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A New Life Chapter 9

"All Worlds"

What a summer! My mom went all out reading every book that remotely touched the subject of homosexuality and sexuality in general. The greatest thing about my mom was she never hassled me with an embarrassing question of any sort. She thought a few of them might be embarrassing but they honestly weren't. For instance, when I started to spend time with Mike and Derrick while Keith was at work she confronted me once, asking if there was anything going on between me and either or both of them! It was kind of funny to me and I almost had to bite my own tongue off to keep my laughter contained. Mike and Derrick are easy on the eyes and we were becoming really good friends but why would I even chance anything when I had Keith?

One of my mom's favorite subjects is safe sex. You might imagine how uncomfortable those conversations were. They weren't embarrassing but uncomfortable just the same. Who really want's to talk with their mom about that stuff? When we got the Internet connection setup with NetCom we spent several hours referring to various web pages. I had no intention of telling my mom the intimate details of my sexual experiences with Keith. I couldn't put myself in the position of growing up way back in the 60's and not being able to discuss sex as openly as I've learned to so I just went with the flow, speaking to her as if she weren't my mom. She didn't think much of my dry humor and innuendo but we still had a good night all in all.

A few nights later I talked with Keith about it. We were both more than happy with one another and had no intentions of participating in any sex with any one else. We agreed that we were safe as long as we didn't stray. I guess we'd been leading up to this conversation all along from the very first time we had sex. It would be devastating in much more than physical terms if ever either of us found we couldn't be faithful.

That night with Keith was so romantic. It was my turn to be his backrest and I couldn't be happier holding him while we talked about temptations we would most definitely face at some point or another. We kidded around with each other about how snobbish we were sounding but the fact remained that school would be starting soon and challenges were waiting.

We went to his room to watch TV right after dinner. John peeked in for a minute just to say goodnight. Shortly afterwards Drew stopped in for a short chat before he crashed. We watched The Tonight Show while we waited for the final silence of the night so that we could make love. Our relationship was well known by our families and immediate friends. It's a feeling of freedom that I never thought I'd have and having that freedom gave me the courage to deal with my mom and all her concerns. Everywhere I turned, no matter what the situation, it was all easy to deal with because I have Keith.

Making love with him that night was incredibly slow and gentle. It wasn't the first time we made love this way but this time it felt special. Maybe because his eyes and voice were as soft as his touch or because of the conversation we had before. We'd undress each other and spend a long time kissing and exploring each other's bodies. It was a lot of fun playing doctor with him and we spent lots of time on the checkup! I loved watching his cock harden and soften during foreplay. The best part was taking his flaccid dick in my mouth and feeling it grow hard then looking at the result before I finished him off. His erection is so much fatter than my own five-inch circumference. We got the measuring tape out one other time. Keith's cock is a respectable six and a quarter inches long and an amazing five and seven-eighths inch in circumference! His width was creating a problem getting in my tight virgin hole though. I told him I wanted to please him in that way and he was doing everything to help me but so far it was hurting too much. I felt bad about it but that sweet guy of mine just loved me more every day! He said he wanted me to feel as good as I made him feel and he wouldn't do it otherwise. By the time we snuggled to go to sleep it was four in the morning.

Summer days continued on. Derrick and I started jamming together about the third week I was in LA. By the time Mike joined for the first time almost a week later Derrick and I had some tunes down really tight. Mike was visibly getting into the way we sounded together. Derrick and I laughed watching Mike bouncing and dancing around like a little kid as he got his gear together. That was the day Mike finally started to chill out about Keith and me. Mike and I talked that day and again later that night on the phone until we had beat that dead horse into the ground.

The four of us spent Independence Day at Disneyland. After a full day of rides, games and getting to know each other better the fire works display that night was magnificent. I'd never seen anything that went on for so long with so many different patterns. After Disneyland the four of us went back to Mike's place and swam in his pool until almost three in the morning. When it got to be bedtime it was quite obvious we wanted to pair up to spend the night in more intimate pursuits. I found it a bit odd that Derrick and Mike were willing to give up the bedroom for the pool house. Once I learned the significance of the pool house I stopped protesting.

