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"New Kid In School:"
30th Chapter

It had been TWO whole weeks! Actually, sixteen days! That's MORE than two weeks! And I haven't really had a single opportunity to be...um...'romantic' with my boyfriend. I was ready to burst! I was literally waking up in the middle of the night lately with the desperate need to jerk off. Sigh...just a few more days Randy, that's all. One weekend, and Ryan and I will be able to get together and bang until the walls came tumbling down around us! Don't get me wrong, I loved him, with all my heart, and a kiss from his lips worked miracles for me. But I was 16 years old, and sometimes, all the lovey dovey bullshit aside, you just need to get some action! Call me a pervert all you want, but wait until YOU have to stand next to him in the hall, smelling that sweet scent, seeing those gorgeous pink lips, knowing exactly what every part of his body tastes like...and deprive yourself of it for two weeks. THEN we'll see how you hold out!

It was early Saturday morning, and the sun was creeping its way through my window. It was so bright that it was hard to believe that last night was so gloomy with the storm and all. No doubt every puddle was drying up and people were probably forgetting that last night ever happened. But not me. I was still seeing visions of Ryan standing there close to me in the rain, crying over my shoulder as he hugged me tight. God, he was beautiful...chest open...water droplets running down past his cold...erect nipples. I WAS going to put some more thought into his confession to me, about his father, and the problems we were sure to face if his dad didn't approve...but like I said, I was damn horny. And any thoughts I had of him returned to his lovely image in the rain. His strawberry blond locks all wet and weighed down by the rain, his eyes piercing my soul with their gaze. I couldn't help but be aroused by the whole thing.

I strained my ears a bit to see if I could hear any movement downstairs. The last thing I wanted was for my mom to accidently walk in while I was 'yankin' the snake' as Tyler would say. Hehehe! And when I didn't hear anything, I knew the coast was clear. I could only hope for the day when I could just wake up next to Ryan and roll over for a morning quickie. As thoughts of his delicious smile entered my mind, I felt my hardness peek through the front of my boxers. I slipped my hands under the covers, and slowly slid them over the rise of my cheeks, and further down my legs, kicking them off to get lost in the warm sheets. I lay there completely naked, my legs instinctively spreading outwards as I finally grabbed my aching member and stroked it to its full hardness. I heard myself sigh outloud as the pleasure under the covers consumed me. I closed my eyes and just melted into the bed as my imagination wandered sensuously over the subtle curves and silky smooth texture of Ryan's naked body. I had remembered every inch of him, never forgetting a single detail. My angel, my beautiful angel.

My mind set the scenario, with Ryan climbing into my bed, his body heat warming me even more as he pressed himself gently down on top of me. I imagined myself wrapping my legs around him as he kissed me deeply, my arms snaking around his neck. He moved down to nibble softly at my neck, knowing that I was ticklish in that particular area. He loved to make me laugh. And as my legs squeezed around his lithe body, his hands would travel downwards to caress my ass and knead the cheeks erotically as he pushed himself into me. I heard him whisper 'I love you' in my ear, and then begin kissing his way down my chest. I sped up my hand movements, feeling every sensation of Ryan's gentle touch from memory. My breathing increased, and I was surprised to be almost ready to blow so soon. I guess it HAD been a long time. I felt Ryan's mouth lick and kiss my pubic mound, his tongue softly working its way around the base of my erection. He loved to tease me too. It was then that I would look down, and his eyes would meet mine as his tongue traveled up to the top of my 6" shaft...and swallowed it whole. I could feel it, his tongue, his hot, wet mouth, his breath blowing mildly on my silken hairs, his fingertips tenderly caressing my testicles and tickling the wrinkled skin with their touch. Ohhhhh....wait! Wait wait wait. I had to stop. I wasn't ready to let go yet. I cut off the flow with my grip and let the surge of semen die down a bit before slowly starting up again. The imagery was WAY too real, and it only made me long for it even more. I needed him sooooo bad! I wrestled with my imaginary game a few more times, before reaching the point of no return. It was picturing Ryan gettig into a 69 position with me, his tight stomach swiveling his slim hips around to position his throbbing member over my head, inches from my lips, that did it. Thinking of him throwing that one smooth thigh over to straddle my face was too much, and I opened my eyes, throwing back the covers JUST in time to keep from messing them all up. My entire body spasmed violently, my knees pulling up and my hips lifting off of the bed, as a vicious orgasm hit me. I was breathless, trying hard not to scream outloud. And visions of Ryan entering my mouth made the tremors even worse! I felt the warm splashes fall onto my chest and my hand was a blur, squeezing out every drop. I never thought I would stop, and it seemed to take forever before my body was able to relax again. It took a few seconds to catch my breath, and I just laid there, open and naked, almost falling back asleep, as I quietly purred myself back to reality. I moaned a little to myself, and imagined Ryan and I cuddling and kissing with each other. Which, to me, was almost more erotic than the sex itself. I swear, I'm gonna attack that boy as soon as I get a chance.

