about it bro.  It's my problem."

"Blade, you're my brother and I love you.  I don't want anything to happen to you."

"Thanks buddy, I luv ya too.  Nothing's going to happen to me."  I think I was trying to assure myself, as much as I was trying to assure him.  "Come on, lets go home."  We arrived home and to our surprise, Mom was home.

"Hey guys.  How was school?"

"Eventful."  I'm a great conversationalist, when it comes to school.

"I'll say.  Blade and his friend Kai, threw this bully up against a locker, and almost made him piss himself, because he pushed me against my locker, because he thought I was gonna steal his girl, but I really wasn't...."  Mom and I just laughed at him.  She had an amused look on her face.

"Breathe, honey.  You don't have to get it all out in one sentence."

"Yeah, well he ran off and I didn't get anymore trouble from him.  Then Blade started in on Carla, the girl that was flirting with me.  She's a senior, by the way.  That was funny too.  I thought they were going to have a fist fight!  Oh, and Blade got a threatening note on his car today."  God bless 'em.  The kid could tell an entire days worth of events, in a few sentences.  I wish he would've left out that last part, though.

"Threatening letter?  And isn't this your second fight since you've started school here?  I don't want you fighting, Blade.  I know you can handle yourself, but don't make it a habit."

"I don't make it a habit.  People make it a habit of starting stuff with me.  I'm not going to lye down and take it.  Besides, today wasn't a fight, Kai and I just made sure that guy wouldn't mess with Eric anymore.  As far as the letter, I think I have an idea of who sent....."  It just dawned on me--Sean isn't the only one who has made a threat to me.  Hearing Eric's recap, I realized that Carla had said something to the effect of you're're not invincible.  It could be her.

"What's wrong, Blade?"  Not now, mother.  It's not the time to get nosey about my personal life.

"Nothing.  Just thinking.  Anyway, why are you home so early?"

"Oh, I got off work early, so I could have dinner ready.  I want you and Eric to sit down and eat a real dinner for once.  Especially you.  I rarely see you eat anything these days.  I know you have your game tonight and I'm assuming Eric wants to go.  I will try to be there before it ends, but Gary and I are going to start AA meetings tonight."  Yeah right, I've heard that before.  "So do you think you could bring Eric with you to the game?"

"But Mom, I was gonna go with Matt."

"I don't know Matt, and I trust your brother to get you there and back safely, if I can't."

"I can't take him.  I have to be at the rink by 5:30, so that means he would have to sit in there for an hour and a half, before the game starts.  Plus, I'm not coming home after the game...I uh, have plans.  Not that I don't want to have Eric with me, but it's not really a group thing.  Besides, I've met Matt and he's a good kid.  I'm sure he's responsible enough for Eric to go with."

"I don't know...."

"If it's that much of a problem, then I'll call Kai and have him follow them to the rink.  You are making a big deal out of nothing.  He'll be fine."

"Well, all right, but I want you home right after the game, got it kiddo?"

Eric smiled, "Yup, not a problem.  You think maybe Matt could stay over... or I could stay at his place?"

"Don't push it.  He can stay here, if it's too late for him to be driving.  I don't want you staying anywhere else though.  So Blade, these "plans" you have...they wouldn't happen to be a date, would they?"  I knew she was going to go there.


"That's what I thought.  So when do I get to meet the lucky lady?"  How about never?  Considering it's not a girl, I'm going out with.

"Mom... do not make a big deal out of this.  It's one date... I'm not going to bring anyone home, to meet anybody."

"Well, I'm just saying, you haven't brought a girl home to meet me, since Kristy..."

"Let's not touch that subject."

"Fine, you're a very touchy young man, you know that?"

"Very touchy subject, mother..."

"Ok, lets not fight.  Let's eat."

