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A New Life Chapter 25


Omigod! He stayed with me the whole time at the hospital. I knew he was scared and uncomfortable just being there but he stayed anyway. Prez was strong and helpful and best of all, fun to talk with. While my own worries about my leg twisted my brain he relaxed me by playing that color game with me. I was worried that he would freak out and have to leave me alone, at least for a little while, but he never did. So soon after his mom's accident to be back in the hospital again I would've understood if he left. But not Prez, not my boyfriend, he stayed right there, even when things were the most difficult while the doctor examined me. He's seen me at my worst and stayed by my side. The last thing I recall before they knocked me out was my hand in his and the first thing I saw when I woke was his face.

I was ready to scream, not in pain but with joy. He really does love me. There's a lot of hoping and trying that makes up a relationship my parents remind me from time to time. Sometimes it takes no effort whatsoever to be together. Other times it takes all your strength. I had hoped that he could stay and he did. He did it for me alone, because he loves me. If I didn't make love with him that morning I most certainly would've screamed, laughed hysterically and probably cried a little too because I knew how difficult it must've been for him and didn't want to make him feel that way.

That first morning I held him close to me while my parents and brothers came in the room because I wanted them to see me with him. I wanted to pick him up, put him high on my shoulders and display him to the entire world I was so proud. Then he went about fixing me breakfast and feeding me in bed. Unable to bend at the waist, I lay there propped up with pillows while he cut up the pancakes and fed me. He didn't have to do that, and I giggled at first, but he insisted. My cock throbbed incessantly while he fed me, probably because I was more embarrassed about being fed than I ever have been while he played doctor and meticulously examined every square inch of me.

The entire day Prez watched over me like a mother hen, helping me to move and keeping me occupied when the daytime talk shows on TV got ridiculous. He turned on the stereo and played the Crowded House CD that he got me for Christmas. In a little more than a week's time that disk became my all time favorite. I was lying there humming and half singing while Prez practiced the tunes on his bass when he said, "I know you can do better." For the next hour or so we practiced some tunes from that disk. That day, the song Something So Strong just seemed to hit a spot deep within me. We must've replayed that song six times because I kept asking to go back to it. Prez wanted us to practice Its Only Natural so we played that song a few times too.

When we had had enough of that Prez handed me my history book and sat beside me reading a huge book for his literature class called Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Judging from his description, the book sounded interesting but it was bigger than my history text! It would take me a year to finish something that big. Prez reads much faster than I do. In twenty or thirty minutes he can read a forty-page chapter where it would take me an hour at least. When I gave him shit about doing homework he smiled, cocked one red eyebrow and said, "Martin Luther King Day is in a few weeks. If at all possible I'd like us to be able to go out that weekend and not stay home catching up because we blew it off."

I opened my history book thinking he said, "blew it off," and started giggling.

He said, "I know what your thinking so just don't go there. Be good." But I was buzzing with amazement, reading at half my normal speed because I couldn't stop looking over at him.

Imagine yourself in the same condition I was in, unable to bend at the waist, unable to move one leg and the other just barely. See yourself pissing in bottles and being fed your meals like a little baby. It might be nice to be fed breakfast in bed once in a great while but I guess we all become accustomed to feeding ourselves.

As far as those piss jugs were concerned I thought I'd deal with that embarrassment for a day, maybe two if I absolutely had to, but a dude can only handle so much of that. I drew the line at the bedpans when I felt that familiar churning in my lower abdomen. There was no fucking way I was going to shit in a pan and have him or anyone else dump it out! Talk about embarrassing and gross! Sure it hurt to sit upright, enough to bring tears to my eyes, but no way would I be able to do the bedpan deal and be cool about it. The piggyback ride to the bathroom wasn't exactly comfortable either, but because it was Prez I could fool around and crack bad jokes about it. He's the one that makes me feel comfortable about everything.

"Under better circumstances this could be lots more fun," I commented while he carried me to the bathroom.

He chuckled and said, "Stop that! We'll both fall down."

"I'm still not seeing the problem." I joked.

"Can't wait to see you get back to bedroom on your own power." He countered, then lowered me onto the toilet and left me. And he didn't come back! Of course I started singing the blues! My gut hurt sitting upright and trying to hoist myself up wasn't working so I couldn't get off the damn bowl!

When Prez finally did return and told me it was only a tendon I thought to myself, what the fuck! A tendon is like a rope or a cord but what I felt at its worst was a blazing hot rock in there, up high right by my nads! As long as I stayed still and flat on my back it was just a rock but the second I moved it seared, flaring around my entire midsection.

Before we left the bathroom Prez grimaced then started running water in the sink. "It's been two days since we showered and I think we're getting a little ripe," he said and I busted up laughing. Getting a washcloth from the closet he said, "sponge bath time, before the EPA comes to lock us away." We were both relieved with the diagnosis and I could see it written all over Prez's face while he washed and dried me. Needless to say his loving touch had me hard in no time and I could see his woodie trying to tear free of his sweatpants. As he washed one arm the other hand worked feverishly to free his erection. I pulled him closer and lapped greedily at his stiffie while he tried to keep his concentration on the task of washing me. It wasn't my intention to get him off, only to repay his kindness and with my favorite toy right there, what's a guy to do?

Prez and I got back to the bedroom minutes before my mom came home from the drug store with my prescription. She said, "It's awfully stuffy in this room." Then she opened our bedroom window a crack and asked, "Why don't you leave the bedroom door open?" then left the bag on the desk adding, "I won't be back unless I'm called." Prez just sat there reading and softly chuckling the whole time she was in the room! I could see him blushing and the expression on her face as she left two horny teenagers with an excuse to fool around. It was too funny; I couldn't keep a straight face.

Prez got up, dumped out the bag and tossed me the bottle of pills. I opened the top and peaked inside. They were huge! Pulling one out I looked up to grab my glass of water and saw Prez getting undressed with that determined look in his eyes. Swallowing my pill I watched him pick up the tube of Aspercream then walk that sexy deliberate stride of his and join me in bed. Reaching over me he worked the sides of my boxers down past my hardening cock. Each touch sent a shiver of anticipation down my spine; I wanted him to touch me that much. Feeling me shudder, he looked at my face and smiled then went right back to work saying, "I feel it too."

"Why is that?" I wondered out loud, "Because the door's open?"

He got up again, pulled the boxers off me and got back in bed saying, "Partly maybe, but more I think because you could do it yourself."

"I want you to do it though."

"Like the Aloe last summer. I wanted you to do that as much as I want to do this."

Entranced by his every move I watched as he squeezed the tube and formed a long bead down his index finger and around to his thumb. Shuffling closer he asked, "Ready? It's gonna be cold."