I seemed to drift in and out of consciousness for a while, feeling the rise and fall of my stomach as my breathing returned to normal again, and I decided that I had better get up. Afterall, I didn't want to accidently fall asleep and have my mom catch me naked on top of the covers with dried sperm stains on my chest. That might be just a LITTLE embarassing. I cleaned myself off a bit, and headed to the shower. The weekend was here, and Wilson said he would be over at 6 PM. Of course, knowing Wilson, that meant 2:30 PM. So I only had a few hours to clean my room and basically 'prepare' myself. This was going to be an adventure indeed.

I picked up some of the stuff littering my bedroom floor, the rest I either tossed in the closet or shoved under the bed. That was good enough. Wilson was going to be too busy to really care anyway. Not that anyone except for my mom ever cared about the state of my room. I put on some music to help keep my mind off the idea of me actually doing housework, but it seemed that every song reminded me of Ryan in one way or another. I found myself wanting to just sit back on the bed and think about him. It was strange, almost like falling in love for the first time...but for the second time. If that makes any sense. I reminiced over every word he ever spoke to me. Over every kiss we ever shared. And I longed to have him there next to me so that we could share the memories together. Oh great Randy...you're getting WORSE! Just when you think you're ready to understand love and what it is, it sucker punches you in the gut and you find out that you're always going to find a surprise when you least expect it. I couldn't even remember how long it had been since he had first moved here. But I remember the first time we met vividly. On a rainy day, just like yesterday. A gray, dreary morning that showed no promise at all. God's little disguise for the wonderful gift that he was about to give to me. That first kiss took place right here, in this room. Right here on the floor. Geez, I can still feel his soft lips quivering against mine. I was SO nervous! I couldn't believe that it was even possible for someone to love me, much less another boy, much less a GORGEOUS boy! The look in his eyes...wow...it was magic.

I heard the phone ring, and it was enough to snap me out of my fantasy. I picked up the phone and, of course, it was Wilson. "Wilson, what's up?"

"HEY! I'm still coming! Promise! I just gotta get my mom to take me. I wanted to come earlier, like when I woke up. But my mom said that 5 am was too early to go to someone's house, and made me go back to bed. So then I got up at 7:17 and asked if I could come over then, because I was going to watch cartoons with you this morning or something. That would have been so awesome! But she still said it was too early. And 7:34 was too early too, I know cause I asked. But she's gonna bring me soon, because she's kinda sleepy. I don't know why. She says she wants me to stay at your house even more than I do!" Hmmm....imagine that.

"That's great Wilson. We'll have fun, just take it easy on your mom, ok?"

"Awwww....can I come over now? Is it too early? It would be alright if I told my mom you gave me permission. I'll ask her right now..."

"No...Wilson, dude..." But it's not like I could ever stop him. He was already running into the other room to ask. I couldn't help but grin to myself at the thought of his disgruntled mother pushing little Wilson from a moving car in front of our house. Tossing out three weeks worth of clothes and abandoning him for a loooong vacation on some tropical island while she can regain her sanity. This weekend wasn't going to be bad at all. I was getting a bit excited myself.

"Sorry Randy." He said. I could hear the 'pout' in his voice. "She said I couldn't come now, and to stop asking before she locked me in the basement." I laughed outloud, and while I'm sure he didn't really get it, he laughed a bit too. "I can't WAIT to get there! I'm bringing ALL of my stuff! It'll be so cool! Anything else you want me to bring? Anything at all? Better tell me now while I'm packing stuff."

He was so juiced over the whole thing, that his enthusiasm carried over into my heart too. I giggled a bit over the phone, wondering exactly how I was going to match the level of energy that this kid seemed to put out constantly with little to no effort. "That's alright Wilson, you just bring whatever you want and we'll make the best of it, ok? And my mom says she's going to bake you brownies too."

"REALLY??? For ME??? KEWL!!!!" The more excited he got, the more excited I got, and I could hear it in my voice too. By the time I hung up the phone, I was happily cleaning the rest of my room and looking for things to entertain him with when he came over. I've gotta admit, I felt like a kid again. It was something I missed sometimes, and Wilson was an expert at bringing it out of me.

An hour and a half had passed, it was about 3 PM, and I found myself sitting on the living room couch twiddling my thumbs impatiently. What's even WORSE...my mom was sitting in the easychair doing the same thing. Wilson had turned our home into a complete nuthouse, and he hadn't even gotten there yet. When the doorbell rang, I sprang out of my chair and bolted to the front door like I was expecting my prom date to be on the other side. What I got, was even better.

