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A New Life Chapter 19

Holiday Vacation Plans

The day after Christmas I woke and looked over at Keith as he drifted in and out of his morning fog. My head and shoulders were propped up against the headboard. Rush was snoozing in his crate so I left him be since he was mellow for a change. Turning on the TV I started flipping channels past the usual weekday morning talk shows. Almost awake, Keith kept trying to pull me closer to him even though I was so close my right leg was draped over his leg. He made me delirious with passion just a few hours earlier. It was so wonderful that after a good rimming I broke away from him and sat on his hard cock, riding him like never before until we both climaxed within a second of each other. Reaching orgasm simultaneously is such an intense experience there's really nothing left to say or do except snuggle then fall sleep.

And what does groggy Mr. Horny want now? To do it all again obviously and I wasn't going to argue! Tossing the remote control aside I let him pull me over. There was no foreplay, only our two hard bodies intertwined and grinding against each other until we reached the inevitable conclusion. Keith really likes sex in morning. Physically it doesn't feel any different but somehow he sure seems to give more emotionally. It shows through when I consider that we could've made love in any number of ways but he'd rather our bodies touching and our mouths connected as much as possible. After a few dozen kisses of varying length and intensity during the afterglow we got up and toweled off then I took Rush out before he broke out of his crate.

I caught up with Keith in the bathroom and while we were brushing our teeth my dick started getting hard again creating an obvious tent in my sweatpants! Nothing in particular caused my erection; I was only thinking about how good things were and watching Keith in the mirror. So we made love in the shower, kissing deeply while jacking our soapy cocks until we shot another load.

In the bedroom while getting dressed I noticed he wasn't just half-hard but straining to grow another inch so I sat on the bed, called him over then pulled his hardness through the fly in his boxers and pleasured him again. Keith shivered and moaned, thoroughly enjoying my administrations but after having sex twice in about an hour his testicles only had a few drops of semen to give up for round three. Of course I got hard from pleasing him and he kneeled before me to return the favor.

When we stepped into the kitchen for breakfast Drew was sitting at the counter reading a People magazine. The poor kid was simply existing the previous week without Corey around. I nudged Keith and without saying a word to each other we decided to include Drew in whatever we decided to do during the day.

"What's for breakfast, bro?" Keith asked while browsing through the refrigerator.

"Dunno," Drew said, "I haven't eaten yet."

"Aren't ya hungry?" I asked.

"I guess. Just lazy." Drew said flipping a page in the magazine.

"How about some scrambled eggs and bacon?" Keith asked.

"Sounds good to me," I said and walked over to see what Drew was so interested in but he covered the page then looked up at me blushing. Eventually a big smile swept across his face and he moved his hand uncovering a page full of Hanson photos.

Keith was waiting for his brother to answer and, seeing him blushing, came over to see what was up. He smiled knowingly and asked, "Where's John at Drew?"

"Umm... at Tommy's I think. That's what he said anyway. Something about video game Winter Olympics."

Keith nodded and asked, "Tay's pretty cute, huh?" Drew almost exploded he blushed so hard but he nodded just the same.

I couldn't help but chuckle a little. "Drew, you don't have to be so shy about it dude. It's cool man." I said and started to help Keith with breakfast. "How about we turn these eggs into an omelet?" I asked.

"Cool!" Keith said, "you can make an omelet without messing up the flip?"

"Can I cook or what?" I said giving Keith a mischievous look. He couldn't handle it and reached over to grab at me but I dodged him and laughed, "just get me some cheese and onions and anything else y'all want, k babe?"

Heading back to the fridge Keith said, "don't ya just love that southern `ya all' Drew?"

"It's pretty cool yeah." Drew said then asked me, "Can you crumple the bacon into the omelet?"

"Sure thang!" I said in an exaggerated Texas accent.

Drew started giggling and Keith said, "Better leave the room bro. I'm gonna get me some red hot Texan here any second." Then he grabbed me around the waist, nearly causing me to drop the bowl of eggs.

"Whoa! Almost had some linoleum scrambled eggs there." I said putting the bowl on the counter. Turning to face my assailant I reached to steal a kiss. My stomach got a sample of his flavor and started to growl. Breaking our kiss I said, "we should have some real food first," and released my hold on him.

