The following story contains verbal descriptions of consensual sexual activities between teenage males and between teenage males and teenage females.

If such material might offend you then you should go elsewhere, and get a libido tuneup while yur at it.

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No Boy Is an Island
Chapter 1

Hiya, my name is Ryan Ranero. This is the story of how I came to learn who I am and that I am not alone.

The tale of my adventures begins, appropriately, on an island, in December of 1998, a few months before my 15th birthday. My family, that's mom, dad, me, and my eleven-year old sister, Gwen, were on a three week holiday vacation on an island in the Caribbean called St. Martin. On the east side there's a 2-mile, white sand beach on a sapphire blue bay where we stay. One end is the nude beach where we always hang out. (My family's been nudist since before I was born. It's kewl to be in the sun and the water without clothes in the way and to be able to just "let it all hang", heheh, but more on that later).

It was almost noon, on our second day there. Enjoying a lazy morning, I'd been grooving in the water playing porpoise, swimming bursts, and had climbed up onto one of the rafts moored offshore along the beach to catch some sun, and some breath. I lay spreadeagled in the sun, with the raft to myself and the climbing sun warming my face, my chest, my cock. Being nude in the sun, I always managed to feel pretty good about my body. At the time, I was about 5'5" and 110 lbs. with a medium build. I'm a competitive swimmer so my thighs, pecs, and shoulders are pretty well developed. My cock, about 4-1/2 inches soft, was surrounded by a bush of curly black pubes. Up top, I have black, wavy hair, a dark complexion that tans to a cocoa brown (a result of my father's Hispanic heritage, no doubt), and very green eyes (probably from my mom's Welsh blood).

"Ah, this is rad," I thought, working to convince myself that I was going to enjoy this "Family vacation", despite having to be away from my girlfriend, Shelley, and all of my buds back home for a while. After all, this was a beautiful spot, the water and air and sun felt great, Dad and I had plans to go SCUBA diving and sailing, and who knew what other adventures I might have. I was determined to relax and make the most of things.

My thinking was interrupted with the platform rocking as someone climbed aboard. A shadow cooled my mid-section and I opened my eyes to see who was standing over me. Looking right into the sun all I could see was a medium height shape and an aura of golden hair.

"Hey, yall'r blockin my sun," I groused.

"Ja, I thought it would be real sad if yur meat got overcooked," came the reply in accented English.

 With that I sat up for a better look. It was him, the young Adonis I'd seen on the beach yesterday. Blonde, tanned, about my age, about an inch taller, and maybe, just maybe, an inch longer. But, despite all the other good-looking things about him, it was the gleam in his eye and the impish grin on his face, that had caught my attention yesterday and had told me right away that this was a special kinda guy.

I smiled back, "That mean yur gonna chew it, Dewd?"

"What I'd really like to do is suck it dry."

Now I'd never been hit on like that before and I'd for sure never had sex with another guy, but there was something about his look ... a hook-up I felt with him that made me want to keep talking rather than tell him to fuck-off.

"Why, are ya a cannibal, or a faggot?" I chuckled at him.

"No, I just love sex, yur gorgeous, and I think sex with you would be the bomb."

"You really get-off on sex with guys? So ya are a fag?"

His answer was quick and confident. "I get-off on good sex with the right partner almost any way, any time, any place. Don't you?"

"But yur a great-lookin dewd, you could get any girl you'd want. Why mess with guys?"

"Must be you've never had sex with a guy or you wouldn't ask that."

"Whdda ya mean?" I looked at him quizzically, my gaze drifting from his still grinning face to his slightly lengthening rod. As I did, my own 4 1/2 inches of slack began to tingle a little.

"I'm right aren't I, you've never had sex with a guy, eh?"

I thought about the circle jerks at camp last summer and with some of the guys on the swim team this year, about the time I lost at strip poker and had to sheepishly jerk off my good bud Chris, and about when my neighbor Cody lost at poker and timidly J.O.'ed me. "No, not really."

"Well then ya don't know what yur missing. How about with a girl?"