"Hey..." It was Ryan. Looking even more delicious than ever. And his hair was at that sexy length that only lasts for a few days before you start saying to yourself 'I need a haircut'. After my many visions of ravaging that gorgeous body of his over the last few days, I immediately blushed at seeing him in the flesh, standing in front of me. His bashful smile caused the excitement inside of me to boil over and it forced me to giggle a little bit. "Hehehe, what?" He asked.

"Hehehe, nothing. Don't worry about it. Um...hi." I said. He gave me a strange look, but the smile never left his face. My GOD he was cute! "Come on in."

Ryan stepped through the first door, and being the gentleman he is, instantly greeted my mother. "Hi Ms. Stephens."

"Hello Ryan. Coming over to see Wilson too?" She asked.

"Oh...is that THIS weekend? I completely forgot." His whole voice and manner changed around her, and Ryan just adopted that shy 'boy next door' vibe whenever my mother was involved. It was so damn adorable. I found myself staring at him, his cheeks, his lips, his eyes...I wanted to take him right there on the floor.

"That's okay hon, you can stop by anytime you want." My mom replied.

"Thanks Ms. Stephens, I'll try to drop in while he's still here. I think you'll like him a lot." I was gently tugging at Ryan's arm at this point, trying to get him to come back to my room with me. Come on baby, just follow me. Just for a few seconds. You can be polite later. My mom and Ryan finished their little exchange and I was finally able to get him to come with me. I couldn't wait to get the door closed before my lips were wrapped around his. I had gotten completely hard in the short time it took for me to get from the living room to my bedroom. It felt SO good to be kissing him again. My heart nearly leapt out of my chest and into his as I felt his tender hands land lovingly on my hips.

"What was that for?" He whispered, breaking our sensual liplock.

"For being the most beautiful thing in my life, that's what."

"You're too kind. Hehehe, and you haven't even heard the good news yet."

"Nothing could better than seeing you at my door this morning." I admit that I was laying it on a bit thick, but he was more than worth it. And seeing him smile only made me gush even more. Before I knew it, I was tasting his sweet kiss once again.

"Oh no? Well...what if I told you that it was over?"

"What's over?" I asked.

"Me and Hailey. Over. Done. Gone." I was too busy kissing Ryan on the neck to really let the whole idea of what he was saying sink in right away. Then I leaned back enough to look into his eyes. They sparkled like diamonds as I saw the truth in his hazel specs, and my jaw dropped.

"DUDE...you're kidding me, right?" I said.

"Nope. I did it this morning. Gently, not too harsh, but definite, you know?"

"What did she say?"

"Nothing much. There were a few tears, she asked if she did anything wrong, and I felt really bad about it on the way over there. But let me tell you, once the words left my mouth, it was a huge weight off of my shoulders. I think it was actually easier to come out to my dad! Hehehe!" I hugged him tightly around his neck, jumping up and down! I couldn't believe it! I had my boyfriend back! I drenched his face in kisses as he giggled and tried desperately to dodge every single one.

But soon the giggles died down a bit, and the last thing that Ryan said came back to haunt me. My smile faded a bit, and I asked, "What about your dad? I mean...how is he gonna...well...what if he..."

"Don't you worry about that, Randy. Ok? I'll find a way to make him understand somehow. I don't know how...but I love you. The thought of being with you is what keeps my heart beating, and no one else can ever take your place in my life. I want you to remember that, always." And then Ryan used his fingertips to lightly brush a few brown locks out of my eyes, and gave me one of his heartbursting looks before leaning in for another sweet kiss. And that's when I heard the doorbell ring. "I think your company has arrived." He smiled.

"Showtime." I 'tucked away' my excitement and walked out with Ryan to see my mom at the door already. And the second she opened it, Wilson came spilling in, leaving his bags on the porch next to his mother, and jumped into my mother's arms.

"HI, Ms. Stephens!!!" I think he caught her a little off guard by the look on her face. Afterall, she didn't even know who the hell he was except for a hundred phone conversations or so. But that look of confusion turned into a giggle so fast, it was like it was never there. She attempted to reach out a hand to Wilson's mother who seemed to be bashfully grinning as well at her sons enthusiasm. And they greeted each other warmly. Wilson was still latched tightly to my mom's waist with his eyes closed when I cleared my throat and reminded him exactly who he had come to see this weekend. "RANDY!!!" And before I knew it, I was being tackled against the wall! Ryan couldn't help but laugh, giving Wilson yet another target for his open displays of affection. This kid had so much love to give. It was amazing to watch. It made me smile just watching him, and I began to miss the days when a smile was so easy to achieve. The way Wilson was moving back and forth so fast, he looked like a newborn puppy, wiggling tail and all. He's gonna be one hell of a blond heartbreaker someday if he keeps that energy...that life. So many people lose that.

"Wilson...I'm leaving honey." His mom called out.