Drew was giggling like crazy. I turned and asked him, "Like the show?"

Once he regained his breath Drew said, "You two are the limit."

As he started peeling slices of bacon and putting them into a frying pan Keith said, "Does it bother ya dude? I'll chill out but I kinda thought it was a cool zone."

"It's cool," Drew said, "it's just, I dunno, you both make it seem so easy. I can't picture me and Corey doing stuff you guys do, ya know kissing and hugging and stuff, in front of mom and dad or anyone else I guess."

While cracking eggs into another bowl I said, "Don't worry about it man. Maybe someday you'll want to show a little affection publicly or maybe that's just not your style."

"You and Corey will work that out together, bro." Keith said then asked, "By the way, when will Corey be back home?"

"Tomorrow, after we leave for Big Bear." Drew said with a sigh.

"When? Do mom and dad know that?" Keith asked while flipping slices of bacon over.

"Yeah, they know. I think he'll be home around dinner time." Drew said.

"Well we can't have that!" I said, whipping the eggs into froth. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking babe?"

"I think so. Drew, would you like to wait for Corey and bring him along with us?" Keith said and we both watched Drew's face brighten up.

"That would be too cool! Could we do that?"

"Sure bro," Keith laughed, "you, me and Prez will wait and if Corey's parents say he can come with, then we'll drive up tomorrow night."

Drew went from being a shadow of his real self to a statue and then to a sprinting Olympic runner in a matter of moments. He got up and practically ran around the counter to Keith and hugged the stuffing out of him!

"Hehee!" Keith giggled, "we gotta see if he can come still bro!"

"I know, I know." Drew said releasing his hold on Keith, "but it's better than not bein' able to try at all. Ya think mom and dad will be cool about it?"

Removing cooked bacon from the pan Keith said, "Ask them tonight. I think it'll be okay."

"When's breakfast? I gotta shower." Drew said.

I started chuckling and said, "Need a cold shower already?"

"DOH!" Drew said, "It's not like that, I just need a shower is all."

"Don't forget to pack your stocking stuffers." Keith reminded him.

"Would you two gimme a break!" Drew said, "we haven't gotten near that far yet so just chill!" Then Drew walked off towards the shower.

When Drew was out of earshot I asked, "Do you think Corey's folks will let him come along?"

"I hope so," Keith said, "but even if they don't Drew's like totally inside himself when Corey's not around to talk with. Even if they get a thirty minute phone call together it'll be worth the wait."

The phone started to ring so I reached and pressed the speakerphone button then said, "Hello?"

"Your dudeness," Derrick said, "how's it goin?"

"Good D," I replied, "just making breakfast. What are you up to?"

"Nuthin' much, want some company? We gotta jam today before you dudes split for the weekend."

"Sounds good," I said noticing Rush having a grand time in the back yard chasing some blowing leaves, "we may even get the chance again tomorrow."

Keith added, "I have a tune I'd like you guys to learn."

"What about tomorrow? Aren't you dudes going to the mountains?" Derrick asked.

Keith said, "Yeah but maybe later in the day. We gotta check some things first."

"Kewl," Derrick said, "we'll see ya in about thirty minutes?"

"Okay bud, see ya in a few." I said and waited for Derrick to hang up before pressing the speakerphone button.

Done frying the bacon Keith was draining the pan when I walked over with the bowl of whipped eggs and asked, "What song is it you want us to learn and why didn't you tell me?"

He chuckled for a second then said, "You'll like it but I want to see Derrick and Mike's reaction."

"So tell me what song." I insisted while pouring the eggs into the hot frying pan. Keith only giggled and started crumbling the bacon. "Tease." I mumbled.

"Yeah, you love it too." He whispered. I looked over at him smiling and trying to burn the words `I love you' into his soul with only my eyes. Judging by the kiss I got, the message was received.

Drew came back in the room and announced, "See, five minutes. No funny business."

Keith broke our kiss and said to Drew, "fastest gun in the west?"

Drew blushed and returned to the counter stool saying, "Somehow I don't think that would be a good thing."