Finally, we sat down and ate some nice home made lasagna, in peace.  No more talk about my personal life, or how Eric was going to get where.  Just a quiet, sit down dinner-- something I haven't done since I can remember.  It was short lived though, because before I knew it, it was time to start stretching out, so I would be loosened up for the game.  I made sure, my legs, back, and groin muscles were as limber as I could get them.  Nothing's worse than a muscle lock up during a game.  I relaxed for a few minutes, then got my equipment together and threw it in the trunk of my car.  I went back inside to grab a change of clothes, for after the game.  I was not going to wear, my jersey and wind pants on a date.  I picked out a white, silk shirt, a pair of black pants, and my leather coat.  I grabbed my cologne, deodorant, hair brush and gel as well.  Hey, I wasn't going to look like a slob, on my first date with a guy, even if I do have to primp in the locker room!  I put all my stuff in a bag, then headed out the door.  My mom and Eric wished me good luck and I was off.

I arrived at the rink on time, for once.  We basically just went over our game plan before the game.  Coach told us the lines that we were on and so forth.  Scott, Mike, and myself are the starting forwards, while Drew and Andy, are the starting defense.  We went over all of our systems, to make sure everyone was clear on their job out there on the ice.  After that was done, we all started to get suited up, with the occasional horse play.  Everyone was hyper and ready to get out there and play.  As captain, I had the duty of giving a short pep talk before we went out for warm ups.

"All right, guys, this is it.  Our opening game.  We're going to go out there, in front of all of our peers and show them what we can do.  All the pre game jitters, all of you are feeling right now, need to be pushed aside.  Be confident, don't let anything tell you, that you can't do this.  We are a team.... and as a team, we're going to go out there and play the game we love.  No matter what the outcome, we will come back into this locker room knowing we played our best and I, nor anyone of you, should except anything less.  Now, let's go out there and send the Titans back to L.A.!  On three, Phantoms!"  We all huddled and put our hands in, "1..2...3.. PHANTOMS!!!"

We went through the door and out onto the ice.  There was a ton of people, I'd say a good few thousand, which is an unbelievably huge amount of people for a high school hockey game.  We looked good in warm ups and Tony was stopping just about everything.  We are ready for this.  No doubt in my mind.  The buzzer sounded, signaling it was time to line up for the opening face off.  L.A. had a pretty good sized team, so I wasn't about to take them lightly.
The ref dropped the puck and I won it back to Drew.  He floated a pass to Mike, who skated it to the blue line, and dumped it in to the offensive zone.  I gave chase and fought hard for the puck, along the boards.  Mike came in to help out, as they had two of their men in the corner with me.  The puck finally came free and Mike kicked it up to Andy, who took a blistering slap shot that their goalie knocked down in front.  The defensemen tried to clear the puck, but Scott stole it away.  He saw me, creeping around the back of the net and as I snuck out behind the defense, he passed it and I connected with a one timer.  The goalie never had a chance.  The horn went off and the crowd went wild.  Not a bad way to start the game.  We continued to dominate the play through out the period.  They had a hard time mounting any offense against us.  With about 2 minutes left in the first period, Ben picked off a pass and headed down towards their goalie, on a breakaway.  He made a nice move and faked out the goalie, but somehow, it hit the crossbar.  The Titans, picked up the loose puck and brought it back down to our end.  They took a succession of shots at the net, but Tony was in the zone, turning them away like nothing.  The buzzer sounded, and that was the end of the first period.  We went into the locker room, while the ice got resurfaced.  Coach, let us know how things were going.

"All right guys, nice work.  We've been dominating them, but it doesn't show on the score board.  We have to put the puck in the net and continue to play strong defensively.  Let's blow this game wide open this period.  Give those fans something to cheer about."  Everyone yelled in agreement.  I noticed Ben was not too enthusiastic about what the coach had said.

"Hey Ben, what's wrong?"

"I blew it, man.  I had the goalie beat and I couldn't finish it.  I fucked up."

"Dude, that was just bad luck.  It happens.  You're playing great, now cheer up.  I won't let something like that, get you down.  Come on buddy, you'll get one, I promise."  I went over to the Coach and talked to him about the lines.  "Let me have Ben on my line this period."

"I don't want to break your line up Blade.  You're flying out there."

"Then don't.  Move someone from the 2nd line up to my spot, and I'll play on that line this period.  Trust me coach, it'll work out."

"Fine...but I'm going to have Mike lead the second line, and have Ben move up to your line, and see what happens."

"Thanks Coach."  I went back over to Ben.  "You're on my line this period, buddy.  Now let's go show them how you score a goal."  He gave me a bright smile and we all headed back out to the bench.

