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"New Kid In School 55"

Approaching Cody and Sean in the middle of the Spring Break carnival was something that I was prepared to do carefully. It reminded me of the way those guys on the extreme nature shows try to approach an angry, salt water, crocodile in the wild to wrestle him in his own swamp.

But, even though they had been at each other's throats since we walked away, they both seemed to drop the hostility towards one another to give us the somewhat passable illusion of a temporary truce. Who knows? If them being in each other's presence for more than a few seconds is the poison, maybe Ryan and I are the antidote. At least for now.

"Alright, you guys..." Ryan said as we stood before them. "...Time to mount up. We're bouncing out of here for the day."

Sean said, "We are? Wha...? Why?"

Cody looked up at the sky and grunted, "Thank God!"

Sean touched Ryan on the arm. A gesture that made me grit my teeth while fighting the urge to let loose and punch him right in the teeth. Sean said, "What's the matter? We haven't even been here that long. I thought we were all having a good time."

Ryan told him, "We were. This place is cool enough. I just figured we'd call it a day and come back later. It's not like the carnival is going anywhere between now and Sunday. Right?"

"Sounds good to me. Let's go!" Cody said. Hehehe, sometimes that boy really makes me smile. You know that?

Sean peeked over at me for a moment. It wouldn't be easy to hide the fact that Ryan's sudden change in attitude about having fun here all day long was due to our little conversation over by the popcorn vendor machine. But fuck him! I wouldn't have hidden it anyway! If he's so damn blond and slim and pretty...let him go prey on someone ELSE'S boyfriend! Or better yet, get one of his own!

His eyes narrowed slightly. And then, as if the low down serpent in him decided to rear its ugly head, he says in a somber voice, "Oh...I get it. No, that's fine. Randy's sick. In fact, he's probably getting everybody else in the whole park sick too. Everything he touches is a health hazard..."

"Oh my GOD, do you ever shut up?" Cody growled.

But Sean just shrugged his shoulders and said, "It's ok. We can cut everybody's fun short for the day. I mean, if Randy really needs to get home." I could have given him the satisfaction of a reply, but I just looked at him and shook my head. Ryan loved me. And just have to know when you've won the battle.

Ryan reached out to hold my hand, bringing it up to his lips to give the back of my knuckles a gentle kiss. "So glad you understand." The way Ryan said abruptly, so sternly...I LOVED it! Not only did it let Sean know his place and show that his mind was made up...but it kind of turned me on. Hehehe! It did! If I wasn't all swishy off of cough drops and other 'top of the fridge' medications, I might just want to pull him off to some place secret so I could demonstrate just how HOT it is to know that my babe is willing to stay by my side. Even when I'm sure it's much more fun< I>not to be. "You guys ready?"

"SO ready!" Cody said.

I heard Sean stumble for words as he tried to come up with another scheme. "Hey, you wouldn't be that bad if you just wanted to drop Randy off at his house and then come back here to the carnival. I could just wait here for you. It's no big deal."

Ryan grinned and said, "You can stay if you really want to, but I highly doubt I'll be coming back. At least not today. Would you know how to get home from here, or...?"

Sean gave him a little pouty look, quietly saying, "Ryan...come on. What's happening here? I thought we were going know...spend Spring Break together." Then looking over at me to say, "ALL of us, of course. Together."

Ryan said, "There's plenty of time left for us to hang out."

"Well, sure, but...what if something comes up later? What if we can't hang out?"

"Then we just can't hang out." Ryan told him flatly, looking him right in the eye. "So...are you riding with us? Or are you going to jump on the bus when you're finished having 'fun' out here by yourself?" Yes!!! Hahaha! Yes, yes, yes! In your FACE, pretty boy! Attempting to hold back a satisfying snicker at his lame attempt to win over Ryan's affection, caused me to cough a little bit. Then a bit more. I turned my head and covered my mouth, but immediately felt Ryan's arm on my shoulder as he asked, "You ok, sweetie? Don't worry. I'll get you home. K?"

With a brief, but clearly frustrated, pause...Sean rolled his eyes. "Ugh, fine. Whatever. I just think it was a waste of money if we were only gonna stay for an hour or two." And he walked past us, heading back towards the parking lot without even waiting for the rest of us.