"Prolly not." I said and returned my attention to the omelet, dumping in cheese, bacon and diced onions. I heard Keith humming a familiar melody softly but couldn't place the song. He was avoiding some parts of the tune that had me wondering what the mystery song was but he kept right on humming.

"I know that song," Drew said, "what is it?"

"Only shadows ahead." Keith said while shaking his head, eluding the song title.

"Keep dropping hints, I'll catch it eventually." I challenged while carefully folding the omelet in half.

"Is this a game?" Drew asked.

"It is now." I said and checked the bottom of the omelet then flipped it over. Keith got three plates out and I slid the omelet into one then he sliced it into three pieces. While we were eating I kept hearing the bits of melody in my head but was drawing a blank. When we finished eating the doorbell rang and Keith got up to answer it. I asked Drew, "Do you know that tune?"

Drew answered, "Yeah, it's not new but I can't figure the band or title." Then he got up and put his plate in the sink.

I picked up Keith's plate and mine then rinsed all three in the sink before putting them in the dishwasher. Opening the sliding back door Rush came running full speed into the house then I filled his bowls with food and water while the little maniac jumped up and down around my feet. That's a habit I have to break before he gets big, I thought to myself.

"Come on Prez, let's check out this tune." Mike yelled from the entryway.

I started towards the bedroom and asked Drew, "Ya wanna come?"

"Me?" He asked a little surprised.

"Or you could go back to Taylor." I said with a wicked smirk and waved for him to follow me.

"Umm Prez," Drew said following me, "why do you guys goof on me?"

"We're not goofing on ya man. It's just that you don't seem to be able to see that we both accept you." I waited at the living room and then continued, "You like Corey now, maybe you won't always but for right now you need to feel it's okay to like another boy. I wasn't so sure what I wanted before I met your brother, ya know." Drew shook his head no then I said; "It's true. But I fell hard and fast for him. You can chill out about liking Corey and about looking at Hanson pictures around us."

Drew nodded and said; "Don't you feel weird about it though Prez? I mean, well, you know the jokes and what guys say and stuff."

"Dude, don't worry about that. The whole world doesn't know unless you start telling people. You have a good idea what Keith and I do alone and it doesn't bother you. Never once have you looked at me funny or treated me differently." I said then pressed the issue bluntly asking, "Do you like all of Corey or just his dick?"

"All of him, of course. If he was a dork or a jerk then I wouldn't hang out with him." Drew said.

"What's the best part of sex?" I asked as if this were a quiz.

"Making him feel good, definitely."

"Does he feel the same way?"

"Yeah sure, he just moves a bit faster then me so, it's weird." Drew said then paused for a second before whispering, "Can I tell ya a secret?"

"Sure dude, whatever." I said and then Rush came running into the room.

"Well, ummm… one time when I was suckin' his dick my thoughts were jumping back and forth ya know, calling myself a cocksucker one second then saying yeah, but look how much he's enjoying it and I really liked it too. Everything we do is the same way, like wow, this kissing is cool, then jacking him off is cool, now sucking him is pretty cool too."

"Yep, that's the way it goes." I said, "You'll both want to please each other more and more both in the sack and out of it. I think as long as that continues then everything's cool. Like your brother said, there are cool zones. Just remember where you are and who's around. You don't have to be so shy and bashful about it around us." Drew nodded and we walked back to the bedroom with Rush tagging along underfoot.

Keith was loading a CD while Mike and Derrick got comfortable. "Okay," Keith said, "this isn't metal but even though the lyrics are kind of nonsensical there's still a good message…"

"Just play the tune dude," Mike said interrupting him, "if you like it I'll play it, k?"

Keith smiled and hit the play button. Immediately I recognized the song was "Don't Dream It's Over" by Crowded House, one of the CD's I gave him for Christmas. "There's a battle ahead," Keith sang, "many battles are lost, but you never see the end of the road while you're traveling with pain."

Derrick started drumming on his legs and Rush thought the knee drumming was a game so he was jumping around in front of him. During the solo Derrick said, "Cool tune, we can do this. There's only a little bit of keyboards in there."

"There's a bit more towards the end, but it's real simple. We can work past it easy enough." I said concentrating on the bass part.

