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A New Life Chapter 40 Part E

Winding Turns

Letting his mother in the house and closing the door, Derrick briefly glanced at Mike. "Do we even mention the 'great opportunity'?"

Mike shrugged. "It didn't work too well last time but we might as well give it a shot."

Turning to her son, Mrs. Siebert saw the two boys silently communicating. She smiled and remembered the first time she caught Derrick watching other boys. He was only eight years old. The Siebert's were visiting family and her son was with his cousin, Charlise. The other boy that Derrick was watching was a neighborhood friend. He was a stocky boy, very much like Mike Gibbons was.

"What decision did you call me here to help you make?" asked Mrs. Siebert.

Gesturing towards the sofa, Mike smiled, "Why don't you have a seat?"

Tilting her head suspiciously and smiling, Derrick's mom walked over and sat down, waiting patiently.

Mike's mom returned from the bathroom appearing as if she hadn't shed a single tear. She cheerfully greeted her guest. "Hi, Anne."

She smiled, "How've you been, Laura?"

"Good," Mrs. Gibbon sighed, and then asked, "Would you like a cup of coffee?"

Mrs. Siebert glanced up at her son and Mike. Neither had moved since she sat but only turned slightly when Mike's mom appeared. Sitting back more comfortably, she smiled, "Tea, please."

Laura Gibbons turned to her son, and said, "Come with me, Michael. If you're really going to do this, let's start now."

Slouching, Mike softly whined, "Ma-aa! I can boil water!" He followed his mother out of the living room as directed anyway.

While they were alone in the kitchen, Mrs. Gibbons began sharing her fears and worst nightmares with Mike. Holding her son's shoulders, she gazed deep into his eyes and whispered, "I'm not afraid of you. I'm afraid for you."

As soon as Mike and his mom left the living room, Anne Siebert grinned at her son. "Well? Don't just stand there." She patted the next sofa cushion and said, "Just tell me this time."

Remembering that he had never actually told his mom about his sexuality, Derrick shuddered briefly then walked over and sat down beside her. He began, "You know Doug and Brian?"

Mrs. Siebert nodded, "Only what you've told me about them. They're musicians."

Derrick nodded and offered, "Brian will be here soon so you can meet him."

Eyeing her son suspiciously, she asked, "Why do I have to meet him tonight?"

"Mike's mom met them both Monday," Derrick cautiously explained. "They were here for Mike's birthday dinner."

Mrs. Siebert smirked, "That's nice but doesn't really answer my question."

Unable to hide from his mother's piercing gaze, Derrick grinned, "I really want to do this, ma."

She sighed, "Do what?"

Derrick smiled, "They want us to watch their house while they're on vacation."

Not bothered but becoming more suspicious, Mrs. Siebert prompted, "And?"

"For all of July."


"We could move in anytime, for the whole summer."

Gathering her patience, Mrs. Siebert sighed and her head sagged for a moment. She then looked at her son and asked, "Why would you want to live with them? For what purpose?"

"Well," Derrick started, "they could teach us lots of stuff - how to be independent; how to cook, and probably most importantly, how to be professional musicians."

Folding her arms across her chest, Mrs. Siebert stubbornly said, "None of those reasons are enough to live there."

Desperate, Derrick groaned, "They've been together almost twenty years, ma. I want it to be that way with Mike."

From the kitchen, Mike hollered, "Me too!"

And Mrs. Gibbons loudly said, "Hush!"

Derrick giggled and turned back to his mother. She sighed, "They're adult gay men. Aren't you afraid of... what they might want from you?"

Stunned and speechless for a moment, Derrick felt his temper flaring. Fighting to contain it and remembering what Doug had recently taught him, he counted to ten as he slowly inhaled though his nose then counted again as he slowly released it.

Mrs. Gibbon entered the room with a cup of coffee. Mike followed, carefully carrying a small tray with a tea pot, cup, sugar and cream. Rolling his eyes at Derrick, Mike then placed the tray on the end table besides Mrs. Siebert. She softly said, "Thank you," and began preparing her tea.

Derrick then explained, "We met two other dudes that lived with them for a while. They seemed to have survived pretty well. Besides, neither Doug nor Brian has ever made any moves on us."

Mike turned to his mother and repeated, "They're a couple - monogamous for almost twenty years." Sighing, he looked down at his bare feet and sorrowfully said, "I think they'd be hurt if they knew that you didn't trust them."

"They're not predators because they're gay," Derrick assured.

And Mike added, "If they weren't musicians, I don't think I'd have as much fun there. We sure wouldn't have as much in common."

Looking at her son and then Mike, Mrs. Siebert defensively said, "I don't know much of anything about them and have not formed any opinion one way or another. The question needed to be asked, whether you've thought of asking it or not." Then she smiled at Laura Gibbons and asked, "We've always known, haven't we?"

She nodded, "Since Michael was seven."

Quickly turning to both women, Mike said, "What?"

Mrs. Siebert reached for Derrick's hand and said, "I've always known. Maybe I was tougher on you than I should've been. We thought we had done something..."

Tears welled in Derrick's eyes. He smiled, "It wasn't that bad. Only dad, really."

Mike glared at his mother and asked, "You've known since I was seven?" Mrs. Gibbon's smiled and nodded. Mike loudly laughed, "How? I didn't even know!"

"By your choice of friends," Mrs. Gibbons admitted.

Uncertainly, Mike asked, "From Keith?"

Mrs. Gibbons smiled, "Not just him, and not just Derrick. Every friend you've ever brought home. They were all the cutest boys you could've possibly found." Smiling, Mike tilted his head and his mother continued, "When other boys were discovering that girls weren't so yucky after all, you found them more so." She then sighed, "I'm just not ready to sever the umbilical chord, Michael."

Mrs. Siebert agreed, "Neither am I. But we're going to have to give our young men the chance to grow."

Mrs. Gibbons softly grumbled then sternly looked up at her son saying, "I'm not going to simply turn you lose on their home. You are going to learn how to cook, as much here with me as with them."

"We can go?" Mike excitedly asked.

"You will learn to clean up after your own messes," Mrs. Gibbons added.

And Mrs. Siebert chimed in, "We won't let you be an embarrassment to anyone but yourselves." Facing Mike's mom, she suggested, "For the rest of June, we'll treat work nights like school nights."

Mrs. Gibbons smiled and nodded. Mike groaned and flopped into a chair. Then his mother said, "When you're not working, you can spend your days and nights there. In July, either I or Derrick's mom will be periodically stopping by..."

"Unannounced," Mrs. Siebert added.

"And if we find anything amiss!" Mrs. Gibbons loudly threatened.

Mrs. Siebert smiled, "Then you can just chalk up August as a loss."

Glaring wide-eyed around the room, Derrick groaned then said, "Define anything amiss."

Mrs. Siebert said, "Breakfast dishes will not be left in the sink until dinner. They will be rinsed and put in the dishwasher before you leave the house. The kitchen and bathrooms must be kept reasonably clean."

Grinning impishly, Mike wondered aloud, "Unannounced isn't such a good idea, ya know? We could all wind up really embarrassed."

Both women smiled and nodded. Derrick's mom suggested, "We'll call just before we leave. You wouldn't be able to clean much in ten or fifteen minutes but you could at least get dressed." Blushing fiercely, Derrick giggled. Mike nodded and, noticing his mother's blush, struggled to contain himself but a few snickers escaped.

Mrs. Gibbons set the next rule. "Beds will also be made first thing in the morning - not once a week, when you wash the sheets. And not five minutes before you climb back into it at night!"

Mike half cried and half laughed, "You're taking all the fun out of the whole thing!" and Derrick snickered.

"You're already pretty good at laundry," Mrs. Siebert admitted.

Mrs. Gibbons smirked, "But not so good at putting it away. They just pick from the clean pile and then dump into the dirty pile!"

Mrs. Siebert nodded, "Add on top of that anything Brian or Doug may need you to do."

Hearing their names and turning to Derrick, Mike asked, "I wonder what's keeping Brian?"

"Since Doug is at work, he was in the studio," Derrick answered.

Facing Derrick's mom, Mrs. Gibbon's said, "You might as well give Derrick his room and board money."

"Only for July and possibly August," Mrs. Siebert agreed.

Mrs. Gibbons then smiled, "Have you two thought of how you're going to budget your money? Food doesn't magically appear in the refrigerator."

"If you try eating out every day, you'll be penniless in two weeks," Mrs. Siebert assured.

"They've already taken us to the market with them," Derrick happily answered.

Mike added, "They said that there's some stuff they stock up on over the weekends but they get fresh fruit and veggies whenever they need to."

Smirking at her son, Mrs. Gibbons snickered, "And you haven't been to the grocery store with me in years!"

"I guess that's another part of our training?" Mike giggled.

Wide-eyed, Mrs. Gibbons nodded. Then there was a knock at the door.

Mike jumped up and hurried across the room. Opening the door, he greeted Brian and showed him inside. Glancing quickly around the room, Brian chuckled, "So, how's it goin'?"

Mike grinned, "You dudes called it, almost exactly!" and pointed at the chair he had been sitting in.