I wrapped my arm around his back and nodded. His touch was feather light as he slid his hand between my sack and thigh. When he reached the sore area his fingers brushed softly back and forth, spreading the cream around. The whole time he watched my face for any signs of discomfort. While lying there with a blank, goofy expression on my face Prez started to smile and giggled a little. "God I love you," he whispered. I turned to putty in his arms at that point.

Being way beyond any verbal response I started kissing and licking his arm. Prez pulled his hand out, drew another bead of cream along his fingers and returned it then shuffled down closer to me. We were silent for the longest time. I was questioning my sanity for a short while because I love sex, I love pleasing him and being pleasured by him. But there we were, lying side by side; both of us hard as steel while he rubbed medicine onto my injury. We weren't going to have sex again with the bedroom door open but still, we were both excited, breathing heavy and watching each other closely. This was at least as good as sex, I thought, maybe even better because neither of us had reached orgasm and we could still fool around some more.

Around three o'clock, after almost an hour of rubbing medicine into my thigh and crotch, Prez looked over at the clock and said, "Your brothers will be home soon. This stuff can be applied whenever ya want pretty much. Let me know when you're ready."

"Oh hell yeah," I replied breathlessly.

"It was fun for me too babe," Prez said, then he leaned down and kissed me softly. He pulled back and looked at me curiously then said, "What is it with us today?"

Giggling I said, "I don't know but it's awesome!"

"I always liked touching you before," he commented as he got out of bed, "but now it feels like we just had one of those early morning grind fests."

That was it! "Exactly!" I shouted, "it's like every part of us was touching."

"What were you thinking about?" he asked and I told him.

Standing next to the bed he smiled down at me for the longest time before saying, "Pretty much the same. I didn't want to hurt you and that it pretty much was making love." Then he turned and went to put on his sweatpants saying, "There was one other thing but we'll talk about that later so we won't be interrupted."

I giggled, "Heehee! What were you thinking?"

"Later," he said smiling, "do you want something from the kitchen?"

"Yeah, just wheel the refrigerator in here, I'm starving!"

"You didn't eat anything at all yesterday. Is there anything specifically?"

"Nah, you know what I like."

Laughing and turning to leave he said, "Yeah, I know! That's exactly why I'm leaving the room for a while."

As he left I thought, one Preston sandwich on sourdough toast please. If I could've gotten out of the bed I would've bounced around the room then tackled him to the bed when he returned. Then I heard him and my mom laughing from the other room and wondered what they were saying.

Turning on the TV I started flipping channels and noticed an El Nino report on the Weather Channel. Shit! Anyone that lives on the West Coast knows that means we're going to get drenched. I was planning on spending a whole day out with Prez, wrapping the day up with dinner and a movie then coming back here to destroy the bedroom. The more I saw of the weather report the less it looked like a day out could be planned on. Mike and Derrick both live nearer to the foothills of the Santa Montica Mountains too. They might need some help if mudslides get out of control.

The reporter said it could be the worst El Nino this century. Dammit! Prez loves Disneyland. I wanted to take him there. Not only did I want to repay him for the beautiful way we made love that Saturday morning but for every little thing he did since I got hurt. I wanted him to have a full day of smiles and laughs, to watch him completely enjoying himself. Remembering what he said about the holiday coming up I thought, yeah, a three-day weekend, and right about the time I might be fully mobile again. Schweetums! Now to plan out somewhere we could go and check the cash flow situation to make a weekend of it.

Just then Rush bolted from the room and I heard the front door open. John and Drew yelled "we're home," and I realized that I was lying there naked, with the blankets down below my knees! And I couldn't reach them! And my stupid cock was still hard! I tried to pinch the blankets between my toes on my right foot and get them close enough to reach but I only succeeded in pushing them further away. While I kept trying to reach for the blankets Drew walked down the hall past my bedroom, did a quick double take and stopped dead in his tracks.

After a few moments I asked, "Well, ya gonna help or just gawk?"

"Huh?" Drew said and blushed.

"The blankets bro." I said

"Oh, yeah." Drew said and walked into the room to Prez's side of the bed. His face was candy apple red and he saw the tube of Aspercream lying on the bed. The look of complete confusion on his face was priceless and I couldn't help but laugh.

He pulled the blankets up quickly and asked, "You didn't just…"

"No!" I interrupted, "And most definitely not with that!"

Drew got thoughtful for a few moments then said, "Wonder if ya could?"

Frowning I said, "Nah, not slippery enough."

"For afterwards?"

"Depends how ya mean. It's for aching muscles bro, nothing more. I got tendonitus and Prez was just…" I trailed off not knowing how to explain that Prez was just perfect in every way, yesterday and today. Getting myself hyper thinking about Prez I blurted out, "Oh dude, I can't believe how I feel about him today. It's beyond description. All I wanna do is get out of this frigging bed and take him away somewhere. I've been planning it…"

"Planning what?" Prez asked as he came into the room with a tray full of food and drinks.

"Nuthin'." I said quickly. Drew giggled while Prez eyed me suspiciously.

"Just plan on getting better, ok?" he said as he put the tray down on the night table.

"Hey bro," John said as he came in the room, "you scared the shit out of me yesterday. That was no way to wake up on a Sunday morning. Hope you're satisfied."

"Sorry dude, it wasn't too much fun for me either."

Drew asked, "What's the deal anyway, how much longer till you're walkin' around again?" So, for the next few minutes while Prez and I munched out we filled in my brothers then they both left to enjoy the afternoon with their friends, leaving me alone with the sexy redhead.

I dug in to the box of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers and asked, "What were you and my mom laughing about?"

"Nuthin' much," he said and powered on our PC. "I was just telling her some things."


"About us and about the strange stomach cramps I've been getting."

Hearing that I became a little concerned and asked, "Stomach cramps? You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. It's probably from not eating much yesterday. You'd feel them too if you weren't already uncomfortable." He said and turned towards the PC monitor to sign on.

"And that other thing you were gonna tell me about?"

He turned and looked at me curiously then the light went on. "Oh that!" he giggled then turned back to the PC, "I guess I was just feeling super sensitive."

Super sensitive? Stomach cramps? Oh no! There I was lying in bed feeling so good about him, so completely thrilled that he not only passed the test but aced it, yet Prez was still pushing his fears and worries aside. He was typing away on the PC while I cursed my self for not being sensitive enough. It must've been hell for him yesterday.

"What are ya doin'?" I asked.

"Just typing some notes for my book report." He answered.

One of the things I noticed right away about Prez is that sometimes he occupies himself with stuff so that his thoughts won't get the best of him. This was obviously one of those times. "Can it wait?" I asked.

"I suppose, why?"