We listened to the rest of the tune with Keith singing. He knew the lyrics and perfectly matched the vocals on the CD. What was most thrilling was the way he sang the chorus with such conviction. It made my skin crawl it was so good! I looked over at Drew who was obviously pleased with his brother's performance and held my finger to my lips so he wouldn't say anything. The song faded out and Keith turned to look at each of us asking, "well, can we do it?"

Derrick and Mike looked at each other grinning like madmen then Mike said, "sure dude, I'll do ya!"

"I get sloppy seconds!" Derrick said, "then we can work on the song."

Keith was shaking his head, chuckling and blushing about as hard as I've ever seen. I said, "The order is all wrong! Me first, then maybe you two can have the remains, then we can learn the song." Drew fell back to floor laughing his ass off and Rush, seeing an easy target, attacked him.

Mike got up and Keith started to back away giggling, "don't you do it!"

"What dude?" Mike said, "I'm gonna go get my guitar, that's all." As soon as Keith's back was turned though Mike goosed him hard and Keith jumped about a foot off the floor. I fell back on the bed laughing at the surprised look on Keith's face. He restarted the CD player on the same song then came and sat next to me on the bed. Although there was a smile on his face I could tell from his eyes that something was bothering him so I sat up and whispered in his ear asking what was wrong.

Keith shook his head and said, "Nothin' baby, I'm just thinking stupid thoughts."

"Tell me." I insisted and a few moments later Mike came back in the room with his guitar.

Taking my hand Keith stood up and I followed him out of the room to John and Drew's room. Pulling me close he hugged me tight and wouldn't let go. I could feel a slight tremble then Keith spoke softly; "Did that make you angry, Prez? Ya know, Mike grabbing my butt?"

"Is that all you're worried about?" I said, squeezing him back. "No babe, I'm not angry or jealous of Mike. He's been your best friend forever and he's one of my friends too. Mike's got Derrick and I've got you. What's bothering you? That I saw it or that he did it in the first place?"

Keith sighed then said, "Both. We promised each other a long time ago, no touching and I don't ever want you to think I would choose either of them over you."

Hearing him say that again for the first time in such a long while felt really good and I kissed his cheek. Now I know why he was hugging me so close. We learned long ago that sometimes the truth is so difficult to talk about that the best way to do it is while hugging so that we can't see each other's eyes but can feel each other's body react. Then I said, "I love you Keith. No one, not even Mike or Derrick compares. They're our friends. You mean way more to me and always will." Mike, Derrick and Drew were laughing about something in the next room for a few seconds then the music started again.

"I love you too Prez." Keith said and his body trembled again for a second. "There is something else though, something I've been avoiding telling you about for a long time. Since before the accident." I waited silently through another more intense tremble for Keith to take a deep breath and continue. "You know that Derrick, Mike and I had some fun one night?"

"Yeah, a circle jerk and some kissing, right?" I was becoming concerned at this point. My mind was a whirlwind of ideas. The scariest idea was that Keith hadn't been honest and had done far more with them then I knew.

"That's right," Keith answered. "About a week or so before the accident Mike tells me… jeez I can't believe I'm saying this!" He sighed and continued, "He and Derrick think it might be fun if we, ya know had some fun together, the four of us."

I was so relieved he hadn't lied to me there was no force in heaven or on Earth that would contain my giddy reaction. It started as a sigh of relief then some giggles and before I knew it I was laughing hysterically. "What did you say?" I asked through my laughs.

"I said there was no way! And then the accident happened so it became moot point, until just now that is. I really got scared when Mike grabbed me cuz I thought you'd get jealous."

There I was barely containing my belly laughs and poor Keith's nerves were wrecked. I pulled back just enough to kiss him on the lips. It was a slow deep lingering kiss; the kind that was meant to say, I think you're the most considerate person in the world. When I broke it off I said, "If someone else at school or the beach or anyone else did what Mike did you better believe I'd be jealous but even though Mike's cute and all, I know he's your best friend and that you and he tried and failed. What I can't really understand is, as close as Derrick and I are why he never said anything?"

"Mike said that he did once but got no where so he dropped it." Keith said. That reminded me of a talk Derrick and I had one night where the air got really thick in the 442.

