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"New Kid In School 56"

While I may have spent half the night, tossing and turning and filling up my bedside wastepaper basket with a collection of snotty tissues, soaked through with what I could only imagine was a variety of green and yellow shades...I actually woke feeling a lot better than when I went to sleep. I mean, it's not like I had been instantly cured or anything, but after waking up at 7:30 in the morning, my sheets dampened with sweat and feeling a little dizzy behind the eyes...I can honestly say that I was doing a hell of a lot better than I was yesterday. My throat didn't burn with the same fury and irritating scratchiness that it was before, my fever had been sweated out overnight, and when I looked at myself in the mirror this morning, some of my natural color had returned to my pale and clammy cheeks. It felt good to not see a teenaged corpse staring back at me for the first time since the weekend.

Either this nasty little flu bug had run its course...or Ariel's grandmother is the most miraculous woman walking the Earth today! Because I feel like I'm on my way back to 'awesome'. I might have a little bit of Spring break left when this is all over.

When I walked into the kitchen with my hair all messy and out of sorts, my mom gave me a strange look. As if she was surprised that I was standing there in my pajamas, or out of bed at all. "My, oh my! You're certainly up and at 'em early this morning." She smiled.

"Yeah. I guess so." I yawned.

"How are you feeling?"

"Pretty good, to be honest. I think that soup that Ariel's grandmother made for me did the trick."

She said, "Really now? What was in it?"

I thought for a minute, and said, "Ummm...I don't know. Black pepper? Maybe some cabbage? Antioxidant stuff?"

She grinned. "Did you sweat it out overnight?"

"Yeah! How did you know?"

"Mom's know." She said. "Well, I made some sausages. They're on the stove. It'll be good for you to get some breakfast into you. Keep your strength up. I was going to make eggs too, but I didn't expect you to be up this early."

"That's ok. I can make 'em. Just finish your coffee. You want some?" I asked, already heading to the fridge to grab the eggs and butter.

"You? Offering to cook breakfast?" She said. "You MUST be feeling better." But she declined and just told me to wash my hands before touching anything.

Everything was already in motion, and those scrambled eggs were starting to firm up in the frying pan when I heard the doorbell ring. My mom answered, and just from the way she answered with such a delightful tone of voice, I could just tell that it was Ryan. My mom doesn't talk to anybody the way she talks to Ryan. Is that weird? You know...that I can tell from a distance, even without him saying a word or her saying his name? I think that's weird. Or maybe, I'm just getting used to this whole 'boyfriend' thing...even when my mom is around.

Ryan asked about me, and she said, "Apparently, our favorite boy is up and running today. He's in the kitchen, cooking breakfast."

Ryan gasped, "Cooking breakfast? What the...? I told that boy to stay in bed!"

My mom giggled, "So did I. Maybe you can talk some sense into him, Ryan."

"I most certainly will, Mrs. Stephens! I'll make sure he's well taken care of." He said, and my mom laughed at his enthusiasm as she left him to come marching after me while she finished getting ready for work.

The second that he stepped foot in that kitchen behind me, I giggled, "Don't you start! Food is good for me! Hehehe!"

"I thought we had an agreement that you would stay in bed until you were all back in working order?" He said.

I kept scrambling the eggs, turning them over in the heated pan to make sure they didn't come out too runny. "No...YOU came over here and forced me into bed, and you refused to let me up to do anything for myself." I smirked.

"That's how compromises work between you and me. I tell you what to do, and you do it. Hehehe!" I felt Ryan come up behind me and lovingly wrap his arms around my waist, giving me the sweetest kiss on the cheek. "Mmmm, that smells good."

"Baby, mom's still here." You know, I didn't even realize that I referred to Ryan as 'baby' until after the affectionate term had already spilled out of my mouth. A shiver went through me, and I suddenly looked up from the frying pan to give Ryan a wide eyed gaze of shock. It only made him laugh and give me another quick kiss in an attempt to calm me down. I whispered, "Omigod! Do you think she heard that?" I peeked over Ryan's shoulder to see if I could see my mom's shadow or something from around the corner. I think she was upstairs. I'm pretty sure she wasn't around. Or at least not close enough to hear what we were saying to one another. Ryan's playful grin teased me, and I swatted him with my hand. "You're gonna get me in trouble, you bitch!"

