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"New Kid In School:"
31st Chapter

It might have been 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning when I felt it. A strange 'shift' in my senses that somehow came to my attention. I had been sleeping peacefully for a while, even getting used to Wilson's kicks and scratches at my back. I felt just fine. But something gently woke me up before I even opened my eyes. The feeling that I was being watched.

Then, right in front of my face, I heard a certain boyish whisper say, "Yeah...it looks cool. So you think he's cute when he sleeps? Yeah, I guess. Cool...look at his mouth." I completely came to my senses when I felt him put his finger up against my lips. NOW what was this kid up to?

I opened my eyes to see Wilson in his pajamas, staring directly into my face from no more than a few inches away. Hehehe, what the hell was he staring at me for? Weirdo! "Wilson...what are you doing?"

"We were watching you sleep. You're cute when you sleep." He replied. Those definitely aren't Wilson's words. So I turned over and saw Tyler sitting on my dresser. Evidently he had climbed through the window, not knowing that I had company sleeping over this weekend.

He grinned sheepishly at me. "Rise and shine." I smiled back at him as I lazily reached over to turn on the light.

"Cute when I sleep, huh?" I said.

"Don't listen to him. The kid is blessed with an overactive imagination." So he says, but knowing Tyler, Wilson wasn't making that up.

"So what are you two doing?"

"Well, I had come over to talk to you, and Wilson here caught me climbing in the window. He threatened to hit me with his supersoaker rifle until he figured out who I was. Thank goodness your 'guard dog' here recognized me from the hospital." Tyler giggled. "And uh...he also happened to show me this little piece of merchandise from your private video collection." Tyler smiled mischievously as he held up the "Nutts and Butts' video cover! Waving it back and forth to tease me.

I looked at it in horror! "WILSON!!!" I whispered loudly.

"I was just LOOKING at it! I swear!" That little boy was a handful and a half.

"Why Randy...I never knew you were so freaky. Four hours long? Man, that must be one hell of a struggle, trying to hold out that long."

"It's just...something I have. I don't even watch it." I said.

"Don't watch it huh? I don't know...this box looks pretty worn out."

"Yeah whatever. Put that away."

"Interesting plot twists..."

"I hardly even remember what happens in that movie."

"Well then it's a good thing that it says it right here on the back of this wonderfully decorated box!" And then Tyler began to read it outloud while I blushed madly. "Two fresh young twinks find themselves alone in the forest to set up camp. But young Buddy isn't the only one 'pitching a tent' that night..."

"DUDE! Ok, that's it, put it away." I was trying to be serious, but Tyler's smile was causing me to form one of my own.

"Oooh, watch as Buddy rams all 11 inches of love meat into Clarke's succulent love orifice..."

Wilson asked, "What's a 'orl-a-face'?"

"Do you see what you're doing? You're warping the mind of this little boy." I said.

"Eleven inches, Randy? My God, I didn't think that was even possible." Tyler said with a grin. "Can we say, 'ouch'?"

"Wow, that's like, almost a whole ruler at school! Hey do you think mine will get that big? Maybe when I'm old, like 18, then my love meat will be bigger than everybody elses in the world!" I turned to Wilson, trying not to laugh.

But Tyler burst out into snickers first when he said, "What the hell is an 'angrily pulsating beef train'? Hahahaha!"

"TYLER..." I tried to stop him without laughing myself, but Wilson wasn't helping much.

"See Randy, I told you it was dirty. The train thing sounds cool though." He said with a childish giggle of his own.

"It's not dirty, it's just a...a regular video. It's not that bad."

"Can I watch it?" Wilson asked innocently.

"Yeah Randy. Can we watch it? I'll wake up your mom and we can all go downstairs and watch it in the living room. I'll make popcorn." Tyler was having WAY too much fun with this. "Say, this doesn't have any foul language in it, does it? Because I don't want to hear any 'dirty words' while we're all riding the beef train."

"You bitch!" I threw a pillow at Tyler, making him burst into a fit of laughter again.

And of course, Wilson shouted out, "PILLOW FIGHT! PILLOW FIGHT!" Which I had to silence right away before he woke up the whole neighborhood.

"No! Shhhh! No...no pillow fight."

"Awww...." He pouted, but he had a smile on his face only seconds later. I swear, I had never experienced a sugar high like he seemed to keep with him, even at 4 am.

