Time Stood Still

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this.  So now the little spiel is over so hopefully you'll enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission. Thanks. Copyright Jaden 2002

Chapter 1
Moving On

"Don't wanna close the door
Don't wanna give up on it
Don't wanna fight no more
We'll find a way around it
Where's the love we had?....
We can make it last

Tell me what I gotta be,
Tell me what you wanna do,
'Cause I can't live my life
The way you want me to
You know I can't go on
Living like I do

Do I have to cry for you?...
Do I have to cry for you?...."

"That was great, Blade."  Tommy Simmons, a J Records executive let out his approval as I took the headphones off of my head.  I have been coming to this private studio in downtown Manhattan for the past month or so.  After hammering out all the technicalities and legalities, I was offered a developmental contract with the record label.   "That's a wrap for today, we'll give you a call tomorrow and let you know if you should come in to lay more vocals down."

"Okay, thanks Tommy.  Whatever needs to be done, we'll get it done.  With school coming up it's going to be harder to get the time in the studio."  I grabbed my leather jacket and started out of the recording booth.

"Oh, Blade, have you spoken to any of your friends from California lately?"  I stopped and turned toward him.

"I have spoken briefly to Kai.  Why?"

"Well, the higher ups here have been mulling over some ideas.  They have Kai and Jordan putting down vocals for a duet and they have asked me to run a similar idea by you."  I turned away from him and opened the door.


"Blade, just think about it okay?  We're not asking you to be friends with Tyler.  We are asking you to record one song together so we can put together a single to distribute.  It would have the song you two would do, and the one Kai and Jordan have been recording."

"I'm not doing it, Tommy.  You can drop me from the label if you want, but I will not be anywhere near Tyler Pierce."  He sighed, then gave up.

"Blade, you have talent.  If it's decided that the duet has to be done, there will be no arguing.  The partners here will drop you.  I don't want that to happen.. so just think about it.  This could be your big break.   Tyler is already generating a buzz in the music world, you could too."

"I'll see you at the promo signing on Saturday."  I walked out the door and downstairs.  I signed out with security then went outside onto the streets of Manhattan.

I've been back here for almost 3 months.  My life has never been more hectic.  I was hesitant to take this record deal, knowing how much of my time it would take up.  I've been staying with Mark and we've gotten really close.  We've spent many nights just talking about anything and everything.  He's so in love with Chris.. every time he talks about him his eyes get big and a smile breaks out across his face.  It used to hurt me to hear him talk about Chris.  It brought back so many bad memories, mostly about Tyler.  No matter how much I try, I can't forget him.  He's tried to call me numerous times, but I have ignored every call.  I hate him for what he did to me.

My contact with the rest of my friends from Anaheim has been minimal at best.  Kai has called me a few times, but our conversations are always short.  One of us always has something to do, somewhere to be.  It's sad really.. we've grown apart, even though we promised not to.  I haven't even spoken to Jordan.  I guess between high school starting up again, his obligations to the record company and the impending wedding bells, he hasn't had the time to call me.  One person I have been talking to besides my mother on a regular basis is Matt.  He takes time every few days to get a hold of me and let me know what's been going on there.  It probably seems strange considering we weren't that close while I lived there, but seeing as Eric hates me, it's the only way I can still keep an eye on him.

Eric hasn't spoken a word to me.  Not a letter, not a phone call, email, nothing.  I've called to speak to him so many times, but he refuses to talk.  I cry every night because my little brother hates me so much.. maybe, rightfully so.  I broke my promise to him; I hurt him so much for my own well being.

'Riiiiing.'  My thoughts were interrupted by my cell phone ringing as I walked to my destination.  I looked at the caller ID, but didn't recognize the number.  I hesitated to pick it up, since lately I've been getting some crazy girls calling me, and then the ever so wonderful call, breathe into the phone and hang up.  I hit the talk button and brought the phone to my ear.

"Blade's phone."

"Mr. Stevens?"

"Yes, this is him.  Who is calling?"

"Hello again, it's Sharon Dowling from the New York Adoption Agency offices."

"Oh!  I'm sorry I didn't recognize your voice.  What can I help you with?"

"Well, I know we've had our lawyers and agency representatives go over the will once again.  We have located Cameron."  My heart jumped up into my throat.

"D-does this mean..."

"You see, that's the problem.  He is living with a foster family.  He has only been there for a couple of weeks, but the family isn't going to back down quietly.  We contacted them and they were very hostile when we told them of the situation."

"So I have to fight them...."

"Well, they can bring this to court.  Their lawyers have contacted us and their main argument unsurprisingly has to do with your age."

"What are my chances at winning this?"

"You have a couple things in your favor.  First and foremost, the will.  The father's request has a lot of pull in a case like this.  Then, you did recently turn 18 correct?"

"Yes, a few days ago actually."

"That works in you favor as well.  You are now legally an adult.  Getting a judge to give custody of a child to another "child" would be a lot harder to do.  Now, what I suggest is you talk to Cameron's birth mother and get her consent.. which I know you said she already has given, but we need it in writing.  I am going to give you the foster family's number, but don't use it just yet.  I have set up a meeting between you and them, which I will be there for.  We want to try and settle this out of court if possible."  I was lost in thought as she spoke to me.  "Mr. Stevens?"

"Oh.. I'm sorry.  This is just a lot to take in.  When is this meeting?"

"Saturday at 3 o'clock."  Of course...

"I have a promotional session for my record company Saturday..."

"Mr. Stevens...Blade, how important is getting Cameron to you?"

"I understand.  I'll be there."

"Great.  I have faxed the information over to your current residence, and spoke to someone named Mark, who confirmed it all arrived safely.  I will see you on Saturday, Blade."

"Thanks, Ms. Dowling.  Buhbye."  I hung up the phone and leaned against a pillar outside of the building I was about to enter.  I took a  few deep breathes and composed myself.  I didn't know what I was getting into when I started pursuing Cameron Sebastian Marling.. Joey's son.  I have been given the run around so many times I've lost count.  Finally, some progress and now these people want to fight me for him.  Nothing in my life is ever the least bit easy.