"Hehehe, nobody told you to get all sweet on me. That was all YOUR doing, mister!" Then he kissed me again, and I tried to push him away, even while knowing that it was his kiss that thrilled me more than almost everything in existence. When it came to the most important parts of my went 'oxygen', 'sunlight', and Ryan's tender loving kiss! And not always in that order, if you can believe it.

"Back off. You're gonna make me burn my breakfast. Get away."

I used my butt to bump him back a step or two. But Ryan said, "You're certainly not going to keep me away doing THAT! Hehehe!" Then he took a piece of sausage and ate it over the sink while he waited for me to finish cooking.

He waited for me to finish eating, and he has this really comfortable way of talking to my mom that I don't think I've ever seen with any of the friends that I've brought over to the house before. I mean...I've HAD friends over before. But we were kids, you know? It was like...our world and the adult world were on two different planets. Two different species. The less contact between both worlds, the better. Something was different with Ryan and my mom. He was able to giggle and joke around with her without feeling awkward at all. And my mom thought he was utterly adorable, practically adopting him right on the spot. Every time they shared a laugh, it made me hard! I do't know why, but something about it turned me on! I almost contemplated calling Ariel up to ask if he could send over more soup so I could get 100 percent better and give that cutie the loving that he deserves. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who sees the beauty in him. I'm never going to let him get away. Not ever.

My mom asked if we had any plans for the day as she was getting ready to walk out the door. Ryan said, "Nothing other than get Chef Randy here back in bed before he gets any worse."

"Are you sure? It looks some sunshine and fresh air did him some good yesterday." She smiled.

"Nope! He can go back when he gets better. Until then, I'm going to Florence Nightengale the heck out of him, right here in this house."

"Good luck, Ryan. He can be a stubborn one."

"TELL me about it!" He said.

I chewed the food in my mouth before saying, "I'm sitting right here, you guys. You know that, right?" My mom gave me a kiss on the forehead and ruffled my hair.

"I'll be home around six, alright hon? Love you." I really wish she wouldn't get all sentimental in front of my boyfriend like that. Then was she supposed to know? "Don't you let him give you any trouble today, Ryan."

"I won't Mrs. Stephens. Have a fun day at work." He said, and waited for her to leave before smiling at me, "Are you DONE yet? I need to get you out of your jammies and back in bed."

"Hehehe, you leave me alone!" I smirked. "I feel a lot better. Honestly. Another day or two, and I should be back to normal."

"Good." Ryan watched me finish my last few forkfuls of food, and he hopped to take my plate to the sink and rinse it out. "Alright, you...let's go."

"Why are you so eager to get me back in bed?"

"Is that a trick question, or what? Get up. Come on." I groaned at him and he groaned back in mock frustration. But, before I knew it, he was practically pushing me back into my bedroom and tucking me in under the covers. Then he felt the sheets, and he was like, "Wait...these are damp, dude. What the...?"

"I think Ariel's soup made me sweat out a lot of the bad stuff last night."

"And you're gonna just climb back into bed?"

"You just TOLD me to climb back into bed!" I giggled.

He just yanked back the covers and said, "Alright, that's it. Get up. Come on. Get up, now."

I grunted and sighed and struggled to stand back up again, watching Ryan pull all the sheets off of my bed, down to the mattress. He even snatched the pillow cases off and balled everything up in his arms to stuff it in the dirty clothes hamper. "Hehehe, what the hell are you doing?"

"Oh hush up! Does your mom still keep all of the linen and stuff in that big closet by the bathroom?"

"You seem to know an awful lot about my house and its inner workings." I said.

"You and I have messed up enough bed sheets in this house for me to know how this part works." He said. "Give me your pajamas too. I'm going to put it all in the washing machine together."

I laughed out loud. "You're going to do my laundry for me now? What IS all this?"

"Shhh! Quiet. Take 'em off." He smiled, and then leaned against my dresser to wait for me to undress in front of him. I blushed at first, wondering if he was being serious or not. I guess he was. So I stripped down until I was standing there in nothing but my boxers in front of him. He moved forward and got down on one knee to pick up my clothes, and then with a cheeky grin, he suddenly leaned forward and mashed his face right into the front of my boxers! "Whoops!!!"

