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"New Kid In School:"
40th Chapter

You know, it was supposed to be Ariel bouncing around all day like some kind of weirdo with a big goofy smile on his face all day long...not ME! But for some odd reason, I just couldn't help but be REALLY happy for him. It just felt good to know that he was so blissfully in love with Tyler. Something about that feeling is so contagious, and it made me extremely anxious for the end of he day to come so Ryan and I could run on over to Sam and Matt's for some quiet time after school. It's an addictive experience to be so completely wrapped up in a sensation like that, holding the boy you love so close, feeling his breath against your skin, kissing him whenever the impulse strikes you without any hesitation. It's an amazing way to live, if only for a little while. Besides, Ryan has been a bit down lately. He doesn't make a big deal about it, but I can tell. After absorbing the sparkle in his bright hazel eyes for so long...it's not hard to tell when they're a little less spectacular than usual.

I don't know what it is that's bothering him though. I'm sure it's a combination of things. Some of it's me, some of it's Hailey, some of it is his dad's fault too, I'm sure. Not to mention that our time together has been reduced to a few playful kisses in my mom's kitchen and a few intimate touches in the hallway. I think today will do us both a lot of good. A boy that beautiful should never have to fake a halfhearted smile.

I got to lunch and tried to mentally will myself to believe that today's 'meatloaf' wouldn't be as vomit-inducing as it was the last time the school served it to me. What can I say? I was hungry. And I didn't want to jump in the a la carte line just for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a box of milk. I needed some MEAT....even if it's some kind of weird synthesized meat 'substitute'. I swear, one day I'm gonna be reading the newspaper and find out that the school lunches were secretly made of old thrown away textbooks.

Ryan joined me soon after I got my lunch at the table, but we seemed to be there by ourselves today. Funny, I kinda thought that Ariel and Tyler were going to provide us with an overload of lovey dovey entertainment today. But when I asked Ryan if he had seen them, he smirked and lowered his voice almost to a whisper. He said, "Don't tell them I said anything, but....if I'm not mistaken, I saw Ariel run down to the lunch line like he was on some kind of 'mission' today. He said, like, three words to Tyler, and the two of them took off to go be alone somewhere."

My eyes widened. "Wait...are you SERIOUS?"

"Dude...Tyler put his lunch back! So whatever Ariel said to him must have been pretty 'important'."

"Well, where did they go?" I asked.

"Shit, I don't know. But our resident shy guy was awfully happy to be taking him there. So I guess they're getting...hehehe....comfortable with one another these days."

"Omigod...dude, that's AWESOME!" I giggled.

"Do you think they....you know...?"

"Hahaha! No, not yet!"

"Hehehe, how do YOU know? Maybe they did!" Ryan said.

"Nah, I doubt it. I talked to Ariel today, and apparently...." I hushed my voice and sat up straight as a few guys from the track team walked by our table. I was having so much fun comparing notes that I almost forgot the forbidden nature of the subject we were talking about. I waited until we had some privacy again, and then continued. "...Apparently...when Ariel spent time over at Tyler's house yesterday, they had this big magical smooch in his room!"

Ryan gasped. "WHAT??? Aww dude, no WAY! I would have LOVED to have been there for that!"

"I KNOW! Me too!"

Ryan seemed really happy at first, but...for some strange reason, the feeling seemed to 'dim' all of a sudden. Only for a moment, but it was long enough for me to notice. "They're really gonna be happy together, you know? I think they're really gonna hit it off."

"Yeah..." I said, wondering if I should even bring up his change in mood. I thought about keeping my mouth shut, but...."Hey....you're ok, right?"

"Who me? Yeah. I'm fine. Why?"

"I don't know. You seem kinda....sad or something."

"No. Not at all. I'm sorry. It's just...." He took a second to look for the right words. "...I just remember what it was like to kiss you for the first time, you know? There's nothing like discovering those feelings for the first time and having it overwhelm you with so much passion. It's unbelievably romantic."

I raised an eyebrow. "Are you suggesting that I no longer overwhelm you?"

He saw me smile and grinned along with me. "Shut up. That's not what I mean." He sighed. "It's just...do you ever stop and wonder if maybe you and me went too fast? I mean with the whole...'first time' thing?"

Wow. In all the time we've known each other, I've never had him ask me that question before. "Too fast? Hmmm...like, how do you mean?" Some more people walked by, and Ryan saw me clam up right away...so he followed suit

Then he asked, "I mean...the whole...'sex' thing on the first day...do you think we jumped into things too fast?"