Derrick stood and introduced Brian to his mother. Brian and Mrs. Siebert shook hands and greetings.

Shaking her head sadly, Mrs. Gibbon smiled, "I hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

Crossing the room, Brian laughed, "You two did most of the work!" He sat and then asked, "What rules are we playing by?"

Taking a seat on the sofa beside Derrick, Mike answered, "Well, for this month, we'll be living with you part time."

"Work nights here. With you the nights we're off," Derrick said.

Turning to Brian, Mrs. Gibbons then said, "And during that month, you and Doug can re-assess your decision."

Mike hollered, "Ma-aa!" and Brian cracked up laughing.

Smiling at her son for a moment, Mrs. Gibbons loudly laughed, "You're just barely housebroken!" Mike groaned and slouched back in his seat, trying to force a grin into a disapproving frown. Mrs. Gibbons shook her head sadly and reminded, "Did you offer our guest something to drink?"

Briefly, Mike glared at his mother but knew this was just another test. He then turned to Brian and sweetly asked, "What can I get for you, dude?"

Brian smiled and said, "Nothing right now, thanks." Shifting between Mike and Derrick's mothers, he then softly said, "Let's get something out of the way. Doug is my partner. We're not looking for boy-toys, only someone to watch our house while we're gone."

Both women were slightly stunned by Brian's directness. Grinning slightly, Mike and Derrick weren't the least bit surprised. Brian continued, "Being gay men, we're at a disadvantage. Although we're capable of raising a child, the laws don't make that easy. Even foster parenting is difficult for us. But we can make a place in our home with parental approval and for the right reasons." Brian paused, looked at Mike and Derrick and then asked, "You met Matt and Tom?"

Derrick nodded and Mike said, "At your Memorial Day party."

Brian then asked, "You know they lived with us for over a year?" Mike and Derrick shook their heads then Brian turned back to the women and said, "Tom's father was an alcoholic child abuser. Matt was a guitar student of ours. We offered Tom refuge and a few months later, Matt moved in too."

For Derrick, this hit very close to home. His father wasn't an alcoholic and didn't become an abuser until he realized that Derrick was gay, but the situations were similar. Mrs. Siebert asked, "Is it common for fathers to become violent?"

"Less common these days," Brian answered. "Doug's father was exactly like Tom's father. Many men believe that having a gay son is an attack upon their manhood and very existence. Of course, no such attack ever happened. It's only a matter of individual perception.

"We know a lot of gay men that have been in extended relationships of one sort or another. And we know more than a few that wouldn't ever consider any brand of commitment. On the other hand, there are gay men that want families so badly that they suppress their sexual desires, choosing to live a heterosexual life. Just as there's diversity in the heterosexual community, the same exists in the homosexual community."

Mike said, "Just like some straight men sleep around, so do some gay men."

"We want to be together, like them, when we reach middle age and old age," Derrick repeated.

Mrs. Siebert said, "You make it sound like a secret - some magical bit of wisdom."

Mike and Derrick glanced at each other, smiled and simultaneously chuckled, "Yeah!"

Smiling widely, Brian leaned back and struggled to contain a belly laugh.

Mrs. Gibbons relaxed and groaned softly. She then asked, "That's what this is about then - as much for music as it is to learn how we make it last?"

Mrs. Siebert giggled, "That's so simple!" She then took her son's hand and asked, "After all that happened last winter, why am I still with your father?" Stunned silent, Derrick pondered the question but could only shrug. "Because I love him," Mrs. Siebert answered. "I've loved him for more than twenty-five years of marriage. I love the life we made together and both our sons. Until recently, how many times did your father raise a hand to you?" Again, Derrick shrugged. Mrs. Siebert said, "They were very few and very far between and always with good reason. Brian answered the question for us already. You represent weakness in him. It's completely untrue, neither of you are weak. No one sees him any differently because he has a gay son. But he sees himself differently. Only you two see each other differently, really."

Brian softly assured, "You didn't cause it, Derrick. He created the belief all by himself."

During a silent moment, Mrs. Gibbons turned to her son and said, "I choose not to see anyone because I still love your father. If and-or when I meet another man like that, I'll reconsider but not until then."

"So love keeps you together?" Mike asked.

Mrs. Siebert answered, "Not by itself. It's simple choice. My leaving Derrick's dad would only reinforce any feelings of inadequacy. And the fact is - he is so much more than an adequate husband or father." Glaring intently at Derrick, she firmly promised, "I will see a day when you and your father can exist civilly in the same room together."

Mrs. Gibbons then said, "I chose your father above all others. His feelings were my feelings. I chose to be faithful and considerate of him. He chose to be faithful and considerate of me."

Brian then said, "That old saying, 'the grass is always greener' is for people that can't stay monogamous." He paused then cleared his throat and smiled, "Because they're always looking for that better patch."

Mike snickered insanely. Derrick smiled warmly at his mom, "So you and dad won't split up?"

"Not over you," she affirmed and squeezed Derrick's hand. "You're my son and I want to spend time with you. If your father and I divorced over this, I can't be sure that I'd still want to be with you. A divorce could cloud our relationship - mother and son. That is not an option. Your being gay cannot cloud twenty five years of marriage either. So I play the middle man, insuring you grow up safe and sound while reminding your father that you're doing well."

Derrick grinned, "Does he ever ask about me?"

Mrs. Siebert assured, "He doesn't need to and I usually don't give him a chance." Brian chuckled and Derrick's mom continued, "He has two sons and I will always tell him everything I know about both of you. Later, I'll tell him that you'll be house-sitting for friends in July."

Mike and Derrick smiled at each other. For much more than permission to move, Derrick softly said, "Thanks, mom."

Then Mrs. Siebert turned to Brian and said, "I suppose we need to visit your home."

Brian nodded, "Anytime - tomorrow morning if you like. Just give a call."

Mrs. Gibbons said, "Brian, you don't have to do this."

Brian explained, "With our lifestyle, playing at clubs until three in the morning, we can't do it any other way." He paused and grinned, "Besides, Doug likes to play drill sergeant once in a while."

Both women grinned uncertainly and Mike asked, "What do you mean by drill sergeant?"

Brian shrugged and smiled, "He'll teach you something once - what he expects and how. If he has to do it twice, he becomes impatient."

Mrs. Siebert asked, "Tell me more about Doug, please?"

Brian grinned and said, "Doug is a walking enigma. He's got an IQ over one hundred and forty but you'd never know it by meeting him. At work, he builds and repairs computer networks. At home he writes music, plays guitar, bass, keyboards, trumpet, saxophone and drums. And I've never met a more sincere man in my life."

Sincerely twisted, Mike thought and giggled at himself.

"What sort of job do you have?" Mrs. Gibbons asked.

"Accounting and management; I run the two pubs we own - one in Anaheim another in Newport," Brian answered.

Derrick and Mike didn't know that the two men owned the pub they were at in January. But neither said a word about it because they hadn't asked their parents if they could go that night.

Mrs. Siebert then asked, "What sort of arrangements have you made for them?"

Brian replied, "We have a two bedroom house. They'll have the guest room, a full size bed, a desk, dresser and a closet. The guest bathroom is theirs to use and to keep clean." Turning to Mike and Derrick, he continued, "There will be advantages of course, but you know what we expect. We won't cleanup after you."

"We know," both boys chimed.

Brian reminded, "Doug can be a bitchy queen when faced with a mess. He warned you that he'd wake you at four in the morning to clean up. Don't doubt it for moment, he'd do it and not think twice about it."

Both boys laughed, "We know!"

Turning back to the two women, Brian asked, "And your rules are?"

Mrs. Gibbons said, "It sounds like our goals are very much the same."

"They want to learn what it's like to be independent," Mrs. Siebert knowingly smiled.

"And they will," Brian cheerfully promised.

Mike reached for Derrick's hand then turned and smiled widely at him. With his free hand, Derrick tapped his watch. Mike looked down and saw it was near ten thirty. Facing his mother, Mike said, "I need to call Keith."

Mrs. Gibbons reminded, "It's getting late."

"I know but he's expecting a call," Mike explained as he stood, "They were going to help us move but now that's not really necessary."

Watching his lover cross the living room, Derrick said, "We'll have all month to move stuff."

By ten that Friday night, we had emptied our cans of whipped cream, devoured each other, made love, cleaned ourselves up and played with the helium balloon. Still entwined, we were watching Twister in our room when Rush began growling and woofing softly. Moments later, the front door opened. Beyond our closed bedroom door and over our TV, we heard my parents and brother come in. My dad said, "John, get your brother and Preston to give us a hand with the groceries."

Prez looked up at me and frowned, "I don't wanna get dressed."

I grinned, "I'll go out naked if you will."

He whined and then sighed, "Not this time," as he rolled away.

Getting up from the bed to find our clothes, I grinned, "Even John's got more pubes than we do now!"

Pausing, Prez smiled, "I'll bet most of ours grows back by the end of the month."

John knocked on the door and hollered, "Keith? Prez? Come on, we went food shopping."

I pressed the stop button on the VCR and Prez loudly answered, "We'll be right there." As he picked the sheet and blanket up off the floor and tossed them on the bed, he softly added, "As soon as we find our duds."

