Never TooFarAway
Time Stood Still

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Chapter 3
Tear Drops In The Ocean

Gentle waves crashed against the sandy shore.  Shells, small crustaceans, wandering fish—all different in their own rights, brought together by one common place... one common time.  A set of deep, dark eyes stared at the wondrous sight of harmony between creatures.  The cool wind coming off the water swept briskly through his blonde hair, impairing his vision for only a moment.  Tyler gently brushed the stray strands from his eyes, but his thoughts were too deep to be broken by such a simple task.

Sometimes the mind can't comprehend what the heart feels with the slightest of ease. Tyler's mind had to be the most complicated thing he knew of.  His heart told him one thing, while his mind told him another.  In the past 12 months, he had experienced joy, happiness, betrayal, hopelessness and pain.  But through all of those emotions, he experienced one that just wouldn't let him go—True love.

His heart, his mind, and his soul had all been swept away in a love that can only be described as unbreakable. A love for one boy who stormed into his life on one sunny January morning.  A small smile crept upon his face as the memory of their first encounter surfaced in his head.

Tyler had just rounded the corner of a crowded hallway in school, making his way to his next class like any other day.  Then out of nowhere, a blur of a boy came sprinting around the very same corner and they collided, both tumbling to the ground.  Tyler recovered first, pulling himself up off the ground.

"You all right?Tyler asked.

"Yeah.. I'm fi...."Tyler looked on at the boy in front of him.. who seemingly was at a loss for words.  His long blonde hair seemed to shimmer with every movement he made, a sparkle in his off, but beautifully colored eyes radiated a pleasant vibe.

"HelloYou sure you're OK?" Tyler smirked a little at the way the boy suddenly froze up.

"HuhOh yeah, sorryI spaced for a minute."  A slight red tint flushed over the boy's cheeks. Tyler just smiled and introduced himself.

"I'm Tyler."

"Blade... Sorry about mowing you down, it's my first day and I don't wanna be late."

That moment was a permanent mark on Tyler's heart. The day that he found the boy that would steal his heart... the boy that would get his heart broken... by Tyler himself.

Blade never got the full story of what happened while he was in New YorkThe night at Kai's beach house where Tyler felt he made one of the worst, if not the worst mistake of his life.

"Come on, I just want a little." Tyler pleaded with Kai to open up the liquor cabinet.  For some reason, Tyler had been drawn more to Kai since they broke up.  Not in a relationship way.. it was more like he needed things to be right with them.  He knew Kai loved him, and that sense of security still instilled a safety net where Tyler was concerned.

"Tyler, we're not supposed to drink.  That's part of the deal between me and my mother about using this place."  Kai said.

"Please?  We won't drink much, it'll just loosen us up." Tyler was persistent.  Jordan seemed to just sit by and go with the flow, not wanting to interfere between the two.  Kai sighed, then finally gave in and unlocked the liquor cabinet.  What started as a harmless shot of vodka, turned into a serious bottle of vodka.. then another... and another.  By the time all three of the boys had stopped drinking, Jordan had passed out, leaving Kai and Tyler awake together.  They both stumbled to the master bedroom and started stripping down.

"Arrre you sleepin' in heerre..?"  Kai slurred.  He was completely trashed.  Tyler looked over at him, his buzz not being quite as bad as Kai's.

"Y-yeah."  Both boys slid into bed next to one another.  A slight snore could be heard from Kai's side of the bed.  Tyler tried to fall asleep himself, but something struck the back of his mind as he looked at Kai's prone form.  What if this was how it was supposed to be?  That thought combined with the alcohol was enough to makeTyler try to answer that question.

He gently shook Kai, causing the sexy, surfer boy from his slumber. "Whhat's up, Ty?  I'm so tired..." Tyler didn't say a word, he just leaned forward and placed his lips over Kai's.  That one kiss turned into more kissing. Then necking.Then licking.  Boxers flew off and soon what started as an exploratory kiss, turned into a furious oral sex session.  It didn't happen once.  It happened three times in the course of the nightThere was no sleeping.. there was no waking up and wanting to leave.  The sex session went the entire night.  Once Tyler found himself lying on his back, his legs up in the air, and Kai kneeling in-between them, the sexual haze started to clear a bit.  When Kai's manhood started to penetrate Tyler's virgin territory, Tyler sobered up real quickTyler scrambled off the bed and quickly got his clothes back on leaving Kai in a state of confusion.  "Tyler?"

"Take me home, Kai.. please."

"But I thought this meant..."

"Take me home.. please.."  Tears overflowed Tyler's eyes as the realization of what he just did fully sunk in....

Tyler swatted a stray tear from his cheek as the memories brought back the pain that he could only blame on himself.  One selfish act and he lost the boy he loved more than life.  Only one thought burned in his mind as he stood from the sand.  He ruined his relationship with Blade and now he had to find a way to get it back.  The problem is.. there's one major obstacle standing  in his way....


"Chance?"  I called out.  I laid under the warm covers of my bed, only my bare torso being exposed to the nippy chill in the room.  Chance came walking into the room in nothing but a towel.  His shaggy hair fell carelessly over his forehead, still dripping from his shower.  His muscles glistened with drops of water as they rippled under his soft skin.  I involuntarily licked my lips causing him to snicker.

"See something you like?"  Chance's smile is one of those smiles that is completely contagious.  His eyes would brighten matching that perfect set of pearly whites.  I smirked at him.

"You know it, baby."

"Want to see more?"  He asked, a mischievous look betrayed his normally boyish demeanor.  I nodded, a twinkle in my eyes giving away my lust. "You first."  Chance walked over to the bed and slowly pulled the covers down my body.  Inch by inch the rest of me was bared to the world.  His eyes rested on my semi aroused state as he ran his hands over my body.  He leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, then took my hand and pulled me up.

We stood face to face, our eyes locked onto one another.  My lips meshed up against his and we slowly started moving out of the bedroom and towards the bathroom.  Chance's back came up against the wall while our kissing became more urgent.  My hands wandered down his sides and traced around the edge of his towel.  I hooked a thumb inside the towel and tugged on it slightly.  The towel fell to the floor leaving all of Chance revealed.  I moved closer to him, our entire bodies pressed against one another.  Our hips thrust forward, grinding our manhood together.  Chance opened his eyes as we kissed and rubbed up on each other.  He reached down and took hold of my cock, getting my full attention.  My eyes met his once again and we broke our kiss.  "I think I'm ready..."  He said softly.

"Are you sure?"  I asked.

"I want you, Blade.  I want us to be each other's first..."

"I love you, baby."  I whispered lustfully.  Chance led me by.. uh.. some body part.. back into the bedroom.  Our mouths met again as we fell onto the bed.  I slowly moved my mouth away from his and gently nuzzled at his Adam's apple.  My tongue snaked its way around Chance's neck, and up to his ears.  I flicked his ear with my tongue, pausing to gently nibble on it, while my hand slowly moved up and down his smooth shaft.  Chance squirmed under my touch, soft moans eliciting from his beautiful lips.  Chance reached into the night stand next to the bed and pulled out a condom and KY jelly.  He opened the condom and steadied my cock as he rolled it on.  He extended his hand with the lube in it, but I just shook my head.  "We'll get you ready the natural way."  I stuck out my tongue at him.  Chance just giggled and let out a lustful sigh.

I licked a straight line down his neck, between his pecs and over his abs before stopping for a split second at his leaking member.  I went down on him in one quick motion, taking all of the sweet pre cum that had started to drip out.  I pulled off him, fearing he would cum too fast.  I pushed his legs up over my shoulders and brought his pert ass into view.  I started to lean in when a loud bang came from the door.  I jumped up, causing Chance to basically roll sideways right off the bed.  I burst out laughing while trying to find some pants.  Chance tried to act mad, but he couldn't hold back his own laughter.

"Just a second."  I snickered out.  The door handle started to turn, and both Chance and I were still naked.  "Shit, get back in bed."  Chance dove under the covers while I ran into the bathroom.  The door opened and in popped Cameron.

"Daddy?"  He called out to me.  I secured the towel Chance had been wearing earlier around my waist, then walked back into the bedroom.  Cameron's face lit up as he saw me.  He ran towards me and jumped up as I scooped him up in my arms.

"HeyCam."  I kissed him on the forehead.  He scrunched his face up causing me to laugh.

"Uncle Eric told me that he wants to talk to you.  And if you don't call him back he's going to kick you."  I had to laugh at the way he said it.  His innocence was so adorable.

"Oh he did, did he?  What do you think about that Cam?"

"I dunno.  I just want my ice cream."

"What ice cream?"

"Uncle Eric said he'd get me an ice cream cone bigger than my entire body if I telled you to call him back."

"Hehe.. well, I guess we'll have to make sure he gets you that when we go to California huh?"  He nodded and smiled.  "Why don't you go see Chance while I talk to Uncle Eric."  Cameron laughed as I tickled him, then squirmed out of my arms.  He ran towards the bed and pounced on Chance.  I heard Chance gasp at the sudden impact, then watched as he playfully tousled with Cameron.  I smiled as I shook my head and walked out of the room.  I grabbed the cordless phone and dialed the number to my home back in California.  After a couple of rings someone picked up the phone.

"Huh.. Hello?"  The voice was panting.

"Matt...try to take a breather or two once in awhile.  You and Eric don't have to have sex 24 hours a day."

"Hehe, shut up dude.  We're not having sex.  Your pain in the ass brother just fell over cuz he won't sit still, so I had to lug his heavy ass off the ground and back on the bed."  I heard Eric yell out in the background, 'Did you just call me fat?!?'

"Uh.. dude.. you do know his legs aren't broken right?"

"They aren't?!?!?"  I burst out laughing.  "Yeah, I know.  But his one not so beat up arm isn't strong enough yet to give him enough leverage.."

"I know, bro.  I'm just playin'.  Tell him I'm on the phone."  I heard rustling then the phone being juggled around.

"Hello?"  Eric's raspy voice came through the receiver.

"Hey, bro."

"Cameron did his job well I see."

"Yeah, he wants that ice cream.You better get him it, or he just might sick Scooby Doo on your ass."

"We wouldn't want that now would weYou know I'm not into animals."  We both snickered then an awkward silence fell over the phone.  Eric and I have been talking again, but things between us were still tense to say the least.  The past couple of months have been a healing period for both of us.  "Look.. Blade.. I never really thanked you for what you did.."

"You don't have to thank me, Eric."