I told him the truth. "I don't know. Maybe." But after a second of thought, I added, "But...I knew that I wanted you from the second you walked into my classroom. And I usually would have spent months, maybe even YEARS being scared of you, before finally admitting how I felt about you I would probably just NOW be getting the nerve to talk to you face to face if we hadn't hit it off so well the first day."

He smiled. "Yeah.....me too."

I looked around to make sure no one was listening, and then I told him, "Ryan...no matter how it began, how long it took, or what kind of problems we've had since then...I don't regret any of it. Not a minute. I'm glad things happened the way it did...between you and me."

Maybe it was a subtle shift in his posture, or the softened gaze of his eyes, or maybe it was just the sensation of body heat that radiated from him, even across a dingy old lunch table...but I could literally feel Ryan 'melting' inside from what I said, and he smiled sweetly as a gentle blush appeared beneath the surface of his angelically smooth skin. It displayed that amazing sparkle that I had come to love and worship in the splendor of his hazel eyes...glistening brightly as they looked up at me between the curtain of his strawberry blond locks. He giggled, and said, "You are soooo good at buttering me up, you know that?"

"Hehehe, don't think of it as 'buttering you up'. Think of it as 'emotional lubrication' to prepare you for later on, after school today."

Ryan laughed bashfully at the idea, "I think I can do that." He said. "You know....one of these days, you and I are going to have to try going out on an actual date or something."

I gave him a strange look. "Dude, we've been dating for, like, YEARS now. What are you talking about?"

"No, I'm not talking about clandestine blowjobs and some secret kisses while your mom and my dad aren't looking. I'm talking about an actual date. Some dinner, some fun, some hand holding...you know?"

It was all stuff that we had done before, I was sure of it. But if my boyfriend wanted to label something special as an actual 'date'...then so be it. "Alright, I'm all for it. When do you wanna do it?"

"Are you serious?" He asked.

"Of course I'm serious. Let's do it. It'll be fun." God, it made you feel so good inside to inspire the kind of smile he gave me at that particular moment.

"Sweet! How about we do it over Spring Break next week? No homework, no school, I'll have the car..."

"I've got some extra cash saved up, and Wilson's been bugging me to babysit him on Friday night...if his mom pays me for that, I'll have even more"

"Alright! We'll do it next week then!" Then Ryan giggled, "Dude....did you just say you were babysitting for Wilson on Friday?"

"Hehehe, yeah. Supposedly I have to do it. That's what he told me, anyway." I told him. "He's almost old enough to stay home by himself, but his mom doesn't exactly trust him enough yet. And he hates actual 'babysitters', so he's using me for a fun substitute to some stuffy old lady with rules and regulations. Oh...and he said something about monkeys with blowtorches too."

He laughed out loud at the mention of it. "Hahaha! What the HELL? What is THAT supposed to mean?"

"Dude...if I had even the SLIGHTEST clue, I'd tell you! Believe me!" I said. "So....should we make plans, or what?"

"Definitely! We'll make plans..." He smiled at me, and almost looked as if he was ready to lean forward and slide his tongue against mine for as long as humanly possible before we had to come up for air again. That's when he sighed and whispered..."It's really going to be awesome....being alone with you again." He had such a dreamy look in his eyes, and it made my stomach quiver to see him so infatuated.

We sat in silence for a few seconds, when I blushed and told him, "We're no better than Tyler and Ariel are we?" I was joking, but he answered honestly.

"Who would want to be?"

We managed to share the quiet moment together for a while longer before letting it go and digging into our lunch. Ryan and I bit down on a fork full of meatloaf at approximately the same time, and wrinkled up our faces as the bitter and putrid taste spread in our mouths. UGH! I'd rather eat a hand full of sawdust! "Um....okaaaay...I'm going to go get some extra packets of ketchup or something to make this taste like it came from an animal that exists on THIS planet." I said, standing up.

"Double up on that and bring me some too, would ya?" Ryan added, trying hard to swallow the meat as fast as he could to keep from spitting it out into a napkin. Next time they serve meatloaf in school...I'm ditching and running to the nearest Burger King.

On my way back from the lunch line, I saw Cody's sister, Ronnie, coming into the cafeteria with a sack lunch and a soda. Good move on her part. I kinda expected her to give me the usual cold shoulder, so I didn't really approach her...but, much to my surprise, she approached me instead. "Dude, what did you DO yesterday?" She asked, almost accusingly.