We laughed it off for a few minutes until Tyler finally threw me the box while mumbling, "Pervert." under his breath. I just stuck out my tongue and hid the box under the bed. But once the giggles had died down a bit, there was a silence. Tyler didn't necessarily look me in the eye, and I knew he had to have something on his mind.

"So how come you decided to visit tonight?" I asked. Tyler's face, while trying to keep up a normal appearance, changed a bit. I could tell.

"Um...no reason really. Just figured you'd feel like chatting or something." He smiled weakly, and was trying hard to come up with something else to talk about to delay things.

"Chatting about what?"

"NOTHING! I mean, nothing specific. Just..you know, this...or that." Okaaay, so what was this all about?

"You're being weird, even for YOU." I said, getting out of bed. Wilson's eyes were half closed, and he was already on his way back to sleep. He must have seriously been tired.

"Nice boxers. I remember those." Tyler said with a grin.

"How do you remem....oh." I said, thinking back to our little fling a long time ago. I felt myself blush and turn a bright red. I certainly hope he's not here to talk about THAT anymore.

"Hehehe, you are so cute. But don't worry dude, I'm just screwing with ya." He said it convincingly enough, but a very faint shade of red in his own face gave him away. He brushed a few loose strands of his blond hair out of his eyes and straightened up. His smile got a bit more serious, and he sat on the bed next to Wilson. Two of the cutest blond bombshells on the planet, sitting on my bed in the wee hours of the night. I swear, sometimes God's sense of humor is just NOT funny.

"So...are we doing anything this week? Like...hanging out or anything?" Tyler asked shyly.

"Doing anything? What do you mean?"

"Like just...I don't know, hit the arcade or something. That was cool last time. You, and me...and Ryan..."

Ahhh...I see now. "..and Ariel." I said with a grin.

"Um...yeah. And...and Ariel." He said his name so quietly that it was hardly audible. It was so cute. I sat down on the bed with him, Wilson being dragged kicking and screaming back to la la land, laying between us. He fought tooth and nail to stay awake, but it was no use. He was passing out fast.

"I'm not sure. What did you have in mind?" I was trying SO hard not to smile, but I couldn't help it. And the second he saw that, he knew that I was on to him and a look of frustration appeared on his face.

"Sigh, forget it." He said.

"NO no no! Dude..."

"Well, if you're just going to laugh at me..."

"I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing at your lame attempt to trick me. Hehehe!" He attempted to smile, but I knew that he was twisted up about this whole thing. I put my hand on his shoulder, "Seriously, Ty, I want to help you. But you've got to let me."

He closed his eyes and said, "I don't know what I'm doing, Randy. This is just...weird, you know?"

"Yeah. I know." He was twiddling his fingers nervously, and I thought that this may actually be the beginning of his admission to the whole thing. "You like him, don't you? Come on Tyler, you can tell me. Say it, and you'll feel so much better."

He almost didn't want to say anything at all, but he was starting to give in. At long last. "I think about him all the time. He makes me nervous whenever I see him." He paused, and I told him to keep going. "That day at the arcade...it was just a good vibe, you know? I mean, I thought he was cute and all, but I didn't know that he was smart, and funny, and just...sigh...really cool. I don't know dude, but I think...I might like to get to know him a little better."

YES! My heart lifted and I finally saw a window opening that might work for this whole affair. "I'll see about getting us together this weekend. Promise. Ok?"

"Thanks Randy." He said softly, and he hugged me, both of us forgetting that Wilson was between us.

He squirmed a little in his sleep, and moaned "Pulsulateeng beef train" before going right back into a deep sleep. I swear, if we didn't cover our mouths with our hands, we both would have gone into a hysterical fit of laughter that would never stop.

"You know, you're free to crash hereif you want." I offered.

"Nah, my mom would freak if she knew I snuck out this late. Thanks though. I'll see you later, k?"

"Sure thing...loverboy." I HAD to get at least ONE shot in.

"Hehehe, you suck." He grinned, and let himself out of the window. Sweet, it's about TIME I got somewhere with these two. Maybe he'll ask him out. Or maybe he'll chicken out again. But if he at least gives it a shot, then I'll know he's moving in the right direction.