My line was out for the opening face off again.  I won the face off, but got tied up by their center on the play.  The puck went to Ben, but he was hit hard by the Titan's left winger.  The puck was picked up by the defensemen following up on the play and that created an odd man rush.  They had a 3-2, and the defensemen faked a shot, that turned into a pass, to a man in the slot, who ended up one timing it into the net.  1-1 game now.  I could tell Ben felt defeated, his head was down, as we returned to the bench.  I tried to get him to pep up, but I wasn't getting much success.  About 10 minutes later into the period, Mike capitalized on a bad rebound in front of L.A.'s net and we were up 2-1.  My line went back out on the ice with about 4 minutes to go in the period.  Scot, gained control of the puck and we cycled it around in the offensive zone.  Our points (The Defensemen), got a couple of good shots, but the goalie made some tough saves.  The Titan's center brought the puck into the neutral zone and made a bad pass, trying to hit a man cutting into our zone.  I snatched up the puck and hit a streaking Ben, who went full speed into their zone, on his second breakaway.  This time he didn't miss.  He soundly made the goalie look bad and buried the puck in the net.  The crowd went nuts and we all congratulated Ben.  We were on the bench for the last couple of minutes of the period, so I took that opportunity to scan the crowd for familiar faces.  I spotted Kai and Tyler, sitting directly behind the bench, in the second tier seats.  They could easily see me and I could see them.  They waved and I waved back.  I couldn't find Jordan at all though.  He said he would be here, I just don't see him.  Too many people.  The buzzer sounded and I started to head back into the locker room, when I looked up to where Kai and Ty were sitting, one last time.  Carla had approached Kai.... and when Tyler turned around to talk to Tanya, she handed Kai something.  It looked like an envelope, of some sort.  What was that about?  With that I went back into the locker room.


"What's that, KK?"

"I'll find out now, Ty.  I haven't looked at it yet."

Carla had run up while I was talking to Tanya and handed something to Kai.  As quickly as she came over here, she was gone.  Whatever it was, Kai had just opened it.  It looked like an envelope of pictures or something like that.  I turned to ask Tanya something again and then I heard a smack.  Kai had dropped the envelope on the ground in front of his seat.  He looked shaken... like he had just seen a ghost.  He just put his head down and stared at the ground.

"Kai... what's wrong?"  He wouldn't reply  "Kai, please say something."  At this point I could see tears streaming down his face, as they dripped off onto the floor.  He brought his eyes to meet mine and the pain pierced right through me.

"Why?  Why did you have to do this?  I thought you loved me."  He just about went into full blown hysterics.  I tried to reach for him, but he shrugged me of,  then jumped out of his seat and over the guard rail, and ran out the exit.  I picked up the envelope, and looked inside.  Pictures...of me and Blade.... kissing in his car.  I panicked and looked up at Tanya.  She took the envelope from me and told me to go after him.  I quickly went off to try and catch Kai.


We came out flying in the third period.  Scott netted himself a goal and I added another one.  I wanted a hat trick, badly in this game.  We played hard, defensive hockey throughout the period.  Near the closing minute, we got the puck going into their zone.  We passed it around, playing keep away, but one of their forwards dove and knocked the puck out of the zone.  They rushed it up ice and set up in our zone.  The point took a hard slap shot, that got deflected in front and went over the head of Tony, and dropped into the net.  They were back within in two now, with a minute to go.  They pulled their goalie as soon as they got control of the puck.  The Titans got at least five good shots on goal, but somehow they didn't get in the net.  I put a hard hit on one of their defensemen and the puck squirted free.  I picked it up and skated down to the empty net, and put it in.  Hat Trick!  The fans threw hats all over the ice, celebrating not only my hat trick, but our victory.  The game was for all intensive purposes, over.  The puck was dropped one more time, then the buzzer sounded and the celebration began.  We all lined up and shook hands with the opposing team, letting them know they played a good game.  Ben practically jumped me, he was so excited.  I playfully pushed him off and hugged him.  He was a funny little guy.  We headed to the locker room with the fans still cheering.  It was a great moment.

