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A New Life Chapter 14

"Yours, Mine and Ours"

So much happened during the first few weeks after the funeral. More than anything in the world I wished I could do something more to help Prez. All I could do is listen and hold him when he wanted holding. It had to be rough on the guy, ya know?

I'd drop him off at the apartment on the way to school in the morning and stop by to take him home in the afternoon. He'd always want to hear about my day first when I got there. I was in school! Nothing very earth shattering was happening there so I made up some stuff to try and get the smile back on his face for a little while. I'd tell him that Mike and Derrick and I were having 3 ways in the science wing boy's room and that I was being smothered with attention from every girl in every class! Those remarks didn't get him too bad but when I mentioned a few cute boys following me around he wanted to know whom, what classes, what their names were and what they looked like! It was so hard to keep a straight face and bored sound in my voice telling him all that. I just kept answering his questions and the next thing you know I'm being backed into a corner of the apartment! Funny how it always wound up with me getting captured somewhere! I always got him smiling somehow but shortly after the hugs and laughter there were more tears from both of us.

Almost every night I'd ask how his day was. One thing was for certain in my mind; he wasn't going to bare the brunt of all that alone! There was this look in his eyes, I'm not sure I can describe it; a distant, almost dream state eyes. A nightmare is what he was living. Sorting through and packing not only his stuff but hers as well. He left his stuff to pack last so that he would have a reason to keep returning everyday. My mom went with Preston the first few days to help get Mrs. O'Brian's clothes and other personal items out of the way. Then he had to arrange for selling most of the furniture. We kept her entire entertainment center, CD's, and videos but there was no way we could keep the beds or most of the furniture. He kept her photo albums, all the framed photos, her family Bible and a few of her books. He had to do everything. His Aunt and Uncle were at the wakes and the funeral but they hadn't offered any help. I guess his Aunt was wrapped in her own pain and grief. I won't even discuss his old man or what he was wrapped in. Moving out of the apartment was a sad time for both of us.

I asked the rents if I could take a few days off from school to help him with the apartment. Prez said it would probably be better if I wasn't there except on the day there was heavy lifting to be done. That day I took the day off to help him out. It broke my heart so much to see him hurting like that. He wanted to walk home that afternoon again. We put some boxes in my car then I drove over to the Scenic overlook turn out on Kanan Road and cried so hard that my body ached. I wouldn't let Prez see that, he needed me strong.

Prez told me he went through some weird mood swings while at the apartment. Guilty and shameful bothered him the most. He got angry one day and beat the shit out of his mattress and tore his pillows to pieces. That was the day he didn't make it home until almost 7PM. I was worried to death and had a talk with the rents because I wanted to go out looking for him. The fact is that he was blaming himself for her death in some small part. My folks said he would go through all kinds of emotional swings but likely he'd be all right in time and asked if I could wait for him. Hell yeah I can wait!

It was only a few days after I vocally made that decision that I woke up to Prez looking down at me while I slept. Before I could yawn or stretch he kissed my forehead. As my eyes cleared I saw something about him was weird. It wasn't his hair smooshed up on the side he slept on; it was like that every morning. I yawned and stretched my legs until I heard my knees pop.

Prez smiled, kissed his way down my nose to my mouth then said, "I'm not gonna be happy till something else pops!"

"Omigod! He's horny!" I thought to myself.

He started rubbing my morning wood through my boxers and was working his magic pretty good too but there was one teensy weensy problem. I had to piss like a racehorse! I glanced at the clock then back into that adorable face and those deep blue eyes. Breathing fast and deep in through my nose I could smell bacon cooking. Mom and dad at least are awake, I'm hungry, I gotta leak and my boyfriend finally wants to fool around again, it's all too much! My brain isn't used to conflict this loud this early. Order of events. Who's on first? PRIORITIES! My brain and bladder said, "go pee" but what came out of my mouth was, "faster, baby". He did go a little faster but I was so painfully close. He always likes for it to last and so do I but it's been so long and I just woke up for goodness sakes. I moaned for him to go even faster.

Flipping back the covers he said, "I want to taste you. It's been way too long." He pulled my boxers down to my knees, leaned over my stomach and swallowed just the head of my dick, jacking the base with one hand and rubbing my balls with the other. I didn't know whether to cum, piss or go blind! It didn't take too much of his special treatment before I willingly tossed my self over the edge. I grabbed a handful of sheets and blasted all I could give into his waiting mouth. Satisfied, he hummed on my cock while I came in buckets. As always, he sucked and licked me clean and rested his head on my chest when he was done. He's amazing to me. I would've liked to stay with him and return the favor however I was late for a very important date with the toilet before I did something I haven't done since I was two!