The next morning, my mom made breakfast for Wilson and me, and we basically spent the next few hours cleaning up all the messes we made, and helping him squeeze an impossible number of toys and gadgets into the bags he brought with him. You would have thought the number of toys had doubled since he unloaded them in the first place. If only you could have seen the way Wilson's face had dropped when he heard his mom ring the doorbell. It almost looked like it was ready to melt into tears, and he spent a few panicked moments trying to get me to hide with him under the bed so he could stay a bit longer. But he gave in eventually, and pouted his way to the car to put his bags in the back seat.

He ran up and gave me a hug so tight that it hurt. "Bye Randy. It was awesome! And I'm sorry about your beef train movie."

Arrrgh! "Shhh..." I said. We were standing between two mothers for crying out loud, one on the porch and one at the car. Geez!

"Oops! Oh yeah."

I must admit, I was really going to miss his antics while he was away. "I'm gonna miss you something awful bud." And he hugged me even tighter than before.

"ME TOO! I'll come back, ok? Next week, and I'll bring even MORE stuff! And I'll stay for a whole week!" Hahaha, the poor kid was already on the verge of tears, no need to tell him no just yet.

"Whatever you say Wilson. Take care, ok?"

"Bye Randy, bye....seeya." Now there's a kid who needs a brother to play with 24/7. When he got in the car, his mother pulled out of our driveway, and Wilson waved until he was out of sight. And, I'm assuming, for a few blocks afterwards. As I walked back in the door, I saw my mom sitting on the couch in front of the tv, being enveloped by the same silence that ruled over the house before Wilson shredded it. I usually parade off to my room to listen to music, talk on the phone, get online, or whatever, but not that day. Because a piece of me already missed the fact that Wilson was willing to cling to me so closely every minute of the day, and something tells me that my mom missed having that love as well. So I sat next to her on the couch to watch tv with her, and we smiled at one another. What do ya know? Wilson stayed a whole night...and we survived.

Ryan met me outside and we walked to school together on Monday morning. Both of us were so blissfully happy about being complete again, that only our sweet grins in each other's direction could define it. I could experience a full body orgasm just from the intensity of his eyes. I saw every beautiful emotion and thrill that Ryan had to offer, and yet he never seized to amaze me by creating more. Every day was something new for us. Sometimes, I feel guilty about holding onto this love and denying everyone else the opportunity to experience the joy that I do. The joy that only Ryan could bring to somebody. Some days I can look at him and trace his every curve with my eyes, memorizing them and remembering how they looked, how they felt, how they tasted. And then there were days when I just stared blankly at him as though I was seeing his smile for the first time all over again. I can't imagine life without him. I can't imagine ME without him. Thank the stars...I never had to.

As we were walking, I decided to let him in on the big news. "So...I talked to Tyler last night."

He was interested right away. "Really now? And what did you find out from our golden haired shy guy?"

"He wants us to hang out this week." I said. "ALL of us. I think he's going to go for it!"

"No WAY! Awesome! I knew he would give in eventually." Ryan smiled. "Now all we've got to do is get Ariel enough courage to let himself be 'caught', and they'll be locking lips in no time flat."

"Yeah, well Ariel and courage aren't necessarily a matching set. But I'll see what I can do. And THIS time...NO arcade. The last thing we need to do is let Matt and Sam show up and shut Tyler's confidence down. We'll have to go someplace else."

"Yeah...but where? Sit down dinner somewhere? That's pretty quiet." Ryan had his wheels turning.

"It's a good idea, but pretty obvious though. I don't think either one of them would go for it."

"Hmmm...we've got to find a way to get them alone so that they can talk. They were hitting it off so well at the arcade. That's the kind of connection that we have to reproduce somehow. There's got to be a way to get them to come out with us, and yet still have them interact on their own. You know, without us around to make them self conscious."

"I'll see what I can come up with." I said, as we were walking through the school's front doors.

"I'm sure we'll find something if we just..." But before he finished, three girls rudely marched between us, purposely knocking him aside. One of them being Hailey.

"EXCUSE us!" She said, and kept walking.

"Geez! Bitter, much?" Ryan said, rubbing the spot on his chest where one of them evidently hockey checked him up against the lockers.

"I take it she didn't take the break up too well." I said.

"Not really. But I was nice as I possibly could be, I just didn't know how to break up with her without hurting her. We hadn't even been going out for that long."

"Yeah, well she's been watching you from day one. If it weren't for her, I probably would have been too scared to talk to you at all."

"And to think, I was almost stuck at her house listening to her poetry that day instead of rolling around with you. Hehehe, talk about dodging a bullet."