Giggling, I went to the closet for clean T-shirts. Finding our shorts, Prez said, "Here we go," and came over to me. I turned around and handed him a shirt. "Why do we need shirts?" he asked.

Wide-eyed, I reminded, "I had hair around my nips and you had some right between your tits!"

Prez softly chuckled, "They're gonna find out sooner or later," and handed my shorts to me.

I grinned, "Make it later so they have to wonder when we did it."

Prez giggled, "You are a wicked, wicked man."

Seeing a few red splotches on his chest and belly, I sighed, "I hope you don't get a rash from the Nair."

Prez shrugged and asked, "Is there any on my ass?" then turned around. Seeing a few splotches on his buns, I nodded and grimaced, "Do you feel itchy or anything?"

Frowning, Prez grumbled, "No," and then sighed, "I was hoping to keep certain areas trimmed. Guess I'll have to deal with clippers and the razor." We pulled our shorts and shirts on then unlocked the bedroom door. The second it opened, Rush barreled past us. Prez impatiently huffed, "Hound!"

Heading directly outside, we met my mom at the Suburban. She asked, "What did you have for dinner?"

Prez smiled, "We haven't eaten yet."

I thought - not real food anyway.

Picking up two plastic grocery bags, my mom sighed, "I thought not. There's fresh turkey breast and rolls in one of these sacks."

I assured, "We'll grab something as soon as we're done here."

Before heading into the house, my mom briefly glanced at me. Our eyes met and I swear I could hear her razzing me. "You had sex again! And forgot to eat! You villain! My son is a sexual fiend!" Uncontrollably, I snickered and she started for the house.

It was a very warm night probably close to ninety degrees and the sun had been down over an hour. Prez picked up the two gallons of milk and turned to me smiling. "What?"

Reaching into the back of the Suburban, I softly giggled, "My mom thinks I'm corrupting you!"

Prez hummed thoughtfully then grinned, "We could strip and show her how I've corrupted you?"

Picking up four sacks filled with bottles of juice, I turned and smiled, "I'd better get rid of those empty whipped cream cans." We started for the house. My dad and John were stepping off the porch.

Nonchalantly, Prez asked, "How was Benihana?"

"Pretty great. You missed it," John enthusiastically teased.

Walking past us, my dad grinned but said nothing. Feeling slightly paranoid, I began softly chuckling. Tilting his head curiously, Prez smiled at me. I whispered, "They know. Only John seems oblivious."

Prez melodically teased, "They sure don't know everything."

I snickered, "Maybe that's why I feel so paranoid."

Stepping onto the porch, Prez said, "Poker face time."

Nodding, I tried to force the grin off my face as we stepped inside. In the kitchen, my mom was putting the groceries away. She opened the refrigerator door for Prez and asked, "Did you feed Rush?"

Putting the milk away, Prez nodded, "We just couldn't decide on our own dinner. Burgers didn't sound too appetizing. Turkey sandwiches sound really good, though."

Putting the sacks of juice down on the floor beside the pantry, I turned and waited for Prez then we started outside again. On his way inside, my dad said, "There are only a few more sacks left. Check that the truck is locked when you're done, please."

As he and John passed, I said, "No sweat."

Climbing up onto the Suburban's bumper, Prez reached in for the last sacks of groceries. His bubble butt was only a few feet away and level with my face. Turning, I watched my brother and father step into the house. No one else was around. Swiftly, I stepped forward and grabbed my fair skinned lover's waist then started nibbling on his cloth covered butt.

Falling forward into the Suburban, Prez hollered, "AH!" and started laughing hysterically. "You are so bad!" he loudly laughed. Turning to face me, he giggled, "We just finished devouring each other!"

Sliding one hand slowly up the inside of his shorts, I grabbed a fistful of cheek and grinned, "Your butt was right in my face. I think I'm past turning away and it just seemed to be the right thing to do."

While I continued snacking, Prez returned his attention inside the truck and picked up the few remaining grocery sacks. He handed them back to me and I released my hold on him to take them. Prez stood, hopped down off the bumper and grinned, "You're incorrigible."

"I know," I smiled, and took his hand then we started for the house.

Everyone was in the kitchen. My mom concentrated on the refrigerator and freezer while my dad and John were loading boxed and canned food items into the pantry. "I need to get you guys ready for court next week," my dad said. "Let Mike and Derrick know that we all need to get prepared."

Prez nodded and I said, "We're expecting a call from Mike or Derrick tonight anyway. I'll let them know when they call." Then I began gathering stuff to make our sandwiches.

For some reason, John snickered.

Then my dad asked, "Which nights might work?"

Prez and I shared a brief glance then he answered, "Wednesday night might be good. I just need to see when my Aunt plans on having me over for dinner."

My dad offered, "If nights are too cluttered, I could put aside time at the office?"

Glancing at the clock, Prez said, "It's almost ten thirty. Something must've happened." Then he came to me and asked, "Should I call them?"

I nodded and, as Prez turned, the phone rang. "That's gotta be them," I grinned.

Prez answered the phone. "Hello?" Then he turned and nodded, "Hey, Mike." Walking over to me and listening for a few moments, Prez then said, "Oh! Okay, cool!" Then he softly tapped my shoulder and mouthed, "They can move in July." Returning his attention to Mike, Prez said, "Just a sec. Keith's dad wants to start preparing us for Jake's trial."

After another few moments, Prez asked, "The trial starts Monday, the fifteenth, right dad?"

My dad nodded, "That's right. Expect at least two days in court."

Prez relayed, "Yeah dude, the fifteenth. We could go to the offices or do it at night?"

Another few moments of silence passed and I began eating my sandwich. Then Prez asked, "How much time will you need, dad?"

My dad shrugged, "At least an hour with each of you - probably closer to two."

Prez said, "About two hours each." Then he giggled, "Yeah, I know!" He paused and wondered, "I don't know, probably playing tennis." He then turned to me and asked, "Tennis tomorrow morning, right?"

With my mouth full of partially chewed sandwich, I smiled and nodded as my brother and father walked past and into the living room.

Wiping mayonnaise off the corner of my mouth, Prez grinned, "No, probably not. Keith works at one tomorrow... Sure, stop by on the way back." Prez giggled, "O-tay! See ya then. Bye." He then turned off the phone, sat beside me and gave me a peck on the cheek before taking a big bite out of his sandwich.

Before taking the last bite of my sandwich, I asked, "They can't move until July?"

Prez nodded and chewed then swallowed. "Part time work nights at home, the rest over at Doug and Brian's." He then smiled widely, "Mike's gotta go grocery shopping and help his mom cook for the rest of the month!"

I chuckled, "We should've gotten him a fire extinguisher for his birthday!"

Prez giggled, "I've never seen him cook anything." then took another bite from his sandwich.

I recalled, "Back when we were about eleven, I guess, we wanted a midnight snack. Mike said that he could make us grilled cheese sandwiches. We go to the kitchen and he butters four slices of bread then opens the oven! I'm like, dude! Grilled cheese is made in a frying pan, not baked in the oven!" Prez snorted and I continued, "He said, the cheese melts quicker in the broiler."

Heaving, Prez quickly put his sandwich down then covered his mouth, swallowed and cracked up.

Finished stowing groceries, my mom came over to us and grinned, "And it did melt quicker."

I laughed, "We only left the kitchen for a minute, I swear! The next thing we know, the smoke alarm is wailing!" Smiling widely, my mom shook her head sadly. "Mr. and Mrs. Gibbons came running downstairs and there's Mike and me, trying to smother the flames with pot lids." Grabbing his stomach, Prez leaned forward and then back, roaring with laughter.

"You're both lucky neither of you were burned!" my mom loudly reminded.

Quickly, I stifled my giggles but Prez only tried and failed then cracked up again, earning him a swat from my mom. Picking up the sandwich again, Prez took a bite and then seemed thoughtful while he chewed. After he swallowed, he smiled, "You make a great turkey sandwich, babe."

I grinned, "You're just really hungry."

He nodded and leered, "What I want is dessert," then chomped on the final piece of his sandwich.

Our prep work in the bathroom took about an hour and a half, leaving us another hour and a half for play time. But we were fully erect for most of the time we spent shaving each other. Needless to say, we were boiling over by the time we started making out. Our first orgasms happened quite accidentally during the whipped cream foreplay. Glancing around and finding no one close by, I whispered, "Wanna try for three more?"

Still chewing, Prez nodded excitedly. Then he picked up both our plates and started around the counter for the sink. Opening the dishwasher, Prez looked at me and beamed, "Six would be a new record!" and then stuffed our plates inside.

Knowing that I would be exhausted by morning, I laughed, "Plan on losing big time tomorrow!"

Returning to me, Prez confessed, "I love playing tennis and I'm pretty good at singles matches. But I haven't played doubles too much."

Grinning, I nodded, "Same here. I'll try not to bean you too often."

He reached for my hand then we walked past the living room and said goodnight before adjourning to our room.

During the remainder of Twister and all during Men In Black, we made love. It was about one thirty in the morning when we turned the TV off and cuddled in the middle of the bed. At seven-thirty, the clock radio went off. Keith grumbled and smacked the snooze button. Sleepily searching for each other, we met in the middle of the bed. Out of habit, we reached to grope each other's morning wood. Simultaneously, our eyes shot open and we both gasped then quickly let go.