I said, "Prez, baby I really gotta go but I'll be right back," as I slid out from under him and hastily pulled my boxers up.

"You'd better cause I ain't budging till you get back." He said, smiling at me as I waddled out of the room.

While I was relieving my self I thought of how ready he appeared to be after so much hurt. My mom and dad said he would come back in drips and drabs. Even if I did or said what I thought he wanted me to he might not be fully ready for some things. How do I proceed with caution, being mindful of what he wants and needs without appearing to be cautious? It seemed as if he wanted this to be a good day so I'll play along. I washed my hands and face and returned to the room.

Prez was sitting on the edge of the bed searching stations on the stereo. I sat beside him and kissed his cheek.

"Whatchya doin?" I asked.

Prez smiled and said, "Looking for something to dance to but it's a wipe out. How about a CD?"

"Great. What's this morning's selection?"

"I want something fast first. Not too fast though. What do you think?"

"Jeez, we've got so much more to choose from now." I thought but caught myself before I said it. One reference to his mom might blow his good mood. I looked at the rack and went to the middle just browsing some names until I found something that we'd both like. I saw Journey and just picked the first disk I saw. "How 'bout this one?" I asked.

"Cool." He said and dropped the disk into the player. "There's some great tunes on this disk. How bout we shuffle a few? Supertramp?" he grabbed another disk.

"Yeah, and some Beatles?" I said, again picking the first disk I saw.

"Bonnie Rait?" he grabbed another disk.

"Elton John?" I said picking the only EJ disk I saw on the rack.

Prez stopped my hand. "No Elton John yet okay?" he said, "Memories, ya know?"

"Eagles?" I said quickly choosing the next disk.

"Good." Prez said and started loading up the slots on the tray.

"Peaceful Easy Feeling" was the first tune that played. Prez and I had a fun time while he tried to teach me country western dancing. He went really slowly at first while I watched his feet like a hawk and imitated what he was doing. By the guitar solo I was keeping up pretty good. He didn't know what these dances were called and didn't care. He saw them on TV and just started doing them. Dancing was simply fun for him and he was pretty good.

"The Logical Song" came on next and again I imitated how Prez was dancing. He was really enjoying himself and I loved watching him. It's a trip that I do this stuff with him and that I enjoy it so much. "Across The Universe" came on next and while we were slow dancing he asked me to sing. I knew he eventually would! I didn't know this song very well though and promised I would sing the next song I knew. We kept slow dancing through "Angel from Montgomery". Prez stepped in close and rested his head on my shoulder. This is the part I like the most, the slow and easy sway with my lover in my arms. While I held him I became more certain that I would suffer any other embarrassment my two left feet could dish up just for three minutes in his arms like this.

The next song that came on I knew the words. "Faithfully" by Journey. I love that guy's voice more than any other I've heard and what's better is that I can sing it while holding him close! As the opening piano part started I took a deep breath and sang. Little did I know exactly what I'd be singing. That guy is most definitely singing that song to someone. I felt it and I couldn't change the gender like I would normally without loosing it entirely. With Prez in my arms I could feel him start to shiver while I sang. We were both touched by the lyrics. Another song was just added to the list that we called ours. Almost every week a song was added to the list! I stopped singing around the second verse and kissed him deeply. We lay back onto the bed and held each other silently side by side for a long time afterwards while songs continued to play in the background until there was a knock at the door.

I looked at Prez and growled at the disturbance. He smiled and kissed me again. We were lying on top of the covers in our underwear kissing a kiss I did not want to break quickly but there was another knock on the door and a voice calling our names. We came up for air and sighed as we got up off the bed.

Drew blushed and smiled saying; "Breakfast dudes," when I answered the door. He said what he had to say and walked away smiling. I know my brother. Every time I'm alone with Prez he thinks we're having sex! I asked him why he thought that once not too long ago since he and Corey paired up and I will never ask it again! Maybe I should've put on shorts to attempt to cover my tented boxers?

I watched Prez and listened to him like never before during breakfast. He was carrying on the conversation around the table better than I was. He seemed fine but the whole time we were lying there on the bed his hands never went below my waist. That wasn't normal for Preston. There was plenty of time too. He could've done anything and I would've responded. Was he only ready to please me but not the other way around? I couldn't have that, no sir. Should I have initiated something? Mom and dad said this would be a test and they were right. It's making me whacko! Maybe if I didn't have to pee so bad earlier the moment wouldn't have been ruined and I would know.

