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A New Life Chapter 16

"Adoration and Devotion"

Sitting between my legs and leaning back against me Prez fell asleep during Independence Day. He was talking during the scene where the alien attacks everyone in the lab but there wasn't another word from him after that. I think I spent just as much time looking at Prez's face as I did watching the last part of the movie. Counting the light hairs on his jaw made me think that some day I'm going to have to ask him to grow a beard; that way I can wake up to Redbeard the Pirate every day! Quietly laughing to myself I wished he was awake for me to tell him that. He'd probably insist that I grow one too. I'll bet it tickles like crazy to get a blowjob from your bearded boyfriend!

When the movie ended I couldn't reach the VCR remote control to stop the tape and rewind it. Luckily I could reach the TV remote and turn down the volume before that annoying high-pitched squeal started. I sat there in the dark with my lover in my arms and tried to relax and get some sleep but I only dozed off now and then.

I was worried about him and his puking in the street didn't make me feel any better. He asked me to help him make every day a little better. There was no way I could refuse to help him but he was still feeling and thinking things. When Prez came in the room last night he apologized for messing up our plans with Mike and Derrick. Can you believe that? How could he still be thinking of me, Mike and Derrick after all he's been through? I didn't know how to help him more. All I could do was listen and show him in my own little ways that he's the greatest.

Prez has so many cool dreams. He wants to be a music teacher. That's what he'll go to college for. He sees himself doing gigs at small clubs but doesn't want to be a famous rock and roll star. A life on the road is not his dream. All he wants is satisfaction from doing the things he loves to do. You would have to see the expression on his face when he talks about our future. To me it all sounds fantastic. His dreams are so much more vivid than mine are. It's like he's chasing a carrot on a stick and enjoying the pursuit. I had to wonder though if my baby's been striving just a little too hard these days. Aren't things that he has to do and the things he can't help but do enough for now?

There was a time not too long ago when all I thought about was graduating high school and never going to another school again. I might consider a trade school only if I had to but four or five years of college weren't what I was planning on. Now he's talked me into taking the SAT's and going to college with him. We watched the original Revenge of the Nerds flick one night back in August and spent most of the night fantasizing about what it might be like to live in our own place. We also talked about why Hollywood insists on portraying homosexuals as effeminate and limp wristed. That upset me because I'm not that way and neither is Prez, Mike or Derrick. That kind of stereotyping is just what keeps hatred and misunderstanding alive. Oh well, all I know for certain is that I want to go through eternity with Preston. What we do on the way doesn't much matter to me. I could be a hobo or a millionaire or anywhere in between as long as he's with me.

The next thing I knew the sun was rising and Prez had barely shifted. I was starting to feel a little stiff in the legs, arms and neck and wanted to get up. Not disturbing his sleep was more important though so I stayed there stretching my arms and legs behind him.

I love dawn, especially when I haven't been to sleep yet! Sunsets are cool too but they signify the end of a day. Beginnings are better than endings Prez reminded me soon after we first met. Of course we were making out at dawn when he said that.

I laid my head back and smiled remembering those first days with Prez. I was the one that could've taken a different route that day. I saw him there while he looked left and right through two traffic light changes. Before he even said a word I was attracted to him. That first night I was being silly with him as he fought with the SuperNES because he gave me such a rush. After spending the afternoon with Mike and Derrick I wasn't feeling very good about anything. My plan was to go home then have dinner and sneak out afterwards to get wasted. I didn't ask for a miracle but one was placed before me. Drew came into my room when I got home that night and seeing how spastic I was, he asked me what was up. My mom and dad came in and I started telling them all about this kid I met on the way home and how cool he is. Drew didn't say a word but just sat there and smiled.

I was the one that walked in the bathroom for a sneak peek the next afternoon. Man oh man I loved his fair skin, red hair and blue eyes. His personality, mannerisms and physique had me hooked in less than a day. More than anything in the world I wanted him to like me. Every word he spoke was beautiful. I was plotting ways in the back of my mind to find out if maybe his interests were with boys. I couldn't help but be as forward as I was then. I just wanted to know him better but then he asked me if I was gay. What frightened me and made me cry was thinking I had scared him off. Then he says that it's okay in the sweetest way by admitting that he likes boys too and later, at the beach, by telling me he wants to be with me.