"Yeah, I do.  Blade, you risked your life for me.  If it wasn't for...well whoever that was that you said took down Scott, you'd be dead."  The reality of it all sent a chill up my spine.  The whole event has been somewhat of a hush hush situation.  No one has really brought it up and apparently we weren't supposed to.  Marcus, Trevor and Gary were all arrested by the local police, but Scott seems to have disappeared.  Two men in suits showed up before the police did, took Scott with them and told Eric and I that we hadn't seen anything, that Scott was going to some psychiatric hospital.  The feeling of not knowing where Scott is still plagues me in the back of my mind, but I can't let myself dwell on it.  Eric and I have just left it alone thus far.

"It was my fault you were in that situation.  If I hadn't left, you most likely wouldn't have even been involved in Scott's sick game.  I ran away from my troubles, and you paid for them.  The beating I took was what I deserved..."

"No one deserves what you took.  If I was actually conscious enough to see Scott assault you like he did, I probably would have given up right then and there.  I mean, I've never seen anyone get the best of you."

"You can't win them all, bro.  I was outmatched.  If it was one on one, it might have been a different story.  But it's over now.My wounds have healed emotionally and physicallyWe're both here and alive."

"Who do you think saved us?"  Eric's question brought up unsettling feelings inside of me.  The fact is, in my heart I knew.  In my mind I didn't and couldn't except it.  It wasn't possible.

"Our guardian angel."  Our conversation fell silent once again.  The impact of the whole situation had taken it's toll on both of us.  It's not something you can go through and not be at all emotionally scarred by.  "How are you holding up?"

"I don't arm is still messed up.  I can't even help myself with some basic activities anymore.  I can't sleep at night.  The only time I ever get any kind of sleep is when Matt's here.  I'm afraid to be alone in the dark."  His voice started quivering.

"Shh.. don't worry, Eric.  It's over.  No one is going to get to you again, not while I'm around."

"W-when are you coming back?"

"Soon.  I'm working hard on my studio obligations, and I'm just waiting for the final documents to come to finalize Cameron's adoption.  Then I'll be home."

"I'm sorry for being an asshole about you leaving.  I just need you, ya know?  You're my rock.  I get my strength from you.  I thought a lot about everything when I was tied up in that building.  When I knew that all of them assholes were out to kill you.. it just put everything into perspective for me.  You could've.. we both could've died not talking to each other.  I would have lost you, and you would've died thinking I hated you.  I'm not going to take you for granted anymore."

"Thanks, Eric. Hehe.. I owe you a hug."  I felt a tugging at my towel and glanced down.  Cameron stood there looking up into my eyes.  His patented puppy dog eyes look was on in full force.

"Daddy, can we go to the doggy store pwease?"  His lips formed a small pout.

"We can go in a little while, just let me finish talking to Uncle Eric first, okay bud?"  He nodded and ran off smiling.  "Sorry, bro."

"It's all right.  I still can't get over that..."


"That you're a father.  It's so weird."

"Hehe.. yeah.  I didn't expect to be a father this soon either.  Cameron is such a great kid though.  He's got Joey and Nikki mixed in him, he has no other choice, but to have a good heart. He's gonna be a heartbreaker when he gets older."

"He'll take after his daddy."  I blushed slightly at his comment.  "Hehe, you still get embarrassed easily.  Oh, and speaking of heartbreakers, I still haven't seen or heard from your new boy."

"You will.  He's coming with me."

"Well, I'd hope so. From what Kai has said, Chance makes you happy."

"Yeah, he does."  I glanced back into the bedroom where Chance was getting dressed.  "He's so great, dude.  You'll like him."

"I'm sure I will.  Well, I have to go.  My obligatory tutoring service is on his way."

"Well you do need your schooling.  Who's your tutor?"

"Well, it's Matt."

"Haha, you're joking right?  You are so not getting any work done."

"Sure I do.  I improve my technique every time.."

"Okay, I gotcha.  You need to do your actual school work though."

"I know.  That's why I'm having Ben come over and help too."

"Ben?  Tell him I said what's up.  I miss that kid."

"I will.  I'll talk to you soon.. hurry up and get over here already.  Love you, Blade. Bye."

"I love you too, Eric.  I'll see you soon."  I hung up the phone and made my way back to the bedroom where Chance was lounging.  My eyes met his.

"Pet store?"  He asked with a grin.

"Pet store."  I just smirked and nodded my head.


The blinding sun pounded down on the white sand off the coast of O'abuHawaii.  The icy blue colored water splashed gently in the calm wind billowing throughout scattered palm trees across the island.  The water glided through the flowing hair of a lone surfer as his board cut through an oncoming wave.  His deeply tanned skin seemed to glow under the sun's watchful eye as he did what he had grown to love over the course of his 18 years of life.  A determined, yet joyful look shone through in his sparkling blue eyes, setting off his contagious smile as a monster wave built up behind him.  His tight muscles drove through the water, paddling on the line-up for the speed that he needed to take on the approaching barrel.  He hit the take-off point right on time and rode it like a pro.  Ripping the wave is what Kai Kimbal does when he's at the top of his game.  The wave is his sanctuary, surrendering its massive power to Kai's undeniable skill as he hits an incredibly difficult aerial, then comes down from his glory, kicking out to finish off his run for the day.  He paddled back to shore, and tiredly trekked over the burning sand towards his audience.

A smile crept upon the face of the blonde boy in waiting.  He sat under the shade of a large pa'm tree watching Kai own the ocean.  He sighed to himself as Kai came up to him, smiling and excited about his venture.  "I just caught dakine wave, brah."

"Speak english, surf god."  A snicker crept from the smooth lips of Kai's protégé.

"You're just jealous, dude.  All you can do is look pretty, Riley. Nice to look at, but way too much talk."  Kai teased as he took a seat in the sand next to his friend.

"Hey, I came here by request.  Is this how you always treat your guests when you take them to a tropical island?"  Riley smirked.

"You make everything sound so dirty."  Kai shook his head as he grinned.  "So, you think this will do?"

"I don't know anyone that would be disappointed with an ocean side wedding ceremony."  Kai and Jordan decided to check out all their options for a location to hold their blessed day.  Las Vegas was the original plan, but Kai's love of the beach swayed he and Jordan to move ahead with a Hawaiian wedding.  A two mile stretch of the beach was roped off by various exotic flowers, marking the territory reserved for Kai and Jordan.  Tables and chairs were starting to be readied as the big day approached rapidly. "Two weeks, bro.  Two weeks and you'll be tied down for life."

"Why do you make it sound so bad, dude?  I can't think of a better way to spend my life than with Jordan."

"I can.."  Riley muttered under his breath.

"What?"  Kai questioned, not quite hearing Riley's remark.

"How do you know he's the one for you?"  Riley had been harboring his feelings for Kai since the day they met.  His flirtatious manor around everyone was his way to keep anyone from realizing where his heart really was.

Kai looked at Riley strangely, "Is there something you're getting at?"

"What if you're making a mistake?  What if..."

"I'm not.  Why are you being like this?"

"Because..."  Riley turned his head quickly and placed his lips over Kai's before Kai could even react to what was happening.  Kai struggled, but Riley grabbed his arms and held them still as he continued to savor the taste of Kai's cherry lips.  After a few moments, Riley felt Kai's lips start to kiss back, giving into Riley's insistent tactics.  A slight whimper came from Kai as Riley straddled his legs for better leverage as they lip wrestled.  Riley glanced down at Kai's board shorts which were starting to sport an obvious bulge


The sound of a cell phone broke Kai out of his trance and he quickly scrambled out from under Riley, tossing the boy over into the sand in the process. Kai picked up the phone and hit the talk button, desperately trying to catch his breathe, "Hello?"  Kai breathed out deeply.

"Hey baby."  Kai froze as the reality of the whole situation hit him, "You sound like you've been out on the waves.  Take a break once in awhile."

"I *cough* I will.  What's up, J?"  Thoughts raced through Kai's mind as he tried to compose himself.  He glanced at Riley who lay in the sand watching him with a goofy grin on his face.

"Nothing...are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm okay."

"Well, I wanted to know how everything was going.  Is the location all good to go?"

"Yeah, it's beautiful.  I've been surfing most of the day.  All of the tables, chairs, and decorations are here, they just need to be setup."

"How's my favorite person doing?"  Jordan asked with a discontent tone to his voice.  His distaste for Riley was well documented to Kai and anyone else who ever saw them around each other.  Kai turned away from Riley as he answered Jordan.

"He's good.  Just been watching me surf, hanging out on the beach.  I miss you, Jordan.  I wish you were here with me right now."  If only Jordan could know how true those words were at that moment.  Kai's trust in himself had just literally been shattered.

"I do too.  I can't wait until this week is over.  I'm on the first flight out there."  Jordan's obligations to high school had to be put first right now.  His wedding and honeymoon would require him to take a considerable amount of time off, so he couldn't afford to miss anymore school.  "So, have you decided who's going to be your best man?"

"Yeah, I was thinking.... uhh.."  Kai turned around to a now very naked Riley.  Riley just put one finger to his mouth, and pushed Kai up against the palm tree.

"Everything all right?"  Jordan asked.

"Y-yeah.  I was gonna ask Bl.."  Riley undid the drawstring of Kai's trunks and swiftly pulled the wet clothing down over Kai's smooth thighs.  Kai tried to push Riley away with his one free hand, but Riley knocked it away, eyeing Kai's package while licking his lips.

"Kai?"  Kai inhaled deeply as he felt Riley's hand rubbing his most private place.  He pushed Riley off, but Riley once again, held firm and pulled Kai down onto the sand.  The phone fell out of Kai's hand and hit the ground. "Kai?  Hello?Jordan's voice continued to echo out from the receiver.  Riley reached over and turned off the phone.

"Riley.. stop... we can't..."  Riley placed his lips over Kai's one more time then pulled away.

"Just relax, Kai..."  Riley's lustful gaze held Kai's as his blonde head of hair slowly descended down Kai's body to the ultimate prize.. "Surf's up."  Riley grinned as he lowered his mouth over Kai's tender flesh and claimed what he wanted more than anything.

The sexual haze engulfed Kai.  The feeling of Riley's moist lips sliding down his shaft blinded his self control.  "Dude.."

Riley pulled up off of Kai's cock momentarily, "Kai, let me do this. Let me show you that Jordan isn't the one for you."  Riley plunged back down on Kai's manhood, taking it to the hilt.  Kai could feel his will becoming nonexistent when Riley's words replayed in his head.

