Never Too Far Away
Time Stood Still

Disclaimer: This story involves love, relationship, and "adult" subject matter between teenage boys... so I guess that means your not supposed to read this if your under 18, but really if you are younger than that, I can't stop you. Just Don't Get Caught :)  If homosexuality offends you, then leave, or join the 21st century, and open up to it.

This Is FICTION... any character resembling a real life person is by coincidence, and in the rare event a character is based on someone in real life their name has been changed due to legal and personal protection.  You never know who's lurking around reading this. So now the little spiel is over so hopefully you'll enjoy this.  Do Not Reproduce this story, and if you would like to have it on your web site, email me & get my permission. Thanks. Copyright © Jaden & Jaded Edge Productions

The only songs used in this chapter that you can download even though they weren't used in their entirety, are the first verses of White Christmas and The First Noel.  For the last scene, I'd play O Holy Night to gather the mood, I used Plus One's version..

Chapter 5

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening
In the lane, snow is glistening
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter wonderland

The harmony of voices rang throughout the large living room, bouncing off each wall to meet each other in a bundle of sound.  The music played over the voices of friends and family laughing, talking, smiling and thanking over the gifts they were presenting to each other.  My mother kneeled before the Christmas tree that Eric and Matt had taken the time to come over and setup.  She played the 'santa's helper' role, passing out gifts to everyone, one at a time to prolong the togetherness that is Christmas.

"Matt, this is to you from Eric."  Matt politely said thank you and took the small box that mom had handed him.  He sat down on the couch beside Eric, leaning into the arms of his boyfriend, "What is it?"

"Matty, do I have to explain this whole concept to you again?"  Eric smirked as he teased Matt, "You rip apart the colorful paper, then open the box and get your gift.  Do you think you can handle that?"  Matt nudged Eric's face playfully with his nose, brushing off Eric's blaring sarcasm.

"Look Uncle Matt, wike this," Cameron stood up in front of a very amused Matt and Eric with a large box in his little arms.  He proceeded to rip the neatly wrapped wrapping paper off in a fury, smiling widely as he saw his newest toy.  "Wow a Pwaystation 2 just wike Davie's!!"

"See babe, just like that," Eric grinned.  Matt opened the package in his hand revealing a small box, in which he found another small box, then another, until he seemingly came to the real deal only to open it and find a piece of paper and a little black lump of coal.

Matt looked at Eric strangely, then read the paper aloud, "You were a very, very bad boy this year mister.  So you get this lump of coal like all the naughty boys.  Love, Eric."  Matt's face held a sly grin, "But I was a naughty boy in such a good way, Tiger."

Eric and the rest of the room snickered at Matt's innuendo, even my mother whom I watched carefully as the two interacted, though she shook her head in embarrassment, "I knew you would say that.  This is the real present."  Eric reached into his pocket and pulled out another small box and flipped the lid open.  My eyes snapped back and forth between Matt and my mother.  They both looked nervous about the intentions of the ring that was now out in the open for all to see.  Eric took Matt's hand in his and looked into his eyes, "I love you, more than I can ever say in words.  Love is always bestowed as a gift --freely, willingly, and without expectation... We don't love to be loved; we love to love.  This is the first Christmas I've been able to say that I truly found a miracle in my life.  What you give me every moment we are together is nothing short of a miracle to me.  With this ring,"  Eric paused to slip the silver diamond cut band over Matt's ring finger, "I'm promising you that I will always stay true to you.  I'm not proposing, we're too young, but this is a commitment saying I am yours and always will be no matter what happens."  Matt's eyes watered, and his lips quivered, but it couldn't overshadow the smile on his face.  He leaned over and kissed Eric passionately on the lips, holding Eric's face in his hands.

"Thank you.  I love you too," Matt whispered, reveling in the love that he and Eric shared.  My mother let out a huge sigh of relief drawing laughter from Eric

"You thought I was proposing didn't you mom?"

"Now what would give you that idea?"  She held out her hand which shook with nerves only serving to make the room laugh even more.  "Now that you're done trying to give me a heart attack, let's take a break. There's still a lot of gifts under that tree.  I'll make breakfast and then we'll finish up after that."

"Awwww, I wanna open more now.."  Cameron whined.

"We'll open them in a little while, honey.  You can come help grandma with breakfast okay?"  Cameron looked none too pleased, "Okay, how bout if one of your uncles, or your brother sets up your new Playstation and you can play that for awhile?"

"Yay!  Erik, come help me!  We can pway.."  Cameron went into the list of games he had gotten already, dragging Erik down the hallway toward his room.  I knew that my mother wanted to talk because she didn't even bring up the notion of me setting up the game system for Cameron.

"Blade, come help me when you're ready please?"  I nodded, as she disappeared into the oversized kitchen.  The whole apartment was oversized, but better to have a lot of room for the holidays I suppose.  I stood from the chair that I had taken up shelter in all morning.  Gifts that had been addressed to me sat in a stack next to the foot of the chair, still wrapped, nearly untouched except the handling of them to put them in the stack.  Eric broke off from Matt for a second and walked over to me.  He put his hand on my shoulder and led me into the kitchen.

"Thanks for helping me with the gift and speech, bro.  I owe you big."

I tried to muster up as much of a smile as I could, "Don't worry about it.  It's payment enough to see you and Matt so happy."

Eric's eyes shined with sympathy, "Blade, you know I'm here for you right?"

"I know."

"Be happy.. If not for you then do it for everyone else just for today.  It's Christmas, a time of laughter, a time of joy, a time of cheer!"  I cocked an eyebrow at him, "Okay, so I may have watched a Charlie Brown Christmas a few too many times recently, but you get the point."

"I'm trying.."

"Well, try harder."  Mom's voice cut through the air.  I turned to look at her questioningly, "Blade, I understand that you're hurting.  Anyone would be in the situation you've been put in, but you have to stay strong for Cameron.  Erik may understand, he's old enough, but Cameron doesn't.  He's hurting over Chance too, and if he sees you falling apart, he's going to fall apart."  My mother was overly protective of Cameron and even Erik.  She took the fact that Eric was seeing Matt in stride; I guess me coming out before Eric softened the blow.  It would've been a lot harder for her if I didn't have Cameron.  She always wanted grandchildren, maybe not this soon, but she wanted them none the less.  She may not have gotten the chance if Cameron wasn't left to me.  She treated Erik just the same, and made him feel like he really belonged.  I was proud of her for doing so, because she knows how to do those things, I'm still technically a kid and I have needed the guidance she can provide.

"Mom, I'm doing the best I can."

"Not the best.  At least try to be happy; a smile here and there can't hurt either.  The presents out there for you haven't been touched.  You didn't even attempt to open them."

"I'm not in the mood..."

"Blade.."  She looked at me sternly.  I knew she was doing it for my own good, and whether I liked it or not I knew she was right.  She put down the pot holders she had on and walked up to me, hugging me tightly, "You'll get through this.  Everyone will help you, but you have to let them.  Just make the little extra effort today to be happy.  When we go back in for the rest of the gift opening, open them and be happy.  Hell, if you can't then put on a happy act.  We all know you're multi-talented, you've reminded us time and time again,"  She joked.  I gulped back the lump in my throat, being strong... like I always am as we broke the hug.

"I'll try my best."  She smiled and nodded, then went back to cooking.  Eric stood in the doorway the entire time watching the exchange.  He grabbed my hand and squeezed it tight, letting me know he was there if I needed.  His lips frowned a bit before he turned and walked back into the living room area.  I walked down the hall and into Cameron's room.  Erik sat beside Cameron on the bed watching as the little guy dramatically yelled at the screen.  He quieted down when he noticed I had walked in, but didn't break his concentration from the game one bit.  "Erik, come with me for a second."  Erik hopped off the bed and followed me down to the master bedroom.

The room was gigantic, with my bed in the center, the entertainment center directly across the room from it, while another side of the room had my 'office' set up and the last side had a small studio layout.  "How are you doing?"

"I'm okay.  How are you doing?"  Erik questioned back.

"Could be better,"  We frowned at each other, "But let's not dwell on that right now."  I went into my closet and pulled out a large elongated case that was near impossible to disguise so I just had a red bow wrapped around it.  Erik's eyes lit up matching the bright white smile he sported as I walked over to him, "Chance told me that you mentioned something about wanting to learn guitar.. so we bought this for you."  Erik eagerly opened the case to reveal his new electric/acoustic guitar.  He ran his hands over the strings softly.

"Thank you so much!  This is awesome.  Are you gonna teach me?"

"Well, when I have free time I'll give you lessons, but when I can't Kai is going to teach you.  He's way more experienced than I am and we already talked about it."

"This is so great.  Maybe I can start a band."

"If you decide that's what you want to do, I'll help you out when the time comes."  Erik walked over and hugged me as hard as he could.

"You're the best, Blade."  I gave him a small smile and hugged him back.  Someone cleared their throat in the doorway interrupting our embrace.  Kai's slim body leaned against the doorway with a smirk on his face.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt the kodak moment.  Do you want me to give you, oh what, about ten minutes?  I don't think you'll last much longer than that, Jewels."  If anyone could put a smile on my face it was Kai.  He had an aura about him that just exuded caring even if he displayed it with his smart remarks.

"That's gross, dude,"  Erik said with a sour look on his face.

"Blade not your type?  Maybe I'll ask Jordan if you can join us for a threesome."  Erik's face flushed a bright red as Kai teased him.

"I don't do guys.."

"Don't knock it till you've tried it stud."

"You just want some of my fine young ass."

"Oh yeah talk dirty baby."  Kai ran over and tackled Erik onto the bed.  They rolled around for a couple minutes wrestling for position, until Kai used his superior strength to pin Erik down.  Kai held Erik's arms above his head and straddled his waist,  "Oh, I like this position. Purrrr."  Erik laughed at Kai's advances

"Maybe I'll tell your HUSBAND that you're trying to rape me.  JORDA.. mmph!"  Kai put his hand over Erik's mouth playfully to keep him quiet.  Apparently he didn't do it quick enough because a moment later Jordan came walking into the room.  He gave Kai a stern look, but it was clear to see that he was holding back the underlying smile.

"We're over.  This is the last time you cheat on me, Kai Kimbal,"  Kai busted out laughing over Jordan's over dramatic performance.

"Come here, baby.  Get in on this Erik lovin'."