Carefully reaching for his package, Keith groaned, "Oh damn!"

Fondling my own hurtin' unit, I turned to Keith and said, "Six times in seven hours is obviously too much."

Keith began kicking the covers down and I helped. Then he sat up, looked at his chubby dick and mumbled, "It don't look bruised." Then he leaned over and inspected my worn out wiener!

I giggled, "Maybe we shouldn't have jacked each other off for the grand finale?"

Smiling up at me, Keith said, "It was worth it."

I nodded, pecked his cheek and agreed, "Every minute."

He then frowned and huffed, "No grinding this morning."

Pulling him down beside me, I situated myself with my head resting on his chest then smiled and contentedly sighed, "Just cuddling." Keith kissed the top of my head and gave me a brief but firm hug. The clock radio turned on again but we didn't move. Songs played but we didn't sing. We simply laid there, basking in our love until the second alarm went off at ten minutes to eight.

Keith sighed, rolled away and turned off the alarm. Rolling back, he then tenderly kissed me and whispered, "I love you."

I replied in kind then we got out of bed. Keith unlocked and opened the door then peeked down the hall. With a nod, I was assured the coast was clear and followed Keith, naked across the hall and into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Just as we were finishing up, Keith asked, "What will you do this afternoon once I leave for work?"

I shrugged, "Probably practice my new bass." Leaning back to rinse shampoo from my hair, I remembered my conversation with Mike and said; "Mike and Derrick might stop by - after the beach."

Keith nodded, "Cool. You dudes can jam while I work and slave!"

Laughing, I pulled him to me. Then there were loud knocks on the bathroom door. I turned off the shower and Keith stepped out of the tub yelling, "A few more minutes."

From beyond the closed bathroom door, Drew hollered, "Why'd you shower? You'll only be sweaty and needing another one when we're done."

Turning to me and shaking his head sadly, Keith whispered, "I should tell him exactly why we needed a shower and watch his face combust."

I giggled and suggested, "Wait until we're on our way to the courts."

Keith toweled down normally and I was just about to remind him to be careful when he firmly rubbed his crotch. Stopping and becoming perfectly still, Keith dropped the towel and grimaced, "Clothes are going to feel like steel wool the whole day."

I groaned "God forbid!" then cracked up.

Seeing the humor in the situation, Keith reached forward to towel my privates but I saw mischief in his eyes and quickly spun around.

"You'll be sorry," Keith teased.

Shaking my head, I wrapped my towel around my waist and seductively explained, "Every twinge I feel down there is going to remind how and why it got that way. I'll probably be fighting erections most of the day."

Keith whimpered, "I hope we're both feeling better by tonight," and then turned and opened the bathroom door. The second he stepped inside our room, he tore the towel off. Turning and smiling insanely, he softly giggled, "I can't believe my dick hurts! It's never hurt before!"

I laughed and asked, "Would you mind if I wore a pair of your boxers?" Boxer briefs would be a little too confining, I figured.

"Not in the least!" Keith roared, and then headed for the dresser. Together, we carefully dressed ourselves, taking far longer than usual.

Soon, Drew and Corey were knocking on our bedroom door. I opened the door and, entering the room Corey quickly explained, "It's almost ninety degrees out there already."

Drew nodded, "It's supposed to hit a hundred today."

Keith tossed me a T-shirt and then put on the polo shirt I had gotten for him. Moments later, Keith and I were in the kitchen filling four liter-sized travel jugs with ice and water. Mr. Hundser was sitting at the table and I could hear water running from the master bath. Corey and Drew returned from the garage, each holding two tennis rackets. Then we went out to my truck and started for the courts. Keith navigated and I drove. But every time I moved my legs to step on the clutch or brake, my dick tingled. Keith was fidgeting in the passenger seat too, occasionally grinning my way and pulling the cloth away from his crotch.

We got to the courts but had to wait about twenty minutes for one to free up. We used that time to stretch out. Then Drew and Corey took one side of the court while Keith and I took the other. After some practice serves, we volleyed for service. Since neither Keith nor I could run very well, Drew and Corey won first serve. It was the first of many wins.

We lost the first game without even getting a chance to serve. Drew and Corey were hysterical. The score was thirty-love in second game, in their favor, when I lucked out and got the ball past Drew.

Bouncing a ball with his racket, Keith asked, "You wanna serve?"

Shaking my head, I chuckled, "I'd just as soon not!"

Keith smirked, "The next one is yours," and then wandered into position behind the white line. For a long while Keith bounced the tennis ball, preparing himself.

Smiling triumphantly, Drew hollered, "If you're trying to psych us out, it's not working!" and Corey cracked up.

Shaking his head sadly, Keith grinned at his brother and then caught the ball. I faced the net. Moments later, the ball shot past me. Keith had put a lot of power behind the serve. It was in and Corey had little chance of getting near it. He tried anyway but didn't succeed.

Disappointed, Drew hollered the score. "Thirty-fifteen."

Keith bounced a ball to me and I moved behind the line to serve. I didn't want to delay the inevitable uncomfortable feeling between my legs and quickly served. The ball hit the net.

"Fault!" Drew and Corey hollered.

Turning to me, Keith grinned, "Now you get to try again!"

Scowling, I walked back behind the white line. How I wished that I had a detachable penis at that point. My wiener really would've been much happier resting at home. I'd keep it under the pillows in bed, ready to be snapped on again, I thought and grinned then served the ball. It wasn't my most powerful serve but it made it across the net and very close to the corner in the opposite court. Drew easily returned it and Keith bounced sideways to slam it back at Corey. We kept that volley alive for a while before Keith (purposefully?) slammed the ball way out of bounds.

The rest of the games in both matches went the same way. Keith and I were trying but eventually our dicks would prevent us from taking another step. We lost both matches; the first, six-zip and the second, six-one.

On the way to the car, Drew chuckled, "You were so slow! I swear I've seen old ladies move faster."

Corey smiled and huffed, "You didn't have to throw so many points either. We had some great volleys going."

Keith grinned and whispered, "Oh yes we did." Putting on my purest angelic expression, I snickered.

Drew looked at us curiously but before he could say anything, I challenged, "It won't be so easy next week."

Smiling impishly, Corey reminded, "We could get a court right away if you dudes could get your butts out of bed."

Shaking his head, Keith firmly said, "No way. It's summer vacation. Eight's the best we can do."

Corey turned to Drew and suggested, "How about we meet them here next week?"

Drew nodded thoughtfully, "We'd still get here before them."

"So," Corey said, "we'll get a court and start playing."

I unlocked the truck and we all piled in. While I backed out, Keith flipped stations on the radio, eventually stopping on KLOS where The Rolling Stones were playing Gimme Shelter.

The previous night, Keith and I had tentatively planned on meeting Mike and Derrick at the beach, if we had time. It was only a few minutes after ten in the morning. Turning to Keith briefly, I asked, "Still interested in the beach?"

He shrugged, "The cold water might do us good."

"Wake yer lazy asses up!" Drew giggled.

Keith's head sagged for a moment then he tightly squeezed my hand and looked up smiling mischievously. He innocently asked, "Ya wanna know why we're so worn out?"

Drew shrugged, "You stayed up too late?"

I shook my head and started giggling. Letting go of my hand, Keith smiled, spun in his seat and shouted, "We made love six times between six and one in the morning!"

Slouching back in his seat, Corey roared laughing.

Stunned but smiling widely, Drew put his hands over his ears and loudly laughed, "I'm not hearing this!"

But Keith was possessed and continued, "We started with whipped cream and ate each other from head to toe!"

Over Corey's constant laughter, Drew disbelievingly chuckled, "Yeah, right."

I loudly laughed, "It's true!"

Nodding and smiling, Keith looked at me and seductively said, "It was so hot... and so much fun... but now our dicks are tingling." I warmly smiled at my lover. My dick stirred briefly but the head rubbed against my boxers and immediately shriveled.

Covering his ears again, Drew shouted, "I'm not listening! I don't hear a word!" Then he turned and smiled at Corey and loudly laughed, "Don't encourage them!"

Driving into our neighborhood, I checked with Keith again. "Are we going to the beach?"

Keith nodded, "We'll only be able to stay an hour or so but yeah, let's cool off."

"Shall we get changed or go as we are?"

He shrugged, "Might as well go as we are." Then he grinned and loudly said, "No matter what we wear, our units are hurtin' fer certain." That set Corey laughing again. Briefly, I glanced in the mirror to find Drew smirking but candy-apple red.

I asked, "Do you guys want to come to the beach with us?"

Drew complained, "So you can goof on us some more?" and Keith snickered.

Corey giggled, "Catch ya another time, okay?" Facing Drew, he said, "I wanna take a shower anyway."

I dropped Drew and Corey off at home then started for the beach. The slight fidgeting Keith was doing turned into passenger seat acrobatics the moment we pulled away from the curb. Pulling the cloth away from his crotch, he softly said, "I can't take it anymore," and proceeded to unbutton his shorts.