"Bye Mom." He shouted back, not moving.

"Wilson...come get your bags and say goodbye." She giggled. He didn't even remember that he left his bags on the porch.

"Awww mom..." But he went to go get them anyway. Kissed his mom on the cheek, and got the usual motherly 'be a good boy' lecture, and she was off. My mom rustled Wilson's hair a bit with a smile, but he was too busy to stay still for long. "Cool! I brought my stuff! Wanna see? Where's your room? I'll show ya! Hi Ryan! Wanna come too? Come on!" And he started walking.

"Wilson, my room is THIS way dude."

"Oh...I knew that. Come on!"

Wilson dragged his bags up to my room and threw them up on the bed. It had been a total of five minutes, maybe ten, time moved so fast when Wilson was around, and he had already claimed my house as his own. He was a molecule bouncing off of every wall and leaving an imprint until the whole place was haunted by his smile. And I felt it too. Like his vibrance just spilled out of him and overflowed onto the people around him. It was so crazy.

Wilson had two bags with him, so full that he couldn't even zip one of them up all the way. He opened his 'luggage' and pulled out toys and video games and candy bars, a couple of wooden rulers, some comic books, a whole bag of rubber bands, some cds, a box of markers, Pokemon cards, and a slew of other things that I couldn't even identify. Some of them had tentacles and some had fake blood on them and some were broken in half, or missing limbs, or had their heads dettached...which he fixed with a snap. I saw my bed filling up with his stuff as he continued to pull his gadgets out of nowhere like clowns out of a circus buggy. "Wilson...dude, you brought an awful lot of stuff."

"Yep! I couldn't fit anymore cause my bag sucks and it wouldn't zip up. But I'll get a different one next time."

"Do you even have enough room for your clothes?"

"Clothes? What do I need clothes for? I'm only spending the night." And yet he needs a lifetime supply of toys and gadgets? Kid's logic, you gotta love it. Ryan and I looked at each other, trying not to laugh, and he just shook his head.

"Listen, you two have fun. I've got some stuff to take care of today. Later." Ryan said.

"NO, don't leave! C'mon, stay!" Wilson whined.

"I'll be back later on today. I promise."

"You swear?"

Ryan looked me right in the eye, a sensual spark transmitting straight to my heart. "I swear. You couldn't keep me away."

And with that, he walked out, leaving me in a dreamy haze. Wow...he was mine again. All mine. "You guys were in here kissing, huh?" Wilson said.

"Huh...?" I can't believe he said that so...so loud. My mom was in the house for crying outloud. "Dude!"

"Hehehe...you're blushing. You guys must have been using your tongues and stuff too. You know, I'll bet..." But I ran over to put my hand over his mouth. But instead of shutting him up, it only made him laugh.

"SHHHH! Not so loud!" I said, catching his contagious giggle fit. "There will be none of that this weekend, got it? Silence is our friend, ok?"

"Ok! Ok! I promise." So I let him go. But it hadn't even been ten seconds before he whispered, "Did you really use your tongue? Isn't that gross?" I think the look on my face was enough to shut him up after that. "What? I was whispering! Fine, I'll wait until she goes to bed." I swear, there was no detouring this kid once he had a question.

By the end of the first hour, I was totally convinced that ten year olds don't need to breathe when they talk. Because Wilson never stopped. And yet, following his train of thought became a game in itself. And soon, it really did begin to make perfect sense, which made me wonder if I was gaining some clarity into his world, or losing my sanity altogether. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't need to say much, but he was so very easy to talk to. He accepted everything as truth. He spoke with complete openess and honesty, and figured that I was doing the same at all times. It was a purity that you really can't find in a lot of people. And watching his inexhaustible energy kept me alive. He was in constant motion, even when he was talking. He was always fidgeting, or moving his hands, or twirling his hair, or swinging his feet, or something to try to keep that bursting energy under control long enough for him to talk to me. And it just wouldn't be contained.

We heard a knock at the bedroom door, and my mom peeked her head in. "How are you guys doing in here?"

"We're cool mom. Wilson was just showing me some of his stuff."

"Hi Mom." Wilson said, his voice hitting that sweet little 'Tiny Tim' pitch. I think he just adopted her, and her heart melted. I could see it on her face. She was so flattered that this loving little boy would so readily jump into her arms.

"You guys just let me know when you're hungry, and I'll take you out for a bite to eat. Ok?" She said, and closed the door again. No doubt about it, she was overjoyed to have a youngster in the house. It almost made me realize how long it's been since I gave her the kind of attention that Wilson does. I loved her to death, bu I guess once you reach a certain age, you start to experience things on your own. Things you can't really share with your mom. Sometimes, I miss it, I'm sure she does.

After that, I asked the one question that may have triggered the downfall of any 'grown up' instinct that I had ever had. "So Wilson...what are the G.I. Joe figures for?"