It was like a wild party in the locker room.  Everyone was running around....some bare ass naked, I might add, goofing off, and giving high fives.  It was something else.  I slipped past most of the guys and into the shower.  I didn't want to keep Jordan waiting, so I decided to keep the partying down on my part.  I was all cleaned up and out of the shower, before any of the other guys got in.  A lot of them were still playing grab ass and snapping towels at each other.  I saw Ben creep up behind Scott as I was getting dressed.  He whipped the towel at him and you could hear the "smack", through out the room.  Scott turned around, with a shocked look on his face, then started to chase after Ben.  Gotta love these guys.  I buttoned up my shirt, then went to work on getting my hair semi decent.  I love the feel of silk... there's no better material, to be wearing.  Unfortunately for me, it's definitely a chore to get my hair as straight as I want it, with out a hair dryer, or straightener.  I just put some gel in my hands, and ran my fingers through it, giving it that semi wavy, wet look.  Think Kip Pardue, who plays Sunshine, in the movie Remember the Titans, just a bit longer.  I guess it's good enough.  I sprayed some cologne on and put my deodorant on as well.  Can never smell to good!  I tucked the necklace Tyler gave me, under my shirt.  I've only had it for a few hours, but just because it came from Tyler, and what it meant to him, it made me feel special.  I brought my equipment to the equipment manager's room, so it could air out.  I wouldn't need it until practice Monday, anyway.  I told the guys good bye and that I was proud to call them my teammates.  Scott walked over to me, before I left, naked as the day he was born.  Let me tell you, that can be just a little bit distracting.

"Where you running off to Blade?  Got a hot date?"


"Ohhhhh...someone's gonna get lucky tonight!  Well, if you get done early or things aren't going well, come stop by The Iguana Lounge.  It's right on the boardwalk and most of the team is going there to celebrate.  Maybe, you should bring your date, there's great dancing there."

"Maybe.  I kind of planned on just catching a movie, or getting something to eat.  Nothing big, but maybe I'll stop by later.  Maybe Kai and Tyler will want to go."

"Sounds good, buddy.  You were awesome out there."  He gave me daps, then started to pull me in for a hug, when I stopped him.

"Scott, as much as I like ya, I'd rather you have some clothes on if you want a hug.  You know, things could get a little awkward, with little Scott, rubbing against me."

He blushed a deep shade of red.  Then started laughing.  "You know you'd like it."  I just laughed and turned toward the door.  "By the way it's name isn't little Scott, it's Cujo.  Get it right."

"I don't even want to know, Scott.  Lata."

I finally got out of there and made my way to the stairway.  I looked up to the top as I climbed, but didn't see anyone.  No Tyler, no Kai, and no Jordan.  Did I get stood up?  When I got to the top, I scanned the lobby for any of them.  Everyone kept coming up to me and telling me I had a good game, so it was making it more difficult to keep my eye out for them.  After about 10 minutes, I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach.  You know, that feeling like you just got punched in the gut.  None of my friends could even stay after and wait for me.  Even worse, Jordan, no showed for our date.  Talk about soaring high, then hitting rock bottom.  I walked to the exit and was about to head out, when I heard someone call my name.  Actually, more than one someone.  I turned around and saw Eric, Matt....and Jordan approaching me.  I brightened up immediately when I saw that spiky head of his.  He had spikes sticking out everywhere, not one out of place.  He was wearing, a tight red shirt, that showed off his, body in all the right places.  He had on blue jeans, that accentuated his lower body.  His emerald green eyes, were sparkling.  What a sight.  He had a smile plastered on his face as well.

"Dude, were you trying to ditch me?"  I knew he was just messing with me, but considering I thought he had stood me up, I forced out a laugh.

"Nah, actually I thought you didn't show up."

"Oh, I was talking to your bro and Matt.  They ran into me on the way out of the rink.  That's why I wasn't waiting at the stairs."

"Wait....Eric, why are you still here?"

"We've been looking for Kai and Tyler, but they seem to have disappeared.  We were supposed to have them follow us home."

"No one knows where they are?  Tyler said he was going to stay and talk to me after the game, but he isn't here.  I saw them in the stands, I wonder where they went."  I tried not to sound disappointed, but I was really looking forward to seeing him and Kai, before I went out.  "Well, Jordan and I can follow you home, I guess."