"Why don't ya come here by me for a while?" I said and saw him smiling as he finished up what he was typing. Then he opened up the box with the heating pad, plugged it in and handed it to me. Walking around to the other side of the bed he then sat down next to me. "Slide yer buns down here." I said while patting the bed. He shuffled down and I wrapped my arm around him, pulling him close. I whispered, "It's all over now Prez," and he took a deep breath.

It wasn't cold in the room. He was dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt but still he shivered for a few moments then whispered, "I was so scared." Breathing in deeply and exhaling his voice quivered as he spoke. "I don't know what I would do. If you were sick I'd help you every way I could… but cancer? That really scared me to think that one-day soon you might be gone forever. Never to hold me again, never to rest you hands on my shoulders and ask me what I was doing. Never again to just be comforted by the fact that you're in the next room. I had to scream at myself, no this can't be, not now! We've got so many more things to do. So many more things to share. I don't know what I would do without you."

I never said a word while he spoke because I didn't feel I needed to. He was only unloading and he fought those bad feelings while he worried. We both fought the fear in the best way we could, individually and together. I just shushed him softly, held him loosely and ran my fingers through his hair. Those beautiful, silky red locks feel so good running through my fingers. He knows I'm the one he can always come to. I'll always listen to whatever he needs to say. Without a shadow of doubt I now know that I can go to him too. Every emotion possible I believe we've shown each other and we keep coming back for more. I wondered if there is a limit to how love grows? Every different daily event just seems to add fuel to the fire, even though sometimes it hurts a little a first.

In the short time I was thinking Prez fell asleep against my chest. My baby was probably fighting total exhaustion all day. The best thing I could do for him was to let him rest and he obviously needed it. After a few more minutes he rolled off me onto his back. I smiled noting his cute, soft nasally snore. Once he was peacefully resting, I started getting hyper again while thinking about all the great ways he shows me how much he cares. Yes, there was something radically different between us.

There was a knock at the front door that woke me from my trance. I heard my mom and then Mike, asking all about the diagnosis and me.

Hearing the words tendonitus and muscle strain Mike said loudly, "The only muscle he's ever strained is between his ears. I'm gonna kill him!" I couldn't help chuckling but if he came down the hall yelling and woke up Prez I would not be pleased. Thankfully Mike got his shouts out in the entryway and came to my room quietly.

Mike smiled and whispered, "Aww, look at this shit," as he and Derrick entered the room.

"It's cute dude," Derrick said, "Prez sure looked like he needed to rest last night."

That confirmed my suspicion about Prez. Of course I had no recollection of anything after the exam and didn't know how they knew what had happened so I asked, "You dudes were here? How'd you know?"

"Brian told us," Derrick whispered as he sat down at the desk chair. "Your dad called over there yesterday."

Shaking my head I said, "Oh great, does the whole valley know?"

While Mike's piercing eyes shot death rays at me Derrick answered, "Nope, just us and Doug and Brian."

"Ya know," Mike whispered as he leaned against the desk, "Between you, D and Prez I'm gonna have a heart attack. I'll just go into hibernation until everyone's done trying to freak me out. Wake me in the spring so we can jam and go surfin'." Derrick and I both held back our laughs a little so we wouldn't wake Prez and I noticed Derrick's hand slid up the back of Mike's leg, over his butt and took hold of his belt then pulled Mike over onto his lap.

Seeing them together, I got another mad "I'm in love and I'm loved" rush. Looking over at Prez and seeing him still asleep I turned back to Mike and D then started to say something about how I felt, but the words got stuck in a jumble on my tongue. How could I describe the challenge Prez faced and overcame? Did they see it the same way? It may have seemed like a small accomplishment but, under the circumstances, for Prez it was much more. Mike and Derrick waited for me with "come on, spit out" faces then started giggling at me.

"What is it with you dude?" Mike laughed, "They got you drugged up or what?"

Hearing Mike ask the question that Prez had asked earlier only made me start to giggle but I did manage to shake my head and answer, "Its only ibuprofen dude, it's all Prez's fault."

"It's been all Prez's fault every time you get goofy since June!" Mike exaggerated.

Derrick nudged Mike and commented, "I think he's learning that the dude's got balls." Then softly he reminded me, "You and Prez really only just met. All the things we've known about each other for years you're still learning about Prez."

I quickly thought that they must learn stuff about each other and asked, "Don't you guys?" As soon as I asked it I realized they would know most things already.

Mike said, "We know all the limits each of us has, pretty much, cause we've known each other so long."

"Prez has guts dude." Derrick said, then he asked, "Did he mention what happened at work Christmas week?" Remembering nothing special I shook my head.

Derrick explained, "One of the holiday extra busboys started giving the dishwasher a load of shit for no reason. Prez just shook his head at first but when the dude pushed the issue Prez got almost in his face, reminding him that he's just a fuckin' busboy and what nerve he had mocking anyone else." He chuckled for a few seconds then shook his head saying, "Dude, the other dishwasher, the cooks and everyone in the kitchen just laughed and applauded. You wanna know Prez's limits? Shit, I gotta wonder if he even has any." That sounded just like something that Prez might do and I grinned and nodded.

"Prez told us how it used to be for him. Look at him now." Mike said, "It's hard for us to even imagine him alone. He's impressed the hell out of me since you first introduced us."

I reminded Mike, "You didn't used to like him."

Swiftly and a little loudly Derrick said, "He took you away from us you dope!"

"It's been cool between us for the longest time." Mike said, "He was right too, ya know. If he had left us back in October we all would've been tweaked, to say the very least. I don't even like to think about it."

Derrick commented, "Mike and I got happier and closer because you were happy and now because you're both so happy," and Mike nodded.

It made me feel good that both my best friends care about Prez almost as much as I do and that they were more than willing to remind me that I have someone very special with a verbal kick in the pants. "You've been thinking about it a lot obviously." I said.

"Once in a while yeah, but the last two days we've been talking with Doug and Brian. They were asking about you two. If you were there they could've asked you and Prez directly." Mike said sarcastically.

"Ya know, you dudes have really been missing a lot." Derrick said, "Brian and Doug may seem wacky at times but they're cool. They keep teaching us new stuff and yesterday we met Jessy."

Not knowing whom Jessy was I repeated, "Jessy?"

"The keyboard player, dude. She's itchin' to meet you two." Derrick said.

"She's got one of those big ol' Hammond Organs at her house. She plays every kind of music, gospel at her church, she did some classical piano pieces, some jazz stuff, and she knows Journey pretty well too, very talented." Mike added.

"I think you dudes will like her lots. We went out for lunch with her today." Derrick said.