Stepping back a bit I asked, "Are you okay now?"

"Since you are I am too. Sorry I didn't tell you before but the thought really slipped my mind, that's how totally whacked out I thought it was."

"You wouldn't want to then?" I asked.

"Not if it meant losing you." He said.

"You won't loose me, Keith. But I do think our two friends need to learn a lesson or two, don't you?"

Keith smiled and his eyes lit up. "You have something in mind?" he asked.

"Not exactly but sometime, when they least expect it and the circumstances are just right, I think we can find a way to surprise the hell out of them. For now let's get back before they come looking for us. We can talk more about this later tonight."

Outside our bedroom door Keith stopped me and those big brown eyes met mine. Pulling me closer his head tilted one way and mine tilted the other then he kissed me; a deep kiss, where the tongues barely move but we swap breaths. The kind of kiss that weakens your knees and makes you melt in your lovers arms. Keith went limp in my arms and I needed to lean back against the wall to hold us both up. A few moments later our bedroom door opened.

"Ah Jeez!" Drew said, "I was just coming to look for you two." We never broke the kiss but slowly smiles crept across our faces. "I don't think I want to know where you were or what you were doing all this time." Drew said in mock annoyance. I could here Derrick's laughter and Mike's chuckling from inside the room.

Turning my head I broke the kiss and said, "In your room."

Drew's eyes popped open wide.

Then Keith said, "Making love."

"On your bed." I said then bit my tongue to keep from laughing as Drew turned and ran to check his room.

For the next few hours we worked on the Crowded House tune and the others we had been practicing. Drew was our critic. We'd ask him to point out any sloppy sections and he did the job honestly I think. John came home mid afternoon and listened to us for a while. Keith still had this "hear me but don't look at me" thing going so our audience was instructed to sit back by the drums. When we had accomplished as much as we could for one day in the garage we went back to our room and listened to more tunes. Before Mike and Derrick left they said that they would take care of Rush while Keith and I were away.

The moment Drew heard his father come home he took off to get permission to bring Corey to Big Bear. They returned to our room where a rather long conversation with dad started. Weather reports predicted more snow but the Camry didn't have chains. That was easily taken care of and so was the topic concerning where John would sleep. We decided to leave it up to John. He could stay in the same cabin with us or, if he felt more comfortable, sleep in the cabin with his parents. Finally the inevitable safe sex reminders were brought up.

Keith and I went to bed that night, lying naked under the covers nose to nose. Rush kept trying to jump up on the bed with us but he was too short and would fly face first into the mattress. We'd gaze into each other's eyes for a few moments then kiss but once in a while Rush would bounce off of the mattress with a thud and the two of us would crack up. Then that hyperactive little hound would whine or bark and give it another try. After a dozen or so failed attempts Keith got up to put him in his crate for the night then slid back into bed with me.

"I've been thinking." I said when he turned to face me.

Keith smiled and said, "Uh-oh."

I giggled, "It's not that bad!" then I said, "So Mike asked you about a four way, huh?"

"Yep." Keith giggled.

"That's weird because D and I talked one night and I got the impression that he would be just as happy alone with Mike."

"I'm sure they have what we have too. I think they're just curious. That's how they got me last summer. Are you curious?"

"How exactly did that happen?" I asked.

"It was Mike's birthday. Once everyone else was gone we slipped out and got high. We were in the pool late at night and the silly talk led to silly dares and skinny-dipping. I stayed the night and things just happened. Course I didn't know they were already a couple then. Now that I think of it I was fighting a loosing battle most of the time. So the dare was whoever was the last one to cum would get a blow-job from one of the other two, his choice. I was so revved up I couldn't take getting my first real tongue kisses or watching them kiss. And the idea of getting my first blow-job was making me crazier so I was the first man out. Derrick won and Mike sucked him right in front of me! It was so hot to watch I got hard and jacked off again."

"So you learned how to kiss from Mike and Derrick?"

"A little bit but mostly I learned from you."

"From me? I never kissed anyone before you. All I was doing was trying to keep up with you."

Keith giggled then said, "You never answered my question."