I walked through the automatic doors, with a bright red sign above them.. New York State Hospital.  I walked through the corridor, then took the elevator to the third floor.  I stopped at the gift shop and picked up some flowers, then continued on my way.  As I rounded the hallway, I stopped outside of room 324.  I peered in.. to see it was empty.  The bed was made, the machines were off.  A wave of fear swept through me as I turned and dashed to the nurses station.  The nurse at the desk looked up at me as I arrived at the desk.

"The girl in 324.. where is she? She didn't ..."

"Slow down son.."  The nurse spoke calmly.  I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I looked back and saw Nikki.  I immediately wrapped my arms around her, almost knocking us both over.

"Hehe, whoa there stud."  I slowly released my grip on her and backed away a little bit.  She was all made up, looking as beautiful as she always had.  No one would even know she's so sick.

"I-I thought you.."  I put my head down as I spoke.  Nikki reached over and lifted my chin so my eyes would meet her eyes.

"Blade, I'm right here.  I'm alive and kicking.  I plan on staying that way as long as possible."

"I just saw the empty room and thought the worst.  Why are you out of bed?"

"Hun, I'm here by choice, not because I have to be.  I can go and lay in bed at home, but right now I want to live the rest of my life.  I have a modeling shoot in an hour.  What brings you here?"

I handed her the flowers I picked up for her in the gift shop, "I just wanted to visit, see how you are, bring you up to speed on the most recent developments."

"Thanks for the flowers, Blade.  You always have been the charmer."  She kissed me on the cheek, then motioned for me to follow her to the elevator.  We stepped in and went back down to the main floor, then headed outside.  "I want to grab some coffee, so lets head to a cafe and we can talk there."

Nikki and I walked a couple of blocks to Starbucks.  Hey, it's New York City, where else are you gonna get coffee?  As we stood in line, I decided to fill Nikki in about Cameron.

"I received a phone call from Sharon Dowling from the adoption agency earlier."

Nikki's ears perked up as I spoke, "Good news?"

"Yes and no.  The good news is Cameron has been located.  He's living with a foster family."

"And the bad news?"

"The bad news is the family wants to fight me for custody."

A frown appeared on Nikki's face, "What are your chances?"

"Well, he's only been living with them for two weeks.  Sharon said since I'm legally an adult now, along with Joey's will, I have a good shot at gaining custody."

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Actually there is.  I need you to give me your written consent to prove that you want me to have custody of Cameron."  I looked at the troubled look on Nikki's face, "That's if you want that still."

"Blade, I want you to have custody.  You are going to be a great father, I have no doubts about that.  I was just thinking about Cameron...about Joey.  Joey never got the chance to see his own son before he died.  I don't want to leave this world without seeing my own son.  That's my last wish, Blade."  Nikki swatted the tears away as we approached the counter.

"Your wish will come true, Nikki.  I promise."  She smiled at me, but her tears kept coming.

"Could you get me a hazelnut coffee?  I need to go compose myself."  I nodded at her as she went off towards the ladies room.  I must've zoned out watching her as a voice broke me out of my daze.

"Can I help you?"  I turned my head and my eyes locked onto the cashier's.  His baby brown eyes were the kind you could get absolutely lost in.. like Tyler's.  His brown hair fell just to the top of his ears, curling up in some parts.  He smiled at me.. an amused smile I think.  "Are you okay?"  He asked.

"Oh, uh.. yeah.  Hehe.. sorry.  I'm a little out of it today."

"No problem, it happens to the best of us."  He winked at me.. well, at least I think he did.  Maybe I'm going insane.

"So, what can I get you?"

"Um, I need a hazelnut coffee and a french vanilla cappuccino."

"Coming right up."  I watched him prepare my order, the smile never leaving his face.  He must be naturally happy.. or he's had a little too much coffee.  I pulled out my wallet as he came back to the register.  As I opened my wallet the cashier stopped me.

"It's on me."

I smiled at him, "I can't let you do that, dude."

"Who said I needed permission?"  He grinned.  "Tell you what, I go on break in 20 minutes.  If you really want to pay me back, then you can buy me lunch."

"Hehe.. I don't even know your name."

He looked down at his name tag, then extended his hand out to me, "Chance."  As soon as I grasped his hand I felt a shock go through me.  He must've felt it to as we both jumped back a little.

"Blade."  The smiles came back to our faces so fast it's as if they never left.

"Nice to meet you.  So, I'll see you for lunch in a little while?"  Chance asked.

"Can't say no to that."  He blushed as I took the order and decided to find Nikki.

I found her standing about five feet away giving me a wry smile.  She took a seat at a nearby table and I joined her.  She kept giving me a funny look as I handed her coffee to her.

"What?"  I asked.

"Nothing."  She smirked.

"Hehe, come on, tell me what's so amusing."

"Oh, nothing.  That was just one of the longest orders I've ever seen...especially for two drinks."  I blushed as she teased me.  "Why didn't you order what you really wanted?"

I looked at her confused, "Umm.. huh?"

"Can  I get a hazelnut coffee and the cuter than cute cashier to go?"  She grinned evilly causing me to blush even harder.

"Oh, shut up."  Nikki burst out laughing at my embarrassment.  I decided against mentioning the fact that Chance would be joining us shortly to save myself from further ridicule.

"Ooo, you must like this one, I haven't seen that shade of red since my last runway show."  My blush continued to deepen.

"You're such a bitch."  I snickered at her.  That earned me a playful kick to the shin.  "Ow!!"

"Oh, stop.  You know that didn't hurt the almighty badass Blade."  I narrowed my eyes at her, but couldn't keep a straight face.  "Anyways, lets talk seriously for a few."

"Okay, shoot."

"I was thinking that I should go with you to see Cameron."