Now look at the two of us. Every moment since late June it's assumed that we're together as a couple no matter where we are or what we're doing. I can deal with time away from him only because I know I'll see him again. If Prez's nightmare had come true and he was taken away from me I honestly don't know where I'd be right now. I wouldn't have killed myself but I'd most certainly be depressed and probably in a drug rehab center or some such nonsense while I waited for him to come back to me.

As if hearing my thoughts Prez stirred in his sleep startling me back to reality. His mouth fell open and he started to snore a little. I heard someone rustling around in the kitchen then looked over at the clock and saw it was almost nine. Prez moved again, trying to slide down my body into a fetal position. Wiping my eyes and yawning I knew I wouldn't be worth a pile of beans by dinnertime but I also knew Prez needed me to be awake. If he could think about others before himself like last night then I could do the same for him. Prez started to move around more and I rubbed his back lightly though his T-shirt. His arm wrapped around me and he mumbled, "love you."

"I know Prez. I love you too baby."

He sighed then turned his face to kiss and nibble my stomach through my shirt. It tickled like crazy! The more I giggled and laughed the more he teased me. I tried to push him away but Prez only slid down further and attacked my belly button with a vengeance. I couldn't bare it any longer. Shuffling and squirming I stood on the bed and looked down at Prez's smiling face. Leaning against the wall while my laughter subsided I could see my playful boyfriend plotting something in the dark recesses of his warped mind. He lowered his face onto my left foot and started kissing and licking my toes.

"Please not the toes!" I yelled and jumped off the bed.

Prez sat up chuckling, "get yer ass back he-he-here."

I hadn't seen him this playful in weeks and I wanted it to last so I slowly backed away. I giggled and asked, "You want some lovin?" Nodding, Prez licked his lips seductively. "Come and get it!" I said and bolted for the door. I ran down the hall with Prez hot on my heels. He chased me all the way into the dining room where my dad was enjoying a peaceful Sunday morning with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. I stood behind my dad with Prez on the opposite end of the table. We were in a stalemate for maybe thirty seconds. Prez raised and lowered his eyebrows then fell to his knees. I couldn't see him or which way he was crawling so I flew past the china hutch for the sliding glass doors.

From the kitchen my mom hollered, "My china!" as I escaped outside.

Once outside I slowed and turned around. Prez was coming for me fast. I jumped to my left but he caught me around the waist and we both tumbled to the ground. The grass was wet and cold as we rolled around. I didn't know much about wrestling other than what I learned in gym class and never tried out for the team but I knew how to break holds and get the advantage. Prez was laughing too hard to be effective so I let him pin me. He looked down smiling with all his love burning into my soul. Our smiles faded and he leaned down and kissed me so passionately I forgot all about where we were. I slid my hands under his shirt and pulled him down onto me. We must've laid out there kissing and feeling each other up for a good fifteen minutes before my mom called us in for breakfast. I thought I was already having breakfast! Prez stood up and I noticed his tented shorts. He offered me his hand to help me up. Then he positioned me so that he blocked the view from the house and reached his hand into my shorts to adjust my stiffie. His hand felt so great I gasped loudly when he squeezed my throbbing shaft. One good turn deserves another so I did the same for him. I love the way his expression softens when I touch him.

Prez and I went inside and cleaned up a bit then sat at the table. My mom had made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. I was feeling so incredibly good I started with four pancakes drenched in Boysenberry syrup and wolfed them down in no time flat. My dad, Drew and John were talking about the day's football games while my mom, Prez and I talked about his driving test later in the week. Understandably, he had very little desire to get his license but he knew he'd have to drive to survive. I tried to psyche him up several times before and again during the talk with my mom. It's kind of a bummer that something every sixteen-year-old looks forward to is just a necessary chore for Prez. My dad joined in the driving conversation and offered to take Prez out for some practice after dinner. Prez accepted the offer and changed subjects to football. Just as you might expect he talked big about the Dallas Cowboys going all the way to the Super Bowl. The Cowboys didn't have a snowball's chance in hell that year. Prez just said it to see what the reactions would be. The whole time we were sitting at the table Prez was rubbing his bare foot around mine, driving me whacko with desire to continue our playtime!

After breakfast Prez got up from the table, taking some plates into the kitchen and asked my folks where he could set up the band's gear. They both agreed that the garage would probably be more considerate of our neighbors. Expecting Prez to join us back at the table I sat and waited but he walked right past us towards the garage. For a moment I sat there dumbfounded until Drew smiled and kicked me under the table. Excusing my self, I got up and went to the garage. I found him lying on my workout bench with his shirt off gripping the barbell preparing to do some presses.