"I would, but Mrs. Stevens wants us in the dining room for breakfast,"  Kai's grin turned into one of mischief and that familiar glint sparkled in his eyes.  He seductively ran his hands up Erik's shirt and over his upper body, pausing to play with his nipples, then ran his fingers down Erik's developing stomach and to the waistband of his boxers.  Kai pulled the band down a little ways along with Eric's loose pants, just enough to see the v formation and the top of his pubic area.  Erik was frozen in place, a look of shock plastered on his face.

Kai leaned in and whispered in Erik's ear, "Come by my place on Saturday for a good.... guitar lesson."  Erik's face became even redder than before as Jordan laughed at his husband's antics.  Kai rolled off the semi exposed Erik who just laid there trying to regain his composure.  "Come on woman, I want me some grub!"  Kai yelled out as he ran past Jordan and down the hall.

Jordan shrugged with a smile still parting his lips, "He's like a big kid."

"You married him.  I feel sorry for you,"  Erik patted Jordan on the shoulder as he too headed out of the room.  I just laid back on the bed with the headboard propping me up.  Jordan stood there studying me for a moment, while I in turn kept my eyes downward avoiding his gaze.  The next thing I knew I felt the bed move and then Jordan was sitting against the headboard right next to me.  His arm slid behind me and he tugged on my waist to get my attention.

"How are you holding up, Blade?"



"I'm not holding up, J.  Not in the least."  He frowned and laid his head on my shoulder.

"Talk to me.  Let me try to help you."

"You can't help me.  No one can help me, because I can't even help me.  I can't even cry, Jordan.  I have this overwhelming emotion inside of me that is so deep down that I can't even cry. I can't feel anything, it's like I'm dead inside.  I don't know if I'm coming or going, and there's nothing I can do to fix it."

"You have to find that feeling and let it out.  There's more to this than just Chance and we all know it, Blade.  He was the trigger, but you've been bottling everything up since I've known you.  It's okay to not be the strong one sometimes."

"No it's not. Not for me.  Maybe you guys think it's okay, but everyone has looked to me as a leader type ever since I moved here.  I've prided myself on being that type of person, but I know it's okay to let my guard down with my friends.  But it's different now.  I'm a father.  I'm 18 years old and I have a 4 year old son to take care of by myself.  I can't show weakness because I can't let him see me that way."

"Cameron doesn't have to see it..."

"He will see it because if this feeling comes out, it's not going to be something I can turn off.  I-I don't know who I am anymore.  I just.. don't feel like I'm here."  Jordan laid his head on my shoulder and comforted me the best that he could.  I could feel the frustration in him from the way he tensed his grip around me.  After a few minutes of just laying with Jordan I decided we should probably head to the dining room with everyone else.  We both stood up and walked to the dining room together.  All eyes shot to me when we walked in, so I put on the fake smile again to ease their minds.

Jordan took a seat next to Kai, who was next to Erik and Cameron.  Kai made faces at Cameron causing him to giggle hysterically and almost spit out his orange juice.  My mother gave Kai a look, but then smiled while shaking her head from one end of the table.  Kai smiled back sheepishly then proceeded to start feeding Jordan a piece of the pancake on his plate.  Eric and Matt sat alone on the other side of the table, making lovey faces at each other.  My eyes shot to the two empty chairs next to them like a magnet attracted to metal.  The rest of the room seemed to fade to white and only the two chairs were left in sight, as the memory of Chance's first and only day in our apartment came running through my head...

"Isn't this table a little much?"  Chance struggled with trying to hold the glass table top up while attaching the final screw into the base.

"It'll give us enough room to have everyone over for Christmas."

"Mmm.. what if I want to spend Christmas in bed with you?"  Chance wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.  I smiled widely and laughed at how cute he was.

"You're just too cheap to buy me a real gift," I teased.  Chance turned the screw as tight as it would go then stood up.  He walked up to me, leaving less than an inch between us.

"Are you trying to say I'm not good enough to be your gift?"  His teeth showed through the tiny part in his lips, making it obvious he was teasing back.

"No, baby, you're the best gift anyone could ask for.  You're the gift that I fall asleep with at night and get everytime I open my eyes in the morning."

"Why do you have to be so adorable..."  Chance melted into my arms and placed his silky lips over mine, "If I tell you I love you, can I keep you forever?"

"If you tell me you love me, I might just have to let you.."

"I love you," Chance accented his love with another kiss, then pulled away smiling.

"I love you too," I wrapped my arms around him and held him tight, feeling his heart beat as one with mine..

"Blade.. Blade.."


I snapped out of my thoughts and was greeted by all eyes on me once again.  My family and friends stared on in wonder, with anticipation painted on their faces.  I studied each of their faces.. full of concern and uncertainty.  They wanted answers that I couldn't give them.. that I couldn't even give myself.  Without a word, I turned and walked out of the room, grabbed my coat out of the coat closet, headed down the stairs and went out the back door into the chilly December air.

I walked down the stone set pathway leading to the apartment, not really knowing why I was running away from the people that cared about me.  I must've stopped without even realizing it because the next thing I knew I felt a hand on my shoulder causing me to jump slightly.  I turned to see Kai standing there with an unreadable look in his eyes, "Let's walk,"  I nodded and we walked at a steady pace side by side heading who knows where.  "You know, when I lost Tyler I was a wreck.  If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be where I am today."

"I was the cause of that 'wreck'."

"Maybe, maybe not.  It was something that was meant to happen.  Either way that's not the point.  The point is, I tried to handle how I felt by myself and it put me on the edge of killing myself.  I'm not letting you get to that point, Blade."

"Kai, I'm not going to kill myself."

"Now, no.  Do you think I planned it all out?  That I knew beforehand?  Well, I didn't.  I knew when I was singing in the concert.  I couldn't deal anymore and in that moment I decided that life was easier not to live."

"I don't have that choice, Kai.  Even if I wanted to, I can't.  No matter what I feel, or what I think would be easier, the fact remains that it's not a choice I can make anymore.  I have two lives I'm responsible for other than my own."

"What is it with you and your bravado?  Maybe you're right, that's not an option for you, but you act like you have no one to help you."

"Kai, I don't want to fight with you..."

"Too bad, maybe I'll get some fucking emotion out of you for once, because I haven't seen much of it since Chance left."  The pain flashed in my eyes and I knew he saw it because the look of regret overtook his features quickly.  "Look, I'm sorry.."

"No, you're not."  I turned around and headed back to the apartment, while Kai hurried to catch up.  I pulled my keys out of my pocket and went into the garage.  I unlocked my car and hopped in.  Kai stood just outside of the entrance as I pulled out.  I rolled my window down and locked eyes with him, "Tell everyone I'm sorry, and watch or have someone watch Cameron until I get back please."  It wasn't a request, it was a statement, and I didn't give Kai any time to respond before I peeled out of the driveway and went on my way.  I watched in my rearview mirror as Kai looked down at his feet and shook his head slowly, while I disappeared out of sight.

Pierce Residence..

"Mom, where's the sugar?"  Tyler yelled out to his mother, his frustration overwhelming him.  Mrs. Pierce snickered at her son while watching him struggle to make cookies for the Christmas dinner that had been arranged by herself, Blade, Kai, Jordan, Jake, Matt and Ben's parents for later on in the evening.  The thought of having one big gathering was one that seemed like a good idea.  It is a holiday to spend with loved ones after all.

"Honey, why don't you just go relax and let me prepare the food."

"Mom, I told you this is one of my presents to you.  No cooking, chores or anything."  Tyler's mother tested the dough that Tyler had so vigorously been working on and made a funny face.

"Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you will never be accepted into culinary school."  Tyler feigned an appalled look then stealthily grabbed a handful of flour and tossed it at his mother, covering her in the white powder.

"Now mom, what'd we say about playing in the snow with your good clothes,"  Tyler laughed between his words while carefully working his way to the other side of the kitchen table.  His mother acted like she was stalking her prey with the way she slowly stalked toward Tyler.

"You better run, you little brat!"  Tyler laughed away as he darted around the table and into the next room.  Mrs. Pierce couldn't hold back her smile watching her son truly enjoy himself.  It was the one time of the year where he seemed to actually let himself be care free and completely happy.  Almost like it was his day to be a little kid again.  She carefully stepped around the doorway and into the family room where Tyler had run into.  Her eyes scanned the room, but there was no sign of Tyler anywhere.  She let down her guard and stepped further into the room, only to be met from behind with a pair of hands grabbing her shoulders and a loud yelp.  Tyler busted out laughing while his mother gave him an angry look, "You're going to give me a heart attack."

"Aww, I didn't scare you that bad.  You should've known I would sneak up on you."  He walked up and went to hug his mother, but she turned the tides and started tickling him furiously.  "Ha.. ah.. ha.. Mom!"  Tyler's face flushed from laughing so hard, then his mother freed him from the torture.

"Just remember who won next time you try to get the best of your poor mother.  Now get out of my kitchen while I try to make some edible food for later."  Tyler grinned sheepishly then went on his way to his bedroom.

He loved Christmas day more than any other day just because it was a day where he could just let loose without having to care about what anyone else thought.  He opened his closet door and walked in to grab the box that sat against the back wall. He pulled it out and put it on his bed for easier access.  The box was filled with gifts for each of his friends that he planned to hand out at dinner later.  They were all wrapped and tagged accept one.  He opened up the medium sized white box and pulled out a CD and another smaller box.  The CD was the first print of the duet he and Blade would be putting out soon.  The record company wasn't too eager to hand out the CD so soon, but Tyler insisted until he got his way.  He wanted Blade to have the first copy.  The cover featured him and Blade back to back in matching black button down shirts left open with white wife beaters underneath.  The image was setup almost to look like a mirror with each person's reflection represented in the feelings within the other person.  A metaphor that most would probably not understand.  Tyler wrapped it carefully and neatly before placing a bright green bow on the wrapping paper.  He popped open the other box and pulled out a silver linked bracelet with an I.D. cuff which he had engraved.  It was one half of a matching set, the other one he wore around his right wrist. He smiled as he read the words on each of them, hoping it would make Blade happy too, for that was his goal this Christmas.  To make Blade happy again.. even if it was near impossible  Tyler turned his attention to the doorway when he heard a knock on his door.  His mother walked down the stairs and stood at the bottom with the cordless phone in hand and extended it out to him.