Mike shot more death rays at me and said, "It wouldn't take much if you guys were just there instead of farting around at a hospital!" Derrick snickered and I smiled remembering that this was the same guy that hasn't done anything on time since second grade! At that moment I could still see an eight-year-old being annoyed with me when I was late.

Glancing at his wristwatch Derrick nudged Mike and said, "We gotta jet, dude. Dinner."

Nodding Mike said, "All the books Prez asked for are in the living room. We'll catch ya tomorrow bro. And you'd best be out of this bed by then."

"I'm trying bro, believe me." I said and they waved then left.

Watching Prez while he snoozed I began thinking about how this one person showed up and effected not only me but also everyone closest to me. The difference he makes in my life is apparent but I guess it's like the domino effect, tip one over and all around it wobbles or fall down. Prez has been giving me more than friendship and sex; he gives me stability and hope just by existing, adding substance to everything and everyone around me, like the glue that holds me together. The day I took the chance to help out a lost kid was the best decision of my life. We've both learned so much about ourselves since the day we met. Never would I have imagined how much having someone to love me would effect me and the way I look at the world. Placing him on a pedestal that was still within reach I admired him and wondered how someone so sweet could be so strong.

Prez slept for almost another hour and woke up smiling. He kissed my cheek then looked at the clock saying, "I can't believe I slept so long," and got up to go to the bathroom. I noticed his tented sweatpants as he turned to leave and growled because I couldn't jump up and follow him.

My dad came home a bit later and had a present for me, two actually. I learned that my mom saw Prez giving me a piggyback ride and called my dad so I became the proud owner of two crutches! He said, "If I can avoid a hernia carrying you to the bathroom tomorrow afternoon, I most certainly will. They'll also be a good start to exercising those muscles too. Just don't push it and take another trip back to the emergency room."

That night Prez fed me dinner then we spent the whole night in bed together swapping the heating pad for more Aspercream. I told him about Mike and Derrick stopping by and most of what we talked about. He was surprised he slept through it all. All I could do is smile at him. Then we started talking about what each of us had been thinking of the other on and off all day. He was surprised and a little annoyed I think when I told him I would've understood if he had left me for a short while.

"Did you ever leave me when my mom died?" he asked.

I shook my head no and said, "Only when you wanted time alone."

"I couldn't go with you to the X-ray room but I wanted to. That was all the time alone I could stand."

Tuesday morning we slept in and when I woke I felt pretty good but still not completely mobile. At least I could sit up in bed and swing my legs to get to the bathroom on my own power using the crutches. Prez was awake and chuckling softly to himself as I navigated my way back into the room.

"Way to go gimp!" He laughed as I slid back into bed.

"Guess this means no more piggyback rides." I said sadly.

"And no more pissing in bottles."

Agreeing I nodded and said, "That's a good thing. How about breakfast in bed for both of us?"

"Sounds like a winner, maybe some toasted bagels and juice to start with." He said as he started to get out of bed. That wasn't what I was thinking of however and I grabbed his arm, stopping him before he could leave. Turning to look with questioning eyes a smile slowly crept across his face. Swinging around and kneeling over me Prez started breakfast at my mouth then continued around my jaw, stopping briefly to nibble at each ear. His kisses were so soft, almost baby kisses. By the time he got to my neck I had his briefs pushed down his thighs. My hands raced wildly over every part of him that I could reach, from the mop of red hair on his head to the cheeks of his lily-white bubble butt.

Powerless to contain myself and out of breath I moaned loudly, "Oh God Prez, I love you so much." In between licks and kisses he giggled then scooted further down and started teasing my nips, making my brain ooze out of my ears. He does the most awesome things to my nipples, brushing his tongue across them till they're perky then sucking gently but scraping his teeth across them once in a while; it's like the calming of a summer rain then getting zapped by a bolt of lightning. All I could do was encourage him further with my gasps and giggles. When he got to my mid section he stopped briefly, looked up at me and pressed on my left hip area lightly with one hand asking if it hurt. It didn't so I shook my head no.

"Can you spread your legs a little more?" he asked.

Nodding while I wondered what his intentions were I moved my right leg a little then my left, giving him all the access I could. He smiled widely then quickly licked a trail back to my ear and breathlessly whispered, "It's been so long Keith, I need it so bad."

I trusted him completely and wanted him as badly so I answered, "Anything ya want lover."

Sliding his hands underneath my back Prez then rolled over, carefully guiding me on top of him. Our legs found their familiar intertwined positions and he started a slow, hard grind up into me while he snacked on my neck and earlobe. In seconds our hard cocks were leaking a tremendous amount of precum, making a nice slippery surface for us both. It was so intense, as if this was our first time grinding and humping each other. He knows I love our morning grind! The only thing that was different was that we weren't rolling back and forth. I love the way his thigh rubs back and forth between my legs, giving my nads a nice massage, while my cock slides over his smooth abdomen. Occasionally I'd press my hips down on to him but Prez was doing enough for both of us. There were no words spoken, just pleasurable gasps, humming and sighs in between the smacking kisses. Diving into the nape of his neck I continued my breakfast for another minute or so before his raspy breath quickened then he held his breath and his hot jizz splashed between. It's such a rush to fell him cum against me! When he exhaled Prez squeaked a little and it was that wonderfully cute sound that set me off big time. Holding on to my ass Prez continued to thrust his hips up until the head of his cock was too sensitive to continue. After I caught my breath Prez said softly, "Things are getting back to normal, a little bit at time."

I chuckled and said, "All it's gonna take is a little more exercise."

We didn't waste a lot of time in the shower, just a few kisses and some fondling but my dad was home from the office before we got out of the bathroom. Prez scurried around getting dressed and gathering books for his afternoon at school. I let Rush out back and Prez kissed me goodbye, grabbed my car keys then headed off to school. About an hour later my chest started to feel tight because I was already starting to miss him. Not since the first weeks of school have I missed him that much.

My dad and I occupied our selves with card games for a while and he asked me if I was very uncomfortable. It wasn't my leg that bothered me though, this time it was heartache. While channel surfing my dad reminded me it was Tuesday and I sighed remembering that Prez had to work. I decided to go back to my room, took a pill and put some medicine on my thigh then took a nap.

After school, Mike stayed with me while Derrick and Prez went to work. That was probably the first time we had spent a few hours together without one of our boyfriends around in almost a year. While we played some video game soccer Mike asked, "Have you talked with Prez yet about that little idea we talked about?"

"Uh huh. Just a little bit, the week before last I think."

"Do you think he's cool about it?"

"Umm… yes and no. Prez wants to be faithful but he said he's curious about you two."

"It's more than curiosity though bro."

"I know but I can't just tell him you dudes want us all to make love."

"Why not?"

"It's not that easy. With Prez you've got to show it more in other ways. Little by little I think he's getting the idea though."

