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"New Kid In School:"
37th Chapter

A week had gone past. One of the longest weeks in world history from the feel of it! I swear, it felt like it had been almost a YEAR since the last weekend! But I suppose that's what happens when the time comes to take finals. It's like having the average mild mannered high school test turn angry and morph into the HULK on you. But soon, it'll be all overwith and we can rest easy again. Then...a glorious Spring break! Just two weeks away. Time to get away from school, time to get away from getting up early, and best of all...time alone with Ryan while his dad is at work. It's gonna be a blast, I just know it.

I got up out of bed that Saturday morning and cleaned up pretty quickly. I knew that Ryan's dad was having a lunch with some co-workers of his that day, and that meant a few hours of heaven with the light of my life. To think...all this time, and the very suggestion of us being alone and comfortable still gives me the shivers. I can feel my heart racing as though it was going to be our first time all over again. It was the type of sensation that kept you smiling for days on end. It made you so invinceable to the little things that used to bother you before. It was like soaring high in the sky, and seeing the whole world through an entirely different perspective. That's what made me feel complete inside...the promise of his love for me. Nothing can beat it. Nothing would even dare try.

I walked out of the front door after grabbing a few pop tarts, and started my way down the street to Ryan's house. The same joyful walk that I had been taking for a long time now. And yet I never lost the eagernes of my step, or the grin on my face. The neighbors must get sick of seeing me take the trip over and over, day after day. But if I cared, I wouldn't be smiling like this.

Ryan's driveway was empty. So his dad was definitely gone and that left me with all the opportunity in the world. I was already beginning to feel myself stiffen as I walked up to the door. I knocked a few times, waiting for my angel to open up and drop me to my knees with his hazel eyes sparkling with 'need'. But, when he finally DID get downstairs to open it, the vision I saw in front of me almost made me laugh. Poor baby, he must have JUST woken up a few minutes before I got to the door! His strawberry blond hair was sticking up wildly and pointing in every direction, total chaos. He was standing in just a pair of faded red boxers, a wrinkled white tshirt, and a pair of socks, his long legs showing their smooth warm surface along with hairs so soft that they were only one step away from being peach fuzz. His eyes were still half closed, and his pouty lips were sorta stuck out in the sweetest 'sleepyhead' way. Damn....I have to admit, he's even cute when he's messy. Maybe even cuter!

I snickered, trying my best to not to laugh. "Good morning, sweet thing. Been up for a while I see." I giggled.

"Shut up. I overslept." He said as he stepped aside to let me in. Sleep was giving his voice the most 'adorable' haze, and I melted. Honestly, it was CUTE! It was 'newborn puppy in a warm blanket' cute, and I couldn't stand it. He shut the door, and I leaned in to give him a short tender kiss on the lips. The little peck made him smile, and I ruffled is hair a bit with my hand. "Quit, you're making it worse."

"I doubt it's possible to make it any worse." I said, and Ryan's mouth dropped in mock pain. "I'm kidding, baby. You know you're sexy no matter what."

"You just saved yourself from a punch in the gut, smartass." He grinned.

I walked into the living room and kicked my shoes off. I was practically bouncing on the couch as Ryan walked around me half naked. As though it were no big deal. As though that thin layer of material wasn't hiding one of the most beautiful, most erotically built, and best TASTING, teen bodies on the planet. My mouth was already watering as he walked to the fridge to get some orange juice. I watched as he bent over to reach in the fridge, his cute little butt creating that delicate curve in his boxers that made you want to bite into it like a warm summer plum. I watched as he reached up in the cupboard to get a glass, his tshirt lifting slightly to show the most tantalizing hints of his slim waist and taut little belly. He saw me looking from the living room, and he smiled at me as he poured himself a glass and drank it down in just one tilt of his head.

"Do you have any idea how hot you make me with just the simplest of actions?" I said, looking on dreamily.

"Hmmm....maybe?" He grinned, and he walked over to the couch. He got down on his knees as I spread my legs wide, allowing his sleek frame to slide between them. Mmmmm....he was still warm from the heat of his bedsheets. Still had that pleasant aroma about him, like freshly baked bread. It was the kind of comfort a child gets when he's hugging his favorite teddy bear. Ryan then looked me in the eye and leaned in to kiss me.

I put up a hand to stop him. "Did you brush your teeth yet?" I joked.

"Hehehe, yes, Randy. I brushed my teeth. Now come here." He grinned, and he pressed his sweet lips to mine. I was so far gone. He kissed me deeply, my legs on either side of him, his hands on each one of my thighs for balance. It was soooo good. I felt like I was going to float away. The feel of his body between my legs was magic, and I pushed my hips up into him as we made out like newlyweds.