"Do you think that's a good idea?"

"You don't?"

"I'm not sure, I mean, I don't know how the foster parents will react...seeing you, the biological mother may cause them to react hostile."

"I didn't think of that.  Well, then I won't go, but Blade?"


"You will be Cameron's father.  If for some reason things start to go in the other family's favor I will step in and take custody back, then hand it over to you.. when I pass."  I looked at her sadly and nodded.  "Cameron will live with you though...I can't have him with me knowing that I could take a turn for the worst at anytime."

"I understand.  I don't want to lose you Nikki."  She took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"I'll always be around you, Blade.  Let's stop talking like I'm not here, okay?"  As I was about to respond Nikki's pager went off.   She took it out and checked the text message.  "Looks like I'm needed earlier than expected."

"Do you..."  I was cut off again by another voice.

"Mind if I sit down?"  I looked up to see those baby browns that belonged to Chance staring back at me.

Nikki smirked and stood up, "You can take my seat."

"Oh, no, you don't have to get up.  I can pull up a chair."

"That's okay,"  She looked at his name tag, "Chance.  I have to be at a photo shoot in ten.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing you again.  Nice meeting you."  She looked at me as she spoke to him, causing me to start blushing again.  Chance just smiled at me.

"Do you want me to call a limo for you?"  I asked.

"One is already on it's way.  Thanks anyways."

"Do you need any money?"

"Blade, I'm fine."  She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  "Take care, hun, I love you.  Call me and let me know how everything goes Saturday."

"I will, I love you Nikki.  Call me if you need anything."  She smiled then headed out of the cafe.

I watched her retreating form enter the limo waiting outside.  Nikki and I have gained our friendship back that we used to have in the past few months. Chance broke me out of my reverie.

"Nice girl.  She's a model?"

"Yeah, she has been for awhile I guess.  I kind of lost touch with her when I moved out to Cali."

"Cali?  So you're not from around here?"

"Well, I am.  Hehe, it's confusing.  I was born in upstate New York, moved to Anaheim at the beginning of this year, then moved back here 3 or so months ago."

"Wow.  That's cool, I've never been to California."

"Well, maybe we'll have to change that sometime."  Chance looked down at the table and blushed.  "So, how about you? Tell me a little bit about yourself."

"Well, there's not much to say.  Chance Sterling, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, moved here about two years ago.  I'm 17, work at Starbucks and am in my Senior year at Westchester Prep."  My ears perked up when I heard the school's name.

"Westchester Prep?  I've been there.  My best friend used to go there... that's where I was reunited with him after 2 years."

"Really?  Wow.  How did that come about?"

"I had to come out here to scout a player for my hockey team back in Anaheim.  Somehow fate worked it out that the player I ended up scouting was my best friend Joey.  We had a falling out in the past, but we worked through it and got closer than ever."

"Aww, that's great man.  So are you guys still best friends?"

I frowned, "He died about 4 months ago in a car accident."

"I'm so sorry."

"It's okay, you didn't know.  I miss him a lot.. but I'm trying to move on from all the bad things in my past."  I could tell by the look on his face he wanted to know what I was talking about, but he decided not to push it.

"I had  a friend.. well, umm.."

"Boyfriend?"  I asked.  He blushed and nodded shyly.

"Yeah.. his name was Jamie.  One day when we were 15 we went out snowmobiling.  We were going through a part of the woods that we weren't familiar with, just having some fun.  Jamie gave me a signal that he wanted to race, so we did."  Chance's eyes started to tear up while he spoke, "Jamie hit a patch of ice and his snowmobile went head on into a tree.  He broke his neck... but he wasn't completely gone when I got over to him.  H-he told me he loved me.. that I was his world.  I got to tell him the same.. t-then he was gone."  Tears flowed freely down his cheeks by this point.

I moved my chair over next to him and put my arm around him.  "I'm sorry, Chance.  I know how it feels.. there's nothing in the world worse."  He leaned his head into me.  People were starting to stare, but I didn't care.

"I loved that boy more than life.  I tried to kill myself not long after that.  I didn't succeed obviously, then my parents shipped me off to a shrink.  I had no will power and eventually it came out that I'm gay."

"How did your parents take it?"

"Not good.  That's why I'm here.  They sent me to Westchester Prep because they couldn't handle the fact that their son was gay."  I gently squeezed him letting him know I was there for support.  "I don't usually act so forward with people like I have with you.  It's just.. I saw something in your eyes.  Hehe, my gaydar is usually broken, but it went off with you.  I didn't want to take the chance of not seeing you come by here again."

I smiled genuinely at him, "Hehe, maybe it was the fact that I was standing in line like a fool staring at you that tipped you off."  He laughed.  "I'm glad you took the chance, no pun intended, to meet me."

"Me too.  So, um.. yeah. Hehe.."  Chance blushed, not being able to get out what he wanted to say.

"Do you want to go out some time maybe?"  I decided it was my turn to take the initiative.

His eyes lit up, "I'd love to!"  His eyes bored into mine, and our faces started to draw closer... when my phone ring.  I cursed under my breathe ready to smash the damn thing.

"Excuse me for a second."  Chance nodded, looking amused by my frustration.  "Blade's phone."

"Hello, Blade.  Did you miss me?"  I froze in place, not knowing what to say.  The disguised voice on the other line was nothing new to me.  "What's the matter tough guy?  Cat got your tongue?  Maybe I should read you another one of my wonderful poems, how's that sound?"

"Who the fuck is this?!"

"Tsk tsk tsk, such foul language.  You may have run away, but you won't be there to stay.  Things have just begun, just because you are in New York doesn't mean they are done.  You'll be back when you have no choice, once you hear that familiar voice, pleading for you to save him, too bad his chances will be much to dim.  Take care hero."  *Click*  I hung up the phone visibly shaken.

"Blade, are you okay?"

"I uh, look, Chance.. I don't know if you should be getting involved with me.  I have a lot of shit going on in my life."