Our history class was bound to be an interesting experience, with me shooting Ryan with Cupid's arrow, and Hailey shooting daggers, both aiming for his heart. A part of me felt bad about the whole thing. She must have been hurt, and she really did like him. However, there was another part of me that was jumping around going, "Nah nah! You lose! Now back off bitch!" Hahaha, man do I need help.

The class went rather well, but Ryan didn't seem to say much of anything. With all of the people who either love or admire him, I'm sure that he's not really used to having someone be so angry with him. And it appeared that Hailey was intent to see to it that he never smiled in her presence again. It was like she hated to see him happy without her. It made me wonder exactly how long we were going to have to live with this little display of brat-like temper tantrums. Sure, it was weird to experience at first, but I was confident that in time it would blow over. And eventually, her hissy fits would be reduced to almost nothing. No big deal. Not at all. As we heard the bell ring, Hailey made sure to take another quick swipe at Ryan as she stormed passed us, and then out into the hallway. It seemed like her friends were giving him the evil eye as well. Obviously victims of the 'her-side-of-the-story' syndrome.

"Sigh...I don't get it. How long can she possibly be mad at me?" Ryan asked.

I just held back a smile and put my nose in the air, "I'm not talking to you. Jerk!" And I pretended to storm out the same way. I could hear Ryan snicker behind me, calling me a dork, and following close behind me.

Later on that day, as I was walking into the gym locker room, I saw Ariel getting dressed yet again. Evidently someone else had fallen prey to one of his 'accidents'. "Soccer ball in the coach's groin again?" I asked.

He spun around, startled a bit. His shirt was off, and that baby smooth skin was practically glowing with a virgin quality that has to be seen to be understood. "Hey. No...actually...we played floor hockey today."

"Ouch! I don't even want to ask."

"They shouldn't make those sticks so slippery anyway. They should have better grips on them." He said, and I giggled at the thought of a hockey stick sent soaring high in the air while everyone ducked and screamed and ran for their lives. If it's one thing Ariel wasn't, it was boring.

"I'm sorry dude. But the extra laps after class are doing ya good." I said, looking at his hips, which seemed to look even more slim every time I saw them.

He blushed immediately, chuckling nervously at the compliment. He bit the side of his bottom lip to hold back a girlish grin, and mumbled, "Shut up..."

"No, I'm serious. You're getting more and more sexy every time I lay my eyes on you." I tried building him up a bit, hoping to get his confidence up a little bit for this weekend's activities. Not that it wasn't absolutely true in every way.

"Hehehe, I am NOT..." He was turning a deep red at this point, his eyes glued to the floor as he tried to dodge the compliments without giggling himself silly. Damn, he was so incredibly adorable when he wanted to be. "...knock it off already." He put his shirt back on, much to my disappointment, and straightened out his dark brown locks in the mirror. I looked at his eyes in his reflection, and Tyler was bound to be completely helpless against them once he took a good look. I swear, the fact that someone hasn't been stalking this boy is a complete mystery to me. I'd already place him as one of the hottest kids in school. I guess he just shut himself out of that whole game and kept quiet most of the time. Too bad for them, they had no idea what they were missing.

"Say, what are you doing this weekend?" I asked, knowing the answer would be 'nothing'.

"Um...nothing. Not that I know of. Why?"

"I thought that maybe we'd all hang out or something. It would be fun." That got Ariel's attention, and I saw him scanning me out for answers. Don't make eye contact Randy. He can't mind read, just let him know the plan and leave it at that.

But Ariel was still looking at me. Maybe he had a hunch or something, but it was starting to make me a bit nervous about even asking him. "All of us?"

"Uh...yeah. You, and me, and Ryan...maybe...Tyler...might show up...or something. It'll be killer, really." I fumbled a bit with my locker combination as another silence fell over us. But I think I fooled him, because he let it go.

"Sure. Sure, just...let me know. Ok? That would be cool." He said. Bullseye! The soldiers are in place, all we need know is a battlefield for the war of hearts to take place. I should get paid for this kind of thing. Ariel said goodbye, but I could hear the shakiness in his voice. Meaning he was either really excited, or extremely terrified. Either way, he was using ever last ounce of his strength to hold it back, and he was ready to pop. He left the locker room and I knew at that point that this coming weekend, if planned right, was going to be a big one.