We kissed like that for a few moments longer, and then he leaned back with a sexy smile. "I'm glad you came over, Randy." He sighed. "I've had this incredible 'taste' for you all week." Then he used his finger to gently tap me on the nose. "Just give me a second to make a phone call really quick. K? Then I'm all yours. Promise."

"K..." I said, now fully hard and anxious. "Who ya calling?"

"Just gotta wish my Aunt Sarah a happy birthday, that's all. I promised my dad I would." He said, getting up. My eyes were filled with him, and I smiled at his disheveled appearance. He picked up the phone next to the couch, and I could feel the love expanding in my chest as my eyes glided over him. He picked up the receiver and I stood up to gently tug at his shoulders. "Hehehe, quit it. I'll be done in a second." But I tugged anyway, and ended up pulling him back down to the couch with me in a fit of giggles. I spread my legs wide to let him sit between them and lay back against my chest while he dialed the phone. God....he was sooooo warm. Almost uncomfortably so, but not quite. I hugged him tight, with my arms around his chest, and inhaled his candied scent deeply as I placed a few sweet kisses on his neck and cheek. He made his call, trying to be 'normal', but not ignoring the affection I was giving him at that moment. In fact, as I lay my arms across his soft stomach and gently squeezed, he let his free hand run its fingertips gently across my leg. Back and forth slowly, tickling me in the most delightful way. And he turned his head around briefly to kiss me on the lips while he waited for his aunt to pick up the phone.

"Hey, Aunt Sarah. Its Ryan." He said, and he was so close to me that I could hear the vibration of his voice against my chest. "Happy Birthday." I tightened my grip on him again, feeling this incredible need for him surge through my very being. I knew he could feel my hardness in the small of his back, and he would occassionally lean back on it and squirm gently against it to let me know how much he liked it. "Uh huh...uh huh...he's doing fine. He's out at lunch with some co-workers today..." Ryan talked away, and I let my hands wander down to rub his tummy in small circles under his shirt. I didn't want his aunt to hear me, bu I couldn't help pressing my lips against the side of his neck and kissing him sensually there. Ryan concentrated on his conversation though, even while bringing a hand up to run his fingers through my hair. "Uh huh...yeah..." I kissed his hand again and again, closing my eyes as I tenderly sucked his thumb into my mouth and circled it with my tongue. My hands worked their way down from his stomach, the circles now moving underneath the elastic of his boxer shorts and now lightly scratching through his wisps of pubic hair. I heard him sigh, and a rhythmically pulsing tent began to form right before my very eyes. I kissed his neck again and he leaned deeper back into my embrace. It took everything I had to keep from moaning outloud. "Well, I've got finals in a week, so I've been studying....uh huh....Yeah, Tyler just lives down the street...he's great...uh huh..." I wanted him to hang up. I wanted to have him take me. I was becoming so hungry for him. Please don't make me wait baby. Please?

I let my hands wander further down, and they grabbed a hold of his length, massaging and stroking it gently. Ryan pushed his hips out, and closed his eyes. "U-u-uh huh..." He said, this time it came out more like a whimper. I kissed him on the cheek with a smile, hoping that his aunt wouldn't ask him what he was up to. Ryan began to slowly rotate his hips as I held him in my hands. I tightened my grip a little, feeling the silky skin slide in and out of my fingers, the heat almost burning me. My other hand trailed down to carress his soft sack and roll his balls gently back ad forth...the sensation was driving him wild. "Ok...ok, I'll tell him." Ryan was getting anxious, I could tell. And he leaned back again to steal a few quick kisses before talking again. "Mmm-hmm...well that's cool..." I pushed the front of his boxers down, letting his hardness spring up into freedom, and licked him behind the ear. He was literally 'quivering' with passion now, and so was I.

"Yeah...well, I gotta run. But I wanted to wish you a happy birthday, ok?" He said, trying to politely wrap things up. "Sure thing..." I was hoping it was over, but evidently she still had more to say. That's when I felt the wetness at the tip of his long hard member, and used my thumb to spread it around over the head. "Oh wow..." He gasped. But I think that was more for ME than for her. "Huh?, it was nothing." He said, evidently getting a bit too carried away this time. He pushed my hands away for a slight breather, and I decided to let him focus a bit. So I left his erection bouncing all on its own, exposed to the air, and let my hands work their way back up to his stomach and chest. Hugging him close. "What? Hehehe, NO I don't a have a girl in the house!" He giggled, and I almost giggled with him. "Sarah...NO! I swear! There are no 'GIRLS' within 100 feet of this house." I started to snicker a bit and he spanked me playfully on the thigh to shut me up. "Ok...ok...sure thing...I'll talk to you later. Bye bye." And FINALLY, he leaned over to hang up the phone. "I don't think she believes me." He said. And I kissed him on his sweet lips.