Prez looked at me and smiled when I walked in then said, "I know you let me pin you before. Spot me?"

Looking at my half-naked boyfriend made me tingle all over. His well-toned biker's legs, smooth hairless chest and creamy pale skin, the small tufts of red hair under his arms; everything about him is more than I ever imagined I would have. Walking over to spot him I said, "if you weren't laughing so hard you probably would've won any way."

"I don't know about that," he said and lifted the bar. "How many of these do you do?" He asked.

"Three sets of fifteen. Do it slow and concentrate on your breathing bud."

"Mmm, like sex." He said and started his first set. Now I needed to concentrate on my breathing! When he finished he looked back and said, "That was pretty easy. How much weight is on there?"

I looked at the steel plates and counted in my head then answered, "eighty pounds."

"Your arms look that good doing this little bit?" He asked.

I nodded and said, "I just want to look good, not like Arnold Schwarzenegger." Prez sat up and turned around on the bench and I said, "more weight and more reps makes more mass." I walked around and squatted on the floor in front of him.

"So less weight and more reps is better?"

"I think so. It builds some strength and endurance."

"What do you want me to look like?" Prez asked.

I took his hand in mine and said, "Baby you don't need to change a thing, honest." Prez smiled and blushed a little. I stood up and pulled him to me then wrapped him in a tight embrace. What made these moments so great was that Prez rarely ever mentioned his insecurities to any one else but me. It's just another reason why I love him so much. We stood there for a minute or two hugging quietly until Prez leaned in and kissed me deeply and passionately. I could feel his speeding heartbeat pounding into my chest and our breathing got deeper and faster. Breaking our kiss he started nibbling his way down the front of me right there in the garage!

I was ready and very willing but seeing as I've been caught in the garage with my pants down on a few occasions and the door only locks from inside of the house I held Prez by the armpits and guided him back up. Leading him by the hand we made a swift trip back to our bedroom.

"Damn, we have a little more than an hour before Mike and Derrick show up." Prez said as he helped me take shirt off. "I want way more time than that."

I reached for his shorts to unbutton them and said, "I stayed awake and watched you sleep half the night. If we did nothing but...."

"You watched me sleep?" Prez interrupted, pushing my shorts and boxers off me.

"Uh huh, every chance I get." I pushed his shorts down leaving him standing there in only white briefs. The site of his erection hiding beneath briefs always makes me crazy.

He smiled and slowly shook his head. Stepping back out of his shorts he said, "I hope you're not too tired to play now," and turned on the stereo pretty loud.

I reached for his hand. He shimmied and shook his tight little ass over to me, wrapping his arms around my back. His eyes were so soft, so incredibly inviting; his lips so soft and pink, slightly open and ready to be kissed. A shiver of blissful anticipation washed over me as I took him into my arms. I pulled him into me and began grinding my woodie into his making him gasp and giggle with delight. Sliding my hands under his briefs I rolled them down past his ass and stepped back to lower the front. His boner slapped against his tummy. It gets so incredibly hard, pointing straight up almost flat against his stomach, it almost looks painful. The head was shiny wet with a big drop of precum waiting to be savored. I licked my way down the center of his body and, taking just the head into my mouth, lapping greedily at his tasty fluid. Prez was combing back my hair with his fingers, panting and groaning like mad while I kneeled in front of him.

He does a great job of showing how much he appreciates the smallest effort and it's the same in the bedroom. In between all the various other cute sounds he makes he's telling me with a giggle or a few gasped out words just what feels really great for him. The effect of which is that I only start looking for more ways to please him, like spreading those gorgeous cheeks and teasing his bunghole.

When I did that Prez's knees collapsed and I held on tight, guiding him down to the floor with me. We kissed and Prez started lightly nibbling and sucking on my tongue. I could see the soft, contented look in his eyes. In small increments he leaned back, guiding me on top of him. I swung around into a sixty-nine on the floor next to him. Before I even got situated he took hold of my throbber and started licking circles around the knob with wild abandon! We had just started enjoying ourselves when there was a knock at the door.

"Guys, dad's in the garage and needs to get at the workbench." John said from behind the locked door.

Prez sighed at the interruption and I told John that we'd be right there. Saying that we were disappointed would be a major understatement. I glanced at the clock while we were getting dressed again and said to Prez, "we'll have to settle for a quickie in the shower."

Prez smiled and said, "that's way less than I was hoping for. We'll have to make up for it tonight."