Ryan had already informed me that he wasn't going to be tutoring anyone for his last period class that Monday, and that Matt and Sam had already given him the key to the basement. So all I had to do was suffer through my very last class of the day, and make a mad dash to their place to find Ryan waiting for me...ready...and horny. Mmmmm...oh man...is this clock broken or what??? Move your ass, minute hand! I've got a date with an angel! I had a hard on through the entire class, swelling more and more with every thought of my boyfriend and I getting some time alone for a change. It was incredible. My heart was pounding so hard that I was sure everyone in the classroom could see my shirt moving. I was trying desperately to concentrate on something else, but all I could think about was Ryan setting up our little love nest. His smile, his sweet aroma, his kiss, his touch, his tongue, his soft...supple...tender...thighs. I wasn't going to make it! I was going to cream myself right there in the middle of the room. He was waiting for me. Right now! Not a fantasy, not a picture in the back of my imagination...but a solid, flesh on flesh contact with the boy that I loved more than anyone else in the world. Oh wow, I was going to go insane if the bell didn't ring soon. Please hurry. Please? Come on! HURRY!!!

When twelve eternities had passed, and the bell finally DID ring, I was like a greyhound at the dog races, charging out of the door at top speed and hoping that no one noticed how closely I was holding my books to the front of my pants to hide my obvious excitement. I swam through the crowd of teenagers and made my way out the back door, to the bus stop and then grinned to myself as I rode towards my strawberry blond surprise. I was beyond giddy.

I jumped off of the bus and took off, almost tripping over my feet trying to get to Matt's house. I looked at the back door, and saw Ryan's handwriting on a sign that said, 'The door's open. Lock it when you come down.' next to a cartoon of a happy clown face. Sigh....finally! Alone at last. I opened the door quietly, and locked it behind me, making my way down to the basement and then to the closed door. I took a deep breath, and opened it. Only to see a beautiful sight that will remain in my heart, mind, and soul forever. It was Ryan, naked as the day he was born, sprawled out on the bed and watching cartoons on tv. He was laying on his back with one knee up, his boyhood laying half limp, half erect on his thigh. Just a touch of a soft silky bush at the base of it. His chest completely smooth, void of any hair at all, and his tiny nipples hard and at attention from the cool air. He had both of his hands behind his head, and sighed sensually when he noticed me coming into the room. The look in his soft brown eyes was almost enough to make me lose it right then and there.

"Care to join me?" He whispered. I must have broken a new world record by getting undressed that fast. But when I finally lay my naked body next to his, it wasn't neccessarily the rough tackle I was expecting it to be. I thought that I would lose control and have my way with him in a savage sexfest that went on until we were both exhausted. But I never expected him to be so...wow. If only I had a word to describe it. And by looking at him, laying there like that, the TRUE sex was in the knowledge that he loved me. And that was more than I'd ever be able to express to him physically. I just scooted up behind him, and let my hand wander over the smooth young flesh of my lover, placing angel kisses on his shoulders and neck. He rolled over to kiss me deeply on the lips, and we just enjoyed the taste of each other for a while. It had been the first time in weeks that I've been able to give him much more than a quick peck on the cheek. It felt good to be wrapped up in his embrace again.

"I missed you." I said, licking a trail up the side of his neck, and nuzzling into it until he giggled quietly from the sensation.

"Mmmm...I missed you too. God, you taste so good." His hands went down and gently caressed one of my cheeks, his kiss meeting my lips once again. All of the aights and sounds of the world had faded away, and there was only us. Enjoying the fruits of a relationship that seemed limitless in its expression. My whole body was tingling, shivering with a sensitivity that caused a permanent smile to decorate my face. Ryan ran his fingers through my hair, and then pulled me closer as his lips mashed themselves against my own. We began to moan and whimper quietly to one another, being together again, in each other's arms. There was one promise that I'd have no trouble keeping. And that was to love this boy with all of my heart and more, forever.

How we were able to kiss and touch eachother, stay rock hard, and yet not jump into any 'strenuous activities' for the first hour is beyond me. An entire HOUR? Just being there with him was enough. And as much as it hurt to not have his warm, wet mouth swallow me whole...it hurt much more to not be able to hold him against me this way. Now was the time to make up for it. I just wanted to kiss and caress every inch of him, slowly, patiently. I wanted to breathe his scent and savor the candied delight of it for as long as humanly possible. I wrapped my leg around him, and pushed deeply into him, feeling him push back. The smacking of our lips bounced off of the walls, and I had a spritual climax that thanked God that we were alone. It was then that Ryan rolled over onto his back, pulling me on top of him. That way he was able to grab a hold of both of my cheeks while he kissed me even deeper. He kneaded the tender flesh and used it to pull me further into his love. I sighed outloud, and began a slow grind that drove Ryan wild.