"I believe you."

"You're also begging for a nice slow fuck. So you'll believe anything I tell ya." He said lewdly, with his hazel eyes burning a hole through me.

" dirty to me." I grinned.

"C'mon. Let's finish what you started upstairs." He said, standing up and giving me his hand as he shimmied out of his boxer shorts all the way. His pale white ass coming into full view, looking as plump and delicious as they were the first day I laid eyes on them. He grabbed his boxers off of the floor and took my hand as we went upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door. He got on top of me the second my back hit the mattress, and the rest was history. There's something about having sex with someone you truly love that makes your whole world unbelievably surreal. When you're doing's like your bodies can read each other. Like the kisses are more pesonal, the touches are more erotic, the motions are more in tune. Your whole existence comes alive and it leaves you totally satisfied. All the sex in the world couldn't add up to one afternoon of being with someone who truly understands you. Who knows how you think, how you work, what makes you smile inside and out. Someone you truly care about. Someone you love. There's nothing more explosive than a spiritual climax that you share with the boy of your dreams.

Afterwards, when we had regained our breath and were reduced to two cuddling teenagers on top of his sheets, I took a few seconds to truly lose myself in the moment. Even though we were together almost every day, it seemed like we didn't get to share as many moments like this anymore. Of course, we were still able to go to Matt and Sam's basement anytime we wanted to. But, to be honest...the tensions between them and Tyler had made things a little bit awkward. We couldn't hang out with one without thinking about how the others would feel, and we couldn't really bring up anybody's name without bringing back painful memories of what happened, was just a big mess that I was hoping would get cleared up one day.

Ryan's kiss landed on my forehead, and I felt him hardening again. But he just held me close and rubbed it against me, enjoying the quiet moment as much as I was. Although....another long suck would be awesome right about now! "Hehehe, you never get enough." I said.

"I can't help it if it wants you." He smiled, and kissed me again on the lips.

"Just think, soon Spring Break will be here. And we can do this for a whole week."

"Mmmmm, that sounds awesome." He sighed. "I'm gonna love having this house all to myself for a while. And you, my friend, are coming over every single day. Until I'm sick of looking at you."

"So...that's like...just Monday and Tuesday, right?" I said, and he swatted me on my bare behind.

"Quiet. I NEVER get sick of looking at you." He kissed me. "Or kissing you." Kiss. "Or holding you."

"You keep this up, and we're gonna get caught up in another 'go-round'." I smiled.

"Yeah...or so I was hoping."

I wanted to. God KNOWS, I wanted to! Another taste of his sweet sexual flavor and I'd be in heaven again. But I made sure to look over at the clock first. We had already been together for two long hours, and I wished it could have gone on forever. Some things just aren't all that possible though. "What time does your dad get back?" I said, as Ryan leaned in to kiss me on my neck, throwing a naked leg over me and letting the soft fuzz of his nuggets rest on my hip.

"I don't know. Not right now though, I'm sure."

"You're SURE? Or you think you're sure?"

"I don't know. Really. But he almost never comes home until like 5 or 6."

"Almost never, huh?" I said, now sort of pushing back a little from his advances. And I heard him sigh outloud. "I'm sorry. I just...I don't want you getting into any more trouble. And I don't want him giving me that 'look' anymore."

"I'm not gonna get into trouble. He's just gonna have to deal with you and me being together sooner or later. That's all there is to it."

"Being together? Maybe, one day. However, having your teenage son sneak his boyfriend into your house while you're away to have hours of mindblowing sex is a bit MUCH to ask of your dad. Don't you think?" I grinned. "He hasn't really gotten past the kissing thing yet."

"I know, I know..." He groaned, now rolling over onto his back.

"Don't worry, hon. Spring break is almost here, we'll have all the time we could ever want, and we'll make it really special. K?" I said, embracing his nude form and feeling his soft flesh against my own. "And you can make love to me over and over again."

"You bet I am." He said, but I could tell that the situation was still in his mind. "It's gonna work out, you know? This thing with me and my dad. I mean...I know he's being a jerk about everything..."

"It's ok. Really."

"No, it's not ok. You're my boyfriend and you mean a lot to me. He should respect that. When Hailey was in the picture he was ready to treat her like a queen. I's not fair." He held me closer, and I let my hands glide down his smooth body to rest on his hip. My fingers stretchng out to touch his ass. "I get those 'looks' too, you know? And it sucks. I try to pretend that everything is just like it used to be before I told him. I try to believe that who I love doesn't really matter. But deep down, I know he loves me just a little bit less because of it. I know it." It hurt me to even hear him say it, and I held him tight as though it could take away the frustration in his saddened voice. "Do you have any idea what it's like to have your dad just...not love you anymore like he's supposed to? To maybe even 'hate' you a little?"