I was stuck and felt bad for not paying attention to something. "What question?"

"Are you curious?" Keith asked again.

I couldn't lie to him, he would likely catch me anyway since we were laying so close together in the bed. "Yeah I guess so. Just to see what they're packing, ya know?"

"I know Prez." Keith said softly then kissed me.

"You're upset, aren't you?" I asked.

Pulling him self up against me he said, "No baby, honest I'm not upset. I'm just thinking, you're curious about them and they're so curious about you that they started looking to me for a way to make something happen. I think it would be only fair since you missed out last time."

"But can we do it on our terms? I want to see them but I honestly don't have much desire to touch. I really do love you Keith. There's things I only want to do with you and parts of me that are only for you."

"I know, Prez. I feel the same way. That makes me feel so great too. I think it might be fun if we could make the perverts squirm a little bit though. Now we gotta find a way to make that happen, like you said, on our terms when they least expect it!"

I couldn't help but chuckle a little because of the overwhelming curiosity we all shared. The idea of catching Mike off guard added to the humor. Derrick could be really quiet at times but he also has a silly side and I had to wonder which side he would show. While my mind wandered and I chuckled away Keith was smiling at me then he said, "you're trippin' on this idea, I can tell."

"How am I going to keep a straight face around them tomorrow?" I joked.

Keith kissed me again and I closed my eyes.

After what seemed like only a few minutes I was wide awake, sitting up in the bed and drenched with sweat. I looked at the clock and saw the predawn light out the bedroom window.

"You okay, baby?" Keith mumbled.

"Uh-huh, just a nightmare." I answered. It was one of those dreams that you can never remember details of. Not knowing what was so scary filled me with dread, like something bad was going to happen.

He wrapped one arm around me saying, "Come here." I slid down flat on my back next to him and he snuggled up close. An hour or so later I heard noises from the kitchen. Rush was awake in his crate chewing on a squeak toy. Before he woke up Keith I got out of bed, slid into a pair of sweatpants then opened up the crate door and went to see who was awake so early on a Saturday morning.

Mr. Hundser was pouring himself a cup of coffee when I walked past the kitchen to let Rush out the back door. "You're up early Preston." He said. "Did the puppy wake you up?"

"No sir," I said, "just some weird dreams, the kind that leave you confused and a little bit worried. Then I heard you rustling around and Rush needed to go out anyway."

"I had a restless night too," he said, "hopefully the fresh mountain air will clear our minds. Would you like a cup of coffee son?"

It made me feel so good when he called me son. My own father never called me that; he called lots of other things but never son that I can recall. "No thanks, I like coffee but it doesn't like me. I'll get myself a glass of juice after the hound finishes outside."

Putting the coffeepot back then sitting at the counter he asked, "What did you dream about?"

"I really don't remember much at all but I woke up sweating from it. It's a bummer too cuz the last few days have been great. I feel like part of the family." I said then let Rush back in the house.

"You are part of the family Preston. For all intents and purposes you're my son in law." He said plainly and took a sip from his cup.

As I started to fill Rush's bowls I thought, he's right and that sounded so perfect. The hunky teenage stud I sleep with is my husband in every sense of the word. Looking over at Mr. Hundser I thought to myself, he's been more of a father figure than any other man I've known has. Smiling at him I said, "Thank you, for everything."

"Please, no thanks are required."

Putting Rush's bowls down I then got myself a glass of juice from the fridge and asked, "What did you dream about?"

He emptied his cup then said, "Us. All of us. It was nice. Sometimes I feel like I'm thirteen or fourteen or sixteen years old all over again."

I chuckled and said, "That sounds like fun."

He stood up then put his cup in the sink saying, "In more ways than I can count." Then he turned to me saying, "Excuse me, I'm going to wake up Mrs. Hundser," with the same mischievous expression that Keith's makes and I cracked up. Finishing my juice I watched Rush finish his breakfast then picked up the empty food bowl.

"Come on Rush," I said and he turned to look at me as if to say, "Huh?"

"You wanna go out again or go wake up Keith?" I asked and after a moments apparent thought he ran over to the back door! I let him out and watched for a few moments as he chased blowing leaves. There's a dozen or more toys of his out there and he chases leaves! He can be so incredibly intelligent sometimes and then he goes and acts nutty for awhile (sound like anyone else you know?).