'Jordan isn't the one for you.'  Kai snapped out of his trance and pushed Riley off his cock.  Kai grabbed his shorts and pulled them on as quickly as possible.  "You're wrong, Riley.  I love Jordan, and no matter what you say, this,"  Kai grabbed his crotch, "And this," Putting his hand to his heart, "Will never belong to you."  With that Kai grabbed his surfboard and walked away, leaving Riley sitting in the sand looking on, the anger simmering in his eyes..


"Eric, you might want to actually look at the book."  Ben teased.  Eric's eyes never seemed to leave Matt.  They kept making googoo eyes at each other, and in the process, kept Eric from getting much work done.

"I'm paying attention..."  Eric spoke softly, his voice trailing off.

"Oh really?"  Ben asked.

"Uh huh."

"Do birds fly?"

"Uh huh."

"Do pigs have wings?"

"Uh huh.."

Ben smirked, "Am I sitting here jerking off?"  Eric and Matt's heads snapped in Ben's direction.  His olive complexion, combined with one of the most flawless looking faces around made him a real looker.  Ben smiled and shook his head.  "You two are hopeless."

"Okay, I get the point.  I'll pay attention."  Eric grumbled.

"Good.  Now, let's get to work on some math..."  Ben was interrupted by the doorbell.  He looked over at Matt who was having a staring contest with Eric again.  "Gee, why don't I get that."  Ben said sarcastically.  He jogged down the stairs and opened the front door.  "Hey, what's up man?"

Jake stood there with a small grin on his face, "Not much. You hanging out with Eric now?"

"Well, I'm helping with his tutoring.... but it's not getting anywhere."  Jake laughed.

"Stare down huh?"  Ben just grinned and nodded.

"I think they need to be physically separated sometimes."  Jake reached into the back pocket of his jeans, pulled out a squirt gun and threw it to Ben.

"You just have to know how to handle 'em."  Jake said as he pulled out another squirt gun.  Ben smiled with mischief lighting up his eyes.  "Operation Horny Hose Down commencing on go...Go!"  Ben went into secret agent mode as he peered around the corner of the front door.  He swung in, holding his squirt gun out in front of him.

"Living room... clear."  Ben waved Jake in.  Jake commando rolled through the front door, causing Ben to bust out laughing.  Jake hopped to his feet and put a finger to Ben's lips.

"Shhhh."  Their eyes met briefly, before Jake pulled his finger away.  "One noise could blow the whole mission.."  Ben kept his smirk as Jake peered around the bottom of the stairway.  He motioned for Ben to go ahead, "You head up, I'll cover you."

Ben crept up the stairs, trying his best to keep from making any noise.  He pressed his back up against the wall outside Eric's room, before pivoting so he was holding his squirt gun out, aimed at the bed.  What he saw shocked him and caused his jaw to drop.

Matt naked from the waist down was sitting, straddled over Eric's naked body.  Matt leaned over and started kissing, while his ass started to grind against Eric's rock hard cock.  Matt lifted his ass off of Eric's waist and moved back.  Matt grabbed Eric's dick and started stroking it.  Matt's ass lined up with Eric's cock and slowly started to descend downward as the tip started to penetrate Matt's hole.

Ben shook himself out of the state of shock he was in.  He couldn't take his eyes off the sight in front of him, but couldn't resist the thought that was running through his mind.  He tip toed toward the bed, and as soon as Matt went all the way down on Eric's cock, Ben let loose a barrage of water all over Matt and Eric's tangled bodies.  The two boys yelled out startled, as Matt turned his head to see Ben backing away holding his hands up in surrender.  The glare on Eric's face said it all as he too started to scramble off the bed the best he could.  "Get him!"  Eric yelled out.  Matt hopped off the bed, clad only in his shirt, dick swaying, and started stalking towards Ben.  Ben turned on his heels and sprinted out of the room, slamming the door behind him, temporarily stopping Matt's chase.

Ben glanced back to see Eric's bedroom door opening, and in that moment of distraction he crashed right into something solid and tumbled down the rest of the stairwell.  When the tumbling finally stopped he shook his head and opened his eyes, feeling a weight upon his now aching body.  His dark eyes came in contact with an equally dark set staring into his own.  Jake's body laid on top of Ben's, both boys dazed from the impact of falling down the stairs.  Jake seemed to recover first, "Uh.. are you okay?"  Ben just stared into Jake's eyes, a weird feeling rushing through his entire body.  He opened is mouth, but no words came out.  "Ben?  Bro, are you all right?"  Jake brought a hand up to Ben's forehead, as loud footsteps came from the stairway.

"Well, well, well, now who's caught in the act?"  Eric voice broke the tension in the room, and Jake scrambled off of Ben.

"Shut up, Eric.. we fell down the stairs and landed like that."  Jake said.

"Likely story.  You just happened to land on top of him, and you just happened to lay there and stare into his eyes huh?"  Matt teased.

"Whatever.  If you guys weren't too busy fucking all the time and paid attention to your work none of this would have happened."  Jake spat out, anger boiling over in his voice.  "And clothes are meant to be worn not to be used for carpet."

Eric looked at Jake curiously, surprised by his outburst, "Dude, chill out.  We're just joking around."

"Well, it's not funny.  I'm not like that."  Jake said, the shakiness in his voice gave away how upset he was getting.  Ben propped himself up against the wall, a glassy look shining in his eyes.

"Like what, Jake?"  Eric's voice became serious and riddled with anger.  "Not queer?  Not a faggot?  Not like your best friends?  What?  Is there something suddenly so wrong with us?"

"No.. ugh, just forget it.  Ben are you all right?"  Jake looked at Ben who just stared at the ground and nodded his head.  "I'm out of here then."

"Run, dude.  You're good at that."  Jake turned and glared at Eric before walking out the front door, slamming it hard behind him.

Matt ran a hand over Eric's back, trying to calm him down, "Eric, just relax.  Take a deepbreathe and calm down."

"I don't care, what the fuck is his problem?  Why would he say something like that?  We were just joking, we weren't questioning his sexuality, but no, he had to go and make it sound like we're disgusting or something."

Ben pulled himself up and rubbed his head, "I-I gotta go guys.  Sorry for interrupting your fun.  I'll see you tomorrow when I get done with training after school.  Call me if you need any help.."  Ben scurried out the door before Matt or Eric could say anything.

"What's his problem now?  We still have another hour before I'm supposed to be done with my tutoring."  Eric whined.

Matt looked out the window at Ben, who stood outside leaning against his car.  He ran his hands through his hair, a troubled look plaguing his face.  "Something spooked both of them."


"Nevermind.. let's get back upstairs and finish your work."

A small grin started to appear on Eric's face, "I like my work."  He walked up behind Matt and started kissing his neck.

"Hehe.. your actual school work, tiger."

"Aww man..."  Matt pushed back into Eric's crotch, grinding his ass into him.

"Do your work then we get to play."  They both smirked at each other, and headed back upstairs...


"Butdaddyyyyyy!!"  Cameron wailed as he tugged at my arm.  I opened the door to Mark's house, and walked in, despite Cameron's efforts.

"Cam, I told you no."  I said sternly.  He looked up at me and his lip started to quiver and his eyes got glassy.

"But I want a puppy..."

"We can't, bud.  There's too many things going on right now, and we are moving shortly.  When you're older then we'll talk about getting a puppy."  Tears streamed down his face as he gave me the most heart wrenching look ever.  "Cam, don't do that.. come on.."  Chance came walking in the door and Cameron immediately spun on his heels and ran over to him.

"Chance can I get a puppy pweaaaseeee?"  He turned on the pleading look right away.  I shook my head.  He's going to be a hell of an actor someday.

"Umm, I don't know bud.  What did your dad say?"  Cameron glanced at me, and tugged on Chance's sleeve.  Chance leaned down and Cameron whispered in his ear, "He says that I can have one if you say so."

"Well in that case, I guess you can."  Chance looked at me, and the look on my face told him he had just been duped.

"Cameron Sebastian."  Cameron looked at me wearily, "What did I tell you about lying?"

"But daddy.."

"No...what did I tell you?"

"Don't do it."  He said dejectedly.  His head dropped as he looked down at the ground.  I sighed, then walked over and kneeled in front of him.

"Look... after we move to California and get settled in, we'll get you a puppy okay?"  Cameron looked into my eyes and smiled.  He jumped into my arms, hugging me and knocking me over in the process.

"Yay!!!  Chance did you hear that!?  I'm gonna get a doggie!!"  Cameron jumped up and ran into the living room to spread the news.

Chance followed me into the kitchen shaking his head, "Sorry.  I didn't know you told him no already."  I let Chance walk ahead of me, then wrapped my arms around his waist.

"Don't worry, I know you didn't. Cam's just getting the hang of the sneaky phase I guess."

"How are we ever going to be able to say no to those doe eyes of his?"

"Good question..."  Just then Erik walked into the room.  He looked at us, then glanced down nervously.

"Is this a uh, bad time?  Cause' I can wait until after."  Erik started to walk back into the living room when I stopped him.

"Nah bro, it's fine.  What do you need?"  I asked.

"Could I talk to you in private.. if that's okay?"  Erik's eyes darted from me to Chance, who just nodded then headed into the living room to join Cameron.  Erik walked over and took a seat at the table and I followed suit.  He fidgeted with his hands while keeping his eyes trained down at the table.

"What's on your mind, Erik?"  I questioned

"I was just wondering, if um, there's been any word on what's going to happen to me when you move back to California.  I mean, you're leaving in a week right?"

"Yeah, we've started packing already.  To be honest with you I haven't heard much of anything.  I'm still waiting on everything to be cleared for Cameron to leave the state with Chance and I."  The look on his face seemed to drop even more so while listening to me.

"If they don't find me a home before you leave then what am I going to do?  They'll put me into some home for kids that people don't want and I'll never have a real family again."  Tears started to run down his cheeks.  "I've lost my mother and father in the last 3 months.  Now my little brother, you and Chance are leaving me too."  I moved my chair over beside him and put my arm around his shoulders.

"Erik, I really don't know what I can do.  I'll call Mrs. Dowling right now and see what's going on with your situation, but I can't guarantee anything.  You know I'd take you with me if I could, but..."

"Why can't you?!?  I don't understand why I can't live with you in California." Erik's voice raised in frustration.

"I-I'm only 18, Erik.  I wasn't prepared for a son at my age, let alone two.  That's not the point though, because the adoption agency told me the day that we got you out of your home not to even think about trying to get custody of you."

"So is it really because they said so, or because you don't want me?"  Erik shot back.

"Dude, you know that's not true.."  The phone rang interrupting our argument.  The tension was thick in the air as I picked up the receiver.  "Hello?"