Laying there in his arms, all I could do was think back to my own dad...and it made me squirm in discomfort. The memories were still there, the shouting was still in the back of my mind, the scar was still on my arm, clear as day...from when he used his foot to push me through a glass screen door like some kind of dog. And I did my best to push the images back into the depths of my soul where they belonged. "Yeah. Yeah, I do." I said sadly, and started to get up out of the bed.

I think Ryan had just realized what he had said, and immediately sat up to take it back. "Oh Randy...I'm sorry! I wasn't saying...I mean...I didn't mean..."

"I know you didn't." I said, quickly bending over to give him a lover's kiss on the lips. "I've got to be going though. Just in case. K?" I picked up my shirt from his floor, and slipped it over my head. "Better safe than sorry." I pulled up my pants and underwear, tidying myself up before getting ready to leave. Then I leaned forward and gave him another goodbye kiss on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you more." He said, and I took another quick glance at his naked body before leaving.

"Damn, you look good."

"I know it." He smiled and I giggled a bit before walking out. I always felt so full of life and love when I left one of our special times together. The very air I breathed just seemed to be a little sweeter somehow.

My mother was sorta demanding some quality time this weekend, so I didn't go out much. Just as well though. With everybody studying in advance for finals, most people weren't going out anywhere anyway. So my mom and I rented a few videos and ordered a pizza. An action flick for me, a psychological thriller for her, and a comedy for the both of us. I know that at this age, this 'spending time' with mom should be a bad thing, but it really wasn't. As much as I silently moan and complain about not having as many moments with Ryan as I would like, I'm sure she misses me just as much. It was never my intention to forget about her, not for a single moment. So this weekend was a very subtly delivered blessing for the both of us, and it felt good to see her smile. was a chance to take two days off from hitting the books so hard.

Monday came around, as it always inevitably does, and it was right back to the 'grind'. I had leftover pizza for breakfast, a champion's meal no doubt, and slung my backpack over my shoulder to wait for Ryan outside. It didn't take long, as he was already on his way up the street when I stepped out the front door. All fixed up and looking pretty. He was so damn kissable that it was insane. "Looking better." I said.

"Wish I could say the same for you." He got a punch in the arm for that remark, but our attention was taken by the sight of a cute little shy boy walking down the block in our direction. Hehehe, Ariel was pacing his steps so carefully, with his head down a bit as though he were trying to pretend that he didn't see us. His hair was a little bit longer than usual, but it looked good on him. Especially the way it would hang so playfully around his delicate eyes and soft features. I felt Ryan nudge me gently in the arm with a smile, and called out to him. "Good morning, Ariel."

He looked up at us, and gave us a bit of a timid wave before walking forward again. Then he sorta stopped, and decided to walk over to say hi instead of just walking past. "Hey guys." He said under his breath.

"Out for your typical morning walk again, I see." Ryan grinned. I think it was a highlight of our day to get him to blush whenever we ran into him, not that it took much.

"Yeah....I guess." He said, and brushed his hair back a little. "Hey, Randy."

"Sup?" I answered. "You guys feel like walking with us to school today?"

"Um...well...actually..." He began to stutter a bit, but straightened up as soon as he saw Tyler emerge from his house further down the street. His eyes were fixed on him, and I could tell that he just wanted to run over and be with his newfound sweetheart. No reason to delay him from it.

"Don't sweat it, I understand completely." I smiled.

"You sure?"

"Yes! Go! Hurry up before he starts getting anxious." Hearing me say it made him bite his bottom lip, trying not to let that bashful smile spread too wide and show the excitement in his heart. It was so sweet.

"Thanks. I'll see you guys later, ok?" And he stepped around us, walking swiftly over to greet Tyler. Ryan and I waved happily at the two of them, but I think they were too involved with one another to really pay us any attention. So we let it go and started our walk. No need to get in Mother Nature's way concerning those two.

Ryan and I were engaged in our usual playful banter back and forth when we had gotten about half way there. It was amazing how he could still lift my spirits so high by just being there. "Sooo...I was thinking about....maybe getting Sam and Matt to let us use their place a few times over Spring break. You know, for a whole day or something." I said.

"I told you, we can use my house. It'll be fine. My dad is gone all day long." Ryan answered.

"I's do you know he's not expecting us to do something like that. I just don't want to have to worry about him coming home early and trying to wreck everything..."

"Randy...dude, listen to me, ok? I am being totally serious right now. I told him how I feel about you, I told him what my choices were, and that might suck for a while...but hiding out from him like a couple of 'criminals' isn't going to make things any better. I love you...and no amount of his badgering or yelling is going to change that. Ok?" I hesitantly nodded my head, but he could tell that I wasn't completely convinced. "I mean it, Randy. I want to be with you. And as good as I look, I know you wanna be with me." He smiled. "So quit being a bitch and just come over."

