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Author's Introduction

Hello everyone. This is my first (possibly of many) erotic stories. I realize, of course, that many people have no interest in reading anything an author has to write except the sex scenes, but I think it's important to let everyone know where I'm coming from.

I'm a 20 year old student who has always had a passion for writing, even though it has nothing to do with my major. I apologize in advance if my writing is a bit on the dry side; I'll work on that. I've been reading stories on nifty.org since I was 13 and I've always wanted to write something of my own. I figured I should probably wait until I was at least legal to read them, so here I am.

My grammar isn't perfect but I've noticed that a lot of people who write well don't write interestingly. Thus, while ambitious, my goal is to write something solid that doesn't put the average reader to sleep. By the way, subsequent stories will not have page-long introductions, if I write any.


I love feedback. If you end up liking or disliking the story, let me know. I may or may not continue writing, but I certainly won't if I don't have any feedback. You can contact me by e-mail at "niftynic06@gmail.com."


Nic was sitting at his desk staring down at his calculus homework, idly tapping his pencil. His eyes had been shifting between the blank paper in front of him and his computer screen where he was chatting with a guy he met on MySpace.

Will754: so are we gonna meet soon?

Nic paused for a minute. Meet? Who ever said anything about meeting? Nic was afraid that this guy, Will, would turn out to be a 30 year old. He looked back down at his calculus homework and wrote his name.

It was the last semester of his senior year and Nic was completely burnt out; he was involved with the newspaper, soccer team, and student government. Sometimes he felt like he didn't have any free time. And, with college on the horizon, it was only bound to get worse. Nic Lind, 5'10", was a 140 pound 18 year old with sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He never made a point of working out, but his slim build made him look even more adorable. Even though he was sheltered, his contemporary look fooled his friends. Nic could often be spotted wearing semi-tight fitting pants, his signature light, striking lime green jacket, and a tight, colorful shirt. If only he weren't gay...right?

Nic glanced back up at his screen, hoping that maybe Will had un-typed his message. No...it was still there. He cautiously typed.

LindN211: I...don't know. What would we do?

Will754: we could go see a movie or something or whatever you want

A movie? That sounded harmless. Maybe I'm just making too big a deal out of all this, Nic thought to himself. It was a public place, after all. It couldn't be that bad.

LindN211: Ok. I'm free this weekend if that's cool.

Will754: sounds good, which day?

LindN211: Saturday night?

Will754: ok

LindN211: I have to go now though and finish this homework or I'll be dead tomorrow.

Will754: ok cutie, night night

LindN211: Night.

As he signed off, he stared back down at his blank paper and began writing.

Before long, Nic looked up at the clock and did a double-take as he saw the big, red digits. Fuck, he thought to himself. It was already 3 a.m. and he had class in the morning. He slammed his calculus book shut and put his homework in his binder before running off to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

He looked at himself in the mirror from a couple angles and rubbed his face. Perfect, as usual, though he would never admit it. Nic quickly brushed his teeth and glanced at the mirror for a few seconds before running back to his room. Soft light was cast on his body as he pulled his shirt off and slid his pants down his legs. He tossed them both in the laundry hamper and got into bed, only to shiver for a few minutes while the cool cloth against his body began to heat up. Before long, Nic had drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


The next day at school, Nic tried not to fall asleep during class. With only 5 hours of asleep, it was hard not to watch the fan on the projector instead of the teacher, who was droning on about integrals and fundamental theorem of calculus. He looked around at his friends, trying to stay awake, but his eyelids felt heavy and he could barely stay awake. When Mr. Jesleus finally wrapped up for the day, Nic pulled his head up and copied down the homework before packing up his things and walking out of the classroom. The day was over and he was anxious to get home. He had a few things to finish up, but then he'd begin his weekend.

Back home, Nic sat in front of the TV for a while before going upstairs to chat with people online. His parents both worked at IBM and often had to stay late, so he had the house to himself most of the time. His family was close, unlike most in the neighborhood. Even though his parents worked long hours, they always had time to connect with Nic when they were home. He enjoyed it, and he understood that they were responsible and hardworking.

"Hey freak," a voice behind him said.

It was Jack, Nic's younger brother.

"Hey fuckbrain," Nic responded. "Shouldn't you be at school still?"

"You're off early; why can't I be?"

"Because, geek, I don't have class. You do."

Nic was 2 years older than Jack, who was 16. Other than being a little younger, he looked almost exactly like his big brother. Same features, almost as tall, roughly same weight. They were pretty close despite the occasional bickering. They had been raised to be that way, especially since their parents were often out of the house.

"I'm watching MTV. Wanna join?" Nic inquired.


They watched TV and talked for a while, but Nic's lack of sleep was beginning to catch up with him. He fell asleep with his head resting on the arm of the couch, MTV humming in the background. Jack turned down the volume when he realized his brother had passed out next to him. He leaned against him and continued to watch music videos for a while before going into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.

Jack had had a crush on Nic since he was 14 but hadn't acted on it because he knew that he was his brother and he didn't want to get into a bad situation, especially with the issue of incest. He instead settled for being close to Nic whenever he could be, which was often since they were so close. He hoped he would never have to deal with the issue, but he realized that it'd come up sooner or later, and he wondered what would happen if his brother found out he was gay...maybe he'd hate him.

Jack finished making his sandwich and plopped down on the couch next to Nic again, leaning back up against him. He ate it quickly and watched more TV until he noticed Nic stirring.

"Hey creep," Nic said in a scratchy voice.

"Hi. You were out like a rock," Jack responded.

"Yeah. Tell me about it."

Jack rested his head on Nic's shoulder before he realized what he was doing.

"Oh, sorry," he blurted out as he sat up.

"It's ok. You're my little brother, it's not like I mind." Nic pulled his brother back to him and let him rest his head on his shoulder.

They sat contently and watched a movie for a while and Nic began to relax. Tomorrow would be a good day. He hoped he wouldn't mess things up with Will.


Nic was just throwing on his lime green jacket as Will called. He didn't recognize the number on his cell phone at first but picked it up anyway.


"Hey, it's Will."

"Oh, hi. Um...so, are you close by then?"

"Yeah, I should be there in 5 minutes?"

"Ok, I'll wait outside."

Nic stood outside for a few minutes before he saw what he thought might be Will's car. It was a Ford Explorer, dark red, with tinted windows. He said it was the one thing his parents got for him, so it was a pretty nice gift. Nic's palms were cold and he was shaking a little as he stepped up to the car and opened the door. He smelled cologne and looked inside to see a beautiful boy with dark hair and a boyish face.

"Hey!" Will said as he reached out his hand to shake Nic's.

"Hi," Nic stuttered.

It was going to be a good day.


Notes: Don't think you know what's going on from reading the first entry of this story. A lot could happen between now and section 5, so be ready. Depending on how quickly this entry is accepted, I can have another within the week.