"What did I do where?"

"What did you say to my brother?"

"Oh...um...I dunno." I said, hoping that I wasn't being 'creepy' again. "Why? Is he pissed at me or something?"

"No! I can understand him being pissed. That's a somewhat 'normal' state of mind for him. But he was...almost 'pleasant'. I'd even go so far to say that he was somewhat cheerful."

"Oh, really? Cool..." I smiled.

"NO! That's not 'cool'!"

"It's...it's not?"

"No. He's happy. I HATE that! Now you've gone and made him all unpredictable and weird. I've got to rework my whole navigation plan to keep him 'figured out'." She said. "If he's happy, he's gonna want ME to be happy. I don't do 'happy', kid. Not without a fight."

"I can see that." I said, and she took a hold of my arm.

"Say what you want about me, smartass...but for the love of GOD...stop cheering Cody up! Ok? He's much more manageable when he's miserable."

"Um...ok. I'm...sorry, I guess?" What was I supposed to say here exactly?

"You should be. I thought he was gonna 'hug' me or something this morning I was prepared to belt him one in the gut if he tried it." She said, and started to walk to her table. "Oh yeah...he says...'hi'. I'm supposed to tell you that." She had this bad medicine look on her face when she said it, and kinda cringed at the thought of Cody sending some joy my way. Hehehe, I couldn't help but smile. She went to eat her lunch and I was left feeling kinda proud about it all. Cody did smile a few times yesterday, but I can hardly imagine him being cheerful. I'm pretty sure that both of the Monreau twins lack the specific chemical that is responsible for gooey feelings and lighthearted giggles. But, if he's any less miserable than he was when he got suspended from school...then I'm touched. I'm almost anxious to see him again when he comes back tomorrow.

Ryan and I finished our lunch with no sign of Ariel or Tyler whatsoever. So wherever they were running off to, we weren't invited. Just as well though, those two need all the privacy they can get. They'd explode if they held in the good feelings for a moment longer. And speaking of explosions, could this school clock go any SLOWER!!! I've got a date with an angel for crying outloud! I swear they snuck a couple of extra hours into the school day today.

By the time that last bell rang, I was practically ready to jump Ryan right there in the hallway. We both had to hurry out to the parking lot and hold our backpacks in front of our rapidly growing bulges as we raced to his car. Have you ever tried to walk fast with an erection while wading through a hallway full of high school students? NOT an easy task, believe me. Then we sped over to Matt's house and skipped towards the front door. I was going to tear into that boy sooooo hard! I wanted my mouth on him in the next few seconds! I was going to lick every inch of him, inside and out, and we were going to make love until my arms were too tired to hold onto him any longer! I can't wait to squeeze that sexy ass of his and pull him down on top of me until we.....until we....

"No answer." Ryan said, peeking in the window.


"Nobody's home. Are you sure you told them we were coming over today?"

"Of COURSE I told them we were coming over today! I just set things up yesterday! They couldn't have forgotten!" I rang the doorbell two or three more times. "They were supposed to sneak out of school over an hour ago! They HAVE to be home! They're probably just downstairs getting it on or something. That's it. They just need time to get 'untangled' and put some clothes on, right?" I rang the doorbell a few more times and then knocked on the door. With a pouty face and a whine, I cried out, "Awwww come on! PLEASE be home!!!"

Ryan giggled at me for being so eager, and he pushed my hand away before I rang the bell again in desperation. "Maybe we just beat them home. We were moving pretty fast, you know." He told me. He was so amused by the disappointed look on my face. "Come on, just sit here with me a while and we'll wait them out."

"Yeah....I suppose." I grumbled. We sat side by side for a few minutes, and some of that quick fire horniness wore off. We started talking, which led to laughing, and after about ten minutes of just being together like that, I remembered why I truly loved that boy with all my heart. It would still be nice to FUCK him every once in a while, sure....but for the time being....this was nice.

We waited almost a half hour, and were almost ready to get up and leave, when we saw Matt and Sam walking up towards the house. Ryan smiled, "Well, well, well....look who decided to make an appearance today?"

"Where the hell WERE you guys? How could you forget about us?" I asked.

Matt giggled and pointed to Sam, "Don't blame ME, blame Mr. Mission Impossible over here!"