We continued to roll over one another, kissing, licking, touching, for a long time. Never once striving for an orgasm, we wanted this to last for as long as we could. And that wasn't easy. Then I hovered over him, looking down into his beautiful eyes as he whispered, "I could so easily stay here with you forever. It hurts to love you this much."

And it wasn't long after that when we needed release. Release from the pain of being so close, of not being one with him. The built up frustration of having to hold back in public. From the wonderful secret that we shared between us, exploding all at once. I was able to fulfill my last fantasy, and laid on my back as Ryan swiveled into a 69 position on the bed. He took me into his mouth, painfully slow, and all the way down until his lips rested on my pubic mound. I thought I would erupt any second as he just held it there, his tongue and cheeks massaging me with their steamy organic walls. And then, just as I had pictured it, he slid his left leg over my head, gently lowering his erection until it touched the cushioned smoothness of my lips. It pulsed in front of me, the tip a bright rosey color, and I took it into my mouth. It glided across my tongue, and the taste of his flavor filled me up completely. His tender sack rested on my nose, and I inhaled deeply. He must have taken a shower no more than an hour before I got there. We continued our slow bobbing, our divine mating, for what seemed like forever. No rush, no listening out for anyone who might come to disturb our love...just him and me. I was coming close, and took his member out of my mouth to lovingly suck, lick, and nibble on the insides of Ryan's smooth thighs. He sped up his motions, and I followed suit, both of us moaning out loud at this point. My hands clutched at Ryan's legs and I lapped at them hard with my tongue as his frenzy took over and brought me to an explosive orgasm. My whole body quaked out of control, and my legs became stiff as boards as Ifelt myself emptying into Ryan's mouth. He didn't stop moving, and his fingertips tickled around at my nuggets, making the intensity of the tremors inside of me triple anything that could be considered normal. I quickly took Ryan back nto my mouth, and began to suck as hard as I could while he drained my sensitive head dry. I tried to bring him off before the feeling of his tongue caused me to die from the pure joy that it was bringing me, and it wasn't long before Ryan began to lose his concentration on me. I felt him swell inside me, and was rewarded by the taste of two weeks worth of teenage love being controlled and contained to the breaking point. It coated my throat like warm honey, and we were left spent from the experience. We laid head to toe until we caught our breath, until the real world became visible again, and the sounds of the television came back into existence. I never wanted to go home.

Fifteen minutes of silence had passed, when we heard a tootsie roll commercial come on the tv. We giggled a bit to ourselves at the memory, and he slid back up next to me, to kiss and cuddle some more. There was a comfort in his arms that I could never find anywhere else. It was like the unconditional blind love and faith that Wilson gave to me, but with the knowledge that I was just as blind as he was when it came to Ryan. It was a shared feeling of dependence that made the world seem...like a cool place. Go figure.

The prime time shows were already on when we heard Matt and Sam come back into the basement. They knew better than to walk in on us though, so they just sat outside and caught some tv themselves. No doubt they would be kissing too before long. I was running my fingers lightly up and down Ryan's chest, sometimes reaching up as high as his soft neck, and as low as to his 6 inches, which seemed to stay half hard all the time. "You know, we still have to find something to do this weekend." Ryan whispered, kissing me on the forehead.

"Sigh...yeah, I know." I kissed him on the lips, and again, and again. There was no stopping it once you got a taste of him. "I'll think of something soon. Really."

And a commercial came on for some new action movie. You know, explosions, broken glass, and people jumping rooftops...the usual. It didn't look bad though. Ryan sat up a bit and then said, "That's it. We could hit a movie this weekend. It's dark, it's close and cozy, and it's not too obvious. What do ya say?"

"Sounds like a plan to me. But how are we going to get them alone so they can talk? They wouldn't dare say anything with us watching them."

"Hmmm, you're right. What if we ducked out in the middle of the movie? Or just sat someplace else?"

"Now you're stretching. They'd know it was a set up right away, and lynch us both." I smiled, kissing him gently on his soft stomach. My kisses traveled further up his chest to finally rest on his lips, and I covered him with my body, propping myself up on my elbows and running a hand through his silken locks of hair. "Too bad the movie starts on Friday."