Finished with her breakfast, my mom asked, "Does any one have plans for the day?"

"I'll call Corey and see what he's doing." Drew said between bites of cherry-cheese crumb-cake.

"I've got a school project to work on and finish." John said sounding disgusted. "I might need a little help on this one."

"Why's that?" my dad asked.

"It's an aural report. I have to build some kind of Indian something or other and describe it." John said disinterested.

I looked at my dad while he sighed. My mom was equally displeased with John's attitude. John's a lot like I am. He'd be happy to find a way to skate by on C's and B's.

Prez asked me, "How about I give Mike a call?"

I nodded my head sideways; "I was kind of wanting to vegetate today." I really wanted to be here alone with him.

"Oh, that's cool then," Prez said finishing his orange juice, "if we get bored we could call him later."

One by one we all got up from the table and went our separate ways except for John and my mom. Drew took his plates to the kitchen, picked up the phone and wandered to the far end of the kitchen to talk with Corey. Prez and I went back to our room.

Walking down the hall Prez asked me, "Are you all right?"

I might have asked him the same thing. "I'm fine, Prez." I said opening the door.

"I thought you might not be feeling well or something." Prez said closing the door behind him.

"No. I'm feeling good, fit as a fiddle." I exaggerated, pounding my chest with my right fist and coughing.

He smiled and I looked in his eyes when he asked, "is there any reason why you'd rather stay home today?"

I looked away and I lied to him for the first time ever. "No special reason." I said. All I really wanted was to be alone with him. After twelve of the most horrible days of his life I wanted him whole again.

"Oh. Well I was hoping to start getting my life back in sync today. Jamming is what we always did on Sundays but I guess your right," he said and flopped back on the bed, "I need to get synced up here as well I suppose."

He was so cute sitting there patting the bed for me to come sit beside him. I turned on the TV on my way to the bed and we both started to speak at once when I sat down.

"We could go to Mike's later if you really want?" I offered.

Prez wrapped his arm around my shoulders and sighed, "What I want is to be with you. Here or at Mike's. Anywhere with you, okay?"

"Okay. I just want to help you heal Prez. Nothing else is more important to me."

"I am healing babe. The worst is over. My mom is right here," he said pointing at his heart, "and over there," pointing at the pictures on the dresser, "and over there too," he pointed at the entertainment center. Every day I'm getting over it more. You've all helped but you've been the greatest. So please no more worries about Poor Preston.

That's how I want it to be Keith and I'd like you to help me. As far as I'm concerned I'm set. Your dad is helping with all the financial and legal things. You're mom has listened to me go on and on through countless hours and so have you. Mike and Derrick have offered ears and shoulders as well. Since Thursday I've been walking around this house, doing my homework and thanking God all you guys were here for me."

All that was said with a serious look on his face but without a tear. I snuggled down a bit, rested my head on his chest and let him hold me because I wasn't sure if I would cry or not. I was stressing out more than he was. Looking at the sparkle of the ring I gave him on his finger and listening to his heartbeat gave me some of my strength back. We stayed still and quiet for a short while.

"I could stay like this all day." I whispered.

He shifted down a little bit saying, "Mmm yeah it is nice."

"Ya know what I was thinking?"

"What's that?"

"We could do something to this room. It's still set up my way with some of your stuff added. Why don't we spend the day making this…"

"Our room." We said in unison.

"The bed can stay where it is. It's the last thing you see entering the room." Prez said.

"The desk, dresser and entertainment center need to be moved around."

"Yeah there's barely walking space on the side of the bed. If we swap the dresser and the entertainment center around there would be more room and it's more convenient for getting dressed in the morning."

I noted, "The mirror might interfere with the window though."

"Then we'll put the desk on that side of the bed and the dresser on the other side."

"Cool Let's do it."

We got up, opened the bedroom door and started moving stuff into the hallway. My mom walked by and saw what we were doing. The next thing I know she's handing me the vacuum and a dust rag! If that wasn't bad enough my dad walked by then returned ten minutes later with a can of paint, drop cloth and two paintbrushes! Needless to say a big job that might've taken two hours turned into an all-afternoon affair. After we finished painting we cleaned up then Prez and I went to the mall for a while to let the paint dry.

First, we looked at some clothes in Nordstrom's then over to Radio Shack to play with their electronic toys. "I'm going to take your dad's advice I think," Prez said as we walked around the mall. "Mom wanted me to go to college so he's shopping around for investment consultants for me. Dude, I'm 16 what the hell do I know about that shit."

"Then what?"