It was then that Cody smiled at Ryan and said, "Dude...I think you just became my new favorite person in the whole world." I'm surprised that Ryan grinned at the comment. He's always been a little on the fence about Cody, seeing as he didn't know him that well. But today? I think they may have gotten just a tiny bit friendlier to one another. Just a TINY bit! "I'd hug you, Ryan, but you've been snuggling 'Mr. Plague Contagion' all afternoon and you're probably just as jacked up as he is right now.'re still my favorite! MVP status, dude! I mean that." With that, Cody said goodbye to me, and said he hoped I felt better. He also said, "DON'T call me to meet up until you do. It's going to take me three showers to get your germs off of me as it is."

He started to walk away, I'm assuming, to go back to the bus stop. But Ryan gave me a little smirk, and he called out to him. "Hey, Cody?"


"Do you think you and your 'Ex' can share a backseat without killing each other?"

Cody seemed so surprised that he even asked. To be honest, I was a little surprised myself. However, Cody was quick to put his cynical mask back on, and said, "Awww...but killing him would be so much FUN! Can I at least stab him a few times with something really sharp?"

"Not if you're gonna get blood all over my upholstery, you can't. Nope." He said.

"Too bad." He said. I don't know why he hesitated for as long as he did, but I noticed that he turned his attention to me for a moment. Almost as if to ask for my permission. see me putting up any protest to the idea. So he softened up a bit, and said, "Well...I mean, if it'll save me a couple bucks. You sure you don't mind?"

"Your chariot awaits." Ryan smiled. I swear, my baby is making some< I>serious points with me today. The second I feel better, I am going to treat that boy to a whole DAY of sexy 'appreciation' for this! Believe me!

Sean was already out by the car by the time we reached it. Hehehe, he looked like such a sore loser, leaning against the passenger side door with his arms folded. And as soon as he saw Cody walking towards the car with us, his mood soured even further. "What's HE doing here?" Sean said.

Ryan just grinned. "Ty and Ariel bailed on I figured we had more room in the back. Didn't want it to go to waste."

Cody said, "It went to waste the second you let this vapid prima donna take up residence. But I'm sure it's nothing risky, as long as you spray for lice afterward." Then he opened the back door right next to Sean, shoving him aside. "Walk around to the other side. This is MY seat!"

"What the...? Just scoot over!" Sean snarled.

"Go around!"

"Scoot OVER!!!"

"I'm not scooting over..."

"Cody! Fucker, just...!"


Ryan stopped their bickering by reaching in and honking the horn. "I'd only be saving gas by leaving you BOTH right here in the parking lot, you know?" Then he gave Sean a pleading look, like, "Sean...can you please just...come over to this side? Please?"

In a huff, Sean stomped one of his feet and mumbled something under his breath as he sulked over to the other side of the car to sit behind Ryan instead. I know that Cody didn't care what side of the car he was sitting on, he just did it to cause his least favorite person in the world some extra grief. It may have been a little mean, but I giggled through every uncomfortable second of it. It's rare that you get to see the people who try to hurt you get what's coming to them. So don't blame me for enjoying the show.

I can remember the dead silence in the car coming from the back seat of that car as Ryan drove back out onto the street. Hehehe, you could feel the tension on the back of your neck like the heat of the Death Valley sun. Cody's head turned to the right to look out of his window, Sean turned to the left to look out of his. Both of them deliberately angled in such a way so as not to even catch a< I>peripheral glimpse of one another. But Ryan didn't feel any need to keep quiet at all. We just chatted away in front without paying their little feud any mind at all, but I have to admit...what were they like when they were together? I imagine the world would crumble to ashes if those two were ever on the same side.< p> We dropped Sean off first, as his house was closest. He seemed to still be in a foul mood, but he said his goodbyes and got out of the car. He told Ryan, "I'll call you later, k? I mean, if you want to talk or something."

Ryan said, "No problem. I'll be around later on tonight."

"Ok. We'll talk..." Sean seemed a bit disappointed. Maybe even a little humiliated. But I could never tell if he was being genuine or not. Truth be's events are either going to get him to finally back off...or double his efforts by coming at Ryan from an entirely angle. His usual aggressive flirting isn't going to cut it this time. But at least it was 'visible'. I may need more of Cody's help if he decides to take a more subtle approach to his petty mind games.