About a week later a small conspiracy began. First, we had to pool some cash together for a PA system and two microphones. Derrick got me a job busing tables with him at the local Black Angus. Mike and I started to work out our ranges and get some good harmonies together but neither of us had a strong voice. The three of us wanted Keith to sing but how could we get him past his shyness? I started doing some stuff with Keith when we were alone, asking him to sing whatever song we happened to be listening to. It would take a certain amount of persuasion sometimes but I guess I knew which buttons to push, or pull - whichever the case might be! In about four weeks we had a decent used PA and two new Shure mics in our possession. Keith would listen to us play but he usually sat on my bass amp silently smiling while we played and made an effort at singing. Derrick, Mike and I started to work solely on songs that Keith would definitely want to sing especially after hearing Mike or I sing.

Our sessions usually ended one of two ways; either Keith would distract me and I'd mess up or Derrick and Mike would distract each other and before you knew it everything got really sloppy and fell apart in a fit of laughter. As long as the focus remained on the music we got a lot accomplished but it's really not easy to keep your train of thought on track when your boyfriend sneaks up behind you and starts nibbling on your neck!

Have you ever noticed what a drumstick sort of looks like? Well Derrick had his own ideas about how he should hold a drumstick! The first time I caught him seductively teasing Mike, licking and sucking the drumstick tip I swear I thought he was gonna explode he turned so red. Once again we were done practicing songs for the day.

On the way home from work one night in the beginning of August Derrick and I realized that we were together a little more than we were with our boyfriends. The air got a bit thick in the car for a while as we tried to assure each other that there was nothing more than friendship between us. Yeah, Derrick was attractive and he thought I was too but that's where the line was drawn. I made it clear that Keith was everything to me. Derrick was equally emphatic that he wanted Mike to be with him always. It was the most awkward conversation I have ever had. It was true though. We worked together, jammed together both alone and with our boyfriends present, we went to the beach together often with Mike or Keith or both. It suddenly dawned on us that this could be really bad if Mike or Keith started to feel jealous or threatened in some way.

That night was the most restless night I'd had since first meeting Keith. Was Keith asking me about Derrick an awful lot or was I being paranoid now? I briefly considered quitting my job but the work was so easy and every night there I came home with some cash in my pocket. Maybe I could re-arrange my schedule? Maybe this, maybe that, maybe I drifted in and out of sleep in a turbulent sea of maybes.

I woke up feeling like I had just gone the distance with a heavy weight boxer but all that was on my mind was Keith. I actually had to ask myself what day it was while I was in the shower. It was Tuesday. We'd have the afternoon and evening together. I saw Keith for a few hours yesterday and I had spent the night with him Sunday. Before that though it seemed the entire previous week we were with Mike or Derrick or both but not alone. The phone started ringing while I was rinsing shampoo out of my hair. I shut off the water, grabbed a towel and ran naked to answer the phone.

Keith was talking into the answering machine as I slid around the corner into a wall. "Prez, are you there? Call me as soon as you wake up, ok? I love you."

I picked up the receiver just in time to hear the click of him hanging up. Damn it! I hung up and dialed his number. The phone was answered on the first ring and I assumed Keith was sitting at his kitchen counter waiting for my call back so the first words out of my mouth were "I love you too."

"That's real nice of you to say Preston but what will Keith think when he finds out." Mr. Hundser laughed.

"DOH! Sorry about that, sir."

"Don't worry about it. Hold on for a second and I'll get Keith."

Keith picked up the phone. "Hey sexy"

"God I miss you."

"I miss you too." Keith whispered. "Do you know what today is?"

"Tuesday. Now that I think of it, shouldn't you be at work this morning?"

Keith said, "I swapped days with someone. We haven't been seeing enough of each other, you know?"

"Yeah I know. I was thinking about changing my schedule too." I said.

"I really want to spend the day with you, baby. Tonight too. No one else, just you and me."

"We can do that. I'll swap with someone or call in sick. Whatever it takes."

"Great! Now tell me what day this is. There's something special about this day."

"There is? It feels like just another Tuesday to me." I teased him.

"Oh dude, you better have the right answer real quick. I'm counting down… 10, 9.."

"It's umm…. Canadian Flag Day isn't it?"

"8, 7, 6…"

"Six weeks ago today I met you."

"Very good! Now how might we celebrate I wonder?" Keith snickered.

"I think we've both got the same ideas." I said noticing my erection peeking through the towel wrapped around me. "We can do anything or nothing. As long as I'm alone with you it will be the greatest."