"Then I reschedule the drivers test I was supposed to take last week and I think I'll buy a car."

"That still leaves an awful lot left over unless you're thinking a Corvette or something really outrageous."

"Nah, man. Everything I do with that money is going to be my mom every time I look at it. Why did she get that much insurance? Because she knew I'd be alone. So I'm gonna learn from her on this. Whatever I get it won't crumple around me. I'll just read and shop around till I find something that meets those criteria. The rest of the money will get invested for college like my mom would want. Let's go in here."

We walked into B. Dalton's bookstore and searched the magazine racks for car magazines. This was a switch for Prez. The last few times in this store he went right for the entertainment and music rags. I looked over his shoulder and commented on some of the cars he was looking at. He chose two magazines and paid for them at the register.

The next store we went in was Blockbuster Music. Prez smiled at me like a mouse waiting to take the cheese and I cracked up. He leaned over and whispered, "Keith, watch me man. Don't let me fuck up okay?"

I whispered, "I got ya covered baby. Discount card at the ready!" I wanted so much to hug him right then. We walked around that store for a good thirty minutes and he didn't buy a single disk. We had between us almost two hundred CD's now. For a while there he was talking about getting CD's for Mike, Derrick and me. I told him to save it for Christmas.

"I'm gonna give you way more than a CD, babe." He whispered. Our eyes met and I knew he wasn't talking about anything money could buy. I got flushed and started breathing fast in a flash and we were out of there just as quick. I needed to hold him that much. It was already getting dark when we got back outside the mall.

Prez likes to hold my hand while I drive. I can't begin to count the ways he makes me feel special. "We gotta get the room put back together." I said as we pulled out of the mall.

"We have the rest of our lives together now Keith," Prez said squeezing my hand. "That means an awful lot to me. I really want everything to work out."

I kissed the back of his hand and said, "It means a lot to me too baby."

"It's what I was dreaming might happen years from now. My head is so full of things my mom would say. This day and all the days ahead are going to be better, for both of us. That's what she said the day we crossed the California border. That's what I'm saying now."

When we got home Drew and Corey were setting the table for dinner and my dad was watching football. My dad welcomed us home. "Hi guys," he said.

We both said hi to my dad and then went to our room to check if the paint had dried. It pretty much had but the room still had that nasty paint smell. Prez and I moved the desk and dresser back into the room then I went and got a fan from the garage. I figured one blowing out the window and we’d be able to sleep in the room tonight. What I didn’t figure on was my mom taking the sheets off the bed to be washed while we were gone. Not that we had done much of anything on those sheets the last two weeks but I told her I'd prefer to take care of that myself a long time ago. It was just the idea of her finding unexplained stains on the mattress pad and there was a big yellow one there! I hate it when she does this stuff.

"Ah jeez!" I said.

Prez came up and behind me and wrapped his hands around my waist asking, "What’s the matter babe?"

I pointed at the bed. "My mom must’ve seen that."

Prez kissed my ear and whispered, "Small potatoes. You’re looking at the pre-wash and Clorox king of the southwest. Before we go to bed tonight that stain will be a distant memory. Then ya know what we’re gonna do?"

Smiling, I turned around in his arms and answered, "make a bigger, better one?"

He nodded enthusiastically and gave me a short sweet kiss. Lips that taste like his need to be declared an addictive substance by the FDA. He barely broke an inch from my face when I pulled his head to me and planted another big wet one on him. Those smooth lips, that delicate tongue… it’s been way too long since we practiced Olympic tongue wrestling. It’s one of those win-win deals, ya know? One of his arms was wrapped over my shoulder and the other wrapped around my waist with his hand in my back pocket. I could feel Prez relax in my arms. It seemed as if his tongue was the only part of him still moving. Oh, how much I want to go through life just like this. But there was giggling behind me from the hall. Prez winked and smiled a little.

"See. This morning I found them like this and now it’s dinnertime. This is what they do when they forget to eat." I heard Drew explain.

Corey commented, "Hmm… sucking face, they are good at it."

I hate it when I forget to close the bedroom door!

"We do alright. They’ve had more practice." Drew said.

"Looks like they’re ready to give lessons!" Corey said and started pushing Drew into the room with us.

Drew protested, "Corey, no dude. Heheee! No! Come on man!"

Prez was laughing into our kiss and I started to turn us around to see what the commotion was. Corey was dragging Drew into the room saying, "let’s practice." Drew objected through his giggles but closed the door behind them. Corey had him trapped against the door in a few seconds. Drew wasn't even really trying to get away, I could tell.

"Kiss me and tell me you love me." Corey demanded.