Snakes work best in the tall grass, after all.

Then, just as Sean was walking away from the car, Cody quickly scooted over to roll down the window and shout, "You be careful out there, k? Look out for runaway cars! Or rabid squirrels! Bolts of lightning!" Sean didn't even turn around. He just flipped Cody off behind his back. "Watch out for open manholes! You know...the ones on the ground that you might fall into! NOT the ones you get down on your knees and lick for money!"

"Fuck off!!!" He yelled, and picked up the pace as he went into his house to bring his abuse to an end. I don't think anybody else in the world could get under that boy's skin the way Cody can. It shows. I doubt Sean would as 'rattled' if it were anybody else. Something that I plan to remember in the future.

We dropped Cody off shortly after. As one can imagine, he wasn't really big on long goodbyes. He works so hard on not caring about much of anything. He's good at hiding the effort, but I imagine it must be exhausting. "Well, gentlemen, I'd stick around and talk for a while, but...I really don't want to. So, bye!" He managed to quickly thank Ryan for the ride, and he said goodbye and all...but before I could sort of thank him for helping me through what could have been a total< I>disaster of a day...he was already out of earshot. Just waving a bit and racing in the house before he had to bear the unholy weight of a moment of gratitude. much for pats on the back, huh?

As we pulled away, I was almost tempted to reach into my pocket and pop another cough drop in my mouth. My throat was feeling like it was coated with fresh sandpaper on all sides, and I could have sworn that there was a live imp or something in my chest, tickling my lungs with a feather at this point. I denied myself the added medication though. Just in case that one last drop was the one to actually knock me unconscious, right here in Ryan's dad's car.

Ryan gave me the most adorable look of mock sympathy as he saw me sitting beside him, covered in a dark cloud of misery. It was just what I needed to make me laugh. Which, of course, leads to more coughing. But it was just the two of us in the car and Ryan didn't seem to mind even half as much as I did. "My poor baby..." He grinned.

"Don't you start!" I said while barking out one sickening dry cough after another.

We finally made it back to our street and Ryan pulled into my driveway to get me as close to the door as he possibly could. He says to me, "I want you to get out of these clothes and put on some pajamas or something. Then I want you to get into BED, you hear me?" Then he tells me, "Leave the front door unlocked, though."

"Unlocked? Why?"

"Because I'm coming back over in a few minutes. Why do you think?"

"Ryan...dude...thanks. I mean it. You've been awesome. But you really don't have to do all that. Ok? Seriously."

"Shut up." He said. "Go do what I told you to do, and keep quiet. Ariel's grandmother went out of her way to make you some soup so you can get better, and I'm not about to ditch you while you're sick just so I can let it sit in my refrigerator at home. I'm gonna drop the car off at the house, run in and get the soup, and then I'm just going to walk back over and take care of you. And you'd BETTER be in that bed when I get back. You hear me?"

He couldn't even get the words out without giggling, but I rolled my eyes with a sigh and said, "Alright. But it's your own fault if you catch something."

"You let ME worry about that. And don't forget to leave that door open. I don't want to have to go climbing any trees to get in your bedroom window. Hehehe, we're both getting a little old for that sort of thing, don't ya think?"

"Just GO, already! Hehehe!" I said, and he gave me a kiss before I was able to get out of the car and head towards the front door. Who knows? This might turn out to be a decent Spring break after all.

I did as I was told, hehehe! He didn't give me much choice. I tried to clean up my room a little bit first. It wasn't all that messy, know, I wasn't expecting any company. I emptied my little trash can, full of used tissues and cough drop packages, and then stripped down to my undies and a t-shirt. I didn't hop into bed yet, though. Instead, I went to the bathroom mirror to see if I could fix myself up a bit.

Omigod! I was a mess! I couldn't tell if my hair looked dry and chaotic, or matted down and greasy. My lips were dry, my eyes were red, my cheeks were pale...what the hell kind of plague did I CATCH???

It wasn't long before I heard the front door open, and I hurried to run back to my room and jump into bed before I got lectured again. Ryan closed the door, calling out, "I heard that, you know? No running around up there!" I couldn't help but to snicker to myself. "I'm gonna warm this up for you, and I'll be up in a minute."