"Psh!" I said with a fake sneer. "You're not THAT fascinating."

"Hehehe! Am so!" He giggled. "I'll have you know that Sean said that I was the most amazingly fuckable boy in our whole theater class. So there." He stuck out his tongue briefly, but I have to admit that I didn't expect that particular comment to come out of his mouth.

"Sean said what?" I asked.

"He was KIDDING, Randy! Well, he wasn't...but he didn't mean it that way."

"Better NOT!" I joked. "Does he know that you have a boyfriend?"

"Yep! And he knows just how happy I am with him at all times. And how he has NOTHING to worry about."

"Ok, ok, I get it. Just checking." He ruffled my hair a bit and it made me grin. "As long as he knows he's hitting on 'explored territory'."

"Maybe he can't help it. Maybe he just can't stop staring at me...just like you."

"Yeah, whatever."


"Hey...I've seen it, touched it, tasted it. I'm a few dirty diapers away from being your 'nanny' at this point." I said, knowing that my sudden elbow nudge in the ribs was most deserved. "You know...Cody really does not like that kid. He keeps warning me about Sean like he's gonna eat my face off or something."

"Well no offense...and I love Cody immensely...but he doesn't get along with too much of anybody from what I've seen." Ryan replied.

"I know he's had some troubles so far...but this is different, you know? It's not so much a 'this is my ex-boyfriend and I'm a lover scorned' type of thing. He is genuinely threatened by him. And he thinks the rest of us should be too."

"He's not so bad. I talk to him in drama class, and he's actually a funny guy. He flirts a lot, sure, but it's harmless. I don't think he means half of what he says, anyway. Not like most people would take it." Ryan and I kept walking, almost to the front lawn now. "He's openly gay, so naturally some people give him shit about it from time to time. But I don't think that it bothers him a whole lot. The reason they pick on Cody so much is because he puts up such a resistance to it all. Sean is just...kinda who he is, and he doesn't really care what they have to say about it."

"He's kinda flashy about his sexuality, don't you think?" I asked.

"I don't know...I kinda like that." He said, and despite us having a happy conversation, I think I felt my heart sink a little. NOT MUCH! Just a little.

"Oh." I said, and there was a pause before he looked at me.

"I didn't mean it like THAT, Randy." He smiled.

"What? I didn't say anything."

"You said 'oh'. And 'oh' in the Randy Stephens book of hidden language means you're thinking too much and trying not to tell me what you're feeling."

Sigh...busted. "When did YOU become such an expert on me?"

"Somewhere between our first video game together and yesterday...when you were sucking me off."

"SHHH!!!!! Jesus!" I said, but it only made him laugh at my cringing shoulders. We were almost at school for goodness sakes. He loved to tease, I'll give him that much.

" are too cute for words sometimes, baby." And with that said, he led us into school and to our history class together.

We were about four or five minutes early, and sat down, laughing and joking as always in our special corner of the room. That is, until a familiar shadow rose up over his desk. We looked up to see Hailey standing there in front of him, looking evil as ever. And we were stuck without an escape route. "Um...Hi Hailey..." Ryan said, wondering what form of antics he could expect from her today.

"You don't even CARE, do you???" She said loudly, partly angry, partly sad. Both Ryan and I were somewhat confused.

"Um...I'm sorry, what?"

"Ugh! You know what? Forget it. Just...nevermind." She puffed out her chest and stomped her way back to her desk. Plopping down and slamming her books on the desktop in a tantrum. Okaaaaay...I was completely lost on this one. Whatever it was though, we knew better than to look 'happy' around Hailey. At least for today. I think he's supposed to be suffering a lot more than he was appearing to.

We took the hint at first, but were snickering about it by the end of class. "'s not funny. Hehehe!" Ryan giggled to himself. He relly didn't mean to hurt her, I could tell. But her wrath was becoming a bit aggravating at this point. I just hope that it works out for her in the end. I don't wish her any bad times...but the really gorgeous boy with the reddish blond hair, the bright hazel eyes, and the sexiest smile in school? He's staying with ME! End of story. Sorry Charlie.

Once class was over, and Hailey had snubbed us again on her way out of the room, I didn't see Ryan again until it was time for lunch. It looked like he had smuggled in some cold pizza from home instead of having to eat the slop dished out by the cafeteria. Lucky him. Still, it had been so long since I had eaten something decent for lunch, I think I was growing accostomed to the garbage given to us by the dreaded lady in the hair net. Even if I did have to wait in line with the rest of the 'conga line' to get it. I got a tray and caught a glimpse of Cody going to grab a chocolate milk from the a la carte line. I was going to say hello, but it seems trouble follows that boy everywhere he goes. Sure enough, one of the guys known for giving him a hard time bumped his shoulder hard enough to make him drop his milk. It didn't burst or anything, so Cody just gave him a sarcastic glare and bent down to pick it up again. However, when the guy shoved it off of his tray on purpose, I could see the storm brewing again.