"Mr. Stevens?"

"Yes, this is him."

"This is Sharon Dowling from Social Services.  How are you today?"

"I'm fine, and you?"

"Very well, thank you.  I'm calling to let you know that everything is pretty much settled as far as Cameron moving with you out of state.  There are some terms that you must agree to however."

"Terms?Such as?"

"First and foremost, you must sign a written statement guaranteeing that Cameron will be living in the state of California with you for no less than a period of one year.  Breaking this agreement could bring on a legal proceeding where you could ultimately end up losing Cameron."

"I'm not planning on moving again once I'm there, and I don't appreciate being threatened on the matter."

"It's not a threat, Mr. Stevens.  It's to ensure stability for Cameron. There's been some rumblings from some of the higher ups here about the incident that occurred back in October.  Mainly they are concerned about your qualifications at raising a child when you obviously have some personal problems."

"Those problems, as you call them, are in jail.  I am perfectly capable of taking care of Cameron and giving him everything he needs."

"Yes, I'm sure you are.  A couple of my superiors are requesting that you come down to the offices for a meeting before Cameron is officially approved to be your son and live in another state."

"I am leaving for California in one week.  Cameron is coming with me period.  He IS my son, and has been for the past 3 months.  The papers were signed a long time ago.  I don't know where these problems are suddenly arising from, but your superiors can kiss my ass if they think they're taking him away from me."

"Mr. Stevens I suggest you calm down because if you lose your temper in this meeting with them you will be proving them right—that you are too young, too unstable and too immature to father a 4 year old child."

By the look on Erik's face he could practically see the steam coming off my skin, "When is it?"

"One hour.  Is that all right with you?"

"Kind of short notice isn't it?"


"Yeah, I'll be there."

"Good.  I'll see you then.  Take care..."  Erik looked down at the table, seemingly defeated as he figured the conversation was over.

"Wait, I need to talk to you about Erik."

"Erik's situation will be discussed with you at the meeting.  I have an appointment in 5 minutes, so I must be going.  Good bye."  I heard a click at the other end of the line then hung up the phone myself.

"Erik, I'm sorry if I upset you, but I'm stressing as it is over everything.  I have a meeting in an hour and I'll find out what's going on from there."

"I can't go into one of those places.  Do you know how hard it is to come out of an orphanage and make it on your own?  I'd rather just die."

"Don't say that.  I'll take care of it, don't worry."

I turned and walked into the living room to let Chance know what was going on.  He sat on the couch with his arm around Cameron, both of them laughing at some cartoon they were watching.  Cameron glanced up from the TV momentarily and saw me walking into the room.  He jumped off the couch and sprinted towards me.  I scooped him up in my arms and turned him upside down. "Whereya going now?"  I grinned at him.

"Daddy!  Let me down."  He giggled as he spoke, trying to worm his way out of my grip.

"Hmmm...I don't know.  Chance, don't you think Cam needs to be tortured a little bit?"

"NOOOOO!!!"  Cameron yelled.  Chance stood up with a smirk and walked towards us.

"Why Cameron.. are you afraid of the lethal.. TICKLE TORTURE?!?"  Chance screamed as he started to tickle Cameron's sides.  I smiled as Cameron laughed hysterically pleading to be let down.  Finally after a couple minutes, I put my arm around his back and pulled him up so he was secure in my arms.

"I don't wike you anymore."  He pouted.  I leaned my head forward and touched my nose to his.

"You don't?  That's funny because I love you."  Cameron tried to hold back a smile, but his small lips spread and his teeth showed through.

"Iwuv you too."  I had to laugh at how adorable he was.  Cameron wrapped his arms around my neck and laid his head on my chest as I motioned for Chance to come with me to Cameron's bedroom.

"I have to go to a meeting with Social Services in a about 45 minutes.  Are you working today?"

"Yeah, I have to be there in half an hour actually."

"Hmm..  Mark is at school.  Chris is probably wherever Mark is and Davey is too young."

"Well, Cam will be all right with Erik, won't he?"

"Yeah, but there's always a chance that some nosy social worker could pop up while we're gone."

"So what are we going to do?  I'd call into work, but I'm already in hot water over there as it is."  I thought for a minute then an idea popped into my head.

"Nope, we're good."  I leaned over and kissed Chance sweetly on the lips.  "I'm going to get Cameron ready to go, do me a favor and tell Erik and Davey to get dressed to go out."

"Where are you taking them?"

"Cameron's going to meet his mother."

"Are you sure that's a good idea?"  Chance questioned.

"Yeah.. I promised Nikki I'd take Cameron to meet her."

"Are you going to tell him that she's his mother?"

"I'll leave that up to her.  Go get yourself ready for work, sexy."  I placed my lips over Chance's again, letting my tongue flick over the subtle softness of the pink flesh.

"Ewwww.  Spit swappers."  Chance and I broke apart to see Davey standing in the doorway.  "You guys are just like my brother and Chris.  They're always trying to swallow each other's heads."

I started to walk slowly towards him, "Why Davey, in a year or so you're going to be trying to do the same thing with some pretty girl from your school."  His eyes met mine, his face wrinkled up from hearing the notion of him doing something like that.

"You used to be so cool.  You're just a perverted old man now."  A huge smile broke out on his face as he took off running into the other room.  I looked into the other room and saw Chance getting Cameron and Erik ready to go, so I decided to play Davey's game.

I snuck around the corner, carefully watching for him.  I knew he had to be hiding in his bedroom, because that was the only room at the end of the hallway.  I noticed some movement under his bed, so I hopped up on to his dresser.  After a few minutes, he got tired of waiting, just like I planned and crawled out from under the bed.  By the time he saw me I had already leapt from the dresser and pounced on him.  "I'm still the coolest."

"No you're not.. "  He said through laughter.

"Say Blade, you're the coolest person to ever walk the face of the earth.  Then I'll let you go."

"But it's not true." Davey's words were muffled as he tried to keep his laughter down by pushing his face against a pillow.

"Fine, but remember you brought this on yourself."  I sat on his back and turned around.  I lifted his shirt up and grabbed the waistband of his boxers and yanked up hard on them.

"YEOWWWW!!!!"Davey yelped.  I rolled off of him and watched on snickering as he valiantly tried to remove the work of an atomic wedgie.

"Sorry, bro, but you deserved it.  Once you get those boxers out of your ass, throw some good clothes on so we can get going."  I could hear him mumbling as I walked out of the room.

Erik was sitting at the kitchen table with Cameron in his lap.  I watched on as Erik was showing Cameron how to sound out words from a Dr. Seuss book.  "See, this one right here, how do you say that, Cam?"

Cameron furrowed his brow as he studied the book, "Gre.. gre.. Gren?"

"Close.  Okay, the first part was Gre.  You are right about that.. but when you put it together with the other half, it sounds like green."  I smiled then made my presence known.

"Are you guys ready?"  They both shook their heads. "Davey how's it going up there?"Davey came walking into the kitchen, a little bull legged I might add.

"It's just great up there. Grrr."  He growled at me making me snicker.  Chance came sauntering in next, then we all headed out the door.

We all hopped into Chance's car and went on our way.  Chance drove rather quickly, his shit at work was set to start within 10 minutes.  We arrived at the Starbucks Chance and I met at and he jumped out of the car in a hurry.  I stepped out of the passenger side and met him halfway.

"Here you go."  Chance said, handing his keys to me.  I leaned over and gave him a kiss goodbye.

"I'll pick you up at eleven.  I love you; have a good night at work."  He shot me a smile and mouthed the words 'I love you too; as he scurried inside.  I got into the driver's side of the car, checked to make sure everyone was all secure with their seat belts, then head off to Nikki's.

About 15 minutes later we arrived at an apartment complex in the upper east side of Manhattan.  I got out of the car and the three boys followed as we entered the lobby of the building.  I hit the buzzer to apartment 22 and waited for an answer.  Cameron tugged on my shirt to get my attention.

"Daddy where are we?"  I kneeled down in front of him and looked him in the eyes.

"I brought you here to meet someone very special, Cameron.  This whole thing will probably be very hard for you to understand until you get older.. but you're going to meet your mo.."  A voice over the intercom interrupted me mid phrase.

"Someone buzzed?"  I recognized the voice as Nikki's mother's.

"Yes, it's Blade, Mrs. Sunderland."

"Oh, hello Blade!  I'll buzz you in."  A buzzing noise came sounding through the lobby and the door to the stairwell opened.  I picked up Cameron and walked up the stairs with Erik and Davey in tow.  We stepped onto the second floor and walked a few feet down the corridor to Apt. #22.  I knocked on the door and Mrs. Sunderland opened it promptly.

"It's nice to see you again, Blade."  She stepped forward and was about to hug me when she saw Cameron in my arms.  She looked at my face then back at Cameron, who looked on wearily.  She seemed to be a bit speechless at first glance so I stepped in.

"Mrs. Sunderland, this is Cameron."  I could see the emotion pour into her eyes as she saw her grandson for the first time since his birth.  The way the court had worked it out, Cameron wasn't supposed to really meet his blood relatives unless it was his will when he got older, but I promised Nikki she'd get the chance to meet him.

Mrs. Sunderland ran her hand along Cameron's cheek"Such a beautiful boy.."  I thought I saw a tear slide down her cheek as she turned and started back into the apartment.  "Come on in boys, I'll go get Nikki."  I let Davey and Erik into the apartment ahead of me, then I shut the door as I stepped inside with Cameron.

I looked around the place, it was a pretty big apartment, probably as close to a penthouse as you could get without actually having a penthouse.  Nikki's modeling certainly did pay well for her to live in a place like this in the city.  Mrs. Sunderland had us sit down in the living room area then she went to go get some drinks for everyoneI heard noise coming from one of the rooms in the back, so I assumed Nikki was getting ready.  Mrs. Sunderland came back out of the kitchen and handed Erik, Davey and Myself a drink.  Cameron immediately started his puppy dog look letting me know that he wanted one too, so I just held the glass to his mouth and let him sip from it.  He pulled away from the glass with a nice red mustache from the fruit punch.  I ruffled his hair causing him to scrunch up his face and giggle.

"Mom, do you know where my studded earrings are?"  Nikki walked into view in the hallway.  Her body looked a lot thinner than the last time I had seen her.. almost too thin.  She was dressed in a black and white dress, most likely something she had modeled because it wasn't something an everyday person would where around the house.  She turned her head and noticed me sitting on the couch.  A smile spread on her face, then she walked down the hallway towards me.  Nikki's eyes caught sight of Cameron as she got closer and she almost froze in place.  Her composure was regained quickly and she kept stride as she approached us.  Erik and Davey had been chattering back and forth with each other, but when Nikki entered the room their jaws dropped.  I literally had to jab them in the side to stop gawking.