"Ok." I shouted back. I turned on the TV and looked for something decent to watch. Court show, talk show, court show, talk show, court are not the show, cooking show, court show...Jesus. How many people can there possibly be who are willing to humiliate themselves on TV for money on a daily basis?

That's when Ryan came walking up the stairs with the hot bowl of soup in his hands, a dishtowel underneath so he wouldn't burn his fingers, and a spoon. He came into my room with a grin when he saw me sitting in bed, all covered up from the waist down, a box of tissues sitting right next to me, just in case I needed them. I tried to smile back, but ended up having a short coughing spell instead. Ryan carefully put the bowl down on the dresser next to the bed instead of giving it to me directly. And once it was steady, I saw Ryan reach down to unbutton and unzip his pants.

"Hehehe, what are you doing?" I asked.

"What? I'm getting comfortable." He kicked his shoes to the side and pulled his pants off, soon taking his shirt off as well. I watched his nearly naked body shake and shimmy right there in front of me as he took his socks off too. "Can't I be comfortable while I take care of my boyfriend?"

"I thought you were just bringing me soup."

"I did bring you soup. And I'm going to sit right here and keep you company until you eat every last spoonful of it. Deal with it."

Ryan lifted up the covers, and before I had a chance to warn him about the germs he could catch, he was wiggling his sexy ass over until his smooth, warm, legs were rubbing up against my own. He pulled the covers over himself and reached for the bowl of soup, slowly handing it to me and having me set it in my lap. He gave me the spoon and kissed my cheek as he kissed my cheek. "You're too good to me, you know that?" I said.

"Yes. I do know that." He grinned. I looked down at the soup, and peeked over at the dresser to see if there was anything else over there. "What? What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing. It's fine."

"Randy...what did I do? 'Fess up."

With a sheepish grin, I said, "Can you...? I mean, I usually have my soup with...umm...crackers."

He rolled his eyes. "You want crackers now?"

"Can you get me some? Please?"

"But I'm already comfortable." He giggled.

"Well, so am I. But...I'm sick." I said with my pouty lip stuck out.

"'re such a baby. Hehehe!" Ryan got out of bed, and I stared at his ass as he got up to walk back down to the kitchen and grab me some. "Where does your mom keep the crackers?"

"They should be in the pantry. Bottom shelf, next to the stuffing and breadcrumbs and stuff." I said. Moments later, I heard him shuffling around down there, then he shouted out that he found them and brought them back upstairs for me.

Then he climbs right back into bed with me as if there was nothing odd about this situation at all. Hehehe, we were like some old married couple struggling through a tough Winter together. I just looked at him with a dreamy gaze and a grin, and he said, "What now? Juice? What?"

"No, hehehe! I don't need anything. Just..." Feeling the surreal emotion surrounding the moment, I sighed, "...Thank you, Ryan. Just for being perfect. This is all so sweet of you."

"See? And you were worried." Ryan said, putting his arm over my shoulder. "Besides, Wilson cancelled on me at the last minute. I can call him back though if you think him and his friends might be able to come over and babysit you."

"Hahaha! No thank you! Unh unh!"

"Are you sure? You'll never find out how the 'Monkey Blowtorch' video game turns out if they don't tell you."

"I'm thinking that's a good thing!" I said. "I'm staying as far away from Wilson and his diseased goof troop as I possibly can until I get my health back. Hehehe!"

Ryan used the remote to flip through a bunch of channels on the TV. He was having more luck with finding something to watch than I was. I guess he knew what to look for. He says that there's always a few channels that take advantage of the younger Spring Break audience. Then he goes, "Ooh! There were go. 'Godzilla' marathon!"

"Hehehe, 'Godzilla'? Really?"

"Shut up. Godzilla kicks ass. Eat your soup!" He giggled, and seemed to snuggle in even deeper into the covers beside me as we started one of the movies somewhere in the middle. After a few minutes, Ryan saw me taking a few sips and nibbles at the soup Ariel's grandmother made for me...making a few faces along the way. I put the spoon back in the bowl, and was getting ready to put it on the dresser on the nightstand next to me so I could just cuddle with my sweetheart for a while. But Ryan stopped me. "What are you doing? Unh unh! Eat it. Go on. It's good for you."

I said, "I know. It''s good. It's a little, um...strong for my tastes..."