"I'm willing to try to work past anything if you give me the shot.  What could be so bad?"

"That was someone who has been stalking me, threatening me for the past 4 months.  I don't know who it is, but they are threatening to hurt someone I care about.  I don't know who.  I also am under contract to J records, am planning to attend college, and I will be a father soon."

He looked taken aback to say the least, "Wow.. uh that's a full plate.  You have a kid?"

"He's Joey's and Nikki's son.  Joey is the one that died and Nikki is the one that was here with me.  She has Hodgkin's disease.. and it's incurable.  It was Joey's request in his will that I adopt his son, Cameron.  He's 4, going on 5.  I'm fighting for custody of him."  I troubled look adorned Chance's face.  "I understand, Chance.  That's way too much to lay on someone."

"I-"  *Ring*.  Fucking phone!!


"Hey, Blade.  It's Tommy, sorry to bother you.  We just got in some more sheet music and I'd like you to come back into the studio and lay down some more tracks."

I sighed, "All right.. I'll be right there."  I hung up the phone and looked back at Chance dejectedly.  "I have to run, dude."

"It's okay, my break is about over anyways."  He took my hand in his, and passed something between them.  "I'm willing, if your willing."  He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then headed back to his work.  I looked down into my hand to see a napkin with Chance's name and phone number on it.  I smiled to myself and went on my way back to the studio.  Never a dull day in my life.


Back in California...

"Come on, Eric."  Eric ignored the calls of his mother and turned up his stereo even louder.  He didn't even bother to open his door to see what she wanted.  The thing is, he just doesn't care anymore.

Eric's attitude has been just that for the past 3 months... not a care in the world.  No one can get through to him because he doesn't want to be reached.  Ever since Blade left, his life has been turned upside down.

Eric pulled himself up off the bed and walked over in front of the mirror on his wall.  His appearance has changed in the past few months.  His brown locks have grown longer, falling below his ears framing his boyish good looks.  His body has started to develop, his lean frame becoming that of a young Adonis.  One change that was glaringly obvious was his eyes.  That spark that was once there, that spark of liveliness, has become non existent.

Eric flexed for himself in the mirror, then pulled on a black, tight fitting long sleeve shirt.  As he sprayed some cologne on the phone rang.  He checked the ID and smirked to himself.

"Hey dude what's up?"  Eric asked.

"Just hanging out, tired from football practice.  Wanna come over?"  Jake, Eric's new best friend spoke into the phone.  With Matt in the boyfriend roll, Eric needed to fill the best friend position.  Jake was the epitome of the word 'stud'.  He's an all around athlete, playing varsity football, soccer, and lacrosse.  His raspy voice and rugged good looks made him very popular around campus.  Eric had run into him one night at a party and they have been inseparable ever since.

"Sure, I'll be over in 20 or so.  I've got to do a couple of things quick."

Jake snickered, "Tell little Eric I said hi."

"Shut up.  Hehe, he's not little."

"Hehe, whatever man.  I'll see you later.. and wash your damn hands before you come over."

"Don't lie, you know you want to know what my cum is like.   Maybe you want a taste too?"  Eric teased.

"Dude.. you're such a pervert.  I think your boy would get a little upset with that.  Later."  Eric hung up the receiver smiling to himself.  Jake was a good match for Eric's sense of humor.  The sarcasm between the two of them was matched by none.

Eric looked down at the bulge protruding from his boxers and thought why not?  His hand slowly snaked its way under the waist band and took hold of the hardening little Eric.  As he started to stroke himself a gentle knock came from the door.  Eric cursed and pulled his hand out of his boxers.  He searched for some pants, but didn't have any long before the door opened slowly.  "Mom!!  I told you to wait for me to say come in before you open the door!"

"Oh honey, what are you doing in there that I can't see?"  A poor imitation of Eric's mother's voice entered the room.  Eric cocked his head.  When he saw the head of dirty blonde hair enter the room his eyes lit up.  The one thing that held the meaning of happiness to him was his boyfriend Matt.  He's been there for him no matter what.  Eric eyed Matt up, wearing only a wife beater and jeans.

"Hey, baby."  Eric walked over to Matt and wrapped his arms around him.  Their lips met in a sweet embrace before pulling away.

"Hey."  Matt smiled warmly at his boyfriend.  In his mind, nothing else in the world could make him as happy as Eric does.  Matt looked down at Eric's semi erect dick pressing against the fabric of his boxers.  "A little excited?"  Eric blushed

"Heh, yeah just a little.  Wanna help me with that?"  The gleam in his eyes gave away his arousal.  If there's one thing Eric is not, that's impotent.  The boy is like a rabbit.

"Hmm.. what'll you give me?"  Matt asked, the same gleam appearing in his eyes.  Eric seductively licked Matt's neck, sucking on the tender flesh.  He reached down and unbuckled Matt's belt and started to unzip the zipper.  Eric pushed Matt up against the door, his lips mashing into Matt's as the animalistic instincts took over.   Eric's hand traveled inside the fly of Matt's boxers, his finger tips grazing the tip of Matt's throbbing cock.

*KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK*  "Eric, open up."  Eric's mother yelled.

Matt immediately tried to push Eric away, but Eric held his ground.  He pulled Matt's boxers down, even as Matt tried to pull his pants back up.  Eric pumped on Matt's cock furiously with one hand and on his own cock with the other hand.

"Eric!  Stop ignoring me, I know you can hear me.  We need to talk right now."

Matt, even though he was being overwhelmed by the pleasure he was getting from Eric, still tried to reason with him, "Eric.. uh.. your mom.."  Matt stepped forward, hoping to break Eric's grasp on him.

"Relax, Matt.  I'm not done yet."  With that, Eric engulfed Matt's swollen member, bobbing up and down, causing Matt to fall back against the door.

"What was that?  Eric, if you don't open this door I'm going to ground you for the next month."