"Dude.."Faintly escaped Erik's lips.Davey just nodded in agreement, as they sat in awe of Nikki's beauty.  She walked over and took a seat that was off to the side of the couch near Cameron and me.

"Hey, Blade."  Nikki smiled warmly and gave me a light kiss on the cheek.

"How's it going, beautiful?"  I asked, returning her smile.

"I can't complain.  Who did you bring with you here?"  She motioned to the two gawkers and Cameron.

"Well there at the end is Erik, he's been staying with us over at Mark's, and the one drooling next to him is Davey, Mark's little brother."

"Nice to meet you guys."

"N-n-nice to me-meet you too."  Erik stuttered out.  I held back my laughter at how nervous he was. Davey on the other hand regained his composure quickly.

"Are you a model? Or a celebrity?  No wait!  You're that doritos girl aren't you!?  This is so cool.  Wait until all my friends at school hear about how I met the Doritos girl.  If I throw one from across the room will you catch it like in the commercial?  That would be so cool..."  I put my hand over his mouth to shut him up for two seconds.  Nikki just laughed at his enthusiasm.

"No, hun, I'm not the Doritos girl.  I am a model though."

"I can tell.  You're hot."  I shot him a look.  "What?"  He asked sheepishly.

"Maybe I'll come by your school sometime and you can introduce me to your friends?"  Nikki said, being friendly.

"Don't encourage him." Said Erik.  Nikki turned her attention to Cameron.  Her eyes seemed to study every detail of his face before she looked up at me.  I took that as my cue to finally introduce the two of them.  "This is Cameron.  Cameron, this is Nikki."  Nikki's eyes welled up as I handed him over to her.  He sat quietly on her lap, looking nervous, but curious as to why Nikki was crying.  He turned his head towards me and tried to whisper so no one would hear him.

"Daddy, why is she crying?"  I looked at Nikki, but neither of us really knew what to tell him.

"She's just happy to see you, Cam."

"Ohhh."  He said as if he made some huge discovery.  He leaned up and kissed Nikki on the cheek, giggling to himself.  "Now she don't have to be sad, huh daddy?"  Everyone laughed, with the tension seemingly broken.

"Yeah,Cam.  Nikki, is it okay if I leave these guys here for awhile?  I have to get over to Social Services for a meeting."

"Of course, Blade.  They're welcome anytime.  Is everything all right?"  She said, referring to the meeting.

"Yeah, just some legal garbage.  They want to discuss what happened in October and so forth.  Hopefully I'll be in and out.  I really should get going though, I'm going to be late."

"Okay, we'll be here when you get back.  Good luck."

"Thanks.  Bye guys, I'll be back in a little while.  Erik has my cell number if you need anything."  I opened the door and started to leave when Cameron came sprinting over and latched onto my leg.

"I want to come with you!"  He whined.  I kneeled down in front of him.

"You have to stay here, Cam.  You'll have fun with Nikki, and I'll be back shortly I promise."  His lip quivered like he was going to cry.  "Aww bud.. don't cry."  He wrapped his little arms around my waist and started to cry on my shoulder.  "I tell you what...if you stay here and be good, I'll take you for ice cream on the way home okay?"  His tears started to taper off as he pulled away.

"Okay..."  I kissed him on the forehead, then he sulked back over to the couch.  I waved and then walked out the door.

I sped off to the Social Services office as fast as possible.  I swear it would be a miracle if I ever got anywhere on time.  I pulled into the parking lot and parked the car, then dashed inside.  The receptionist informed the social workers of my arrival and they immediately buzzed me in.  I walked into a large room, with a long table that could seat about 30 people.  There were 5 people seated already.  Mrs. Dowling and Mr. Powel were there, along with 3 older men that seemed to have scowls on their faces as I approached.

Mr. Powel stood and greeted me, "Nice to see you, Mr. Stevens.  Please take a seat at the head of the table and we'll get started."  I did as I was asked and then waited for the whole process to begin.  After a few moments, one of the older gentlemen spoke up.

"It has come to our attention that in October of this year you were involved in some sort of violent altercation.  One that almost cost you your life, in your home state of California.  Now, we are concerned about this because you have informed us that you will be moving back to that very same place where the altercation occurred."

"Listen, I understand your concern, but Cameron will be perfectly safe.  The people that attacked me are all locked up for a very long time..."

"Not all of them.  As I have been told that one of the boys..."

"Scott was taken to a psychiatric facility."

"We have received no record of that, and the police seem to know nothing of the sort."

"Well, I'm not the police, but I know okay?"  I tried to keep my cool.  One of the other men opened up a briefcase and started pulling photographs out and throwing them in front of me.

"You listen here you little punk.  You can keep your attitude all you want, but we are trying to ensure the safety of a 4 year old boy.  We are making sure that he isn't going to end up like this."  A photograph stared up at me from the table. A picture of my head with a large gash on it, dried blood everywhere.  My eyes were swollen over, and blood dripped from my mouth.  Another photo was then placed on top of it.  One with my shirt off.. showing the bruises on my ribs and the visible fracture of one of them.  My abdomen was also bruised with little cuts scattered over it.  My mind flashed back to that night looking at the pictures.

"Looks like this is it, Blade.  I may have fibbed a little about our deal."  Scott kicked me hard in the ribs, causing me to flip over onto my back.  He walked over to Eric and picked him up.  "Should I kill him first?  Or you?"  He dragged Eric closer to me.  His foot swung back and came down, kicking me in the side of the head, sending my head smacking against the cold concrete.

I snapped myself out of my daze and looked tried to keep myself from breaking down in front of the asshole trying to break me.  "Now tell me, Blade.  Do you really think you're capable of taking care of another human life when you barely seem to be able to take care of yourself?"

"Do you get pleasure out of trying to belittle people just because they're younger than you?  I'm 18 years old and I'm taking on the responsibility of a son by CHOICE.  Cameron has a good home and good family, and whether you think so or not, I am and always will be capable of giving him the life he deserves.  He was never and never will be put in danger.  Why do you think when all of this went down, I called and canceled his ticket to meet me in California?  For his well being.  Now I came here to sign papers so I can get the hell out of this state.  Let's get this over with."

The man gave me an evil glare, but Mr. Powel just shot him a look telling him to simmer down.  Mr. Powel pulled out a contract stating that I agreed to not move for the period of one year, in which case I did there would be a hearing to basically take Cameron away from me.  I signed it and handed it back.  "This will just take a minute to process.  Gentlemen, I believe our business is done here.  Mr. Stevens, I wish you the best of luck."  Mr. Powel shook my hand and then left the room, the three older men following suit.  Mrs. Dowling sat at the table reading over some documents in her hands.  She slid them over in front of me.

"I need you to read and sign these documents, that way I can get Erik placed into an orphanage as soon as possible."

"An orphanage?  I thought you were getting him a home?"

"It takes time, and we don't have a lot of parents seeking out boys in their mid teens these days."

"Why do I have to sign documents?"

"You have been his guardian since we took him from his home.  A foster home is what you've provided for him basically.  We need you to sign him over to make everything legal.  It's just a technicality."

I sat back and thought for a moment while reading the documents.  I brought the pen to the line, and then set it down.  "I won't be signing these papers."

"Excuse me?"

I slid the documents back over to her, "If I read those correctly, I have the option of signing them."

"Yes you do, but.."

"No...I think I'm all set here.  Since I'm already providing foster care for Erik, then I think I'll continue to do so, just back home."

"Blade, you're too young.."

"Mrs. Dowling, I've been fine with both of them for the last 3 months haven't I?"  She nodded, "Then why is everyone here fighting me?  I have my mother, my brother, my friends; everyone back in California.  Erik will have a good life there until you find him a home.  Who knows, maybe my mother will want to adopt him since only my younger brother is living at home with her.  Erik has made it clear to me that living in an orphanage is not going to work for him, and I don't know what he would do if he's forced to.  So if there's anything else I need to sign to make it all right for him to come with me as well, then could you please give it to me now so I can get all of this taken care of?"

She sighed, "All of the papers are already in place.  I will just change your address on the forms."  Mr. Powel walked back in with a copy of the contract for me.  "He will be taking Erik Dupri with him to Anaheim as well."  Mrs. Dowling informed Mr. Powel of my decision.

"Very well.  The other board members are going to hit the fan, but they'll get over it when they take their geritol.  I wish you good luck Mr. Stevens.  If you need anything you know where to reach Sharon and me."

"Thank you both for your help, I really appreciate it.  I'll keep in touch."  I took out my cell phone as I walked out of the building into the cold breeze of the night.  I dialed Nikki's number and waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?"  Nikki answered.

"Hey Nikki, it's Blade.  Can I speak to Erik please."

"Sure, hold on."  I heard the phone being fumbled around, then Erik's voice came over the receiver.


"Erik, guess what?"


"You're coming with us to California."  The phone dropped with a thud, with only the sound of celebrating in the background.  I hung up the phone and leaned against the carWhat a night....


1 week, 6 days later...

Thank you for flying American Airlines.  Please exit the plane in an orderly fashion and enjoy your time here in beautiful O'abuHawaii.

Jordan grabbed the few bags he had inside the plane with him and walked down the aisle of the plane.  His stomach was already in knots for tomorrow he would be a married man.  A loud thud sounded from behind him, causing him to turn around to see what the commotion was.  He laughed at the sight before him.

Eric lay in a prone position on the floor, one large bag on top of him, another one under him.  Matt grabbed for the large bag holding his boyfriend down on the ground.  "Eric, I told you not to bring this big ass bag onto the plane!  You can't be carrying these things with your arm still hurting you like it is.  I swear I don't know what I'm going to do with you..."  Eric looked up at his boyfriend and pouted.

"You're gonna love me forever and ever...and if you don't I will bury you in the sand before I leave."  Eric smirked.

"You two wanna get a move on sometime today?  Or are you going to just stare at each other for the rest of eternity?"  Ben smirked as he walked up behind Matt.  Matt leaned down and helped Eric to his feet, then slung the big bag over his shoulder.

" big strong he-man."  Eric fluttered his eye lashes, teasing Matt.

"You're so lucky my hands are full right now."  Matt scowled. Ben just nudged Matt, who in turned nudged Eric.Jordan shook his head at the three of them. The modern day version of the 3 Stooges.