"It feels like forever since I last touched you. Are you as excited as I am?"

"At least. The towel doesn't hide much." I could hear him whimper and swallow with a gulp.

As if short of breath he asked, "You're just out of the shower?"


"Don't move! Don't get dressed! I'm on my way!" Keith said, hanging up the phone before I could say another word. He's so cute when he's horny. Now that I think of it he's almost always horny. Since he's my boyfriend I guess I must be just as bad.

I made a few phone calls and got someone to work that night for me then called work to leave a message for my boss when Keith started rapping on the front door. I was still on hold with work when I let him in. What was I thinking? I don't know. He kissed me deeply, closed the door and pulled the towel off my waist. He stepped back and looked at me with sparkling, lust filled eyes. My boss finally answered the phone just as I was about to give up on her and give myself to Keith. While I was explaining to her who would be working for me and when I would be working for them Keith got impatient. He started sucking on each of my fingers, kissed and licked his way past my hand, up my arm finally ending at my neck. I couldn't get off the phone fast enough, dropping the phone on the kitchen counter and melting into Keith's embrace. The bedroom was too far, the sofa was a few feet beside us and that was too far. We dropped to the floor right there about ten feet from the front door, got into a sixty-nine and began a day filled with frantic, almost desperate love making. During the day we talked about our schedules and future together. We made love on the living room floor, in my bed and in the shower. Then we ordered a pizza from Domino's and hand fed each other making a greasy mess of our faces. Naturally this required a considerable cleanup effort and we made love for the fifth time.

We eventually took a short nap on the living room floor wrapped safely in each other's arms. Keith woke me around 5:45. We just barely got dressed and cleaned up the apartment a bit before my mom came home. She wasn't surprised to find us together. I was supposed to be at work and she asked why I had taken the night off. Standing behind me with his arms wrapped around my stomach Keith told her it was our anniversary then buried his face in to my neck, kissing, nibbling and sucking the ultra-sensitive skin there. My mom had made great progress and was coping with our occasional small displays of affection but Keith was way beyond controlling himself. I started giggling and mom looked up from the mail she was sorting. Her eyes almost leaped out of their sockets making my giggles become laughter. Thank God she eventually started giggling too and excused herself to go get changed out of her work clothes. I turned around in Keith's arms and kissed him hard. Eventually I got his wandering hands down. Now if he could just wipe that "I'm in love, we had sex and I want more" smile off his face.

When my mom came back to the kitchen Keith and I were sitting at the counter holding hands, a display of affection my mom could easily handle. She made dinner while we all chatted about the day. We made up some stuff about the beach and the mall. I don't think it was too obvious we were lying through our teeth. Keith and I gobbled dinner and cleaned most of the dishes before disappearing into my room. One of my mom's demands was that the bedroom door be left ajar. It was no problem really, unless the stereo mysteriously turned itself up too loud. We surfed the net, played some video games then turned on the TV. Keith fell asleep in my arms early. My mom peeked her head in to say good night. She saw me sitting on my bed with Keith sleeping soundly against me, his head leaning back against my shoulder, his mouth barely open exhaling occasionally. Her wide smile and flashing eyes seemed to tell me she finally understood that any two people, no matter what their gender could fall in love. After all you're falling for the entire person not any one attribute. It's something I think I've always known. Why is it such a difficult thing for other people to believe? I'll never understand it.

More days turned into weeks during which I met Russ and started to learn how to surf (if you can call what I was doing surfing). Keith, Mike and Derrick enjoyed the show that's for sure. Russ reminded each of the three wise guys of their own spills and scrapes. The only time he'd lose patience with me is when I did something incredibly hazardous. I wasn't trying to be a menace I just couldn't always control the board. One day one guy I cut off got perturbed and started to make a real scene about it no matter how I apologized. His friend came up and added his two cents worth (actually it was more like his four letter words worth. Bright guy.). By the time Russ and Mike and Derrick showed up they were pretty belligerent but retreated when faced with a four against two brawl.