Tyler took the phone from his mother thanking her for bringing it in and then brought the receiver to his ear, "Hello?."

"Tyler, it's Colin."

Tyler scowled, "What do you need?"

"Good morning to you too."

"If you called to make small talk you called the wrong person."

"Oh come on, Tyler.  It's not like I sent your boyfriend packing.  In fact from the looks of things I'd say I did you a favor by alerting social services to Chance's whereabouts.  I mean now you can.."

"Save it, Colin.  I know you don't like me because I'm gay, so don't try and act like you're my friend."

"The fact remains that you work for me along with your not so mighty Blade.  So, I expect you to be civil at the least when speaking to me."

"I expect you to stay the hell out of mine and Blade's personal lives.  You were an ass when I first met you, and I saw how you treated your brother.  Don't think that your little mind games are going to fool me.  You're just like your asshole father.."

"I'd like to sit here and listen to your very rehearsed speech, I'm sure, but I called on business.  You're not busy oh say around sixish right?  Good, I need you to come in and lay down some vocals at the Orange site."

"You're joking right?  It's Christmas day."

"And?  It's just another day."

"No it's not.  I have a dinner to go to tonight, I won't be coming into the studio."

"Oh, a dinner you say?  But you and your mother are the only two left from your family.. won't be much of a get together."  Tyler's temper flared and his heart fluttered from the sting of Colin's words.

"Fuck you, Colin.  You're just bitter because your brother and mother are more family to me than they ever will be to you."


Tyler hung up the phone fuming, but hurting inside.  Colin brought up two memories that hurt him dearly by talking about his family that way.  The father he despised and the sister that he lost but has kept dearly in his heart.  Tyler slid off his bed and walked up to the kitchen solemnly.  His mother looked up from the table and saw the tears start to slide down her son's face.  "M-Mom.."  Mrs. Pierce stood up from her seat and met Tyler half way.  She embraced him while he cried in her arms wondering what had shifted his mood so drastically.  The phone rang again and Tyler's mom freed one arm to pick it up.


"Mrs. Pierce?  Tell Tyler that Colin forgot to say, Merry Christmas.  Have a nice day."

Merry Christmas indeed...

Downtown Disney AMC Theaters...

"But Jakey!  I wanna see Love Don't Cost A Thing!"  Heather's screechy voice cut through the air like nails on a chalkboard.  Jake rolled his eyes over his 'girlfriend's' hissy fit.

"Heather, we already talked about this before we decided to go to the movies today.  It was YOUR idea to take me to see Return Of The King today.  That's why I didn't go on opening day with my friends."

"But I don't like that kind of movie," Heather latched onto Jake's arm and put on her best pout as she tried to get her way as usual.  Jake sighed and kept his mouth shut trying to hold back the rapidly building anger boiling inside of him.  Heather tugged on his arm and practically started to drag him over to the ticket booth.

"Heather?"  Heather stopped in her tracks causing Jake to stop too, just short of the box office.  Jake turned his head to the source of the voice.  A beautiful young italian looking girl with long curly black hair and the face of an angel walked casually toward the couple.

"Hey, Holly!"  Heather screeched once again, leaving Jake's side to hug the girl in front of her.

"Hey, girl!  What are you two up to these days?"

"Oh, not much.  We've just been spending all the time we can with each other.  It's so great, isn't he adorable?"  Heather reached up and playfully pinched Jake's cheek.  Jake scowled and rubbed his face.  Holly laughed at Jake's obvious discomfort.

"What movie are you going to see?"

"Love Don't Cost A Thing.."

"We are supposed to see Return Of The King, but someone's throwing a hissy fit.."  Heather shot Jake a look and he glared back at her.  Holly looked back and forth between the two shaking her head.

"Well, here Jake,"  Holly pulled out her ticket and offered it to Jake, "Why don't you go watch watch Return Of The King with Ben and I'll go watch Love Don't Cost A Thing with Heather?"  The color in Jake's face drained out quickly over the mention of Ben's name.

"B-Ben's here?"

"Yeah, I promised to go to the movies with him today.  Ya know, the whole brother-sister bonding thing.  Since all the mothers seem to have a million things to get done before the big dinner tonight we decided to get out of the house for awhile."

"I don't think Heather would be too happy with me ditching her.."

"Nonsense, Jakey.  You go watch your barbaric movie with Benjamin and Holly can join me for the other one.  See you after the show," Heather walked up to the box office and motioned for Holly to follow, but she held back for a moment and grabbed Jake's attention.

"Sorry, Jake.  I don't really know what's going on with you and my brother, but you're going to run along and play nice with him for the next 3 and a half hours okay?"  Holly patted Jake's spiky head with a cocky smile on her face.

"You bitch," Jake laughed as Holly made her way over to Heather.  Jake gulped and trudged over to the ticket taker for his movie.  He almost decided to turn around and walk out of the theater when his nerves made his stomach tighten, but he knew if he didn't go in, Holly would wring his neck for wasting the ticket.

The lights were dimmed, but luckily the preview on the screen provided enough illumination for Jake so he wasn't walking blindly down the aisle.  He turned and looked to the upper level of the theater where most people usually sit trying to pick Ben out of the crowd of people.  After a few minutes he almost gave up, then caught sight of his dark haired friend off to the right in the lower level.  Ben sat in the row all the way to the back, out of view of the second tier.  He looked semi annoyed and frustrated, probably wondering why Holly had been gone for so long.  Jake took a deep breathe and walked behind the row of seats toward Ben.   Jake's stomach fluttered with butterflies, but he sucked it up and plopped down beside a startled Ben.

"Jake?  What are you doing here.. where's Holly?"

"She um, went to see Love Don't Cost A Thing with Heather.  I was supposed to see this with Heather, but she started to whine about it when we got here.. then Holly came up to us and offered to go see the other movie with Heather and told me to take her ticket and see this with you.  Let's just say your sister doesn't take no for an answer," Jake grinned slightly trying to lighten the mood, but it seemed to have the opposite effect on Ben.

"So you are being forced to sit here with me.  That's good to know Jake, I mean for a second there I thought my friend actually wanted to see a movie with me, but I guess I was wrong," Ben's voice carried a bitterness that Jake hadn't heard from him before.

"Ben, it's not like that.."

"Save it.  I'll sit here and do what I came to do, watch the movie and you do the same.  No need to be social."  The previews ended after Ben's final words and the movie started up.  Jake felt the sting from what was said, and sat there looking at Ben's face instead of paying attention to the movie.  Ben's eyes were very expressive.  They were a bit glassy hinting at the sadness that lied beneath them.  Jake felt the pangs of guilt hit him full force, and cursed himself under his breathe.  How could he be such a jackass to hurt someone that cared about him so much..

JE Records Orange Location..

I entered the sound proof booth and put on a pair of headphones.  The sound engineer signaled to me that he was ready whenever I was so I nodded at him in acknowledgment.  I came to the studio hoping to release some of the thoughts plaguing me with music.. or maybe I was just hoping I could snap something loose and get the emotion to pour out with words before I exploded.  The slow string and snare beat started up in the headphones and I let loose the best I could.

Clear my eyes it's the morning after
Did I fall in love or did I find disaster
Take a second just to breathe
I pick my heart up off my sleeve, yeah

There she goes and I know she knows
By the way she eased out on her tippy toes
Skip the breakfast tea for two
We made no plans to rendezvous, yeah

Visions of Chance flooded my mind.  The look on his face when the agency workers dragged him away.. took him from my life.  Cameron's pleading cries mixed with my own thrown upon deaf ears..

Someone for everyone but no one for me
Constantly searching for the love I need to

Build my world around, around
I'll be the lonely one until I find the one
I want to build my world around, around
Surrender arms of love until I find the one
I want to build my world around

Around yeah
Oooh ooh ooh

I tried my hardest to let out the sadness.  It came out in the words, but I couldn't feel it.  My mind jumbled up with even more memories of pain, of loss..

I'll be the lonely one until I find the one
I want to build my world around

Oh baby
Just say it just say it just say it just say yeah yeah
Oh oh oh

Surrender arms of love until I find the one
I want to build my world

I tore off the headphones in frustration with myself.  I ran a hand through my hair, ready to start tearing it out at any moment.  "Everything okay in there?"  The engineer's voice came over the intercom.

"Yeah, I'm wonderful,"  I paused and looked at the man through the glass and I could tell I made him feel bad from my snappy remark, "Look, I'm sorry.  I'm just under a lot of stress and I didn't mean to snap at you. You can go, I'm done here."

"Not quite,"  Another voice cut in as the back door of the mixing room opened.  Colin's presence carried a cloud of arrogance with it.  "You need to rehearse Start To Fly with the minor changes that were made."

"I'm not in the mood."

"How sad, now put on a happy face and follow me to the stage area and do your job," Colin sneered with a smile on his face.  He has my number.. and he knows it.  He beat me.  I reluctantly stepped out of the booth and followed Colin silently down to the performance center.  As I suspected, he wouldn't keep his mouth shut very long, "Now put your all into it or we'll be here for the rest of the night until you do get it right."  I glared at him as I hopped up on stage, and was met once again with his cocky smile.  The backup singers were already there in place, looking none too happy, most likely about being there on Christmas Day.  Colin must have been informed of my arrival at the office and gathered them up.

The digitized strings mixed with the hard beat and electric guitars started echoing through the large theater structure.  I closed my eyes and tried to put myself into the mood of the more rock laden tune.

You've had your taste of all that's sweet
Now you're through and what does it mean
You've sought the truth, found a lie
You're soul is black, now look me in the eye

Colin glared at me fuming for breaking out of the song and into improv. verses.  The band stopped completely and listened on wearily, unsure of what ws going on.

"Drop the drums, here it comes, only got
One minute to bounce, and every second counts
This picture's clear but you can't see
This game you're playin' is just jealousy
You're cocky, but I'm the one who soars
You want this, take it, I don't need it anymore
You think you're big, you think you won?
Fuck you, Colin, fuck this I'm done."

I dropped the mic on the ground, walked off stage and out the performance center door.  I heard the doors fly open behind me just as I expected they would.  Footsteps rapidly approached, but I didn't break my stride.  As I was about to go out the entrance doors of the building a hand grabbed me by my shoulder and spun me around.  I came face to face with Colin who was red with anger.  "Who the hell do you think you are?"