"I'm telling you, that security guy would have recognized me if I tried to sneak past him." Sam protested.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Sam is convinced that he's practically got a 'bounty' on his head for ditching class. So when we're getting ready to get out of there, he sees a security guard in the middle of the hallway, keeping an eye on things, and he gets spooked."

"I was NOT 'spooked'!"

Matt laughed, "He was totally spooked." Then he said, "So, 'goofball' over here gets the harebrained idea to sneak out of the boy's bathroom window instead to avoid being seen. He not only gets himself stuck in the window, but he knocks over the garbage can that he was standing on, making enough noise to get security to come check it out. And just like magic...not only does he have to stay until the school day is over, but he gets detention on top of it."

"Way to go, genius." Ryan snickered.

"Whatever. Let's just get inside, already, alright? I'm starving." Sam said with a blush. "They ought to make those windows bigger."

"They ought to make their students smarter." Matt teased, and got a shove for the comment.

"I'm telling you, he would have noticed me walking right out the front door."

"He didn't notice me."

"Well...if I had been with you, he would have."

"Yeah, then you would have had to spend the rest of the day at school and then get detention. How awful would that be?" Matt got a punch in the arm this time.

"The next one is gonna be HARDER!" Sam grinned as we all walked into the empty house.

"Careful, baby. I bruise easy." Matt smiled, and Sam wrapped his arms around him, giving him a kiss on the lips.

"If I bruise the right places, do I get to kiss them and make them better?" They shared another kiss, obviously well practiced in the art of being alone together.

"You bet." Matt let go of the embrace, and he kicked off his shoes. "We've got a frozen pizza in the fridge. You guys game?"

"I'm game. I'm starving." Ryan said.

"Me too." I added.

Matt grinned, "We're ALL starving. It's meatloaf day. Every snack shop and burger joint in town must be flooded with teenagers looking for nourishment of some sort."

"Sounds 'sexy'." I said, and walked up to snake my arms around Ryan from behind. Wow...it really had been a while since I got the chance to be so 'open' with my boyfriend. Just the feel of my arms sliding around the sides of his slim waist...the fabric of his shirt fitted to his trim body so perfectly...only to slowly bring him back against me to feel the warmth of his body heat on my skin. Feeling the soft muscles on his stomach contract as his butt pressed back into me, giving me a shiver. And his scent...his scent was magic. Especially when I rested my chin on his shoulder and inhaled it from the nape of his smooth neck. I was compelled to let my kiss linger on his neck for a moment while his hands came up to rest on mine across his chest. I still can't believe a boy this amazing would let me hold him so lovingly. He was a freakish level of good luck that was so surreal that I often had to remind myself to never take it for granted. Yes...holding him there, kissing his neck slowly and softly...I remembered how much I really missed this. For everyone else in that room, it lasted just a few seconds. But for me and Ryan...it felt like forever spent in paradise.

"I'll put the pizza in. I'll join you guys downstairs in a minute." Matt told us.

Sam walked by and gave us a grin. "You two are aching for some naughtiness, aren't ya?"

Ryan giggled, and let one of his arms reach back to lightly give me a playful spank on the ass so I'd let him go. And we all went down into the basement. The last time we were able to get together at all to be alone, I was so nervous about his dad walking in that I was more relieved to leave than I was just being there. I have to admit, even though I stayed pretty much cuddled up under Ryan's arm, and could hardly keep my hands off of him...I really was starving. And hot pizza sounded like an awesome treat at the moment. Matt put two pizzas in to take care of his 'guests', and we all sat in the basement on the sofa with the music on, just chatting and taking care of that growl in our stomachs. Not to mention teasing Sam for his lame escape plan today. We even got ourselves a little game going after a while.

Matt was just coming back from the kitchen with the second pizza when he jumped right back in. "Ok, so what are we on now?"

Ryan filled him in, "Cartoon characters. If you could totally bang one of them, which one would it be?"

Matt thought about it for a second, and answered, "That's easy...Johnny Quest."

"Johnny Quest? Are you serious?" Sam asked him.

"Totally! He's hot, he's blond...he reminds me of someone I know." Matt said, sitting down and kissing Sam on the cheek.

Ryan and I teased them simultaneously. "Awwwwwwww...."

"Ok, Randy, your turn." Sam told me.

My mind ran through pretty much every cartoon that I had ever seen before, and came up with, "Speed Racer, definitely."

"Not bad! I could see that." Sam said, giving me a high five from across the coffee table. "Ryan, you're turn."