Saturday the thirtieth of August was Drew's birthday. Half the day I worked but I made it over around nine that night. I had picked up a Collective Soul CD for him and Keith got him a cool Ren and Stimpy T-shirt at the mall a few days before. When I walked into the back yard that night there were at least a dozen kids mingling and dancing to the stereo. I said my hello's to the Hundser's and then went to say hi to my boyfriend. He was wearing his khaki shorts and a V-neck T shirt I'd not seen him wear before. Man oh man he took my breath away sometimes, this was one of those times. Mike and he were sitting alone talking at one corner of the yard. Drew came from out of nowhere and gave me a big hug on my way across the yard.

"Hey Drew. Happy Birthday dude." I said giving him the present that I painstakingly wrapped in one of those little gift bags (after fumbling through half a roll of gift-wrap).

"Cool!" Drew shouted. "This goes on next! Thanks Prez"

"I'm glad you like it. I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner. How's your birthday been so far?"

"Excellent! That stereo over there is mine! WOOHOO!" Drew laughed. "There must've been twenty kids here earlier."

He was so stoked listing off presents for me while I scanned around the yard. John was dancing with some girl. An exceptionally handsome blond boy walked over towards Drew and I. He was a bit stocky, maybe 10 or so pounds heavier than Drew but about the same height as Drew. The kid walked up behind Drew and whispered in his ear but was looking at me.

Drew introduced his friend. "Prez this is Corey."

"Hi Corey" I said. The kid simply nodded.

"Are you gonna be around for a while tonight?" Drew asked.

"Yeah I'll probably stay the night."

"Cool. I'll talk to you later. Thanks again for the gift." Drew said and walked into the house with Corey.

Keith got up and met me half way, hugging me tightly. "Hey babe, how was work?"

"Good," I said as we walked over to Mike. "There was a big party that came in and after drinking the bar dry they left a really big tip for the waitress. It's my best night yet for tips, almost forty bones!"

"I'll try and make things even better, later." He whispered teasing me. We walked up to Mike laughing and I said hello.

Mike smiled knowingly, "What have you guys been saying?"

"He's talking about his tips again." Keith chuckled.

Mike's eyes lit up. "Cool! I love it when Derrick does that. Where is the boy wonder, Prez?"

"He'll be along in a little while. The boss was having one of her hissy-fit nights and Derrick didn't steer clear."

"Dammit. So, how's your tits... err tips?" Mike asked shaking his head and Keith started rolling with laughter.

"Perky thanks to you two perverts." I joked.

Mrs. Hundser shouted across the yard, "Preston would you like some cake?"

"Have the chocolate cake Prez." Keith suggested. He had that look in his eyes again. You know the one that exhilarates me to no end.

"Have seconds." Mike added.

"Thanks, I will." I shouted back to her. "I'll be there in a second."

"The chocolate, huh?" I asked my two maniac friends.

"Definitely!" Keith and Mike said in unison.

"Right." I said turning around and walking over to where the Hundser's were sitting. There were two cakes on the table. One really big sheet cake with white icing and flowers. The other was a cherry-topped chocolate round layer cake. It looked homemade.

"Let me guess," Mr. Hundser said smiling, "chocolate cake. Right?"

"Yeah it does look good. Keith and Mike said I should try it." I answered.

"Did they tell you it was a rum cake?" Mr. Hundser asked.

"No." I laughed. "It doesn't matter though. I've had rum cake before."

Standing, Mrs. Hundser asked, "Would you like a big or small piece Preston?"

"A small piece please. School starts in a few days and I'd rather not make first impressions with a big old nasty zit on my face." I said sitting at the table.

She sliced off a small wedge, put it on a paper plate and handed it to me. Thanking her I picked up a plastic fork and tasted the cake. "It's perfect!" I said. It was too. This wasn't sopping wet and dripping with rum but the flavor was there and the middle layer of cake was extremely moist. I tasted a little mint too. "Is that mint?" I asked.

"Cream de Mente and Bacardi." Mr. Hundser said taking his wife's hand in his. "It's my favorite."

"There's two pieces left. One for Derrick and one we can split later." Mrs. Hundser said.

I've been spending half my days and nights with this family for the last two months. They were becoming an extension of me in many ways. Mrs. Hundser was especially helpful with little ideas to help my mom and me work things out. What Mr. Hundser would do on occasion is say little things to Keith or me, never both of us together, things that always left us thinking. Then Keith would think out loud to me or I would think out loud to him. What was the greatest feeling was the way I felt wanted here. Not that I didn't feel wanted and loved by my mom. This was the same atmosphere as home. John and Drew were like my own little brothers sometimes. They were coming to me with stuff to say or ask when Keith wasn't around. As an only child what did I know about being a big brother?

