Note about the story:

The following are stories that happened in my teen years. I have tried to keep the events as honest as possible though the timeline has changed slightly. I am writing this as a way to get everything out on paper. It was a confusing, exciting and pleasurable time in my life. The story that takes place are between two legally consenting teen boys.

Part 1

Peter and I had been friends since we were 7. I had just moved states and he was there as my next door neighbour. We had a fairly normal childhood, playing outside, building forts, playing computer games and trying to invent secret languages. There were a couple of times that made me curious about what he may have looked like down there but I never acted on them. It started when we were 16.


When I was 15 my brother (who was 16) and I were changing at the beach. I looked over at him and saw a long penis and hairy bush. I compared it to my short penis and bald pubic area and thought, this time next year I will have that! Well, a year past and not much had changed, though I had started to get erections, so I had that going for me.

I found out how to masturbate while going to the toilet. I had a pointed up erection, while it was only 3.5 inches I could not point it in the toilet. I knew what an erection was, but had no idea how to stop them. I really needed to pee. So I put a toilet roll over my penis and covered the top. I let the stream flow up, hit my hand and fall into the toilet. As I was removing the soggy toilet roll, it brushed along my shaft. It felt... good. So I placed my hand over my penis and rubbed it up and down. I kept rubbing. Faster, and faster and faster until this white stuff shot out of my penis and hit the toilet door. I cleaned it up and flushed the evidence down the toilet. I knew from conversations that I overheard at school that i just achieved an orgasm and cummed. I just learnt that masturbating was one way to achieve it. I wanted to learn more and experience it in different ways. Plus, it fixed my erection.


Back to Peter. It was the tail end of summer holidays and it was a really warm day. Peter and I decided to go to the local pool. We got changed and dipped ourselves in the cool refreshing water. There were plenty of hot girls there in their bikinis, some of them quite developed and some I recognised. Oh how the summer had changed them. 

Peter and I bobbed in the water talking while my gaze lingered on some of the girls that I knew, examining how they had changed. I was getting hard. Really hard.

Peter lowered himself under the water and instantly pulled himself up. When he came back up he said, 

"Hey John, you're a little excited down there?" 

I nervously replied "Oh yeah, um, those girls, I know them. They look hot!" 

Peter turned around and looked at them and agreed. We sat there talking while watching the girls. After about 5 mins not saying anything Peter asked 

'Are you still hard?'

'yeah' I replied nervously.

"Me too," he said.

Feeling a little bold and inquisitive I asked "What do you do when you get like this?"

"What do you mean" he replied.

"I mean, do you um, take care of it?"

"Do you *cough* um mean *cough* jerk off?" he whispered.

"Yeah" I replied

"Yeah, most times" he replied "I think I might have to know"

"How?" I asked.

"Let's go to the toilets. Once we have fixed ourselves. I think I'm ready to go anyway." 

"Good idea. Let's go!"

I quickly readjusted my penis, trying to make it not stand out. I got out of the pool and headed to the toilet. Given that no one seemed to look at me and smile, or point and laugh, I assumed it worked. One good thing about a small penis I thought.

We entered separate stalled and I lowered my pants holding my cock in the palm of my hand. Given that my hand was bigger than the length of it I found it easy to use three fingers instead of all five. I sat on the seat of the toilet stroking myself.

At that moment I made sure I was aware of three things. One, any passer-by's, two how good it felt, and naughty that I was publicly masturbating for the first time and three, for evidence that Peter was doing it. I could hear the squelches coming from his cubicle, so I assumed that he was.

After I did the deed, I went and got changed and waited for Peter outside. He came out and we walked home.

"So you did it" I asked

"Yeah" he replied, "you?"

"Yeah," I answered "but how do I know that you really did?"

"You can't know for sure. I mean, that's the exact way I feel."

"mmm... I guess we will never know for sure." I replied. "Hey, did you want to go for a walk tonight when it cools down?"

"Sure" he replied.

We usually went for walks at night, so this question was nothing out of the ordinary. But deep down, I really wanted to masturbate in public again. I was not confident going by myself, but it was a new experience and I wanted to try it again.