"You don't have to, man, we'll be all right.  Besides you don't want to be late for your date."  Matt spoke up for the first time.  I'm surprised they haven't put two and two together, and figured out, who I was going on a date with.  Someone came running up behind us, and tapped me on the shoulder.  Tanya.

"What's up, Tanya?"

"A lot.  I think you need to talk to Kai and Tyler."

"What?  Why?  Where are they anyway?"

"It's a long story, but you really need to get a hold of them."

"I'll try when I get home, if it's not too late."

"Why can't you do it now?"

"I'm going out.  What's wrong Tanya?  I think you're not telling me something."

"I can't explain now.  Just get a hold of them as soon as possible."

"I will.  Say, do you think you could do me a big favor?  Follow Eric and Matt to my place, just to make sure they get there in one piece?"

"Yeah, I guess I can.  But, Blade, you have to take care of this thing with Ty and Kai."  She gave me a worried, determined look.

"I promise, I'll find out what's up and take care of it.  I have to go, but I'll talk to you later.  See ya, Eric, Matt.  Come on Jordan, let's get out of here."  We finally made it to my car, and we set out to the movie theater.  It was a pretty quiet ride, with neither of us saying much.  Definitely the awkward, first date, silence.  The movie theater was a multiplex, so there were plenty of movies to choose from.

"So, um, what do you want to see, Blade?"

"It doesn't matter.  Whatever you want."

"Well, I don't care..."

"Haha....listen to us--you'd think we've never talked before.  We have to relax or this night isn't going to go well."

"Yeah, definitely.  I'm not used to going out on dates.  I'm just really nervous."

"I'm nervous too.  This is my first date with a guy.  But I want to have fun, so let's try to act normal.  Well, let's see...there's John Q, Queen Of The Damned, Dragonfly....."

"How about John Q...that looks good."

"Great, I'll go get the tickets.  Be right back."  I paid for the tickets, and almost hit the roof.  $18 for two movie tickets?  Geez, and I thought they robbed people in New York!  I went and stood by the ticket taker, waiting for Jordan, who was in line buying popcorn and soda.  Both jumbo size, I might had.  Looks like he wants to share.  I handed the attendant the tickets and we went into the theater.  It was a really good movie.  No one can act like Denzel Washington.  He can bring any character to life.  It was really nice, to be out with Jordan.  It was a completely comfortable atmosphere, after we worked past the awkwardness.  I reached for some popcorn and apparently he had the same idea.  Our hands touched, then lingered for a moment, before we both pulled the popcorn out.  We glanced at each other and just smiled.  It was so cliché, yet so nice, it was almost funny.  We turned our attention back to the movie.  After a little while, I noticed Jordan start to fidget with his hands.  Like he was trying to work up the courage to do something.  I just shrugged it off, until I felt his hand hesitantly, cover mine.  I glanced at him, then gave him an approving smile and we locked fingers.  At that moment, I forgot all my troubles and enjoyed the feeling of being loved.  The movie finished and I started to get up to leave, but Jordan held on to my hand.  I sat back down, and just looked at him quizzically.  Once everyone had cleared out, he turned towards me.  He gazed into my eyes, causing me to get lost in his.  He slowly leaned forward until our lips met.  It was a sweet, tender kiss, that didn't last for more than 30 seconds, but it was nice none the less.  We broke apart and he smiled at me.  I returned the smile, but in the back of my mind something troubled me.  We finally made it out of the theater and back to the car.  I asked Jordan if he wanted to go to the Iguana Lounge, but he said he was tired and would rather go home, and get some rest.  So I drove off towards his place.  I kept thinking about the kiss, and what it meant.  It was great, no doubt about it, but something was missing.  There wasn't that spark like there was with Tyler, when our lips met.  Maybe, I'm just overanalyzing things.  I know I have feelings for Jordan, there's no denying that now.  He made me feel great tonight, but I don't know it they are the same type of feelings I have towards Tyler.  I pulled up to the front of Jordan's house and parked there.  I must've looked like I was deep in thought, because Jordan noticed.

"Is something wrong?  It was too fast wasn't it?  I'm sorry, I just couldn't help it...I wanted to kiss you so much."