"Like, how?"

I thought for a few moments then replied, "Like last week with D. Prez figured something out and since it made him feel good his next goal was to share what he learned."

"So ya think Prez needs to help me out somehow?"

"Not exactly, it's more like something mutual. Like, you scratch his back and he'll scratch yours. Almost an attachment, some commonality between you that shows in a non-sexual way that you care for him and he cares for you."

"Jeez dude, I can't begin to think of a way to make that happen. Maybe Prez and D could talk about it?"

"We can't force it dude. Prez just lost his mom. If it moves too fast then it won't be cool for him and then it's not cool with me. Then you get to feeling its not right, then D, then we might as well forget the whole thing."

Mike nodded and said softly, "You're my best friend bro. As far as I'm concerned he saved your life, you know that?"

"I know dude, you're still my best friend and he's my boyfriend. I'm kinda stuck in the middle, trying to make you both happy. Give it time, ok? Right now Prez wants it to be like… controlled."

"Real affection can't be controlled. Derrick was a little weird about it with you around last summer. Once he saw everything was cool though he thoroughly enjoyed it."

"You dudes seduced me last year, you fucker."

"Heehee! Ya just figured that out?"

"Yep, while talking with Prez about what happened. You can't do that with him though. He'll catch on and walk right out the door."

"No dude, last time was kid stuff. This time it's gonna be more than kisses and hand jobs."

"Then you and D need to be patient. Prez gets real jealous and if he ever thought there was a chance we might breakup…"

"Nuff said, bro. D gets that way a little too so it's cool. He just gets real quiet and sulky for a while. D and I both know we don't have a snowballs chance in hell of replacing Prez."

"Damn skippy! Ya know, if you dudes were just a tiny bit uglier then we wouldn't have this problem."

"Fuck you."

"Maybe some day but my leg still hurts."

"DOH! Can we get back on the subject or is it too late already?"

"There's not much else to say. I haven't talked with Prez more about it since last week."

"I just wanna be sure here bro, do you trust him?"

"Absolutely." I answered quickly, "Prez has showed me in every way imaginable that I'm all he wants and he knows I would never let him down."

"So it's just what we would do together that's stressin' him?"

"Pretty much. If it were a simple circle jerk Prez could hang with that pretty easy I think. How about you and D? Are you umm… confident that it wouldn't go further than one nights fun?"

"Yeah, there's no worries here, we've talked about it at length. For the long term D's all I want but I guess it's fucked up that I want to show you and Prez you dudes mean lot. Now with all my dreams becoming reality right before my eyes, as far as I'm concerned none it would've ever happened without Prez."

"It's not fucked up bro. There's no other dudes on the planet I would ever consider doing this with. I guess it's just that we honestly care… being pretty horny helps too."

"D hides the fact that he's a horny bastard with just about everyone but me. Sometimes the way he acts you'd think he was a virgin or completely celibate or something!"

"You're near the top of the horny list yourself."

"And you're not? Seems I remember a big fat bone poppin' out of the fly of your boxers last year and three years ago too!"

"Dude, we gotta stop talking about this!" I exclaimed as I tossed the game controller and reached into my pants to adjust myself.

Mike rolled over and rearranged his package saying, "I know! And this stupid game is fucking boring. I'm gonna go get my acoustic. Ya feel like accomplishing something this afternoon… other than drilling holes in your mattress, that is?"

"Guess we better do something else or we're both gonna be in really big trouble."

For the next few hours Mike and I worked on a few tunes. We started with the Crowded House CD and Mike learned the tunes Prez and I worked on quickly. Then Mike pulled out a CD and told me he wanted the two of us to play this song for Prez and Derrick some time soon. After listening to Mike play along with the CD I readily agreed and we replayed the song a few times more. In between working on Helplessly Hoping and Layla, Mike started telling me about some of the things Brian and Doug were teaching them. The one part that interested me most was the stuff about working on harmonies. On Sunday, the five of them actually spent a good hour working on Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Even though the lyrics are simple it becomes difficult when other voices are singing different words. Doug would start then Brian and one by one each of them would join in on the round.

That night I tried to convince my folks that neither of them needed to stay home from work the next day. It was my intention to have Prez alone with me that day but all my talking did was prove to them that I was mobile and Prez could go to school. The next day my dad would take the morning off and my mom would take the afternoon shift. When Prez got home from work I told him about my blunder. He looked so sad for a brief moment but then smiled saying, "How about you have a small relapse for the doctor appointment on Friday?"

Like an actor practicing his lines I whined, "Ooo, ooo, it hurts!"

Giggling, Prez crawled into bed with me and said, "Aww, looks like you pushed yourself too hard there babe. It might take a whole `nother week in bed. What a pity." The second his head rested on my chest my heart began pounding through my ribs. For a while we silently held each other. I could feel his cock harden against my right leg. Sliding my leg between his legs Prez started a slow grind against me while he kissed every inch of my chest. Squeezing him tightly against me I encouraged him while he humped my leg slow and hard. I had thought about talking with Prez about the four-way but decided we were so very much in love the last few days to leave it alone. Anyway, it wouldn't be too cool to start talking about your other friends while your leg is being humped.

Wednesday I made a half-hearted attempt at reading and doing some homework since I had nothing better to do and Prez was depending on me. My leg was feeling much better and I could put most of my weight on it but I made damned sure that fact was hidden from the rents.

During lunch my mom and I sat at the table. She asked me how my leg was and I told her it was getting better slow but sure, not giving any clue that I could walk around my room without crutches. Then she asked, "Are you as amazed as I am with Preston the last few days?"

As I chewed my sandwich I thought hell yeah, amazed, thrilled, ecstatic even sometimes! But I pulled myself together, swallowed and answered, "Just really happy. He never stays in any one mood for very long; it's one of the things that's most interesting about him. He learned it from his mom and feels like it's the one thing he can do to keep her memory alive."

"How does he act in school?" She asked.

"Just like he did before the accident as best as I can tell." He's friendly with the other kids when he has the chance but on a dime he can swing into the studious teachers pet mode. Why do you ask?"

Finishing a sip from her coffee mug she said, "I just want to be sure he's not faking things, that there's no major emotional upheaval around the corner. Sometimes he can seem so fragile."

Thinking only for a few seconds I said, "Don't worry, ma. He has those times but he also keeps himself busier lately. Between me, school, work and the band Prez doesn't have too many chances to feel self pity or anything like that. He does little stuff around the house and even looks out for Drew and John."

"You don't think he's pushing too hard?"

"Nah, he still wakes up before me three out of every four days. He looks at his mom's pictures every day, says goodbye to her as he's leaving too sometimes. Rarely does he ever get sad and if he does all he has to do is find me."