"Har har har, yeah, I get it." Cody tried to walk around him, but the guy stepped in the way. Cody's black eye hadn't even really begun to heal yet, and yet they just never got enough of messing with him. Maybe Ryan had a point, about him putting up a resistance. Because I haven't heard of Sean going through anything like this in the halls. "Look, you made your point. Ok? I've had enough, big boy. Now how about you just drop it and let me eat my lunch?" Cody sidestepped the oaf to just turn his back on him and buy his lunch. I guess he wasn't in the mood for even a verbal confrontation today. I almost kinda missed the way he would make them look like total idiots with his razor sharp wit.

"You hear that? He's had enough." The guy whispered to one of his friends in line. But Cody didn't even turn around to roll his eyes at him. "Funny...that's what your MOM said last night!" The boy added. And for some reason that I couldn't explain...THAT got Cody's attention.

"What?" He said, turning around slowly with tray in hand. It was weird, but every single person in that line could feel Cody's anger heating up almost instantly, and a hush fell over the lunchline. This wasn't a typical retaliation on Cody's part. Cody's strikes were always entertaining, well thought out, almost surgical in their effectiveness. But this time...he looked ready to lose control entirely. I had never seen such a change in somebody. "What did you say to me, you sack of SHIT???"

"You heard me. We had a great time. You know, your mom takes it in the ass almost as well as YOU do, faggot!"

The motions were swift and unpredictable. Cody had practically leapt across that tile floor in three steps! Maybe less! And before I could even call out to him to calm him down, his entire tray of food had been smashed against that asshole's FACE! Cody smeared it into his clothes and hair good before beating him over the head with it, and kicking at him like a man possessed! Everyone in the line had to duck and run to get out of the way as Cody's frenzy began twirling around to every corner of the room. The two of them duked it out, but the other boy seemed so off balance. As though he was just trying to keep from losing a limb or something in Cody's wild tantrum. The two boys twisted themselves up in combat, and high school security rushed in to break it up. TWO of them ran and grabbed a hold of the two boys, doing their best to restrain them.

"I'm gonna fucing KILL YOU!!!!!" Cody shouted, fighting and wriggling so hard that the guard could hardly contain him. I thought they were going to have to litterally 'hurt' him just to keep him from fighting, and I was scared for him. "LET ME GO!!!"

"Principal's office! The BOTH of you! NOW!!!" The guards started dragging Cody towards the door, and he managed to get a leg free to kick the other boy again on his way out. They literally had to put him in a chokehold. And soon, he was gone. The other boy got a quick examination from the guard after the ultimate ass whipping he had just received. And then he was gone too. There was food everywhere, and the whole lunchline was astonished. Nobody knew what to say. It had all happened so fast.

Walking out of the lunchline and into the cafeteria to meet Ryan and Tyler at the table, they were both standing up, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened. "Randy? What the fuck was THAT? Are you ok?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. It wasn't me. Cody just...jumped on somebody."

"Is he ok?" Tyler asked.

"Ok??? He beat the SHIT out of that guy! I don't exactly know what all that was about, but I don't think he has to worry about people taking him for a sissy. Not for a while, anyway." It literally took ten minutes before the cafeteria had calmed down again. Everybody was talking about it. Just looking around the room, you could see 100 different kids giving animated descriptions of the fight. Exaggerrating as much as they could, no doubt. The whole school would know by tomorrow. Still, all I could think about was Cody and what would make him snap like that. I guess when you've had enough, you've had enough. I just hope he's ok.

"Have either of you guys seen Ariel?" Tyler asked, looking at his watch.

"No, not since this morning." I answered. And Ryan told him the same.

"He's late." Tyler was scanning the whole lunchroom looking for him. I don't know if they knew it or not, but they were fast on the road to becoming a real couple.

"Maybe he stopped by the library or something. It is finals week and all, you know?" Ryan suggested.

"No...not today. I mean...well, we kinda had stuff to talk about." Tyler then sighed a bit. "Well...I had stuff to talk about, anyway." He looked disappointed. "Maybe he's not coming..."

"Greetings, you all." We looked up and saw Sean standing at the end of our table, tray of food in hand. He was the only blond haired, blue eyed boy in the whole damn city who could sit side by side with Tyler and not get overlooked. Sean had the kind of face that you would stare at and not know why until you were forced to turn away. People compose songs about boys that beautiful. "Mind if I join you?" Ryan piped up with an answer before anybody else could even process the question.