I giggled, "What are you doing?"

"Flashing you," Keith grinned. Grabbing the waistband of his shorts, he loudly chuckled, "It just needs room to breathe for a few minutes!" Then Keith braced himself, lifted his ass and pushed his shorts and boxers down to his ankles. He smiled and sighed. "That's way better."

I laughed my ass off. But while my laughter subsided, I kept seeing my lover's adorable flaccid dick out of the corner of my eye. My dick began lengthening again. But even the uncomfortable rubbing against my clothes didn't keep it from getting completely hard. Swallowing hard, I softly said, "Keith?"

He said, "Yeah, baby?"

I turned to look at him. He looked at me. Half groaning, he giggled, "Oooo-migod!"

"I have to, babe. I promise to be gentle."

Keith nodded and my right hand moved into his lap; my fingers resting lightly on his dick. Immediately relieved, I concentrated on driving. We got on the 101. Keith's breathing was heavy. Glancing at his dick, I noticed it was engorging with blood.

"Does it hurt?"

Keith shook his head rapidly and said, "It's a little uncomfortable against my sack. Pick it up for a moment, please?" I did as he asked, lifting the base of his chubby with two fingers. He huffed, "Whew! That's better." I didn't put his dick back down though. It was twitching in my fingers, getting harder. I was only holding hit by the base! Keith turned and smiled at me. I smiled at him. He giggled, "It's the most comfortable it's been since we woke up!"

I grinned, "I need to exit soon though."

Keith said, "When you need to, let it go," then he laughed, "But pick it up and hold it again, please!"

"No problem!" I laughed. A minute or so later, I gently put his chubby down, turned on the directional and moved right to exit at Malibu Canyon. Keith groaned and reached for his crotch. I said, "Soon, babe as soon as I get past this light," and then turned left onto Malibu Canyon and gently picked up my baby's sore member.

Keith sighed. A moment later, he asked, "How's yours?"

We glanced at each other and I grinned, "Hard and sore."

Keith suggested, "Pull into the gas station over there and drop your shorts. It'll feel so much better."

That sounded like a plan! Pulling into the gas station and past the pumps, I quickly put the truck in neutral, set the brake then carefully lowered my fly and lifted my ass. When my drawers were down around my ankles, I tried to step on the clutch and accelerator but my feet were too confined. Reaching down, I pulled my left foot completely free of my clothes. Keith snickered.

Lifting the brake, I smiled at him. "This is so sad," I giggled, and put the truck in gear.

Keith nodded enthusiastically and said, "But ya know what? I'm kinda looking forward to later tonight, after work. We'll both want to be naked and we'll want to play..."

"But may not be able to," I added, and then pulled back onto Malibu Canyon.

"Leaving us with some kissing and gentle petting."

I hummed provocatively then smiled, "Sounds fun."

Keith giggled, "A little frustrating!"

"But it'll be like strip poker. We'll be forced to wait."

"Even if we are feeling better by then, I'll still be careful."

I nodded, "No intercourse and no hand jobs."

"Mouth's only."

We glanced at each other. Both our dicks were pointing skyward, completely erect. I rested my hand where his pubes used to be; the base of his cock nestled between my index and middle finger. Reaching for my dick, Keith held me the same way. Content and comfortable, we drove the next twenty minutes to Zuma that way, holding our dicks with our pants on the floor.

The funny thing was, we forgot all about paying the parking lot attendant at Zuma! We had to see the booths in the distance before we remembered that we had to stop and pay two bucks to park! Laughing hysterically, Keith quickly pulled his boxers and shorts back up. But I was screwed, with my clothes wrapped around my right ankle!

Keith looked in the back seat and giggled, "Damn! Drew took everything into the house! There's nothing to cover you with!"

Thankfully, there were lines of cars waiting to pay the attendant. The first time I came to complete stop; I hurried to pick my drawers up and, in the process, accidentally scraped the steel zipper against my previously comfortable chubby! "Ah!" I hollered, and a stream of obscenities escaped my lips.

"What?" Keith hollered.

Glancing his way and grumbling under my breath, I saw that he was genuinely confused and concerned. "The zipper scraped my fucking dick!" I complained, and glanced his way wearing a crooked frown.

Keith's eyes widened. "You didn't scratch it, did you?"

"Not enough to draw blood," I grumbled, "But that fucking hurt!"

The car behind me honked his horn, reminding me to release the emergency brake and move forward. I stopped again and turned to Keith.

Slouching in the passenger seat, with his hand over his mouth, Keith struggled to contain himself.

"Very funny," I grinned.

Dropping his hand to his belly, Keith roared laughing, "We are so screwed! Literally!"

Reaching into my left pocket, I got two bucks to pay the attendant and then moved forward again, shaking my head and snickering at Keith. I rolled down the window and paid to park then moved forward and rolled the window up again.

Keith giggled, "I can hardly wait for work my clothes feeling like sandpaper against the head of my dick the sudden uncontrollable urges to thrust my hips forward it should be very interesting!" He then reached for my hand, kissed it and said, "I love that we did it together, Prez. I really do."

I grinned, "But we'll know better to stop ourselves next time."

"It's weird," Keith started, "all those school day boners, as uncomfortable and embarrassing as they are, compared to now? I never realized how much my dick just hangs comfortably without giving me any trouble at all."

Parking, I nodded, "Now our dicks feel every step we take."

Squeezing my hand, Keith assured, "Cold water's gonna feel great!"

Leaning over and kissing him, I then grinned, "I can't wait. Let's go."

I left my wallet in the glove-box, opened my door and took off my sneakers. We then started for the sand.

Keith said, "Head straight for the water. We'll swim down to the surfer's area."

The sand was very hot, burning the soles of our feet and causing us to hurry. Fast walking made our pricks throb and burn. I groaned and Keith grumbled then we took off running for the water. Moments later we were diving in. The water was at least forty degrees cooler than the outside air and it was a bit of a shock at first but as soon as I stood in chest deep water, I realized that my dick felt way better. A swell picked me up and I kicked my feet to keep my head above water. Yep, I could move my legs without my dick sending warning signals to my brain.

Keith moved closer to me and triumphantly said, "This is what we needed!" I smiled and nodded. "If my dick still feels weird after work," Keith said, "I'll just park my ass in a tub of cold water until you get home."

I nodded, "I'll do the same before work and again after, if I need to."

"Let's find Mike and Derrick."

"Should we tell them?"

"I dunno, it's a little embarrassing but I have to admit, it's funny."

"But if we don't tell them, they'll eventually find out for themselves."

Keith grinned and nodded. Then we started swimming down to the surfer's area. Zuma is a large beach I'd guess more than a mile long. It took a long while to get near the surfing area. Bobbing in deep water, we searched for Mike and Derrick but couldn't find them. We started for the beach but remained in waist-deep water, waiting for our friends. A few minutes later, I saw Mike on the sand, carrying a board and wearing wet suit. We both hollered his name several times before he finally turned around.

Mike waved for us to follow him and pointed further up the beach, shouting something unintelligible to us.

"Derrick's already on the beach," Keith said.

But I didn't want to get out of the water, snickered and waved Mike to us!

Keith asked, "Aren't you cold?"

Still waving for Mike, I nodded, "Yeah but my pecker feels great!"

Keith laughed and waved for Mike too. We could see Mike sag and huff but then he hurried towards us. Leaving his board on the beach, Mike jogged towards us hollering, "What the fuck? D's waiting, dudes."

"Why are you wearing a wet suit?" I asked.

He loudly replied, "We've been here since nine. The water's too cold, don't you think?"

Keith smiled, "It's refreshing, actually." I enthusiastically nodded and chuckled.

Suspiciously, Mike glanced at each of us several times. He devilishly grinned, "You did it, didn't you?"

I innocently asked, "Did what?"

Mike leered, "You shaved your pubes. The hair on your chest is gone." Turning to Keith and reaching for his nipple, Mike grinned, "You too?"

Turning, Keith laughed and blocked Mike's hand.

Shaking his head sadly, Mike smiled, "You're gonna regret it."

"Why?" Keith and I asked.

"I ain't sayin'!" Mike chuckled.

Keith dared, "So you did it once too?"

Throwing his head back, Mike laughed, "Just me though, not D."

I asked, "Why not Derrick too?"

Mike grinned and shrugged, "We were browsing old photo albums. He wondered what I looked like without so, the next time he saw me naked, he got his wish."

Keith grinned, "Why will we be sorry?"

Wide-eyed and smirking, Mike turned and headed for the beach.

We followed Mike out of the water and Keith checked his watch. "We've only got a few minutes before we have to start back," he sighed.

"I'm feeling way better. How about you?"

Keith briefly reached for my hand and smiled, "I'll be ready for playtime tonight."

"No matter what playtime happens to entail," I agreed.

"Are you guys jamming while I work?"

"I think so but I'll ask."

By the time we had made it to where Mike and Derrick had laid out there towels, Derrick was already giggling at us. They were already planning on leaving soon so we could jam for a few hours before work. Gathering up their stuff, we started for the parking lot. Mike and Derrick would stop home to shower and change. Derrick would bring his work clothes over our house. The 442 was parked close by and Derrick gave us a lift to my 4Runner. Then, in separate cars, we started over the mountains and through the tunnels for home.