"Hahahaha!!! What the fuck?"

He held onto my thighs, his lips chewing at me in a way that was so ticklish that my hands shot down to his shoulders in an attempt to push him off of me. I was laughing hysterically as he tried to force his face deeper into my groin area...and when he tongue started worming its way through the open hole in front to lick playfully at my hardening shaft, my legs turned to jelly and I fell back on the mattress and giggled happily from the unexpected assault.

"Oh my...I don't know what happened there!" Ryan snickered. "I don't know why I fell forward like that. Is this floor uneven or something? That was so weird! I mean, wasn't it?"

"You are a crazy person, you know that?"

Ryan hopped up and gave me a peck on the lips. "Only around you, babe. Mwah! Now wait here, I'm going to put these in the wash and we can make up your bed again." I couldn't even STOP him. He was gathering up a whole load of laundry and stuff and heading down to put them in the wash down in the basement before I could even catch my breath from laughing so hard.

I was laying back on my bed, just loving him and the warm fuzzies that he brought to me every time he was near me...and I noticed my naked erection rising up out of the front of my boxers all on its own. Swelling. Tightening. Throbbing with every beat of my excited heart. Hehehe, the last thing I needed was for Ryan to come back and see me so aroused by his charms. He'd take that as a green light to take advantage of me for sure.

I tucked my self back into my boxers as soon as I heard him running back up to my room, skipping two stairs at a time. He had a comforter and more sheets and pillow cases in his arms, and he spread them out by lifting the mattress cover up over his head. He took one end and I took the other, making it up like it was.

I was tucking the sheets under the mattress when I said, "You know, all of this wasn't necessary. My bed was fine."

"It was damp, baby." He said.

"So? It wasn't that bed."

"The last thing you need to do right now is sleep in wet sheets. Especially one's covered in germs. You'll never get any better that way."

"They weren't wet..." I said.

"They were wet, babe. These will feel better. Trust me." He was spreading the comforter over the top, and said, "People get hypothermia and stuff...sleeping in wet sheets and damp clothes."

"What, are we sleeping out in the Arctic somewhere? I hardly think I was in danger of hypothermia."

"Will you just...UGH!" He giggled, yanking back the covers again and pointing to the mattress. "BED! Now!"

"Yes, doctor!" I said. Before I had even climbed in all the way, I noticed that Ryan was undressing again. Hehehe, this boy is too much. "NOW what are you doing?"

"I've gotta stay until your laundry is done. And until you feel better. And until I get sick of being here with you...which isn't likely to happen. know...suck it up."

"Is that the only reason you changed my sheets? Just so you could climb in here half naked and snuggle with me?" I grinned, and he nodded vigorously. "You can't just keep doing this every day for the rest of Spring Break, you know?"

He asked, "Doing what?"

"Climbing into bed with me and watching me ooze germy fluids from every hole in my head from sunrise to sunset. That's what?"

"Why not? Hehehe, I don't think I saw anything in the rule books about how I spend time with my boyfriend either. So quit making them up as you go along." He said, and shimmied out of his pants, tossing them to the floor from under the covers to rollover and kiss me on the cheek, putting an arm over me and pressing himself against me.

"Aren't you bored?" I asked, but he smiled up at me...those pretty eyes dazzling me with an added sparkle that only appeared when he was smiling like that. I was compelled to kiss him on the lips, but only did so briefly. With a heavy sigh that I'm sure he could feel with the deflation of my chest. God, was I getting hard again, or had I ever lost my hard on in the first place? "I really wasn't trying to ruin your vacation..."

"Omigod, here we go again..." He said. "STOP thinking so much. I'm here, you're here...period. All we need to think about is what we're feeling right now, in the moment, under these sheets and blankets...while you're getting well again. Nothing else matters. And I don't know about you...but I'm feeling pretty damn comfy right now."

"This is totally the wrong time for you to be so sweet." I sighed, and he rolled his eyes in the most adorable way.

"I can already tell that when we get married, you're going to be the difficult one!"

Ryan looked into my eyes when he noticed my giddy silence. My reaction was like...a gasp, but without the actual intake of air. A flood of tingles suddenly surged through me and I found myself so swept up in the moment that I was left speechless.