They all exited the plane and collected their baggage in the lobby.  Eric walked up and put his good arm around Jordan's shoulders. Jordan just turned his head and smiled at him.  "So J, you're getting married tomorrow." Jordan nodded, smiling to himself.  "How does it feel?"

"I'm so happy, but I'm really scared at the same time.  I've got the pre wedding jitters, I want to jump for joy, and feel like I'm gonna throw up every 5 minutes."  Eric laughed pulling Jordan's head in close.

"Don't worry bro.  That's just PMS.  I'll get you some pills when we get back." Jordan snickered and gave Eric a little elbow in the side.  "Hey now, I'm a very fragile boy, watch where you're poking... unless it's with a different part of your anatomy."  Eric wiggled his eyebrows.

"I heard that!"  Matt yelled from behind them.

"Don't worry baby, I'm setting us up some hot Jordanlovin'." Jordan couldn't help but laugh in Eric's presence.  They had grown close over the summer, and being in school together gave them time to hang out a lot too.  Eric has made his life that much more enjoyable, especially at school.  He cried himself to sleep when he found out that Eric had been saved...not out of sadness, but out of joy.  Eric's an irreplaceable person and the world wouldn't be the same without him.

"Sorry, Eric.  I'm a one man kind of guy."

"Aww.. fineBe that way."  Eric stuck out his lower lip, pouting.  "I bet Kai is great in bed huh?" Jordan nearly stopped in his tracks at the randomness of Eric's question.


Eric smirked, "I'm just messing with ya."

The four boys exited the airport and headed to the hotel, which luckily had been reserved just a block away.  The boys walked to the hotel and checked in as quickly as possible.They didn't want to spend time cooped up in a room when they were in Hawaii.  Eric came sprinting out of his and Matt's room, slamming the door behind him.  He was dressed in only a pair of orange board shorts, a choker, and a towel draped over his shoulder.  Jordan stepped out of his room at nearly the exact same time, and before he knew was happening, Eric grabbed his arm and started dragging him down the hallway.  Jordan glanced back to see Matt come flying out of the room, naked as the day he was born.  "You're in so much trouble mister!"  He shouted as Eric and Jordan disappeared onto the elevator.

"What'd you do to him?  And damn...he looks good naked." Jordan grinned.

"Hell yeah he does...tastes even better."

"Okay.  More than I need to know."

"Yeahyeah.  You know you fantasize about us.  Anyway, I threw his clothes in that little space between the doors that join our room with your's and Ben's room.  Oh and did I mention I have the key?"  The smirk on Eric's face told all you need to know about his personality. Fun with a huge influence of mischief.

"Ben will have to get them for him.  It's kind of weird that Jake didn't come with us.  He is coming right?"  Eric's demeanor changed at the mention of his friend.

"I don't know.  He's been on his period for the past couple of weeks.  I sent him some tampons in the mail so hopefully he got over it enough to show up."

"Hehe...hopefully."  The two boys strolled down the street to the local beach.  Jordan was tempted to take a walk down to the wedding sight, but he wanted it to be a surprise for tomorrow, so they headed to the part that was still open to the public. Jordan opened up the bag he luckily remembered to sling over his shoulder before Eric ambushed him.  He pulled out a blanket and laid it out over the hot sand.  He peeled off his tank top leaving him in a pair of black and white board shorts.  Eric whistled as Jordan rubbed tanning lotion over his body.

"Rub it down baby!"  Eric yelled.  People around them glanced over, but didn't make any comments.

"Will you keep it down? Geez."  Eric just shrugged. Jordan looked on as Eric struggled to rub the tanning lotion on his own body. Jordan frowned, wishing that his friend's arm would hurry up and heal.  "You want some help?" Jordan asked.

"Yeah, if you don't mind."  Eric blushed a little bit, embarrassed by not being able to do some simple tasks for himself. Jordan squeezed some lotion onto his hands and began to rub it over Eric's already nicely tanned back. "Anything else?"

"Why Jordan, are you trying to seduce me?"  Eric teased.

"You wish.  Really though, do you need help with anything else?"

"Umm.. I didn't really do too well with my left side."  Jordan just crawled around so he was in front of Eric and rubbed lotion over his left pec, side and stomach.

"There.  Do my back for me please?" Jordan asked.  Eric happily obliged, playfully letting his hands slip under the back of Jordan's waistband at times, earning him a smack on the back of his hands.  Eric set the lotion down and both boys laid down on the blanket.  After baking in the sun for awhile, Jordan propped himself up on his elbow and turned toward Eric. "Hey, Eric?"

Eric stirred from his prone position, "Hmm?"

"Would you do something for me?"

"Sure, J.  What do you need?Jordan reached into his bag and pulled out a small box and handed it to Eric.  Eric popped it open and looked inside. Jordan expected some sort of smart remark, but instead was surprised at Eric's reaction.  "Dude...are you asking me what I think you're asking me?"

"I'm asking you to be my best man tomorrow."  Eric looked stunned.

"Why me?  I mean, you've got Matt, Ben, Jake, even Blade."

"Eric you've been a great friend to me.  We get along really well, and you make me smile a lot.  I just feel closer to you than anyone else, besides Kai.  I'd be honored if you would stand beside me tomorrow at the altar and take care of this ring for me.  I need your support to get through this."  Eric swatted at a tear that dropped from his eyes.  He leaned over and hugged Jordan tightly.

"Thank youJordan.  Seriously, you'll never know how much this means to me."

"If I didn't know better, I might have to choke Eric right about now..." Jordan looked up to see his beautiful boyfriend standing in front of him.  His golden tanned body radiated in the sunlight, setting off his longish sun bleached locks.  Kai smiled down at Jordan, the happiness pouring from every ounce of his being.

"You wish pretty boy.  I'd stomp all over your ass."  Eric rolled away from Jordan and onto his stomach.

"Jordan's the only one allowed all over my ass, sorry bro."  Kai grinned.

"You guys are so not any fun.  I offered Jordan the once in a lifetime chance of a three way with Matt and I, and he turned it down.  Who in their right mind would turn this down?"  Eric motioned to himself.  Kai and Jordan laughed.

"You're so modest.  Anyway, I came to collect you two.  We're all going to have dinner at the hotel restaurant."

"Who's all of us?" Jordan asked.

"You, me, Eric, Matt, Ben, Jake, his guest, Drew, Andy and Riley."

"Oh joy." Jordan scowled at the mention of Riley.  Kai shied away from saying anything, the events from earlier in the week still weighed in, in the back of his mind.

"Jake is hereAnd who's his guest?"

"Uh, I don't know.  I didn't see them yet, I just was told they had arrived."

"Drew and Andy.. I thought they were Scott's cronies.. dude, are you sure they're cool?"  Eric asked, visibly shaken.

"Yeah, they had nothing to do with that whole mess.  Eric, you know we wouldn't let anything happen to you again.  Your brother is going to be tracking you all the time when he gets back home, you know that.  Speaking of him, have you heard anything from him?  I haven't heard anything since last week."

"Same here.  He's so busy with everything.  I noticed you left him off the list of dinner guests as well."

"I'm assuming you're referring to Tyler."  Eric nodded, "He's on his way, but I don't know what time he's getting here.  Some recording obligation he had to take care of before he could leave.  Mr. Superstar in the making ya know.  Try to play nice when he does get here okay, brah?"  Eric begrudgingly nodded.  "Let's get back to the hotel so you guys can shower up, then we'll head to dinner in 3 hours."

The three boys collected their things and headed back in the direction of the hotel.  Off in the distance they were being watched by a very upset Riley.  He stood out of sight watching Kai's interaction with Jordan, cursing to himself.  "This is not going to end like this.."


Three and a half hours later...

"Chance, could you take this bag?  I'm gonna drop Cameron if I don't lose some of this luggage."  I gripped my arm tightly around Cameron's waist as I swung a bag over to Chance as we walked out of the airport.

"Sure, babe.  I can't believe he's sleeping through all of this.  Has he always been a sound sleeper, Erik?"

"Yeah, but I think the trip has just made him exhausted."  Erik's face was lit up like a Christmas tree ever since I let him know he would be coming to live with me.  I'm glad I made that choice, because I couldn't bear to see him miserable in some orphanage.  I heard a smack, and turned to see a bag fall out of Chance's hand.  Erik's hands were full as well, so I tried to lean down and help Chance, but ended up dropping one of my bags as well.

"Shit!"  I yelled out in frustration.  I glanced at Cameron, making sure I didn't just cuss in front of him while he was awake.  I went to grab for the bag again when another hand swooped down and picked it up.

"Need some help?"  As soon as I heard his voice I froze.  I stood up slowly, my eyes coming in contact with his.  In that single moment I felt my stomach tighten, and my mind start to race.

"Yeah, thanks man.  We're kind of falling apart here."  Chance said with a smile on his face.  Chance looked at me and then back at the boy in front of me.  "Blade, are you okay?"

I cleared my throat and spoke through the tension in the air, "Ahem.  Yeah, I'm okay.  Just umm.. yeah.  Chance this is TylerTyler this is Chance.."  Chance's eyes lit up in recognition as he reached out and shook Tyler's hand.  "This," I motioned to Erik, "Is Erik, and this is.."

"Cameron, right?"Tyler stated more than questioned.  I nodded.  "Well, um, we should probably get to the hotel.  I can take some more of your bags; I only brought a few of my own."  Cameron started to stir as I tried to shake another bag off my shoulder.

"Daddy, where are we?"  Cameron said sleepily, rubbing his eyes gently.

"We're in HawaiiCam.  We're gonna go see Kai, you remember him don't you?"

"Yeah!  He gave me candy!"  Cameron perked up almost instantly.  He showed his little white teeth with a wide smile.  His attention soon turned to Tyler, who was standing there, seemingly studying the scene in front of him.  "Who are you?" Tyler looked into my eyes as if questioning if he should answer.

"That's Tyler."

"I don't know him.  Let me down pwease."  Cameron squirmed out of my arms and ran over to Tyler.  "Hi, I'm Cameron Sebastian Marling."  He grabbed Tyler's hand, tugging him downward. Tyler kneeled down in front of him.

"Hi there, I'm Tyler Pierce.  I'm a friend of your daddy."  Tyler smiled widely, matching Cameron's own grin.

"Hey Tywer, do you want to come with me to see Kai?"  I was still in shock from seeing Tyler, even though I knew it was going to happen at some point on the trip.  Cameron seemed to lighten the mood for all of us just by being his adorable little self.