On the way, our shorts and underwear began to dry and became very stiff. But Keith and I agreed our wieners felt way better. As soon as we got home and said quick hellos, we went directly to our room and swiftly peeled off our clothes.

Stepping towards me, Keith pointed at my waist and said, "You're a little pink, baby." Then he knelt down before me!

I giggled, "Keith!"

Without looking up, Keith said, "I'm just checking for zipper scratches. Your thing is tender enough. We don't need to deal with that too." Turning his head and carefully lifting my meat, Keith inspected for damage. He stood saying, "Not a mark, thank goodness." Then he moved behind me and said, "But you're skin definitely doesn't like Nair, Prez. Remember to put some talcum powder on your butt and chest before work."

Turning and taking him in my arms, I kissed him gently and softly assured, "Everything's getting powdered today. Thanks, babe."

Tilting his head curiously and smiling, he asked, "For what?"

"For checking me out just now... for just being you."

"I'm just making sure my favorite toy will work when I need it."

Stepping back and pointing at his scraped leg, I said, "The salt water tore off all the scabs. You're almost as good as new."

Keith nodded and smiled, "Would you mind if I took a bath?"

"Not at all, babe. Mike and Derrick won't be here for a while," I replied. "I'll soak my ass after you leave for work."

While I pulled out my new bass, Keith wrapped a towel around his waist and then went across the hall. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, I slowly played scales and arpeggios on my new bass; listening carefully to be sure I was hitting true tones. Almost done with all twelve keys, I got up and went to the CD rack on top of the entertainment center to find something to play along with when Rush started whining at the bedroom door.

I opened the door briefly to let him in and closed it again behind him since I was still naked. Rush danced around me and I greeted my wired hound. Putting my bass down on the bed, I then sat on the floor and gave him some attention. Just as I had trained him to, Rush sat at attention before me, wagging his tail and panting contentedly while I scratched and petted away. After a minute or two, Rush got up, seemingly satisfied. I watched him trot into his crate and turn around with his oldest shredded rope toy in his mouth. He brought it to me and growled.

Remembering that he had hurt himself two nights ago, I was happy that he wanted to play tug again. Reaching for him, I teased, "Gimme that toy!" and Rush backed away, growling. Swiftly, I reached for the toy and grabbed it but didn't tug. I didn't want him to get hurt again and windup associating rope toys with pain. When he tugged, I offered little resistance and praised him when he took it away from me. Rush and I played tug for about fifteen minutes, until Keith returned from the bathroom.

Smiling down at Rush and I as he passed, Keith suggested, "We could take Rush to the Pride parade tomorrow."

I hadn't even considered it and enthusiastically said, "Sure we could!" then asked Rush. He responded to the tone of my voice and spun around happily, eager to go right away. Standing, I grinned and, in my best L.A. tone, asked, "How's your unit, dude?"

Pulling his towel away, Keith chuckled, "Purdy damn good, thanks. How's yours?"

I smiled, "Still tingly but better."

"We learned two things today." Keith playfully chuckled, "First, six hours of constant sex is a bit too much." I nodded and then Keith opened the dresser drawer for clean boxers saying, "Second, cold water is the surest cure for hurtin' units."

I giggled, "A new appreciation for shrinkage," and Keith cracked up.

Pulling his Blockbuster polo shirt over his head, Keith finished getting dressed. He went to the VCR, pressed the eject button and said, "I'll bring these tapes back."

Going to him for a hug, I softly smiled, "Next time let's get something to watch, not just listen too."

Turning in my arms and returning my hug, Keith asked, "Are there any movies you want to see yet?"

I shrugged and thought aloud, "Deep Impact for Elijah and Armageddon for Ben Affleck."

Keith smiled and nodded, "I think they both start next week," then kissed me. It was a long lingering kiss, telling me that he enjoyed our first day of vacation and he didn't really want to leave. I didn't want him to leave either and held on till he pulled away and sighed.

He whispered, "I gotta go, baby."

I nodded and stepped back saying, "I'll miss you."

He nodded and whined, "I wanna stay here with you too," but got his keys from the dresser. Turning to me again, he smiled, "Later, lover."

I said, "Have a good night," and watched as he left the room and closed the door. Dreamily, I sighed and recalled the time we had spent together that day. He's so perfect for me in so many ways. Wrapping one of Keith's towels around my waist, I padded across the hall to sit in the tub for a few minutes before Mike and Derrick showed up. In a vain attempt to lessen the shock of cold water, I sat my bare ass down in the cold tub then turned on the water. The water from the faucet seemed very cold against my feet but as the tub slowly filled, I didn't find it too unbearable. Grabbing the soap, I began washing my feet. Working my way up each leg, I paused and then carefully washed my crotch. It was probably the least amount of time I've spent washing there in the last four years!

I briefly wondered when I had last chosen a bath instead of a shower. I couldn't remember. Not once here and never at the apartment only showers. Vaguely, I recalled having the flu the winter after I turned fourteen and having taken a bath then. That was as much to lower my fever as it was to wash though. Finished washing, I put the soap back in the tray and leaned back to relax. I really need to take more baths, I thought as I rested.

My down time was cut short when there was a knock at the door and Rush began barking. Realizing that it had to be Mike and Derrick, I sat up, opened the drain then turned on the shower. I rinsed real quick then turned off the shower.

From beyond the door, Mike hollered, "We'll meet you in the garage, Prez."

Grabbing a clean towel, I answered, "Okay, I'll be right there," and toweled off. Wrapping the towel snugly around my waist, I then went back to our room to dress. I opened the door and took a single step inside the room. Before I knew it, Mike had grabbed my arm, pulling me three more steps into the room and tugged the towel off me! Derrick quickly closed the door and began chuckling evilly, pointing at my hairless crotch.

Without even covering up, I turned to Mike and loudly asked, "What is this fascination with seeing me naked? All school year, we've changed and showered together!" Pointing down at myself, I said, "It's the same as always, just hangin' out!"

Hysterical, Mike giggled, "This is an occasion though!"

I watched as Derrick wobbled to sit on the edge of the bed. He barely choked out, "Did Keith do it too?"

Heading for the dresser, I nodded and warned, "I'm telling what you two did too!"

Derrick groaned and Mike mooed sarcastically as I pulled on a pair of boxer briefs. In the mirror I saw them both step up behind me and I quickly spun around.

Derrick smiled, "Don't be pissed, dude. We all do it."

"I'm not pissed," I playfully chuckled, "but I don't trust either of you!"

Then they glanced at each other, nodded and reached for their shorts. Simultaneously, they dropped their drawers. I looked up at the heavens wondering what sort of twisted brains God handed them at birth.

Mike chuckled, "Check it out, dude."

Looking him in the eye, I said, "I've seen your dicks." Then I turned to Derrick and grinned, "Both of `em!"

Nodding reassuringly, Derrick said, "Just look down. It's okay."

I did as he said. His blond pubes were neatly trimmed to a "V" shape above his dick and his scrotum was hairless too, as best as I could tell. Mike tapped my shoulder. Turning to him, I looked at his crotch and found his pubes similarly trimmed. "Don't play shy boy with us, dude. School's over. We all like looking, even when we've seen it before."

Behind me, Derrick said, "I've only briefly seen your dick maybe five or six times, dude." I turned to him and he still had his shorts around his ankles. "It's great, bro. I really like it."

Hearing that from my best friend really made my head spin. Uncontrollably, I blushed, glanced down at his package and grinned, "Thanks. Yours is pretty cool too."

Behind me, Mike said, "Starting next June, we'll always trim ourselves, right D?"

Derrick nodded and said, "We'll try different stuff occasionally, maybe even go bald once in a while."

They pulled their shorts back up and I noticed neither had underwear on. Moving aside, Mike said, "It's cool, dude. Strut your stuff; you've got more hanging down there than lots of dudes."

Facing him, I shrugged, "Not as much as others though."

Derrick chuckled, "So what? The magic act is when they get hard." Looking past me at his boyfriend, Derrick then smiled and softly asked, "How big does it get?"

Stunned beyond words, my eyes shot open and I started laughing.

Mike laughed, "Tell the truth now. We'll see it someday and know if you've told one of your Texas tall tales!"

Looking at him, I asked, "Do you really hit eight inches?" He and Derrick nodded. "Damn!" I whispered, "That's almost three times your normal state."

Nodding again, Mike giggled hysterically, "Keith told you?"

I nodded and looked into Derrick's eyes. Without my asking, he held up his right hand and said, "Seven inches."

I sighed and said, "Six and a quarter."

Glaring disbelievingly, Mike hissed, "Keith said six inches."

I shrugged and giggled, "It's grown a bit since last summer, thank God."

Sitting again, Derrick said, "You about double in size, bro. That's very cool. I hang four inches but don't double in size. Some dudes only manage five inches. That's average. Some even less than that!"

"Dicks are as diverse as the personalities they're attached to," Mike said happily.

Derrick smiled and nodded enthusiastically then suddenly bounced up and said, "Get dressed, dude."

Mike encouraged, "Let's make some new sounds."