Eric picked up the pace on Matt's cock.  Matt whimpered, but covered his mouth so Mrs. Stevens wouldn't hear him.  Eric reached around Matt and pushed the lock button on his door then guided Matt over to the bed.  Eric slipped his free hand behind Matt, running his finger along the crack of his ass.  He gently pushed at Matt's hole, then pushed in softly.  Matt gasped as Eric fingered him, adding another finger.  Matt writhed around under Eric's mouth, getting closer and closer to going over the edge.  Eric backed off of Matt's cock and started licking around the head.  Pre cum attached to Eric's tongue with every swipe, leaving a string of the clear liquid going from Eric's mouth to Matt's slit.

Matt pulled Eric up to eye level and thrust his tongue into Eric's mouth.  They kissed passionately, their bodies grinding into one another, Matt's legs locked around Eric's waist.  Matt could feel the pre cum leaking from Eric all over his crotch.  Matt turned Eric around so that they were in the 69 position and then they both went to work on each other.  Eric ran his tongue along Matt's shaft, trying to draw out the blow job as long as possible.  He engulfed his boyfriend's beautiful cock completely, burying his nose in his pubes.  "Uhh.. god.."  Matt moaned out.  Eric could feel the pressure building up in Matt's cock, so he pulled off a bit and kept just the head in his mouth.  The first shot of Matt's cream hit the back of Eric's throat with a splash, followed by another and another.  Eric tilted his head back a bit to keep all of the cum in his mouth as he savored Matt's flavor.  He swallowed every last drop of it, wanting more with each gulp.

Matt tongued Eric's slit, never missing a beat while he himself shot his load.  His hands fondled Eric's balls, as he lapped up any pre cum that the young adonis was leaking.  Matt felt Eric wrap his arms around his waist and gently pull him upwards.  Eric moved his lower body back a little bit so his cock was still in Matt's range.  Eric was on his knees and bent Matt back enough so that he was holding his lower body in front of his face.  He bent back a little more so Matt's ass was right in his view.  Matt didn't object, even though the position was a bit awkward.  He continued to suck on Eric's dick as Eric played with his ass.

Eric licked Matt's balls and the little bridge between them and his ass.  As he paid special attention to the sensitive area, Eric ran his hand along Matt's pucker, pushing in his fingers one at a time until he was using three to finger fuck him.  Matt moaned over the cock in his mouth, feeling himself harden again.  Eric removed his fingers, leaving Matt feeling empty, but it was soon replaced by something much better.  Eric ran his tongue all the way from the bottom of Matt's ass to the tip of the crack and back again.  He swirled his tongue around Matt's entrance, slowly, but firmly entering Matt's ass with his tongue.  Matt nearly came again right there.  Eric pushed as deep as he could go with his tongue, his face buried in Matt's ass.

Matt knew what Eric wanted.  He let Eric's cock fall from his lips, glistening with pre cum and spit.  He pushed forward a bit, making himself fall back into a laying position.  Eric, not expecting this, pretty much fell over with the motion, his face still tonguing Matt.  Matt pulled him away from his activity, and turned him around.  Their eyes met and they both smiled.  Eric moved up to Matt's mouth and put his cock back in.  Matt laid back and let Eric do the work.  Eric humped at Matt's mouth, fucking the boy's face in short, fast motions.  Eric's ass muscles contracted with every thrust, his breathing deepening as his dick slid over Matt's lips.  He reluctantly withdrew from his lover's moist mouth.  He looked into Matt's eyes, searching for permission.  Matt just grinned and nodded.  Eric walked over to his desk and opened a drawer.  He searched inside for a few moments, but came up empty handed.  "I don't have any condoms, baby."  Eric looked disappointed.

Matt waived for Eric to come back over.  He reached down and grabbed Eric's dick, stroking it a few times.  Matt then spread his legs, and pulled a pillow under his lower back.  He guided Eric's cock to it's destination.  Eric looked at Matt surprised, "Are you sure?"

"Eric, we haven't been with anyone but each other.  I trust you, I love you.  I want to feel you shoot inside of me."  The smile on Eric's face couldn't have been surgically removed.  Eric let Matt guide his dick, pressing the head at the opening of Matt's ass.  The head slowly, but surely popped past the ring, and then Eric pushed a little at a time until he was up to the hilt.

"God, you're so tight.. uhh.."  Eric moaned out.

Eric began a steady thrusting, pulling out to the tip of his head then pushing all the way back in.  Matt groaned in pleasure, whimpering at times as Eric went in and out of him.  Eric kept up the pace for another ten minutes, when he started to thrust faster and harder into Matt's tight ass.  Eric's eyes started to glaze over, so Matt pulled him down so he could kiss those tender lips as Eric prepared to fill him with his seed.  Eric took one last, long, hard thrust, burying himself deep inside of Matt.  He started to spasm as the inevitable hit.

"Unnhhh.. uhh.. uhhh... unhhhhh!"  Eric moaned loudly, not caring if his mother could here him anymore.  He threw his head back as his cum flowed out of his dick and into Matt's love canal.  Matt moaned out as well cumming in unison with Eric for his second orgasm in the last hour, both of the boys in pure ecstasy.  Eric continued humping into Matt, feeling the cum surrounding his dick.  Soon the exhaustion set in, and Eric collapsed on top of Matt.

They kissed tenderly, the urgency gone, and their love being shown.  Eric pulled out of Matt, then leaned down to lap up Matt's cum from his tight torso.  He took Matt into his mouth one more time, licking up the stray cum, milking the last drops out.   Eric's eyes locked onto Matt's, cum dribbling over Eric's lips and back onto Matt's shaft.  Eric stood up, and unlocked his door.  He walked out into the hall and into Blade's room butt naked.  He grabbed a towel from his brother's bathroom and headed back to his room.  Eric's mother was on her way back up the stairs as he approached his room.

"Eric Stevens.. put some damn clothes on.  Why are you walking around the house naked, isn't Matt here with you?"