"Hehehe...honestly?" He asked, and we all nodded. "Dude...I'd really love to do Xander from 'Drawn Together'! He's like the sexiest gay cartoon ever drawn, I swear!" He blushed a little bit, but we all had to give him a cheer for his choice.

"Damn, Ryan...you win, hands down." Matt said.

"Hold on, hold on..." Sam wanted his turn. "...If I had my way, I'd have a three way. With Aladdin...and Kaneda from Akira! C'mon, you've GOTTA give me a double score or something for that!"

"Hehehe, hey, no threesomes, cheater!" Matt let the words leave his mouth without really thinking about it....and I think there was a short moment of silence as thoughts of their past relationship with Tyler swept over the room like a flashflood. A few eyes looked down at the table, a few smiles dimmed a little bit...but no one really said anything.

Ryan broke the tension a bit by making another suggestion. "Ok...since we're doing threesomes...you gotta choose two guys...AND they have to be in the same movie!" He thought some more, and said..."AND....AND...it has to be one blond, and one brunette! Figure that one out!"

"Oooh, a challenge!" Matt said while picking up another slice of pizza.

"I've got it..." I said. "...It's easy. Balthazar Getty and Chris Furrh, 'Lord Of The Flies'. SUPER hot, three way!"

"Whoa! NICE!" Sam grinned, and I got marks of approval all around. Let's see them top THAT one! "Ok, ok....I'll see your 'Lord Of The Flies', and raise ya!" Sam cleared his throat, "River Phoenix and Wil Wheaton in 'Stand By Me'. MEGA sexy!"

"Hehehe, aww dude! That's almost too easy! We shouldn't even let you have that one." Matt smiled.

"Really? Well, what did YOU come up with?"

"Alright, check it out...Cody Linley and Logan Lehrman in the movie, 'Hoot'..." Matt said, and Ryan and Sam kinda gave him a weird look.

Ryan asked him, "What the hell is 'Hoot'?"

Matt pushed Sam as he started to laugh at him. "'Hoot'! It's a movie! God, wake up, you guys!" They kept giggling though. "Oh, like you guys never rented a movie just because the boys on the box were unforgivably cute!" Then Matt looked over at me, "Randy...dude...you've seen 'Hoot' before, right?"

"Hehehe, actually...." I said bashfully, and Ryan's mouth dropped slightly as he stared at me from the side.

"Randy? No way! You didn't!" He said.

"I did. I watched it four times. Hehehe!" I confessed.

"Oh my God, dude....I am so not talking to you right now." Ryan said, squirming away from me.

"Fuck you, dude...Cody Linely was gorgeous in that movie! Super hot, frizzy blond, surfer boy....running barefoot with his shirt off...you CAN'T be a gay boy and not drool over that movie!" I told him, and Matt was quick to give me a high five of his own. Good to know I wasn't the only one. "Ok, hot shot....your turn."

Ryan laid back with a relaxed smile on his face. "Total no-brainer. Elijah Wood and Macauley Culkin in 'The Good Son'." Ok...so none of us could really dispute that one. I swear, the very thought of those two fooling around on the set of that movie is a MAJOR fantasy of mine. I wonder...

We had a few more laughs, the pizzas quickly vanishing as we chowed down on everything that wasn't nailed down, and washed it down with some sodas But as we relaxed a bit more, noticing that we still had three hours to ourselves...we became a bit more comfortable. Ryan and I cuddled up on the couch, and my hand seemed to get a mind of its own as it wandered over to the soft meat of his inner thigh. Sam and Matt were already smiling at us, and knew that we would be heading into the other room soon.

"Ok, one more..." Matt said. "...Sexiest ass out of the boys that we know personally. And be honest."

"Ryan." I said without hesitation.

"Ryan." Sam agreed.

"Hehehe, you guys took my answer." Matt grinned.

Ryan looked somewhat shocked. "Who me? Really?" He blushed furiously at the idea, but kept his smile anyway. "You guys are kidding me, right?"

Sam shook his head, and Matt told him, "No dude, it's the truth. I always thought so. A lot of people think so, I'm sure."

My hand traveled further up Ryan's thigh as the flattery of the compliment caused him to tremble a bit with a fit of giggles. He couldn't get any more adorable than he was at that very moment...and I couldn't be a 'good boy' around him any longer.