Reaching in the dresser again for clean shorts, I asked, "Can we please play with some sort of progression though?"

"Sure," Mike chuckled.

Derrick suggested, "Play some jazzy walking bass, Prez. Mike wants to practice improvising over jazz changes."

Moments later, we were in the garage. I played my new bass through the effects box and both amps. Derrick laid down an appropriate syncopated rhythm while I walked through various jazz progressions, announcing each chord as I changed. Mike's improvisation started slowly and melodically, becoming more intricate as we played. Only once did I hear him play a rock lick but it was short and he quickly went back to jazz. Over the PA, we challenged and encouraged each other. It seemed we had only just begun when Derrick's watch alarm started beeping but over an hour had passed. Quickly, we created an ending then hurried back to the bedroom.

While Mike watched, Derrick and I started changing into our black pants and white shirts for work. While dressing, I purposefully faced them. Derrick stripped down to his birthday suit, putting on clean boxers for the first time since they got out of school yesterday, he said. We continued chatting about jazz and the progressions we had played in the 442. Mike kissed Derrick goodbye. Then he turned and smiled knowingly at me before getting out of the car and heading for his house. I hopped into the passenger seat.

We pulled away from the curb and Derrick asked, "You okay, Prez?"

I nodded, "Sure, why wouldn't I be?"

"Just checkin', bro."

It took me a minute to figure out why he asked and I chuckled, "You two are voyeurs, you know that?"

Derrick chuckled and nodded, "With an occasional attack of exhibitionism!"

Nodding, I snickered, "You really like my dick?"

Throwing his head back, Derrick roared for at least a minute. Then he nodded and chuckled, "I've always known you had balls but now I know how big they really are!"

I laughed, "They're not that big!"

"By the way, the doc left a bit more skin on you then on Keith or Mike. Did you realize that?" I shook my head and Derrick nodded, "That's why I was lookin' so long. Only a little of the tip is exposed. Your pud's pretty chubby too!" Derrick giggled.

I cracked up. I had just got out of a tub of cool water too. And I sure wasn't playing with it in there! Wanting it to feel better so I could play with Keith later, I left my wiener alone. Regaining the ability to speak, I roared, "I can't believe we're talking like this! We're practically flirting!"

"In a playful way," Derrick agreed. Then he softly said, "We're all attracted to each other in so many ways. It's weird to admit it, but it is true." After a short pause he said, "It won't ever go much further than playing, Prez. Don't you think it would be cool to spend a few hours just hangin' out naked together? Mike and I don't get as many chances as we'd like and we're definitely looking forward to having that freedom at Doug and Brian's."

Understanding and agreeing, I grinned, "After they've left, of course."

"Of course!" Derrick chuckled. Then he quickly lost his smile and confided, "Ya know, last night, talking to our mothers, I about lost control."

A little worried, I asked, "Why? What happened?"

He sighed, "They both wondered if Doug & Brian have ever hit on us."

I frowned, "That's almost laughable."

"I know," Derrick nodded. "I can't think of one single time when either has touched me anywhere below the shoulder. Same with Mike. I just couldn't believe our mom's even mentioned it." Shaking his head, he then grinned, "But we've seen them tease and goof around with each other. Nothing too intense, ya know?" I nodded and Derrick giggled, "Can you image us, twenty years from now? The things they said that were hip in the seventies and eighties, they just went off on! Oh! And they showed us a few pictures of their band, from back in 1986." Derrick laughed, "Imagine Doug and Brian with big hair!"

Both men have short brown hair and Doug's is starting to thin on top. I snickered insanely and shook my head, "I can't see it."

Derrick chuckled, "Just as funny as they were to us, we'll be to kids in twenty years."

"That's a scary thought," I heartily agreed.

"I intend to have lots of great memories to look back on when I'm pushing forty," Derrick firmly stated.

I nodded, "And someone special to remember them with."

Pulling into the Black Angus parking lot, he smiled, "Common roots and experiences, definitely." He parked and we both sighed.

I held my hand up for him. Derrick swiftly and firmly shook it. We smiled at each other. He's got the most intense hazel eyes; almost hypnotizing. It started to feel a little awkward. Bouncing my eyebrows, I teased, "You've got an awesome uncut dick too!"

Stunned, Derrick threw my hand away and shoved me. Quickly, he turned to get out of the car.

Getting out on my side, I loudly laughed, "Made ya blush!"

We started for the restaurant and Derrick giggled, "Fucker! You did not!" For the rest of the night, whenever we were in the kitchen together, I teased Derrick mercilessly. It was a really fun night, even though we were extremely busy. Summer vacation had started and the people were out again. Thankfully, the soreness in my pee-pee eventually dissipated to a very pleasurable throb. At ten that night, we weren't taking more customers but half of the tables were still full. Derrick and I stayed until about eleven fifteen and made good bucks for the extra effort but there were still a few parties hangin' around too.

We were quiet most of the way to the Hundser's. As we pulled into the neighborhood, I asked, "Why don't we all go to the Pride parade together?"

Derrick shrugged and nodded, "Sounds good." He then huffed, "I can't believe we need to be there at nine in the morning! We'll have to be showered and out of the house by eight eight fifteen the latest. I'm gonna be draggin' ass, dude."

I nodded, "Keith has to work at one. We wanted to hang out for a while but we're gonna have to leave by noon."

"Cool," Derrick nodded. "I might catch a short nap before work tomorrow night." He paused and grinned devilishly. "Then again... the house will hopefully be empty for a while."

I giggled, "We had a whole three hours alone last night."

Slowing and pulling alongside the curb, Derrick sighed, "I am so tired of being completely quiet. We were in the pool-house for awhile last night. At least we could make a little noise when we felt like it." He stopped the car in front of the house.

Offering my hand, I reassuringly said, "Soon, dude."

He shook it and smiled, "See ya in the mornin'."

Nodding, I said goodnight, turned and got out the car then waved as he drove off. Starting for the house and noticing our bathroom light on, I wondered if Keith was in there. That thought alone flashed an image of Keith in my mind. He was naked, kicked back in the tub, completely relaxed. My dick responded and lengthened in my pants.

Smiling widely, I stepped inside and was greeted by Rush. In the living room, Mr. Hundser, Drew, Corey and John were watching Apollo 13 on HBO. I said hello then hurried back to our bedroom. It seemed my dick was completely healed and wanting to point skyward for the first time that day.

My wiener was back to normal too but just to be sure, I plopped my ass in another tub of cool water soon after I got home. Kicked back and relaxed, I started daydreaming. I pictured Prez, standing in our room and playing his bass. My pecker lengthened in the water. Concentrating, I removed his clothes, leaving him standing in CK boxer briefs. That was a familiar sight and easy to imagine. I rolled his underwear down his ass while he chuckled and continued playing his bass. Taking a seat on the corner of the bed, I watched my lover dance in place to the music he was creating. His flaccid dick and meaty nads swung between his legs. Giving my now fully erect bone a hard squeeze, I was happy that it didn't make me cringe. Maybe we could have a little more fun that we thought we'd be able to tonight.

While that was a nice thought, I was just looking forward to seeing him. I wanted to slow dance with him. We hadn't danced at all since the prom.

There was a soft tap on the bathroom door, startling me back to reality. Prez stepped in saying, "It's just me, babe."

Sliding the shower door open, I smiled, "Hey sexy."

Snickering, he lowered the toilet seat and sat down asking, "How's your thing?"

"See for yourself," I teased.

Leaning forward he looked at my cock and smiled, "Me too."

Him too?

He was hard too?

"Lemme see?" I softly pleaded.

Without further ado, he stood. While unbuttoning and unzipping, he stepped close to the tub then let his pants fall. I could see it beneath his boxer briefs, settled comfortably along his left thigh. My bone lurched at the site, splashing down back into the water.

Running his fingers seductively around the waistband of his underwear, Prez took his sweet time exposing himself to me. It must've taken several minutes for him to get them lowered below his nads. With my every heartbeat, my cock bounced in the water. Even hairless, my lover is just so sexy.

Reaching for him and sliding a wet hand up between his thighs, I asked, "It's feeling better?"

He nodded and smiled, "I would do that all over again."

Giggling, I nodded enthusiastically but joked, "No morning tennis or other un-necessary running next time though." Then I reached for his bone and gently wrapped my hand around it.

Prez sighed contentedly. Then he smiled down at me and said, "It was around six the last time I took a leak. I gotta go." As if it were a great effort, I let my hand slowly slide down his leg and frowned. Quickly, Prez grabbed my hand and returned it.

For a short while I inspected his unit. It looked different, way longer and fatter, probably because he was completely hairless. Letting go of it, I pulled Prez toward me. Giggling, he held onto the wall with his hips forward, practically kneeling on the edge of the tub. Cupping some cool water in my hands, I then wet his rod. He sighed, "Ooo that felt nice."

Encouraged, I turned and knelt. Smiling up him, I said, "Lemme know how this feels," and then lapped the water off of his cock.

My lover ran his fingers through my hair and sighed, "Incredible."

Once the water was gone and all I could taste was flesh, I forced myself to stand and said, "Let's go across the hall before we get carried away in here."