"Sure.  I'll follow you guys okay?"

Cameron shook his head, "Nuhuhhhhh."

"Why not?"

"Cuz I want you to hold my hand and we can run there!" Tyler once again glanced up at me with a smile on his face.  His glance briefly shifted to Chance who was being kind of unreadable, and then back to me.  I just shrugged and took his bags from him.  Cameron latched onto Tyler's hand and started running, before he realized he didn't know where to go. Tyler just laughed, picked him up, and started running towards the hotel with Cameron flailing his arms wildly.

"So that's him huh?"  Chance finally spoke.


"I can see why you were so in love with him."  Chance's voice seemed to drop a little bit.  I reached over and nudged his chin.

"Hey... I love you, okay?"  He nodded and started to walk off ahead of me.  I sighed to myself, and Erik just shrugged his shoulders at me as we too started on our way to the hotel.

In about ten minutes we arrived and checked in.  We had a suite for the four of us, just down the hall from the rest of the rooms.  Apparently Tyler had the same deal, as his room was right across the hall.  After depositing all of our luggage and unpacking what we needed for the day, I headed out of the room.  Erik was changing, while Chance jumped into the shower quick.  I knocked on Tyler's door so I could retrieve Cameron. Tyler promptly opened it.  He was obviously in the middle of changing, only wearing a pair of boxer briefs hugging him in all the right places.  His body had toned over a bit from the last time I had seen him.  "Come on in."  He spoke softly.  I followed him into the room to find Cameron jumping on the king size bed watching cartoons on TV.  "I'll be out in a minute, don't leave okay?" Tyler asked as he disappeared into the bathroom.  I sat down on the bed and Cameron came toppling over on top of me.  He giggled before resting his head on my chest.  I ran my hand over his cheek, closing my eyes for a moment, trying to catch up with the time change.  I must have dozed off for a minute, because the next thing I knew I felt a hand running over my forehead.  My eyes fluttered open, slowly focusing in on Tyler's face.  I sat up abruptly, causing Cameron to growl at me.

"Sorry,Cam."  He just bit my arm playfully, then hopped up and jumped off the bed into Tyler's arms. Tyler's hair was pretty much the same, a grown out spiky look.  He wore a soft white silk shirt, with the top two buttons undone.  His necklace hung down over his exposed skin, setting it off with the sharp contrast.

"Blade, can we talk for a few minutes?" Tyler's voice was filled with hope.  One that I longed for before I left for New York in the first place.  Now, it was something I didn't need to hear.

"If it's about something other than us, then yeah.Cam, why don't you go over and play with Erik across the hall."  Cameron just squirmed out of Tyler's grip and ran out of the room.  I watched out the door to make sure he got into my room all right, then turned my attention back to Tyler.

"Blade, please..."

"Tyler, I said no.  We had a good run.  That's that.  We weren't meant to be, if we were things would be different."

"I don't believe that.  I don't think you do deep down either."  His voice cracked while he spoke.

"Look, I loved you more than my life.  You tossed that away like it was nothing. NOTHING.  Yeah, maybe you tried to get it back at one point and I threw it back in your face, but I had every right to do what I did.  You cheated on me.  I didn't cheat on you.  Then that whole Marcus thing.. I mean dude, what do you expect from me?  I gave you your chance.  All you had to do was be at the airport and I was yours.  Do you know what it felt like for me when I stepped onto that plane and realized that you weren't coming?  That the person I thought was the love of my life wasn't even going to make the effort to stop me from leaving forever?  That you were going to choose some jerk like Marcus over me? Do you know how that feels?"

Tyler looked down at the ground, "Probably the same way I felt when I was pressing my hand to the glass inside that airport terminal, crying my eyes out because I didn't make it in time."  I just stared at him, not believing what he was saying.

"You're lying."

"No I'm not.  I wouldn't lie about something like that.  I loved you, Blade.  I needed you, and I lost you again.  I didn't think you'd ever come back.  I still love you.  It's killing me right now not to be able to walk up to you and wrap my arms around you and never let go."

"I don't believe you."

"I was there!  Ask my mother, she drove me there.  She had to help me when I came stumbling out to the car sobbing.  Ask anyone, KaiJordan, whoever.  I came for you, but you were already gone.  I watched your plane fly away.  I watched you fly away, and I watched my heart go with you."

My voice caught in my throat, "Tyler, d-don't do this.  I have to go.  I'll see you downstairs."  I briskly walked past him and out the door.  I leaned up against the wall outside my room, trying to calm myself down.  I can do this...just stay strong.

The door to my room opened beside me and Erik came walking out.  Cameron followed, and Chance soon thereafter.  They were all dressed for dinner. Tyler came out of his room, but didn't make eye contact with any of us.  He just trailed behind as we headed down to the restaurant.  The elevator ride down was quiet and the silence was awkward to say the least.  The doors opened and we all walked through the lobby and toward the restaurant.  I could see Kai sitting at next to Jordan at one giant table, surrounded by a lot of other people, some familiar, some not.  Kai spotted us and smiled in recognition.  Cameron tugged on my shirt, as usual, wanting to be picked up, so I lifted him up and let him look around.  We walked up to the Host and told him we were with Kai's party.  As we got closer to the table, Eric looked up and spotted me.  He literally jumped up out of his seat and ran over to me.  He looked like he was going to lunge into a hug, but then halted when he saw Cameron in my arms. "Hey bro."

"Blade../"  I could tell he was fighting to not wrap his arms around me, so I held out my one free arm and let him in for a hug.  I could feel the tension in him release as he leaned into me.  "God, I missed you so much."

"I missed you too.  Hey.. I want you to meet some people."  Eric pulled away from me, tears running down his cheeks.  I smiled at him as I wiped them away.  "This little guy right here is your nephew.  Say hi Cameron."

"Hi."  Cameron smiled, but shied away a little bit.

"Don't be remember me don't you?  I'm Uncle Eric.  The giant ice cream cone guy."  Cameron's eyes lit up.

"Do you have my ice cream cone?!?!"

"No...but I'll get you it.  I promised."

"Yay!!  Daddy, did you hear that? Ima get my giant ice cream cone!"  The whole table laughed at his enthusiasm.

"Yeah, I heard him,Cam."  Cameron reached out his arms toward Eric, so I handed him over.  Eric smiled widely, pinching Cameron's nose causing him to scrunch his face up.  "This over here is Erik."

"I know who I am bro.  I'm not that dense." Said, Eric.

"Haha... no.  This is Erik, with a K.  He's going to be staying with me too."

"Whoa, nice name dude."  Eric shook Erik's hand"Is he my nephew tooCuz I'm gonna have a hard time explaining that one to my friends."

"Nah, I'm not.  I'm Cameron's brother...we both got pulled out of an abusive home.. and I don't have anywhere else to go."

"Well, no worries about that now.  You can hang out with me, you look like you're around my age.  I'm 16."

"I'm 15."

"Sweet.  We'll have fun together."  I was proud of my brother for being a class act with the situation.  I wasn't sure how he would react to Erik.

"Finally, this is my boyfriend Chance."  Chance blushed a little, his shy side coming out.

"Wow, it's about time I got to meet the stud that seems to have tamed this beast."  Eric joked.  He shook Chance's hand.

"I've heard a lot about you too."  Kai stood up and broke up our little reunion.

"Why don't you guys all take a seat, get some food and we'll get everyone introduced here.  There's 5 seats right there in a row for y'all.  And fine, don't say hi, TylerToo big of a celebrity to associate with us little people."  Kai teased.

"Shut up, surf boy.  I'm not famous yet."  Kai smirked then we all sat down to eat.  Kai introduced me to the people I didn't know.

"The spiky brown haired jock boy there is Jake."  I recognized him from the alley.. he's the one that took down Marcus.  I'll have to thank him later.  "Blonde guy across from you is Riley." Hottie, but something about him seemed off.  Maybe it was the way he was undressing me with his eyes.  "I think you know everyone else.  So lets eat already!"

Dinner was served and boy was there a lot of food.  I swear there was like one of everything from the menu on our table.  By the end of the evening I felt like I was going to explode.  Cameron fell asleep, laying his head on my shoulder.  After another hour of catching up with everyone, we all stood up and retreated to our rooms.  I said goodnight to Eric and Matt, as well as the others then headed to my room.  I stopped to get ice from the ice machine and let Chance take Cameron and Erik back to the room.  As I was filling the bucket, Kai came up behind me.  "It's great to see you again bro."  He leaned in and hugged me tight.

"Same here.  It's been an awkward day to say the least."

"Yeah, seeing Tyler again and all must be really weird."

"Definitely.  Um, hey.. the day I left.. he.."

"Yeah.. he did.  He got to the airport like two minutes too late.  He was really torn up about it, and has pretty much secluded himself in his singing career since then."  I sighed to myself.  "He still loves you, it's plain for anyone to see, but Blade?  Don't mess up what you have if you're happy.  I know how much you loved Tyler and you always will.  But you seem happy with Chance, and I can tell you're a great father to Cameron."

"I won't mess it up.  Life goes on without Tyler, I've proved that for the last seven months."  Kai reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box.

"This is for you to keep safely until tomorrow.  Thanks for coming through for me bro."

"Anytime, Kai.  It's not everyday you get married.  I mean you and Jordanare meant for each other."

Kai got a troubled look on his face, "Dude, um..I have to tell you something, but please don't jump all over me for it."


"Well, when I got here a couple of weeks ago, something happened. With me and Riley."  I looked at him in disbelief, "Riley is like in love with me, and he kind of kissed me.  And I kissed back, but only on instinct...then Jordan called.  I pushed Riley off and I talked to Jordan, but Riley persisted.  He took the phone and hung it up...he was completely naked by then, then he pulled down my shorts and just went down on me."

"Kai, please tell me you're joking."

"I pushed him off once it clicked in my mind what happened.  I swear I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Jordan doesn't know does he..."  I stated.

"No.  I'm afraid of what will happen if he finds out.  I love him so much, Blade.  I can't lose him.  I didn't really cheat on him, it was more of a one sided thing."

"It still happened."

"Promise me you won't tell him, please."

"I promise dude, it will crush Jordan if it comes out, but what about Riley?"

"I don't know.  I told him he better keep his mouth shut or else.  I'm hoping that he does."

"Mmm, sometimes that's not enough.  Where's his room at?"

"Blade.. I can't let you go and do something that can get you in trouble.  You have a family to take care of now."

"I'm not going to do anything to him.  Just make sure that he's not thinking about pulling any stunts tomorrow."

"He's in 357.  Thanks, dude."