"I don't know who I am anymore.  I'll let you know when I figure that out,"  I started to turn away when he pushed me up against the glass door.  He grabbed my collar and brought his face close to mine.

"You can't beat me, Blade.  I own you, so if you know what's good for you, you'll learn to play nice real quick."

"What are you gonna do, Colin?  Trust me, I could take you in a fight so I know we aren't going there.."

"Maybe I'll take something very dear to you.. oh wait, I already did that."  My eyes flickered as my heart felt like it was being stabbed a hundred times over.  I knocked his hand away from my collar and stormed out the door, letting the tears fall freely down my cheeks.

Colin two, Blade zero..

Blade's apartment....

"The first Noeeeeelllll. The angels did say... Was to certain poor shepherds in fields where they lay."

"Oh my god, make it stop!"  Kai yelled while covering his ears.  He sat on the floor rocking back and forth as Eric did his best imitation of a real singer.

"Shhh.. it'll be okay baby, don't worry... it'll stop.. I hope," Jordan grinned over at Eric who continued his screeching rendition of The First Noel.

"In fields where they, lay keeping their sheep.  On a cold winter's nighhhht that was so deep," Eric's voice cracked horribly and his tone was completely off key.

Kai grabbed his own hair and started 'tearing' at it, "Oh, my ear drums are bleeding.  Someone call miracle ear, I don't think I'll ever hear the same again."

Matt reached over and covered Eric's mouth with his hand, muffling his 'singing' to nothing, but a bunch of mumbles, "Sorry tiger, Kai's right.  We're all gonna go deaf if you keep that up.  Don't worry, you have OTHER talents that are much better than singing."

Kai popped up onto the bed with a smirk on his face, "Eric has talent?"

"Har har har.  You're a riot surf boy.," Eric stuck out his tongue at Kai, not amused by his comments.

"Yeah, Eric has plenty of talent," Jordan made a jerking motion with his hand while Eric turned beat red.

Kai high fived Jordan and beamed with pride, "My baby is all grown up and making jokes now.."  He wiped at his face as if he was wiping away stray tears.

"Hey, don't knock masturbation, it's sex with someone I love,"  The room busted out laughing, all except Matt who somehow maintained a serious face.

"You so better not be wasting your stuff on masturbation.. that's mine," Eric giggled, then leaned over and kissed Matt gently.

"Oh, you know I give it all to you, you greedy bastard.  You never want to share."

"If I recall, I DID share once.."  Matt smirked and Eric blushed furiously.

"Um, I don't have any idea what you're talking about," Eric put on his best innocent face as Kai, Matt and Jordan stared at him knowing better.  "Stop looking at me like that.. it turns me on.. grrr."  The boys laughed once again.  "Speaking of that, come on let's just have a big orgy right now."

"What is your obsession with orgies lately?"  Jordan questioned.

"Hey, I believe that sex is a beautiful thing between two people, but between four, it'll be fantastic." Eric raised his eyebrows suggestively.  Matt rolled his eyes, while Kai pounced on Eric, putting him in a headlock.

"The boy just wants to see how great I am in bed, who can blame him?"  It was Jordan's turn to roll his eyes this time.

"Owwww! Get off of me.  Help I've fallen and I can't get up!  And I don't have one of those things!  I knew I shouldn't have laughed at that old lady on TV."  The group of boys started laughing hysterically at the randomness of Eric when a knock on the door made them calm down slightly.  The door opened slowly and Erik's head peered in.

"Hey.. am I interrupting?"  Erik questioned cautiously while nodding at Kai who finally let go of Eric.

"Nah, bro, come on in," Kai motioned the younger Erik in.  Erik shut the door behind him and sat down on the floor near the foot of the bed.

"Dude, get your ass up here," Eric grabbed Erik and pulled him up onto the bed, "You need to relax, we're not going to bite.  Well, not yet.  We haven't started the orgy, then I can't promise anything."  Erik blushed at the implications of Eric's statement.

"So how goes it sexy?"  Kai flirted with the younger boy once again.  He did it to get a rise out of Erik, which wasn't a hard thing to do.

"Good.  I was just getting a little tired of staring at that Playstation.  I think it's enslaved Cameron already," Erik paused for a moment, "You guys weren't really gonna have an orgy were you?"  The innocence in his voice was enough to send Eric into a fit of laughter and the other three boys snickering.

"Why, you want in?"  Kai teased once again.

"Kai, stop teasing him," Jordan chastised his husband.

"But he's so cute!  I swear I could just lick him from head to toe..."  Kai was cut off by a pillow hitting him squarely in the face.  Jordan smirked and dropped the pillow satisfied with himself.

"Y-You really want to do that to me?"  Erik gulped nervously.

"He's just being a jackass, Erik.  Don't take him seriously."  Kai was about to make another remark when Jordan elbowed him in the stomach.

"You're so abusive!"  Kai cried out, "Purrr.. do it again.."  Jordan couldn't help but smile at his goofy husband. He leaned forward and locked his lips with Kai, hungrily sucking on the tender pink flesh.

"Oh yeah, they're horny now.  Let's all get naked quick and we'll have that orgy in no time!  I'll help Erik,"  Eric pulled Erik off the bed and onto the floor below.  Erik froze in place as he watched his belt buckle come undone and his pants unsnap.  His pants slowly got pulled down to his thighs revealing his boxers below.

"I-I'm not into guys.."  Erik inhaled quickly when Eric pulled the waistband of his boxers out and looked inside.  He smiled widely and leaned in close to Erik's ear.

"You sure you don't wanna give it a go?"  Eric continued to hold Eric's waistband out, while licking his lips seductively.

"I.. uh.."

"Eric stop teasing him," Matt kicked Eric in the ass from behind to tell him to knock it off.

"But Matty!  He's hot, and he has a beautiful cock..."

"He's naked?!?  Let me see!"  Kai yelled out and scrambled out from under Jordan.  He quickly jumped down to the floor and landed next to Eric who let the waistband fall back into place.  "Aww man!  Come on, that's so not fair."  Kai put on his puppy dog face and pouted.

"Ugh, we are so getting you two fixed," Jordan complained while Matt nodded in agreement.  Erik was blushing like crazy from the attention he was receiving from the two flirtatious boys.

"Why are you two so interested in what I look like naked, it's not like you haven't' seen other guys naked before.  You DO sleep with them you know."

"Yeah, but.. hey look over there!"  Kai exclaimed causing Erik to look toward the door where Kai had pointed.  While Erik was distracted, Kai quickly yanked down the boy's boxers and revealed his ample sized package, "Hubba hubba.. I think I'm in love."  Kai started to reach his hand toward the prize in front of him when Jordan smacked Kai's hand away.

"You, up here, now.  Geez.  Keep your hands to yourself."

"Eric, you too.  Leave him alone."

"You guys don't want us to have any fun.  We can't help it he's so sexy," Eric whined.

"Yeah, well I'll remember that next time we're having sex okay?  When I leave you with the biggest case of blue balls ever," Matt grinned.

"Baby!!"  Eric climbed up on top of Matt and started kissing him passionately once again.  Their bodies instinctively ground against one another, quickly giving them both hard ons.  After a few minutes they were both breathing hard and oblivious to the world around them.  Eric whimpered as he grinded into his boyfriend even harder.  When Matt's shirt went flying, and Eric's mouth latched onto his boyfriend's erect nipples, Kai cleared his throat.

"Uh, guys.."  They continued without breaking their stride.  Eric's tongue traveled down the center of Matt's upper body and down to the crotch of his pants.  Eric unsnapped Matt's pants and put his hands inside Matt's boxers, immediately taking hold of Matt's cock.  Eric's hand jerked the shaft hard and fast eliciting several moans from Matt's mouth.  Kai grabbed a pillow and whacked Eric hard with it, sending the boy tumbling off the bed to the floor below.

"Oww, mother fuc.."  Eric's profanity stopped abruptly for some reason.

Meanwhile on the bed, Matt's cock stuck out of the fly of his boxers, the head glistening with pre cum.  Matt's eyes met Kai and Jordan's and he blushed like he was on fire.  "That orgy isn't sounding half bad right now, huh, J?"

"Ahem.. uh.."  Jordan fumbled for words while eyeing up Matt.  "Uh.. umm.. Eric, what are you doing?"  Jordan changed the subject as fast as he could.

Eric somehow landed on the floor, face first on top of Erik's groin.  His nostrils were filled with the younger boy's musk and it intoxicated his senses.  Matt watched Eric from his seated position on the bed, so he knew the position Eric had landed in.  Eric didn't move for a second, just took in Erik's essence.  Eric moved his face back a little and his eyes were met with Erik's cock standing to attention.  It stood around six inches in length and was generously wide for his 15 years of age.  The smoothness of the shaft entranced Eric's gaze, but the drop of shiny pre cum that had formed on the tip held his attention even more.  Erik didn't move, his whole body felt like it was on fire from his hormones, and he didn't know what to do about the current situation.  Eric's eyes met Erik's and they locked for a moment.  There was an intense sexual tension starting and they both could feel it.  Eric turned his head back to look at Matt who rolled his eyes, "Oh, go ahead."  Eric smiled widely and then tentatively put his hands under Erik's ass and lifted him about half a foot off the ground.  Eric pushed the boy's legs forward a little bit revealing his smooth tight ass, then locked his eyes with Erik's again before lowering his face to the same level as the top of Erik's crack.  Eric stuck out his tongue and slowly touched it to the velvety skin of Erik's ass crack.  Eric slid his tongue downward very slowly, leaving a wet trail along the line separating Erik's cheeks.  When Eric's tongue touched Erik's hole, the boy shuddered and moaned loudly.  Eric spread the boy's cheeks and pushed his tongue inside of Erik for a moment, then withdrew and continued it's trail, over the perineum, and over the silky nutsac.  Eric licked each ball, then ran his tongue up the length of the boy's shaft before claiming the prize at the top.  Eric stuck out his tongue and sucked the now long string of pre cum into his mouth and swallowed it greedily.  He lowered Erik's body back down and pulled away from the boy smiling.

"Wow.  That was one of the hottest scenes I've ever seen," Kai said, still shocked by the event that just took place in front of him.  Jordan and Matt nodded in agreement, all three of them sporting hard as steel hard ons.

"He tastes as good as he looks," Eric winked at the Erik, who held a half smile on his otherwise lust filled expression.