Careful, Randy. Don't go all cross-eyed and crazy now.

Pretending to stay calm, cool, and collected, I said, "Married, huh? Is this an undercover proposal then? Hehehe!"

Lifting the blanket a little bit, Ryan smiled and said, "Yeah. Literally. Hehehe!" Then he asked me, "Why? Did you have any other plans for you and me?"

Our eyes connected. Our smiles were playful, but our eyes spoke volumes beyond the words being spoken. "Nope. I can't think of anybody I'd rather spend the rest of my life with. You?"

"Not a chance." He grinned. "I pretty much knew that it was going to be from our very first kiss though. So maybe I've had enough time to think it over. You know...with a level head." Then he took a hold of my hand under the covers and said, "You're not just perfect for me,'re the other half of who I am as a person. I highly doubt that I'd be a whole person with anybody else. I don't know what it was that brought us together, or why...but I don't know who I'd be without you. I'm willing to do everything that I can to never find out. You?"

Is it his untouchable beauty that's stealing my breath away like this? Or is it the loving words being delivered through those ruby red lips of his that have bewitched my rational mind that has me riddled with boyish goosebumps right now?

"Never living another day on this Earth or drawing breath without you by my side to share it with me? Sounds like a really good plan to me." I smiled, and our lips connected briefly...with me holding back, so as not to give him my germs, even though he didn't seem to care at all. "You know...I'm going to find something wrong with you eventually. I mean, there's gotta be something, right?"

He shook his head. "Nope. I'm too dreamy to have any flaws. You already know this. Why try?"

"Hehehe, exactly what I look for in a fiancée." I grinned, Ryan rewarding me with another kiss. "Oh! And no 'Godzilla' today! I've got something else for us today!"

"Something like what?" I asked.

"Hold on..." Ryan reached under the covers and wiggled his hips a few times. Then he pushed the covers down a little, and leaned over the side of the bed. He had pulled his boxers down to his thighs, and was TOTALLY mooning me with that super hot, smooth, teen booty of his! Hahaha! He made it seem like it was an accident, but...damn you, Ryan! He's leanin over the edge, and he says, "Don't look at my ass!" Even though he deliberately put it out there for me to look at! And what a hot ass it was too. Jesus!

"Hahaha!!! What are you DOING???" I cackled.

Ryan just kept playfully shaking those tender young globes in my direction while he rummaged through the pants pockets laying beside the bed on the floor. "Hold on! Almost got it!" He giggled. Getting a naughty impulse, I raised my hands and smacked those soft cheeks hard enough for the 'thwack' to echo off of my bedroom walls! "AHHHH! Quit it!" He laughed, and then squirmed his way back up and under the covers. GOD, I love this boy! "You see this?" He held up a USB card with a smile.

"Yeah. What is that?"

"This is 'The Secret Life Of Billy Chase' series, seasons 1, 2, AND 3! You and I are going to sit right here and binge watch every last one of them until you're strong enough to get out of this bed. Naughty parts and all. What do you say?" He said.

"How the heck did you get Netflix to put it on a USB card?" I said, and he turned a little pink.

"I downloaded it for free. Netflix is rich enough."

"Hehehe, so you're a criminal? I'm sharing a bed with a certified criminal right now?"

"I'm not a criminal! I'm an opportunist." He smiled, pulling my laptop over to the bed so we could both watch it at once. "Besides, I didn't download it for me. I downloaded it for YOU. You can't get more selfless than that. Right?"

"If you say so...criminal! Hehehe!" Ryan leaned over to butt my shoulder when I said it.

"Why can't you just enjoy the stuff I do for you, huh?"

"Because..." I said. "I'm the 'difficult' part of this marriage, and enjoying stuff would be out of character. That's why." When Ryan leaned over again, I half expected his shoulder to knock me right out of bed. But instead, he just gave me another kiss on the cheek and went right back to finding the appropriate files on his USB card to get things started.

Wow...we were already a married couple, weren't we? He takes care of me when I'm sick, he's making me soup in the microwave, he's doing my laundry...