We finished getting our shorts and T-shirts on then went out to the garage again. My dad apologized for the interruption saying that he needed to work on the plumbing for the dishwasher before my mom would let him watch the football games in peace. Hearing that my dad wanted to work on plumbing Prez and I looked at each other and laughed. Yeah, plumbing! We were just working on our plumbing! I didn't think my dad got the joke but he smiled and left us to move stuff around.

While Prez and I were moving the assorted amps, guitars and drums away from the workbench Mike and Derrick walked in the garage. I couldn't believe Mike actually got someplace early for once in his life. He was spazzin' out too! The last time I saw him this excited was when we took the Superman ride at Six Flags a few years ago.

Waving a VCR tape he told us, "dudes, you've got to see this show I taped last night!" Derrick laughed insanely and put his hands on Mike's shoulders as if it were the only thing keeping him from flying off into orbit.

Moving the bass drum to one side of the garage Prez asked, "Whatchya got there bud?"

"You didn't find a porno, did you?" I jokingly asked.

Derrick laughed, "No dude, better! No skin flick could've had the same effect."

Mike blushed and explained, "We were watching Behind the Music on TV last night. Have you dudes heard of Def Leppard?"

Not recognizing the name I shook my head and sat on the amp I moved.

"You'll know it when you hear it." Prez said to me. "Heavy metal, right?" Prez asked.

"Yeah buddy!" Mike laughed. "These dudes were like seventeen and eighteen when the got they're big break. We can do this stuff."

"We stopped at Musicland on the way over and picked up the greatest hits CD." Derrick said.

My dad came back in the garage and got his tools from the workbench. "Come on dudes, let's pop this in the machine and check it out." Mike said anxiously.

"Grab the guitars too dudes. We'll listen to the CD and work out the lyrics." Derrick said twirling drumsticks around between his fingers.

Prez and Mike got their guitars out and we went back to our room to watch the video. Mike was totally out of control! It was like he just found a million dollars laying on the street. He'd play a little and show Prez some stuff and go off on how great it would be to be millionaires by the time we got out of high school. It was an infectious feeling. During one concert clip this one song was playing and the three of them started singing the chorus. It was trippy as hell how they just fell right into it. Some of the songs I did recognize from the radio. Each of them had different favorite tunes from the CD and they worked on those, writing lyrics and memorizing the various parts.

Turning to me Mike said, "Your turn, what's your fav bud?"

I laughed, "I ain't singin'!"

"Come on dude, you can do this shit easy." Derrick said. "Just for kicks, lets see what we can do."

"He'll do it for me, wont ya babe?" Prez said. He had the same soft, contented expression on his face that he had just a while ago. For that look of pleasure on his face I would dance, stand on my head, do back flips or any of a hundred different things but... oh jeez.

"I don't know the lyrics." I complained.

"Read!" Mike said putting the pages down on my lap.

"We're all just learning these tunes man. We'll do as many runs though 'em here till we get 'em down." Derrick said.

Shaking my head I glanced down at the pages and the various little scribbles between the lyrics they'd all written down. They were all silently waiting for me to say something but I couldn't say yes or no. Prez started rubbing my back and I looked over at him. He really wanted me to do this, it was written all over his face.

"We'll go get our stuff setup." Derrick said.

"Yeah, I gotta work on some of these parts with the amp." Mike said and they left the room.

"I'm gonna regret this." I said.

Prez kissed me then said, "I don't think so, babe. You like to sing and you sing well, better than me or Mike or Derrick. Just have fun like you do when we're alone. Let's try some stuff out, okay?"

I nodded and Prez got the remote control for the stereo and the CD player started. Together we worked on the three songs they had chosen. Prez instructed me about the various notes they had taken now and then. He would sing the backup vocals and play his bass while I mostly read the lyrics off the pages. These songs were okay but not what I was into and I didn't know them well at all and I told Prez that.

"I know," Prez said and got up to put another disk in the CD player. "Let's play something that you do know and can get into, just to get the feeling."

The Journey song Separate Ways started playing and he turned up the volume. I smiled; we both stood up and started dancing and singing. I love this guy's voice! When the song ended Prez laughed, "Excellent! Now do the next one just like that!" Foolin' started to play and I closed my eyes and swayed a little trying to get the groove. Prez joined in for backup vocals and I opened my eyes and saw him smiling. We ran through all the rest of the songs alone. Prez insisted that I choose a song. I chose one Def Leppard and one other tune that they already knew. Prez and I worked out the lyrics and he jotted down some notes about chords and such then we went out to the garage, stopping for some sodas on the way.