"Why?" He asked.

"Well, it's weird, but on Friday night, I saw this little kid in the rain. Maybe about ten years old or so, and he was trying to get his bike loose. So I helped him, and he took off so fast that he dropped his free movie passes on the street. They expire on Thursday though." I kissed Ryan again, and his eyes lit up.

"They expire on Thursday? That's perfect!" He said excitedly.

"It is?"

"Dude, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I evidently wasn't at first, but after thinking about it for a few seconds, it made sense.

"Ohhhhhh...I gotchya! Kewl! Let's do it!" I said, and Ryan reached up to kiss me energetically on the lips, getting me ready for the second of what must have been five orgasms that evening. I didn't get home until after ten o'clock. And I would have been even later, but Matt had to nervously knock on our door to remind us that his mom was going to be home soon. I swear, I was just born to love Ryan.

We both made goo goo eyes at each other for the rest of the week, reliving our time alone over and over again. Not only that, but we had fun keeping our plans a secret from Tyler and Ariel too. We told them about the movie, made a date of all getting together for it, and the trap was set. The only thing left to do was cross our fingers and hope for the best. However, it was Friday afternoon when Ariel approached me in the hallway before lunch, and freaked me out with some disturbing news.

"What do you MEAN you're not going???" I shouted.

"I can't. Really, I'm glad you guys invited me and all...but..."

"But what? Come on dude, we've been planning this all week. You HAVE to go." I was NOT going to let him chicken out now. Not at all!

"Randy...I'm sorry, ok?"

"Why can't you go?"

"Because..." He said bashfully.

"Because what?"

"Just because."

"Because WHAT?"

"I don't wanna look...stupid. Look, I'm not going, and that's final." I had to fix this, and fast. I dragged Ariel into the bathroom with me, making sure that it was empty before I started talking.

"Ok...now, talk to me. What's up? What are you afraid of."

"I TOLD you. I'm gonna make a fool out of myself. I don't want to...I just can't..." I stared him down, waiting for an answer. "Come on, Randy, don't make me go." He whined.

"Dude, yu have nothing to be afraid of. You'll be fine. Just be yourself and Tyler will love you." Ooops. A little too much.

"What...what makes you think this has anything to do with Tyler?"

"NOTHING! Really, I just meant that...since he's the only one you don't know so well...that is, me and Ryan..."

"This is a SET UP! Isn't it?" Ariel said, now trembling twice as bad as he was before.

"NO! It's not a set up. Dude, both me and Ryan are going to be there. It's just us guys hanging out and having a good time. We'll go to Frankie's afterwards for a few burgers and shakes. And that's it." I think he believed me, even if he didn't want to. I hope I wasn't seriously damaging my 'Randy's word is as good as gold' status here. If he only knew how much I wanted this for him, for Tyler. Hell, even for ME. I wanted to see them happy. The only ones standing between that is...well, THEM!

"No funny business?" He asked shyly.

"No funny business. Just relax."

"I'm...I'm scared Randy." He said.

"Don't be scared, dude."

"But I am. He's...he's so much better than me, Randy. And I know I'm just going to knock something over, or trip and fall, or something stupid and then he'll hate me. I don't want him to hate me. I mean, I try to make everything work right, but stuff just happens and suddenly I can't walk straight or talk straight or anything. I'm afraid I'm going to do that again. Sigh...h-h-he's really beautiful, you know that? Just like a picture." He whispered to himself. I was speechless. I don't think I had ever really witnessed Ariel with his shyguy defenses down before. It was...really a sight to behold. Ariel leaned against the wall, and he lowered his head as though he wasn't even worthy to touch the ground Tyler walked on. Oh...this boy had no idea.

I walked over and gave him a hug. "You have nothing to worry about, ok? As a matter of fact, Tyler told me that...he uh...would like to get to know you a lot better." There was no rule that said I couldn't tell him THAT much.

Ariel was almost choking up with fear, and it almost brought tears to his eyes. "He...he did?"

"Yep, just this past weekend. So go home, wear something nice, and we'll make a night of it." I said.

"All FOUR of us, right?" Grrr...damn loopholes and confirmations. Why was he making me lie to him?

"...Yeah, sure. All four of us." And we left the bathroom, both of us hoping that this would be a night to remember. So far, so good. They will truly make a cute couple when they finally cut the shit and do it already.