"What are they FOR? You never played Man of War before?"

"What is that?" And before I knew it, Wilson was emptying the bag of action figures onto the floor. Jeeps, guns, planes, helmets and all. He had decorated some of them with a marker to make war scars and burn marks. Others had been unscrewed and left in pieces. And then we spent the next half hour setting them up all over my room, with Wilson instructing me every step of the way. I swear, he had created a whole system of where to put them, an art out of the way the were standing. I could hardly get them to stand up properly, God knows how I did it when I was younger. He set them up behind my shoes, hanging from strings, standing in front of gasoline barrels...which were actually some AA batteries...and in a variety of other positions. It was actually beginning to come to life, and it looked kind of cool when I think about it. Wilson even loosley fitted some of the broken figures back together and leaned them up against a shoebox. It seemed to take forever, but we finally had every soldier strategically placed in one way or the other. It was pretty as a picture, but I didn't know that the game had only started.

"Here...take one." Wilson handed me a ruler, and then grabbed the bag of rubber bands. Ahhhh....I get it. Wilson fitted the rubber band over the end of the ruler, stretched it back, slingshot style, and with what must have been expert aim, he shot one of the soldiers hiding behind a stack of cds. "Your turn! C'mon, you can do it. Here, just like this." And he was so happy to be showing me what to do. I had it figured out already, but why stop him when he was having fun? I got my fingers straight, pulled back the rubber band, and aimed for my target. A young female cadet, shooting at me from behind a jeep. Only the upper half of her body was showing, but I think I could take her. I released my shot! POW! I shot her right in the chest, and felt a jolt of energy rush through me as she flew backwards from the blast! "YOU GOT HER!!!" Wilson shouted. "Good shot dude! I thought you'd miss for sure!"

"Hehehe, surprise surprise."

"Bet I beat ya anyway!"

"I bet ya won't!" I grinned. And by my third shot, I was hooked. Pow! Another shot connected, taking out a sniper crouched down behind a VHS tape! Thwack! I got the scuba diver in the chest, sending him back through the gasoline tanks! Causing a huge explosion, sound effects provided by Wilson of course! Boom! One of Wilson's carefully placed broken soldiers was hit, and because he had been unscrewed before, the figure exploded! Head, arms, and legs blowing up and leaving pieces of him every where! I swear, we were screaming after five minutes of our imaginary war. Laughing, congratulating one another for every shot, being amazed at the trick shots. I was giggling my ass off, and the whole scene that we had built began to take shape for me. The characters seemed to actually move, make noise, explode. My mind gave the game more 'life' with every shot. It was as if I could hear the soldiers screaming when they got hit. As if I could hear te rumble of the tanks, or the roar of the jet engines, or the whiz of the bullets as they connected with their targets. But when I listened to myself, I was making all of the sounds with my mouth. And if it wasn't me, it was Wilson. The two of us just completely lost in a dreamworld where we were the invinceable commandos, fearlessly taking on a whole army by ourselves and loving it. I had forgotten how incredible it felt to just escape for a while. To exist in a place where I had total control. And it took this mischievious little runt to bring it out of me.

When we had defeated the entire G.I. Joe AND Cobra armies, we looked at the carnage, and tallied up a little score. Wilson swears up and down that he was the winner, but I think I should get extra points for the trick shots. Cheater! Hehehe! By the time we even declared a winner for the first game, we were down on our knees setting up for another one. I just let the kid in me go, and I gave Wilson all kinds of ideas as to how to set them up. Propping some of the jeeps up a little bit on the side so they'd roll over when we shot them. Or hanging the planes from little strings and making it so they drop down when we blew them up, or having traps that moved and fell over, and collapsing bridges. And Wilson got even more excited with every game, until we were exhausted from it! By the time Ryan made it back over, I had reduced myself to at least age 12, and was having the time of my life. The explosions got bigger, the shots more dangerous, the missions more elaborate, with hostages and hidden objectives. I couldn't be sure, but I was guessing that I was one of the best partners Wilson ever had for this game. Just by the smile on his face. My God, I thought his cheeks would burst.

"You guys having fun?" Ryan laughed.

"DUDE, you have GOTTA try this!" I said. And I handed him a ruler and rubber band so he could join us. He took a few easy shots, but I could tell that he was either holding back, or he was trying to get my attention. I looked back at him, and he just smiled at me. Passionately. If I'm not mistaken, I think Ryan was happy to be 'gay' again. And he was ready to show me just how much. The look he gave me left me breathless. Even though Wilson went on with the game, blowing up tanks and making machine gun noises with his mouth, I was lost in a whole new world now. One where only Ryan and I existed. And when Wilson turned around to see why we were so quiet, we were kissing.