Walking back to our room I got that buzzed feeling from all the blood flowing to one central part of my anatomy and all I was thinking about was waking Keith and asking him to tell me more about his family! By the time I got back to our room as was hard as a rock. Keith was sound asleep still as I took off my sweatpants then carefully slid into bed with him. Without him I'd be less than a shell of a man and my intention is to always try and show him that he means everything to me.

I watched him sleep for a few moments listening to every slow, deep breath he took. Keith was sleeping on his back with one arm over his stomach and the other thrown over his head exposing the arm closest to me. Moving closer to him I started licking back and forth across a small area of the exposed arm. After only a few passes he took a deep breath. Although his eyes were still closed and his face expressionless there was a tent forming under the blankets. Yeah babe, I thought to myself, let me be the one to make you feel better than anyone else ever could. He exhaled and took another deep breath then I saw the start of a smile on his face.

"So good," he mumbled. I hummed into his arm that I agreed with him, kissing my way from his shoulder to his elbow then back again. He wrapped that arm around me and pulled me closer. He kissed the side of my face while I enjoyed myself licking the nape of his neck. I pulled back and kissed my way to his mouth when he started to roll towards me.

Breaking our kiss he grinned saying, "You taste like apple, a big red delicious apple," then wrapped his top leg over me and pulled me down on top of him.

I giggled and said, "You want a bite?" That was about all the conversation Keith was prepared for. At seven-thirty the clock radio came on. KLOS was playing some good double shots. I forgot all about setting that thing when we still thought that we'd be leaving early for Big Bear. We sort of lost track of time after that. The next two mornings we'd be at Big Bear and there wouldn't be much time for more than quickies so, without consciously deciding to, we took a long time rolling back and forth pleasuring each other. The radio automatically turned off when eight-thirty rolled around and I was just finishing lubing his tight hole. Giving him the ultimate pleasures was all I needed and Keith wanted it so bad he was shivering with anticipation when he pulled his legs up onto my shoulders. What made the experience stand out was the way I felt making love to him. Even though I had been hard for quite some time I managed to last a good long while, as if my cock inside him was a tool for his pleasure alone. Every alteration in speed and motion that I could think of I tried in random order taking my cues from his expressions with short breaks of stillness in between so I wouldn't climax. It was the blissful looks on his face or maybe the little words of encouragement and satisfaction that built up to set me off. Keith took hold of his half-hard cock while I was thrusting my hips forcefully against his butt, shooting my love deep inside him and, with no more than a squeeze, cum started flowing like a river over his belly. Quickly I looked back up at his face and caught a mirror reflection of my own amazed expression. His whole body shook beneath me and his lower legs shook against my back.

Straightening up I knelt between his legs and scooped up a two-finger dollop of his load and licked my fingers clean while he moaned in pleasure. His semen was much sweeter than normal and I greedily scooped up more. Finally able to speak again he gasped, "Omigod, Preston, omigod!"

Lowering his legs then myself down on top of him I said, "I love you Keith, always and forever babe."

Squeezing me tight he giggled and said, "For eternity I want us to do it like that." Pausing for a second he giggled louder, "Watch out lover cause next time it's your turn!" That thought hadn't even entered my mind when I started! Now I was the one shivering with anticipation and with a weekend away would likely remain that way for a few days. I kissed him a playful teasing kiss while his arms roamed around my back.

Now that I look back on it that session meant a lot more to both of us for lots of reasons. For me it was another step past the loss of my mother and taking my place in my new home. For both of us it proved I was ready to do anything for him and with him, including developing a way we could spend a lust filled night with our two friends but still know that deep down we had a love that could survive that.

After a short while we got up and I looked over at the clock then laughed out loud. "Almost two hours babe, might be a new record!" I said.

"I'll try for three!" Keith said then laughed a menacing chortle.

Looking up at my mother's picture on the entertainment center I said, "See ya in a few days, ma. Get a room ready for me."

"No way buddy!" Keith said guiding me out of the room, "we got another sixty or so years to go yet!"

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