"Yes mother, he's laying on my bed.  Do you want to see him naked too?"  Eric snapped.  He didn't even care if she knew about him and Matt anymore.  If this didn't make it glaringly obvious then what would?

Eric went back over to Matt and was bout to clean up his boyfriends ass, when he decided to get even more kinky.  He kneeled down and rimmed his boyfriend one more time, licking his own cum from the pulsating hole.  Once he got as much as he could, he let Matt clean up the rest with the towel.  Matt got up and wiped Eric's dick with the towel, then grabbed his own boxers to get dressed.

"Dude, did you tell your mother I was laying on your bed naked?"

Eric grinned, "Kind of, but I don't know if she got it or not."  Eric kissed Matt hard while Matt buckled his jeans.  "I love you."

"I love you too," Matt whispered.  Matt reached down and tucked Eric back into his boxers.  "If sex was an olympic sport, you'd have a gold medal."  Eric beamed.

"That was just the qualifying event."  A twinkle in his eyes showed the lust inside of him.

"Hehe, down tiger."  Just then Eric's mother walked into the room.  Matt blushed a deep red, standing there shirtless.  Eric was just in his boxers, so if that wasn't an indication of what they had been doing then what was?

"Eric, I need to speak to you right now."  The frustration emitted like fire from Mrs. Steven's voice.

"I'm standing right here."

"In private."

"Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of Matt."

Matt felt uncomfortable in the situation, "Eric, I can go wait downstairs.."

"No.  It's fine Matt."  Matt looked from Eric to Mrs. Stevens, then took a seat on the bed.  Eric pulled on some pants, and his black shirt, then sat down on the bed next to Matt.  "What do you need, mother?"

Mrs. Stevens sighed.  Eric has been hostile towards her since Blade left, blaming her partly for letting him go.  He used 'mother', when ever he wanted to be snotty about something to her.  "Fine.  Eric, you attitude is out of hand."  Eric rolled his eyes, causing Matt to jab him in the side to knock it off.  "If this doesn't stop, you will be going to see a therapist.  You need help dealing with this.  You have completely changed since Blade..."

"I told you not to talk about him to me!"  Eric yelled out.  The anger behind his voice was only there to mask the sadness.

"We have to talk about it!  He's not here, Eric.  He has a new life to live.  He has moved on and you need to!"

"Fuck this, I'm out of here."  Matt grabbed Eric's arm as he tried to get up.  "What?  You're on her side?"  Matt looked up at Eric pleadingly.

"Eric.. please..."

"Fuck you both.  You don't know how I feel.  I'm going to Jake's.  Later."  Eric ripped his arm from Matt and stomped past his mother.  Matt looked up at Mrs. Stevens, both with sad, but troubled looks on their faces.

"I'll, uh, try to talk to him."  Matt grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head.  Mrs. Stevens stopped him before he left.

"Matt, is there something I should know?"

"Uh... like what?"

"Well, is Eric into anything bad?  Drugs.. or something like that?"

Matt let out a sigh of relief, "No.  Not that I know of."

"Okay.  You're closest to him, so I figure you would know before anyone else."  Matt nodded, giving her a small smile as he walked to the doorway.  "And Matt?"  He turned his head to look back at her, "I think me, you and Eric need to sit down and have a talk."  Matt swallowed hard, then said one last goodbye and headed out.


Jordan Chambers cleaned off a nearby table at The Kahuna, a local hangout for teenagers.  He doesn't need the extra cash, his parents being multi millionaires, but he was tired of relying on them.  His record deal was bring in a hefty payment as well, but Jordan didn't mind the extra work.  He needed things to take his mind off past events, and to calm his nerves about his impending marriage.  He and Kai had originally agreed to wait at least a year, but for some reason, they ended up going back on that decision and moving the wedding up to December.  In less than 4 months Jordan will be someone's husband and that's a lot of pressure.

"Hey bus boy."  Jordan looked up from his station with a wide smile.  Eric Stevens and Jacob Marsden, or Jake as he liked to be called, approached him.

"Hey guys.  What's up?"

"Not much, just came to see when you get off."  Jake said.  Things have changed a lot since May.  After Joey died Blade wasn't the same.  Tyler giving him hope of reconciliation and then taking it away was the last straw.  Once Blade left, everyone changed.  Jordan started hanging out with Eric, Matt and Jake a lot, being in the same school.  It was their new little clique.

"I'm off now, I just wanted to finish cleaning up these tables first."

"Well, how bout we hang out here for awhile?"  Eric suggested.

"All right.  Do you guys want anything to drink or eat?"  Jordan asked.

"Two vanilla cokes should be good.  I just ate, I'm full."  Jake snickered at Eric's remark.

"Well, I'll take some popcorn.  I haven't had a gallon of cum for dinner like my sex fiend of a friend here."  Eric smirked, while Jordan just laughed and shook his head.

"You are too much, Eric.  Don't you ever get tired?  You're more active than the energizer bunny when it comes to sex."  Jordan teased.

"Hehe, jealous?  Besides, I like it, and don't act like you and Kai aren't all over each other every two minutes when you're together."

"Not like you and Matt.  Speaking of Matt, where is loverboy?"  Jordan asked.

"Who knows.  He was being a dick."  Jordan looked at him funny, then at Jake who just shrugged.

"I'll go get your order guys."  Eric watched Jordan's retreating form.  He licked his lips with a glint in his eye.

"Dude, stop that.  I'm going to get you fixed I swear."  Jake stated.

"Hehe, what do you mean?"

"You're eyeing up Jordan like he's on the special of the day on the menu.  Are you on viagra?  I swear there's something wrong with you."

"I'm a virile young man."

"Well, so am I, but even I'm not as horny as you are."

Eric smirked, "Do you want to change that?"

Jake nearly fell back in his chair, "Eric!  You have a boyfriend."