Mike and I talked about the Hundser's once. So did Derrick and I. We were all of the same opinion. Mike said that Keith's dad had very much filled the void left by his own father. At his house there was such a feeling of sadness, like his mom and sister were void of emotion. I've seen smiles there but the only laughter seems to come from the four of us.

Derrick just didn't stay home or talk about his family much. I've only seen his mom once and never his dad. His older brother Carl is away at college on the East Coast. I had missed Carl's vacation home the beginning of the summer by a few days. All I was told is that I probably wouldn't like Carl.

While I was chatting with the Hundser's and finishing my cake Derrick walked in the yard. Drew's friends were being picked up by their parents and there was only a few kids left. Mike and Keith came over to the table. Keith put his hands on my shoulders and stood behind me saying hi to Derrick. Mike walked over to Derrick with his hands in his pockets and gave Derrick his usual nudge and "Hey buuuuuddy" greeting. It was too funny really. When Mike and Derrick where in public, Mike would kind of lick his lower lip while droning the buddy in his greeting. I could tell by Derrick's expression that Mike had done it again. Derrick said once that one of these days he was gonna throw all caution to the wind and suck that tongue right out of Mike's mouth. I couldn't wait to see that happen!

Derrick gave Drew his present, another CD. The Allman Brother's I think it was. Keith suggested that Derrick and I get out of our work clothes. Half my clothes were here any way. Derrick kept some essential stuff in a gym bag in his trunk and he walked out to his car with Mike. I stood up and Keith started to follow me into the house before his mom reminded him I could probably dress myself. Keith whined in disappointment and flopped into the chair I was sitting in. I walked into the house laughing my ass off. That was pretty damn good cake. Would someone pour me another cup of that cake please? That's when it hit me. The V-neck T shirt Keith had on was mine! He found a shirt of mine he liked. And he looked great in it too. Now I really wanted him to help me get changed!

I got changed and stopped by the bathroom to splash some cold water on my face. Derrick walked past me into the bathroom without a word. That was weird. Mrs. Hundser was in the kitchen cleaning up and I asked if I could help my self to a coke then went outside. At the table Keith and Mike were reading a newspaper while Mr. Hundser nursed a beer.

"What's going on in the news this fine day?" I asked cheerfully.

"Something you need to be aware of Preston. Read the articles I marked." Mr. Hundser said.

I leaned between Keith and Mike and read two articles. In the first article a retired judge in Simi Valley was firebombed at his home. He and his wife survived unscathed but the house was badly damaged. The three teenagers arrested had said they did it because he was Jewish. The district attorney was seeking to file adult criminal charges on two seventeen year olds and the sixteen-year-old.

The other article told of a twenty-two year old gay man beat in front of his home on the way back from the market in North Hollywood. He's in the hospital in critical condition with head, back and internal injuries. The authorities had descriptions of two men but no one in custody yet.

One by one we all looked up and at each other then Derrick came out of the house. His eyes were puffy like he'd been crying. I can't say that I blame him, the knot in my throat feels a mile wide.

Mr. Hundser started speaking as soon as Derrick sat down. "I want you all to be very careful. Look out for each other and watch your backs. Every person that knows you and really likes you won't care about your sexual preference. Sometimes though someone might say something in front of the wrong person. The next thing you know, you're a target.

"I honestly believe that at least ninety percent of the people you meet won't care. At least not enough to say or do any thing about it. That other ten percent though, you see what they're capable of. Think of it this way. There are a thousand kids at your high school. That's a possible one hundred kids that could be out to hurt you. I love my sons and don't want to see them or any of you guys get hurt.

"I believe you've all been honest with me. If you haven't then you need to know that you can be. I hope you're at least being honest with each other. If you haven't then now is the time to do so."

With that said he stood up and walked into the house leaving the four of us to absorb it all and talk. Derrick was the most shaken up. Mike's one attempt to touch him was shrugged off. Keith's hand was in mine resting on my knee. I don't know when he took my hand in his but it was providing the two of us some comfort. What was going on between Mike and Derrick? Why did Derrick jerk away when touched? How could these news events have reached so deeply within Derrick and stomped on his sensitive, caring heart? He just sat there with lifeless eyes. The last time we had spent this much time silent together we were paired up swapping spit at the beach. No one was kissing now but I sure needed one. I was certain that nothing was going to be right tonight or in the future if Mike and Derrick didn't speak to each other or to Keith and I. This silent stalemate was unbearable.