"That felt incredible.. why didn't you just finish me off?"  Erik's bold statement shocked Eric.

"Haha, I thought you weren't into guys?"

"But dude, you just.. and you.."  Erik was at a loss for words. Whether he liked guys or not, he liked how Eric's tongue felt on and in his body.  Eric licked his lips as he watched Erik involuntarily stroke his aching cock, which was now literally leaking pre cum like a faucet.  The liquid ran down the shaft and spread over the boys balls and on the edge of his stomach.

"Baby.."  Matt could hear the lust in his boyfriend's voice.  Matt looked down at Erik and had to admit he was one arousing boy.  There wasn't a flaw on his body and his innocence made him that much more appealing.  Matt looked over at Kai and Jordan who each had their pants unbuttoned.  Kai had a hand down the front of Jordan's pants and you could see the up and down motion it was making over Jordan's cock.  Jordan was doing the same to Kai, except the front of his pants slipped down further and Jordan's fist jerking Kai's bare cock was out in the open for all to see.  Eric looked up at his boyfriend who he noticed was watching Kai and Jordan beat each other off.  "Oh fuck, that's hot.."  Kai's eyes met Jordan's who nodded toward Matt.  Kai turned his head and his eyes zoned in on Matt's cock which was still sticking out of his boxers.  Kai reached over and grasped Matt's tool, causing Matt to gasp from surprise and pleasure.

Eric saw this and his cock begged to be freed.  In one motion his pants were laying in a heap on the floor and his shirt followed moments after.  Erik was propped up on his elbows watching the older Eric stand there in all his glory.  He wasn't sure what he was feeling, all he knew was he was horny as hell.  He got to his knees and grabbed Eric's dick.  It was the first dick he had ever touched besides his own.  The feel of the hot veiny shaft in his hand was weird to the boy, but it wasn't a bad weird.  He looked up at Eric who kneeled down on the floor once again.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yeah.. everyone experiments right?"  Erik gave off a lazy smile, drunk from the sexual feelings he was having.  Eric smiled back and reached over and started stroking Erik's penis.  The smooth flesh drove Eric wild, it was so fascinating to him the way the shaft appeared practically veinless.  The pre cum provided lubrication for both of them as they stayed kneeling in front of each other jerking each others' cocks in sync.

On the bed, Jordan had abandoned masturbating Kai and instead now had his head firmly planted in his husbands groin.  Jordan's pink lips slid seamlessly over the mushroom shaped head and down the glistening shaft.  Jordan worked his tongue around, teasing as many nerves in the cock as he could.  Kai's pre cum flooded Jordan's mouth with every motion, and Jordan swirled it around in his mouth, letting it take over his senses.  He loved the taste of Kai in any shape or form and it drove him crazy to savor the sweet tasting juice of his husband.

While Jordan continued sucking on Kai, Kai had stopped jerking off Matt.  Matt stood up and removed his clothes, then moved closer to Kai.  He pulled the tanned boy's shirt off, then moved down to not only pull his pants off from under Jordan, but also took off Jordan's pants on his way down as well.  Matt planted kissed up Jordan's spine and over his neck before leaning over his shoulder and sharing Kai's manhood.  Jordan licked up one side of the shaft while Matt licked up the other and their tongues met at the tip.  "Uhhh.. ohh yeah.."  Kai moaned, feeling the sensation of two mouths on his cock at once for the first time.  He put one hand on the back of each blonde boys' head and guided them over his throbbing dick.  Matt caught a string of pre cum on the tip of his tongue, then waited for Jordan to turn to him, before they exchanged a deep kiss, sharing Kai's juice between their mouths.

Back on the floor Eric had Erik laying face down on the floor and his ass in the air.  Eric's face was buried in the crack of Erik's ass, tongue fucking the younger boy as deep as he could.  Erik pushed his ass back to meet each thrust of Eric's tongue, only causing Eric to slurp and suck at the boys hole harder.  Eric had developed a mini fetish with rimming from being with Matt, and Erik's taste was driving him absolutely insane.  Eric put his arms around the waist of the younger boy and carefully pulled him backwards, as Eric himself laid down on his back. Eric never removed his tongue from Erik's hole, just pulled Erik back so that he was now straddling Eric's face while getting eaten out like there was no tomorrow.  Eric kept his hands on Erik's waist and guided him up and down over the probing tongue, causing Erik to basically ride the older boy's face.  After a few minutes, Eric removed his face from Erik's ass reluctantly and cleaned up the pre cum off the boy's cock with his mouth.  "You taste so fucking good.  You're making me nuts."  Eric planted his lips over Erik's giving Erik his first boy on boy kiss ever.  Erik felt awkward at first, but then let himself go and opened his mouth to Eric's tongue.

They made out for a good 5 minutes before Eric pulled away again.  He leaned over and whispered in Erik's ear, "Lay down on your back."  Erik did as he was told, while Eric walked over and started rummaging through the drawers of Blade's dresser.  He knew his brother had to have some necessities in his bedroom.  He grabbed what he wanted and before going back over to Erik, stopped by the double head session Kai was receiving.  "Spoiled Surfy.  How's he taste baby?" Matt removed his mouth from Kai's balls to smile at his boyfriend and give him a thumbs up.  Eric leaned over and kissed Matt passionately, before asking him a whispered question.  Matt hesitated at first, but then just smiled and said yes.  Eric smiled back, then surprised Kai with a hard kiss on his lips.  Kai kissed back and ran his hands over Eric's toned body.  Eric pulled away, leaving Kai kissing air with a goofy smile on his face.  Eric wasn't finished making his rounds yet, as he licked down Jordan's spine and downward, giving the spiky blonde boy's ass a good tongue bath before getting back to Erik.

Eric opened up the tube of KY jelly he swiped from Blade's dresser and spread it generously over his fingers.  He reached behind him and rubbed it over his tight hole, letting his fingers slip inside for more lubrication.  He tore open a condom with his teeth, then grabbed Erik's cock and rolled the condom down over the boy's pulsating shaft.  Erik looked up at Eric surprised, but before he could say anything, Eric was squatting above Erik's cock and slowly lowering over it.  The head touched the rim of Eric's hole, then slowly popped past the tight ring.  Eric took a moment to let his ass adjust to the intruding cock, then started to impale himself further down the length of Erik's cock, inch by inch until he felt pubes touching his ass.  "Oh fuck.. your cock is perfect dude.."

"I-uh.. Your ass is so warm and tight.  I'm gonna explode."

"Not yet, stud.  I want this to last.."  Eric methodically brought his ass up and then pushed the cock back in slowly, hoping to keep Erik from cumming for as long as possible.  Soon, Eric was driven by lust and started to ride Erik's cock at a steady pace, while Erik thrust upward trying to go even further into Eric's ass.

On the bed the action stopped as Jordan, Kai and Matt turned their attention to the two boys fucking on the floor in front of them.  All three got off the bed and looked for new positions on the floor.  Kai leaned down and licked the tip of Eric's bouncing cock, tasting the younger Steven's pre cum.  Matt seemed to have a plan, as he told Jordan to get on all floors over Erik.  Jordan did so, and replaced Kai's mouth with his own over Eric's dick.  Jordan sucked Eric's cock in rhythm with each bounce Eric took on Erik's cock.  The pre cum rushed down Jordan's throat and he sucked harder and harder, trying to get as much as he could.  Matt grabbed the lube and went behind Jordan.  "Kai, is it okay if I try Jordan?"  Kai asked Jordan and he gave a muffled mmm hmm because of the cock stuffed in his mouth.  Kai told Matt it was okay, then walked over to Matt and took the lube from him.  He applied it to his fingers and proceeded to push them one at a time into Jordan's mega tight ass.  Jordan's hole contracted while Kai finger fucked him, working up his husband even more.  Kai put the lube down, but stayed on his knees.  He leaned his head over and took Matt's cock into his mouth.  Matt moaned and put his hand on the back of Kai's head, pushing his long dick further and further into Kai's hungry mouth until the whole thing had disappeared down the sexy boy's throat.  Kai was in overdrive, and he ran his finger along Matt's hole and firmly pushed it in.  "Uh.. Uhh.."  Matt moaned as Kai's finger fucked his ass, and his cock fucked Kai's mouth.  After a few moments, Kai pulled off Matt's cock and removed his finger from the boy's hole.  Kai grabbed a condom from the pack Eric had left on the floor and put it on Matt's cock.  He aimed it for Jordan's hole, and watched as Matt began to work his seven inches in.  It took a couple minutes, but soon enough Matt was buried inside of Jordan, and began to take short fast thrusts into his ass.

Kai laid down on his stomach and moved his head under Jordan's body.  Erik's face was getting slimed with Jordan's pre cum, but he didn't seem to mind from the look on his face.  One of pure euphoria.  Kai grabbed Jordan's cock and slipped it past his lips.  He had an odd angle, but did his best with what he had to work with.  Erik's eyes opened and watched intently as Kai's lips slid over Jordan's shaft.  Kai's eyes met Erik's then he pulled off of Jordan's cock.  "How's it going hot stuff?"

"I'm in heaven.."  Kai snickered and then leaned his face down, bringing his lips down over Erik's.  They kissed each other hard, the animalistic nature taking over in both of them.  Kai's tongue fought for position in Erik's mouth, running over the boys teeth and back against his tonsils.  Jordan's cock slipped between the two boy's faces, and Kai eagerly let it slide between their mouths.  He kissed Jordan's cock, and for the first time Erik tasted cock.  He stuck out his tongue wearily and touched it to the warm shaft.  He decided there wasn't really a taste, so he continued to lick at the length of it.  Kai pushed the cock down so the head was now positioned over Erik's mouth.  He kissed Erik with Jordan's cock head inbetween the kiss, both of them getting a healthy dose of pre cum.  Erik made a face, but kept licking anyway.  A minute later Erik was whimpering like crazy and let Jordan's cock drop from his mouth.  "Ooo.. ooo.. uhhh.. ohh god.. oh fuck.. I'm gonna cum.."  Eric must have heard the boys cries and suddenly let Erik's cock slide out of his ass with a 'pop'.  Eric pulled his cock out of Jordan's mouth and dove quickly down, slipping the condom off Erik's cock that was just about to erupt.  Eric motioned for Kai to get down with him, and he obliged.  Both boys kneeled with their faces over Erik's throbbing dick. Eric took his finger and jammed it into Erik's ass, finding his prostate and stimulating it.  Erik's cock spasmed, then erupted with long, thick ropes of white semen.  Eric and Kai had their mouths touching the head and caught spurt after spurt of boy cum in their hungry mouths.  After about seven shots, Erik's cock started to deflate, even with Eric and Kai greedily licking up any remains of the boy's cum.