Drew was turning ten shades of red through his laughter. "Let’s leave man. They want to be alone."

Corey turned his head around then winked at us still holding our kiss. "They ain’t stopping dude," he said turning back to Drew.

"You’re a friggin’ nut case." Drew giggled.

"Yeah, yeah. Just kiss me." Corey said.

Drew looked over at me then back at Corey and composed his giggles. What I saw Drew do next just about floored me. Drew sighed, put his hand around Corey’s waist and swung Corey around, reversing their positions in the blink of an eye. With his other hand Drew gently traced a line on Corey’s jaw until his hand was encircled around Corey’s ear. Loud, aggressive, demanding little Corey had been tamed and Drew hadn’t said a word or kissed him yet. I’m sure his eyes saw only Drew. Then Drew, my shy and quiet little brother leaned in whispering, "I love you Corey" and laid one on him. It wasn’t a long kiss but it was deep. Corey’s eyes closed. I swear the kid almost floated off into outer space! Who taught Drew how to kiss like that? Was it TV or a movie or what? My eyes must’ve been bugging out of my head because Prez was starting to laugh again but he was looking at me this time.

Drew guided the limp shell of Corey out of my room and said, "Dinner’s ready dudes," before walking down the hall.

Prez broke our lip lock then stepped back and smiled at me. "I love you Keith," he whispered releasing his hold on me, "you ready for dinner?"

"Yeah," I replied as we broke apart heading for the door, "and to find out who the hell that was impersonating my brother!"

During dinner my dad asked Prez and I if we would like to watch the last football game of the day with him. Then the inevitable "who's your favorite team" discussion started. Once that ended my mom reminded us that she might like to watch a movie tonight and reminded everyone that The Nightmare Before Christmas would be on TV. Drew and John wanted to watch that so Corey reversed himself saying he would watch the movie too.

After dinner Prez, my dad and I finished putting the entertainment center together while the game played on our TV sitting on the bedroom floor. Once everything was in place I looked at the room and it was perfect. My dad thought it was pretty cool too. He pulled a chair in to the room and Prez and I sat on the bed watching the last half of the game. Then Corey came by the room and said goodnight before he left for home.

We were watching the post game show when Drew came by the room and sat on the floor at the foot of the bed for all of a minute before my dad said, "I'm wondering something here, Drew."

"What's that?" Drew asked.

Focused on the TV my dad asked, "What's this 'speak only when spoken to' business the last few months? Have I said or done something?"

"No dad, everything's cool." Drew answered.

"Well if it's not me then it must be that you're hiding something because I know I'm not imagining it," He said turning to look at Drew.

Drew didn't move a muscle. Then my dad glanced back at Prez and I, then back at Drew.

"Nothing's wrong," Drew mumbled shrugging his shoulders.

My dad asked, "You'd tell me if there was, right?"

"Yep, sure." Drew answered.

Getting no where fast, my dad smiled and got up saying, "I'll assume there's been no robberies, murders or rapes. Remember Drew, I am dumb but am not so dumb. I'm watching you." Then he pushed his chair back to the den and came back to say goodnight, closing the door behind him as he left.

"Do you smell something, Prez?" I asked tapping his leg.

Prez answered, "Yeah, that's not paint I smell."

Laughing out loud I nudged the bed and asked, "Hey Drew, did ya shit yerself dude?"

Drew turned around, kneeling on the floor asking, "I'm in it pretty deep, ain't I?"

"Nah," Prez said, "dad's cool."

Drew said, "I'm too scared to say anything, ya know?"

"Scared of what? Just tell him how it is." I said.

"I dunno," Drew said, "he's watching me now, though."

"He's always watching, Drew." I said. "He'll watch out for all of us all the time. That's just the way it's always been."

Prez said, "You could tell him the truth, Drew. You're fourteen dude. No one ever said you had to make a decision for the rest of your life now."

Drew looked thoughtful for a minute or so then stood up saying, "I dunno. I'll talk to Corey about it."

I nodded and said, "Hey Drew, one more thing."

Drew said, "What's that?"

"I was wondering," I said forcing a straight face, "where'd you learn to kiss like that?" Prez elbowed me in the side.

Drew blushed, giggled and covered his face with his hands for a few seconds. "Dunno." He said.

Prez teased, "Corey sure seems to like it."

Drew bowed his head, giggled and covered his face again. We said goodnight as he walked out of the room.

Then Prez got up and I asked, "where ya goin?"

"Sheets, remember? We have to make the bed still."