"Doesn't matter. Eat it." He said.

"I am!" I grinned. "I'm not sure what this is. Is this lettuce or something?"

Ryan peeked over. "I think it's cabbage."

"There's a lot of black pepper in here..."

"EAT!" He chuckled.

"I'm eating, already!"

"Well, hurry up, while it's still hot. I'm not going back downstairs to reheat it for you." Hehehe, Ryan sat right there and stared at me until I starting getting some nourishment into me. Faces and all. Funny thing is, the heat of the soup really did help to open up my head a little bit. Maybe even soothed my throat some. "See? Not so bad, right?"

"I didn't say it was bad! I just said it was strong..."

"Well, it was made special just for getting rid of your cold, babe."

"It tastes more like it was made special for getting rid of the person with the cold! But, if Ariel's grandmother thinks it'll help, I guess I should keep going, huh? It was really cool of him to bring it over."

Ryan smirked. "It's probably payback from you kissing him all hot and naughty all the time!"

I nearly coughed up a mouthful of soup when he said that. "Hehehe! Hey! For the record, Ariel kissed ME! Thank you very much!"

"Whatever. Eat your soup. Hehehe!"

Honestly, over the next ten minutes or so, the soup started to taste pretty good to me. The overpowering flavor of it was a shock at first, but the taste mellows out once you get used to it. Hehehe, then again, I could say the same thing about the taste of Ryan's cum! I had a lot more fun getting used to that flavor though.

We talked. We snuggled. We watched a giant lizard trash Tokyo while fighting some kind of...'thing' that was just as big. And once I put my empty bowl aside, I laid my head on Ryan's shoulder and just...enjoyed his warmth for a while. His affection. His willingness to be close to me while everybody else was considering the option of running away in sheer terror of catching something nasty. His loving embrace all but made me forget the pale, sick, image of my face in the mirror. Now< I>there's something that I could do without.

Only Ryan can make me feel this comfortable at a time like this. After all we've been through, the sweeping emotion remains. Just having him hold me is almost as explosive and exciting as our very first kiss. I couldn't be close enough. You Love is just a word until someone comes into your life that gives it meaning. Value. A definition that you can depend on. Have total faith in. I can't help but to wonder how many people go their whole lives without finding the kind of comfort that I find in the arms of the cutest boy on the block. Because I'd be so empty without him. So very empty.

I honestly can't remember falling asleep. Or even being drowsy. I think it was me hugging Ryan's body around the middle and listening to his steady heartbeat as I laid my head on his chest. When I woke up, Ryan was softly stroking my hair, his eyes still glued to the screen as one Godzilla movie had come to an end, and a new one had begun. I gave him a little squeeze, sliding my leg forward to rub against the smooth surface of his skin beneath the sheets. He gave me a squeeze in return, and I felt his moist lips press themselves to my forehead as he watched over me.

I noticed a certain dampness in the sheets and realized that I was sweating. Like, more than normal. I didn't want to let go of my sweetie, but I felt kind of gross holding on to him when I was like this.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep on you like that."

"It's fine. Hehehe, the whole point was for you to get some rest. I'm glad. Besides, you're, like, the most incredible cuddle buddy in the world. So I didn't mind." He smiled. "Feel any better?"

"Umm...I don't know. I think so. Who knows?" My body felt a little numb, but at least my head wasn't as stuffy as it was before. I looked at the Godzilla movie on the TV and asked, "What'd I miss?"

"Heh, nothing. Spaceships, monsters, robots, twin fairies...preachy environmental message. They're all pretty much identical." He said, and kissed me again. This time on the lips.

"Stop! Seriously, hon, I don't want to give you my cold, ok?"

"Why not? A cold might be fun if I got to spend it with you like this all week. You'd get no complaints out of me."

"You don't want to end up looking like 'this', trust me."

He just blinked those long lashes of his at me, giving me that heartbreaking gaze of his, and he said, "You still look like a total prince to me." Ok....he can score another kiss for that one. But just ONE more! I have to learn to not be so whipped.

We didn't get to finish this last Godzilla movie, as it was almost time for my mom to come home from work. Ryan had to slide out from under the covers and get dressed again. I am going to lick every last INCH of that body as soon as I get a chance. I swear I am!