"Do you let him be sad?"

"Course, just like ya said. I'll listen if he has something to say. Other times he just wants to be held." I said with a big grin and she crumpled up a napkin and threw it at me!

Satisfied that Prez wasn't going to have some kind of breakdown my mom got up from the table and simply asked; "If any of his patterns change let me know." She had reason to worry after the sleepwalking incident I suppose and I did learn about the crying incident Sunday night while I was passed out. She just didn't know Prez as well as I do. For Prez that was Sunday and it was over as soon as he woke up Monday morning. He did his best and lost it a bit, so what? If he hadn't then I'd be worrying.

Later that afternoon, alone in my room I was looking forward to seeing Prez come home so I could show him how I could walk around again. Finally I heard the front door open. Prez walked in the room smiling, put his books down on the desk and started to undress like he normally did after school. He looked soooo… scrumptious! "How was your day baby?" I asked while he got changed.

"Good," he answered, "I've got the last of the homework assignments from school for you. How's the bum leg?"

"Much better, been walking around some but I'm kinda keeping that little fact hidden from mom and dad."

While walking over to the dresser he chuckled and noticed the tent I was pitching under the blanket, smiled and dropped his briefs then crawled into bed with me.

He kissed me long and hard, practically sucking my tongue out of my mouth then reached over and grabbed the tube of KY from our night table. "I've been thinking about you all day." He sighed.

Omigod! I didn't know how he intended to do it but I knew Prez would find a way. Prez handed me the lube and crawled over me. In a flash he had my shorts and boxers down around my knees. Using only his tongue, he slid my hard cock into his mouth and started bobbing while I greased his twitching hole We were so crazed, taking care to be gentle but also wanting it badly and soon. There was a good hour before my brothers would be home and my mom had been busy the whole day working from home, only occasionally stopping by the room to see if I was hungry.

His tight mouth backed off my cock with a slurp and he quickly found the lube and greased me up. Propping myself up on my elbows I watched him sit between my spread legs with his legs bent up over my own then he shuffled closer. Pulling my cock down towards his back door I saw his plan and grinned. Prez lay back on the bed and shuffled closer while I aimed my stiffie at his tight hole. The head pushed in and he paused then pulled himself closer. With half my cock inside him Prez grunted, "Oh fuck yeah," and started gyrating his hips, bucking up, getting another inch or so of me inside him then he settled down and repeated the process. The whole time I watched, perched on my elbows while my friend, lover and confidante wiggled his buns around sending sudden bursts of pleasure through us both. It was intense and we were getting louder with our lustful encouragement. I could watch him do it that way for an entire day and never get bored of his sexy body writhing around. For a while we sparred back and forth, "you cum first", "no, you first". Prez took a short breather and started giggling then lifted his head up announcing, "I'm doing almost all the work here!" then he demanded, "Cum inside me NOW!" His head fell back and he went at me again with a vengeance. His moist, hot insides continually massaged my hard cock until I fell back dazed. Grabbing both sides of the mattress I pulled them up, groaned loudly and exploded violently inside my lover with one large, seemingly endless spurt followed by dozens of much weaker aftershocks. Prez was humming and moaning as I looked up dizzy and drained, seeing his hands slide down his body. Only his thumbs touched his cock while the other fingers encircled his balls. I could feel his fingertips against my cock as he threw his hips up, burying my tingling cock as far inside him as he could. His cock became an unrestrained fire hose; shooting semen all over him, my legs and the bed while he bounced up and wiggled around to the point of exhaustion. Never have I seen anyone cum so much! He cooed softly for a long while. As we came down from the orgasmic high I stroked his legs and told him, "baby that was the very best. We should've done that a few times last week."

He caught his breath and giggled, "I didn't think of it until today. Told ya I was thinkin' about ya!"

My softening cock was inside him still but just barely. I imagined him walking around school for six hours fantasizing about getting home to me. Telling him what I wanted at that moment I whispered, "I want us to stay together, never leave me."

"You know I won't." He said.

"I mean never; attached at the waist, every second of every day."

Giggling Prez said, "It sure would be nice. We'd be two hurtin' buckaroos after the first few days though." He shifted to get up and my softening meat slipped from him. Then hovering over me we kissed as if we had never locked lips before. It was so soft, his breath so sweet, my entire mouth tingled as his tongue slid around. Breaking our kiss he asked, "Ya wanna join me for a quick shower?" I nodded and Prez helped me up, handing me my crutches but I put them down on the bed

That night while we were alone in our room studying with the TV and the stereo on Prez and I talked about the four way briefly. I was lying on my stomach on one side of the bed and Prez was sitting Indian style next to me. He brought it up by chuckling after reading a sex scene in his Ayn Rand novel. In the book a contrast was made between the normally aware conscious mind and what happens during sex, when everything runs on instinct and desires.

"How was your afternoon with Mike yesterday?" Prez asked.

Marking my spot on the page I answered "Good, just like always. Why do you ask?"

"Nuthin' really," Prez answered then said, "I had my first chance to talk with Derrick alone since you mentioned the four way."

Oh shit! It dawned on me that I hadn't had the chance to talk with Prez about that so I quickly said, "Yeah, Mike and I talked about it some too." Making my voice sound disinterested I added, "If it's meant to happen it will, if not… oh well." I honestly didn't care if it happened or not. It would be fun only if Prez was there and enjoying himself.

"Don't you want to?"

"I guess, only if you want to."

"You don't think I want to?"

"You said you did but you wanted limits, as I understood it."

"That's right." Prez said then closed his book and lay beside me on the bed. "Can I be blunt?" He asked.

"Sure baby, anything."

Wrapping one arm over me and talking into my neck he said, "Well you know I like and trust them both a lot. That's not a problem at all."

I waited then asked, "What is the problem?"

Prez pulled closer to me and whispered in my ear, "No one will ever touch this white boy's ass but you. It's the most intimate thing we can share. D and I were talking about it. We both think that if we happen to find ourselves in a situation where we might do that with someone other than our partner, then we should use rubbers. Even then, I'm not sure I could do it or would even want to. If it has to be a conscious decision it's almost like not letting go, not letting a natural thing happen naturally."

By the time he finished whispering I was hard, not because we were talking about the four way but because my boyfriend wants to save his most precious form of expressing his love for me alone. It was beautiful. The things I had been thinking and wondering about inside my warped little mind he put into words perfectly once again. Although I'm at least as horny as the next guy I wondered what might happen if I was in that situation. I love that Prez has the openness and honesty to talk about sex. Beaming up at him with all my love I said, "It can't be controlled. If it's right for each one of us then things will just flow. We'll get some condoms, just in case." He leaned over, kissed me and told me that he loved me. "I love you too baby." I said and dove back in for a second helping. We talked until bedtime about what would happen if things went down the path towards having intercourse with one of our two other friends. The weirdest thing would be just doing it while he was there and would likely see, I told him. Prez felt the same way. After all our talking we agreed that the circumstances would have to be perfect before we would go down that road.

