Part 2

Darkness fell and I was oddly excited about what events might transpire. Will it just be a normal walk or will something else eventuate? I had the urge to masturbate then and there and I think that I would have had I not heard a tap on my bedroom window. I opened the blind and saw Peter there, I waved and proceeded to head outside. I lived in the downstairs segment of my house. My parents were perfectly content letting me come and go as I pleased as long as I was not out too late.

I stopped at the door. I don't know why but I felt like I needed to change my underwear. It wasn't because they were dirty or anything, it's just that they were old briefs. I had recently transitioned to wearing boxer briefs I loved the feeling of the extra fabric on my legs. I quickly changed and slipped on a blue and yellow striped pair and then left the house. If anything, I was in a brand new pair of undies, and that always made me feel great.

Peter and I began our walk, we chatted about random stuff; school starting, video games, movies and upcoming tv shows that we were looking forward too. I took a deep breath and prepared myself for what I was about to say...

`Hey Peter, what did you think of the pool today?'

`What do you mean?' He asked

`I mean what we did in the toilets. Did you enjoy it?'

`Well yeah, of course. It was that, so of course I did!' he replied

`Me too. It felt pretty weird doing it in a public place, but for some reason, I kinda liked it'

`Same' Peter said.

`Do you do it often?' I asked.

Peter proceeded to tell me that he learnt how to masturbate about six months ago (about two months before me) and since then has probably done it about twice a day on average. I marvelled at that number. Usually I did it every evening and some occasional mornings when I woke up with some wood. This conversation lasted about 10 mins and was getting me hard. It all went quiet.

`Peter' I said, breaking the silence.

`Yeah' he replied.

`Do you need to jerk off?'

`Yeah, why, do you?'

`Yeah, do you want to find somewhere to do it?'

`Yeah.' He replied.

We headed down to a creek, it was behind a few houses, but they had massive trees blocking any vision. We walked along the creek path, it was so dark that we had a good amount of privacy. We headed down to the creek bank there was a massive willow tree, we hid ourselves under its drooping branches

`How do you want to do this' I asked.

`Dunno' he replied.

`Well, how about you go on one side of the trunk and I will go on the other. That way we can't see each other.'

`Sounds good' he agreed.

To tell you the truth, I was a little disappointed, but stuck with the plan. I pulled down my pants and new boxer briefs, only enough to expose my cock and let my balls hang loose. I could feel a cool breeze coming in between my legs giving the base of my balls a tingly sensation. I began to stroke. The feeling was electric. I felt both naughty and at peace with nature. It was silent. From the sounds that came from the other side of the tree I knew that Peter was also masturbating, but I decided to ask.

`Hey Peter, you doing it?'

`Yeah' he replied

`How do I know for sure?' I asked, not really sure what I was hoping for.

`You don't. I guess it's the same as me not knowing if you are doing it.'

`Well how will we know if each other are actually doing it?' I asked

`I think you know the answer to that.' He replied.

There was another pause, which felt like an eternity, but was more likely a couple of seconds. The urge took hold and I blurted out

`I'm game.'

Those two words were the beginning. The acknowledgement that each other needed. That we were willing to proceed into something. Something taboo. Peter stepped out from his side of the tree and I could see clearly that he had his pants down like mine and, although I could not see clearly, he was stroking his cock.

`Wow! You're brave to say that' He said.

`So are you' I said `I don't think I would have had the courage to actually step out and show.'

He smiled.

I watched him masturbate and he watched me. It didn't take me long till I came. I shot my load into the water.

`Did you shoot?' He asked.

`Yeah, did you?' I replied.

`Well I came, but I can't shoot.' I could detect a hint of envy in his voice.

We pulled up our pants and started to head back home. Relieved that this tension between us had finally been resolved our conversation started to flow. We talked about masturbation a bit more. I asked him if he had any experiences before. He told me that recently he had the opportunity to hold another friends cock. He told me that nothing else happened. But it was one of the experiences that he would usually jerk off to.

I was very curious and told him that he was very lucky. Suddenly I got jealous of someone having the chance to hold my friends cock. So I asked.

`Would you mind if I hold yours?'

He looked at me for a couple of seconds. I suddenly thought that I went too far.

`No probs' he replied, `when we get back to your place'

When we returned, we let ourselves in the back yard and sat down on the ground. I looked at him and he nodded. I moved my hand over to his pants, feeling the area. I could make out the line of his boxer briefs and his penis it was flaccid. I moved my hands slowly up to his waistband, pulled at them, opening a gap and slid my hand inside underneath his undies.

I moved my hand down past his pubic area. There was a small about of hair, not much, just a little. I then felt the base of his cock. I moved my hand over it and wrapped my fingers around. I massaged my fingers over it, taking everything in.

Unlike me he was uncut. It was smooth and hairless like mine. I was also conscious of its size. I compared it to my flaccid size, he was slightly bigger, but not too much. However, his girth was a lot bigger than mine. I moved my hands down to his balls and fondled them. His were much smaller than mine. I cupped them and held my hand there while my thumb stroked his cock.

It had been a good 5 mins I looked at him, his eyes were closed.

`Feel free to do the same if you like' I said.

`No, I'm ok' he replied.

I held his cock for another 10 mins. Taking in everything. I was suddenly conscious of the time and reluctantly decided to remove my hand.

He looked at me and smiled.

`Well, goodbye then' he said.

`Yeah. See ya' I replied.

I went inside and laid on my bed. I was happy that my friend and I were able to trust each other to do this. I also was really excited that we had this secret. This new experience was only the beginning well at least that's what I thought. I decided that tomorrow I would ask him if he would like to keep doing it.


To be continued...

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