The drums and amps were set up in front of the garage door. Two mic stands were setup for the first time. That's when the butterflies hit in a major fashion. Mike and Derrick were going through one of the songs but stopped when we walked in. Mike put his guitar down and looked at me like he was gonna attack me but he just hugged me like I saved his life or something.

"We gotta adjust the mics." He said and went over to the PA. "Just talk dudes."

Prez stepped behind one mic and said, "How's this Mike? Remember, this one's for backup's. Keith, we're just gonna get the music down the first time through the tunes one at a time. If you feel like it jump in. Then we'll do the song again before moving on. We're just having fun, okay?"

Yeah, just having fun I thought. Why is it I feel like blowing chunks then?

"Go ahead and say something Keith." Mike said.

I said the first thing that came to mind. "You guys suck." The sound of my voice echoed around the garage and I started to feel like a mouse in a trap.

Mike laughed, "That's totally irrelevant. Now talk into the mic, as they say!"

I cracked up and I'm sure my laugher filled the whole house! The PA started to feed back on the sound but Mike caught it and lowered the volume.

"Whoa!" Derrick laughed.

"One more time both of you." Mike said.

"It's gonna be cool babe." Prez said into the mic, his voice echoing slightly softer than my own had. Just close your eyes and listen, imagine we're in our bedroom."

"Okay I'll try." I said hearing my own voice through the PA speakers. That's such a weird sound the first few times. "You guys just stay behind me okay? If I open my eyes all I want to see is the garage."

"Perfect." Mike said walking away from the PA.

"Let's do Separate Ways first." Prez suggested. Then he walked over and reminded me there would be a few missing keyboard sounds here and there.

"We gotta get keyboards some day." Derrick said tapping a steady beat on the side of his snare drum.

Mike picked up his guitar and said to me, "Don't you worry about a thing bud. I got that opening keyboard thing covered with some electronic wizardry. You'll barely notice the difference." Then he played it for me real quick and before I knew it they were playing the song! It sounded pretty damn close to the record but I was stuck looking at them right past where I should've come in with vocals. When I missed my queue they just kept on playing. I watched Prez for a few as he pounded out one part, his bass sounding deep and distorted then I looked at Mike playing what would've been the keyboard parts in places then hitting a button on the floor, playing the guitar part from the record. Sedate Derrick's hands were a blur. That always blew me away. Of all the people in the world how could Derrick be a drummer? But he was playing perfectly, they all were. Right on queue Mike and Prez sang the backup vocals into one mic. I just listened and watched them kind of in awe that they wanted me to participate in any of this. It wasn't exactly the record but it was damn close. I turned around and look at the mic in front of me then closed my eyes. They finished the chorus and I came in at the beginning of the second verse, half trying to sing and half trying not to puke but still all too loud and clear.

"Troubled times, caught between confusion and pain, pain, pain
Distant eyes, promises we made were in vain, in vain, in vain
If you must go I wish you luck
You'll never walk alone
Together love, miss you love"

Prez and Mike came in for the backup vocals.

"Someday love will find you
Break those chains that bind you
One night will remind you
How we touched and went our separate ways"

I stopped at that point shocked at the sound of my own voice singing over the PA. I looked over at Prez and he was beaming all over while he and Mike continued the backup vocals. I've only heard them play this song once before way back during the summer and it didn't have vocals or sound much like what I was hearing now. This sounded much, much better. Prez hadn't played at all in the last three or four weeks but he was playing and singing at the same time. I wondered how they could do both things at once like that? Mike played the guitar solo perfectly then I noticed the missing keyboard parts that Prez was talking about. They went right into the chorus again on queue. They finished the song then Prez put down his bass and over to me and kissed my cheek.

"You're doin' great Keith." He said.

"Yeah buddy! That was way cool!" Derrick said, "just don't think of it as work, chill out some."

"That song has lots of wholes without the keyboards. You play it well and compensate but... see, you guys are good, I don't belong here."

Prez "Sure ya do, babe."

Mike came over and said, "have some fun man. Don't just stand there in front of the mic. Grab hold of it, lean on it, move around with it..."

I interrupted, "You make it sound like I should have sex with it."

"Yeah!" They all shouted at once and started laughing.

"It's only us here dude." Mike said.

"Damn man, don't you think this is embarrassing enough?"

Prez said, "Do anything you feel comfortable doing babe. It's no big deal. We're not auditioning for a record contract."