"He should be illegal. His cum is like the best thing I've ever tasted."  Eric exclaimed.

"Hahah, yeah he tastes great.  Luckily my birthday isn't for 3 more weeks or he would be illegal.  Gotta love being 17."  Kai snickered.  Eric laughed while jerking his cock.  His eyes roamed Kai's perfect body. Over the ripped abs, tight obliques and to die for pecs, and down to his beautifully lean muscled legs, not to mention the equally beautiful package between them.  Kai's pubes were kept very trim, only a small patch decorated his pubic area.

"Kai, do you bottom?"  Eric asked.

"Sorry, bro, I've never been topped, that right is reserved for my baby."

"It's okay, but I want a little more than a suck session.. so.. will you fuck me?"  Eric asked like a shy little kid.  Kai laughed and then pulled Eric into him.  He kissed him on the lips tenderly then ran his hands over Eric's smooth ass.  "Oh, but let's do something else first."  Eric pushed Kai down and climbed on top of him so they were in a 69 position. Eric licked Kai's dick quickly, but went right for the gold after that. He grabbed Kai's ass and pulled it up to meet his face, so he was almost holding Kai stomach to stomach just in the opposite direction.  Eric used the wall for support in holding Kai's body up while he eyed the tight pink hole.  He looked down at Kai who's face was directly in the path of Eric's ass.  "Are you okay with this?"

"Um yeah, I've never done it before, but what the hell."  Eric smiled and lowered his ass over Kai's mouth.  He felt the wet sensation of Kai's tongue licking over his recently fucked hole.  Eric relished in the moment as Kai's tongue entered him, then went to town on the surfer's uncharted ass.  Eric flicked his tongue over the hole, then swirled it around in circles causing Kai's entrance to pulse with anticipation.  Eric pressed his whole face against Kai's ass and slurped at his backdoor.  He let the tip of his tongue slide in and Kai's ring squeezed it tight, but eventually gave in and stopped resisting as Eric's tongue entered all the way.  Eric bobbed his head up and down trying to give Kai the best tongue fuck he'd ever receive, while pressing his own ass down over Kai's seemingly hungry tongue wiggling around inside of him.  Kai got uncomfortable in the awkward position and slid down and out from under Eric.  Eric frowned not wanting to give up his rimming practice on Kai's delectable ass, but was eager to feel the older teen inside of him.  Eric positioned himself back in front of Jordan who took Eric's cock back into his mouth eagerly as Matt fucked Jordan's ass hard and fast.  Matt's eyes were rolling in his head from the pleasure he was feeling and he smiled as he watched Eric.

Eric felt lube being applied to his ass, then Kai ripped open another condom.  Eric repositioned so he was under Jordan and Kai was between his spread legs.  Kai put the tip of his cock against Eric's hole, which let him in easily from having Erik inside of him shortly before.  "Do it hard, Kai."  Kai did as he was told and slammed his cock into Eric in one hard thrust.  Eric moaned loudly, but muffled himself by taking Jordan's cock into his mouth.  Jordan watched his husband's cock disappear in to his best friend and it nearly sent him over the edge.  Matt felt the familiar stirring in his groin as he watched Eric get fucked by Kai.  They were having sex with each others' partners.  It seemed so forbidden it was driving them all close to the edge.

Kai could feel he wasn't going to last long, so he prodded around inside of Eric and found his prostate quickly, and hit the magic button with every hard thrust he pushed into Eric.  Eric nearly screamed in pleasure, and probably would have if it wasn't for Jordan's dick being planted down his throat.  Matt thrusted harder and harder into Jordan's ass, until his balls tightened and the steamy build up in his shaft erupted, exploding into the condom inside of Jordan's ass.  Matt nearly collapsed on top of Jordan's back, but used the wall for support.  He pulled out of Jordan and took the filled condom and threw it in the trash.  He grabbed Jordan and rolled him off of Eric and onto the floor beside him.  Matt went down on Jordan and sucked like a vacuum.  Jordan writhed around moaning and groaning, "Oh, Matt.."

"Ungh.. fuck.."  Kai moaned hearing his boyfriend in such ecstasy.  Kai slammed into Eric harder pushing the boy up off the ground with each thrust.  Eric yelled out as Kai's dick hit the prostate just right and sent him hurtling over the edge.  Eric's cock erupted like a volcano, covering his body in white spunk.  The first spurt hit him in the face and each of the eight there after formed a creamy trail down his body.  Eric didn't miss a beat and let Kai's cock slide out of him.  He threw the condom off Kai's pulsing dick, grabbed Kai's ass and pulled him forward so his cock went all the way into Eric's throat.

Jordan thrusted upward into Matt's mouth fast, and then his entire body tensed as his cum shot right into Matt's awaiting mouth.  Matt swallowed each spurt as it came, but the volume was so large it started to leak out the corners of his mouth.  He let Jordan's cock stay in his mouth as it softened, milking it for every last drop of cum.  Jordan breathed heavily as he laid there on the ground.  Erik sat on the bed watching the events before him, jerking off his once again hard dick.

Eric bobbed on Kai's cock, teasing every last inch of it with his tongue while sucking on the head with as much suction as he could humanly apply.  Kai's head was tipped back with his eyes closed as Eric gave him an intense head job.  He fucked Eric's face smoothly, feeling the tip of his cock slipping into Eric's throat.  Eric swallowed, adding more and more pressure to the sensitive nerve endings.  "Give me your cum, Kai.  I want to taste your hot, smooth cream.  Come on, fill my throat, give it to me!"  Eric had let Kai's cock slip out for a moment to make it clear what he wanted.  Eric took his hand and spread Kai's ass cheeks apart, then jammed two fingers into the boys unbelievably tight hole. He probed until he found what he was looking for and tickled Kai's prostate.  Kai moaned and held Eric's mouth still as he felt the cum coming up from inside of him.  Erik stood up next to Kai and was about to erupt again himself.  Eric pulled back and took Kai's cock in one hand and Erik's in another, and aimed them both at his wide open mouth.  Kai's cum shot out of his cock hard like a hose and started filling Eric's mouth to the brink.  Eric swallowed quickly as Erik started shooting his cum into Eric's open mouth for the second time.  Eric swallowed and swallowed, each individually then both shot their last streams of cum into his mouth at the same time, mixing their flavors.  Eric nursed them both till they were dry, making sure to drink every last drop.  All five of the boys slumped to the ground exhausted.

"This is the best Christmas ever," Eric spoke breathlessly with a wide smile on his face.

Back at the AMC Theaters...

All eyes were fixated on the screen as the theater rumbled from the booming sound and the final battle was about to begin.  The movie had everyone enthralled and you had to have a major attention span problem to not be involved in the ongoings.  That wasn't the problem for Jake, who instead of enjoying the final movie in his favorite book trilogy, was too busy feeling bad about the way he had treated Ben recently.

His eye's scanned Ben from time to time, watching the boy's face as he took in the movie.  His perfect lips would upturn in a smile during certain parts and frown during others, letting the movie's emotion take him in.  Ben's eyes flickered with images from the screen, showing how truly beautiful the eyes were.  Like two shimmering lakes reflecting the world around it.

The feelings inside Jake scared him to no end.  He never expected to ever feel anything for another guy other than friendship, but there he was, eyeing another guy, one who made his stomach do cartwheels.  Heather was nice and all, but they hadn't done anything past a quick make out session.  She said it was because she's too refined, but Jake never got it up for her anyway.  She irritated him a lot more than she made him happy.  Case in point, the movie argument earlier.  She was used to getting her way because her parents spoiled her silly, and she expected the same from Jake because he was her boyfriend.  There was no physical aspect to their love.  Jake wasn't in it for sex, but he wanted someone that he could hold in his arms and be content with lying in theirs as well.

The inner turmoil was shredding him apart inside, making him feel like he was falling into a pool of quicksand and couldn't pull himself out.  His parents were very religious people, and their religion frowned upon homosexuality.  They were good people, and were very polite around gay people, but Jake knew it would be different if their own son turned out to be everything their church was against.  They accepted Eric and Matt for who they were, in fact they loved them for being such good friends.  Jake began to wonder if maybe it was just his insecurities that were holding him back and he was just using his parents for an excuse.  He had alienated Eric from his life, and hadn't been part of their little group for over a month now.  He blamed himself for it, but he blamed Eric for being so accusing and bullheaded about the situation.  He didn't know if they would ever get back to their best friend status and that hurt him a lot.

Jake was shaken from his thoughts as he noticed people filing out of their seats.  He looked up at the screen which was now black and starting to roll the credits.  His eyes shot over to Ben who seemed to be studying Jake intently.  After a few moments, Ben broke the silence, "Let's go."  The bitterness in his voice was replaced by a noticeably sad tone.  For one moment, time seemed to freeze and Jake felt an unbearable urge inside of him take over.  One of longing, one of sorrow, one of clarity.  Ben stood up and stood there waiting for Jake to get up so they could leave, but instead Jake grabbed Ben's hand softly and pulled him back down into the seat next to him.  Ben looked at him wearily, not knowing what to expect, "You can let go of my hand now, people might think something."

A pang of guilt hit Jake again, but he sucked it up and kept his grasp over Ben's hand, "Ben, I'm sorry if you feel like I've been playing with your feelings.  It's not intentional, I've just.. I've just been having a hard time coming to grips with what I'm feeling."

"So.. you do have feelings for me?"

Jake ran his free hand through his hair, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't.  I.."  Jake trailed off, not knowing the words to say.  Ben squeezed his hand lightly, "I'm scared, Ben.  I'm scared of what this means, scared of liking you, scared of being something I don't want to be."  Jake put his head down, but Ben lifted it with his free hand so Jake was looking at him.

"I'm scared too, Jake.  I mean, I'm new to this whole thing pretty much.  I've never been with a guy, never really wanted to.  Okay so maybe I was a little curious last year and may have kissed Blade.. but still.."

Jake laughed, "You kissed Eric's brother?"