Something about the instant connection I felt with him made it easy for me to be completely honest. "My girlfriend lets me feel her up. She's rubbed my unit a few times, that is 'til I came all over her once, so now she's pretty goosey 'bout it, 'n she even kissed 'n kinda licked the side of it once"

"Then you don't have much to compare to do ya? Ever think about really getting it on with a guy?"

Images of my fantasies about other guys, especially the frequent ones about sucking Chris's 4 inches of tender looking meat, and of him swallowing me, floated thru my mind as I thought about the question. I looked at his intriguing, uncut tool and up into those soft but piercing blue eyes. "Maybe. Should I?"

"Well, I could take that candle lying between your legs, light it up like a firecracker and then blow you away. I could turn you into a sex animal, or a sex god. You could have the experience of a lifetime. Yur never gonna know what it could be like unless you try."

This dewd was awesome. He was so self-assured, but not cocky. It was like he just knew, from his heart of hearts, that what he was saying was the gospel truth. Most of my buds at home were real goofy or awkward about sex. Not this kid. He was right-on about things, with no bull shit about him. Of course, he also was beautiful -- great body, cute face, nice cock, and those killer eyes. I could feel myself getting hooked in to him but I needed some time to take all this in. I looked up at him and behind him saw a couple a old folks paddling toward our platform.

"Race ya to the next platform," I challenged him, rising to my feet and turning away from shore to hide my semi-erection.

He rose too and we did perfectly matched racing dives into the azure water. My semi slapped against the water as I cut the surface and sort of took my breath away but I launched into my preferred breaststroke and after my second breath turned to check out my competition. The very human kid I'd been sitting with on the platform had morphed into some new species of marine mammal. He was dolphin kicking as well as any real porpoise I'd ever seen and his long arms were wind milling thru butterfly strokes like a giant bird. I was blown away. I'm a pretty good competitive swimmer but he was pulling away from me like I was dragging an anchor.

"He may be gay, but he's sure no wimp," I said to myself as I struggled to keep up. "If he could blow me away in bed the way he's blowin me away in the water maybe I awta give him a try."

By the time I reached the next platform, he was sitting lazily on the edge looking down at me with those dreamy eyes. I looked up at him to see his nads dangling over the side and his uncut semi staring right at me from between his tanned legs.

"Well, ya sure beat me, Dewd,"  I sputtered.

"Yeh, want me to beat something else?' he laughed.

"Yur really after me aren't ya?"

"Nah, I'm just kiddin around," he said, rising and turning away.

"Wait!" I called, "I think I want ..."

Too late. He turned, took a step toward me, smiling, looked down at me in the water, shrugged, and did a perfect arching dive over my head. I plunged under to catch him. I got to him as his dive bottomed out and wrapped my arms around his chest from the back. As we rose to the surface pressed together, I could feel my cock stiffening against his ass crack. His ass wriggled closer to me in response.

We broke the surface and I spun him to face me, our cocks slapping against each other in the process. I sputtered water and stammered, "I think I want ..."

"I know," he interrupted, grinning at me, "I know."

I smiled back at him and he surprised me with a push off my chest and a back roll under the water. As I looked around for him to re-surface, I felt bubbles tickling up from underneath my ass and along my dangling jewels. Looking down into the transparent water in front of me, I watched him float lazily, on his back, up between my legs until his chest was pinned under me and his face was right below my cock. A probing tongue ran along the bottom of my sack, slid up the ridge on the underside of my now erect rod, and flicked at the sides of my helmet. His mouth came to wrap around my tip. There was a powerful, quick suck, and then he pushed himself from underneath me and popped to the surface. His infectious smile parted his full lips; his eyes twinkled.

"What's yur name?"


"Well Ryan, I'm Karl, what do ya think?"

His hand reached between my legs, instantly found the secret spot above my a- hole it had taken me months of self exploration the past year to discover, and gave a gentle press, followed by tickling fingers running along my balls and encircling my now steel- hard shaft. I looked into those eyes again, and knew I would follow him anywhere.

I grasped his swollen cock in return and managed to say, "Hi Karl, what's next?"

-To be Continued-