Thursday I only used the crutches when my parents were watching as I moved around the house. Alone in my room though, I was walking around more normally that I had in almost two weeks. That night after dinner, Prez and I were in our room doing homework when I suggested we get some drinks and munchies. Seeing my parents in the living room watching TV as we headed for the kitchen I decided it was `relapse' time and my crutch `slipped' sending me crashing against the wall then down onto the floor. I'm pretty sure my mom fell for my act but, as Prez helped me get up, I could tell my dad wasn't quite so sure. Before they went to bed he came to our room and asked what it was I was trying to accomplish by throwing myself around like I had. There was a vain attempt made to convince him I had really slipped but my dad makes this critical `you're such a bad actor' face that has cracked me up all my life. Forcing me to smile I admitted that all I wanted was for Prez to go to the doctor's with me the next day. My dad was cool about it though and said he would tell mom that Prez could drive me to my appointment the next morning.

The doc was pleased with my progress. None of his manipulations hurt at all but I could feel a few recently unused muscles stretching in my butt, legs and lower back. He recommended that I start exercising my legs and go back to school on Monday but no PE for at least another week.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent exercising my legs. When we got home, Prez and I worked out together in the garage for the first time in a long time. I started off doing some deep knee bends then put forty pounds on a barbell and did some more. Prez was hell bent on developing his chest and arm muscles by doing bench presses. Breaking the sentence up as he exhaled between reps he said, "it's to catch up with you so I won't loose so many wrestling matches."

I told him honestly, "You know that the only advantage I have is when you start laughing, then the battle is won!"

"Guess I might as well admit I want to loose most times." He said.

Finishing a set when I felt some straining in my knee and thigh I put the bar down and said, "I know babe, just don't think so little of your looks. I think you're sexy as hell.Like you might just be leaning against the counter, talking on the phone or something. It's bizarre how it gets me pumped up in a matter of seconds."

Of course with both of us wearing loose fitting clothes, working up a sweat and seeing flushed cheeks we both started to get quiet as our thoughts drifted to another kind of workout. Following our desires we finished our workout in the shower! After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood then showered and slipped into bed. It was so good to be able to lay on my side and hold him again.

First thing Saturday morning, while Prez and I were debating where we could go, Mike and Derrick showed up. Guitar Center was having a sale and Mike felt like shopping. Slobbering on every guitar he tried out would be a more adequate description though! It was like watching a kid in a candy store! Derrick drifted over towards the drums while Prez and I wandered around checking out microphones, instructional videos, amps and basses. After three hours Mike walked out of the store with three sets of guitar strings and nothing else but the promise that he would some day own every guitar he played.

Saturday night I decided to go to work for the first time since before Christmas. Prez, Mike and Derrick were all at work so, rather than be bored and home alone, I went too. It was the usual Saturday night madhouse at Blockbuster, maybe slightly more so because it was raining and everyone was looking for a good flick to watch. Standing for most of the night started to make my leg a little sore but it was almost quitting time so I grabbed a stool and started restocking the shelves.

Mike called Blockbuster before I left and invited me over his house. He told me that Derrick was already planning on bringing Prez over once their night was finished at Black Angus and that we should make a party out of it. Sounding really happy and goofing around on the phone, Mike asked me to sneak some porno's out! I figured he was just being dramatic, over emphasizing his enthusiasm and ignored it. Besides, I didn't want to get fired for taking X-rated movies out when I was under age. Once I got to his house I found out his mom and sister had left town to visit relatives. No wonder he was in a chipper mood!

By the time Prez and Derrick showed the stereo was blasting and Mike was mostly out of control, blasting his electric guitar loud enough to register on the USGS seismographs! He makes it look so easy, like playing guitar requires no coordination or thought whatsoever. Its times like these that Mike is in heaven. Performing is what he's really good at.

While I was watching and listening to Mike, from behind me Prez walked up saying, "Hey babe," and started nibbling on my neck. As I turned to kiss his luscious lips I noticed Derrick making moves on Mike. Moments into my lip-lock with Prez I started to hear Mike fucking up the song he was playing royally. Then there was only the sound of the stereo.

Time just drags on endlessly when Prez isn't around but within a minute of our first kiss it seemed the next hour flew by and it was almost eleven. I mentioned it was time to leave for home and Mike said, "Dudes, why don't ya just stay the night here? We can party through the night then check with Doug and Brian tomorrow."

"That would be cool, we haven't stayed awake till dawn in a long damn time." Derrick said.

Prez and I looked at each other for a moment. Waiting for him to nod his head I then said, "Okay, let me just call the rents before they put out an APB," and got up to use the phone. When I returned my boyfriend and best friends were sitting Indian style on the living room floor and Hootie and the Blowfish's Hold My Hand was on the stereo. Mike was playing his acoustic guitar along with the song while Derrick and Prez talked about meeting Jessy. I asked Mike, "You've played this before?" and he shook his head no. "Amazing bro," I said, "this is a pretty cool tune with some excellent lyrics. We could add it to the list, don't ya think?"

Mike answered while he played, "Yeah, not a problem here. Could you sing it?"

"I guess, not as low as that dude is, he's got a deeper voice."

Prez said, "We could change the key signature babe, put it right in range for ya."

I listened for a while then recognized the chorus when it started and began trying to sing along. When the next verse started they were nodding their heads yes but I said, "No, it's an effort. If you can play it a bit higher it would be easier."

On the radio, KLOS were playing their Saturday night rock blocks. After a station announcement All Night Long started playing. Mike plucked around for maybe five seconds then started playing along again. For the next two hours we sat around talking while Mike played and Prez, Derrick and I scanned the FM dial for songs whenever commercials started. We hit just about everything on the dial and Mike played along until I hit some easy listening elevator music, just to see what he would do. He fell back and started snoring loudly while cuddling his guitar! He finally got tired of playing after almost three hours and got up saying, "Any one besides me thirsty?" One after another we all got up and followed Mike to the kitchen. I was expecting him to go to the fridge but he went into the cabinet where the liquor was and I started giggling.

Glancing at me, Prez then saw the bottle of Jack Daniels as Mike pulled it from the back of the cabinet and laughed, "Hahaa! Mike you're a lush buddy."

Reaching for shot glasses Mike said, "Dude, you know better. After my first hangover and puking my guts up I vowed to never ever to do that again."

"Hangover's suck bad," Derrick said, "but a little buzzing is okay, long as we're not hugging the toidy."