I got up on his side of the bed and took his hand in mine saying, "just a second". I stepped closer and Prez backed up sitting on the corner of the desk. "I love you Prez. I don't think I've said that yet today," I said.

Imitating Corey he laughed and said, "yeah, yeah. Just kiss me."

I kissed him all right. The kiss I'd been waiting for all day. Prez stood up and kissed me back with his hand running through my hair. I wanted so much to make love with him right then and there but I didn't want to rush him. "Let him lead," I told myself, "when he's ready he'll let me know."

After we walked out of the room together Prez went into the bathroom across the hall. He never let go of my hand and gently pulled me in the room with him. I closed the door behind us and he took his place standing in front of the toilet. "Ya wanna hold it for me?" he asked with a sly grin. Oh man, did I ever? I walked over behind him and kissed his neck while my hands slowly lowered his fly.

"Keith?" Prez said.

"Yeah." I said reaching in his pants for his dick, pulling it out and pointing it at the bowl.


"When ever Prez. Don't rush yourself." I said and he started to relieve himself. The second he stopped I noticed his dick swelling between my fingers. I was stuck, not sure if I should shake him off and put him away or start stroking him to full hardness.

He leaned his head back and opened his mouth and I kissed him, still holding his swelling tool in my hand. The look in his eyes told me it was okay but I still didn't stroke him. Instead I unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the floor. Sidestepping away he turned and looked at me, his eyes glimmering with desire.

"Shower?" I whispered. He nodded his head in agreement. With a snap of his fingers my shorts were unbuttoned. He hummed a familiar tune while he undressed me.

He half sang, "Circus life under the big top world," lowering my boxers to the floor.

Lowering his briefs I sang, "We all need the clowns to make us smile." We stepped into the shower.

Prez said, "through space and time," while adjusting the water temperature.

"Always another show" I said admiring the view of his strong back.

"Wondering where I am" Prez said as he stood and turned the shower on.

"Lost without you." I whispered taking him in my arms and resting my head on his shoulder under the warm water.

Prez continued to hum the song while I kissed his neck and caressed his stomach. Reaching for the soap I started to wash his chest. Sliding my hands down I found him completely hard. The words and music we spoke made me tremble and got him exited.

"I'm so lucky to have him. He's such romantic," I thought, "I'll bet you he pops a rod every time he hears that song from now on. Now that I think of it, I probably will too."

My baby sighed and melted in my arms when I started soaping up his shaft. Washing his most private parts I could only try to identify with what he was feeling deep down, wanting to remember his mom but also wanting to be held and loved. I went super slow with him so he could change his mind at any time but all that seemed to do was make him whimper and moan my name. His head fell back on my shoulder, his mouth open, wanting to be kissed. Little by little his tongue moved faster against mine signaling me to stroke faster. When his tongue couldn't go any faster he stuck it out and I sucked on it gently. That pushed him over the edge. His muscles tightened, he whimpered softly and came all over the shower wall and in my hand. I held him upright while he breathed fast and deep, turning to putty in my arms for a few moments. He pulled my head down for a flurry of sweet kisses around my mouth.

Prez turned around and started washing me, one arm at a time then down and around back. I don't know of anything that feels anywhere near as good as being bathed by your lover. Prez knelt down in front of me but I pulled him back up. He actually pouted! I was pretty sure we only had another minute before the water started getting cool so I said, "bedroom?" and he agreed.

Prez and I toweled off then walked back across the hall to my room wearing only towels. We noticed there were still no sheets on the bed. Prez didn't care though, he just crawled on the bed and lay there smiling with his hands under his head and asked, "Is the doctor in?"

He wants to play, so we played. I sat Indian style on the bed next to him, gently touching every millimeter of his handsome body. He would always argue that he wasn't good looking. He's gorgeous to me, inside and out. He smiled while I tweaked his nips and giggled for a long time after I stopped playing with his belly button. Every touch, every time I looked in that bright smiling face I was in heaven.

We stayed awake that night making love till about two in the morning but I was still awake, snuggled behind him for a good hour more. What did I care about school and learning simple facts? This was life, my life and Preston's life. That's way more important than anything school might teach me. He could lead the way and I'd follow for as long as it takes. I just want to see him smiling more, like he did today. I know there's gonna be some off days for him now and then but he made sure I understood that he was trying.

Can anyone understand how much I care for him? All summer I felt like I was making love with him when we had sex. This night though it was different. There were so many ways we had bonded before. I was certain that from this night forward no one else could match him, that we would be together till we were old men. That's why it took me so long to go to sleep. I was looking forward, imagining us living our lives together through whatever circumstances might be thrown at us.