"Um yeah.  It was after our championship hockey game last season.  We kinda went streaking through the hallways, I smacked his ass, he chased me and when we got back to the locker room he pinned me against the wall.  I um kinda sorta copped a feel and kissed him.  Nothing else happened, we were just playing around."

"Wow.  Did you like it?"

"Feeling up his cock?"

Jake busted out laughing, "No you clown, the kiss."

"Honestly, yeah.  He's a good guy and I dunno, he's hot.  It was my first boy on boy kiss," Ben shrugged.

"My first boy on boy kiss was oh say a couple weeks ago in a Dairy Queen with this one guy, umm.. what was his name.."  Ben grinned as Jake feigned memory loss.

"So did you like it?"

"Yeah, I liked it a lot."

"So, who was the lucky guy?"  Ben played along with the game.  He was surprised the theater attendants hadn't come in and kicked them out yet so they could clean, but he wasn't going to complain.

"Umm, it started with a B.  Brad, Brendan, Burt, uh.. Ben?  Oh yeah, that's it!"  The two boys smiled at each other warmly.

"And what did this Ben do exactly?"

"Well, we both were sporting this new ultra cool fad, ice cream facial hair," Ben laughed as Jake continued, "Well, I thought it was a bit much, you know having such a full goatee at 16, so I tried to wipe it off, but for some reason I just couldn't seem to clean it up."  Ben started eating popcorn, acting like he was watching another movie while Jake told his story.  Jake tried his hardest to keep a straight face, but the way Ben looked at him like a little kid learning something new was priceless.

"What happened next?"

"Well, Ben put his hand on my face like this," Jake put his hand on Ben's cheek and caressed it gently, "But instead of wiping off the ice cream, he leaned over and put his put his lips over mine and licked the ice cream away from my mouth with his tongue."

"Do I get a demonstration of that too?"  Ben asked, trying to hide the hope in his voice.  Jake felt that nervous feeling in his stomach again like he did when he walked out of the Dairy Queen, but instead of letting it win, he leaned forward slowly and met Ben's mouth half way.  Their lips fit together perfectly, sliding together in perfect harmony.  Jake nuzzled Ben's lower lip, suckling on the smooth flesh gently.  Ben got a little bolder and let his tongue slide out and press against Jake's teeth, asking for admittance.  Jake opened up the pearly white gates of his teeth, and felt Ben's tongue slither into his mouth.  Their tongues twirled around each other, taking in the taste and texture of each other's mouths.  It was a true 'movie kiss'.  They pulled apart when they heard the cleaning crew start to make their way in.  Jake started to stand up, when Ben tugged him back down, "If you try to run away this time, I swear to god I will tackle your ass."

Jake stood back up and pulled Ben up with him, then smiled widely, letting his feelings for Ben win out for once, "I'm already where I belong."

The two boys walked out of the theater together, feeling the love of Christmas magic in the air.

Two hours later, Glenview Cemetery...

I pulled up to the towering black gates of the very imposing site of Glenview Cemetary.  I parked my car at the entrance, and scaled the fence, the gates being locked because the sky had gone dark.  The trees swayed with the whipping wind, branches clattering together giving the cemetery an eerie vibe.  I shuddered as a chill ran up my spine, the coldness of the air touching my soul.  I wrapped my coat around me tightly, trying to keep some warmth in my body.  I walked solemnly up the winding path until I spotted a kneeling angel.  She was draped over a large stone, weeping.  Formerly an enchanted descendant from above, now just a stone cold, fallen angel.

I stopped in front of the stone and looked at the hockey puck that I had put there after the funeral.  The glued on picture was still intact, the plastic sheathe protecting it.  I picked it up and studied it.  We were smiling, with our arms around each other.. a moment of happiness that I could never get back.  Joey's smile haunted me every moment of every single day.  The way he used to have such a carefree attitude and was always there for me.  The feeling of not having that was one that I just couldn't bring myself to deal with.  I missed him more than I ever let on to anyone.  I kept it deep inside, where no one could see that I had a weakness, that I was slowly, but surely letting it eat away at me.  I ran my finger tips over the cold head stone, tracing over the edges of the angel that laid upon it.

"Why you..?"  I questioned.  Out of anyone in the world it had to be him that was taken away.  I loved him so much, but it wasn't enough to keep him in my life.  I stared at the picture and remembered the day we took it, not too long after Joey came back to California with me.. not long after we admitted there was more to us than just friendship..

"Come on, get closer,"  Matt chided.  He aimed his camera and gave out orders so he could get  a good shot.  Joey and I sat on the edge of my bed, giving shy smiles to each other, being stubborn in our ways as usual, "Ugh, you two are hopeless.  Joey, put your arm around Blade, and Blade, you put yours around Joey."  We did as we were told, our faces facing each other, and our lips inches apart, "Okay, now turn your faces to the camera.. there!  Now, smile.."  *FLASH* Matt turned to pack his camera up, while Joey turned to me once again.

"Memories, eh?"

"Yeah, memories."

"Let's make another one," Joey leaned forward and delicately kissed my lips.  The way his lips touched mine like he was afraid he would break them was the moment I knew that I could be with him happily for as long as I lived if given the chance.  The care and emotion he showed when around me was more than anyone could ever ask for.  Another flash shot through the room, and we broke the kiss to see Matt smiling.

"Great shot.  I'll get these to you in a couple days after I develop them okay?  Play nice you two."  Matt grabbed his bag and walked out the door grabbing Eric on his way out.  I laid down on my side and propped my head up with my elbow.  Joey did the same, mirroring my position.

"What are you thinking?"  I asked.

"I'm thinking I'm in love," He leaned forward and pecked me on the lips again.

"And who are you in love with," I teased.

"This blonde guy that has been the best friend I could ever ask for.  I wish I knew that he could be so much more a long time ago."

"We have all the time in the world to make up for it now," I spoke softly as I embraced his body.  He laid his head on my chest and sighed heavily.

"Yeah, we do.  I plan on spending it all with you too."  Joey smiled up at me as his eyes sparkled.

"I love you, Joey."

"I love you too."

A single tear drop ran down my face as I remembered how good it used to be.  All the time in the world had turned into a very short couple of months.  We had the love and the happiness laid out for us, but we both let it get marred by outside forces.  Sometimes I wonder if I truly am meant to be alone forever.  That maybe Joey was my soul mate and he was ripped from me and my life, leaving me destined to go on by myself, never finding the love I so desperately wanted.  Even when I thought I had found that love, it was still taken from me.  First Tyler, then Joey, and now Chance. My heart ached with a pain greater than me, greater than the world around me.  It ate at my heart and into my soul as if it was on a mission to completely devour any ounce of will I had left.  I leaned against a tree next to the headstone, trying to regain control over my body.  I held my arms tightly around myself, wishing that Joey was with me to take away the pain like he always used to.  I longed to feel his arms protecting me once again..


My phone rang loudly, snapping me out of my reverie.  I didn't bother to check the ID and picked it up, "H-Hello?"  My voice was shaky at best.

"Hey, baby," I nearly dropped the phone when I heard his voice.


"Yeah, it's me.  How are you holding up, you don't sound too good," I could hear his voice start to crack as the sadness took over.

"I'm falling apart, baby.  I miss you so much, I don't know what's happening to me."

"Be strong, B-Blade.  I can't talk long.. the restraining order and all.  I'm on a pay phone, I think my parents put a block on my phone to keep me from calling you."

"Are you okay?  Are they treating you okay?"

"Yeah, they're being civil.  They already arranged for me to go back to Westchester, so they won't really have to keep up their facade long.  I-I just needed to hear your voice.."  The dam broke on his end, the sounds of his sobbing took over the phone.

"Chance, I'm sorry.  I should've have fought harder for you.. I'm sorry.."

"Baby, it wasn't a fight you could win."  He paused for a moment, "My parents are coming.. Blade?"

"Yeah?"  My hand was shaking like a leaf trying to steady the phone to my ear.

"F-Find what makes you happy okay?  J-Just don't ever forget that I love you and always will."

"W-Why does this sound like goodbye again..?"

"Because.. I love you and I need you to be happy.  I can't be with you, so I can't make you happy.  Just promise me you won't forget.."

"Chance, I don't want to let go..

"Promise me please,"  His voice pleaded through his sniffling and cries.

"I promise."

"I'll try to call you again soon.  Tell Erik and Cameron I love them.  You've brought more happiness and love to my life than you'll ever know, Blade.. I-I love you, with all my heart.  Take care of yourself, please. Merry Christmas.  Bye."  Before I could respond I heard his parents yelling in the background, followed by the clicking sound of the phone hanging up.

My emotions went into autopilot, and I lost it.  I took my phone and smashed it up against a tree that once provided me support.  I slammed it against the splintering wood, over and over until the phone was nothing, but pieces of plastic on the ground.  The shards of plastic splintered as they met the hard surface of the tree, some shooting back and piercing the bare skin of my hands.  I lost all sense and started punching the tree with my bare fists, smashing the bark as hard as I could.  My fists and legs flew out in a blur, driving against the immovable object, with nothing on my mind, but getting out the hurt that consumed me.  All common sense and rational thought flew out the window, even hearing the loud cracking noise snap through the air didn't hault the assault on the giant piece of nature, the concern wasn't big enough to see if it was the tree or one of my own limbs providing the sound.  My limbs grew tired as the initial rush of adrenaline drained from my muscles.  I looked over to Joey's headstone and my eyes met the picture of me and him again.  All the pain, sorrow and sadness surged through my veins like a surge of electricity.  I screamed out in frustration, not being able to control my own emotions.  I picked up the puck and threw it as hard as I could out into the darkness then slumped to the ground, landing on my knees.  The tears started running out of my eyes like a river as I put my hands on the headstone and noticed the red liquid leaking from my knuckles and over the gray crystallized surface.  My mind snapped as the blood ran down over Joey's engraved name..

"What?  What am I not being told?!?"

"Blade, it's Joey.  He was in the car with Jordan.  The-they're working on him again right now.  That was the rush, something isn't right."

I gasped for air as my body felt like it was being crushed from the inside out while I relived the loss in my head..

Mrs. Kimbal walked out of the room and over to me with tears in her eyes.  Kai and Marcus moved away a bit and let her take over.  She wrapped her arms around me, as I sobbed.

"No.. please.. you can't just stop.. he can't die.. please do something..."  She squeezed me tighter as I pleaded with her.