"Whoah..." He whispered to himself, and unashamedly crawled over to stare right at us. If he had been any closer, he would have been 'participating'! "Coooool..."

I moved back a bit, smiling. I blushed a bit, kissing my boyfriend in front of Wilson like that, but it felt so good to be able to do it in front of someone and not worry. We couldn't do it in public, not in front of Tyler, certainly not in front of Ariel. This was different. This was cool. As Wilson so elegantly put it. "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry. That was cool! Did you use your tongues? I didn't see 'em." He asked.

"Shhhh!" I scolded him.

Then he whispered, "Sorry. Did you use your tongues...I didn't see them?" Hahaha, how this kid can listen to himself and not laugh all day is a complete mystery to me.

"No Wilson. We didn't use our tongues...yet." Ryan smirked. I slugged him in the shoulder playfully, and he rolled over on top of me, wrestling back and forth.

"Pile on!" Wilson shouted, and jumped down hard on Ryan's back, who was already on top of me. It was a shock, but I think the three of us were laughing too hard to really care. We rolled and struggled and screamed hysterically until we knocked the lamp off of the dresser and sent it crashing down onto the floor. Not broken, just cracked a bit. It's funny how a loud crash can suddenly quiet a room of joyful kids making noise. The looks on everybodies faces was priceless! I think Ryan was the first one to burst out laughing, and then me. I don't think Wilson got it right away, but after seeing the two of us laughing so hard, he couldn't help but engage in a giggle fit of his own.

"What was that noise?" My mom called from the other room.

"NOTHING!" We all answered at the same time, and then started laughing all over again. It had been a long while since I had felt so free.

"Dude, look, I need to talk to you for a little bit, ok?" Ryan asked, but I knew Wilson wasn't going to go for that. Afterall this was HIS weekend.

"Um...hehhe...I don't know..."

"Come on, just for a few minutes?" Ryan's smile was soooo beautiful. I sighed outloud and looked to Wilson for permission.

"But we've got almost ten soldiers left." He said, trying not to sound like he was pouting.

I thought for a second and then said, "Don't sweat it. I'll bet you can't tag them all before I get back anyway...SIDEKICK!

Nothing like a challenge to keep Wilson busy. He practically bet me 100 dollars that he could get them all before I even left the room, and that's when me and Ryan went into the garage for some privacy. "Alone at last." I whispered, hugging him against me.

"Randy, I talked to Matt on the phone today. Now I know you've got Wilson here and all, but on Monday, the basement is all ours. I want to see you. Ok? Just the two of us. Matt and Sam are going out to the arcade and then to a movie, so even they won't be there. We can be together, just the two of us. You and me." And he kissed me on the tip of the nose.

"Sigh...sounds like a good plan to me." I whispered as I melted in his arms. His strawberry blond hair was highlighted by the light in the dingy garage, and the dimly lit garbage behind him only made him stand out as being even more ravishing that I could imagine. I kissed him on the side of the neck, allowing my tongue to drag along the soft skin, feeling his awesome texture on my taste buds.

"I missed you." He said.

"I missed you too."

We stood there for a while, and then he let me go. "Go on, your little brother is waiting for you. Hehehe!" I couldn't really tell, but it looked like he was tearing up a bit.

"Yeah. So....Monday right."


"Ok...can't wait." I said bashfully.

"I love you Randy. And always will."

"I love you more."

And then Ryan blew me a kiss, which I pretended to catch and put in my pocket. When he was gone, I had to lean against the wall for support. He never ceased to make me weak in the knees. And I simply stared at the ceiling as thoughts of having my naked body wrapped around my beautiful lover once again overcame me. To just lay there in his arms while he kissed me and cuddled me, was enough to make me feel a love unmatched by any other. I swear...life is just awesome sometimes.

I walked into the house and back to my room in this dreamy fog, not really knowing what was going on around me, and not caring either. Ryan...my boyfriend. Boyfriend. A love not only felt...but SHARED. It was enough to keep me crying tears of joy for the rest of my life. It was enough to keep me from even Wilson sitting on the edge of my bed reading one of my teen magazines. WILSON READING ONE OF MY TEEN MAGAZINES?!?!?!

"WILSON! What are you doing???"

"I'm looking at a magazine. What's it look like?"

"Dude, put that away!" I said, grabbing it from him and trying to stuff it back under the bed where he got it.

"That Hanson guy is cute huh? One girl said she'd die for him. You think he reads that stuff?"

"I don't know Wilson."

I tried to see who Eddie Furlong was, but the pages were sticky, and I couldn't pry them open without ripping it, and..."

"Wilson...you can't go through my stuff like that. Ok?" I said, trying to stop him before h went on one of his question-asking rampages and got me in trouble.