"Let's try it again," Derrick said and started tapping out the four-four beat.

"Wait, wait!" Prez yelled, then he whispered in my ear, "close your eyes, we're alone, feel it like you did in the bedroom and it'll be great." He stepped back from me, picked up his bass then said, "tell us when you're ready."

Standing in my garage I felt like I was in the LA Coliseum surrounded by thousands of people staring at me. I looked around nervously at the garage and focused on the light bulb over the washer then closed my eyes and said, "okay lets do it." Derrick started the count and Mike came in just like the first time around. I leaned on the mic stand and sighed loudly. My foot started tapping and Prez started playing. Just before I started singing I concentrated on the lyrics. It's a song of missed opportunities and love lost so I tried to feel that kind of struggle. Keeping my eyes closed I was alone. I heard my friends playing and in my mind filled in the missing sounds that are on the record. It was like singing to the record for the most part. I guess the weirdest thing was singing the stuff that's improvised at the end, which was kind of embarrassing too. My eyes stayed closed until well after the song was done. I opened my eyes, turned and looked at Prez and Mike then asked, "how's that?"

"Fan-damn-tasic!" Prez shouted.

"Fuckin' A it was great bud!" Mike said excitedly.

From behind the drum set Derrick started laughing an exaggerated evil laugh.

"Let's try the Def Leppard tunes." Mike said, "How about we try Rock of Ages next?"

"Just like the last time babe. We'll pull the music together and you chime in when you're ready then we'll do it again for real." Prez said.

I looked at the lyrics for that song while they played and worked out a brand new song for the first time. Taking a mouthful of soda I tried to imagine myself singing the lyrics like I had in the bedroom, just acting stupid and singing for my boyfriend. I could hear the record in my head while they played. After about three false starts they got it together and completed the song. There were way more vocals than just lead and backup on the record. There were the silly laughs and the growls so when they finished the first run through I asked, "who's gonna do the laughs and growls?"

"It don't matter, dude." Mike said. "This is just good times heavy rock and roll. Sing it that way, we'll add in the other stuff along the way."

Hesitantly I said, "I don't know if I can do this."

"Sure ya can," Mike said reassuringly. "I sure as hell can't sing it. You've got the best shot at making it sound right bro."

"That's what I mean, I don't think I can make it sound good."

"I'll bet you can," Derrick said calmly. "You're doin' great dude, comin' in on queue and hitting the high notes perfect."

Prez said, "I know you can do it Keith. Rock and roll, party time attitude. Just try babe, okay?"

I growled and wondered how anyone might ever sing in front of anyone else. Does everyone close their eyes and pray that their voices don't crack? And this time I barely knew the lyrics so I had to read and sing at the same time. How can they possibly remember the parts they're playing never mind sing? They have talent and I'm just standing here making an ass of myself.

"Let us know when you're ready." Derrick said.

"I'm ready all right, to fuckin' puke!" I said and they all cracked up. "I swear each of you owe me big pay back for this."

Prez walked over smiling and put his hand on my shoulder, zapping us both and making the PA buzz. "Feel that shiver? It's gonna be better tonight!" He said seductively.

"All right," I said still feeling several tingles. Prez new just what to say and how to say it to get my heart racing! "Somebody else say this opening German gibberish."

Mike jumped and said, "Cool! I'll do it. Give me a count."

Derrick started tapping his sticks together and Mike started us off. Derrick had the opening drum part perfect. Mike came in and then Prez came in. I read the lyrics and started singing. Closing my eyes I pictured Prez laying on my bed smiling up at me while I got seductive and playful with him. When I opened my eyes to read the chorus I saw Mike bopping around and shaking his ass while he played. His enthusiasm was infectious as hell! I was getting into the song during the second verse and shaking my own ass around while I sang. Their hoots and howls added to the insanity of the song and the situation I was in. The song sounded pretty tight for a first time through and when we finished with Mike's evil laugh at the end I looked at Prez rubbing the back of his bass guitar into his crotch! That was all the approval I needed! It would be only a matter of time before this jam session falls apart, thank God!

"Uhg!" Mike shouted. "I'm so friggin horny! Let's try to get one more song done, okay?"

"One more's about all I can take dude." Derrick chuckled.

"Your dad's in for the shortest drive in history tonight babe." Prez said.

"I know baby, I feel it too. There's gonna be no friggin' interruptions later or I swear I'm gonna flip out."