"Sure! Grab a seat." He said happily, and didn't bother to try to hide an ounce of his eagerness.

He sat down right next to Tyler, and the look that he gave Sean was almost one of confusion. It was actually kinda funny, because it was obvious that Sean didn't know the 'rules' of the table yet. "Um...actually, that's Ariel's seat." Tyler said quietly, trying to be as polite about it as possible.

"Ariel? Who's Ariel?" He asked, and just at that moment, our shy guy walked up to the table.

"Hi...." Ariel lookd a bit lost, not being able to sit next to his dream boy for lunch. He just kinda stood there for a second while he and Tyler silently tried to work things out in their head as to how to be together.

Sean looked up with a wide smile, "Awwwww...why aren't YOU adorable? You're Ariel, huh?" Ariel looked at the rest of us briefly before nodding his head. "They didn't tell me you were so cute. Far be it from me to take your seat, cutie." Sean slid his tray over first and then slid over to the next chair. But when Ariel put his tray down on the table and went to sit down Sean had slipped his hand, palm up, into his seat. When Ariel sat on it, he got a generous handfull of his ass and squeezed it shamelessly. The shock on Ariel's face got Sean laughing, and Ryan giggled right along with him. I don't think I have ever seen Ariel blush as hard as he did at that moment. Sean moved his hand once Ariel popped up out of his seat. "Sorry...I thought I dropped a dime out of my pocket." He grinned, knowing damn well what he did.

I smiled over at him for a moment or two, and went back to eating my lunch. "What happened in the lunchline?" Ariel asked. "There's food everywhere."

"Cody got in a fight." I told him.

"He did? Why?"

"Somebody was screwing with him. I guess he couldn't take it anymore."

Sean came in with, "That boy has a temper out of this world. I swear, he's gonna get himself killed around here if he's not careful."

"Yeah..he's going to have to stop teasing some of these bigger kids or they're going to pound him something awful." Ryan said in agreement. "It's just a matter of time."

"Sighhh...yeah, I know. I'll try to talk to him the next time I see him." Looking over, I noticed that Ariel and Tyler were sort of off in their own world. Talking quietly and not really listening to much of anything else. I started to say something, but figured that I'd leave them to their little private conversation.

"So what are you guys doing for your Spring break?" Sean asked. "Anything special?"

"Well..." Ryan looked over at me with a big smile, "...actually, me and Randy were talking about spending some 'quality time' together. Just the two of us."

I grinned back at him, feeling like the luckiest boy on Earth. To be honest, I did let my mind start the process of worrying about Sean being here. Between Cody's specific warnings and the fact that he is hot beyond the realm of description, I'm talking sex on legs here...I guess my imagination was revving up to entertain all sorts of awful scenarios. But by now, I should know better. Ryan and I have been down that road before. A FEW times in fact. And we've always been ok. Besides, hearing him tell Sean our plans of being alone with each just cheered me up. He DID tell him he had a boyfriend. It was almost like Ryan was proud of me. And that made me feel awesome. Like I said, Ryan is staying with ME!

"Sweet. Very cool, for the both of you." Sean replied. "Listen, I hear that there's a carnival coming to town next weekend, and it'll be here during the whole break. I was thinking that maybe you'd guys wanna go. I can't neccessarily go by myself."

"Well, I don't know..." I started, but Sean looked over at Ryan instead.

"Come on, just for one day out of the week. For a few hours, tops. What can it hurt?" He said. "There's gonna be a ferris wheel, games, a little water'll be great."

"I guess, we could go, Randy. Just for one day, to say we had a blast over break." Ryan looked hopeful, and a carnival DID sound like it might be fun.

So I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't see why not. Sure, I'm in."

"What about you two?" Ryan asked, but again, they weren't concerned with our conversation at all. "Hellooooooo?"

They turned their attention back to us, and Tyler giggled. "Sorry. What's going on?"

"We were talking about getting together and hitting a carnival for Spring break. You guys in?"

Ariel shuffled a bit in his seat. "Um...I dunno..." He looked over at Tyler, as though to see what he was thinking first before answering.

"I don't know either. You wanna go, Ariel?" Ty asked him with a grin.

"Uhhh...sure, I'll go if you go." Ariel fidgeted some more, really hoping that Tyler would make the decision for him.

"There's no way I'd go without you." Tyler said, and both of them blushed simultaneously. Neither one really giving us an answer. Still, it was cute to watch them finally give each other some affection for a change.

" that a yes?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah. Sure...we'll go." Tyler gave the green light, and the two of them kinda allowed themselves to get lost again. In fact, a few moments later, I heard Tyler ask Ariel, " you wanna get out of here for a little bit?" I think Ryan heard it too, because he nudged me in the side to make sure I was watching. "Hey, you guys? We're going to go out and get some air. K?"