Friday night! The main event! Ryan and I got our stories straight, and Tyler came to join us shortly afterwards. We drove over to pick Ariel up at his house, and it was off to the movies. The back seat was dead silent the whole way there. Tyler looking out of one window, frantically twiddling his fingers and trying not to look nervous, and Ariel staring out of the other window, trembling visibly and wiping his sweaty palms off on his pants legs. For such a small backseat, they couldn't have been further apart if they tried. This was going to be interesting indeed. We arrived about a half hour before the movie started, figuring that it would give them enough time to talk. They would be forced to talk while waiting for the movie to start. No problems there. This was going to be great.

We got to the window, making sure that both Tyler and Ariel had bought their tickets first, and then Ryan and I smiled at each other secretively as we went to give the clerk our free passes. The clerk looked them over and said, "Sorry boys, but these aren't good anymore."

Ryan made an attempt to make it look as good as possible. "What do you mean they're no good? We just got them last week."

"Yeah, but you see this here? They expired yesterday. So I'm afraid that I can't take them."

I looked over at Ariel and Tyler, and saw the both of them turn completely white as Ryan stepped back from the window. Tyler was the first one to speak. "What happened? What's up with the tickets?"

"Um...we kinda have a small problem with the passes. They kinda...expired...yesterday."

"W-w-what does that mean?" Ariel panted.

"That means no movie tickets." Ryan chimed in. The two of them nearly went into cardiac arrest.

"So, what...what are we going to do now?" Tyler stuttered.

"Well, you guys already bought your tickets...go ahead. It's ok, we'll catch up to you guys later." I replied.

"Catch up to us later? No...no no no...I can go back and ask for a refund. Or I can sell it to somebody in line, I mean it's no big loss, right? We ca all stick together tonight. I mean, that was the plan right? To stick together?" Tyler was babbling at this point, and Ariel was staring blankly off into space, too horrified to even work out what was going on at the moment.

They were getting ready to find a way out of the whole evening, and we had to think fast. That's when Ryan said, "Ohhh, you know what? I've got some extra cash hiding in a drawer at home. We've got plenty of time...why don't I go back and get it. Then we'll join you guys inside."

"Well, why don't we ALL go back to your house to get it? I mean we've got like a half hour before it starts anyway." Tyler promised me he would at least give this a shot, there was no backing out. Not for him, not for Ariel. This was going to happen whether they liked it or not.

"You CAN'T go back with us." Ryan said.

"Why not?"


Randy to the rescue. "Look at that line. They're going to flood the theater and the only seats that will be left will be at some strange angle where we won't be able to see anything at all. You guys just go in, an hold some good seats for us. Ok?" Whew...not bad for improvising.

Ariel whispered, "Are...are you sure you guys...are coming back?"

We didn't even answer, we just started backing away from them. "We'll see you guys later, ok? Find a place in the middle, somewhere near the back. It'll be fine. I'm going to go get some cash. See you later." And we kept them from asking any more questions before we could get to the car. Then we got in and took off, watching the two of them standing there, excited, scared, infatuated, confused, self conscious. We read all of the emotions on their faces as we drove out of the parking lot.

This was their night, and they were going to enjoy it. We made sure that we were out of sight before Ryan and I started hitting the roof of the car and cheering each other on a job well done! Mission accomplished! Now, as long as Tyler doesn't run out of the theater screaming, and Ariel doesn't 'accidently' burn it to the ground, they should both leave there a lot happier than when they went in. Only time will tell.

Ryan and I pulled out some extra cash that we had hidden in our coat pockets, and agreed to go get those milkshakes at Frankie's. We had two whole hours to kill before we had to go back and give them a ride home from their 'date'. And we'll get all of the details from them seperately some other time. Things are looking up, and I'm glad. Much more of this teasing, and I was liable to tie them together and roll them down a hill to get them talking. Let's just pray that it won't come to that.

There you have it! The next chapter of "New Kid In School"! And for all of you who asked, no, this is not the end of the story. I promise that I will put a big "The End" message when it's all over (Which could be centuries from now!). Hehehehe, until then, keep looking for new chapters to pop up every once in a while. I'd love to know what you thought of it! So please drop me a line at comicality@webtv.net or stop by the website at http://studflower.com/comicality/ (Don't forget to sign the guestbook!) Seezya!