"Ok...hey, what's this?" He said, pulling out a huge cardboard box out of the closet for the only bit of gay pornography that I own. It was called "Nuts and Butts" or something, and he held it up in the light to look at it. JESUS! If my mom had walked in, it would be all over for me!

"WILSON!" I said, snatching it out of his hands.

He giggled a bit and said, "Hehehe, you're dirty!"

"No I'm not."

"Uh-HUH! I know what that is! It's a boody flick!" He laughed., and by the time I was through shoving it back in the closet, he was sitting at my desk.

"Just don't touch anything, ok?"

"I won't." Before he could even get the words out of his mouth, I heard my computer come on.

"You've got mail" it said. And I looked back at Wilson, who was sitting there innocently, with his hands in his lap.

"What did I just say?"

"I didn't touch it! It came on by itself!" He whimpered, putting both his hands up in the air. He had a poker face that could fool the devil himself if he wanted to.

I just shook my head and went back to hiding my 'cinema varité' in the closet. Then I actually heard him hitting the computer keys and moving the mouse around. "Wilson..."

"I'm just checking your mail for you, that's all." He said.

"I'll check it later."

"Who's Comicality?"

"Who CARES? I haven't heard from him in months! Listen, dude, can you just be still for a second or two? I've got an idea...why don't you hook us up with a few video games or something, k?"

"OKAY!!!" And he leaped out of the chair to grab his stash of entertainment. And we pretty much played them for the rest of the night. Even for the one player games, he seemed to be content just watching me play and cheering me on. You know, as strange and mindboggling as it was having Wilson around...I liked it. I almost wished that he could stay with me forever. The little brother I always wanted.

We spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games, and a few more games of 'Man of War'. Mostly because I begged him to. Hehehe! WHAT? I was addicted...in a 'mature' sort of way, of course. And when the night came around, my mother drafted little Wilson to help her bake brownies. I'm surprised we had enough left after he was through dipping his fingers in the batter. And naturally, everytime my mother caught him licking his fingers, she'd ask what he was up to. And he'd reply with "Nothing. I swear." Not even a hint of a smile on his face. This kid was a pro if I've ever seen one. I couldn't keep my mind off of the two of them in the kitchen. They were both so happy. Especially my mom, she was smiling from ear to ear. She loved to just hear Wilson talk, and boy did love to talk. It was like seeing a re-enactment of what I must have been like at that age. Just me and mom, baking brownies in the kitchen and chatting away about nothing. I could hear Wilson rattling on about everything from bikes to worms he dug up in his backyard to his grandpa's gambling habits to that one time he saw a boy at school eat a dead roach for a dollar. And my mom just absorbed it, as though every topic made perfect sense. It felt good to see her so happy. Then...she made the mistake of leaving the room for a second.

I walked in, feeling a bit frisky, and scooped a bit of brownie mix onto my finger and tasted it. "Mmmm...good. Hey Wilson, you know what's really good with this?"

"Uh-uh. What?"

"Whipped cream. Grab me some whip cream out of the fridge, would ya?" And he rushed over to grab the spray can from the refridgerator door and handed it to me. "Yeah...this'll be great." Then I shook it up real nice, took off the cap, and with a little push of the nozzle, I sprayed a few splattering shots right in Wilson's face! "Yep...just perfect!" I grinned.

He just stood there for a second, not knowing exactly what to think or do about the fact that he had whipped cream on his face. He just stood there with a surprised look on his face, his eyes as wide as saucers. His mouth hanging open in what was quickly turning into a smile. "Randy...no WAY! You sprayed me!"

"I did? Oh man, I'm sorry." And then I sprayed him again, this time, right down the front of his shirt. He squirmed away from it and then froze as he adjusted to having a face and then a shirt full of whip cream. I laughed outloud at him, and he rushed me. "No no no!!!" But it was too late. He hugged himself against me, smothering the whipped cream all over me and the floor. We were both screaming and giggling outloud, twirling around the kitchen as I shot another long spray down the back of his shirt. He cried out as loud as he could, but there was nothing he could do except cringe as the cold cream ran down his back. He pushed, I pushed. He pulled, I pulled. And somehow, through all of our spinning, we crashed up against the kitchen sink, and knocked one of the plates to the floor. It broke into pieces and we had to stop our tussling to hurry and pick it up off of the floor.

My mom came around the corner quickly and said, "What the heck are you two doing in here?"

We both straightened up, putting on our best innocent faces, and replied in unison..."Nothing."

But there was no way in hell that she was buying it! Not with the both of us standing there covered in whipped cream with chips of broken glass at our feet. Not to mention that Wilson was starting to snicker to himself. And the more he tried to hold it in, the more it forced his way out. Before long, he completely lost it, and so did I. We couldn't stop, and it felt like 16 years of laughter all left me at once. It felt SO GOOD! And my mother joined in as well. "You two...I swear. Sigh...go clean up. Go!" she smirked. And we walked by her, still chuckling atour little mishap. She didn't seem to mind though. Then, she stopped me by putting her hand on my shoulder. "Randy..." She said with teary eyes and a smile, "...it's good to see you laughing again. It really is."