Derrick asked me, "did you pick out a song dude?"

"Yeah, Bringin on the Heartbreak." I said shuffling through the pages.

"Cool, I worked on that a little last night." Mike said.

Derrick laughed, "you should've seen him. He saw that video and played guitar through the whole thing. Then we fooled around then he played guitar and we fooled around some more, next thing I know the sun is up!"

"You make it sound like I was the only aggressive one!" Mike jokingly complained. Derrick laughed harder and blushed a little. Mike kneeled down and fiddled with one of the little boxes on the floor. I asked him what he was doing and he answered, "adjusting the stereo chorus so I can sound like two guitars." He stood up and played the opening to the song perfect! I couldn't believe my ears! Derrick and Prez came in and I missed the queue for the first verse so I just listened and read the lyric sheet until the first chorus when I joined in. There were some minor flubs but they just kept playing past them with an occasional grimace. Mike really wailed the guitar solos! I kept reading and singing from the second verse through the end of the song. When we finished Prez, Mike and Derrick worked just the small sections where they messed up then turned to me as if I was supposed to start them out!

All I wanted was to be done with this and go have some long passionate sex so I quickly said, "ready," and Mike started playing a few seconds later. Reverberating off the walls the band sounded really good. The drums and bass weren't over powered by guitar and the vocals were just above that.

My vocals! Fuck! I can't believe I'm doing this!

Gypsy, sittin' lookin' pretty
The broken rose with laughin' eyes
You're a mystery, always runnin' wild
Like a child without a home
You're always searching, searching for a feeling
That it's easy come and easy go

Oh I'm sorry but it's true
You're bringin' on the heartache
Takin' all the best of me
Oh can't you see?
You got the best of me
Whoah can't you see?

You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
Can't you see?
Oh whoah

I looked over at Mike and Prez facing each other singing the background vocals during the chorus. They were moving around and shaking their legs in time with the music and I got this mental image from the video of Def Leppard. A shiver ran up my spine and I really started belting it out, trying to feel the lyrics and enjoy myself a little more.

During one part, while Mike played a riff into the second verse there was a missing guitar in the background. I wondered if they would try to get me to learn guitar too! Uh-uh, no way. I tried that with Mike years ago and got no where but more frustrated. I closed my eyes and sang the next verse.

You're such a secret, misty eyed and shady
Lady how you hold the key
Oh you're like a candle, your flame slowly fadin'
Burnin' out and burnin' me
Can't you see?
Just try and say to you
You're bringin' on the heartache
Takin' all the best of me
Oh can't you see?
You got the best of me
Whoah can't you see?

You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
Can't you see?
Can't you see?
No no no

(Guitar Solo)

You got the best of me
Oh can't you see?
You got the best of me
Whoah can't you see?
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak
Bringin' on the heartache
You're bringin' on the heartbreak

"Okay are we done now?" I asked turning off the microphone.

Turning off his amp and putting his guitar down Mike said, "Yeah bud, we're done for now." He walked around the drums and stood behind Derrick, massaging his shoulders.

I walked over to Prez and as soon as he turned off his amp I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind and kissed his neck.

Turning around in our embrace Prez said, "You just made my day, probably my whole year!" His eyes were beaming again and I could feel his hardness against my hip.

"You did great bro," Mike said, "and it's gonna get better with every rehearsal."

"Rehearsal?" I shouted. "Rehearse for what?"

"For gigs dude!" Derrick said. "We're pretty good but with you singin' we might actually go places."

"I ain't goin' no where." I corrected him.

Derrick and Mike chanted, "Yeah, you are!"

Before I could protest Prez kissed me hard, practically swallowing my face and he started grinding into me. Any will to argue further was lost at that point. To my left I caught a glimpse of Mike and Derrick making out before I closed my eyes and concentrated on Prez. Although I felt good making my friends and boyfriend happy I was still scared shitless of singing in front of anyone.

Mike and Derrick decided to leave for a while but said they might make it back later. Prez and I walked them to the door and as we were about to duck away into our room we were called to dinner. Damn! Prez rolled his eyes, obviously just as disappointed as I was. The first topic of dinnertime conversation was how good the band sounded with me singing. I listened to the compliments all the while getting more embarrassed, more sexually frustrated and more tired.

During dinner I realized that I hadn't seen Corey all weekend for the first time in a long time. I asked Drew, "where's Corey at?"

"Umm... home I guess." Drew answered and shoveled another mound of mashed potatoes in to his mouth.