The next morning I was pretty close to incoherent. More so than I normally am. I called Derrick and asked if he could drive us to school because I couldn't react to a toaster popping never mind traffic. I wove my way through the halls of school for the first half of the day then after lunch I was back into zombie status. Mike and Derrick asked if they could stay to study but I was out of it and Prez knew it. I took a nap for a while as soon as we got home. I think Prez puttered around the house until my folks came home. That's when he came in the room with the clean sheets for the bed and gently woke me up. I wake up with him every day. It's too cool. Before my brain even powers up I've had my first kiss of the day.

Tuesday is the day I don't like. As soon as I get home from school I have to run back out to work. An hour later Prez goes to work and comes home an hour after I do. Prez was holding up fine during those first days of the week. Occasionally he'd get that retrospective look in his eyes but I never saw a tear.

Wednesday afternoon Prez made dinner! We stopped at the market on the way home from school and he picked up some French bread and all the fixings. He was like Chef Boyardee with the spaghetti, sausages and tomato sauce, tossing spices around like he had a clue what he was doing. That was a trip to watch.

Mike and Derrick were over that day and we were studying. Not school stuff but Prez's car magazines and my dad's Consumer Reports Car Buying issue. Prez wasn't sure whether he wanted a truck or a passenger car. He wanted something that would have room for guitars and amps and people too. The problem with most trucks is there's only room for two people. That's when we started looking at SUV's. Prez looked over my shoulder at them and liked some of what he saw, but others just seemed too "boxy" he said.

My mom was tripping out in a major fashion when she came home to a fully prepared dinner. "Is that Italian food I smell?" she said as she came in the house.

"Yep, Chef Prez is loose in the kitchen." Mike said.

"I'm taking him home with me." Derrick added.

I laughed and said, "In yer dreams bro. He's mine!"

My mom came in the kitchen and looked around then stepped up to Prez and kissed his cheek making him blush. Dipping a piece of bread into the pot of tomato sauce and tasting some she smiled. Then she disappeared for a few minutes and returned with Drew and John pointing out that THIS was what it meant to think of someone else first. "Could she see what can of worms she was opening?" I wondered. "Does she really want Drew and John in the kitchen? I'd better see if dad has fire insurance." The first sets of evil glances were thrown at Prez.

Mike and Derrick stayed for dinner for the first time in a long time. For me this was the coolest dinner we'd ever had. Prez, John and Derrick were across the table from me. Drew was sitting next to me with Mike at the far end of our side. Prez was directly across from me and Derrick was across from Mike. For a while there I watched Derrick rolling an Italian sausage around his plate. He waited till Mike was looking to spear it with his fork and lift it to his mouth! Those two teased each other mercilessly every chance they got! Prez didn't see what had happened but he could tell that something had by the goofy look in Mike's face. No one else noticed that anything was going on but I was almost choking on my dinner and rolling out of my chair! When I glanced over at Mike, sitting there fidgeting and sweating I had to excuse myself for a few to get the laughs out.

Finished eating, my dad leaned back in his chair and asked my mom who was cleaning up since Prez cooked. A chorus of lame excuses came from everywhere! My mom finally suggested that Drew and John clear the table and load up the dishwasher. They were not happy! With every trip between the dining room and kitchen I could tell they were hatching some plot to get Prez back.

Mike, Derrick, Prez and I hung out in my room for a while listening to tunes after dinner. Mike and Derrick got on my back about singing with them again and then went around and around about how cool it would be to have keyboards and me. Mike could see a second guitarist but he wanted to play heavy metal and grunge. Prez wanted keyboards and a horn section! Derrick just wanted to be able to do more than they were already doing as a three-piece group. I let them dream away cause there is virtually no way they're ever gonna get me to sing publicly.

Later that night Prez was leaning back against me while we watched TV. He excused himself to go to the bathroom and while he was there he would take a shower. My mom and dad were still awake in the living room so I decided not to join him this time. Lying there watching TV I heard Prez turn on his radio in the bathroom. The shower turned on a few moments later. Imagining him washing himself led to imagining me washing him and well, you get the picture. A minute later my room suddenly went black! I had the TV and the stereo and the lights on but I'd never blown a circuit before. Then I heard Prez scream, "Hey!" from the bathroom and I start fumbling my way to the door in the dark. Reaching for the doorknob I hear him scream again, "Oh damn! That's COLD!" The hallway was lit and my parents came to see what was going on. I opened the bathroom door and there's Prez, naked and wet, his hands wrapped around his chest shivering. In the bathroom were no towels and no clothes.