"Anytime.  Just try to get some sleep Kai.  Clear your mind and think about tomorrow.  Tomorrow you're going to be a married man.  Don't let one little thing mess up a lifetime of happiness up."  I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, then headed to the elevator.

"I won't mess this up."  Kai whispered, then headed off to his own room, thoughts of him and Jordan married and living their life together filling his head.


Back in the lobby...

"Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!"  Eric grabbed Jake's arm and spun him around.

"Get your hands off of me."

"Why?  Afraid you might catch something? Afraid that you might turn gay?"

"Shut up, Eric.Don't be stupid."

"No, you shut up.  You've been a total jackass since that day at my house.  Don't think you're fooling anybody with this little charade of a date you brought with you."

Jake glared at Eric, "Heather is not some charade.  I happen to like her a lot."

"Oh really?  Does she know you like cock?"  Eric challenged.

"Fuck you.  I'm not gay, so get it out of your head."

"What are you afraid of Jake?  Tell me, I'd like to hear your explanation."

"I'm not afraid of anything.  One thing I'm getting sick of though is my so called best friend causing a scene in the middle of a public place."

"Best friends don't turn their backs on each other."

Jake looked up, taken aback, "What's that supposed to mean?  We're not best friends anymore?"

"I think you're making that choice just fine yourself.  I don't need someone who's going to be nice to my face and think I'm some disgusting person behind my back."

"I don't think that!  Stop putting words in my mouth.."

"Then stop being a pussy and confront your feelings, because you know, I know, and Matt knows, that you ran that day because you felt something toward Ben that you can't deal with."

"You know what?  Maybe you're right, maybe we're better off not being friends anymore.  Have a nice life.  Later."

Eric stood in the middle of the lobby, hit hard by Jake's words.  His head drooped as he watched Jake's retreating form enter the elevator and disappear behind the metal doors.


*Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock*

I waited patiently outside of room 357.  I paced back and forth a little, then started to walk back toward the elevator when the door latch clicked and started to open.  I walked back down to the room as Riley peered around the corner of his door.

"Can I help you?"  He asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

"I didn't mean to wake you, but I need a couple minutes of your time."

"Can't it wait?"

"No."  He sighed, then opened the door, startling me with his naked form retreating back into the room.  I followed him in then closed the door behind me.  He laid back down on the bed, not bothering to cover up or anything.  I had to admit he was a very good looking guy.

"So, what do you need?"  Riley reached down and rubbed his hand over his crotch.

"Uh.. could you put some clothes on or something?"

"It's too hot, man.  We're both guys, you can take yours off if you like."  Okay, now I see what the problem is with this guy.

"No thanks.  I'm seeing someone."

"Suit yourself."

"I came here to talk about what happened with Kai."  Riley's ears perked up immediately.

"He told you?"

"Yeah, and I came here to make sure that you won't be telling anyone else."

"Look, I don't know you, but I've heard you were the so called 'leader' of your little clique back here.  I don't take threats seriously.  You don't know the situation."

"I do know the situation.  Let me guess, ever since you met Kai you've been finding yourself falling more and more for his looks, for his personality, for him period.  Now you're in over your head with your feelings for him, and you're desperately trying to find a way to stop him from marrying Jordan.  Is that about right?"


"Thought so.  I'm sorry that you can't be with him, dude.  It sucks not being able to get love back from the one you love more than anything, but sometimes that's how it goes."

"I don't give up that easily."

"I'm telling you, you don't have a choice."  Riley stood up and stood an inch away from me, boring his eyes into mine.

"Says who? You?"  He grabbed my arm and pushed his naked crotch against my hand.  He put his hand over mine and clasped it around his rapidly hardening cock.

"Actually, yeah."  I squeezed his cock as hard as I could, causing him to yelp.  As soon as he let go of my hand, I let it fall to his balls and grasped the firmly, adding pressure by the second.  "Are we clear?

"*Cough* Um.. yeah.. *Cough*."

"Good.  Have a goodnight."  I released his balls, then turned and walked out the door.  I took the elevator back downstairs, and finally retreated to my room for the night.


Wedding Day

The sun lit up the bright blue sky, whisking away any trace of a cloud in sight.  A very light breeze swayed through the palm trees, giving a much needed break from the blistering heat.  The sand simmered under the bare feet of the patrons as they worked hard in the burning weather conditions.  The afternoon passed slowly while the final touches were put on the wedding's set up.  Slowly, the sun began to go down, leaving a beautiful sunset for a backdrop behind the shimmering water of the ocean.  The sky radiated into a mix of pink, purple, and orange, setting the scene for the romantic and enchanting evening ahead.

A golden arch stood at the front of a very crowded set of chairs, set up to give the effect of aislesTen chairs in each row, for 10 rows back on each side, filled to the brink with friends and family of both grooms.  Dimly lit lanterns and torches were set up at the very ends of the aisles, highlighting the roses that were attached to each of the chairs.  A long ivory carpet was set up reaching from the front of the arch all the way to the altar.  Flowers and candles were set up all around the extravagant mahogany altar where the minister was waiting patiently.  Tyler sat off to the left at a baby grand piano, filling the atmosphere with the beautiful sounds of his playing.

Kai stood at the entrance to the archway taking a deep breathe, knowing that this would be the longest walk of his young life.  He glanced to the front aisle on his side, seeing his mother looking back at him, tears running from her eyes and a smile on her face.  He smiled back at her, then turned to his side to look at his best man.  "How do I look?"  Kai questioned.

"You look great, Kai."  Blade's voice cracked a little, his emotions starting to show through with his happiness for his friend.  Kai was dressed in a classic black tuxedo, with all the right trimmings.  His vest was shimmering silver, covering his white button down shirt.  "Here comes the bride."  Blade teased.  Kai turned his head to his left and saw Jordan approaching with Eric walking beside them.  They both wore an inverse version of Kai and Blade's tuxedos.  They wore all white tuxes with a black bow ties and silver vests.  Jordan shyly smiled at Kai, then hooked his arm with Eric's.

"Are you guys ready?"  Eric questioned.  Kai and Jordan just looked at each other lovingly and nodded. Tyler began to play the melody to Mariah Carey's Thank God I Found you at the request of Kai.  Blade and Kai walked arm and arm down the aisle, stopping to let Kai kiss his mother before he stepped up onto the altar.  Kai shook a little, and squeezed Blade's hand gently.

"How are you doing?"  Blade asked.

"I'm about to get married, dude.  I think I'm going to throw up."  Blade laughed and squeezed his friend's hand back.

"You'll be fine.  Now watch your husband walk down that aisle."  Tyler began to play the traditional wedding march song, Jordan being a little more traditional in his ways that Kai was.Jordan was greeted at the front of the altar by his mother and father, both of whom seemed to be unbelievably happy for their son. Jordan shook Blade's hand and then took his place beside Kai.

A silence took over in the air.  All that could be heard was the breeze in rustling through the trees nearby.  The light from the remaining sun set a backdrop over the ocean that could only be described as amazing.  Everyone's focus zoomed in on the couple standing before them as the minister started the ceremony.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the marriage between Kai Andrew Kimbal and Jordan Daniel Chambers.  We are all under God's love, for he loves all that love him.  God does not discriminate based on age, color, race or sexuality, for not even God himself can judge one's love for another"Is there anyone that is among us today that would object to the marriage of Kai and Jordan?"  Kai's eyes shot over to Riley, who almost looked like he was pleading with Kai to reconsider.  Blade shot Riley a look, sending Riley into a defeated look and put his head down  The minister smiled at Kai and Jordan, then continued.  "Good.  Both Kai and Jordan have written their own vows which they will both read at this time.  If the best men will kindly give the rings to the grooms we may begin."  Eric handed Jordan the wedding band, then Jordan turned towards Kai and took his hand in his.

"I never thought I ever would get married.
I wanted no restraint upon my will.
But like the wind I wanted to be carried,
Wherever wish might take me, yearning still.
And then I fell in love with you, and found
A rock upon which I might build a home,
A place both to and for which I was bound,
So bountiful I had no need to roam.
Freedom cannot be except by choosing,
And choice, if choice it be, of need constrains.
And joy, once had, becomes, for fear of losing,
A horse one rides with firm grip on the reins.
Thus my choice to love you as your husband
Is freely made, yet made for all my life."

Jordan paused and slipped the ring over the tip of Kai's finger, "And with this ring, I thee wed, I swear to honor you, cherish you, respect you and stay with you 'til death do us part, through sickness and health, through good or bad.  I love you Kai Kimbal."

Tears fell from Kai's eyes as Jordan slipped the ring all the way down his ring finger.  Jordan smiled widely, gently wiping the tears from Kai's face, getting a loud 'awww' from the crowd.  Kai composed himself, then took Jordan's left hand with his right hand.

If you hold my hand, I'm yours,
And your heart will stay close to mine,
For I know the sun must rise with the dawn,
And at night the stars must shine.
And the wind must wander the ocean
And sing with the waves of the sea;
Just so I know, I'll be by your side,
And you will be wedded to me, my love,
And I will be wedded to you;
For I know the tide must turn with the moon,
And the spring must return ever new.
And the sky must weep that the hillsides
May laugh in the green of their joy;
And the leaves must turn red, brown, and gold
That the earth might their riches employ.
And love like a mad, swollen hunger,
And love like an unending song,
And love like the silent pull of the Earth
Shall be with us all our lives long, my love,
Shall be with us all our lives long."

Kai slipped the ring over Jordan's finger, "And I promise to let you be my soul, my life, my air, my heartThrough sickness and in health, 'til death do us partSo with this ring, I thee wed."  Jordan and Kai smiled through their tears of joy.  They turned back to the minister and let him continue.

"Kai, will you takeJordan to be your husband Will you love him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

Kai grasped Jordan's hand tightly, "I do."

"And Jordan, will you take Kai to be your husbandWill you love him, comfort him, honor him, and keep him in sickness and in health until death do you part?"

"I do."

The minister smiled at the two, ""Then by the power vested in me, I know pronounce you..."

"I object to this ceremony."  A voice rang out through the crowd, cutting off the minister's final words.  Everyone turned their attention towards the arch.  Blade rubbed his eyes, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Colin?"  There stood Colin, one of Blade's managers from New York.  Another man stepped forward, standing beside him.

"I not only object, but this wedding is not going to finish."

Jordan looked at Kai, who was fighting a mixture of fear and anger.  "Dad.."  A single whisper left Kai's lips as he stared at the man next to Colin.. knowing full well that all hell was about to break loose...