It was the way that he answered, not looking up for a second that bothered me. To the best of my knowledge he still hadn't talked with my dad.

Immediately after dinner my dad was ready to take Prez out for a drive like they had planned. I was ready for a nap and Prez was cool with that so that's what I planned to do while they went gallivanting around town. When I got into bed I turned on the TV, set the volume all the way down and heard a knock at my door.

I was so close to comatose but answered the knock anyway, "Yeah?"

"It's me bro." Drew said.

"The door's unlocked."

Drew came in, closed the door behind him and said, "Hey."

"What's up dude?"

"Can we talk for a while... about Corey?"

"Sure, what about him?"

Crossing the room and pulling the desk chair over by the bed Drew answered, "Umm... well... we had a fight."

"About what?"

"He wants to tell his folks... about him and me."

"And you're not ready, huh?"


"Have you talked to dad yet?" I asked.

"Nope. Not ready to tell anyone."

"You told me and Prez."

"That was easy, I knew you'd understand."

"It's everyone else that bothers you?"

"Uh huh."

"You're living a secret life there bro. It's gotta be hard for both of you."

"Uh huh. I feel like everyone's watching me. Mom, dad, John… you."

"We don't matter much. What matters is how you feel and how Corey feels."

"He used to be cool with just being friends and having some extra night time fun but now he says he wants me to be with him like, forever."

"And you can't promise that, not even as a friend only?"

"Well yeah, as a friend but not like you and Prez."

"Feelings and other stuff changes with time though."

"Mine haven't, he still my best friend... I guess. Unless it's too late."

While Drew explained some stuff about how he was thinking and feeling my mind did a flash back. How things have changed over the last several years in our house alone. Friends and family move around and come and go, like Drew's friend next door, Rebecca. After she moved away a few years ago Drew became a real homebody. But some things seem constant. My constants have been Mike and now Prez. Drew sure needed someone familiar in his life.

Prez knows stuff about me that very few know. I don't think even Mike knows as much. There were bound to be things Drew said to his friends that he didn't say to me or to anyone in the immediate family. I had no doubt that for Drew things might've gone either way. Corey might just as well have been a Corinth. The simple fact was that he would be heading down a path of loneliness without a close friend. Family is good but a close friend can be better at times.

"Did you hear what I said?" Drew asked.

"Yeah," I lied but continued on saying, "I can tell you're hurting bro and it's bummin me out. You have to talk with Corey. Tell him what you're feeling. Really only you and him know what's between you. Tell him what you want and what bothers you too. Try and reach some common ground. That's what me and Mike did. It wasn't easy either. It took a lot of talking and even more tears, probably because we waited so long. Save the friendship, the hell with all the rest. Don't wait for life to throw something at you, like Mike's dad or Prez's mom."

"Damn! I never thought of that."

"Think about it. There's gone but right across town and then there's really gone, never to be seen or heard from again. Not in this life anyway. Now there's something to cry over, regretting things you might have done or said and the chance is totally lost. I've had that pounded into my skull twice now. With some luck it'll be a long damn time before it comes around again."

"I'm gonna go call him. Thanks bro." Drew said and raced out of the room. For a second he popped his head back in and said, "by the way, you sounded really good today dude."

"Argh!" I yelled and covered my face with a pillow. Drew laughed and closed the door behind him.

Settling back in bed I closed my eyes and slept. It seemed like only a few minutes later when I felt Prez crawl into bed with me. He cuddled up close and whispered, "just relax babe," caressing my upper body. He's so incredible! My eyes weren't even open and my heart was racing just knowing he was near.

I sighed and pulled him closer while my brain powered up. "What time is it?" I asked.

"Almost ten. Time for us to make up for the days various interruptions." He said, then his caresses reached into my boxers across my nads and flaccid dick.

Rolling on to my side to face him I asked, "How was your drive?"

"Good, " he answered, "no runs, no hits, no errors as your dad says."

"What else have you been doin?" I asked reaching down between his legs where I found him completely hard.

"Just watchin' TV and shooting it with Derrick and Mike. I told them about the other song you picked out and we're gonna polish it up for you. But right now," he said with a hint of evil in his playful voice, "it's pay back time!"

I kissed him deeply then pushed him flat on his back.

He giggled and said, "Hey! I thought I was payin' you back!"

"Believe me baby, you'll pay me back and then some." I said then dove into his neck for a late night snack.

"Oh God," Prez gasped breathlessly. "I love getting you all riled up!"

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