I lifted my hand and kissed the back of Keith's hand. I told him for the millionth time that I loved him. It was what I needed to do just then. Judging by the warmth in Keith's eyes he needed to hear me say it. Derrick looked at us as if we were grotesquely disfigured before blowing off some steam. He cursed and screamed, condemned each of us and him self then took it all back choosing instead to condemn the mindless acts and the people that performed them. I'd never seen Derrick like this. It was scary. He cursed and screamed some more, wishing his father and brother dead before finally slumping back in the chair drained of strength. I could see the Hundser's watching us from the window but when the shouting was over they walked away.

It turns out Derrick's father and brother are homophobic. Derrick's life at home was miserable to put it mildly. He's still in the closet to his family but the suspicion alone has torn the family to shreds. Every time we had been at his house with him was carefully orchestrated to avoid all contact with the rest of his family. Derrick has been told that on his eighteenth birthday he will be "out of the house come hell or high water". Basically they were allowing him to stay home only because the law said they should. Only Mike knew about this stuff. Derrick took Mike's hand in his and told us how much he really needed us; that the good times we had together were the only thing keeping him from an asylum or jail. We all agreed changes would be made to make his life a little easier. He was mostly scared of his own temper. According to him he could be just as violent as his father and brother but over different things. When I asked him what kind of things might I watch out for he reminded me of the two guys at the beach a few weeks ago. Derrick said, "that the next time that asshole shoved you I was gonna grab his arm, break it off and shove it up his ass". Sure he was exaggerating but one look at his face would tell you that now, weeks after the incident, he was still rip-roaring mad about it. I got the clear impression that my quiet friend might just as easily have turned out to be a hoodlum and my worst nightmare. Thankfully he was on my side.

The four of us talked for hours about school and who knew what about whom. There were few names mentioned and to me they were just names. Around one in the morning Mr. Hundser came outside to say good night and asked us to go inside so the neighbors wouldn't be disturbed. I thought we had pretty much covered every topic and their tangents anyway. Mike and Derrick agreed, said their good nights and went home. Mr. Hundser turned off the flood lamps that had been lighting the yard leaving only the light by the back door on.

For a little while Keith and I talked about my high school orientation on Tuesday. He drew little maps of the school layout on napkins for me. Although he wouldn't be able to join me he said he would be waiting for me outside at the end of the day. We were both getting tired but I didn't really want to go to bed. It was too nice of a night to be inside. I asked if he had any spare blankets or sleeping bags. Keith disappeared into the garage and returned with two sleeping bags. There would be more warm nights but this was probably the last night of the summer before school started.

We opened the sleeping bags up in the most private area of the yard behind the garage. No one would see us from inside the house over here. I don't know what came over me or why exactly but as soon as Keith lifted his arms to remove the shirt I was all over him, sucking his tasty nipples like they were going out of style. Maybe it was the painful news we had read or Derrick's reaction to it or the hours of talking. All I knew at that moment was that Keith was my boyfriend and so desirable I couldn't wait to touch him. Aggression like this was a change of pace for me but Keith seemed to really like it so I continued ravenously feeding on his tits while I unbuttoned his shorts. When they fell to the ground and I saw his semi erect cock I dropped to my knees and swallowed him whole. He was almost begging me not to make him cum before he could have a chance to play. I started to taste his delicious precum flowing into my mouth. Someone should bottle this stuff and market it as a potent aphrodisiac. I wanted more of him but if I kept at it he would shoot way too soon and our fun and games had just begun. As I stood his cock slipped from my mouth and I licked a trail up the center of his body to his mouth.

Keith's eyes were half closed but his hands were moving a mile a minute disrobing me. He pulled me close for a knock out kiss and started to kneel before my hard cock. I loved the way he licked up and down my length a few times before taking me in his warm wet mouth. He slid a finger between my ass cheeks and began teasing my puckered hole. He always treated me with so much care. The first finger slid in side me easily. A few moments later the second finger slid in beside the first with hardly any resistance. Between his magic mouth and his gifted fingers I was in heaven. More than life itself I wanted to please him as much as he pleased me. We hadn't been playing on a level field for some weeks. Tonight, under the dark veil of night I would try my very best to change that.