"Oh, honey.  I did everything I could.  We lost him, Blade.. I'm so sorry," She said in a shaky voice.

I sobbed uncontrollably, hardly being able to take a breathe as the pain took over.  I shook violently and laid my body against the cold headstone.  Blood seeped through the legs of my pants, while I ran a bloody hand over my face to wipe some tears away.  I gasped as my stomach tightened, but I couldn't take in the air.  I was dying inside with visions of Chance, Joey, and Tyler wrestling in my head, destroying any will I had left.  I fought a losing battle to breathe, and soon my vision faded to black and all was silent in the cold winter air...

Christmas Dinner...

"Everyone, calm down and be patient with getting your food, there's only so many of us and many more of you," Mrs. Chambers did her best to speak over all the talking going on in the huge banquet hall area that had been rented out at a local restaurant to accommodate all the families.

"Hey J, I think your mom's getting a little grinchy on us.  Think we should go help?"  Kai questioned his boyfriend.

"No, she gets too irritated when people try to help. She's weird like that," Jordan just shrugged.  Eric and Matt sat across the table from the happy couple, smiling and making bedroom eyes at each other.

"Oh my god, will you two give it a rest?  I swear you're the horniest people on earth," Kai exasperated.

"I didn't hear you complaining earlier," Eric took one of the breadsticks off his plate and slid it in and out of his mouth causing Kai to blush.

"I hate you," Kai pouted.

"Aww, but we didn't even make it to our second date!"  Eric exclaimed.  As Eric grinned widely at Kai's embarrassment, the door opened and in walked Ben, with Jake by his side.  Eric eyed them curiously, as they handed their coats to one of the coat takers.  Ben casually walked toward the two empty seats at the head of the table, inbetween the two sides occupied by the two couples.  Eric watched as Jake stayed so close to Ben that they seemed like they were attached to each other.

"Hey guys," Ben greeted his friends.  As he pulled out a chair, Eric saw why they were so close together.  Their hands were interlocked and they stayed close so no one would notice.

"Oh my god, you asshole.  I told you, you were gay!"  Eric exclaimed, but then lowered his voice so he wouldn't draw unwanted attention to Jake and Ben from the rest of the family members at the other tables.

"Announce it to the whole world why don't ya?"  Ben joked.

"I'm shocked.  What did you do to him to make him see what everyone else already saw?"  Eric was almost at a loss for words.. but he's Eric, so not quite.

"Will you calm down, geez," Jake groaned.

"I know, down Eric!  Don't harass guests!"  Kai took his bread stick and leaned over to tap Eric's nose with it like he was scolding a puppy.

"Kiss my ass, surf boy," Eric growled.

Kai smirked, "Been there, done that."  Eric blushed heavily.

"What?  Did I miss something here?"  Ben questioned.  Kai, Jordan, Eric and Matt exchanged knowing smiles and just shrugged. "Aww, come on, what happened?"  As Ben asked his question Erik came walking by.

"Hey Erik, Ben wants to know what happened this afternoon," Kai made it a point to embarrass Erik at every chance he got.

"Um, we uh.. uh.."

"Tell me you didn't corrupt him," Jake chided in.

"He corrupted us!"  Eric exclaimed, "His cock is mesmerizing.." Eric licked his lips and Erik shook his head laughing while walking over to another table where Cameron was playing with his toys.

"So come on, details," Ben went into his childlike state waiting for a story.

"Well, we were playing around, and umm, Kai and I were kind of teasing Erik, ya know pulling his boxers down to get a peak," Jake rolled his eyes as Eric continued his story, "Then um, me and Matt started to make out and one thing lead to another and we ended up having one big ole' holiday orgy."

"Are you serious?"  Ben asked, shocked.

"Yup, and hot damn was it good.  What do you say Ben, you and Jake want in next time, seven way?"  Ben blushed and Jake just shook his head at his horny friend.

"There isn't going to be a next time," Kai threw his two cents in.  Eric put on a face that made it look like he was gonna cry.

"But, but, but..."

"Yes, you had your face in butt, after butt, after butt.. but that's not the point," Kai scored a laugh from Jordan and Matt with his comment, "Jordan's mine, and I don't wanna share no more.  Well ya know, unless Blade wants in cause hot damn, he fine."

"Oh fine, spoil the fun.  Matt's better than y'all anyway," Eric pouted like a little boy.  Matt leaned over and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek sweetly, bringing a sweet smile to Eric's lips.

"So are you two together now?"  Matt asked Ben and Jake.

"Yeah," Ben's smile was so bright it could have lit up the room.  Jake returned the smile full force and nodded at Matt.

"That's great, now we have three couples," Matt looked up as he saw Tyler walk in by himself.  He was dressed in a light blue button down shirt and black pants, "Eric, play nice."

"I'm a good boy," Matt smiled and patted Eric on the head.

"Hey," Tyler said timidly before taking a seat next to Kai.  Everyone said hello, even Eric.  "How's your Christmas been?'

"GREAT!"  Eric yelled, drawing all eyes on him.  He just couldn't hold in the thrill of what had happened.  "I had sex with 5 people."  Tyler's jaw just hung open, wondering if Eric was pulling his leg or not.

"Five people?  What do you mean?"  Tyler asked.

"Well you see.."  Eric went into details of the earlier events for Tyler, seemingly forgetting the grudge he had against him for the time being.  Tyler was at a loss for words as Eric gave a play by play of what happened. He looked at Kai and Jordan and they just blushed, then shrugged.

"Wow.  Sounds like fun," Tyler grinned.

"You know.. even though I don't really consider you my favorite person.. you ARE hot.. maybe you could join.."

"ERIC!!"  Kai, Jordan and Matt all exclaimed at once.

Eric put on his angel face, "What?"  Everyone shook their heads and then quieted down as the mothers started walking out with trays of food.  After about 20 minutes everyone had a plate filled to the brink with all kinds of food sitting in front of them.  Eric started digging in and was smacked in the back of his head by his mother, "OW!"

"Grace hasn't been said yet," She scolded while Eric rubbed the back of his head.  Mrs. Pierce said grace and the rest of the guests gave thanks before they started to eat the delicious food they had been blessed with.  Everyone sat around socializing, laughing and having a good time, something that didn't happen very often it seemed.

Tyler fidgeted in his seat, leaving a lot of the food on his plate uneaten.  Kai noticed and turned to him, "What's wrong, Ty?"

"Where's Blade?"

Kai frowned, "He took off this morning, and hasn't come back yet.  I tried his cell about half an hour ago, but there was no answer.  I'm sure he's okay, he's just blowing off steam."

"Colin called me this morning to come into the studio, do you think he might have gone there?"

Kai's expression grew cold, "What the fuck was he doing calling you in on Christmas Day?"

"I don't know.  He made a remark about Emily and my father when he called, I think he just wanted to rattle me.  I'm just worried about Blade, he needs us now more than ever."

"He won't let us in, Tyler.  You know how he is, he goes and does his own thing until he can stuff all that's building up, way down inside where it will build up even more."

Tyler frowned, but quickly hid it when Cameron came running over and jumped on his lap, "Tywer!"

"Cameron!"  Tyler exclaimed back.

"Guess what, I got a Pwaystation, and power rangers, and.." Cameron proceeded to go down the list of gifts he received, much to the table's amusement.

"Wow, that's great, Cam.  I'll come over and play with you sometime okay?"

Cameron nodded excitedly, "You can be the gween power ranger, and I'll be the red, okee?"  Tyler nodded and smiled at the boy.  After a moment, Cameron looked up at the blonde boy, "Tywer, where's my daddy?"  Tyler's smile wavered and he looked to someone else for help, but they all just frowned not knowing what to say.

"He's on his way, Cam."  Tyler had to tell a little white lie to ease the boy's mind, even if it didn't ease his own.  The question  was the same thought that was on just about everybody's mind.

Where was Blade?

11 pm, Christmas Night..

Sitting on the couch, holding each other tightly in front of a fireplace, Jake and Ben finally felt content with themselves.  Through all the doubts and fears they shared, the caring between them overpowered it many times over.  If fate was what brought them together, they silently thanked fate, for giving them their happiness on Christmas Day.  Their lips brushed against each other as the fire crackled, throwing a spark in the air, like a firework had gone off as their lips touched.

At Kai's, Jordan and he danced under the moonlight shining through the glass ceiling and walls of the sun room.  They listened to Christmas songs and held onto each other tightly, swaying around, letting their bodies respond to the sound around them.  Kai kissed his husband while looking into his eyes reflecting the moonlight.  Their passion was shared with no restraints, and their love was pure.  "Merry Christmas, J."

"Merry Christmas, Kai."

At the Steven's household, Eric stood in front of the illuminated Christmas tree, admiring the beauty of it.  Matt walked up behind him and wrapped his arms around his boyfriend's waist, laying his head on the brown haired boy's shoulder.  "Beautiful isn't it?"

"Yeah, just like you."

Matt smiled and kissed Eric, "Christmas is truly magical.  You've proved that to me today."

"The only thing that's magic around here is the love you give me.  Christmas is just a plus, I love you, Matt."

"I love you too."

Through all their happiness, they all had Blade in the back of their mind.  Not a word and the weather outside had turned to torrential rains.  Tyler stood at the pitcher window in the center of the living room, staring out into the outside world.  The Christmas lights illuminated his face, which drooped as the worry inside of him caused him to turn and start to head to his bedroom.  His head lifted when he heard a faint knocking sound coming from the front door.  He shrugged it off as hearing things, when he heard it again, this time louder.  He ran to the door and flung it open.

Blade stood in front of him, soaked to the bone in blood covered clothes.  His eyes were glassy and tears still fell from them, "Tyler.."  Blade winced out.  Tyler grabbed him and pulled him inside.  Blade fell limp in Tyler's arms, crying his heart out.  Tyler pushed the door shut, and led Blade down to his room.  Blade didn't respond as Tyler stripped the blood soaked, dirty clothes off of him and wiped his face with a towel.  Tyler climbed into bed and pulled Blade down next to him, cradling his friend's body against his own.

Tyler kissed the top of Blade's head and whispered, "Everything is going to be okay from now on.."

Hope everyone had a happy holiday.  A lot went down in the chapter, and there's a lot more to come.  New possibilities, new relationships, who knows what happens next... well besides me.

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