Omigod...I was soooo happy at that moment. Ariel was literally BEAMING with a bashful smile. Ryan asked, "Leaving so soon?" Now it was my turn to nudge him in the ribs....hard. "OW! Shit!"

"You two go ahead. Have fun, and we'll catch up with you later." I giggled at Ryan holding his side, knowing that our involvement in getting these two to talk to one another was no longer needed. It was a beautiful thing. I gave Ariel a wink as he trotted off loyally behind his boyfriend-in-the-making, and it truly warmed my heart to know he was so happy. I was honestly touched. God knows it took them long enough!

"See you around, cutie pie." Sean said, blowing Ariel an imaginary kiss. I don't think Ariel responds well to those kind of blatant advances. I don't think he knew what to do with them, really. So he just sort of nodded in response and got out of there before it got any more weird for him. Watching them leave the cafeteria, Sean leaned forward and whispered, "Wow...he really is a knock out. He's so...'innocent', it's REALLY cute!" What can I say? Sean was right.

"By the way, are you going to give me back my calculator or what? It's been like five days already." Ryan said, finishing off his coke.

"Oh yeah, I forgot abut that. It's at my house."

"Well....?" Ryan grinned. "It's not doing me any good over there, now is it?"

"Watch your 'tone', young man. You'll get it."

"Suuuure, tell me anything."

Sean got a playful gleam in his eye. " can always come over and get it yourself if you want. I'll get naked, you'll get naked, we'll oil up and you can try to wrestle it away from me." Sean could take a wicked gleam in his eye and make it shine bright enough to blind you if he wanted to. It was a part of his charm.

"No thanks. Just bring it back here tomorrow, pervert. Hehehe!"

"Ok....but there aren't a lot of private places to wrestle at school. We really should do it at my house." Sean didn't seem that bad. In fact, Ryan didn't seem bothered by him at all. I wasn't going to be 'gullable' as far as my boyfriend was concerned, but like Ryan said...his flirting seemed pretty harmless. More in fun than actual 'temptation' or anything. I could take some comfort in knowing that. "You know I'm just kidding, right Randy?" Sean asked.

"Yeah, hehehe! I know."

"Good. That's just my sense of humor, that's all. I'm not moving in on your boyfriend here. You guys have a good relationship, and I respect that. Seriously, k?" He said, and I nodded with a smile to let him know it was ok. "So don't go getting all 'O.J. Simpson' on me, cool?"

I giggled, "I won't. Trust me." And I felt Ryan take a hold of my hand under the table. Looking over, he gave me the most soul inspiring look. His eyes were full of this undeniable love for me, and even though our hand holding was brief, the pleasure it left behind in my heart was eternal. God I loved him.

When lunch was over, Sean and Ryan were both going the same way to get to drama class. So I told him goodbye, and kissed him with my eyes. The kind of invisible kiss that can only be transmitted between two people who could understand what the other one was thinking. We shared that special bond, have for a long time now. It's a truly special thing, and you don't get that with everybody. In fact, I haven't experienced it with anyone except for the beauty standing in front of me. Not even close. It's that kind of tenderness that comes once in a lifetime. I'm so glad to be sharing it with him now.

"Ok, lovebirds. Class calls. We gotta run." Sean said, and tugged on Ryan's backpack to pull him along. But Ryan's eyes stayed focused on me as he walked backwards, letting me know that he'd be thinking of me.

"I DID IT!!!" Came a voice from behind me. A LOUD voice, accompanied by a hard landing hand on my shoulder. It scared the bejesus out of me!

I turned around to see Tyler's grinning face right in front of me, and answered with an almost frustrated glare for having him scare me. "WHAT???"

"I asked Ariel to come over! TOMORROW!" He giggled. "And he said YES!" Tyler was sooooo ecstatic, he couldn't hold it back. Then he jumped forward and gave me a tight hug, lifting me OFF of my feet and spinning me around to the other side of him. "HE SAID YES!!!"

I think I was still trying to get over the scare he ust put into me. "That's...that's great Tyler." I said, not knowing what kind of weird behavior he was going to subject me to next.

"Fuckin' A, it's great! And I can't WAIT!!!" That said, he patted me hard on the shoulder, and practically went skipping down the hall. It was the happiest I've ever seen him. I almost expected him to explode into a shower of pixie dust! But hey...that's what we wanted all along, isn't it? They're happy. They're finally happy. And things are finally moving like they're supposed to. Awesome.

But if all it takes is the acceptance of an invitation to make Tyler this hyper....

We're gonna have to pad the walls when SEX becomes an issue! Hehehehe!

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