I pushed him off me and knelt down with him. Gently I pushed him back. He got the idea and lay down with his legs spread wide and bent at the knees. My lover makes me crazy sometimes. He was ready and willing to give himself over to me. He's so sweet I just had to crawl over him and kiss him deeply. His legs gripped my waist and tried to pull me into him but I resisted. I broke our kiss and Keith looked at me with questioning eyes. I pulled his legs down flat on the ground and wiped some of his precum up with two fingers then reached back and lubed my hole. He now knew my intentions. Straddling him I reached back and rubbed his leaking cock back and forth over my hole. An attempt was made to slide him inside me but it just wasn't happening. Gravity and the physics of love making. Why wasn't this working? Keith was pleading with me to be careful which only served to fuel my determination. If I didn't get part of him inside me soon he was gonna think it hurt me too much and attempt to make me stop trying. I swung around facing his feet and tried again, smearing more of his love juices around. I leaned backwards on one arm while I aimed his cock and Keith supported my back with his hands on my shoulders. Oh dear Lord he was sliding in! Keith's fat mushroom head was stretching my back door! Staying where we were at was a bit uncomfortable but there was no way I was gonna loose progress so I lowered myself down just a little bit more. In gradual increments I got all of him inside me. I could feel his pubes against my ass. Keith was supporting almost all of my weight while I leaned back against his hands getting used to the warm full feeling inside me. I guess Keith's arms got tired so he started to bend his strong arms eventually laying me flat against him, my back to his front with my head draped over his left shoulder. Keith was kissing me repeatedly, telling me how much he loved me and would never ever leave me.

My legs were in an uncomfortable position so I wiggled to shift my weight and move the right leg flat next to Keith's. I moaned loudly as an incredible sensation overwhelmed me. It was like having all your cells fly apart briefly and then slam back together again. Keith covered my mouth with his hand and asked if I was ok. "Oh yeah," was the only verbal response I could form. Sweet Jesus! I was more than ok. That felt OUTRAGEOUS! After almost 16 years of building a vocabulary all I could say was "Oh yeah"! I shifted my weight and moved the other leg down by his and it was the same earth shattering, molecular explosion as the first time. I moaned again as the intense feeling built and subsided. I wiggled and ground my self on to him a third time and this time Keith thrust up into me. That time my cry of passion woke the neighbor's dog even with Keith's hand over my mouth! Yes boys and girls there is a pattern emerging here! This is better than the first time I jacked off by at least a thousand fold. The next thing I knew Keith was kissing me and giggling in my ear.

Keith whispered, "Ya liked that huh?"

"Uh huh!" Another one of my well thought out, intelligent replies. It's a good thing school is starting soon. At this rate I would be babbling fucking idiot by Christmas. I mean that figuratively and literally!

"That's how you've made me feel every time." Keith said brushing the sweaty hair off my brow.

"Wow!" Perhaps I should enroll in kindergarten instead of high school?

"Are you ready now baby?" He asked running his free hand around my chest and belly. His touch was electric to me.

"Uh huh. Love you soooo much."

"I know baby. I love you too. Always have, always will."

I wiggled myself down on to him. He pushed up into me and took hold of my cock giving it one tight stroke from the base to the tip. My inner walls clamped down on him hard and he moaned into my neck. We started slowly like a seesaw. It was such an addictive feeling. We both started to speed up then stopped to catch our breath. We started again together slowly and worked up to a fever pace with Keith's hands running up and down the length of my body. He took hold of my cock and stroked it in rhythm. It was too good to be true. There was nothing I could say or do. No signal to give. I became motionless. Keith pushed up into me hard and stayed there. My first shot landed on my chin, the second and remaining I don't know how many shots drenched my chest and stomach. I was gasping for breath. Keith was moaning and whining into my neck. My sphincter had his cock in a tight grip. As I started to come down from the most intense orgasmic high of my young life Keith started thrusting slow and deep into my ass. It was happening again. I tensed up and a second powerful orgasm charged through me. Keith was still ramming into me and still whining into my neck. His rhythm was erratic. I swear I could feel his cock throbbing inside me just before his hot liquid love burst into me. No words could ever describe this feeling. That night we slept together under the stars.

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