And when she let me go, I felt even better than before. I would have hugged her if my body wasn't covered in ooze. It made me realize what I missed many of the times when I was growing up. A childhood where I filled the house with laughter and toys and broken dishes. Something that my father stole from both her AND me with his strict discipline and iron fist. I think it was just as much fun for her to see me be a kid as it was for me to actually open that part of my soul again. To release that child in me that just wants to have fun sometimes. Sure, it may be silly to some, but to me, this was MY time to be a youngster. To be carefree and laugh and play until my body gave out. And there was no way that my dad could take it away this time. Not now, not ever. And wherever he is, I hope he realizes that.

After a little shower in the bathroom sink to clean up, I took Wilson back to my room to check for a video to watch. "COOL!!! What about this one???"

"Which one?"

"It says, 'The Zombie Bastard From The Southside of Hell and His Bride'! This one looks cool! C'mon, let's watch THIS one!"

"Um...Wilson...that's a bit violent for you, don't you think?"

"NO! Come on! It's zombies and shit, it'll be cool!"

"Wilson, why don't we look at something else?"

"But he's from the southside of hell, Randy! And he's got a bride! It says so right here in the title!" This kid wasn't giving up.

"I can't show you that. You'll have nightmares."

"No I won't! Please oh please oh please??? I won't have nightmares, I promise!"

"No...now come on, pick something else."


"Something ELSE, end of discussion!" I said.

"Awww...fine. I already seen it anyways." He stuck out his lower lip in that cute little pout of his and then picked out some Jackie Chan movie. Not bad, and no nightmares. Although I see a few bruises coming from his 'Shaolin training' coming my way once the movie was over. My mom sat in the living room to join us, and we all just enjoyed the flick to its fullest. At first, Wilson was cheering and commenting on every fight and talking away, but once I heard him yawn for the first time, I knew he wouldn't last much longer. It was like magic, once midnight hit, Wilson was conked out on the edge of the sofa. He was fast asleep, his gentle 'kiddie' snoring sounded like a soft purr as he drifted off into dreamland. I looked over at my mom, who was just watching him, admiring the peace and comfort of his rest. Only a child can sleep that soundly. No bills, no stress, no real conflicts of any kind. His angelic appearance was a blessing to us both. If you've never watched a child sleeping, I suggest you try it. There is no greater therapy for the human soul than that.

My mom lifted him up and put him in my bed, coming back to watch the rest of the movie with me. And she smiled weakly in my direction, her motherly instincts kicking in all over again. But, 30 seconds later, I heard my bedroom door open up, and Wilson sleepily came out of it, his eyes barely open, if at all. "The movie's not over yet." He whispered lazily, and he plopped down on the couch next to me, cuddling his young body up against me as he went right back to sleep. He passed ut the second his head hit my shoulder, and I threw an arm over him, drawing him in closer. It was the kind of tender love that I had only experienced through my boyfriend and my mom. And yet it was different somehow. A need that was placed in me. This boy, this beautiful little blond demon, confided his trust, his love, his friendship, his very happiness...in me. And as he snuggled up even closer, I felt that need flow through me, warming him, and protecting him from all the evils of the world. It was a special moment, for all of us.

The movie ended, I took Wilson to bed with me, and tried to brush all of the remaining toys and gadgets off of my mattress so I'd have a place to sleep. I covered Wilson up and lay down next to him. "OW! SHIT!" I whispered loudly to myself. I had a missle launching rocket pack sticking me right in the back. I flicked it down to the floor and laid back down. I turned out the light, and seconds later, Wilson snuggled up as close as he possibly could to me without actually being up my ass. I couldn't help but laugh a little to myself. And you know what? I don't think I have ever laughed as much, or played as much, as I did today. I was actually tired. Exhausted even. Wilson gave me something I never really experienced before. A 'need' of some sort. A total trust, a complete abandonment of everything else, just so he could be a satellite to me and only me. He was going to spoil me something awful by doing that, and I was sure to miss him terribly whe he left. "Ow..." I sighed as Wilson kicked me, trying to get even closer. Hehehe, scamp. My blond little bro.

I drifted off to sleep, ready to dream about Ryan in full blinding color. Ready to feel his kiss, and look forward to seeing him once again. I could taste him already. I wonder if those is one of those moments that I'll be remembering for years to come. With Wilson...Ow...kicking and clawing at my back. One more, and I'm elbowing him in the stomach! Somehow, I can just imagine Wilson giggling his ass off in his dreams about this. I've got a boyfriend, a loving parent, awesome friends, and a little brother. What more could I ask for? We'll see.

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