"I know, I know.  Hehe, I'm just joking Jake."  Jordan came back with the two drinks and popcorn and set them on the table.  He removed his apron and was about to sit down when someone spoke up.

"Can I get a order of Jordan to go?"  Jordan snapped his head in the direction of the voice.  There stood Kai, looking as breathtaking as ever.. but he wasn't alone.  Standing beside him was another boy, who's beauty seemed to make time stop.

"Dammmn.."  Eric and Jake whispered out in unison while taking in the sight of the boy.  Kai walked towards the table, the other boy in tow.

Kai leaned down and kissed Jordan on the lips, then motioned towards the other boy, "Look baby, I got you a present."  Kai snickered.

"Can I have one too?"  Eric asked.  Kai laughed harder as the boy just blushed.  "How about you Jake?  You want one too?"

"How much are they?  I'm on a tight budget."  Eric playfully punched Jake in the shoulder.

"You guys are still crazy.  This is my roommate Riley.  Riley, the smart ass right there is Eric, the one next to him is Mr. Jock, Jake, and this,"  He put his arm around Jordan's shoulders, "This is my fiancé, Jordan."

"Nice to meet you all."  Said Riley.

"Did you say roommate?"  Jordan questioned.

"Yeah, I moved into Kai's dorm a couple of weeks ago.  My roommate moved out, so they put me in with this guy."  Riley smiled at Kai, and Kai returned the smile.  Jordan looked at them uneasily.

"Kai can we talk for a minute?"  Jordan asked.

"Sure.  Let's take a walk."  Kai looked over at Riley, "I'll be right back, dude.  Don't let these two corrupt you too much."  Jake and Eric put on their best innocent faces causing Kai to laugh as he and Jordan walked away.

Kai took Jordan's hand in his as they walked down the familiar stretch of boardwalk.  A cool breeze caused Jordan to shiver a bit.  Kai noticed and stopped walking.  He wrapped his arms around Jordan's waist from behind and put his head on his shoulders.  Jordan seemed to melt into the grip of his fiancé.

"What's on your mind J?"  Kai asked.

"I'm just being stupid."

"Well, talk to me about what you're thinking and then I'll decide if it's stupid or not."  Kai grinned.

"Well, you saw how Eric and Jake just acted seeing Riley, and well, he lives with you.. so.."

"Jordan, don't.  There is nothing going on between me and Riley."

"Look at him Kai, you are going to tell me you feel nothing for him?"

"He's hot, what else do you want me to say?  Jordan, who is wearing the engagement ring?"

"I am."

"And who makes me feel like I'm flying in the clouds?  Who drives me wild in bed?"  Jordan giggled at Kai's goofy analogy.

"Okay, okay, I get the point.  We should get back."

"In a minute."  Kai placed his lips over Jordan's, sucking gently on each other's lips.  Kai slipped his tongue into Jordan's mouth, causing a soft sigh to emit from Jordan.  They held the kiss for a couple minutes then parted.  "Now we can go back."  Jordan smiled, grasping Kai's hand as they walked back to the cafe.

As they approached they could hear yelling, so they picked up the pace.  Matt stood at the table, yelling at Eric.

"What the fuck was that, Eric?"

"Dude, chill out.  It wasn't anything big."  Eric played it cool.

"I just saw you kissing him!"  Matt pointed to Riley, "How is that not a big deal?!?"

"We were just messing around, Matt."

"Yeah, it was just a friendly game."  Riley chimed in.  Matt gave him a glare, "You're a lucky guy, dude.  Eric sure knows how to work his tongue."  Matt lunged at Riley, but Jake grabbed hold of him, causing the drinks to fly off the table and onto the floor due to the struggle.

"Let me go, Jake!  You saw them!  Why didn't you stop it?"  Matt questioned, his voice now starting to quiver.

"Matt.. I'm sorry man.  I didn't think it would go that far.. I thought we were just joking around."  Matt quit struggling and just sort of slumped into Jake's arms.  He pushed free from Jake's grasp and looked at Eric.  As their eyes met, Eric finally felt the guilt hit him.  The pain in Matt's eyes was unbearable.  They literally screamed out in agony as they pierced into Eric's eyes.

"How could you do this to me, Eric?  How could you..."  Tears streamed down Matt's face, as he gave Eric one last look, then ran out of there.  Eric stood up and called out to Matt.

"Matt!  Stop, I didn't mean it.."  Eric ran after his boyfriend, distraught and scared.  Scared that he just pushed away the one person he needed in his life more than anything.

Kai and Jordan just surveyed the scene, wondering what the hell just happened.  "Uh.. someone want to fill us in on what just went down here?"  Kai asked.

"Well, Eric and I were joking around.  He said he wondered what I taste like.. I kind of told him why don't you find out."  Riley spoke in a soft tone, "I didn't know he would actually kiss me.. I didn't mean to start anything."  Jordan eyed Riley, something making him uneasy.  Riley's eyes met Jordan's, neither flinching.

"I have to clean this up, Kai.  Try to keep your friend under control."  Jordan walked to the back to get paper towels to soak up the spilt soda.

"Can we take off?"  Riley asked.

"We just got here..."

"Yeah, but I'm tired Kai."  Riley gave him the puppy dog eyes.

Kai sighed, "All right.  Let me tell Jordan."

"He's busy, you can call him when we get back."  Jake watched and listened intently to Riley.  The boy was beautiful, no doubt.  His blonde hair pushed forward, then spiked at the front, the deep brown eyes, golden tan, tight body.. how many people could really resist that?

Kai looked reluctant, but he gave in anyways, "Jake, can you tell Jordan I'll call him later, and I love him, please?"

"Yeah.. but don't you think you should.."  Riley cut him off.

"I'm falling asleep here, let's go Kai."  Kai shrugged, said goodbye to Jake and headed down the boardwalk with Riley.

Jordan came back out with the paper towels to find only Jake sitting at the table, "Where's Kai?"

"He, uh, said he'll call you later and that he loves you."