"No, Jordan, don't apologize.  It was nice.  It's just that...I don't know.  It felt really good to be with you tonight, but then I have other emotions that just won't let me be happy with that."

"Oh."  He looked disappointed.  "It's Tyler, isn't it?"

I looked into his eyes...those beautiful eyes, and knew immediately, that he knew the answer to his own question.
"I do like you Jordan, a lot in fact.  It's just my heart won't let me move past Tyler, not yet.  I think maybe it's best that we just be friends right now.  It wouldn't be fair for me to not give us a hundred percent.  You deserve better than that."

"Yeah....uh friends..right.  What else would we be?... I-I have to go.  Thanks for the movie.  Goodnight."

"Jordan--"  It was too late though, he had already hopped out of the car and ran up the steps.  Without so much as a look back, he went inside.  Nice, Blade.  You sure know how to break someone's heart.  I went home, feeling really guilty.  I didn't want to hurt him...that's the last thing I wanted to do.  I just thought it would be better to come out and tell him, how I was feeling, instead of leading him on.

I went inside and sulked for a little while in front of the TV.  My eyes started to close, when the sound of the phone ringing, snapped me out of it.  I got up to answer it, but it stopped ringing, so I figured Eric had answered.  I was just about to sit back down, when it rang again.  I snatched up the receiver.  "Hello?"


"Tyler?  What's wrong?  Are you crying?"

*Sniff* "Something happened....Kai knows......"  What?

"Kai knows what?  Tyler, I'm coming over...."

"He knows about the ki....."  The doorbell went off.

I cut off Tyler, "Hold on, someone's at the door."  I set the phone down and walked over to the door.  I opened it, not expecting to see the sight before me.  There, standing there, with tear stains on his face, blood shot eyes and all was Kai.

"Kai, what's going on, Tyler's on the pho....."

"How could you do this to me?  I thought we were best friends!"

"What are you talking about?  Kai..."

"You took away my life!  You had to take the one thing that means everything to me!  Why?!? Damn it, why?!?"  He was screaming at me, the tears pouring from his eyes.

"Kai, please tell me what's going on!"

"What's going on?  What's going on?!?!  This is what's going on!!"  He pulled out a picture and threw it at me.  I looked at it and froze.  How? There was no one around, when Tyler and I kissed.  Was there?  "Well, it looks like you do know what's going on, after all."

"Where did you get this?"

"Does it matter?  I want to know why Blade...why him--why Tyler?!?  You know how much I love him, and it still doesn't matter to you!"  He almost broke down right there.  He started shaking violently.  I reached out to comfort him, but he knocked my hand away, roughly.  "Don't touch me.  I want an answer, and I want it now."  The steely voice he said that in, sent chills through me.

"I.... I love him..."

"You love love him?!?  Well he was mine Blade... mine!  I love him, more than life!  And you ruined it for me--for us!  I wish you never moved here!"

I reached out again to him, "Kai..please...I'm sorry... you don't mean that..."  The next thing I knew, his fist connected with my eye.  I staggered a bit, trying to figure out what just happened.

"Don't I?  Come on, you're the tough guy, hit me back!  Put me out of my misery!"

"I'm not going to hit you...."  Wham!  He caught me hard and good, right in the mouth.  I could taste the blood...where it was coming from, I wasn't sure.

"Hit me, God damn it!"

My vision blurred...not just from him hitting me, but from the blood streaming down from above my eye.  Against my better judgment, I got up and came face to face with him.  "Does this make you feel better?  Does it?  If this is going to take away your pain then do it...take me down.  I won't fight you Kai."  My voice was cracking, I could feel the tears rolling off my cheeks.  Not because of being hit, but because of the guilt I felt inside, and for the hurt I caused Kai.

He stopped for a moment and stared at my neck.  I didn't know what he was doing, until I looked down and realized exactly what he was looking at....the necklace.  It had come untucked from under my shirt.  He screamed out in frustration then reared back and caught me on the jaw again.  I went down in a heap.  I looked up at him...and thought I saw remorse on his face, but he turned around and stormed out the door.  Everything started to become jumbled, as I started to black out.  The last thing I heard was the sound of Tyler's voice calling out my name over the receiver....

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