I smiled and said, "They gotchya!" then I got him a towel and busted up laughing. I could here my mom saying to my dad, "Why, oh why couldn't we have just one girl somewhere along the line?" I saw my dad shaking his head and walking back to the garage. In a few seconds we had light again.

Prez shivered, "Drew and John?"

I nodded while toweling him off.

"Oh man! This is full scale practical joking, you realize that?"

I laughed harder.

"When they least expect it dude. Rotten eggs in a baseball cap, a hand in warm water while they sleep. Something. Their day will come."

Prez wrapped the towel around his waist and we went to our room to plot my brothers' demise. While I helped Prez get dressed I could hear them laughing through the wall. From his ankles to his neck Prez was crawling with gooseflesh and not the kind I liked to see!

Prez smiled and asked, "This is normal Hundser family activity?"

I nodded, "yeah sort of. It's been about a year since Drew got John."

Prez walks this lazy strut when he's about to do something he's really going to enjoy. He struts over to the bed and got under the covers. I knew at some point in the next few days there would be more screaming and hollering going on. "Brrr," he shivered, "come keep me warm?" I scrambled across the bed, slid my ass under the covers and snuggled up next to him. That's where we stayed for the rest of the night.

Friday night was something special that week. For the first time in four months we went out on a date - alone! Dinner, a movie and slow dancing at home afterwards. We didn't go anywhere special but got dressed up just the same. Prez got kind of emotional seeing me in a suit and tie. I gave him a big hug, wiped away his tears and told him we were gonna have a great time. By the time we got to Charlie Brown's he wasn't sad anymore. After the movie we drove down to Malibu. It was pretty chilly but we walked down to the water anyway. You'd have to see Prez to understand how he gets at the beach. First he inhales deeply through his nose and when he exhales it's like he's a new person.

"Smell that salt air," he said reaching for my hand.

I knew he was gonna go off the deep end and I wanted to help it along. "Makes you wish they'd pump some into the valley now and then, huh?"

"Lean your head back, close your eyes and listen to the surf."

I did as I was told.

"Is there anything more relaxing than that?" Prez said walking behind me and wrapping his arms around me. "It's the rhythm of life. That's no cheesy ten-minute tape replayed over and over. There's constant variety there but it's so soothing. There's so much to love here."

"Mmm yeah, makes me want to spend the rest of my life right here with you."

"Some day wouldn't you like to live so close to the beach that you might fall out of bed right into the sand?"

"Only if you're there with me." I said.

He whispered, "I will be."

When we got back home Prez and I sat on the loveseat in the living room. We answered my parents questions about where we went and what movie we saw then we went back to our room and danced to some cheesy slow stuff of Mrs. O'Brian's. The music didn't matter at all because Prez was holding me close.

Around half past midnight we started to get undressed and Prez turned to me and said, "Tonight your brother's will know the meaning of cold." I smiled and followed him out of the room. We went to Drew and John's room and looked under the door. No lights were on so he carefully opened the door and we peeked inside. Then Prez nodded and I followed him to the bathroom where he got two hand towels then to the kitchen. Quietly he put the towels in a big bowl then filled it with ice and a little bit of water then put it in the fridge. "In a little while," he explained, "the ice will melt some then we'll come back for it."

I asked, "then what?"

"You'll see." He answered with a big grin then took my hand and led me back to our room. We danced and kissed and danced some more for about an hour then we went back to the kitchen and got the bowl.

Prez asked, "Ya know how a bowl of warm water relaxes you and you'll wet the bed?" I nodded yes, grinning from ear to ear. "This has the opposite effect, like lying naked in the snow."

I laughed out loud, "You're talkin' itty-bitty frozen weenie syndrome?"

Prez nodded and giggled, "Corey and Kim are gonna have to turn the heat up pretty high to get a rise out of them."

We walked back to the bathroom and we wrapped ice in the towels. "Very gently lay the towel across John's neck." Prez whispered as we walked to their room. Prez put his towel on Drew and I put mine on John then we crept back out of the room and closed the door. Back in our room we sat on the bed and waited. It took longer than I expected. At first we heard them moving around a little then John yelled, "what the fuck? Drew!"

Prez and I doubled up in fits of muffled laughter. The next thing we heard was Drew repeatedly saying, "fuckin' cold".

"You too?" John asked.

"Yeah. They're laughing" Drew said and pounded on the wall.

John said, "Let's get 'em!"

In a few seconds they were knocking at my bedroom door shouting threats of vengeance. Prez and I sleep with the bedroom door locked all the time now.

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