"Ok, you guys...me and this nice piece of ass are gonna go in the other room and...talk for a while." I said. Ryan's eyes met mine for a second, and I saw him briefly look down at my lips as he leaned forward for a kiss. I now moved my hand up to cup and grope the swelling rod in his pants, and bent it gently as he grunted sensually from the stimulation.

"Mmmm, yeah, let's go." Ryan whispered, and we both stood up. I stood behind him and reached down the front of his pants to 'straighten' him up before we started walking to our special little place.

"'Talk' the hell out of that ass, Randy!" Sam giggled, and they laughed out loud at us as we gave them the finger and shut the door behind us.

There we stood...in the center of that room. Seeing our own love reflected in one another's eyes. Sighing from the feeling of my heart getting heavy as it absorbed more joy than it could handle. I was almost afraid to move, for fear that this was all a dream, and it would suddenly vanish right before my eyes if I did so much as blink. Ryan stood right in front of me, and his soft hazel eyes gazed into mine with a personality all their own. They were shining like liquid gold, and I melted in his arms when he touched me.

He raised his hand to gently caress my cheek...and he whispered, "I wish it could be like this all the time."

"Me too." I said breathlessly.

"I missed you. I missed this. I wish I didn't have to go a single day without being able to stand here with you like this and just....love you the way I want to."

"Yeah. I feel the same. But at least we have right now...right?"

Ryan's eyes stayed focused on me, but his mind drifted for a moment before he said, "Yeah...right now. I guess that'll have to do."

Before I could ask him what he meant by that, he kissed me deeply on the lips, and I found myself lost in his embrace. Our eyes closed, our tongues making their first slippery contact...my hands traveling slowly down his backside...we fell into silence. My hands stopped at his belt, and unbuckled it for him, unfastened the top button, unzipped his pants, all while he kicked his shoes off and kept our lips connected. As soon as I felt his pants drop down to puddle at his feet, I grabbed two big handfuls of that sweet ripe butt of his and squeezed it tightly as I pulled him against me. I could feel the fabric of his boxers sliding across the perfect unblemished skin beneath, and whimpered as I felt it flex beneath my fingertips. Suddenly, Ryan broke the kiss. "Do you really think I have the sexiest ass out of everybody we know?"

"Hehehe, you're gonna ask me that NOW???"

"Just tell me!" He smiled.

"Yes...it's perfect. Soooo perfect." I said, kissing him deeply again and gripping it even tighter than before. Then....I broke the kiss myself. "Wait...so who were you gonna say?"

"Hehehe, Ariel."

"Hehehehe....wait, really? You think Ariel has the best ass out of all of us?"

"Oh HELL yeah! Have you ever really looked at it, dude???" He asked.

"I've taken a couple of peeks here and there, sure."

"No, I mean really just looked at it? Randy, I'm telling you, it is immaculate!" He giggled.

"Get out of here...."

"I'm serious. Take a look. Ariel's ass is small, but it's tight, and round, and looks good enough to eat. I kid you not."

"Mmmm...I love it when you're dirty." I smiled, and before I knew it, Ryan was kissing me again and backing me up towards the bed. I laid on my back as he removed my shoes and then took my pants off of my legs for me. I was hard as a rock, and he had to be extra careful not to catch my inches on the elastic of my boxers. But once he slid them down my legs and off, my thighs instinctively spread out as wide as they could go while Ryan leaned in to kiss and lick his way up my legs until his lips were pressed against the wrinkled skin of my sack. He sucked the skin into his mouth, and stretched it slightly before letting his tongue lick underneath it a few inches...and then back to the top again. I gasped from the feel of his wet tongue on my heated skin, and my legs began to tremble as he took a hold of my length, and angled it towards his kissable lips for a few slow sucks. All the way down to the base...and up to the tip again. So warm So wet. My thighs closed around the sides of his face, and I reached down to tangle my hands in his hair as he serviced me to the point where my hips were lifted off of the mattress. I was already sooooo close, and he didn't want it to end so quickly. So he took off his boxers, and moved up to kiss my lips, resting his feather light weight on top of me. We were still wearing out t-shirts, but nothing else. So I let his kiss send me on a dizzying journey as I opened my legs to let him grind passionately into me. His hardness was so smooth against mine, a tiny trail of 'cool' where he was eagerly leaking from his throbbing tip. My hands slid down his back again, feeling those butter soft cheeks of his, and cupping them at the bottom, my fingers tracing a line up and down his cleft as he whimpered on top of me. I couldn't believe it, he really DID have the best ass out of us all! How could I not not have noticed that??? Maybe I haven't been paying attention to the 'competition'. Who knows? All I knew at that moment was that my palms were overjoyed to be gripping the thick, succulent, cheeks of that luscious ass as he pushed himself into me over and over again with a boyish whimper that would drive most boys CRAZY with lust! Can you imagine....a sexual pleasure THIS potent.....and it's all mine! MINE!