Mike began pouring four shots and turned to Derrick saying, "Dude, get that other thing from my room."

Derrick left and said, "Kewl, we should've done this last week while we were on vacation."

"Oh God," Prez chuckled, "I can imagine what that other 'thing' is."

Mike got four cans of Pepsi from the fridge and said, "None of us is going anywhere, right? We're not over doing it so, what the hell."

Prez nodded then took my hand and we went over to the counter. "I've never had JD before," Prez said. "My dad used to drink beers and Wild Turkey. Does this burn as much as that?"

"You tried bourbon before?" I asked him.

Prez nodded and said, "Just once, it burned like hell going down and for a few seconds there I didn't think it would stay down." He giggled and added, "Then my whole body had this uncontrollable urge to shake!"

I laughed and Mike cracked up saying, "I thought Keith was the only thing that could make you shake!"

Derrick returned asking, "Did you dudes start without me? Who's makin' who shake? And more importantly, how exactly?"

We all busted up laughing then toasted each other and downed the shots, washing them down with Pepsi. Even the cold soda didn't put out the fire trail left by the bourbon. As soon as Prez put down his shot glass he slipped his hand into my back pocket and slid in close to me. Mike and Derrick washed out all the shot glasses then dried and returned them and the Jack Daniels to the cabinets. Then we went out back to the pool house and fired up the joint. Since we were all kicked back, mellowing out and relaxing I thought it was a good time to ask Derrick, "Is there any news about your old man?"

He answered, "I gotta appear in court in two weeks. Till then there won't be much news."

"You're healing pretty well from the looks of it." Prez commented.

Derrick nodded quickly and said, "Yeah, inside and out, thanks to you dudes."

Mike took a deep hit, exhaled and said; "I should make you all promise to stop getting hurt. Better yet, I'll just lock ya all up somewhere safe. To the pool house with yas until June!"

I laughed, "We did it all just to annoy the fuck out of ya Mike."

"Ya prolly did, it's a conspiracy, I know it."

The evening's conversation digressed more rapidly after the shot and the joint. We went back inside and of naturally all buzzing pretty good. None of us bothered to make any attempt at feeling unaffected. For a long while we moved from one tangent topic to another discussing all the mysteries of life and the universe. Having answered none of our own questions we started talking about music again when Mike picked up his acoustic guitar and started picking out licks.

Doug had told Mike and Derrick that we needed to write out a list of songs we had learned or were learning. Then we should practice them in the order we wanted to play them. Writing out the play list took at least two hours and we only had about twenty songs on the list that we already were working on. Another twenty songs at least would need to be learned as soon as we met and started jamming with Jessy. Another little side discussion was naming our band. Insomniac Nightowls was one name that Derrick suggested, using a cartoon owl with wide, bloodshot eyes as our emblem! We busted up laughing at that one and many others and never came up with one that we really liked.

As we were reaching a dead end on the band names Mike started strumming again. I recognized the tune we worked on earlier in the week and nodded then Mike started singing; "Saying I love you is not the words I want to hear from you. It's not that I want you not to say but if you only knew how easy it would be to show me how you feel". I came in singing, "More Than Words is all you have to do to make it real. Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me 'cause I'd already know." We did a pretty good job on the tune and I found it incredibly easy to sing with both Prez and Derrick watching. More than anything I liked watching Prez's face light up.

Our boyfriends watched us while smiling widely for a few moments then they started whispering to each other and chuckling. Prez wrapped his arm around my back and gazed longingly at me. At several points in the song he would rest his head on my shoulder. I could swear he was blushing! When we finished Derrick looked at Mike and asked, "Guess ya think your getting some tonight?" Mike smiled widely, chuckled and quickly nodded. Things got real quiet after that, with only the sounds of smacking lips broken by occasional grunts and giggles. By then we could see the first signs of daylight out the living window. The four of us wound up passing out on the living room floor, snuggled up in pairs.

Around noon Derrick and Mike started shuffling around behind me. When I opened my eyes I saw Prez staring at me and smiling widely. He held his finger up to my mouth to shush me and was holding in a major fit of hysterics. It took me a few minutes in my morning fog to realize that Mike and D were going at it in a major fashion behind me! The bastards! They weren't even trying to be very quiet about it; all that slurping and gasping and moaning only made my morning wood throb for some release.

Reaching down I found Prez in his normal morning excited condition and pulled his ass closer to me. He didn't resist at all and slipped one of his legs between mine, starting our own good morning grind-athon! After all Prez and I had been through in the previous week we never reached orgasm, probably because we weren't alone. Still, we enjoyed ourselves completely and continued to grind and hump away until Mike and Derrick were finished. As it turned out none of us had wet patches on the front of our jeans; we just couldn't pass up the "good morning lover" routine.

Derrick dialed Doug's house and Mike told Prez and I to hurry in the shower. Neither of us wanted to wear the same dirty clothes for the rest of the day so I said we were going home to shower and change.

Mike shouted, "Keith dude, don't fuck around. You are planning on going there today, aren't you?"

I laughed and teased him, "Umm… well I guess." Taking Prez's hand I added, "We've got something to finish before we shower but we'll be along eventually."

Adding fuel to the fire Prez said softly, "We might have more to work on in the shower," then he leaned in and kissed my passionately. Our arms and hands caressed each others backs and we both started to get really into the kiss, forgetting all about teasing Mike.

It was then that I realized Prez wasn't kidding! As I started to breath fast and heavy I broke the kiss and said to Prez, "maybe afterwards too."

Mike laughed, "You two are sooo married!"

Doug answered the phone while the four of us were playfully arguing and giving each other shit. Finally, as we walked out the door for home, Prez promised Mike we would try to be at Doug's within the hour.

Sitting in the passenger seat while Prez drove us home I started getting impatient and playfully stroked the inside of my lovers palm while My Love played on the radio. He started giggling and said, "I'm getting us there as quickly as possible babe."

"Did you really want to stay over last night?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was fun," he said, "but I admit, seeing as how you're feeling so much better I was kind of looking forward to being alone with you."

"We got lots of catching up to do baby." I said then jokingly asked for a date with him. "What do ya say we plan on meeting someplace around seven tonight?"

"Cool," Prez chuckled, "I wasn't planning on doing anything other than hanging out around the house any way."

"If your gonna be hanging out I might be inclined to change the angle of the dangle."

"I was hoping you'd say something like that." Prez said and pulled my hand up to kiss the back of my hand.

We pulled in the driveway and found my mom's car missing. "We'll get what we need from the bedroom and meet in the bathroom." Prez said as we got out of the car.

"If no one's home we're gonna be late!" I said as I practically raced him for the front door.

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