Jordan's mood dropped, "H-he left?"

"I'm sorry Jordan.  That kid was in a hurry to leave."  Jordan nodded sadly and cleaned up the mess.  "I'll see you later okay?"

"Yeah, I'll see you at school."  Jordan dejectedly walked off to his car as Jake took a walk down the boardwalk looking for Eric.

Jake walked about 20 yards when he heard some voices.  Thinking it may be Eric and Matt he headed in the direction of the noise.  He came upon a group of people, girls and guys, standing around just fooling around.  As he got closer one of them noticed him.

"Hey Jake, what's up?"  The familiar southern twang of his former teammate Marcus.  To Jake, Marcus was an okay guy, but something about him rubbed him the wrong way.  Probably all the shit that Eric talks about him.

"Hey, Marcus.  Have you seen Matt or Eric around?"

"Nah, haven't seen brother lover and his bitch around."  Marcus joked, causing his friends to laugh.  The girls in the group came swarming around Jake, fawning all over him.

"Jake will you go to the fall ball with me?"  One girl asked.  Another started arguing saying she wanted Jake for the fall ball.  Jake just shook his head.

"Looks like you're quite the stud around here."  Marcus stated.  "Too bad you can't find better friends than Eric Stevens."

"Fuck you, Marcus."  Marcus looked taken aback by Jake's sudden outburst.

"What did you just say?"

"You heard me.  Eric is my best friend, and I won't stand here and listen to you bash him.  Just because his brother was too much for you to handle doesn't mean you have to take it out on him."  Jake struck a nerve.  Marcus came right up to Jake and got in his face.

"You best watch what you say, boy.  I'll show you a good old fashioned southern ass whoopin' if you don't learn how to hold your tongue."

"You don't scare me Marcus.  I thought you were a decent guy up until now.  Now I see all you are is fake.  Someone who is bitter about losing his boyfriend to someone who isn't even around anymore.  Tell me, Marcus, how much did it hurt you really when Tyler dumped you to go after Blade that day?"

Marcus snarled and swung at Jake who ducked out of the way.  Jake got ready for a fight when someone yelled out at them.

"That's enough."  Everyone turned to see Tyler Pierce standing not 10 feet from them.  "I told you to stop this Marcus.  I'm sick of all of this fighting.  I chose Blade, get over it.  Leave Eric and his friends alone."

"You don't give me orders, Tyler.  I loved you, whether you believe it or not.  You threw it all away to chase after a lost cause.  Now you have nothing.  You are just some lonely, heartbroken guy, who tries to act like everything is okay.  Well, you'll see eventually how bad things really are."

"Goodbye, Marcus.  Come on, Jake, I'll give you a ride."  Tyler stated.

"I have to find Eric and Matt."

"I have Matt in the limo.  Eric took off when he saw me, I tried to reason with him.  He'll be okay, just let him cool off."

"I'd rather find Eric, Tyler.  I don't want him out here by himself."  As Jake said this, Eric came walking down a nearby ramp.  "Eric!"

Eric looked up and slowly made his way over to Jake.  "I messed up bad, Jake.  Matt.. he.."  Eric started bawling.  Jake put an arm around him and let Eric cry on his shoulder.

"He's just mad, he'll cool down and everything will be fine."

Eric pushed away a bit, "No.. no it won't.  M-Matt broke up with me."  Jake looked a bit shocked.  He never saw a couple more in love than Eric and Matt.. to hear they were no longer together was hard to take.

"Come on, Eric.  Tyler said he'll take us home in his limo."

"I'm not riding with him.  You go, I'll be okay.  I just need time to think.  I have my cell, call me when you get home."


"I'll be okay, Jake."  Jake reluctantly went back towards Tyler, who led the way back to the limo.  Eric went in the opposite direction, crying and cursing himself.

He didn't know what he was thinking.  He let his hormones take over, and took the joke too far.  There was no reason to kiss Riley, and to act like he did nothing wrong made it even worse.  Matt had given him everything.  His love, his friendship, his virginity.  They shared everything in every way.  Eric took that all and threw it in Matt's face with one single kiss.  What was he thinking?

Eric turned down a side street lost in thought.  It was dark and there were no lights to light the way.  That's why he didn't see what was coming.  As he came closer to the end of the street he heard a noise.  Eric stopped and tried to look around to see what had made the noise, but couldn't make out anything in the darkness.  He got an eerie feeling and turned on his heels, picking up the pace.  Footsteps came from behind him.  Eric took off in a sprint, making it out of the alley before the footsteps caught up to him.  He sighed then walked passed some abandoned shops.  Eric paused for a moment, leaning against the door of a shop trying to catch his breathe.  After he recovered he stood up straight, and took out his phone.  He started to dial Jake's cell number when he heard another noise.  Like a twig breaking.  He looked back toward the alley way he had come from, but didn't see anything.

"Get a hold of yourself Eric,"  He said to himself.  He hit send on his phone then leaned back against the doorway.

"Hello?"  Jake's voice came over the intercom.  Eric was about to say hello when he felt the support of the door go out from behind him.  He dropped the phone onto the ground and tried to regain his balance.  As he turned around something came down quickly towards his head.  Before he could react the object connected with the back of Eric's head with a thud.  Eric slumped to the ground unconscious.  "Eric?  Eric?  Hello?"  Jake's voice could be heard on the other end of the line.  Someone walked out of the doorway and picked up the phone.  They turned if off, then grabbed Eric's legs, dragging him into the abandoned shop, slamming the door shut behind him.

"So sad."  The person ran a hand along Eric's face, "If your brother had any balls, I wouldn't need this insurance.  It's time for big brother to come home."

That's the beginning of Book Two.  Hope everyone enjoyed it, and that's just the beginning.  Lots more to come, so get ready for another action packed, adventure with Blade and company. Chapter Two up soon.  Email me:  XvXJadenXvX@aol.com and visit the site at jadededge.web1000.com  Happy New Year Everyone.