My legs wrapped themselves around them, and his arms slid under my shoulders as his kisses moved down to my neck and collarbone. It tickled a bit, but I tried to stay still, a major case of the wiggles held back with a bite of my bottom lip! God......how much more could I possibly LOVE this boy????

This is what I had been missing for the past few weeks. And today was only the beginning of making sure that neither one of us has to miss it again.

It's amazing how three hours can feel like such an eternity in school...but rushes by in the blink of an eye when I'm alone with my boyfriend. There was a freedom in the love we made that day. A liberation of our spirits, you know? Every moment of it was bliss, every moment without it was torture. And as I lay there, with my cheek pressed against his chest....still glistening with a thin sheen of perspiration from exploding over and over again...it was hard trying to get the motivation to pull myself up and get dressed again. The entire room smelled like sex, and you could almost see the heat visibly rippling off of the walls. Thank goodness Matt brought us that fan from his garage. Ryan held my hand in his, our finger interlocked, and any time I moved, or even breathed deeply, he would kiss me on the top of my head, and hug me tighter against his slender frame. I could feel him panting, his chest rising and falling softly with every breath. I could hear his heart beating with my face pressed against him, occasionally raising my head to kiss him on his nipple, letting my tongue enjoy the candied surface of the rigid bud as it passed over it. And I let my hand slide down to his tiny oval of a belly button, to feel his sleek muscles bounce in time with his breathing. Sometimes letting the fingers slide lower to scratch playfully at his small nest of pubes. He had finally gone soft for the first time in an hour. I guess we finally tired out that particular appendage...not that another twenty minutes or so of sexy lip service couldn't get it standing again. It was a comfortably silent moment between us. And you wanna know something?

As amazing as the sex was, as incredible as it felt each and every time we did it...it was softened moments of quiet pleasure like this that I had really come to appreciate more than anything. More than anything.

We heard a quiet knock at the door, and it opened up just a crack. Matt's voice came through the space, asking, "Are you guys decent in here?"

"Are we ever?" I replied with a grin.

"Well...my mom's gonna be home soon. So...I hate to be the bad guy here, but wrap this up. K? We've still gotta clean up a little bit."

I heard Ryan sigh in frustration, and I whined, "Alright....give us a minute." I turned to kiss Ryan, thinking that his frustration was just him being playful. But...what I discovered from the look on his face...he really was kinda upset about having to leave. "Ryan?"

He looked over at me, and barely faked a smile for me, kissing me on the forehead again while caressing my shoulder. "It's alright. It's nothing."

"It doesn't look like nothing." I told him. "C'mon, baby....talk to me."

"I just wish we had more time, that's all." He said softly, his eyes not even looking at me directly.

"Hehehe, I don't know why. I don't think we've got any sex left in us!"

And that's when he said, "I wasn't talking about the sex." And he sat up in the bed to get dressed.

Something really was bothering him, and I think I'm starting to see pattern here. can't really put my finger on it, but it seems like he just wants to stop...'hiding' all the time. I can see the pressure building up inside him, and I wonder if that's because of me. Or if it'll pass. I don't know. Ryan has always been the braver of the two of us when it came to saying anything about us being gay. I mean, the guy came out to his FATHER for crying out loud! I'd never be able to do that with my mom! Ever! He even considered telling Hailey, and she hates his guts! Ryan didn't mind sneaking kisses around people, or holding hands in public...and...well...I kinda did. It sounds stupid, but I'm just...I'm not ready for everyone to know about us just yet. I mean, maybe someday, but not NOW. Maybe not even in the foreseeable future....but one day.

Whatever it was, Ryan never pressured me to say anything to anybody...but I honestly think that this 'secret' of ours is starting to wear on him a little bit. And having this day together alone probably made it worse. Sighhhh....

I hope we can find some kind of middle ground on this. Because as much as I want to see him happy...I don't think my closet door is gonna magically swing open any time soon. Let's just hope that moments like the ones we shared today are enough to keep him satisfied until he either loses his enthusiasm or I gain some courage.

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