Prez whined but stepped back and offered his hand to help me out of the tub. Taking his hand simply because I wanted to, I stepped out. Prez pulled his pants up while I toweled off a bit. He said, "Your dad and brother's are occupied with TV. I'd doubt they'll even notice us." Reaching for the doorknob, he asked, "Where's your mom?"

Wrapping the towel around my waist, I shrugged, "Probably watching something different in her bedroom."

Nodding, Prez opened the door. Unbuttoning his shirt, he walked into our room and I followed; closing and locking the door behind us.

While Prez undressed, I finished toweling off. Seeing him pull his pants off, standing there in white socks and CK's only, I quickly said, "Leave your underwear on, baby."

Prez glared curiously at me then a smile swept across his face and he shrugged, "Can I take my socks off?" I nodded. He leaned against the desk and raised each foot, tossing his socks onto the closet floor. Then he rested his ass on the desk and smiled at me.

Nodding, I smiled, "Those CK's really accent your package, Prez."

Looking down at himself, he smiled, "You think so?"

"Definitely," I enthusiastically grinned. "They look great on you, no matter what condition your dick is in. Tightie-whities really do you justice."

Prez snickered, "Shall I take them off?"

Shaking my head, I hung my towel over the chair and turned to him. "We haven't danced since the prom, you know?"

Smiling widely, Prez crossed the room and nodded, "You'll have to wear something too then." Moments later, he pulled my black Speedos out of the drawer. Snickering, I went to him and quickly put them on.

Stepping closer to me, Prez rested his hands on my hips and started slowly swaying. Taking him in my arms we slowly swayed to the stereo. Quickly lowering the volume and changing the station to soft jazz, Prez then said, "While I was at work tonight, I smelled something really great every time I passed this couple at the bar. The guy was wearing a fantastic after-shave but I couldn't just walk up and ask what he was wearing. Later on, I saw the lady leaving her table and followed her. I excused myself and asked what after-shave her husband was wearing. She said it was Paco Robanne. I'm gonna get some for you."

I had seen advertisements for that brand in GQ magazine but they never had any samples so I had never smelled it. But if Prez liked it that much, it had to be pretty good. Snuggling closer, I whispered, "If you want, baby."

We swayed silently another minute or two. He rested his head on my shoulder and softly said, "After you left for work today, I went and soaked in the tub." I nodded and he continued, "Mike and Derrick got here before I got out of the tub. They said they'd meet me in the garage." His head popped up off my shoulder and he grinned, "The next thing I know, they're ambushing me in the bedroom doorway! They tore the towel off me and cracked up when they saw me."

Shaking my head, I smirked, "Bastards! Their day will come!"

Prez said, "What was really weird was that I didn't even really try to cover up. And to make the situation even stranger, they then dropped their drawers to show me that they did a little trimming too. It must've been last night. There was a lot more of Mike's bush the last time I saw it in the locker room."

I snickered, "Oh, so it's okay for them but not for us, huh?" Grinning evilly, I promised, "Some day, dude. They'll leave a base uncovered and I'll take advantage of it, believe me."

Prez chuckled, "Make sure I'm there to witness it!"

I reminded, "You still need to get John back for that whoopee cushion gag."

"I had an idea for that," Prez said. "With John, I want to be a little careful. I don't want him thinking that I want to see him naked or anything." I nodded and Prez then whispered his idea in my ear. It was evil. It was twisted. It would be embarrassing! For John, it would've been infinitely more embarrassing on a school day but any time would be fine. Prez would wait for our first day off together though so that he would be more likely to know if his scheme worked.

For a few minutes more, we swayed slowly with the music. Around midnight, we separated. Prez let Rush out once more then returned and came to bed.

The clock radio went off at eight and I slapped it hard. Prez snuggled up behind me and kissed my neck. "Tomorrow, we'll sleep in until at least nine, okay babe?"

With my eyes still closed, I mumbled, "Definitely," and kissed his neck. But there was a shirt there! Breathing in, I could tell he had already showered. Opening my eyes, I asked, "How long have you been awake?"

"Only about an hour. I had a very strange dream that woke me up."

"About your mom?"

He shrugged, "She was in it but it was mostly the four of us. It's almost completely forgotten now."

Stretching, I yawned, "Thank goodness," and then started to get out of bed. Turning around, I asked, "You've finished in the bathroom?"

Prez nodded but grinned, "Want some company anyway?" With a nod, Prez got up. He made it to the door before me and checked the hall. Then we went across the hall. The Pride parade was all we really talked about. Both of us were excited about it and a little disappointed that we had to leave by noon. More than anything, we looked forward to the day when Pride would become an all day and all night celebration; hopefully right after we turned twenty-one.

While I took a long morning piss, Prez leaned against the sink. When I moved to the sink to brush my teeth and run the electric razor over my face, Prez lowered the toilet seat and sat. I think that he remained there while I showered. When I was done, my lover didn't hand me the towel but wordlessly insisted on drying me off himself. The task finished, Prez kissed me then led the way back to our bedroom. I started dressing for the day.

Prez asked, "Do you want breakfast, babe?"

I shrugged, "Just a big glass of OJ and a granola bar or two."

Heading to the door, he said, "Hopefully we'll get the chance to stop for lunch somewhere," and then left the room before I could say I word.

Buttoning my shorts and going after him, I loudly asked, "Have you eaten, Prez?"

Stopping and turning between the dining and living rooms, Prez grinned, "Everyone's eaten but you, babe." Stepping up beside him, I saw my whole family and Corey around the table finishing breakfast. Prez asked, "How about an egg, cheese and sausage sandwich on an English muffin with that juice?"

Nodding, I smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek then went back to our room and finished dressing. Minutes later, I had eaten and everyone was scurrying around the house. Letting the dog inside, Prez led him to our room and quickly returned. Taking my hand, Prez put the little gay flag bracelet on my right wrist. Much to my surprise, Drew and Corey and even John were coming with us. They went in the Suburban with my folks. Prez drove to Mike's but relinquished driving duties to me. Mike and Derrick ran out of the house carrying shirts, sneakers and socks. Derrick looked damp still. He had obviously just gotten out of the shower.

Mike said, "Let's jet, bro. My mom and sister left ten minutes ago."

"We've got plenty of time," I replied as I pulled away.

Turning slightly in his seat, Prez asked, "Your sister is coming?"

Both Mike and Derrick nodded, I saw from the rearview mirror. Then Derrick said, "She wanted to."

Mike agreed, "Made a pretty big stink about it last night and again this morning."

Derrick snickered, "She opened your mom's eyes."

Mike grumbled, "Maybe my mom will stop worrying about us and concentrate on Lindsay."

Face it dudes," I grinned, "you're both deviants!" Prez chuckled and I said, "Don't try to deny it either! I heard what happened yesterday afternoon."

Snickering hysterically, they both leaned forward to put on their socks and sneakers. Mike teased, "You're just jealous!"

I loudly laughed, "I've seen both of you dozens of times! And you've seen me!"

Prez giggled, "So now I'm getting caught up, is that it?"

Mike and Derrick only grinned at each other for a brief moment. Then they both started unbuttoning their shorts. Seconds later, they were pushing them down to the floor! Glancing back briefly, Prez shook his head and roared laughing. No matter how much Prez and I goofed on them, they remained that way until we exited the 101.

I think we all had a really good time at the Pride parade. Our group was so large that we wound up carrying the large PFLAG sign. Drew, Corey, John and Lindsay were in the center position. So we could see something of the crowd and the parade, the four of us decided to take the outsides of the pole that held up the sign. Prez and I were on one end and Mike and Derrick on the other. Our parents filled out the remaining areas. Behind us were another fifty PFLAG supporters. John and Lindsay were hysterical at several points because there were dudes dressed in drag in front of us the whole way. The one in the center was the Statue of Liberty. On either side of him were Liza Minnelli and Cher.

The parade started at ten that morning and lasted two hours. Along the sidewalks were all sorts of people straight couples, gay couples, lesbian couples. There was so much going on and so many people I wanted to talk with other teenagers in the PFLAG group mostly. But we just didn't have time. It was half past twelve when the four of us left Hollywood. I still needed to stop at home, grab my Blockbuster shirt and get in my own car to drive to work. But we couldn't stop talking the whole way home. The next year, we planned on watching the parade instead of participating in it. And we would take the night off work too so that we could hang and not have to hurry anywhere.

As we pulled into our neighborhood, Prez said, "Sunday night will be slow. I'll be home a little after ten, babe."

I nodded, "And I'll probably be home only a few minutes before you."

From the back seat, Mike softly snickered, "And we'll be naked by ten thirty."

"The latest!" Derrick giggled.

Mike hollered, "Why wait?" They then both unbuttoned and dropped their shorts again!

Prez roared laughing, undid his safety belt and followed suit! Snickering, I stopped in front of the house. Planting a big wet one on him, I groped his package then whispered, "Have a good night, baby. See ya later." Turning to the backseat briefly, I teased, "Anyone else need any fondling?"

Derrick sarcastically smirked, "Sure, start us up then run off to work!"

Mike playfully lisped, "Teathing queen!"

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