"I'm gonna wash this bowl out in the sink so I can give it back to Ariel the next time I see him. Then I'm gonna go. Do you mind if I leave the front door open? Does it lock on its own or...?"

"I'll come down with you." I said, getting out of bed.

"No no no! Relax! I've got it."

"Shut up! Hehehe, I'm coming down with you." I told him with a stern look. Well, as stern as I could make it without cracking up.

"Excuse me. Hehehe, yes sir. As you wish, sir."

We went downstairs where Ryan washed the bowl out in the sink. Feeling a bit frisky, I walked up behind Ryan and hugged him around the stomach, kissing the side of his neck. He lightly flicked some water in my face with his fingers. "Acckkk! Quit it!"

But as soon as he was finished, he turned around to look me in the eye, and he said, "I love you, Randy."

"I love you more."

And even though it was difficult for us to split up after that, we managed to get through it by having him promise that he'd come over and check in on me tomorrow morning. A weak consolation prize when compared to the possible reward of just having him move in and stay here with me forever...but I'll take it. At least for now.

It almost hurt me to see him leave. He made saying goodbye so painful. "Are you going to take care of yourself?" He asked.

"Yep! I promise, I'm going to jerk off FURIOUSLY the second I get back into bed."

"Hehehe, shut up! You know what I mean!" He giggled. "Seriously. Get some sleep, ok?" He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before opening the front door, then he looked outside and said, "Ooh, wait! Is that Ariel?"

"Ariel? Where?"

"He's, like, standing outside of Tyler's house, looking up at the clouds with the biggest grin I've ever seen. Hehehe!" Ryan said. "I'm< I>telling you, dude...those two are going at it when we're not looking. I'm willing to bet money on it."

"Good!" I said. "They're too cute together to not be getting some extra sexy fun out of it."

"I think he's leaving. I'm gonna go say hello..."


"What? Hehehe!"

"Don't bother him. You know how Ariel is. You'll make him feel all weird and self conscious about it." I said.

"Not with THAT smile on his face, I won't! Hehehe! Besides, I'm just gonna thank him for the soup and ask if he wants his grandmother's bowl back. That's all. I'm not going to interrogate him or anything. I swear. I'll see if he wants to hang out anymore this week. If not, he'll be off the hook." He grinned.

"Don't make him paranoid! Ariel's fragile about stuff like that." I giggled, and he gave me another quick kiss.

"I'll be a perfect angel. I swear." He gave me a rather mischievous smirk, and trotted out into the street to catch up to him before he got away. "Ariel! Dude, what's up?"

I watched Ryan cross the street to meet up with him, but couldn't help but to notice that Ariel seemed to be walking a little funny. He wasn't< I>limping exactly, wasn't what you could call a natural stride. Not by any means. As he started talking to Ryan, I saw him reaching out to lean against a nearby tree, and I thought he might have had another one of his unfortunate little 'accidents' and hurt himself. Awww, I hope he grows out of his clumsy phase someday. I know he doesn't really mean to be the magnet for destruction that people think he is. He's too sweet for all that. Just...a little off-balance sometimes.

Ariel tried to stand up again, but stumbled a bit. I could practically see him bashfully trembling from here. He seemed to be smiling though. And Ryan lightly bumped him with his shoulder, grinning at him as he started to walk away to go back to his house down the street. Ariel actually laughed as his cheeks started to turn red, and he said, "Omigosh! Ryan, no! It's not like that!" But Ryan didn't give him a chance to defend himself. I don't know what he said, but I think Ryan was right. The smile on Ariel's face wasn't going anywhere. What kind of naughty shennanigans did those two get up to after leaving the carnival today? Wow!

Anyway, Ariel seemed to be floating on Cloud 9 at the moment, so I just closed the door and went back to bed. I still wish this day had gone a little more according to plan. I didn't expect Ryan to spend all of his time watching TV in my bed while I slept on his shoulder, not saying anything. Some company I am, huh?

But...if I just had to go by the way I feel right now? The way I hope Ryan feels right now? I'd say that our first day of Spring Break was perfect. Just perfect.

Now then...where did I put that cough medicine? I need to get rid of this virus FAST! Because I'm totally going to jump that boy's bones the second I pass inspection! I can't wait for it!

Come on, magic soup! Do your stuff!

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