At the risk of sounding obscene...I am going to fuck that boy's hot, tight, ass so HARD before this week is over! Arrrghhh!!! If I don't keep myself angled right in my boxers, I'm going to end up leaking sticky fluids all over these fresh new sheets!

So, despite my protests for him to go outside and enjoy himself, Ryan spent yet another afternoon in bed with me. Except, this time he did it naked. We didn't do anything sexual really. Some rubbing, some touching...a LOT of kissing...and a level of snuggling that was about as close to sex as you could get without an actual orgasm spraying us both with a heavy dose of pent up boy honey. Hehehe! But we mostly just watch the show he brought over. We both laugh at the same things. You know that? We laugh at the same time, melt with 'awwwwws' at the same time, get frustrated or shocked at the same times. And every time we say 'this will be the LAST episode, then we'll stop'...something happens that makes us start the next episode anyway. Thank God we're so compatible. I probably would have lost my MIND if I had to stay alone in this house all by myself without someone to talk to.

"Those two belong together." Ryan said.

"I KNOW, right? What the hell? Start the next one. They're going to get together eventually. I know they are."

But before he could start it, my doorbell rang.

My first instinct was to ignore it and just let Ryan and I get back to enjoying our isolated bubble of love and affection without any interruptions. But, in order to keep me in bed, Ryan handed me the laptop and hopped out of bed.

I swear, the less clothes that boy has on, the better. I want him so bad. I'm...I'm seriously jonesing for a major 'sex fix' right now!

"Do you have something for me to wear?" Ryan asked, opening my closet door and peeking inside. "Don't you have a robe or something?"

"My Mom's got one." I grinned. He barely flinched at all.

"Fine. Where is it? I'll wear it. So what?" Hehehe, I told him where it was, and sure enough, he wrapped himself up in my mom's gleaming white bathrobe, calling out with, "Wow! This is actually really nice! Where did she get this from?" But the doorbell rang again and I told him to quit stalling and go answer it already. "Alright, alright! Don't get out of bed, k?"

"I won't. Promise." I giggled.

There was some commotion and a little bit of talking, but before long, I heard two sets of footsteps coming up the stairs. I instantly double checked to make sure that I was adequately covered up and used a tissue to clean my nose from all the blowing and sinus trouble.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Ryan coming back into my room with Tyler trailer right behind him.

Tyler seemed a bit more 'germ conscious' than Ryan was, but he attempted to hide it when he said, "Hey, Randy. You feeling better?"

"A LOT better!" Believe me. Thanks."

Ryan just slipped right out of his robe and slid back into bed with me again. It's not like Tyler got a big eyeful of anything, but...I kind of wondered if he had any lingering feelings at all that might make a situation like know...'uncomfortable' for him. I doubt it, with Ariel as his number one dream boy...but, I know how Tyler can cling to things for an extended period of time when he puts his heart into it.

Tyler sat on the foot of the bed, and we attempted to make some menial chit chat for a few minutes before he felt brave enough to let us in on why he had come over in the first place. I mean...he was always welcome, but Tyler's always been more of a creature of purpose than just random habit when it came to his visits.

Ryan asked him, "What's up, dude? You look a little...stressed out. You alright?"

Tyler's eyes looked down at his feet for a moment. The pause we experienced was a lot more troubled and full of woe than either one of us was expecting. Clearing my throat, I asked, "Tyler...? What's wrong?"

With a sigh, he looked back at us and said, "I think...I'm in a bit of a jam, you guys. I mean, I know what I should do...but I don't know if I can. Not right now, anyways. I just...I don't know if I should say anything, and if I do...I might really hurt somebody that I care about."

Ryan's eyes opened wide, and he turned to see the same expression on my face too. He asked him, " it about Ariel?"

I'm glad that Ryan said it out loud. I was afraid to for fear that I'd jinx the two of them if I opened my mouth about it.

"Yeah." Tyler mumbled. "It's about Ariel." I could see his shoulders cave in as he lowered his head. Was it in sadness? In shame? What happened? All Tyler said was, "He's asking questions that I don't know if I'm ready to answer yet. I don't want to keep secrets from him you guys. Not secrets this big. I just don't want to hurt him, you know?"

Ummm...ok. Wow. I think it's safe to turn the laptop off right now. This is a discussion that needs our full attention...

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